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tv   The War Room With Jennifer Granholm  Current  February 29, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> this is the war room. i am jennifer granholm. welcome to the recap edition, a big night for mitt romney. he won the g.o.p. primary in michigan and arizona. they were must-wins. you have to give him credit for it. over the next hour we will analyze romney's victories and see if he can close the deal. join us here at the table. >> for some of tonight's results, i am glaing to be joined by donnie fowler
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democratic strategist and matthew del carl. welcome to the war room. it is the war room so, you know of course we have to have half eaten pizza, part of the symbolism of what you have to see in a war room. a good night for mit rom ney? >> a necessary win for mitt romney. >> if he had lost tonight, all bets would have been off. >> yeah, haley barbour was saying if mitt romney did not pull this off they would have to reconsider him. >> they were saying everybody has been saying that. the question is really the margin of victory, three points somewhat in the realm of where most of the polls that came out,
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you know, were suggesting it would be. the question is: is three points going to be enough to quiet the critics going forward? >> in politics a win is a win and you have to look at arizona. >> that's for sure. that was huge. >> pulled off there. that was a winner-take-all state. >> everyone expected that. >> michigan won. three points going to be enough donnie, to quell the critics? >> the politics is not a win is a win. perception is reality. the perception here is that mitt romney won his home state. four years ago by 10 points. tonight, by three points. >> he has a string of states on super -- not only super tuesday. last time there were 16 states. now, there is only 10. it's like a k 2 thing. there are states next week. romney is not strong in half of those states particularly the deep south states. perception is reality.
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>> tilled think that ohio santorum is up in ohio before tonight. don't disqualify big mo big mo is in his favor. >> and big money. >> and big money. >> $63 million and only seven million for rick santorum's. >> there is another bit of information, though tonight that was here. i have to get my glasses on. so romney first of all, he asked for cash during his speech which, you know, was kind of interesting. maybe we will get that over the course of this hour. but he -- you have got to do what you have to do. he burned through three times
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more money in january than he raised $18.7 million until january. that averaged out to about $600,000 a day. he only took in 200,000 a day. he has got to start raising some more money. the question is you have big tonners. tonight, he is giving out the mitt romney website hoping small donors will join in. i don't know if he will get enough. do you think? >> i think so. a lot of people were concerned about whether he could pull the win in michigan rick has him on the ropes. don't forget he recovered from a large deficit about two weeks ago. he made up his ground. it wasn't a 10-point spread but he was dealing with a lot of outside forces. rick did a good job over in michigan but you saw what happened. his organization won today. >> i think it is going to be interesting to see what happens.
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we will talk about that a little more but because he doesn't have the resources to keep an organization on the ground, you know, he is still going to be flying on a bear thread which i think is interesting. you pointed something out to me. i am going to show folks that i think is very interesting, donnie, if i go to the big board here this board 97% of the precincts, 41 to 38, three-point margin. we just have here, you know -- >> under 30,000. >> a touch under 30,000 as a margin. right? so if you look at this county right here oakland county this is the county romney was born in the county where all of his support is this margin here is about 30,000. donnie pointed this out. i think that's a really important statistic because this area is so solid for romney.
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the rest of the state obviously leaned more for santorum. the del gant count is interesting. for our viewers it's a rural area, not super populated but sort of split because this whole district is the first. you have this top half here going for romney and upper peninsula for santorum. this district is actually in play. they are going to count it. of course the way it breaks down is that there is two delegates per congressional district and each district is a winner-take-all. >> the electoral college. >> win the popular vote and lose the election. >> right now we are not sure. we think that romney has about
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five of the districts. we think santorum has four for sure. but this first congressional district is in play. ironically, this right in here this is -- that is the fourth congressional district. >> that's also in play. the districts that are in play are the first the fourth even though that looks to be solid for santorum. the fifth which encompasses flint and genessy county i pointed this out earlier but this county is slightly in favor of santorum. >> that's where flint is. >> michael moore is from there. one of the greatest documentaries is from flint. that ended up going for santorum. now, down here of course this is -- these districts going for
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romney. >> four or five districts down there to give people an idea just how concentrated the people are. right? is it five in the detroit area? five congressional districts compared to one for up. >> it's the largest congressional district. >> that's this whole. >> commercial seats in michigan. >> there are 15 right now but this map here for the race from 14 which is the new map. >> what i am gathering, donnie correct me rick has about nine of those now or very close. >> right. >> he will be winning. >> it will be interesting. so hang on, you guys. we are going to go now i think, to david shuster. david shuster is in michigan right now, and he is in novi outside of the romny headquarters. david, are you there? >> yes. >> what can you tell us. >> we are here.
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on the romney campaign a lot of the supporters financial supporters, staffers when they left here very relieved because they have been pointing out that if he had lost this i mean the momentum going into super tuesday, of course would have been hor endous for him. what they wanted to avoid, they didn't want rick santorum to be able to say, hey, rick santorum i have won four of the last primaries by winning arizona and michigan, they avoided what they thought might be a catastrophfee. there are lingering questions about whether romney can win in the south, how he will do in ohio what sort of factor newt gingrich will be in the south and the math is going to be done but they feel they have cleared a major hurdle as far as a potential catastrophe. >> you were there inside of what you had described earlier as a small room which i think was very interesting strategywise as everybody in politics knows, you
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are supposed to try to have a room look like it's over flowing. i think that was very interesting response to what happened with ford field, of course earlier. but what was -- has everybody peeled out? has everybody gone? >> everyone is pretty much peeled out, and what's interesting, romney shook a lot of hands, a lot of supporters even though it was maybe only 250 people jammed in this small room but like he was shaking everybody's hand. you could see when he was motioning to the government he sort of said thank you, thank you for the organization, and it really, you know, as you know three points in the state of michigan, when you are only talking about 700, 750,000 votes it's not much. the organization, the ground made a huge difference when you are able to put a lot of that organization in early, it pays
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off, even when you have a arrival i would be kerrous to get your response from the warm-up. romney had the michigan establishment on his side the governor the attorney general. he had the lieutenant governor. he had the whole crew on his side. we had spoken earlier to one of his co-chairs. the speaker of the house behind him. all of that infrastructure had to be brought to bear on the victory. i am sure you got a sense of that in the room tonight. thet not a lot of other people there were some finance people but not a lot of the rank and
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file sort of typical, i would say average voters mostly the establishment is the republican party, some of the people from southeastern michigan. it was relatively small. in this cold blustery night in michigan, great relief all of the republican establishment in the state they did not want to have to be responsible for despite the bad campaign a lot of people felt mitt romney ran, gaffes, getting off message, he had a good debate on cnn but beyond that a lot of his supporters are disappointed in some of the mistakes he made. having said that, he didn't want the entire establishment to this and clearly t you ask the romney campaign, talk to his finance people t it was the organization that made the difference tonight.
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>> that's for sure. david, thank you so much for staying up. >> you are very welcome. >> in the cold. we really, really appreciate it and your insight, always on track. this is current tv correspondent david shuster. thanks so much and stay with us. we will be right back after the break with matthew and donnie and with more analysis and more insight, particularly in michigan. only one who thinks an amendment to the constitution may be in order. that's next on "the war room."
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>>this is outrageous! [[vo]]cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>the rest of the media seems like, "ho-hum, no big deal." we've have no choice, we've lost our democracy here. just refreshing to hear. no other television show does that. we're keeping it real. >> welcome back inside the war room. big night. big night michigan. big night in arizona. let's do a little recap so that you can see. in fact, in michigan, 98% of the precincts reporting, no surprise, as you know all of the networks have called on the news organizations -- the news organizations have called this for mitt romney with about a 3
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point margin he won it by which was consistent with what a lot of the polls were coming in. because santorum had appeared to surge at least in the past 24 to 48 hours romney benefitted from that and he fought back but it looks like the delegate count is going to be very very close if not directly split then just, you know, just a little bit of an edge to romney at least by one district. these districts here, the red is santorum. the purple was romney. and it broke down except for this little early, purple rom in connection that was a bit of surprise. let's take a look at arizona. excuse me. arizona, which is -- breaks down, all romney as you can see. the numbers, 47 to 26. >> that's 85% of the precincts
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reporting, but of course that has been totally called in romney's favor. that is not a surprise at all. really, the story, tonight, is how michigan broke down. we are back with democratic strategist debbie fowler of dog patch strategy and matthew del carlo, president of the del carlo group. thank you for joining us. what i would love to do in this segment is listen to a little bit. speeches that were -- that we heard from the concession speech as well as the victory speech. i would like to perhaps start with the santorum speech and just get a little bit of a snippet of that and your reaction to it. all right? let's see if we can -- if you can listen up listen to the -- at least a piece of the santorum speech. >> a month ago, they didn't know who we were. but they do now. what a -- what an absolutely great night. i am so thankful so thankful to
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so many people here tonight. first and foremost i just have to say to the people of michigan, you know, we came into the backyard of one of my opponents in a race that everyone said well just ignore. you have really no chance here and the people of michigan looked into the hearts of the candidates and all i have to say is: i love you back. >> what do you think? >> well santorum spent the first five minutes of a 20-minute speech trying to correct a problem that i think he has discovered. he has damaged himself among women and moderate republicans. the first thing he did was he said i want to thank somebody i haven't thanked, my 93-year-old woman a nurse, a professional who worked through my child 4509d. the reason i married my wife was because she was a nurse who worked for eight years and then she decided to quit working to raise the kids which is santorum said which is a lot of
2:20 am
work, and so he worked really hard to the damage he has done over the last few weeks. >> he tried to pull some emotion out. it was clearly an effort, you know, to connect with people which he does better than romney does. what did you think of the concession speech even though it wasn't quite a concession. >> i think it's a reevaluation he is doing. donnie hit it on the head. he is right now wait a second, i went on the tangent on the social conservative route, not talking about the stuff that resonated well when he came out of ohio or iowa in the sense that focus back to the blue-collar jobs. >> so much was about economic freedom. >> yes. >> he had most of the focus was on economic freedom which i don't know if he was on a tell prompter or not. yes see any. which is interesting because he probably needs to do it a little bit more so that he stays on
2:21 am
message because when he gets -- when he thinks about what he is saying, he understands he's got to talk about the economy but when some reporterthrows him some red meet that has him chase down a rabbit hole he follows it so readily if it's about some of these social issues. >> you know what he is so passionate about, it drives his soul. >> you hit the nail on the head. he is known for getting off message. we had a comment about that during his speech in iowa where he said i don't usually use notes here. is he started going so far on his grandfather but he is well known for going off message and start rambling on for a good 30 to 40 minutes. >> honestly, this weekend, i thought that he had done himself some huge damage when he went off on the, you know, president's a snob for, you know urging people to go to college and then, you know he just and then the whole thing
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about separation of church and state and hended up w wkiki back s se e t c cmes thaha he madeebo johnn. kennedyendy andananngngo t towup. . in fact, i think we have some sound of that as well the idea that he okay he recognized that he blew that and he ended up today walking that back a little bit on -- is it ann coulter's? one of the radio shows. >> laura ingram. >> that's right. sorry. let's listen for a moment to romney's speech tonight or at least a little snippet of that. i would love your reactions to what you heard. >> thank you, guys. you know, a week ago, it was just a week ago, the pundits and pollsters were ready to continuous out but across michigan and arizona, i kept on meeting moms and dads and students and grandparents and they were concerned about what
2:23 am
was happening to this great country of ours. i was confident we could come together today and take a giant step toward a brighter future. so tonight, their efforts have brought our cause a great victory, and celebrate with people across these states. thank you. tonight is also particularly special for me because this was the place where i was born. this is the place where i was raised. my mom and dad lived many years here and loved this great state and i know that michigan derz in this room we consider you family. thank you so much for your help. in this room are the people who knocked on the doors and made the calls and went to the polls and it made an enormous difference. we didn't win by a lot but we won by enough. and that's all that counts. >> he sounded relieved don't you think? >> yes. >> i really -- as somebody was
2:24 am
staying on staff here saying he just seemed tired. how can you not be tired after a wrenching battle that is so long to begin with but in your home state you didn't think you would have to defend your own home turf. everybody has to pull up stakes and head over to ohio which is where everybody in the romney camp is going tomorrow. what did you think. >> the theme of the romney campaign is schwoo. we got across the line here the interesting thing was that romney tried to make himself sound like the anti-establishment candidate, backing the pun dits and polsters. this guy was anoted a year ago as the republican nominee. now all of the sudden... >> santorum bachmann. >> attack the media. one of the things that i thought was interesting in his speech is matthew and i know that you are
2:25 am
probably, at least you are in his party, if not a supporter of his. one of the things he said in his speech was he was staking obama for not soming the housing crisis but it was romney who was the guy who said let it hit rock bottom first which i think is very, you know, another one of those moments where he ends up being a bit hypocritical. >> yeah. i think right now he's sfk relieved how everything has up and down out, you know. besides romney trees are the big winners. >> just the right height. come on. >> who would have thought the cadillac drivers. >> there are a lot of cadillac drivers in michigan but they don't have several of them maybe. >> i think he is relieved. he made that in his statement. i think he needs to retool his campaign. >> go take a nap. >> ohio, take a nap, a well-deserved nap and move on.
2:26 am
>> i have to close out at least this segment here because i want you guys to stick around but david axelrod had a very funny tweet from the tonight and he wrote, "congratulations are due for a close, hard-fought victory. bold 99. hornets 95. democratic strategist donnie fowler and matthew del carlo, president of the del carlo group. up next it is late in washington but not too late for craig crawford his take on tonight's primary results. grateful he stayed awake. this is the wawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawa
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>> joining me now to talk about what this big night in michigan means is one of the martest guys in politics craig crawford political analyst from washington, d.c. craig, thank you so much for staying up late. i know it's late on the east coast but i am grateful to you for being able to join us here. >> governor my mom in orlando, florida, is one of your biggest fans. she would never forgive me. >> she is obviously a brilliant woman with excellent taste. so i am glad. hi, mom. i am glad she is there. so, let's talk for a moment about sort of what we saw tonight and what it means going forward. i know that you were on the young turks earlier. we've gotten a little bit of the numbers back in terms of who
2:31 am
supported whom. and there were two categories that i was particularly interested in. one was in the absent tee votes and how those broke. everybody was assuming they broke for mitt romney. in fact, they did. there were over 200,000 absentee bal otsz cast most of them of course, by older voters. polls suggesting that he romney had a 50,000 vote average in the absent tea vote. when you consider the end result here was just about 30,000 just under 30,000 votes, that goes to his organization. the second point, and i would love your comment on both of these. the second point is that like in other states those who earn over 200,000 broke for romney by significant numbers. of course not really a surprise that he would have very wealthy people breaking his way. the less well-off demographic went for santorum. none of those are a surprise to you, i assume.
2:32 am
>> the over 200 ,000 crowd, we know there is romney's base. voters who can layoff people like him. but and on that early voting i am really fascinated. i was talking to cenk and michael about this earlier. it's a question in my mind because we all assume these negative ads make such as difference but what we have seen among a lot of the early voters who hadn't really seen a lot of those super p.a.c. as, we have to assume putting these numbers towed, romney probably lost the voters today, maybe by a pretty significant margin. those are the people seeing those ads and they went for santorum. i am puzzled. >> that's a contradiction with these negative ads assumed to have made such a difference and
2:33 am
the voters who saw them went with santorum. >> it is interesting. santorum really didn't spend -- he was out spent 6 to 1 in michigan. it does make you question all of our training and understanding and pragmatic experience on it. let's talk for a moment about going forward. everybody's eyes turned to super tuesday and, of course there are a significant number of delegates at play and we had a poll showing folks, a screen up about what the numbers are from a poll from ohio which showed before this election result tonight, you would see significant benefit for significant victory for santorum if, in fact that stayed. what do you think is going to be the result from super tuesday? what should we look for? and how do you think the momentum from tonight will affect super tuesday? >> i think that's one reason romney's going straight to ohio. i think that's the big state to
2:34 am
watch on super tuesday because that's the bigger test for santorum. when i look at michigan results tonight and look at ohio i see a lot of numbers in these results here in michigan that tell me santorum's still in pretty good shape in ohio. you pointed out earlier, romney's home county i believe it was oakland where he really got his margin of victory in the state in that county and if you take that hometown advantage out of these numbers and look at ohio where he wouldn't have that add vantage, i think santorum is still looking pretty good in ohio because i just can't believe this 5 point margin is going to be the big mo coming out of this being his home state and really not doing all that well i don't think. >> well and santorum everybody expects will do well in the south. we have a lot of southern states coming up on super tuesday other than virginia which santorum is
2:35 am
not even on the ballot for so that one, people really won't count so much. a lot of delegates over 400, 430, something like that, up for grabs, you know, if santorum actually does take ohio. if this momentum does not take away his margin of victory and santorum could end up being the very big winner on tuesday. >> i think with allotted of the party bosses party leaders here in washington and their elite media, conservative media friends, they might take maybe skip a valium tomorrow. but i think it's going to still be on their night stand because they have plenty to worry about, not just about romnie and whether he can really sew this up and end this contest but what this is doing to the republican brand down the road. i mean they are -- and the low turnout in these races. there has been all of this talk about republicans need new candidates or that some people
2:36 am
think there should be new candidates in the rates. i think what they need are new voters. it's their vote, they are whittling their base of voters down. it's just a stunted tree with hanging fruit for the democrats. politics is the mathematics of addition, not subtraction. they keep subtracting voters. >> i wrote a column about this today, craig, in politico because they are anti-gay anti-women appears to many anti-bail-out, anti-labor. i mean you keep going down the list anti-european, anti-french, anti-muslim. all of the sudden, you have subtracted so many groups you have this very narrow path to victory. that is not a strategy for winning. >> that's what i say to all of those groups who have felt like they have been marginalized come
2:37 am
into the democratic tent and we will add some sections and be a nice, blue michigan ohio and country in november. this is political analyst craig crawford from washington, d.c. who stayed up late to share his thoughts with us. i want to thankful so much for joining us. this of course is the war room. we will be right back. don't go away. for more analysis of this great evening, from michigan and arizona. one place you'll find us. weeknights on current tv. [[vo]]...we're the idea nobody wants to hear. ...until the truth reveals itself. boat-rockers. and above all... and there's only one place you'll find us. weeknights on current tv.
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the way this hits your tongue, you really get the full flavor out of sam adams lager. [ bartender #2 ] having a boston lager in this glass was like tasting a boston lager for the first time again. it sounds crazy, but it really works. >> so much to figure out. to help us figure it out where the republican candidates are going is democratic strategist donnie fowler with us all week with dogpatch strategies and san francisco chronicle political reporter joe garofole.
2:41 am
you covered this stuff right, left sideways. were you surprised how quickly the results came in? >> after being in iowa and nevada. if you get it before daylight it's a positive. >> michigan did a nice job. >> the bar is low at this point. the bar is low. >> the bar is low. they did a great job. >> they did a good job. >> and of course the margin of victory, was it surprising to you? >> well it's, you know in the previous segment it's schwoo for romney. next week is not going to be much better. next week it's going to be oh, my god, i am getting my butt kicked in these states. the states the ones he is going to take are massachusetts, vermont. >> surprise. >> idaho, big mormon population. >> virginia. >> virginia the only guy on the ballot besides ron paul. but the rest will be a tough slog for him.
2:42 am
the news is not going to get a lot better. >> donnie i know you have done a look at the delegates and everything. talk about the delegates for super tuesday. >> numbers, 11 looeksz so far. 6 in 5. not a great result. 10 elections next tuesday. >>. >> unbelievable. >> he is running out of money. he doesn't have a month like he had in february to raise a bunch of money. he has had to spent a lot. then on the delegates, you have to get about 1200, 1144. about 1200 to be the nominee. only allocated employed 325 so far. so only about a quarter have even been voted on. romney has half of that. 150, 160. so he has a long ways to go. it's going to go fast the beginning of march. >> the point you make he had the whole month of february basically. granted, you did have the missouri. you had a little bit of chunk in between there. but for the most part february
2:43 am
was a pretty quiet month. so people could raise money, you know there was a lot of opportunity. now, i mean he has still got to raise money but it is just boom boom, boom. that money was spent so quickly in february at a time when there wasn't a whole lot of, you know. >> he has the advantage in that he has operatives in these states. >> are they still? you were saying going forward. >> going forward. >> he pulled up roots and pushed people forward. >> right but it beats what santorum is going to have on the ground. it beats, you know, what his competition is. his best advantage right now is he is playing against guys playing with one arm. >> right. >> that's exactly right. the money game i think is going to be absolutely critical. the ground game is going to be critical. now, i don't have any intelligence. i don't know if you do about the number of people that romney has on the ground in some of these states coming up for super tuesday. does he have a good organization? >> remnants of his organization
2:44 am
from four years ago. >> that's what he relies on. he can go into any state and say, okay. let's activate. let's get going. we are starting to see a little bit more of the church votes coming out for santorum. some of these other states the evangelical populations and the built-in organizations you don't have to create it. >> there are built-in organizations like in michigan everywhere. in michigan it's the nhr. it is right-to-life. those are organize that you would think would skew towards santorum although they didn't officially endorse in newt gingrich. you know will those organizations actually end up coming out for somebody before in a republican primary? >> well what you have i have been through these primaries at the national level with gore and with kerry and clinton, three times where you go through the early primary states and you put staff in the states but they are only there for a couple of months, you know, more than one or two folks.
2:45 am
so you can't do much in a big state like ohio or georgia with only a few staff for a couple of months. >> you have to rely on others. >> one of the built-institutions on the right, you listed the most important ones and what's your money to go on t.v. and tell your story the way you want to tell it or this year to attack your opponent. >> exactly. people always say i don't know how -- what a big deal about endorsements are and truly, i don't know that voters care whether some politician supports somebody else but that person has an infrastructure in being able layer upon the list the people on the ground if you can get a congressional district who has, you know, a member that supports you you can get that organization working for you. >> get the members active. >> get the members active. >> puts the effort out there. >> that's a big if. >> if you are a member of congress and you are serious, you control your district and you control the machinery in that district and you get that endorsement and you know you have that machine working for you. >> a true governor from detroit. >> mitt romney is getting these.
2:46 am
santorum is not getting the major electeds. ron paul is saying i have a council person from the middle of idaho. >> that's not going to do it. >> yeah. >> the establishment verse. >> it is always is. right? donnie and joe thank you very much. stick with us, buzz we are going to be right back. we are going to be keeping the focus on super tuesday and what's next for the g.o.p. candidates. these are smart guys. they have a lot of insight. this is the war room on i find the omega choices overwhelming. then i found new pronutrients omega-3. it's from centrum. it's a smaller minigel. with two of the best omegas to support my heart, brain and eyes. new pronutrients from centrum. >>this is outrageous! [[vo]]cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>the rest of the media seems like, "ho-hum, no big deal." we've have no choice, we've lost
2:47 am
our democracy here. just refreshing to hear. no other television show does that. we're keeping it real.
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>> we are back with democratic strategist downie fowler and san francisco politico reporter joe garfoli. i want to play a couple of sound basis from these guys in their concession speech a little different than what we had before. let's start with santorum. we can kick that up. and i want you to listen. >> so we have been -- i have been very, very blessed, very blessed with great role models for me someone who goes out and tries to do the job i am doing right now, to balance the rigors of running campaign and trying to maintain a good and strong family. we all have to do that in america. we all have that responsibility to make both work and work as well as we can, and it's getting
2:51 am
harder out here inmey. it's getting harder to make ends meet. we have a government crushing us every single day with more taxes, more regulations and the idea that they know better than you how to run your life. that ultimately is about what this race is about. it goes down to the very nature of who we are as americans. are we a country that believes in big government? do we believe in the smart and elite in this country to manage us? or do you believe in free pete and a free economy and building a great america from the boat up? what do you say? >> okay. it drives me crazy, this attack. i feel crushed by big government. it's so ridiculous. government's so big that the republicans want to put it inside of a woman's uterus. come on. it's driving me crazy. >> get out of our pocketbooks and into our pants.
2:52 am
>> into our pants, into our bedrooms, into our closets. my god. i am so tired of this rhetoric. you know what drives me crazy about this big government junk they keep spewing? they know very well that you have a collective that there has to be a common, you have to invest in something in order to turn on the lights. who is regulate to go make sure we have lights in here? who is paving the freeway to make sure when you drove over here, you had a place to drive? listening to them, you would think you cannot invest in anything. >> where you can get free healthcare, freeze housing, free clothing, free job training and it's called the u.s. military the biggest socialist institution in the united states. it's not spending if it's for the military or tax cuts for the wealthy. >> i heard something in addition to that.
2:53 am
he is going right at this white blue-collar voters, ohio voters mentioned the smart and elite, mentioning, we are working hard. we are working hard. >> that's no-man's land. >> that's his for him overall. >> what an insult to those blue-collar workers who want their kids to go to college, the assumption that we don't want kids to become smart, to better themselves, to go on? i mean and nobody understands this better than blue-collar america. they are the ones who have seen their jobs go to india, china. they want their kids to go to college. now, let's talk for a moment about energy because one of the things that santorum did during his speech which we are not going to show but he holds up this rock and he talks about fracking, and he talks about energy. you also had an interesting conversation with newt gingrich
2:54 am
of course. we all know he has been talking about energy up the wazoo. >> we saw he was on the republican party convention. we sat down with him beforehand. he gave a 47-minute speech on basically tearing apart obama's energy plan. >> at the convention. >> he is about gas now. gas prices. he even has signs and logo. >> he had a 30-minute commercial on that. >> yes. >> a 30-minute commercial of him sitting at a desk behind a drape talking about gas prices. >> fascinating. >> who watched it? 5 people. >> i did because i see get paid to. now it's like a logo of a gas pump and it says newt 2012 with a gas pump. he wants people to give $2 and $0.50 or preferable$050 or preferable $2,500 for newt dollars. >> i see. you contribute to my campaign and i will lower your gas prices. >> yes. >> right. gold currency.
2:55 am
>> the plan is pretty sketchy to say the least. >> what is the plan? how does the president of the united states lower gas prices in a free market when we don't own the establishments that do the refining or the ones that distribute? it's so absurd. >> big word: drill, baby drill. >> except if you drilled everywhere where you had the possibility of drilling the objective analysts from the energy department and the information agencies say it will lower gas prices $0.03 because it's on a global market. >> you cannot manipulate the global market. this is a nice bumper sticker. >> totally ridiculous. i'm sorry to get on my high-horse about this. it drives me crazy. we have to go to a break. thank you guys for being with us. donnie fowler of dogpatch strategies and joe garofoli.
2:56 am
>>the blood is in the water and the sharks are bipartisan. >>you got a bone to pick with that? break the ice with breath-freshening cooling crystals. ice breakers.
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>> so thank you so much for joining us here in the war room. as you can see, we have been calling for all sorts of things to come. and look who came today, mr. president. we were just asking him about his opinion about nutd gingrich. no wonder he has veryewt gingrich. no wonder he has very body posture. tonight was a big night in michigan in arizona, big night for mitt romney it looks like mr. president, that it's going to go on for a while but, you know, you and hillary went on until june. so the entertainment goes on. >> that's why it's great to have a political show. send in your stuff to help us decorate the war room. make sure that you join us again tomorrow night. we've got a lot of great guests on current tv along with our pals cenk ugur. this is a great line up on a young network. and we want you to be par
2:59 am