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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  January 29, 2023 9:38pm-10:34pm EST

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the republican national committee held its leadership election ronald mcdaniel was reelected and her challenges -- challengers included mike lindell. here is a look. >> ok the names of the following individuals are properly in nomination for chairman of the republican national committee.
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ronna mcdaniel, hermie dillion and mike lindell. before beginning the role of the state i would like to go over some brief voting instruction so we could proceed in an orderly manner. when a state is called the delegation will proceed to the voting booths located in front of the council's table to my right. do you each have a pen at your desk? bring it with you when you walk to the voting booth, blank ballots will be placed in each voting booth upon each delegations visit to the voting table. members are serving as proxy will be provided corresponding numbers ballots rnc staff will assist with directing members to their respective voting booths and once you have filled out your ballot please fold it in half place it in the red ballot box located in front of the voting booth and now i will begin the call of the states. the role of the states. we do have results.
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167 votes were cast which means you would need 84 to have a majority, mike lindell received four votes. dylan received 51 votes in ronna mcdaniel received 111 votes. i am pleased to announce to ronna mcdaniel has been elected chairman of the republican national committee in the gavel is yours. congratulations. committee and the gavel is yours. congratulations.
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>> thank you, we have to get mike >> thank you, we got to get mike and harmid up here. thank you for the race he ran we are so grateful for you. where is mike? >> [applause] thank you. i can't say enough wonderful things about mike and hermie we are asked to sing a song together, we all have come to the most unanimous decision of unity that we will not sing a song. but please, we need all of us,
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we heard you grassroots we know. harmeet and lindell, the democrats will hear us in 2024 when we take the white house in the senate. thank you. thank you. [applause] thank you, all again. we are going to raise more votes for the co-chair race. see, we can change. i will switch to where i'm supposed be in my script. and also, thank you. we love you guys. we will now proceed with rnc co-chair election, we will remind the body that chairman and cochairman of opposite taxes
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shall be elected id chairman national committee. the order of nominations was decided by a random drawing, we will now begin. the chair recognizes, national committee woman from colorado for the purpose of nominating a candidate for rnc co-chair woman. >> madam chair, i stand before you to nominate, -- as cochair of the rnc she has the necessary skills and acumen to become a good chairwoman. she is caring, charismatic and a problem solver. i know that because last year, at a summer meeting, we were
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trying to pass a resolution, it was failing, because the committee did not like the language. during the meeting, kyle helped response or -- helped sponsor to -- a resolution and the resolution passed. that is leadership at work. that is what we expect. i ask you to support, i know that kyle will be helping to unify 168. she is an exceptional person -- he is an exceptional person. he also has a great rolodex. tell them, you have a great rolodex and he is successful at fundraising. these join me in voting for kyle for co-chair. [applause]
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>> thank you. that chairman now recognizes john hammond for the purpose of seconding speeches. >> good morning, good afternoon, i second kyle. he is a man of action, and he is a large reason that i stand before you today representing the virgin islands in this great committee. he came to the virgin islands personally to oversee an election. and to ensure that they are fair, free and that our territory can once again joined discrete body. and now that we are rightfully seated as members of this organization it is great to be back. i like to thank kyle for making it happen and like to wrap it up to say he's been there for me 24 hours a day, seven days a week every time i call him, he responds. he will text back and say i'll
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be with you, five minutes, ten minutes, or an hour but he's always responded and i think -- thank you, kyle. >> i'm pleased to second the nomination of kyle hutt for co-chair. kyle is a team player. going back to his days on the basketball court, he knows his role and executes it with passion and purpose. it's not only his job to be the playmaker but to make the assist that leads to the score. in addition to being a team player, kyle is an independent voice when it is required. i have watched him in tough situations, tell governors and senators the hard truth the things that they don't want to hear. i strongly recommend kyle for cochair. >> members of the committee, i'm proud and honored to second the
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nomination of kyle huff fort cochair. many of you know kyle and if you do, you know he knows what loyalty means, it means you are not a yes man, you lead by example. you improve everyone around you and that's what kyle does and any organization he's ever led, everyone improves around him. he's focused, goal oriented, strategic. i witness all these traits in my work with kyle every day as he builds and leads enterprises in both private and political sectors, and outstanding state chairman for us, outstanding. kyle knows what it takes to have a strong voice and a solid trusted team for us to have success. kyle will serve us all, and i mean all of us. in our respective state parties
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and provide exceptional leadership for the republican national committee. i ask for your vote for kyle hupp. [applause] >> the chair recognizes glenn mccall, from south carolina for the purpose of nominating a candidate for rnc cochairman. >> thank you madam chair. members, i rise to nominate my chairman, drew for the position of rnc cochair. drew has worked tirelessly for decades in south carolina to support and elect republicans in all levels. under his leadership he's helped us gain super majority in both houses. he's also helped us take every constitutional office in the state. he's elected more republicans at
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the county and local level in more than 150 years. drew is a grassroots chairman that's adapted, experienced and united organization behind a common goal. that's winning elections. drew is a forward-thinking leader that increased grassroots participation in south carolina , in the south carolina republican party three-fold since 2017. he's raised more major donor dollars in the south carolina republican party history. finally, as demonstrated his ability to think strategically and act tactically by fighting for election integrity in south carolina before it became a national buzz with election
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-- buzzword, election integrity. in 2020, he felt the democrats in the state to secure an open fair election by filing court lawsuit all the way up to the supreme court. most important, he's been very proactive working with our legislatures, the governor of south carolina, to implement one of the most rigid and voting rights bill in the country and in the state. that makes it extremely easy in south carolina to vote, and more difficult to cheat. drew is a forward thinking individual and i ask that you come along with us and support drew mckissick for cochair of the national -- republican national committee. thank you. [applause]
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>> the chair now recognizes a bunch of people from the floor. [laughter] >> thank you, chair. we are blessed three extraordinary members and friends have taken a step forward to serve as next co-chair. whomever we pick will face the impassable task of trying to fill tommy's shoes but we must pick the one we feel comfortable with and i'm honored to second nomination of south carolina's chairman, our friend drew mckissick to be our next co-chair. i'm convinced he will work along -- steadfastly along our chair to grow and strengthen our party across our nation. i urge my fellow members to join me supporting drew to be the next co-chair of our party. [applause] >> government national committee woman from montana and i second the nomination for drew mckissick as our cochair.
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he's been an incredible leader on election integrity and i've had the opportunity to work with him not only within the army and the but with other group around the new -- within the rnc but also other groups are nomination. he was willing to be committed when it wasn't necessarily public and that will be so important going forward. he has the demeanor and integrity to lead us as our next cochair. thank you. >> the chairman of colorado, i second the nomination. he is kind, compassionate and conservative and he has the energy we need to travel across the state and raise money for the rnc. [applause] >> shawn steel, california. our friend, drew meets the standard, i second nomination. >> i second the nomination of drew as cochair. >> mary in delaware, i also second the nomination. >> barber from mississippi, drew
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mckissick will be the people's cochair. >> robert armstrong, i second the nomination for cochair. >> cindy from south carolina and of course i second the nomination of drew, i've known him since he was just out of college and he is an amazing person and he understands grassroots, development. and i think that we need him right now. thank you. >> this is oscar from tennessee and i do whatever cindy tells me to do so i second the nomination. [laughter] >> for those of you not able to complete your seconding, we would take a picture and record your legal counsel he will part of the seconding of drew. the chair recognizes state
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chairman for juan carlos bonittes for the purpose of nominating a candidate for rnc cochairman. >> i would like to say we should do a round of applause for all three candidates, they've run a great campaign and it's a clean campaign. [applause] and we've talked about all the great accomplishments they've all had. i sent out for the nomination of michael whatley, to be our next national cochairman. in 2019, michael took a divided north carolina republican party where he barely won the election and united it to the point by 2021 he was unanimously elected by all districts in the state and he did this with hard work and moving together and turned a machine not satisfied with just winning, turn it into a lean mean republican machine that only knows to do one thing and
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that's win. winning north carolina, even 30% of the registered voters are republican he's continued to achieve that. before coming and running for office here, and now he's at national office, he'd gone under the support of all is 100 district directors talked to him and met with him and make sure they were comfortable with needed efforts in north carolina so he could do the job at a national level. i'm proud of what he's done and he's done it the same way we are doing today, a puerto rican -- he's picked a puerto rican that's lived in guam to give his nomination speech going across our nation will qualify cold -- follow a code nomination of tony from texas, the most wonderful hero to me in the hard work done. it is bringing all our factions
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together we remind each other the enemy we need to fight is not each other but the democratic party and the candidates they put out there so i am sure that if we elect michael whatley to be our next co-chair he will replicate what he's done and north carolina crossed our entire united states. thank you very much. [applause]
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will be able to talk to all three cochairs. i just want to brag on michael. he has no problem take tosh talking to a u.s. senator or the grassroots that get the vote
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out. he can connect and understand all of them. as you heard, it was his county chairs. 100 counties in north carolina. of that 100, 92 signed a letter saying we are proud of michael, and we support him because of what he does. if you were at the meeting, you heard how he develops that relationship. he has brought that team together. they have won races. they will continue to win races. he has also helped on all levels. wherever he is called upon. what i am asking of you is to support a man that loved the republican party and is willing to give up his life to make sure that we and that we get republicans elected.
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please join me in voting for michael watley. [applause] >> the names of the following individuals are properly in nomination. kyle, drew, michael watley. we will conduct a vote for cochairmen using the same procedures we used for the selection. i will now call the role of states. alabama, alaska, american samoa. if everyone could please return to their seats. we have received the totals for the co-chair election for the rnc. the number of votes cast were 168. the necessary to win this election was 85. drew mckissick received 63, michael watley received 52, and kyle received 52. there was one vote cast for
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dylan, which was illegal because she is not a male. that totals 168 votes. because no candidate has received a majority vote we will ballot again. we will stand at ease for five minutes and then proceed to the next round of voting. results for the co-chair race for republican national committee in the second round of voting, the number of votes cast was 169. there was an over vote, but it does not affect the results. because, whoever needed to get the co-chair needed 85, the totals are as follows. and kyle got 52 emma -- michael watley 48. at this point, neither of them had reached the 85 threshold so we will adjourn for five
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minutes. recess for five minutes. the time at ease has expired and the meeting will now come to order. does any candidate wish to withdraw their name from consideration from the office of co-chair? the chair now recognizes michael watley, state chairman from north carolina. parco i would like to withdraw my name from nomination. >> unless there is an objection, we accept your withdrawal. [applause] we will now conduct an additional vote for cochairman using the same procedures we used mike the previous election. i will now call the roll. alabama, alaska, american samoa.
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>> madam chairwoman, the podium is yours. >> we have results for the co-chair race for rnc. the total votes cast were 166. necessary to be elected was 84. drew mckissick received 90 votes. and had first received 76. drew mckissick, congratulations, come on up back the [applause] >> i feel like i am going to the prom.
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thank you also much, i appreciate it. all of you who worked with me. i want to thank kyle and michael like we said yesterday. we had a great campaign, three great candidate, running a positive campaign was fantastic, the kind of thing that we need. i sincerely appreciate it. looking forward to working with all of you and anyway that i can make this a growing and winning party. thank you very much, y'all take care. see you soon. [applause] >> ok. we will now receive -- proceed with the nomination of candidates for rnc treasurer. chair reminds the body that the rule number five a three, the
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rnc shall elect a treasurer who is a member or officer of the rnc when elected two candidates for treasurer have demonstrated the required support for nomination. the order of nominations was decided by a coin toss. the chair recognizes matt brown from kentucky for the purpose of nominating a candidate for rnc treasurer. [applause]
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>> you know, if we go much longer, it is time for bourbon. [laughter] thank you madam chairwoman. i rise to support and nominate casey crosby as the rnc treasurer. as the chairman of kentucky, i have worked personally with kc for the past seven years. i feel i know him well. while we have not always agreed, there are some real drag outs. i can also say once a decision was made, she stood by my side and back that decision. this is what i have always appreciated about casey, is her honesty and her frankness and her commitment to being a team player once that decision is made. kc has always been a hard worker. while she is a stickler for the
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rules my she also understands the complexity of politics and at times realizes we need to find a way to solve problems. in the end, she will work extremely hard for the 168 and help the leadership do their duty by not only overseeing the revenues and the expenses, but being an active voice in the strategic direction and activities of the rnc. her experience on different rnc committees and involvement in the state campaigns certainly position her for success in this role as i said, nobody knows casey better than i. and her hard work, her leadership, and we are always excited. i will ask that you all vote for casey crosby for rnc treasurer. thank you. [applause]
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>> the chair now recognizes sean for the purpose of a secondary speech. did >> colleagues, friends, freedom fighters, and warriors. we have so much to do and so little time. i love this crowd. some of you guys got kind of tired of the election, i love every minute of it you the intrigue, it is better than any football game after usc lost. kc has been one of the great heroes in the rnc. i have seen her work. she ran two years ago, and she stayed in the game and supported team. she understands that we need to have a whole new perspective and view of some energy and dynamism that our party desperately needs she is that person and she has integrity and smart. i have nothing against the grassroots, i love them all, never been paid a dime in
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politics. but casey is the one that we need at this time now. she is a fresh voice with a good pair of eyes. she has experience, she has done it the hard way. did i urge you strongly to consider voting for her as our next treasurer. thank you very much. [applause] >> e chair now recognizes janet fogarty -- sorry. i didn't have you on my sheet. now i recognize [indiscernible] for the purpose of a seconding. >> to second the second, for casey crosby for secretary. it is my pleasure. we came on the committee at the same time, but not quite as long as our esteemed former treasurer. >> can use say you are seconding
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her for treasurer. you said secretary, sorry. >> listen to what i mean. >> i know. you gave me a hard time. >> i will stay with my notes. i wholeheartedly second the nomination of casey crosby. she has served on the rnc for over a decade. we know her, she knows us. she loves the rnc, she will protect and safeguard the confidence of our members, our donors our grassroots republicans. kc is a problem solver. she is a battle tested and she is honest that is what we need in the treasury. i ask you all to join me in supporting casey. thank you. [applause] >> the chair now recognizes
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janet fogarty for the purpose of nominating a candidate for rnc treasurer. >> thank you, madam chairwoman. i would like to nominate joe for the treasurer position. ace should be about results. joe is a certified public accountant, he is an auditor for large nonprofits in florida and the largest school network in the country. he also has delivered the results as the chairman of the florida republican party. i think that florida should be front and center moving forward into the next election cycle and i hope you stand with me in voting for job routers. -- job routers. >> the chair now recognizes richard for purpose of a seconding. >> afternoon. i just have to say, i wanted to come up here so i could feel the
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power looking out on all of you. holy smokes do we have good candidates for every one of these offices. i think it is such a credit for this organization. for the chairman's race, we know we had two super dynamite women who were running for that read we saw the co-chair race, and mike from the outside. within this organization, there is so much talent. i am here today to second the nomination for joe. he is an outstanding leader, as we saw in the free state of florida where there is so much vitality and energy for our party and so many great leaders, national leaders he has been working with in that role, both with former president trump but the great governor ron desantis and marco rubio and rick scott. that is a hotspot for us. he has taken a leadership role in making things happen in the great state of order.
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he also has some other qualifications as a cpa and the role he has played in a number of organizations which are very similar to what he would do here. regulated industries where it is essential that he got the numbers right. he is a team player and it is with a great deal of confidence and enthusiasm that i second the nomination of joe did [applause] >> e chair now recognizes the man from ohio for the purpose of a seconding. >> thank you very much. i love saying that to you. when you follow richard porter, will can you do? you can just say, i feel the same way richard order feels. what a tremendous group of people we have, what tremendous candidates. everyone in this room loves both of these people, casey is absolutely the best. she is fantastic. let me tell you why i am seconding the nomination of joe.
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most of you in this room don't know this about me, but in addition to being in the forklift truck business, we owned a small property-casualty insurance company for about 10 years. i know what it is like to work in a highly reg street. we were licensed to do business in most of the states. there were state regulations and figural -- federal regulations. i think there is probably no substitute for the kind of experience you could bring to a job like this if you have worked in a highly regulated industry and you know what it is like to have to file all those crazy reports. with all respect and love to casey, i want to add my second to joe's nomination. i think you very much. [applause] >> the chernow recognizes steve for the purpose of a seconding. >> thank you madam chair. i rise to second the nomination
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of my good friend joe. the distinguished chairman from the great state of florida for the office of treasurer of the rnc. i ask you to support joe. he is a highly qualified candidate willing to make tough decisions and stand by them. i live in new hampshire but i also have a home in florida. i'm at joe in the early days of the trump campaign. both joe and i were early supporters of president trump and we would regularly get together whenever i was in florida. we both got elected as state chairman four years ago. under joe's leadership, the republican party of florida has become one of the best run parties in the country other than new hampshire. joe is highly qualified. he is a cpa, state senator, he is a chairman of one of the largest and most of us republican states in the country. he has raised, managed, and been responsible for over 250 million
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dollars that was raised over the last four years in florida. as we all know, that has been very well spent. over the last four years, he has turned a republican deficit into a 300,000 are voter republican advantage. he took a purple state and made it red. he wants to bring his talent and his ability to this committee and this executive board. i ask you to cast the ballot for joe. >> the names of the following individuals are properly and nomination. casey crosby, joe. we will conduct the vote for treasurer using the same for the previous election. i will now call the role of states. alabama, alaska, american samoa.
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we now have the votes for the office of said -- treasurer. i am trying to get ahead. the number of votes cast were 158. the necessary for election was 80 casey crosby received 98 votes, joe received 60. [applause] congratulations, casey.
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>> thank you, thank you. thank you. it has been a really long day for everybody. i will keep this very short and sweet. i want to thank my husband and my daughter for being here today. and helping me all week. i am sorry, my other two kids are here, one is in new york and the other one is in college. i just want to thank you all and i promise you i will work tirelessly and, y'all know you can call me anytime. i am really thankful for your confidence in me. i will not let you down. thank you so much. [applause] >> congratulations, casey.
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we will now proceed with the election of rnc secretary. the chair will remind the body that rule number 583 states the rnc shall elect a secretary who is currently a member or officer of the rnc. two candidates for secretary have demonstrated the required support for nomination. it was decided by a coin toss. the chair recognizes tony, from texas. >> well, i am back and i'm excited to be able to say, i am going to nominate a dear friend, a colleague that we have been working together forever to serve as your next rnc secretary
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, bout is vicki drummond. we always heard vicki, well i am hoping most of you heard her a couple days ago. did she surprise us all? who was this woman up there that we know is incredibly accurate? she is efficient, she is detailed in every way, but she has that demeanor about her that is kind of soft. i don't know what day it was, she sure knocked it off like she has that sense of humor, she has fun, she knows what she is doing , and she is dedicated to what she does. there is no question that vicki is absolutely a fabulous -- one of the best secretaries i have seen. one example not on want to share with you, i was so impressed
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with, is that she ended up attending every single subcommittee of those new committees that the chairwoman had put together. election integrity and grassroots. she was there attending them. i called her and said, do you do anything else? she said, right now it is a little difficult. she went and got her hair done between 7:00 and 10:00 a.m.. she is so dedicated to this position. she and i have been friends for over 25 years. we met at the national federation of republican women. we ended up becoming very good friends there and have continued that friendship throughout the years. she is devoted to her family. she is devoted to her friends. she is devoted to the republican party in doing the best that she can do.
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but most importantly, she is devoted to the lord. she has that love. she is a strong woman, strong character. i am proud to say i am voting -- i hope you will join me in voting with an incredible woman, an incredible friend, the end. vicki drummond. [applause] >> a great honor. i don't know why i keep coming up here, but so far i have a three out of three record. let's make it four out of four. nobody is here by accident. the first time i went to an rnc meeting, i felt a deep sense of relief, because i realized everybody has as many bathrooms and scars as i did. i was in the right room with the right people. everyone here has been through
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betrayals, victories, sadness is. sometimes it is hard to maintain your sense of humor, sometimes you take things deeply and personally and you never forget or forgive. luckily i have a bad memory. vicki is one of those special people that lights up the room that is pleasant and civil. i remember when my second daughter went to vanderbilt, and i asked why she wanted to go there. she said she might come out a nice christian lady. that was one of the biggest surprises i ever heard. there is some about being nice and civil and smart that is what civilized behavior should be. i tend to get most of my fun streetfighting, sadly. kind of the politician that i am. i need to reach a higher light. that is why i love and admire my wife. vicki as our secretary is so special.
10:25 pm
we are very fortunate to have her. let's keep her happy with a huge monster is vote of love and appreciation. thank you very much. [applause] >> the chernow recognizes lori for the purpose of nominating a candidate. >> thank you so much. i am the national committee woman from north dakota, lori hintz is my name. i think i was chosen by kelly because i am one of a handful of members who can actually correctly pronounce the national committee woman. which is in the county lua. i am also very pleased to be here today at this late hour. it seems members of the 168 gave me some sage advice. she said blessed are the brief.
10:26 pm
i will be very concise. i'm here to concisely nominate my friend, dr. kelli ward, for the office of secretary for the rnc. she explained herself not her goal was to allow for a choice in this race. so we have a choice. we should never have an uncontested race. she is a mom, a doctor, an author. she is someone that i really very much admire as a maverick. i admire her for her tenacity, communication skills, her soul and her spine. i proudly nominate kelli ward. >> e chernow recognizes the committee woman from hawaii. we can all sit together. in county lua.
10:27 pm
thank you very much and i want to get this right and i am honored to second the nomination of doctor kelly ward for rnc secretary. i'm committee woman from hawaii representing hawaii and o'kelly courageous and relentless fight she is somebody that i cherish and she has to hawaii a couple
10:28 pm
of times before our grassroots lori did mention that a couple of books, one of the books titled inspired what right and not a paid endorser of a book but have to say, while i read it myself i was actually really inspired to learn kelly had been through and what she while she shared her experience has to be there with her through these different stages of running for office and getting more and more deeply involved in the party. if you're interested it and and politics are remembering why we do what we do, i suggest you pick up this book because it really was, felt something i don't often feel when i read books like that, it reflects her true heart in her true service service to those in the
10:29 pm
unity. -- community. i would appreciate her serving on the executive committee as rnc secretary to upper her experience, her perspective. i believe she will serve very well. i would love again knowing we have somebody with her passion and compassion representing and connecting all members across the rnc and thank you. >> the names of the following individuals are properly a nomination for secretary of the republican national committee, vicki drummond and kelli ward.
10:30 pm
we will connect about using the same procedures we use for the previous election i will call role of the state. the number of the votes cast were 154. if you drummond received 118 votes. kelli ward received 36 votes. congratulations vicki drummond i remain in secretary of the republican national committee. [applause]
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>> i would like to say a few words. my name is extremely important to me. i want to tell you it touches my
10:32 pm
heart when you put your name next to my name because it shows you have confidence in me. i appreciate so much when they nominated me because i've known tony and for decades and we have come through the ranks together. i have appreciated her friendship through all of these years. and john, when i got to the rnc, you were the second person to me me and you took me under your wings and i learned so much. i was always quoting you. i just thought so much of you and still do, of course. i thank all of the rnc members very much. it is an honor. i am going to get right back to
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work on monday morning. thank you. [applause] >> i will now entertain a motion that the general session be adjourned. the meeting is adjourned. thank you so much.
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