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tv   White House Counsels Office Spokesperson on Rehoboth Beach Home Search  CSPAN  February 1, 2023 7:38pm-7:50pm EST

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union address olining his prioritieso lawmakers and the nation. this will be his first speech to a joint session of congress since republicans won back control of the house. watch live coverage from the capitol starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-spa c-span now, ourree mobile video app, or online at >> there are a lot of places to get political information. but only at c-span do you get it straight from the source. no matter where you're from, or where you stand on the issues, c-span is america's network. unfiltered. unbiased. word-for-word. fit happens here or here or here or anywhere that matters, america is watching on c-span. powered by cable. >> ian sands is a senior jade
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viseor and -- senior adviser and spokesperson. he spoke about the search for a new -- about the search at the president's home and said no new documents were found. >> i think you received the statement from the president's personal attorney which laid >> i think you all received a statement from the president's attorney, that they went through the rehoboth house, and no further documents were found. this i think is in line with the president's cooperation. i'm happy to take some questions.
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i think we've been transparent from the very beginning in providing information that is occurs throughout the process. probably thousands of statements from the president's personal attorney in the white house counsel's office about the process that has been undertaken here. that process that has been fully corrugated with the justice department as they conduct an ongoing investigation. we want to be careful to be respectful of the integrity of that ongoing investigation so i think it's important to understand as these develop and the information develops around the investigation we will get you as much information as we can with regards to that specific question i don't have anything to add. it's appropriate to ask specifically about something that happened months ago to ask the justice department. [inaudible]
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>> thanks for the question. we are going to get ahead of potential regulations steps that could happen in the investigation for the president has been fully cooperative and fully cooperative in these directed his team to be fully cooperative. that's because he believes in the independence of the justice department and giving him a stage to conduct a thorough review and that's why it's moving quickly to give them access to his home in wilmington and robo beth so they are able to get access. we won't speculate about potential things that may happen in the future in this investigation but we been cooperative in the president has been fully cooperative and his lawyers are in your discussion with the justice department that will continue. >> why did it take so long [inaudible] we've been working directly with the justice department from the beginning when it was reported
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to the archives in the archives notified the justice department about their finding and we worked with the president's personal attorney's through this process and white house counsel's office. the white house counsel is not present today to answer that question and we've been following the justice department's lead in coordinating these searches with them. if you want to ask granular questions about the decision-making decision-making about the search or the timing or anything like that i would refer you to the justice department. >> has the fbi conducted any searches of any other locations associated with the president that you are the white house are aware of? >> i think we are providing information as this goes on in answering questions about what's been happening. i'd want to think too much into the ongoing investigation. we have corporate fully with the president's personal attorney send have provided information to be a j. and the searches at
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the wilmington and rohoboth residents released by the presence personal attorney. no classified documents were found at rohoboth. we rohoboth. we will contain to provide information as investigation goes on and ensure you guys have the ability to share with the american people being employed information is important for them to say is the president will cooperate with this information. spam and want to be careful to respect the integrity of the investigation. as it's appropriate like you did today if we have information to share about activities that even investigated we'll do that. >> let me follow-up real quickly. did anyone at the white house tell the national archives in any form that they could not release a press release about the discovery's? there's reportedly came from the
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house that david comer said with a national archives they communicated that they were told the archives did not release the press release at whatever point it was about the classified documents. did anyone at the white house tell them not to? >> to? >> i haven't heard anything about that. it's better to ask does the archives is that what was said and understand for what they meant. >> i gave an answer to that question. [inaudible] the justice department has engage in the ongoing investigation and an ongoing investigation i should add that the president has been fully cooperating in with offering unprecedented access to his home every single room of his home in rohoboth and get them
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information of any priest moving quickly to get them information that they need. i'm going to be careful not to characterize what the justice department is doing in their investigation or at its more appropriate for a question like that to be asked of the justice department so i would point you to them. [inaudible] we received a few letters from the house oversight committee in recent weeks. we actually gave them letters early in the week or excuse me last week, white house house counsel. there are engage in good faith with them and reached out to the committee staff to ensure we are being responsive to these requests. obviously when you're in an ongoing investigation like this with this justice department that you are fully cooperate with you want to protect the integrity of that investigation and safeguard information from
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the investigation to protect the law enforcement decision-making and things like that. we are operating in good faith with the oversight requests. [inaudible] >> the president's personal lawyers have addressed the process of identifying locations where materials from their could then start in a been working an open consultation with the department justice. i'm going to -- i'm not going to talk about the decisions that they will make. that would be more appropriate asked of them rather than us. we are offering up access to the president's personal homes and we've been cooperative with the justice department ensuring they have access and handing in
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materials that are found over to the justice department like initially we have done with the national archives. we'll continue to be cooperative with the justice department. [inaudible] >> today in a statement released by the president's lawyers after the search of the wilmington house they believe some of the materials that were seen and taken appeared to relate to the vice president. they want to make sure the justice department has access to the information that they need as part of this ongoing investigation. i'm not going to characterize too much of the underlying content. we have spoken to why certain materials may have been taken.
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>> how long was the plan for and into the search everything on the property and is there any reason to believe that anyone also also the biden have have access to the documents? >> i'm not going to speak to the negotiations or discussions are collaborations between the presidents attorney cynthia j.. they are cooperating fully with the justice department and ensuring they have access to the house. the wilmington house previously and the rohoboth house today. it gives them access to the information they need so they can move forward with a thorough review that's done efficiently. [inaudible] >> that's a good question and i'm not going to be a will to
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speak to the underlying context of what the justice department may be looking at in their ongoing investigation. as they move forward with this investigation the president attorneys and white house will be fully cooperative with that. we are following their lead to make sure they have what they need to conduct a thorough review. i'm not going to speak to the doj. >> i think that's probably more a perfect question for the justice department i want to characterize how they are reviewing it. >> i would refer you to the state department. >> earlier today the house judiciary committee heard testimony on migrants at the u.s. border with mexico and their impact on border communities. witnesses included a texas
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county judge and the sheriff of an arizona county that borders mexico. watch the hearing tonight at 9:00 eastern on c-span. on our free mobile video app c-span now. or any time online at >> preorder your copy of the congressional directory for the 118th congress. it's your access to the federal government with bio and contact information for every house and senate member, important information on congressional committees, the president's cabinet, federal agencies and state governors. scan the code at the right to preorder your copy today for early springiver it's $29.95 plus shipping and handling. every purchase helps support our operations. at >> president biden called on congress po pass the junk fee protection act


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