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tv   Campaign 2022 Sen. Johnson Gives Remarks at Rally in Franklin WI  CSPAN  October 29, 2022 9:26pm-10:00pm EDT

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visit our webte for competition rules, tips, resources and peace cap up guide. -- the step up guide. >> more from wisconsin now with senator ron johnson, the incumbent, candidate for reelection spoke at a get out the vote rally hosted by the republican national committee. he was joined by rnc chairwoman, ronna mcdaniel, the event kicked -- and rick scott, the event kicked off ron johnson's bus tour ahead of the 2022 elections. this is one half-hour. >> you will have to yell louder. [applause]
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>> let's hear it for ron johnson. [cheers] [cheers] [cheers] [chanting: save our state]
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>> let's hear it for the congressman. also joining ron today, let's hear it for united states senator of florida, ryan -- senator scott of florida. >> thank you. thank you. >> how is everyone doing? i am the state chairman of the republican party. it is awesome to see all of you here. isn't this a great day. we are 10 and a half days away from the election day. this is the challenge that we
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have we are going to listen to some of the voices over here for a while. we are on the right path, are not we? [applause] we're moving things forward. we have a great team that is taking wisconsin forward, and the country back, aren't we? [applause] we need to get out the vote, we need to talk to our friends, our neighbors even our family members and try to get out the vote. early voting is open now, you can get out and do that. if you vote now, you can help us as we continue to get the vote out. you can be election observers, you can be at our eyes and ears at the voting areas to make sure everything is going well. we work to make sure that we have fair open elections. he got rid of the ballot boxes, we got rid of the ballot harvesting we will make sure -- we got rid of absentee -- we will make sure that that everyone gets one vote and then
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everyone's vote counts. as brian was saying today, with senators johnson, and scott from florida. i have to tell you, i need to give a shout out to the national republican party. ronna will being here in a little while, she has been late coming in from detroit, but we are going to take this country back. the excitement is building. i will keep saying it 10 and a , half days is all we have left. we have to fight for 10 and to have -- 10 and a half days. we beat to make sure that tim is elected as governor. we will elect our treasurer, our secretary of state, we are going to have a majority assembly in the senate so that we can put
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ourselves back in the right direction. but when we look at the federal level, we need the voices that we have already they're back there. when i look at the house right now, we have a great opportunity to take it back. i'm not going to steal his thunder, but we have one of the greatest young -- yeah young, congressmen working for us, i know he is new to this area but he is not new to wisconsin. congressman brian -- >> let's hear it for him. are you guys ready to win in 11 days? are you guys ready to elect governor tim michael's? are you ready to fire nancy pelosi once and for all and are you guys ready to elect ron johnson? [applause]
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you can feel the energy, you can feel the energy as we crisscross the state. people right now are being clobbered. i stopped at a gas station a couple of miles from here the other day, i walked up to a woman and asked her how are you doing filling up your car with gas. she said, i don't know, i don't know if i can fill up my tank anymore and i'm struggling to pay the grocery bill. she pointed at her daughter and said, brian, i can't afford to take my daughter to pizza on friday night because the cost keep going up. we are all suffering under one-party democratic control from washington dc. but help is on the way. we have an opportunity to dramatically change policy. unleash american energy. and then we have a president who goes over to saudi arabia to beg for oil. he teams up with saudi arabia and other countries. we have to do what the president
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-- we have to have a president that is going to north dakota, north texas, we need to get the spending under control that is driving runaway inflation, we need to stand with the men and women of one for smit so they know that we have their backs. can we get a giant round of applause for them. we have a great team here today. we have a great team here today, i want to bring on stage, we have an amazing opportunity here in the state of wisconsin to turn the tide for the entire country, the entire country is looking at wisconsin. in my house race, i am asking for a lot of your help here, and franklin and other southern suburbs of this county. if we do that, we can pick up the western part of the state, we have an amazing opportunity to take away the speaker's gavel from nancy pelosi for once and
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for all. like we said, we need to fire tony evers. let me tell you, we cannot be more excited that we have an opportunity in 11 days to reelect our u.s. senator, ron johnson. [applause] we know wisconsin, this is a team effort. we are doing it from state assembly, state races, governors races, and at the national level we have a great chair of the national party. we used to have a great guy that , priebus, we loved down here, he did a great job leading the way. we have a great leader now with ronna mcdaniel please welcome republican national committee chair ronna mcdaniel.
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[applause] >> hello, wisconsin. are you ready to fire nancy pelosi? are you ready to fire chuck schumer? are you ready to take our country back? i am so excited to be here, what a great day, look at the great weather. what a great day to campaign for ron johnson. listen guys, we have 11 days until the end of this election. 11 days to victory, you are right. and notice, the democrats are not talking about what they've done to make our lives better. because i what you to say when -- i want you to say when you talk to your neighbors, is your life better? because we have high gas prices
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and fentanyl, and our kids are still separated from the lockdowns that they did. they have nothing to run on, they know it. and that is why we have to win. in the next 11 days, each and every one of you needs to talk to everyone that you know. we are all paying attention but not everyone does, they are busy, struggling and suffering, you need to talk to them and say we can make it better, republicans have a plan and we need to make sure that we fight for every family and we will fight for those kids left behind and we will shudder our border. we are going to stop this nonsense with this crime and fentanyl, and we will restore common sense to the united states of america. between now and election day you have a job to do, every single one of you, you have to talk to
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your friends, family, coworkers, the people you go to church way -- worth. if you have wronged somebody, make it right. this is too important. talk politics. this is not a time to be bashful or shy. we need to talk to people about what is at stake, and when you say to them i was with ron johnson the other day and let me tell you about who he is and what he does for our state. some of these senators get into washington and they get comfortable and they like it and they go to fancy dinners. ron johnson is wisconsin through and through. [applause] he loves this state and he wants -- he is in washington fighting for you, every single day, and that is what they care about. the way that you change people's vote is by talking to somebody who knows you, turn out will make the difference in wisconsin, you look great, you look well rested and warm. by wednesday, november 9, i want
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you all to look like crap. ok? we can give everything between now and election day to save this country. you don't have to sleep, eat -- ok you can eat. i give you all permission slips to miss every family event, you don't need to go to recitals or anything, we need to knock on every door and talk to every person. we want a house seat -- we won a house seat in 2020 by 10 votes. we don't want to wake up on november 9 today we should've done more. i wish i had done more to talk to my family or this friend. are you with me? are we going to call everyone we know? are we going to knock on every door? are we going to fire nancy pelosi? are we going to fire chuck schumer? are we going to take our country back by reelecting ron johnson? and to michael's? -- tim michael's.
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[applause] god bless you. god bless the great state of wisconsin, i love being here. i get to introduce eight great friend of mine. we have been traveling the country, on a tour, the take back your country to her. it sounds like were country band. i play the guitar. we are going everywhere. but let me tell you about rick scott. rick scott never sleeps. you know how i just told you never to sleep. he never sleeps. if there was a supplement we could sell to people, named the rick scott supplement, i would buy it. he has so much energy. he loves this country. he is the head of the senate committee and he does everything to help ron johnson. please join me and giving a big wisconsin welcome to the florida senator, rick scott. [applause] >> thank you, ronna. she does a great job she has opened offices everywhere she gets up voter registration, when
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we win, ronna mcdaniel has done -- a lot of it has to do what -- with what she is done at the rnc. i became the chairman little over a year ago after we lost in georgia. by first job was make sure that ron johnson wins his reelection. that was the most important thing to me. i have about the opportunity to serve with ron for four years, this guy cares. you want to have somebody who is going to show up and say what is good for wisconsin and not give a damn what people think, ron johnson is going to do that. look at this for a second -- if you want to see the reasons why you should vote for ron versus -- and other republicans. how about the gas prices? if you like that, biden is doing
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that. mandela barnes will do that with him. what about these food prices? biden and the democrats have done that. how about the afghanistan withdrawal? biden did that. how about the borders completely open? you have to tell your kids to worry about fentanyl now because of the borders being open. it will be a clear vote with chuck schumer for all of these bad policies. if we don't get a majority, chuck schumer will decide everything for the u.s. senate. we will not get a majority of ron johnson doesn't win. how we make sure he wins, we need to get out the vote. we need to do exactly as rhonda -- ronna said. you need to be poll watchers, knock on doors, do all of these
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things. now it's my distinct opportunity to introduce a friend of mine who cares so much about this country and that's why he is running in the great state of wisconsin who is going to change this country, ron johnson. [applause] . sen. johnson: thank you, all. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you for your applause, thank you for coming out here. thank you for your words rick scott. thank you for reminding us what to do in the next 11 days. really quick, where is ronna? one thing about wisconsin, we are always working hard, we are going to work hard and still look good.
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>> that's right. >> it's in our souls to work hard. i just can't -- thank ronna, and rick, and paul, for joining us in the great state of wisconsin using the ron mobile. rick scott and i are close allies in the united states senate, he set ron desantis up for success. he is a great governor for florida he is a great supporter. , he is the energizer bunny. ron is right, he is the perpetual motion machine. i cannot thank him enough or being a strong ally today. and ronna, thank you for the job that you've done at the rnc. what we have accomplished together in wisconsin, hopefully
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we will make history on november 8, it's all because of your leadership. thank you for your hard work. paul, what you've done at the rp w is fabulous. [applause] brian, thank you for being a person of integrity. [applause] i hope as republicans we recognize the people that serve us. whether it's heading these committees, in congress, republicans are people of integrity. they show it each and every day. i hope you truly appreciate that. we have 11 days left. i just have to point out, because i know president obama will be here tomorrow. [jeers] he was the first democrat leader that i heard talking about
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fundamentally transforming america. president biden perry did those -- parrotted those same comments . do you even like something you want to fundamentally transform? of course not. now we see but fundamental transformation looks like. crushing everyone, is -- especially seniors on a fixed income, the very people that democrats purport to represent they are crushing with four year high inflation. record high gas prices. by the way, driven purposely higher to force you to buy electric vehicles. skyrocketing crime because of their soft on crime policies.
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mandela barnes lead that effort. the defund the police which makes our neighborhoods less safe. this is america in 2022, we had a baby formula shortage for infants, putin invades ukraine and commit war crimes and atrocities. they are fundamentally destroying america. that's what's happening. these people need to be stopped. they need to be defeated. [applause] they need to be thoroughly defeated. they need to be swept from power. here is how we do it.
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what ron said, i don't care what you did in 2020, do more. if you took six people to the polls in 2020, take two dozen. if you talk to 10 people, talk to 20 neighbors. do more. [applause] when they are talking about their leaders, they want to fundamental transform this nation. i'm talking about our leaders not our fellow citizens. i truly believe, democrat, independent, republican, i think most people do love this country. [applause] i think most people are pretty concerned about what's happening right now. take a look at the polls, 67% do
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not think we are on track. as you talk to your friends, families and neighbors, do not count anyone out. i don't care with their past party affiliation was. if they love this country and most wisconsinites do. if they are concerned about the future, i think most people are. i want you to ask them to join us. join us. [applause] i was on the platform when president biden took his oath of office. i am not his favorite senator. but i heard him, eight times in that inaugural address, he said his number one goal. not number two, his number one goal was to unify and heal this nation. i wasn't going to agree with his policies.
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i didn't have how -- any comprehension of how quickly he could make it go to you know where. to unify and heal this nation, i -- but when he said his goal was to unify and heal this nation, i thought ok. i will do all i can help you do that. he's done the exact opposite he's become the divider in chief. so it is up to us. when you are talking everyone, get them out to the polls, if they love this country, if they are concerned about its future, ask them to join us to heal and unify and save this great country that we call america. god bless all of you. god bless america. [applause] get out there and fight hard. >> we have 10 days, 10 days to get it done.
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quickly, i apologize, tim rogers is here, we have to get him across the finish line as well. everyone here, you know 10 people, 20 people, if you're like me, it you have a family of 22, i know them and i have to talk to them. we have 10 days, it's time to put everything on the line, it is all up to us to get the vote out. we can get this done, we are going to reelect ron johnson as a u.s. senator. we are going to reelect brian salazar as your u.s. congressman. and we are going to take wisconsin back. let's get it done. [applause] [indistinct chatter]
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[indistinct chatter]
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>> three questions total and then we have to run. >> i am excited to be here, ron johnson is running a great race, i been here for four years, he cares about the country and the state, he will stand up to anybody. he will do the right thing for the citizens of wisconsin each and every day. it's a hard thing to do, in d.c., he does it every day. >> i told ron when he decided to run i would do everything to make sure he could win. he is going to win because he is ron johnson he cares about this country and the state. that's why he will win. >> you said mandela barnes doesn't like america, why do you think this race is so close? >> it's wisconsin, first of all. take into account what the lieutenant governor said, he
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went on russia today six times and denigrated law enforcement after police officers are slaughtered in dallas. he rationalizes that. he is now talking about wisconsin, that we institutionalized racism here that we do it in a way that we conceal carry racism, i don't understand why mandela feels like this, i don't think he's the right person to represent wisconsin. he doesn't particularly like wisconsin or this country as many democratic leaders. but democrats do love this country and they are concerned about its future. i am asking them to join us and do what president biden has not done and the left has never done. join us in unifying and healing and saving this country. that's what this is all about.
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our nation is at a precipice right now. we cannot continue to go down the path of socialism, the only guarantee is equal misery. chairwoman mcdaniel, -- are you concerned about making the issue of aydin in milwaukee? -- biden in milwaukee. >> the people of milwaukee want crime gone as well. they don't want lawlessness, they want their streets safe their homes safe and their businesses safe and democrats time and time again defend catch and bail, and we have a skyrocketing crime rate as a result. that effects everyone in milwaukee. and everyone around the country. >> --
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we have to get to the next stop. thank you. god bless. [indistinct chatter] [indistinct chatter] [cheers]
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