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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  April 10, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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... >> welcome to the young turks. anybody country anything happen today? down goes santorum. down goes santorum. down goes san tower countritorum >> quit dit country distorting our words -- distorting our words. if it's country i see it, it's (bleep). come on, man. what are you doing? >> no. what are you doing? you are out of the race. we are going to take about that and the implications in a second. sect part of our expose country pose on the coach brothers. do you know that they are trying to resegregate our public schools? >> a school that i take so much pride in and that i believe in effectively cold it's soul for the country to the koch brothers for a few million dollar. >> we are going to get into that. details are amazing and of course fox news tries to
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connecticut policypom country country president obama to the new black panther party. >> you hear this: talk of a race wary country war, bounts on people country countryies heads, where is eric holder. >> absent. >> we will break that apart as well, too. you know why? it's the young turks, and it's go time. >> today is tragic news. rick santorum -- say it ain't so. it is. he has dropped out of the race. i'm sorry: has suspended his campaign. in case you are unclear about it, you shouldn't be. it's game over. watch. >> i walked out after the iowa caucus victory and said game on. i know a lot of folks are going to write -- make country maybe those even at the whitehouse game over.
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but this game is a long long long way from over. >> wrong been country country again, bob your country you are done. clean up. go home. clean up. go home. you are home. in fact you were afraid you were going to lose your home state in pennsylvania. >> that's why you did this. we will get to that in a second. but he says, you know what? he has won a lot of victories. >> against all odds we won 11 states. millions of voters millions of votes, we won more counties than all of the other people in this race combined. >> so, that's why he had the most amount of delegates? except he didn't. okay. you can win a lot of counties and not win a lot of delegates because there aren't a lot of people in those counties. he got out of the race because he was way behind. he would have to win 80% of the delegates going forward. he couldn't do that. he was afraid he would get impar at home. if there is one thing that rick santorum can be proud of he ran a clean campaign. >> that's what he told country
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tells us. >> not a negative campaign. we traveled around and did 385 town hall meetings in iowa. we weren't out there trashing anybody. we went country we want out from our campaigns from that point on and painted a hopeful, positive vision for our country. >> he didn't trash anybody in his campaigns at all. well except for president obama and mitt romney. watch. >> imagine a small american town two years from now if obama is re-elected. >> what if i told you the man i am talking about isn't him. it's him. >> why would we ever vote for someone who is just like obama? romney once bragged he is even nor liberal than ted kennedy on social issues? country. because romney is trying to hide from his big-government romneycare and his killing cap and trade. meet the real mitt romney putting america trillions in debt. >> welcome to a place where one
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president's failed policies really hit home. welcome to obamaville. >> oh, that looks like a scary -- no. no. he didn't run any negative ads against obama or mitt romney except for all of the ones we just showed. oh, my god. so well what happened here? country to rick santorum? i will tell you robocorp happened. look at how much money mitt romney spent against rim country rick santorum. >> that's over $20 million. not overall negative attack ads for mitt romney. it's specifically romney attack ads against rick santorum. rick santorum's entire campaign was less than $15 million or a little over 15 million, i should say. so, he spent 5 million, mitt romney spent 5 million more in ads against rick santorum specifically. the entire campaign fact in
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fact i believe that that looks to be rick santorum in the middle of the ring. >> what's going on? oh robocorp with an elbow from the sky. and there he goes. all right. now, in order to help us analyze this, i believe that we have to bring in our very own epic politics man! >> all right. michael, so tell me the real reason he dropped out of this race. go. >> the real reason he dropped out, first of all, rick santorum in any other year is a fringe candidate, a fringe candidate who does not belong in the race this far into campaign. he is a -- the sort of definition of, you know the other in this campaign. mitt romney is not a popular republican candidate. the fact that he is so unpopular
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is represented by the sort of longevity of the candidacy of's rick santorum. there are practical reasons he didn't get in. it's pennsylvania. rick santorum got defeated badly as we said until pennsylvania in country when he ran for re-election. he is going to get beaten or his numbers were bad. you could look at these numbers right here on pennsylvania. the most recent polls and the averages that you see here show rick santorum up only by just a couple of points on mitt romney in his home state. the polls have been trending toward romney all the way. there just isn't really a place for, you know, rick santorum to blossom as a candidate if he can't do it in his state. >> that's the average of the polls. the last couple of polls have rick santorum losing in pennsylvania. and is the idea here -- >> there is one poll that was taken, also in fairness on the same someday he was up by a few points. thrus country country but there is no mandate for santorum at home. gingrich even wonga country
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georgia. >> so he was going to get embarrassed. >> he was going to get embarrassed. there is nothing practical. he was trying to fight for texas. he mentioned that. he wanted texas was awarded proportional couniatley. >> you have given a voice to those who in many cases are voiceless, and we have tried to be a witness not just for your stories and your voice, but to provide a positive and hoch country hopeful vision. >> you know, i gave the wrong quote there, but there was that. we will go back to this. what santorum was saying there was that he was the voice for the voiceless. i don't buy that. people didn't buy that. there was nothing in his candidacy that spoke for the voiceless. there is this is not a party for the voiceless. the democratic party is the party of the voiceless right now. >> look. in terms of who rick santorum did represent, it's the evangelical christians. as you say, in this country, unfortunately -- and i don't agree with them politically, i
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believe they have a booming voice. >> that's all we ever hear is the evangelical christians. if he didn't want to be embarrassed and he gets out so he has a chance in 2016 or 2020, you know, depending upon whether romney wins but do you think the evangelical christians kansas carry him or is that a false hope for him? >> that's a completely false hope. it's not the candidate about country built to come back. the party will not turn to rick santorum. he got out now so he didn't get the rest of the republicans angry at them the republicans sort of the brass of the republican party angry at him. but the truth of the matter is that he is not the bob dole. he was not country the country country the country country country country this was his chance. his chance was to be the opposition to an otherwise very unpopular candidate. there is no space tore country for that after a certain point. there is not going to be in this country country any space. >> the reason texas is so
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relevant i want to let everybody know because if he can't get all of the delegates in texas, he stands almost no chance of being able to catch mitt romney. if he has no mathematical chance of that and he might lose his home state, that combines for what you saw today. now that he is out of the race we put together a little homage to his campaign. >> game on! join the fight. >> i believe in good and evil. >> we always need a jesus candidate. >> this is a very hostile president to people of faith. >> so phony theology. >> this president who is undermining religious liberty. >> to say people of faith have no role in the public square? >> you have a man who understands that god gave a bill of rights. >> this is where we have ended up. >> dip country define marriage as between a man and would
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country a woman. >> there is no such thing as global warming. what asnob. >> we are going to win this nomination. >> this time romney is firing his mud at rick santorum. >> i want to congratulate senator santorum. >> i have concerns about women in front line combat because of other types of emotions that are involved. >> we went into a recession in 2008 because of gasoline prices. >> to make people's lives better. ♪ there is hope for our nation again. maybe the first time. [. >> game on. >> game over. >> what i say goes. god help us. >> from america. >> church lady we are going to miss you. who else will speak for the
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voiceless blah people in this country? michael shore, thank you for joining us on this. and now when we come back you know how rick santorum was talking about how global warming is a hoax fox news orare the guys leading that. they have been attacking one climate scientist in particular. he is going to bring a hockey stick with him. you better watch out. >> the science behind global warming faces its biggest chal challenge ever and calls on nasa to reveal everything it knows. we will not settle for easy answers. (vo) the former governor of ny eliot spitzer, joins the new news network. >>every night we will drill down on the days top stories in search of facts that inform. >> we don't stop until we get answers that are truthful, serious, and not based on simplistic answers.
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>> we are back on the young turks. since rick santorum has dropped out now here comes newt gingrich. okay. bring it down. not really. by the way today, we found out that newt gingrich was trying to get on the ballot in utah bounced a $500 check, couldn't get on the ballot. embarrassing. speaking of embarrassing, we have been covering climate change for you guys on this show. one of the things that climate deniers have done to fight back is saying did you hear about climate climategate? they hacked into some prefacers e-mail and they have thousands of e-mails and in those thousands of e-mails, they found a couple of seems where they talked about how they didn't like climate deniers. oh my god. scandal. all right. in other words, they didn't find
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much of anything. but did that stop fox news from trying to smear those folks anyway? of course not. look at this. >> you disagree with them? they threaten you? thousands of hacked e-mails showing global warming scientists blasting researchers who do not buy into their dooms day scenarios. >> someone never bought into the quote climate science of global warming" that we later found out was not climate science. it wasling science. >> i did some checking into the science only to find out that they had rigged the science. >> so you are saying sir, it's just a hoax? >> the question is being raised today in debate over global warm. >> one of the scientists threatening to and i quote now beat the crap out of my next guest. >> independent investigations looked into climategate and found out the prefacers had done nothing yong but you neat fox news ankles shouting. it's a scandal.
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fox news told me it was with that obnoxious stewart vardniy, oh, i do declare! now, in reality, what percentage of the world's scientists believe climate change is real? i mean it couldn't be as high as 90%? right? i hear it's 50/50 all the time on the news. mainstream media tell me that. some say this. some say that. not 50%? it's not 80%? it's not 90%? 97%. did you know that? agree that it is real and that it is man-made. i hear that's a big con to verse -- con controves e. 1 thing that began to draw attention was the famous hockey stick. i don't know if you have seen this chart but it's by professor michael mann and it shows, here we are in the last thousand years, climate going along and now, it skyrockets up because the climate is changing. so, since michael mann did this and it got a lot of attention,
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that's why one of -- he was one of the guys whose e-mail was hacked into and then he is the guy that they said, oh my god, i can't believe that, you know, he did this and he did that. well, you know, so we had an idea. why don't we bring on michael mann and have him take on this issue. he is prefacer of the hockey stick and the climate wars. he joins us in and out. first of all, on these e-mails, right? what were they and, you know how did they attack you guys? and what's the defense? go. >> well cenk, it's great to be with you. so with this so-called clay mightgate scandal, which i am sure it was a coincidence it happened just weeks before the copenhagen summit and de-railed the first chance in years for a serious discussion about what to do about the problem of climate change. instead, we had this bad-faith debate about whether or not the problem is even real. and we know. we have known for decades.
7:18 pm
in fact, at some level, we have known for more than a sentence tree that we are warming -- century that we are warming the planet through fossil fuel burning and other human activities and because the science is solid and the implications of the science are that we have to do something about the problem, those who find it inconvenient find the science inconvenient in particular groups who have been doing the bidding of certain fossil fuel industry interests have tried to cloud the debate by creating the perception in the public sphere that there is a debate over climate change that scientists are still debating whether or not we are changing the climate. so one of the things they did was to steal thousands of e-mail messages and mine them for individual words and phrases that if you take them out of context can be used to make it sound like perhaps there was something inappropriate taking place. i will give you an example. scientists often use the term "trick to denote a clever way to solve a difficult problem.
7:19 pm
and so in one e-mail, several scientists were talking about how they used a clever approach a trick to comparing two different data sets in a meaningful way and those who got a hold of these e-mails and took them out of context instead claimed scientists were engaged in a trick to fool the public about the reality of human cause climate change. it's rather outrageous. but unfortunately, that's what we have sunk to in the public discourse about this problem. >> you know, it's interesting because i remember when i read the headlines and said okay. i have got to get into this thing and see what the reality is because our job here is to break it down, you know whether it's democrat republican liberal, conservative, whatever it is really delve into it t i thought they have thousands of e-mails, if you took anybody's thousands of e-mails, you would find really juicy stuff. right? some crazy thing they said some joke, whatever it is. right in the and i was like my god, that trick thing you are talking about is by far, like
7:20 pm
the oh, my god, it has the wrong word in it. everything else was we do not like climate deniers. how come you guys are so boring that your e-mails were so unbelievably innocuous? and then, you know you see yourself being attacked on fox news night in night out. how did that feel? >> well, you know, this is not what i signed up for when i majored in physics as an undergraduate and studied applied math and physics, went into graduate school and learned there was this amazing problem in the 1980s that scientists were working on. they were using the tools of fizz iphysics and math to learn how earth climate works and this sounded like a fascinating problem to work on. i ended up doing my ph.d. in climate research and our work eventuallyly led led us into this one area where we produced a result that himplications for the reality of climate change.
7:21 pm
and so suddenly i found myself in the center of this rangeging public debate about the reality of human-cause climate change something i never imagined i would find myself at the center at, and i found myself at the center of rather dishonest and disingenuous attacks against our science and attacks against my scientific integrity meant to try to discredited me and make an it example of me and try to convince the public that in fact, climate change is just some sort of elaborate hoax. >> professor mann they hacked into your e-mails. did anybody ever find out who did that? and has anyone ever been punished for that? because that's a crime. >> well, that's right. and authorities are still trying to get to the bottom of it. and we don't know who actually committed the crime of stealing the e-mails. what we do know is that the various groups that used the stolen e-mails to manufacture this fake scandal in the weeks
7:22 pm
leading up to the copenhagen summit were mostly groups associated with the fossil fuel industry and private interests like koch industries which i know you have been talking about on this show who fund various organizations and even individual scientists who are willing to attack the scientific community and are willing to try to create this false air of uncertainty and contro versy about the science so that the public will think that we don't know enough to act on the problem and we'll just continue with business as usual. >> all right. prefacer michael mann thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. and thank you for getting the truth out. >> thank you. >> all right. now, by the way, these scientists, they remind me exactly of the situation as they often talk about of scientists who said >> hey you know what? tobacco is going to give you cancer and we arere voraciously
7:23 pm
attacked. don't believe these scientists. tobacco gives you cancer? get out of here. industry that doesn't want you to believe in climate change. he gave me a perfect segway. the next segment, koch brothers. they are trying to get into your schools and resegregate some of the schools. take that on when we come back. >> they do not like a large public school system and they were determined to take it apart as quickly as they could. icy, cool flavor in a delicious 5-calorie stick of gum. polar ice. from extra. really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm.
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current covers: brought to you by the new scion iq. the ted conference brings together the brightest minds to transform the world through big ideas and innovation. to learn more go to scion: what moves you. >> all right. we are back on the young turks.
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all week long we have been doing a series on the koch brothers. yesterday, we showed you what they were trying to do trying to take away and dismantle social security. today we will tell you how they are going after education. for those of you who didn't see us. they are david and charles koch their estimated net worth is $50,000,000,000. their original family came flu their father who worked with joseph stallun and nowin -- stalin so they helped to drive up your price of gas. >> that's not all you do. when you get into education, they do a hell of a lot of damage. they have given other than $14 million in educational grants. that sounds good. what's wrong with that? some are legitimate grants. a lot of them are given so that universities like florida state hire the specific professors the koch brothers want to push their agenda. they have given over to 150 schools. you think they did some charity. isn't that lovely?
7:27 pm
no. the charities to make sure we can have these fake professors that are on our side. the real problem is what they are doing in public schools. they are both a huge problem. number 1, of course, they want to pry vit vitize the schools. it goes along with their so-called libertarian ideology which they discard when they can make a buck off of the government which they have done over and over in their careers. the other things they having done putting $36 million into that project but part of the money is going to resegregating some of the schoolstion including one in north carolina. that seems so shocking that, you know, as you watch, you go really? can that be true? it is. they actually funded guys to take over the school board. luckily the story has a good ending. first, let's show you what happened there. this is part of the documentary put together by a brave newfoundation called koch brothers -- koch brothers
7:28 pm
exposed. >> the koch brothers have spent tennessee of millions of dollars to get their point of view instilled in classrooms and among faculty members and students. >> the koch brothers of course have a national libertarian agenda. and they have brought it to wade county by means of the school board elections and they want to destroy, really the model of equal schools, equal opportunity for every child. >> it is also part protest right in front of the wake school administration building. >> they do not like a large public school system and they were determined to take it apart as quickly as they could. >> the wake county school board threatens to turn back the clock to an era of segregation. we must stand up and fight back. >> all right. well i assure you that i did not mean that nowedfreudian slip
7:29 pm
earlier. director of koch brothers exposed, president of brave newfoundation as well. robert, first of all, what happened in north carolina? that story seemed so shocking. what does it mean to reseg graying gate the school? tell us about that story. >> what happened in north carolina and we were shocked, also, after working on this for over a year. this was one of the three or four or five or 10 or 15 or 20 worst examples. i mean it just goes on and on. local school system totally racially and economically integrated and functioning well. people really enjoying the schools, getting a lot out of it. and they went in through americans for prosperity, their so-called activist arm, which is a front group for them and they organized around the issue of no busing, local schools, all code words as we explain in the film and in the investigation. and they initially were successful in helping throw out the good school board, but as you said before there is a
7:30 pm
happy ending to this. the film the video, people organizing, the local naacp went out and they said we don't want to be told by the koch brothers what should be done by our school. we don't want to be told by americans for prosperity. >> the koch brothers got thrown out and they went back to the way things they were. >> that's encouraging because sometimes we get despond ent about democracy. any thoughts -- i know this is a tough one. i get why they want to privitize schools, be able to pollute, et cetera, but why go back towards resegregation? in the beginning, neighborhood schools, that's a code word. you think maybe they care about neighborhood schools but then forced busing? >> what george wallace used to say. >> exactly what is with these guys. >> it's hard to know. my entire family are therapists. they deal with psychological motivation. i try to stick with the facts. as far as we know what they do
7:31 pm
do is they go after institutions that are run and run well by the government. >> that's the common denominator between social security and the schools. right? those are two of the pillars of our society. if you want to tear apart government it's hard to do it with good functioning schools and a good social security system. so they and americans for practices tear pi and the think tang -- americans for prosperity and the think tanks have attacked and attacked mertzilessly. >> i don't know if they have to look at themselves in the mirror. so they probably think they are doing the right thing in the, et cetera. if a country has gone great, scotland the united states, you go to any country, public schools and all of the sudden, there is an explosion in growth. you have empowered those people. only the rich had an opportunity to educate their kids. when everyone has an opportunities, there are a lot of geniuses. these guys are trying to dismantle that. there is no opportunity to reach
7:32 pm
their level of wealth. they build a mote around their wealth and say everybody else be damned. along those lines let's talk about colleges real quick. they are giving some money to colleges for whatever reasons and then specifically though they are donating some money to say, only if you hire certain professors. where is that happening and what's behind that? >> we can't find out every place it happens because they are smart about hiding the money, putting it in the shadows, going through places where you don't know whos give what to whom and you don't know the contracts but we know in many of the schools -- and they give to over 150, there are written contracts, written contracts that say, your money is dependent on nothing the following: hiring the following professors chosen by this committee that they control, lectures that they have control over the content. guest speakers that they control and florida state university to their credit to their great credit the economics department was getting money from them and the student body stood up and
7:33 pm
voted a resolution saying this is infringing on amcademic freedom and the faculty stood up and said we shouldn't do it which is an example of they can take as much money as they want but they are going to -- people who are going to say enough is enough. >> robert, one last thing on this because i know that part of it is, hey let's brainwash the kids going to these schools, et cetera, at least get their agenda. but i think the real important reason why they do that is they can go back later. what are you talking about? i have a scientist at florida state or this college or university that totally agrees with our point of view without identifying them as cock -- koch -- it's what they do with think tanks. >> when you are a real idealology, you will spend as much money as you have and that's parts of it. part of it is it's brilliant from a strategic point of view. next experts funding some in the schools, some in the think tanks and they site the studies to
7:34 pm
support the positions that they believe in. we disagree with them but it's not stupid. >> no question about that. all right, robert greenwald from koch brothers exposed, and tomorrow, we do the last part of this series and that is on cancer. here, take a look a piece we are going to show you tomorrow. ♪ >> we have 15 homes in this area and it may be 11 people have died or more with cancer. >> the koch brothers are killing me and my family. >> that's devastating. >> that's tomorrow. don't miss that. when we come back is it finally, time for democrats to say, hey you know what? yes. we are going to run on the issue of raising taxes on the rich. let's run on it. let's win, i say. come right back. >> if you raise taxes on the so-called rich you are really raising taxes on the job creators.
7:35 pm
we will not settle for easy answers. (vo) the former governor of ny eliot spitzer, joins the new news network. >>every night we will drill down on the days top stories in search of facts that inform. >> we don't stop until we get answers that are truthful, serious, and not based on simplistic answers. >>we're here because we're independent.
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>> earthen. >> i don't know if you can tell but we are back with the power panel. so, we are going to go to amanda turkel, sr. reporter with the huffington post. great to have you, asu and john pugel, actor and comedian and bold progressive and sexy liberal. >> thank you, cenk. >> we are all sexy liberals here first question is on the buffett rural: is it finally -- rule: is it finally, time that we are going to campaign on higher taxes? they have been running for 30 years, higher taxes for the rich. president obama thinks so. here he is talking about the buffett rule. >> in this country, prosperity has never trick he wouldtrickled down.
7:39 pm
it comes from the bottom up. if we would convert these investments we are making to our government in education and research and health care if we just turn those into tax cuts especially for the wealthy, somehow the economy is going to grow stronger. we tried this for eight years before i took. >> he is right. it didn't work at all. we lost a million jobs, including the first year of president obama's administration. amanda, you know, i still see like for example feinman on huffington post where he said, well, you know, i don't know about running on higher taxes. what's the latest conventional wisdom? have we gotten beyond that. >> i think we will see a lot of democrats run on raising taxes, tammy baldwin running for the senate. she is running on the buffett rule raises taxes over a million dollars so that people making $2 million or more pay 30%. i mean you see people right now
7:40 pm
like mitt romney who pay less in effective tax rate less than many middle class americans. democrats wants todro draw those contrasts with republicans. i think you will see democrats running on this. >> i love the tammy baldwin point amanda made there. i don't think it should be the president but all congress members. a poll to give awe sense, daily kos in september of 2011, 77% in favor of the buffett rule. 66% of republicans are in favor of it t even 73% of those making over 100,000. 50% of tea partyers are in favor of it. washington post, same numbers 72% of americans say yes, raise taxes on millionaires. no question about it. so john, shouldn't democrats be running all across the country on this? >> well actually cenk they ran in it on 2008. they overwhelmingly elected barack obama. he caved like an unreguted
7:41 pm
coal mine in west village but he did it for the unemployment benefits. they have chosen this. you are expectedly right. -- you are exactly right. if they can get conservatives to see how badly they are being screwed. this would be. i call it revealing w-care. when the bush tax cuts were put into effect they were designed to expire 10 years later. this is bush's tax increase and it should not be called anything but. >> two good points on that i want to get back to bush in a second. john made a point about obama running on this in '08. it's a really good point. amanda, you know, why should we trust them that this time around that he actually would raise taxes rather than keeping the bush tax cuts? >> i think he is trying to make the case if he has a cooperative congress, more democrats are elected to the senate or the house, people who aren't as moderate who aren't blue dogs
7:42 pm
who will go along with him, i think he is trying to make the case maybe i will be able to raise taxes. the bush tax cuts letting them expire taxes won't be raised on many wealthy americans, republicans aren't going to have that. they are add mat the bush tax cuts will not expire. realistically with the current make-up of congress president obama can't do much on this right now. >> yeah. well, i disagree on that. he easily could have let them expire. >> that's it. that's all he had to do. nothing. >> unemployment benefits. >> that was the compromise he made. >> those were easy easy. when senator bunting from cotton said he was going to cut employment benefits, the republicans were like you are crazy. >> that's political suicide. a year later, they were like yeah, we are all going to cut unemployment benefits. i would have said have at it hoss. i will drive you out of the city in washington, d.c. but i to get to bush, too. we have to be fair to both
7:43 pm
sides. we beat up obama a little bit, the replubicans. let's go old school to george w. bush. here he was speaking out. >> i wish they weren't called the bush tax cuts. they were called some other body's tax cuts probably less likely to be raced. >> because it was my idea and it was a bad idea. all right. john, they are called the bush tax cuts because he pass did them. it's a fascinating story here where he is kind of saying i wish my name wasn't so embarrassing. >> well, yeah. i think a lot of people in the bush family feel that way these days. but, you know, it was nice seeing george bush speaking at another big g.o.p. event because most g.o.p. events are kind of like vet no, ma'am, bush and cheney aren't there. it's kind of like pointing out since we are discussing george bush this speaks to the heart of what christian theology is about. at this point being a fundamentalist christian in this country means you think jesus wants you to help the poor by
7:44 pm
killing any program that helps the poor and the conservative christians will say jesus said help the poor but they didn't say government should do it. the answer to that is yeah, but jesus never had democracy. we do. so if you want your government and your tax dollars to go to making the rich rich he have and hurting the poor more that's fine but don't say you want a government based on christian values. it's the opposite of what christ taught. christians use democracy, help the less fortunate and again, adam smith said this in combat the wealth of nations," adam smith said the wealthy should be taxed at a higher rate. mitt romney being taxed at 13% is more about the 1% than occupy wall street on their best day. >> one thing we can agree on is that rich get way, way richer under the republican proposal. >> that's mitt romney's proposal a proposal of the republicans and the house. i am not sure what we are going to get with obama. i am positive what we are going to get with romney the rich get more tax cuts. when we come back you know we
7:45 pm
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>> him >> hi. we are back on the young turks. some of you may know bobcat goldthwaite. some shake the clowns world's greatest dad have been well reviewed. he has come out with a new movie called god bless america where he is the writer and director out on may 11th. here is a piece of the trailer here ♪ >> frank, don't. >> take your hat off.
7:49 pm
♪ ♪ almost -- damn. >> bopbcat goldthwaite joins us in the studio. >> i am great. >> great to have you. >> what did you call the koch brothers? >> i don't know what you are talking about. >> i think it's funny they are worried about what i was going to say. >> all right. >> you know, anything i say, well okay. >> continue. look. this movie has two aspects i find interesting. one is your social commentary on all of the things that piss you off in the country. ironically named "god bless america" tell me about that part. >> there is kind of a laundry list of things that i find annoying but it's a very violent movie about kindness and people are upset who have seen it or haven't even seen it because there are targets that get killed in this movie that may or may not be based on bill
7:50 pm
o'reilly. i shouldn't laugh at that because i am not pro-violence but in no way is it bill bill o'reilly. the character para phrases him a lot but at no time does he ever call one of his producers and suggest he is going to molest her with a falafel. >> it's a baptist church guy that looks like you are shooting people in a movie theater that are kids and stuff. killing everybody. >> yeah. it is. you know, it's funny. i have seen people who are complaining that they watch the trailer and they are mad that i only see white people getting killed. it's like you shouldn't be happy anyone is getting killed. you know, that's hopefully where the comedy comes from. it is the reading rainbow of violence. >> let's talk about the violence. as i watched the trailer, it's trippy. right? because your -- i take ityou are a
7:51 pm
progressive progressive? >> yes. i would say so. >> so, you know, we are really concerned about, you know, the gun violence. >> this will be, you know guns everywhere and all of these guys getting shot. >> right. >> tell me about why you made that choice. >> well basically, i was watching the movie, "bonnie and clyde." that's not an accurate portrayal. >> that's a movie that's about how there is a lot of social upheaval. i was trying to think: what are we frustrated with now? i considered we are very frustrated with ourselves. i mean the whole frank, the character, frank, he is all about the fact that there is no kindness any more. he doesn't have a political agenda. now, the girl may have one, but, you know, it is a very violent movie. i am not condoning violence in any way. how else are you going to point out that things have gone too far? i i could make a doc that would be whiney about how uncivilized we are or go make a movie where, you know, we start shooting people from jersey shore.
7:52 pm
>> look. >> i know. you know you don't want snooki to die. >> not at all. >> very clear. >> i don't have a problem with reality stars. >> that's the didn't between me and frank, you know. frank is just going short-term. it's a movie about our own appetite for nastiness, you know. >> and, look. you do comedy and a lot of your movies are over top. >> yeah. >> anybody who follows you knows that. >> that's the context. right? >> right. >> it's not like you are steven speakielberg and i am going to do a serious movie about killing everybody. >> exactly. it's not like i am not asking people to eat irish children. >> that's the point. by going so extreme, i am hopefully sat arrestizing where satarizing where we are going. >> there is no question it's going to get people to think.
7:53 pm
>> there is no question you will be on fox news soon. >> you can't hug glenn beck. you know what i mean? what's funny something my conservative friends are going, i get this movie. you have got a gun? shoot people. >> 0, i. >> it's my other friends that are like hey man, it's gun violence man. >> are they stoned? >> apparently i hang out with tommy. >> bob goldthwait "god bless america." it will be controversial. >> you can see it on vod. thank you for not cursing? >> at least in this segment? >> speaking of fox news they try to connect the black panther party to president obama. >> there are race based concerns with eric obama, eric holder and there is a pattern here
7:54 pm
7:55 pm
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(vo) now, it's your turn. (vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time. >> back on the young turks, last night on fox news, they played some tapes of the new black panther party. it's a radio show where a woman called in and she is yelling and screaming about pink people and how there is going to be a race war, et cetera. and then hannity brings in his only two black friends, denneen barelli and david web to say how terrible blacks are and how they are all connected to president obama. let's watch. >> what do you make of this? >> this is absolutely outrageous the way they are inciting this situation. they are getting away with this
7:57 pm
hate speech and inciting violence. you know what? there are race-based concerns with president obama eric holder and their involvement with the black panther movement. there is a pattern here, 2007, obama spoke with the black panthers when he was running for election. >> a picture of that. >> there is a photo. >> with malig shulu abbas. >> number one, she says there are race based concerns with obama and holder. she is black so she can say that. second of all, his involvement with malik zulu shabaz. there is a photo of them apparently at this march in selma, alabama. there they are all the way in the background. all right. now, i bought in michael shore. you have been at these commemorations of selma. how do you explain your connection to malik zulu. >> it's like saying you went to a laker game with jack
7:58 pm
7:59 pm


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