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tv   Full Court Press  Current  April 5, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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two-term governor is ... ♪ ♪ ♪ >> taking your seems on any
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topic at any time. this is the bill press show. live on your radio and current tv >> richard trumka in studio with us yesterday got some good props from facebook from sky wolfe, neil smith, good morning, just discovered your show on current. richard trumka is right about this country needing more infrastructure projects for jobs and consider that hundreds of thousands of jobs would be created by legalizing hemp and marijuana. absolutely. and on -- >> sky wolfe. >> mostly this morning about the masters, carl says get out of here and shut your f'ing face before somebody shuts it for you. we are members and we are allowed to admit whoever we want want. all right, carl. >> this is the bill press show.
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♪ ♪ >> this thursday april 5th, good to see you this morning. this is the full court press. welcome to the full-court press, your new morning show on current t.v. i am bill press, liberal and proud of it. good to have you with us today as we check from the nation's capitol, around the country and around the globe. my question first of all, this morning is, okay yesterday president obama holds a prayer meeting at the whitehouse. they talked about how important prayer is to him in his job. >> that's nice. >> that's good to know. but my question is: what is he doing having a prayer brack fast
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at the whitehouse anyway? what happened to the separation of church and state? doesn't he believe in it? one-of the issues we are going to tackle. first, let's get all of the latest with this current tv news. jacki schechner. >> good morning, bill. good morning, everyone. here is what's president. the president has a full schedule today. this afternoon he is going to sign the jobs act which isn't exactly what it sounds like. it's to jumpstart our business startup act. it's let startups raise money by selling securities to the public. it did pass congress with overwhelming bi-partisan support. and tonight is movie night or movie early evening. he is going to screen to kill a mockingbird in celebration of the film's 50th anniversary and then two fund raidsers, one at the jefferson hotel and the mandarin orients in washington, d.c. the government is getting ready
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to sue joe arpaio. they think he discriminates against latinos and they have been trying to negotiate settlement but he won't let an independent monitor in and he is pulling out of negotiation meetings at the very last minute. the doj cesarear's office is committing federal and constitutional violations. connect may be the 5th state in as many years to abolish capital punishment. the senate voted on a bill that would get rid of the death penalty. the house is expected to pass it. the democratic governor says he will sign it. they have executed one person, cereal killer michael roth in five. but 11 people currently sit on death row and if the law passes, it will not apply retroactively to them. coming up, bill press has molie ball from the atlantic. join us in chat as always
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i think its brilliant. >>current tv welcomes two new hosts. news and analysis with a washington perspective from an emmy winning insider. >>i know this stuff and i love it and i try to bring that to the show. >>and humor and politics with a west coast edge. >>politically direct means no bs, cutting through the clutter. >>bill press and stephanie
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miller, current's new morning news block. weekdays six to noon. ♪ broadcasting across the nation, on your radio, and on current tv. this is the bill press show. >> president obama says that his prayer breakfast yesterday at the whitehouse that it's very important to him to pray and ask what would jesus do. >> that's nice to know but what i want to know is what's he doing having a prayer breakfast at the whitehouse. i thought there was such a thing as church and state. apparently not any more. hello, everybody. here we go. the bill press show, the full court press here on your local
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progressive radio station, around the country and, also, on current tv, a new morning show on current tv. good to be with you. thank you for joining us as we talk issues. here in our nation's capitol where you will find us on capitol hill, around the country or around globe. we will tell you what's going on and take calls at 866-55-press. 866-55-5377 happy to welcome you to the program this morning, good friend of the program. she is with atlantic. her official title here, politics writer for "the at larkedic" molly ball. >> good to be here. >> if you joined teaming, peter ogburg, dan henning, siprian boulding. a new face stevie web. >> a new old face. >> well, for t.v., it's a new face. and -- >> it looks like i feel.
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>> not necessarily a pretty face. >> you have had enough. get out of the shot. >> serious, bro? >> don't tease me bro. >> that's next. all right. you will be happy to know, holly, that the big controversy in the miss universe contest has been resolved. >> thank god. >> it turned out that the winner for ms. canada ms. universe is actually trans gender. she used to be a he. that raised a question of whether she would be permitted to participate. do not trump yesterday made the decision. >> by the laws of the country and canada's included and the united states is included and the laws are very clear, so based on that, about two days ago, we decided to let her compete, and we hope she does well. >> there you go. >> we can all sleep at night now.
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that goodness that's been resolved. canada? right? >> god bless canada. a blow for trans. >> tran is the accepted phrase, yes. she is beautiful by the way. >> i was going to say, by the way. i have seen pictures of her. >> she is gorgeous. >> good luck to her. we have got a lot. he will jot spits-- eliot spitzer and new host of "viewpoint" will join us to talk about the bill the president will be signing today. congresswoman donna edwards from the state of maryland joining us in the next hour and molly ball here in studio. but first: >> this is the full court press. >> on this thursday a quick check of headlines making news the white house confirmed michelle obama will appear to mark the 1 year of her joining forces initiative on wednesday
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night's comedy central program. she announced a plan to create 15,000 jobs for military spouses. her first appearance on steven colbert. >> that will be interesting. >> fun. >> fun when she does the late night shows. >> it is. he is edgy. you never know where he is going to go. >> a new burger king ad featuring a song about chickens has been pulled off the air. cbs reports the fast food is blaming licensing issues but many believe they are getting pressure from the black community which has criticized the ad as stereotyping, the r & b star sings about a chicken wrap. no comment from her people about the ad. >> no comment. >> i sing sole fully many times. >> all right. burger king chicken not so much. now that tim teabo is headed to
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the jets, he has a sandwich to welcome him, the famous carnegie deli offers up the jetbow. on light bread $22 and $0.22. >> you have to kneel when you eat it. >> exactly. >> all right. thank you, dan. mollie this week at the associated press, their annual luncheon here in washington, d.c. president obama appearing one day. mitt romney appearing the next. both talking about the paul ryan budget. you have written in "the atlantic" that neither one talk about people in the room in terms of what's happening to the news business and what do you mean by that? >> i thought it was kind of odd that they both sort of just used this as a venue and didn't address the news industry which is what this whole conference was about. you had panels breakout
4:10 am
sessions, people mulling the future of the media which, as we all know is in a complicated state these days as it has been for at least the last decade in this sort of turmoil and transition. i think similar to, say, the auto industry or maybe even the health care industry where there is a lot of changes happening that have a lot to do with what's going on the larger economy. it has to do with the transition, you know, sort of manufacturing and to a new digital, entrepreneurial arena. i think there is a story to be told about capitalism and invasion. but they whine about how they get treated by the press and talk about what they want to talk about. >> in fact, in the news, i mean the news business is changing or has changed radically. >> absolutely. >> and particularly, these people in front of them, at the associated press, were print reporters or editors. >> editors, i think some on the business side as well. >> so print. print. not so. he lec tronic? >> well the ap is not at print
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operation anymore? right? i think a lot see the news on google or in their local newspaper online. that's been a big transition for the associated press as well. >> so many newspapers have gone out of business. >> exactly. >> so many have been bought by big conglomerates? >> my background was in newspapers and that's what life has been like for grunts in the newspaper industry is waiting to see which one of your friends is going to get laid off and doing the job of three people because everybody has been laid off. and then, also seeing the sort of green chutes as sort of new operations, new ideas, new outlets come along to do new things. >> so instead, as you say they used this as a platform to really almost tom cast their campaign and launch their campaign message? >> right. it was sort of the opening salvo of the general election. you had president obama utter the word "romney" for the first
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time, which apparently was a big deal. he's been talking being romney more or less for a while now but he did say, "governor romney" in his speech on tuesday. romney fired back, gave a rebuttal in his speech yesterday defending the ryan budget and accusing the president of not having any ideas of his own. >> one common thread of those speeches, the president's and governor romney's was the ryan plan. >> uh-huh. >> president obama saying this is antithetical of everything we stand for, thinly-veiled, and a trojan horse and mitt romney saying this is a blueprint for the future of america, and i endorse it. he has said i would like to see this as a bill in my desk the first dame i am in the oval office so i can sign it and make it the law of the land. let's take them one at a time.
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is it smart for president obama to attack this budget? >> i think democrats could not be more thrilled that romney has -- i wouldn't say embraced full-throatedly because he has tried to leave i believe, a little wiggle room. >> not much? >> not much. not much. he really has not left himself much. and democrats love this. they may be right. i don't think we have seen a lot of campaigns won on a message of entitlement reform for republicans because the comeback is you are tossing granny off of her benefits and people don't like that. so, the question i think is one sort of a tone a lot of commentators, critics questioning whether obama seemed too negative, seemed too angry or peeve issue.
4:14 am
there was an irritable tone. you could tell he was really annoyed? right? as at what he perceives is the way this has been disorted the misconceptions he believes people have about it, trying to lay out a case that people don't fully appreciate the consequences of what's contained in this budget. >> and he pointed out mitt romney actually called the ryan plan marvelous. >> mav-a-lous. >> as a de-vo tee of words, right? and someone who likes colorful language, i was a little bit offended by this. i don't think there is anything wrong with using the word "marvelous". >> but the if the pointed out it's not usually al word you associate with a budget. not many people who couldwould call a budget marvelous. >> minefine. maybe they weren't. this was sort of an ad lib. not a word you hear very much generally which seemed to me to be saying, you know, like romney
4:15 am
is some kind of a weirdo who uses weird worst. >> some kind of plutocrat? >> or strange. >> from the romney budget here is is something that cuts medicare as we know it, cuts food stamps, headstart, that does give a big tax cut to the the wealthiest of americans and big corporations. is it smart for romney to embrace that and say this is what i am going to run on? >> you notice romney is not embracing any of those particular line items, not going out there and saying -- >> he campaigned for four days with paul ryan. >> he did. they clearly got along very well clearly a bromance between those two. there is a lot of buzz about whether ryan could be seen as a potential running mate. i think they have a similar world view. i think they see eye to eye. also in the sort of technocratic
4:16 am
way that romney sees the world, the affinity for numbers and number crunching and power point and that kind of thing, so i see how they get along. >> molly ball is in the studio writer for squat"" i encourage you to join the conversation at 866-55-press on this thursday april 5th. i give you my impression of paul ryan. we have all followed him now closely. i think he is a total fraud. i honestly do. he is handsom. he has blue eyes. but people put him on a pedestal. you look at his budget. it doesn't add up. he is supposedly a deficit hawk. it doesn't balance the budget until 222 maybe? last -- 222?022 maybe?
4:17 am
last -- 2022? put more money in the pentagon or we are going to save all of this money because we will get rid of the tax brakes and he doesn't name one tax break. it's like a shell game. isn't it? >> there are a lot of gaps in this plan. there are some questions to be answered. for example, what are those supposedly loopholes he would close. >> how can you be expected to by buy this unless you know the details. >> what he is doing is presenting a vision for a different future. and you can argue with that. you can say that's not what the future should be. but i mean if you are -- >> my argument is it has -- the one thing you want in a budget is that it's -- it adds up. right? you don't need all of these holes in it and say believe it. it's like a leap of faith. isn't it? >> the priority appears to be shrinking the size and scope of the federal government. and there are some gaps to be filled in. and once you do that in terms of how you make the numbers
4:18 am
balances out. >> i think the media is in love with this guy and they are not doing their job. they are not really looking at the holes in his budget or the problems with his budget. instead, they look at him. oh, god, he is so handsome. look at him. >> i personally do not have a crush on paul ryan. i don't know what you are accusing me of. >> is there something wrong with you? he is handsome? if you read some of the press about paul ryan, i mean you think you are talking about paul newman. right? or george clooney. >> well, i don't know if i would go that far. >> 866-55-press. >> he is here. >> that's the other thing, he is not sincere. he is a phony, i believe. i believe. >> maybe he is a sincere phony. >> they exist? >> they do exist. >> all right. we are going to get in trouble for this. here we go. it's thursday. welcome to the full-court press. we will be back with molly ball.
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♪ >>just refreshing to hear. no other television show does that. we're keeping it real.
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as i understand it in radio they can't see you, so this is big for me. >>tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's new morning news block. >>it's completely inappropriate for television. >>sharp tongue, quick wit and about all, politically direct. >>politically direct to me means no bs, the real thing, cutting through the clutter. my show is the most important show in the world. ♪
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>> this is the full court press, the bill press show, live on your radio and on current tv. >> we have 45 minutes after the hour governor elliott spitse from current tv joining united states in the next segment of the program. right now, in studio with molly ball from the atlantic. we talking talk about paul ryan and president obama. mitt romney and president obama both speaking about the paul ryan budget plan. the point i was making about paul ryan molly, just before the break here, here is from -- by the way i quote these in the obama "the obama hate manny" my latest
4:23 am
book, plug. time magazine described ryan he has jet-black hair and a touch of eagle scout to him. the "new york times" wrote that he described him as a congressman from wisconsin with the piercing blue eyes. love for heavy metal on his ipod and a reputation among democrats including president obama as a republican who has put forward budget ideas that are thoughtful and serious. give me a break. yeah. >> i take it you don't like the guy. the piercing blue eyes have no affect on you. the jet-black hair. >> his strapping body physique. >> bogus, liz calling from fort washington. >> i used to listen to you on the way to work, on sirius and i am so happy that i don't have
4:24 am
to suffer through morning joe any more, that i can turn you on and get some real news. >> now you have morning bill. so there you go. >> no. i got full-court press. >> all right. >> i love it. >> yeah. >> you know, ryan is a fraud. i totally agree with you. a budget is about numbers and they are supposed to add up. it's supposed to balance. he has filled it up with republican ideals and is lying about it to sell it to low-information voters. i am not sure what molly's policies are. but i think she may be living in a bubble. the one that bill maur talks about lee let's give molly's a chance. i don't know what molly's politics are? >> i don't either. >> she is a good reporter. >> that's why she is here. are you living in a bubble when it comes to paul ryan? >> i don't think i am living in a paul ryan bubble. i try to stay neutral objective
4:25 am
and talk to both sides. i find myself in a position of arguing with bill to play devil's advocate and i believe both sides have a case to make. but i am not cheerleading for anyone here. >> you would agree -- i appreciate hearing from you. you would agree that if they are putting forth a budget, it's got to do the job? right? if they are putting forth a job that they say is going to balance the budget, they have got to show how they are going to do it? right? >> yes. absolutely. >> at some point, he has got to do that. so this is going to be the battleground. >> apparently it is, yeah. and going back to what i was saying before democrats love this and a lot of republicans hate it. a lot of talked to in the house or just in politics who would rather not deal with this who kind of witch paul ryan could be quiet because they political -- >> molly thank you for coming
4:26 am
in? >> thank you. >> the bill press show. ♪ the ted conference held here every year in southern california is an event designed to bring the brightest minds in the world together to share their most powerful, influential and creative ideas. the speakers share a common goal, making the world a better, smarter place through innovation, technology and the power of big ideas. nearly 300 years ago, the italian physicist alessandro volta accidentally discovered what we now call the battery. the device consisted of two different metals attached to a frog's leg. when he applied a spark, the frog's leg moved. nowadays, batteries are essential components of our everyday lives. but mit's dr. sadoway is working on the next big leap forward, with something he calls a liquid battery. the
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liquid battery can make power plants more efficient and allow us to use renewable energy even when the sun isn't shining or the wind isn't blowing. sadoway's battery works like a traditional one. but inside it, everything is liquid. so it can be scaled up to 400 times the size of a traditional battery. just as revolutionary as the frog's leg, but much more powerful. scion: what moves you.
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♪ >> on your radio and on current tv, this is the bill press show. >> it's 33 minutes after the hour. now, happy thursday april 5th. the full court press, your new morning show on current tv and for our radio listeners around the country, brought to you today by the american federation of teachers. good men and women of the aft under president randy weingarten making a difference every day. find out more about their good work at if you look at the president's schedule today, at 2:10 this afternoon, in the roads garden he will sign what is called the jobs act.
4:31 am
hey, sounds good. doesn't it? but when you read the fine print, as the "new york times" reports this morning includinged in that law which the president is going to make a law, are some provisions that will roll back some majority securities regulations and parts of a landmark legal settlement struck almost a decade ago. the man who crafted that settlement to regulate the companies on wall street was then the attorney general of new york, then the governor of new york and now current tv's latest evening host with "the view point." a good friend, eliot spitzer. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. thank you for being on the show. >> congratulations with the new show. we have been watching. >> thank you. >> what's the deal with this bill? this seems like a big gift rolling back regulations on wall street? >> you know, look. at one level, it answers the
4:32 am
question: how short-term is our memory? because you go through a crisis, a catalysm of '08 and say don't we know what we have to do differently? the answer usually is, yeah, but we tend to forget. wait 10 years, you know, from the crisis of '08 and we will have another crisis. crisis is rolling back three years after the fact. it's astonishing how quickly congress jumps as high as they are told to jump by those at wall street. background: we discovered -- everybody could see, when i was a.g. and we made the case against the investors of wall street, they were lying to their investors. every one of them lying about how good stocks were and the reason is they were getting paid a boat-load of money by the
4:33 am
companies that were doing the ipos, the initial public offerings, who basically lie and commit fraud. there is no way to sugar-coat this thing. we put in place what is called the chinese law between the analyst and investment bankers. common senses the conflict of interest was so overwhelming bad things were going to happen put these on separate sides of a wall. those are the provisions they are rolling back. why? because wall street wants to make more money. how are they going to do it? scamming the public again. it's ridiculous. ridiculous. ridiculous. >> it seems to be an invitation to fraud. >> yeah. >> i would phrase it differently as "a get out of jail free card. this is an acknowledgement we were we are not going to
4:34 am
acknowledge that you were doing what you shouldn't be doing but we are going to let you do it again. >> to people forget who caused the crash of 2008? why is it that the response on the part of the right-wing on the part of republicans is to roll back dodd-frank and now they are going back further and rolling back the protections you put in place. >> all sarcasm and stuff aside the prem is of what you just said and you and i obviously agree with this prem is is that what contributed an enormous degree to the crisis of appreciate 08 was the deregulatory spasm we went through. >> yes. >> and it's full, and i say full because the ideology of alan greenspan. they don't see it that way. we have to come to grips with the notion that honestly i wish it were as easy as they understand it and they are going to do something contrary to their intellectual bearings. then at least we could have that conversation. but they don't see it. and which is either a deeper problem or not, i don't know.
4:35 am
but honestly when you talk to the folks, they don't believe that that's what caused the cataclism. they don't understand the history of the fact, just see what's as plain as day to us. they don't see it. it's kind of remarkable. >> it's remarkable to me and the comparison is made between the great depression and this great recession. after the great depression f.d.r. cracked down on wall street and the financial institutions. >> right. u.n. >> one would believe after the great recession, the staple response would have been in order. instead, these people think just the opposite response. let's make it easier for wall street to do the same stuff that they were doing that got us in the hole in the first place. >> it is as though this is a bad dream where having lived through what we lived through, having seen the run-up and there were a fair number of people beginning in '04, '5, '6 '7, and it could
4:36 am
be the inter-relatedness of our institutions and how fragile the economy was. a lot were saying be careful. here we are two years after, absolutely a couple of years, four years after, depending upon what you date it from, reliving the entire framework. what bothers so many of us is that even those who should have pushed forward for genuine reform didn't do so. we point to dodd-frank and say gee, at least leave dodd-frank the most important piece of what was put in place. and that's being start over -- fought over, struggled over 5,000 cuts because the banks are through congress a regulatory agency. >> that's what they did here, naming this the jobs bill was an artful misrepresentation. >> absolutely. governor elliottiot spitzer, the new host of "viewpoint," 8:00 p.m. eastern. the name of it.
4:37 am
it's called "the jobs act." >> right. it's chief sponsor is eric cantor who will be there with the president in the rose garden when he signs this one of his rare visits to the white house. how can they call this a jobs impact? what impact is this going to have in creating jobs? >> actually, you know, maybe they are right. there will be a lot of jobs for prison guards and prosecutors in a sector that will grow. you will have a nice little wing there for people from wall street who have gone back and prosecutors want to go after this them. this is the art of you call it something, you pretend that's what it is all evidence notwithstanding. and and assets, you know, it's just hard for me to fathom -- and it's just hard for me to fathom why there was bi-partisan support for this. this goes to political problems the democratic party has had which is the leadership of the democratic party is so notified
4:38 am
it will be -- mortified they will be tagged as being anti-capitalists. they believe in the corrupt marketplace that caused the crisis. real capitalists know when you win you win and when you lose you lose. >> you read michael lewis's back knows exactly. they were gaming the system. is the president making a mistake by signing this? >> a huge mistake. i think it goes back to what has been the underlying policy an effort to accommodate the republican ideology. finally, this past week, he gave a good speech, pointing the finger back at the ryan budget saying that is social darwinism, not what this country is about. he is beginning as we get closer to the election to speak more the language that got him elected in '08 but between the inauguration and, you know, the speech out in kansas where he
4:39 am
found his inner teddy roosevelt, he became, you know, sort of the accomodationist, and that effort to accommodate the republican party and negotiate and reach middle ground was an utter failure in the sense that they didn't get an entry he kept negotiating against himself. this is a product of that a democratic leadership that doesn't know how to say no. we are the capitalists. he should stand up and say that. >> you know what? you know as well as i, the republicans who voted against teachers and police officers and firefighters back on the job voted against putting construction workers back on the job. right? voted against the highway bill, all of this stuff, which really -- and against the stimulus which did create real jobs. >> yeah. >> now they have this mickey mouse bill. the president is going to sign it and they are going to claim credit for being job creators. >> you know, what you just put your finger on, the stimulus the fact is our economy, you look at the jobs cycle, the way
4:40 am
we were in absolutely free-fall through the end of the bush presidency, we pass the stimulus resuscitate the auto industry do what needs to be done, we are not ifn good shape by any stretch. we are at least not hemorrhaging. >> yeah. >> compare this to the european model. there has been this huge experiment going on terms of macro economics. europe embraced the austerity cut, cut, cut. they are back in recession. if you look at the spanish government, they auctioned interest rates that were way high again. the italian economy is dipping into recession. the british economy is recession. greece, of course, is in turmoil. they are failing. republicans are following the european model of dramatic austerity at a moment when you need stimulus spending. none of this makes sense. >> none of it makes sense. the only consolation is that you and i both have the microphone. we can use it, put the word out there and some people will know
4:41 am
the truth. >> let's hope. >> governor, you are great to join us this morning. it's a lot of fun, an honor being part of your team. >> thank you, sir. it's a pleasure being on the team. >> eliot spitzer, absolutely insane that the president is signing this bill today. it's just a crock, and all it does is give the sharks on wall street a license to get back to the same old illegal games they were playing that brought us down in 2008. it let's them off of the hook and undoes all of those protections eliot spitzer put in place when the bush administration didn't act. they will disappear with the president's signature. i don't get it. >> this is the bill press show. ♪ >>driven to find the truth... >>what's really going on?
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>>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct.
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it's completely inappropriate for television. ♪
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>> heard around country and seen on current tv, this is the bill press show. >> well, it is thursday, april 5th. this has full-court press here coming to you life all the way across the country from radio and t.v. from our studio on capitol hill in washington, d.c. we will take your calls at 866-55-presses. but first, a little word about -- out there for some of you who are finding it hard to make ends meet at the end of the month month, and there are a lot of us in that category. if you want to earn some extra cash, here is an idea. check out the folks at they are america's largest
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camille? >> seems to be like if we analyze every month and every step by step and sometimes it's like you take three steps and you take 3 steps forward. sometimes you have to take one back and time goes by and he will be able to come back and re redefine this. meanwhile, the republicans, i don't think they are getting all of the -- all of the recollection for this bill, the so-called jobs bill passes because obama has to agree to it. you have to have a balance to get to the next step. >> camille, we put these protections in place, in this case they were put in place, the ones that governor spitzer was talking about back in 2010, i believe, or 2004. >> yes. >> why should we undo them? >> we are not undoing them. we have to compromise and go along with the negative fact just so we can move forward.
4:48 am
>> camille, we do undo them. i read you part of the story from the "new york times" this morning. they are reporting, this rolls back a settlement that was reached, this chinese wall that was built. it removes it. so it just makes it easier. >> they have to come back like they are doing, they are redoing bills. >> yeah, but, you know, it's the republicans can pass whatever they want but it doesn't become law untilless the president signs it. this is obama going along with this. steve is -- man. hello. steve is calling from lochapoke, alabama. good morning, bill. >> i am curious about this law, myself, because if it was in place in 2008, why did we still have the melt downtown in thedown in the in wall street running amok on us? >> with this law, there were still too many opportunities for these derivatives, for the banks and the financial institutions
4:49 am
to be dealing in these derivatives. that was -- this took care of one problem in 2004. there were still other problems that they were able to exploit that created the crash of 2008. spitzer didn't, you know, totally revise and clean up all of wall street with one, one settlement. but what he did was able to accomplish has just been undone by this jobs bill steve. >> every time they come up with a law, they find a loophole. >> that's their main objective, a loophole around it. >> exactly but i think we can all understand it this way. look, there are too many millions of americans still unemployed. what are there? 15 million? the jobs numbers are going up and the unemployment rate is going down but we are still far, far, far from where we have got to be. we ought to be concerned about creating jobs. what are we going to do? how are we going to create jobs?
4:50 am
right? we are not going to -- the republicans are saying, no, we won't put any money to local government so they can keep teachers and cops and firefighters on the job. no. we won't do that. we won't put any money out there for construction projects, for infrastructure, rebuilding our roads and bridges so we can put construction workers back to work. we are not going to do that. here is what we are going to do. we are going to make it easier for people on wall street to sell flem-flam investments. that's our jobs bill. >> that's a crockim-flam investments. that's our jobs bill. >> that's a crock. >> that's creating more fraud on wall street, and, you know what? it's going to become the law of the land today because president obama is going to sign it, and then eric cantor and john boehner will get the credit. look, i love the guy, but i think obama is making a big mistake to sign this bill. >> this is the bill press show. ♪
4:51 am
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4:52 am
>>this is outrageous! we've have no choice, we've lost our democracy here. ♪
4:53 am
>> on your radio and on current tv, this is the bill press show. >> where we are politically direct. in the next hour, simone simons and donna edwards will come in the studio to talk about the paul ryan budget and other matters. looking at the president's schedule today, he has a busy one, afternoon today. he will receive the daily briefing followed by lunch with the vice president in the private dining room. and then at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon, i don't like this but, yeah, he goes into the rose
4:54 am
garden to sign the jobs bill. we have been talking about that. he shouldn't do that. but he is. anyhow, 5:00 o'clock action it's going to be screening "to kill a mockingbird" in the great old classic film in the white house theater. and then two campaign events this evening 5:30, 5:00 p.m. at the jefferson hotel, a fundraiser followed by another at the mantarin hotel. the president squeezing in a little fundraising and jay carney has his daily briefing at 11:30 a.m. you can watch it on c-span c-span. if i can get my column finished i will be there and tweeting. we will be back with jamal simmons and donna edwards. all of you stay tuned. >> this is the bill press show.
4:55 am
4:56 am
♪ >> welcome to the full-court press, april 5th. your new show on current tv. thank you for joining us. we will bring you up to date on the latest news here in the afternoon country. here is my big question to you this morning. all right. here we go. it's the first day of the masters. here we go again why is golf's number 1 tournament being played at the national club which discriminates against women even though this year, the ceo of one
4:57 am
of the chief corporate sponsors of the masters from ibm is virginia rommety. this is a time to bring golf into the 24th century. the topics we'll cover here on the full-court press. but first, here with this current tv news update and all of the latest in the los angeles is jacki schechner. good morning. >> good morning, bill. good morning. everyone here is what's current. it's not official but it's a pretty safe bet it's going to be obama and romney in the general election. the obama re-election campaign is getting out in front of some romney accusations with a new video that uses the president's own words. >> wehe saw free enterprise as a villain and government as a solution. >> i believe deeply the free market is the greatest force for economic progress. >> the video uses seven romney accusations and juxtaposes them with seven statements by the president that are almost the
4:58 am
exact opposite. the daily times takes a look at the general election and takes a look at a bunch of different national polls, 13 polls as president obama up an average of 4 points. independent voters in swing states tend to be holding strong in their support for obama while independents in swing states seem to be seem to be waning for romney. gillespie will join the obama campaign a long time g.o.p. operative, a volunteer based in d.c. a lot of people see this as a sign it's opening up it's insular boston-based term. a good question this morning, what role, if any will mitt romney's religion play? dnc says any attack on mormonism isn't going to come from them or the obama campaign but "mother jones" has an article examining how evangelicals feel. join us in chat
4:59 am we will be back.
5:00 am
5:01 am
as i understand it in radio they can't see you, so this is big for me. >>tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's new morning news block. >>it's completely inappropriate for television. >>sharp tongue, quick wit and about all, politically direct. >>politically direct to me means no bs, the real thing, cutting through the clutter.
5:02 am
my show is the most important show in the world. ♪ >> broadcasting across the nation on your radio and on current tv. this is the bill press show. >> well, president obama says the paul ryan budget is a trojan horse. mitt romney says this is a blueprint for the republican party. here we go. this is the battle ground. bring it on. hello, everybody. it is thursday, april 5th, and this the full court press? >> your new morning show on current tv and your same ol' morning show. we happen to be on radio and t.v. it's good to see you today. thank you for being part of the program here from our nation's
5:03 am
capitol where we are covering the big news here in washington, around the country, around the globe and taking calls at 866-55 press and lots, lots to talk about today. so much to talk about. we needed some help so we brought in studio with us a good friend as a friend of bill jamal simons, looking good. thank you. >> i put on a jacket for you now that you are on t.v., i have to clean myself up over here. >> everybody is dressed up. i am getting sick of it. i i want everyone to look like a slob. >> the days of tee shirts and baseball caps are over. >> you are welcome to. stephanie miller has her tea shirt and baseball cap. >> yeah. >> yesterday, everybody had a coat and tie on. >> i used to wear a tie -- i refuse to wear a tie. >> we are going white tie.
5:04 am
yeah. >> change the name bill press state dinner. >> i have some principles jamal. you will always being remembered for something that you said, way, way way, back i think our first year on the air. remember, peter? >> of course i remember. >> you probably -- >> makes me nervous. what did i say? >> we repeat it often here. >> if you are not cheating, you are not trying. >> you said that line. your words live on, jamal. >> do you have it on tape? >> as a matter of fact, we do. >> here we are, the team, peter ogburn, dan henning, our videographer, siprian boulding. brought in for extra help stevie lee web. >> hello. thank you so much. >> wait. >> wow.
5:05 am
>> a lot of -- >> i am done with this. >> steve, stop it. >> you say hello and then you get out of sight. >> get the hell out of here. >> the show has a little "howard sterns" quality to it. >> lots going on, jamal we need to talk about today including what's happening down at augusta, and what's happening on campaign trail. and, also, we will be joined a little bit later by congresswoman donna edwards one of my favorite members of congress. we will jump into t but first: >> this is the full court press. >> on this thursday, other headlines headlines, a whole new meaning of 6 degrees of separation from kevin bacon. she and his wife found out they are distant cousins. gates, jr. who heats finding
5:06 am
your roots traced the couple's dna and found out that they are distant cousins, same branch of the family tree. they are dissent ants. clo
5:07 am
charles schwartzel won the green jacket last year. off one group ahead of tigerwoods a little later this morning morning. all 96 will play today and tomorrow. the field gets cut for the third and first tee time at 7:56:00 p.m. >> off early? >> he is later in the day. >> if so and so tees off early.
5:08 am
>> early? it's not early. >> for united states us, it's the middle of the day. that's not the whole story. on augusta here they are, the number 1 tournament in the country, once again played at a club that discriminates. why? >> absolutely. it's augusta is caught, not like the last entry but two centuries ago. we are now in the first century. this is a rule that's so left-over. corporate sponsors, their offices are automatically members. >> she is caught. for her, it's a tricky position. what does she do? does she make a stand and statement? does ibm pull its's membership or sponsorship, or does she?
5:09 am
>> back in 1990, ibm was a sponsor at a pja tournament the shoal creek in alabama and ibm pulled sponsorship, pulled their t.v. ads. why won't they do the same thing here. >> i think they have to. for the head of the company, it's going to be very tough for her, i think, to maintain some level of credibility. if she doesn't do something. if she doesn't say something, do something, get the corporation to do something. >> yeah. i mean every woman in that company, i am sure, is going to have something to say about this. >> plus, other women ceos around the country and americans generally it seems to me. the other question, i have jamal, about this whole thing is, why do the greatest golfers, right? and why do they agree to play there and why does the pga. >> the money. >> the money. >> that's it. >> and the prestige? right? >> so the next question, why
5:10 am
does the pga, in all of the tournaments, this is the only one head held at the same club? they are there are great golf courses. they don't have to go back to augusta? right? >> you are right. it is disturbing. we know that. it's definitely a relic of a previous time. >> now it's not as much fun without martha burk and hootie johnson. do we have hootie? >>. >> do we have billy payne here? >> we have billy. he looked uncomfortable, i thought. we are having -- are we having some technical difficulties here? okay. all right. we got billy payne. here at his news conference when he was asked about is this going to put a black cloud on the club. >> a man who discovered the
5:11 am
eiffel tower. >> you are a woman with a small brain, with a brain the third the size of us. science. >> no. peter. >> hily appropriate. >> billy's thinking but here is what he said. >> all issues of membership are now and have been historically subject to the private deliberations of the members. >> yeah. that's the secret, we keep it a secret. they don't reveal the list of the members or how many there are or what they pay or who they are. but we know. >> if it was a poker club and a bunch of guys got together to play poker together in a private club, i don't think anybody would care. so you get to have whoever you want come show up at your poker party. but if you are having a major national/international golf tournament where the best governors in the world come to
5:12 am
play, the entire world is playing attention, there is money being made, business deals being done, all of these things are happening, the exclusive civty of it is inappropriate. >> i love to take your calls on this. if you want to weigh in on what's happening in augusta yet again, 866-55-press. by the way, the argument that this is a private club and they can do whatever the hell they want, look, that's not the issue. they are a private club. they can discriminate. the question is: should the master's be held at a club that discriminates? >> that's right. >> and should then should the corporations be sponsoring the event? >> exactly. you know, we are not talking -- we are not shaking shut down augusta. we are just saying, let's let the people who believe in what this country is all about take a stand here 866-55-press. jamal, it was interesting this week, and we talked a little bit in the last hour with molly ball with the atlantaa about it. >> she is great. molly ball -- a history lesson,
5:13 am
she used to write for the los angeles sun journal, las vegas review journal in nevada during 2008. and we were working on the nevada caucuses. >> right. >> and to watch her come from where she was covering local politics in las vegas to being a national magazine writer having this platform, i had nothing to do with it but it makes me feel good to watch people come into their own. >> she is good. we were talking about this week at the associated press luncheon in washington, both president obama and mitt romney spoke and both of them centered their remarks on the house republican budget authored by paul ryan. i asked her about those. for the president, is this a good target? is it great for him to make this kind of a scepterpiece of his campaign? >> absolutely because mitt romney has been so slippery on the details of what he wants to do with the country the fact that he has endorsed paul ryan and paul ryan has been so
5:14 am
specific about what he wants to cut for seniors, cut for medicaid and poor people all of the things he wants to cut and give tax benefits to the wealthy. the place where the republicans break down ideologically to me on this is if what you are saying is we have to do this for the country, everybody has to take a hit we have to figure out the country. everybody is going to have to pay. if everybody is going to have to pay, they should. their argument is wrong because they think poor people should and the elderly should give up things and wealthy people should get tax cuts. it's the most ridiculous argument. i think the president is dead on for attacking them on it. the fact mitt romney is in bed with paul ryan on this makes him totally a target. >> the president says it's social darwinism. he says this is a trojan horse. i forget what else he called it. mitt romney says i would hope that this would be on my desk on day 1 as a bill that i could sign into law. so he has wrapped himself around
5:15 am
this. >> absolutely. >> this is his vision. john boehner said this is a vision of the republican party. >> all the way from the fact i think paul ryan should pick paul ryan as vp. if he is going to run on the paul ryan budget, he ought get the guy to sell it and push it. on the other hand if you are somebody else who wants to be president in 2016, why would you sign on thinking you should have called the romney campaign? they are going down fast. more people see mitt romney the less they like him. mitch dan yields or chris christie or jeb bush or anybody who thinks they have a chance, i don't want to be anywhere near this ship. >> paul ryan, the paul ryan plan and augusta, the master's jamal simmons, democratic strategist in studio with us 866-55-press, your ticket to join the conversation here on this thursday, april 5th. how about it? >>welcome to the war room. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. a former two-term governor. >>make your voice heard. >>detremined to find solutions.
5:16 am
>>that partnership in order to invest in our country is critical. >>driven to find the truth. >>how did romney get his groove back? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct.
5:17 am
5:18 am
keeping it real. ♪
5:19 am
>> heard around the country, and seen on current tv this is the bill press show. >> we are now 24 minutes after the hour, jamal simmons in studio with us. we will get to your calls at 866-55-presses. jamal, here is something. i know you are engaged, going to get married, going to be creating a household here, something you ought to pay attention to because peter and i just made a great deal found a great deal at if you are looking for blinds, shades shutters and drapes, there are three things you are looking for: service, selection and price. well, in a home improvement store, they have okay prices but
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horrible service and lousy election. neighborhood bu teen stores might have a better solution but they have horrible prices and sales pressure. so our advice is do what we did. peter got blinds for his home. carol and i some drapes for our home from great company. very impressed with their free how-to-do videos how to do by yourself, even if you are not a handyman and i am not, you can transform any room in your home in 20 minutes, no sales tax in most states. our advice go to for krieshz that crush home improvement stores and the best selection when it comes to blinds, shutters and drapes is the website. jamal, let's say hello to lee ann leandra calling from lunenburg, mass. >> good morning.
5:21 am
well, you all get me riled up. i have been listening to you about the ryan budget plan and our former governor for a day, and what he did up here it makes no sense that he would support the ryan budget. the way he expanded medicaid up here, they called did mass health to try to support romney care. in fact, his entire -- >> leandra, isn't that the point? isn't he trying to make everybody -- jamal, weigh in. isn't he trying to make everybody forget what he did in massachusetts and repewed 80 that almost? right? >> i think he is definitely trying to do that. the whole -- he says the president is playing hide and seek. come on. mitt romney is attacking something for being fast and loose with the facts? no. he basically created the
5:22 am
foundation for what became the national health care plan and now, he is trying to get as far away from it as he can. >> exactly. thank you, leandr. a, i would not look for logic or consistency from mitt romney whatsoever. >> out on the west coast in seattle, good morning, joe, early in the morning out there. thanks for johnining us. >> thank you, i am an insomniamaniac. >> you bet you. >> i think rush limbaugh's sponsors making the mistake of backing a caveman. because you group a bunch of them together and give them sticks and little balls doesn't make them any less of a cave man than that. after that ibm lady worked so hard to become one of the first women in a top position, ibm better be careful because women are targets of everybody right now, and we are not going back
5:23 am
to getting bonked on the head and drive back to the cave. >> joe, she is on fire this morning. >> she is. >> the reference to little balls, i can't believe it. we will leave that one untouched. it does seem part of the war on women. doesn't it? >> they have to be careful because women are on fire right now. look at what happened to susan g susan g.komen, mitt romney and the republicans and return limbaugh. it's tough to come out against women. i wouldn't want to be on that side. >> rick santorum and now we have got augusta on top of that. man, i don't know. >> women aren't taking it. >> the thing i like about it, though, you get in their faces, women are coming back hard. you are seeing them reasserthems. >> we will have one fighting woman joining us congresswoman donna edwards. >> that's right. >> this is the bill press show.
5:24 am
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>> on your radio and on current tv, this is the bill press show. >> what do you say? 33 minutes after the hour here on thursday april 5th, this is holy week. this is holy thursday. this is the full court press. holy hell we are raising on the bill press show. coming to you live coast to coast from our little studio here on capitol hill and current's new morning show on television, and we are so proud to welcome into our studio welcome to current tv an outstanding member of congress and good friend of the republican donna edwards
5:29 am
>> yeah. hey, this is part of the two-week break. you are supposed to be on vacation or on a congressional delgration i had an election on tuesday. they are in town learning my new district preparing to be re-elected, prior to in the primary. >> did you? >> you ought to bottle that and give it to other democrats. >> we had a chance for a new chance to get the house up.
5:30 am
i am excited about that. >> do we have a clip is it the rose garden no, what's called the stock act. here is the president saying why it was important. >> the idea everybody plays by the same rules is one of our most cherished american values. it goes hand-in-hand that hard work should play off and responsibility should be rewarded. >> basically as i understand it, members cannot deal in stocks in which they have some legislative activity? >> that's true. it creates some transparency for the public and it's important for the public to have confidence we are not engaged in double-dealing, and, you know, i don't have those problems you know. i just work for a living. i don't have that instrafedvestment strategy problem but for the
5:31 am
public to understand we play by the same rules and there is transparency see in that so we would know what's going on creates more ethical congress. democrats, we started out, you know, a couple of years ago coming out of, you know a wave of really bad news on the ethics front. >> jamal there are lots stories of people who come to washington without a penny and went home a few years later magically. magically. >> filed a lot of money here in washington. >> they wish. >> far beyond what they got through their payroll. still not bad in terms of -- >> yeah. i am working on protecting social security medicare because i figure i am one of the americans who also is going to rely on social security in part of my retirement. i think that's true for most americans and i am glad that we are able to do this but we have some other big items to take care of and to protect. i hope the republicans are diligent about making sure that
5:32 am
we have transparency and protect the booirment income and security income for americans. >> amen now the president in the rose garden is going to sign a bill i don't feel so confident about. it's called "the jobs act." you voted against it. how could you vote against a jobs brill? >> it's not really a jobs bill. i actually think we are pretending to create jobs where we are not. the president is going to sign this and, you know, it was -- it's a bi-partisan pass in the house and senate, but, also it extends to federal employees. i think we have to really create jobs in this country. at the same time the congress is actually refusing to move a highway bill forward that can create real jobs for ordinary people and, you know, so, you know, you have that. we are going to come back next week and create real jobs for real people. >> jamal here is what the "new york times" says this morning
5:33 am
about the so-called again, jobs bill. it will roll back some major securities regulations and parts of a landmark legal settlement struck almost a decade ago in 2003 when there was a chinese wall they call it built on wall street that's to protect some of the funny muny stuff going on. eliot spitzer? >> the then attorney general was the architect of that. they are creating jobs by making it easier for people on wall street to go back and play the same funny games they were back then? >> the fact that eliot spitzer is against it is somebody who a lot of us look to as a real authority on this because he went after people on wall street with just, you know, with abandoned while he was attorney general up there. and i think everybody felt more comfortable knowing he was the watchdog on wall street. the rest of us. >> >>. >> he was fierce. >> what this shows, congresswoman, to me, is that when the republicans and the congress feel like something is important, they will move heaven and earth to make it happen.
5:34 am
it can happen like this. you talk about gridlock it can happy really quickly. apparently they don't think employing americans and taking care of people who are in trouble is important because they haven't moved on it. >> here, you have an example where in terms of shareholder disclosure that we are actually rolling back protections that we put in place because wall street has run amok. and, you know, we are going right back to the same old. and so, you know, i think, look you know, good we demonstrate we can get something done on capitol hill. i just want us to get the real stuff down. >> that's what gets me. so there is a bill to give some money to -- more money to local governments so they can keep teachers, firefighters, cops on the job. right? >> republicans killed that. >> there is a bill to put construction workers back to work. right? they killed that. there is a highway bill to get the roads built, bridges rebuilt, airports and whatever.
5:35 am
the best they can do is 90 days. right? on that. and yet now, they say we have got a jobs bill. we are going to make it easier for them to issue ipos. >> because you call it a duck -- >> you mentioned the transportation bill when i was working for congresswoman kilpatrick on the transportation bill, it was one of those bi-partisan bills that seemed like you could get defense bills done. you could get transportation bills done. people may fight about some other things but those were the two things that happened and now here we are with a very partisan transportation bill the republicans are trying to move. >> they can't get their own republicans on it. you talk about a bill that doesn't invest en masse transit at all when we know you have to do that for a whole bunch of environmental reasons. our states are, you know, screaming because governor's like my governor think what do we have to put up in order to fix our roads and our bridges that are, you know, crumbling, infrastructure crumbling across
5:36 am
country. it's impacting our competitiveness. it's about creating jobs and about what kind of economy are we going to have for the future? >> peeking of phony documents, let's talk about the paul ryan budget which is now the house republican bucket which is now the mitt romney presidential campaign budget. he has embraced it. >> it's the three rs, the ryan budget, the republican budget the romney budget. those are all one and the same. >> you should do this for a living. >> no but it's a disaster for the american people turning medicare as we know it into a voucher program. it undermines protection for people most need it, kicking people off of medicaid who most need it. these are mostly women by the way, you know, am of women who depend upon medicare, college aid anything that happens to benefit the 99%, the republican budget, rolls it right away and
5:37 am
then, just by the way, for you people at the top, we will hand you over another $300,000 because we are going to change the tax rates. i mean is really is a ridiculous budget. >> all of those programs social programs, non-defense programs that have been cut already because of the spending agreement that the president reached last year, the ryan budget cuts them even more? >> that's right. that's right. sure. so, you know, for example, i mean democrats tried to shore up, you know, increasing pel grants for, you know, for low-income young people who want to go to -- want to go to school and the republican budget just slashes and burns them. you know, in terms of the student loan program back over into the private sector that was driving up costs for students. supplemental nutrition programs that feed low-income, you know children and families at a time when we had more people demanding those because of the economy and because, you know, middle until families have been really stretched, and where you
5:38 am
have got millions of children who are now living in pinched, you know, the republicans are saying, you knowoverty, you know, the republicans are saying, you know, dig a hole dig it deeper and throw in the rest of us. >> this is where they stake their claim action jamal. it's curious to me that boehner has said first of all, they did this last year and got a lot of flack. you would think they might maybe have modified it. instead, they dubbed down. >> they are absolutely doubling down. what you are seeing instead of going to the scepter of the country where people are, they are running as far away as thing. if you look at the last couple of elections, the two populations that really make a difference in what's happening, african-americans are a big chunk of what happened in those. but you look at latinos and women in particular, george bush, when he ran in 2004, he lost one of the only three percentage points, where john mccain ran in 2008, he lost about 13 percentage points and he got killed. >> yeah.
5:39 am
right now, the poll has mitt romney down double digital with women. >> 18? wasn't it. >> yes, 18 points you cannot win the presidency without getting women on board. they are doing all they can to keep women from advance. >> when women see this budget, it's going to be over 20s. >> congresswoman donna edwards, jamal simmons and i am bill press and your calls welcome at 866-55-press. stay tuned. full-court press will be right back. >> this is the bill press show. my show is the most important show in the world.
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>>i'm a political junkie. this show is my fix. [[vo]]this former two-term governor is ... ♪ ♪ >> this is the bill press show.
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thirteen minutes before the top of the hour, on thursday frill 5, if you will court press talking to donna and jamal. it's all about my new book, the"the obama hate machine." your invitation to convince as many of your friends and family to buy a copy and, in the virtannual book party, the more copies you are able to sell the bigger the prices you get. golf shirts caps mugs, all of that, all of the rules are laid out at bill press party. but the winner gets a trip to washington, d.c., all expenses paid for two people, airfare, hotel. how about that? coming into the studio watch the show and we all go out to breakfast at ted's bulletin right down the street, where president obama took his staff for lunch.
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>> good spot. >> check it out. >> i have to sell a lot of bumps. >> bill al from ann arbor michigan turn your t.v. down, your radio down or whatever you are listening or watching. >> okay. stand by. >> you get that in the background. >> okay. i am new to this. >> thanks, al. go ahead. >> donna edwards. >> yes. >> good morning. >> hi. >> i am a guy that at thewich witch county dipper, i was honored by being volunteer of a year and i gave a few minutes speech and talked about social security and health care and when you went on you said al stole my speech. he said, i am throwing it away.
5:45 am
after that everything you said was at said. >> i loved that phrase. you were talking about the important we have from one generation to the next. >> i tell you something, since then, i have been reading and reading and looking on the internet, and everything that i said has been influenced by alec, the american legislative exchange council and they are all over everything even the trayvon -- >> trayvon. >> stand your ground law. >> all the same thing. . >> absolutely. we were al. he did mention this, this alec is largely funded by the koch brothers. brothers. it's another koch brothers' front. what they have done is they take legislative -- a lot of the
5:46 am
voter suppression laws around the country. they are all alec and they ship them out to states and state legislators take the package and introduce it. same thing with the and it your ground law in florida, which police are using as a justification for letting george zimmerman off of the hook. it was an alec piece of legislation. >> they do model laws they can distribute all across the country. it becomes a legislative agenda and it's been built up over last 30 years. it's not new. it's playing out in our legislateledge tour -- the local legislate temperatures. one of. pieces is to take down the protection in social security and medicare and what al was talking about was all of the good democrats out in michigan and all across country who understand that the social security and medicare are contracts from one generation to the next generation and that these republicans in congress through their budget and
5:47 am
legislation want to undermine the protections. >> indeed. this is their agenda. >> it is. last week, there was a big protest out in front of alec where naacp and people for american way and a bunch of other groups who were shine, the light on the work they have been doing, shipping bad laws all over the country. >> do you think the trayvon martin case -- we want to see justice done in the case of george zimmerman and it's an outrage he is still out there and no charges have been filed. is it an opportunity, and will people take it as an opportunity to re-examine the stand your ground law in florida and other states? >> i don't know. i think the answer to that is maybe. i think, you know, you can clearly hear coming from the other side an argument that this was not about standards and stand your ground law at all, that this was some aberration and not connected to that as a way to disengage what happened with trayvon martin and that strategy strategy. >> uh-huh. >> from the law, itself, as a way to try to protect and
5:48 am
insulate the laws in florida and across the country from being repealed and being pulled back. i don't think we should let that happen because the law, itself, is really dangerous and part of an agenda a that says, you know you are kind of out there on your own, you know, community malicious, protecting yourselves and undermines our law enforcement and justice. >> i think so been called not stand your ground but kill at will. pretty sick. >> yeah. in fact, it's worse than the wild west because at least in the wild west both people had a gun and there was a face-off like a shootout. this isn't a shoot-out. this is you punch me, i get to shoot you. >> i have a gun. you have a bag of skittles. donna, congratulation 93% sdfrnings. >> i want to know who the other 7% was. >> i will be back with a parting
5:49 am
shot. thank you. >> this is the bill press show. ♪
5:50 am
it's completely inappropriate for television.
5:51 am
♪ >> the parting shot with bill press. this is the bill press show. >> on this thursday, april 5th, my parting shot for today, here we go again, the u.s. masters tournament underway at augusta national golf club once again augusta is under fire for its men-only membership policy and rightly show. the connell tro versy as we have been talking takes on more significance because one of the tournament's big sponsors is ibm. it's a tradition that the officers of corporate sponsors are automatically members of augusta and eligible to play the course. but not this year because the
5:52 am
chair of ibm is jenny rommety, one of the most powerful women ceos in the can't tree. i don't know about you but i hope ibm doesn't go along with this nonsense years ago they pulled their t.v. ads because it was played at a whites-only club in alabama. it ought to do the same thing this year faced with an equally offensive display of discrimination. they should drop their support of the masters and the pga should ho find somewhere else to hold their tournament. there are a lot of other great courses. no need for it to be always at augusta. a parting shot for today, frank rich from new york magazine david jackson from u.s.a. today and bob cue sac from the hill joins us right here. we will see you then tomorrow. >> this is the bill press show. fiber makes me sad.
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