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tv   House Speaker Mc Carthy on Debt Ceiling Biden Classified Documents Rep....  CSPAN  January 17, 2023 10:33pm-10:46pm EST

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>> c-span is your unfiltered view of government. we are funded by these television companies and more, including comcast. >> no, it's way more than all that. >> comcast is partnering with community centers to create wi-fi enabled [indiscernible] so students can get the tools they needo be ready for anything. >> comcast supports c-span as a public service along with these , other television providers. giving you a front row seat to democracy. speaker kevin mccarthy says he is against a clean debt ceiling increase. he made the remarks while speaking to a group of reporters about a number of topics. including the classified documents found at president biden's former private office. this is about 10 minutes.
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>> if you raise concerns? --did you raise concerns? >> my staff raise concerns when he had an individual impersonate a staff member. we are six months away approximately and i would like to sit down with all leaders, especially with the president. arrogance that he will not even discuss it. the democrats have decreased -- increase discretionary spending.
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we are sit in at almost $32 trillion in debt. how can you do this to a future generation? why would you want to wait until the end? we had democrats in one-party power increase spending from 4 trillion to 7 trillion. they would not even produce a budget. so many household -- so any household would set a household --a budget. they let to senators right --write a nominee bill. you realize why we have a debt that we have had in the past. why wouldn't we sit down now, set the budget to get us to a
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balanced budget and let's start paying this debt off. i do not see why you would continue the past behavior. i would think from one standpoint, would that mean we would not do any appropriations bills? ? my that is totally off the table. [indiscernible] >> if you had a child and you gave them a credit card, and you raise the increase again and again, when you change the behavior? we are six months away. why would it be change the behavior? that we would put ourselves in a more fiscally strong position to make our nation stronger, make the economic stronger for this
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country. that is why we should sit down and i would welcome it. it would be the first conversation i would have with the president since winning speaker. who wants to put the mission in some type of threat? let's change our behavior now, let's sit down. he is president, we are in the majority in the house, the democrats are in the majority in the senate. find the compromise, the common sense compromise that puts us back into a balanced budget. why would the democrats say just raise it with no discussion? i do not think the american people want it. [indiscernible] >> you have to protect medicare and social security. the path the democrats are
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going, they are going to go bankrupt. let's protect medicare and social security for future generations. let's make the investments we need to make america stronger. >> [indiscernible] >> the senate has not been in session. i have not talked to him. >> [indiscernible] >> i said he needed to resign, it is not because we watch what happened. let's see the december numbers. if there even higher, should he stay at this job? he has been in this job for two years. fentanyl is the number one
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killer of americans between the ages of 18-45. it is the age the people serve in the military to defend us. every single day, 300 people are dying that way. we have had more people coming across our border with nobody being stopped. we have more people coming across the border that we are catching and then on a tourist watch list. -- terrorist watch list. should that person stay in their job? we can investigate. that investigation could lead to an impeachment inquiry. i will never use impeachment for political prices -- purposes. but if americans are diane, -- diane inc., that could rise to medication.
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why is this border so wide open? why are so many americans dying from internal and -- dying from internal -- fentanyl? if he is not doing the job, why would anybody want to keep him? >> [indiscernible] >> the one thing you always want is fair justice in america. let's just put it on its premise that president trump had documents. the archives knew they were there. anytime they could have walked in and grabbed them. they had the fbi come in and raid mar-a-lago.
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now we have a current sitting president who criticized president trump for what he did. we had all the democrats talking. before the election, they found out president biden had these documents, not under lock, simple push of a button that could open the garage door that every american has. prior to an election, they kept it secret. at no time did eight get rated by the fbi. -- at no time did he get rated by the fbi. they said this is all we had but we have found time and time again. they put up a special prosecutor only after we raised the issue.
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it just does not seem fair. this is why the american people get so upset and distrust the government when they see the law not apply equally. and why is somebody doing this? are they going after somebody they feel is a political opponent? this is why there is such hypocrisy. once again, something big comes up before an election and they tried to keep it quiet. >> [indiscernible] >> i've concerns when any classified documents are outside. a president who just left office
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is not the individual who was packing up the boxes. how much does he even know in that process than others? did you have to have the fbi raid it? it is interesting in the rate of mar-a-lago, did they go through the former first lady's clothes? did they go through his sons areas? it is not a fair process. that is what is wrong with the system. is it right that merrick garland should even be in charge of this? we have a constitutional responsibility to oversee the justice department. that also means overseeing the special counsel's. we will look into both situations. >> [indiscernible] >> yes, yes.
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>> is the special counsel the right person for this job? >> i do not know enough. i would want to make sure any time you are going to deal with the situation as serious as this, that you will have some fresh eyes. it is interesting to me that they worked on cases before. i do not know. i do not know any of that. whatever comes forward, you want the american public to trust the final answer. that is why the house will oversee and look into these investigations as well. from over four days, c-span cameras home unprecedented access to the floor the u.s.
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house as kevin mccarthy became the 55th speaker of the house. history in the making did political moments from the house floor. with complete uninterrupted unbiased coverage of congress. here is what people are saying about c-span. the hollywood reporter wrote, c-span is america's hottest tv drama in 2023. the wall street journal says the -- c-span has become must watch tv. you never know what may happen within theal of congress. c-span will be there, thanks to the support of these companies. c-span, your unfiltered view of government, powered by cable. >> on wednesday, marilyn's governor-elect and lieutenant governor-elect will be sworn in at the state capital. watch live at nn


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