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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  April 12, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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all right. welcome to the young young. democratic strategy goes over mitt romney's wife. >> his wife is actually never worked a day in her life. >> what was your personal gut reaction when you heard her say those words? >> we'll decide that issue. stay at home moms? is that equal work? sea of drama. george zimmerman in court today. >> mr. zimmerman since you are appearing hear for your first appearance at this time for charge of murder in the second degree -- >> prosecutors say he said [ inaudible ]. we'll analyze that tape and you can hear for yourself.
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plus fox news defends zimmerman all the way. and then finally, does ex-gay therapy work? >> this is up to them. this is exposing what the causes might be. exposing what might be underneath the surface. >> well one of the top experts on the side of yes, we can cure gays, might have changed his mind. all of that on tonight's show. it's go time! ♪ >> so president obama is doing fantastic among women. want to show you the numbers, and this was before a little drama happened. obama 55-36 lead with women.
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when you go to women over the page of 50 he still has a nice lead. so everything is going fine until hilary rosen goes on television and says this. >> what you have is mitt romney running around the country saying well my wife tells me what women really care about are economic issues and when i listen to my wife that's what i'm hearing. his wife has never work addai in her life. she has never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of the women in this country are facing in terms of how do we feed our kids, send them to school and why do we worry about their future? >> damn! never work addai in her life. so all of a sudden political turmoil, rosen-get a.
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anne even started up a twitter account to deal with this. she said i made a choice to stay home and raise five boys. believe me it was hard work. we'll debate that in a second. and then here comes the internet, it exploded. 1500% increase in discussions about stay-at-home moms on twitter, 38,000% increase from the mention of ann romney. and those numbers brought to us by our partners at kripson exgone. and now what is going to happen from the republicans? full back peddle trying to get out of there. here is the strategy for obama's election. i could not disagree with hilary rosen anymore strongly. her comments were wrong, and
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families should be off limits. she should apologize! axelrod, let me go to axelrod here. also disappointed in hilary rosen's comments about ann romney. back peddle back pedal. and here is jay carney. >> first of all i haven't seen the records, i don't know that hilary rosen -- i know three personally named hilary rosen, so i'm not sure that those represent the person we're talking about necessarily. >> who? who is hilary rosen? that's awesome. i think you know which one we're talking about. and then the big boss weighs in. he is going to tell us what he thinks about it. >> i don't have a lot of patience for commentary about the spouses of political candidates. >> so don't go after the spouses. okay. now that president obama has
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weighed in. here comes hilary rosen. back pedal, back pedal, back pedal. i apologize to ann romney and anyone else who was defended. let's declare peace in this phony war and go back to the issues of substance. this is the real hilary rosen. was she right? should she have apologized? there's only one way to decide those issues. it's tyt supreme court time. ♪ >> all right. so i'm here with all of my rowdy friends. i'll start with you, ana, since you are an expert on being a woman. >> i hope so. >> and being a working woman. number 1 is hilary rosen right on the substance? >> she is. she specifically talked about the economy. she didn't even make the claim
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that being a mother or being a mother of ann romney is easy or difficult. she just talked about how ann romney has no place talk about how tough the economy is for women, and how that's the number one thing women care about when she is living with a man who is a multi-millionaire. so i think what she said was completely justified. >> i'm -- i'm like minded. anybody disagree? anybody think it was out of bounds to say that? and an insult to stay at home moms? >> no. >> no. >> okay. a lot of stay at home moms are mad. they are like i do really hard work. but i want them to understand of course. i got a kid. one kid is hard. five kids is incredibly hard. it's not a job, right? >> right. look, i think it sounded like she was saying she has never had
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to work a day in her life, she is a stay at home mom. that indicates that it isn't as difficult as a career women. but there are women out there who do both. they have a lot going on. are women who are single mothers and they do so without nannies or the financial resources that ann romney has. >> i want to show 825 here. you know how many housekeepers ann romney had in 2010? five. >> only on. >> it gets a little easier diseasen't it? >> my mom raised three boys, single mom, and she worked her butt off during all of that time. if you told my mom she could have had five nannies it would have been a lot easier than her.
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>> when they were discussing there was someone there to dispute her point. and this guy is probably going to say how dare you say she never worked a day in her life. he didn't say anything because it wasn't noticeable then. are liberal mothers that stay at home. >> this is also about the politics of it. forget -- the reason we're even having this conversation is because her husband -- ann romney's husband has done so much damage to himself by taking positions on women's issues that are so behind the times from planned parenthood to contraception, and if you want to talk about stay at home moms and working moms the working moms will be hurt, because their insurance isn't going to cover contraception. so those real issues are just sort of making an example of the fact that she is not someone in to who's context this comes. >> on this question the supreme
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court is unanimous, in fact rosen was right in her original comment, but how does the politics of this play out is the political issue. look, one of the things is that republicans think they are better with stay at home moms as opposed to working moms and you see the democrats in a panic. here is one of the reasons why. there is an informal poll on washington post website, et cetera. it's not a scientific study. yes, raising families is lot of work, got 97%. so apparently we're not in the majority here. so i think that's what lead the democrats to a panic. is it a fair political issue? >> it this is a pundit on television who has nothing to do with the romney campaign or the
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democratic party. i voted against us hearing this case in the first place. let's be on the record about that. because i don't think it is an issue. this is not eric fern strom saying etch-a-sketch. this is a none issue. what is an issue is the difference between the republican party and the democrats on issues that affect women. that's where the politics comes in. >> with eric's point -- it is because democrats aren't going to continue to beat us over the head with this every time. a non-issue like this will continue to get pounded in. >> you are right, but the fact that hilary rosen said it has nothing do with the obama administration >> it doesn't matter. fox news smears president obama based on the new black panther
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party which he has nothing to do with it. hilary rosen is like the vice president. let me give you ann romney's reaction. let's watch what she had to say. >> what was your personal gut reaction when you heard her say those words. >> she should have come to my house when those five boys were causing so much trouble. it does sont easy. [ laughter ] >> this is what is so interesting about this. my career choice was to be a mother, and i think all of us need to know that we need to respect choices that women make. other women make other choices to have a career and raise a family. i respect that. that's wonderful. but there are other people that have a choice. we have to respect women in all of those choices that they make. >> justice ana kasparian how do you respond? >> politically speaking it is brilliant. the romney campaign took what rosen said and completely
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twisted it. she said nothing disrespectful about stay at home moms all she said was ann romney had no place talking about the economy when she doesn't have to work and she is married to a very rich man. so they are twisting the words. >> the think that i really get from ann romney, guys is she mentioned choice for women like 28 times. how is that for ironic because of course the republican party wants to take away choice for women. and mitt romney said he wants to end planned parenthood as soon as he gets in office. so they are liars overall. they never cared about women now they are pouncing on this issue to say like, oh my god! did you see this! we have a winning issue on women! yes!
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we're pro choice. no, you are anti-choice. when we come back the trayvon martin case. he is in court. the prosecutors say that actually zimmerman didn't say the racial insult on the 911 tape. that's an interesting question. and fox's hannity, o'reilly all jumping to the defense of zimmerman. we'll talk about that. >> i believe it was an accident. i believe it just got out of control. and he couldn't turn the clock back. the ted conference held here every year in southern california is an event designed to bring the brightest minds in the world together to share their most powerful, influential and creative ideas. the speakers share a common goal, making the world a better, smarter place through innovation, technology and the power of big ideas.
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♪ >> all right. we are back on "the young turks." george zimmerman was in court today. his lawyer, the special prosecutor, and zimmerman was there obviously. i want to show you a clip. >> mr. zimmerman, you are appearing here for your first appearances -- or first appearance at this time with the charge of second murder and you are represented by mr. mr. o'mara is that true? >> yes, sir. >> after reviewing the short affidavit for probable cause, i do find that probable cause for the charge as -- as put in the
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information. >> so number of interesting things happened. first of all the -- they will seal the court record. the defense actually didn't try to get him out on bail. he said he wanted the tempers to cool a little bit and come back to that issue in a couple of weeks. there will be a former arraignment on may 29th and then when you look into the affidavit a number of interesting things there by the prosecution. they said zimmerman did disregard the police dispatcher. he did continue to follow martin. and they talked about how trayvon martin was on the phone with his girlfriend. so apparently they did take that testimony and took into account what she said about his last moments. and there was an interesting moment, you know, when george zimmerman was making that 911 call initially. he seemed to be saying a racial insult. the prosecutors have decided it
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was not that insult. let's watch a little explanation. >> the prosecutors in this case are very specific on those words that zimmerman uttered in that 911 call. let me read that paragraph during the recorded call zimmerman made reference to people he felt had committed and gotten away with break-ins in the neighborhood. zimmerman added these -- and i won't use that word -- and also said these -- bad word -- punks. the word was punks that he used. >> you know, it's a really serious story but wolfe blitzer fines a way to make at it little humorous.
4:20 pm
listen to whether he says punks or coons. >> who's entrance is that that he is heading towards? >> the back end -- entrance. >> are you following him? >> yeah. >> okay we don't need you to do that. >> at first i was absolutely convinced i was coons -- but if you listen for punks, maybe you hear punks. i am torn on it. now as far as the legal issue is concerned, it is over. because the prosecutors have called it punked. now i'm bringing in profess sal tricia rose. what do you hear there? >> it was pretty scratchy i think we need some kind of special forensic equipment to be 100% certain. so for me i can see how it was
4:21 pm
unclear enough and i'm certain if they did their job they assessed what really was said. but cenk i'm not sure it matters. i think we get caught up in looking for the racial smoking gun, and what really we need to be looking for is more like anthrax. this diffuse everywhere dangerous system. and we're still looking for a 19th century gun. >> yeah. and will they allow into evidence the number of times he called in 911 calls when he was following a black male? >> right. >> because that goes to state of mind. but that might say that wasn't this case. that was other cases. but so far from what you have seen in court do you have faith that the prosecution is on the right track here? >> well, you know, i'm -- i'm concerned about the whole system. i mean this prosecutor has a history of extreme prosecution
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in general and i think what we have to look at is what factors are going to play out here? are they going to be -- are they going to follow an extreme prosecution? which may not be the right route. in other words people's tempers are in flames people's feelings are hurt not just about trayvon but about the delay, and a system that they don't think is fair to african-americans and other working-class minority men. and that's what we have to confront there. and the question is will she be able to undo that? no. if zimmerman goes to jail, i don't think that system gets changed. i'm a little bit concerned about her legacy and i'm a little bit concerned about people's perceptions about what most upset americans are upset about. >> speaking of those perception there's a news -- news -- network out there who are trying to shift it.
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i want to play you a clip one of sean hannity, and the defense of george zimmerman. >> we don't know all of the facts. we have members of congress that said he was hunting down meaning trayvon martin like a rabid dog. you have seem that say he was profiled. no evidence suggests that. people say he was killed because he was black. there has been this rush to judgment by so many. on the surface, then, it seems like there might be some -- some overcharging here. >> so he is concerned that zimmerman might be overcharged that he has been smeared in the public by liberals et cetera, and at every opportunity throws in the new black panther bounty in there. >> right. two things very quickly to this point. to me the most important evidence in the 911 tape is when zimmerman is told to stay put and not follow trayvon martin
4:24 pm
and stay out of it but instead he chooses to pursue him. i mean if he had stayed in his car, it seems relatively clear -- although again, i'm not a lawyer but it seems relatively clear none of this would have hand. so that's the piece of the puzzle that is most important in analyzing the degreed people can make the claim that this young man was hunted down and pursued, and he was afraid for his own life in dealing with him. but this constant spin is astonishing to me. the new black panther party is not the black panther party at all. the new black panther party only has a few thousand is the language that i researched -- a few thousand members. and it by no means represents the vast majority of african-americans and their political beliefs. are things that people might agree on like racial unjustice
4:25 pm
is unfair and should end. many groups of people agree with that. but that does not mean a racial symmetry. this is imagining blacks as a hostile dangerous insane group, can work wonders on the american unconscious. so it's important we constantly point out this process. >> that's really interesting. i want to skip ahead to b17. one of the o'reilly clips. you'll see him say it's a small group, be then smears every black person with it. >> we know the black panther party is a minuscule operation, but just like reverend faircon -- minister faircon, this kind of stuff isn't openly repudiated by the black caucus -- >> apparently every black person
4:26 pm
in the country has to repudiate this minuscule thing. >> this is astonishing. he doesn't say the new black panther party. that is a sec group that has taken the black panther party to confuse people. the second thing is that you know think about all of the right-wing conservative political figures who otherwise never have to repudiate. you can say all kinds of things that are implicit or explicit that are insulting, problematic, and nobody has to distinguish themselves from other white people. but african americans have to be in this constant project of separating themselves from each other to show they are good black people or reasonable black
4:27 pm
people. i think we really should resist this, and say ask me what my thoughts are specifically and i'll address those. there -- it's absurd. >> look at how brilliant fox news is though. look at how they change the conversation from was george zimmerman racist in shooting trayvon martin, which might lead to a federal case. to no are all blacks racist because of the new black panther party, and haven't said one thing about this case. and that's their whole audience is mislead. and o'reilly also said we need to apologize for making a big deal out of this case because in the end there was a prosecution. they are unbelievable. >> yeah. yeah. >> all right. professor thank you so much. >> my pleasure. have a great night cenk.
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>> you too. when we come back there are some conservative who claim they can fix gays. one guy might have changed his mind. >> you'll see that heterosexual . . . ♪
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nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. does breathing with copd weigh you down? ask your doctor if spiriva can help. (vo) now, it's your turn. (vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time. ♪ all right. we are back on "the young turks." one issue facing president obama was -- is he going to apply a non-discrimination clause to
4:31 pm
government contractors so they could not discriminate against gays transgender, et cetera. and that's very important. it turns out the people that are within -- that get contracts from the federal government make up overall -- 22% of the entire u.s. work force. so this is a really important issue. so which way did they decide to go? >> i think the repeal is destructive here in terms of the approach we're taking at this time. and while it is not our usual practice to discuss orders that may or may not be under consideration, we do not expect that it will be issued at this time. >> meaning we are not going to do an executive order on it. we're going to leave it up to congress, which of course, the republicans and the house aren't going to do that.
4:32 pm
basically saying we could have done it, but we won't. we are choosing not to help the lgbt community in this case. is this political? well, he was asked that question. >> absolutely not. the president is committed to securing equal rights for lgbt americans. and that's why he has long supported enda. >> that's ridiculous. by the way he is saying i support that legislation which i know for a fact will get destroyed in the house. that's a curious way of supporting it. health was quite mad about it. she said: >> ding. ding. ding. we have a winner. i don't think they are homophobic, but with they
4:33 pm
worried about the politics of it before the election? of course! it's the obama administration they are always worried about the elections. so i don't know who they think they are appealing to here. but in the meanwhile we had a bit of a conversion on someone who believed that gays could be converted. i'll get to him in a second but in case you aren't familiar with ex-gay therapy. he is with the national organization of research and therapy of homosexuality. >> for teenagers don't label yourself gay. because that seals your identity. it shuts off your options. be open, experience think, feel, reflect, learn. and you will see that your
4:34 pm
heterosexual potential is underneath. >> your heterosexual potential is underneath. way, underneath. just hold on. i love these guys saying keep your options open. stay straight. cnn did a great report with another one of these guys who does ex-gay therapy who happens to be ex-gay himself. this is his method. watch this. >> he showed us some of his unconventional technique like touch therapy. to recreate a healthy father/son bond. >> he didn't experience this growing up with his dad. >> go! go! go! i know you are ex-gay. you want to talk about what kind of issues these guy has. get a load at this. >> was angry at my mother so i
4:35 pm
started going mom! mom! mom! mom! why! did! you! do! that! to me! >> okay. do they have issues? i can't quite tell. getting back to dr. spitzer, he was one of the therapists that said that home sexuality is not a disease. but back in 2001 he did a research study saying that people could be converted to straight, and of course, the right-wing loved that study and went to town on it. but it turns out he took the samples from exodus international. they say:
4:36 pm
>> so there's some chance they might be a little bias in the samples that they gave dr. spitzer. realizing that dr. spitteder reached out very recently and said oops my bad. let me give you his quote: >> all right. now the person he reached out to tell that story to is gabriel, the web editor of the american prospect. and joins us right now. great to have you here. tell me what hand here with dr. spitzer. >> so i went to visit him in princeton, where he lives now. he is retired, and i was doing a more general piece about ex-gay therapy, and i was curious about what lead him to pursue the 2001 study, and whether his views had
4:37 pm
changed. he went into the history of psychiatrist, because in 1973 he lead the charge to declassify homosexuality as a mental illness, which ingratiated him to the gay community, and then in 2001, he angered the gay community by coming without this study saying that at least some highly motivated gay people could change their sexual orientation. and when i spoke to him, he expressed a lot of regret for how the study had been used. his intention was not -- was not -- he did not want to suggest that people should pursue this therapy, but he just wanted to see if it ever had any effect. and then of course the religious right used it to say that ex-gay therapy works. but then he said that he had
4:38 pm
recently thought about writing a retraction, and asked me -- asked me to write one. >> that's really interesting. for straight people who doubt whether this -- his new conclusion is right, think about if you tried to convert to gay, how would that work? okay? and gabriel. there's a lot of kukes out here who get funding from the government for this. but you had a personal experience, right? >> the guy you had on first was my therapist in ex-gay therapy for three and a half years when i was in high school. >> oh, wow and what happened there? >> well, obviously it didn't work. i'm not happily married to a man, but i wasted a lot of time trying to change my sexual orientation.
4:39 pm
>> what did they try to make you straight? >> so, basically the way therapy works is that you talk about the source of your -- of your home mow sexual attractions, which according to dr. nickelosi, is a imagined relationship with your father. and overinvolvement of the mother. so by looking at the source of -- the proposed source of homosexually that leads to enlightenment, and then you start to unlock your heterosexual potential. >> okay. no tennis rackets, though right? >> yeah, no. >> all right. thank god for that. thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> all right. when we come back mitt romney versus president obama. let's watch. >> in his three and a half years, 92.3% of the people who
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>> it's go time. (vo) at the only online forum with a direct line to cenk uygur. >>if you had to vote for a republican, which one would it be? (vo) join the debate now. ♪ all right. we got a great power panel for you guys today. james polus is here from the "dally caller." and karl frisch in washington, d.c. i have the name cenk uygur, and i always get names wrong. there i got daily caller wrong. how do you do that? first question is do republicans have a leg to stan on with
4:43 pm
women? mitt romney says of course. we are in the business of getting jobs for women. let me play you a clip of romney attacking obama. >> the president says i didn't cause this recession. that's true. he just made it worse, and made it last longer, and because it lasted longer more and more women lost jobs. in his three and a half years 92.3% of the people who lost jobs have been women. >> it must be true because there are all of those women behind him. >> right. >> karl let me start with you. why is that not a compelling argument? >> the independent fact checkers came out today and said it was mostly incorrect. you asked if he had a political leg to stand on, he has two of them, but they are wooden and infested with termites. there is a reason people
4:44 pm
perceive a war on women happening. it is happening all over the country. so there's -- you know, every reason for the romney folks to be concerned but for them to claim that this president has waged his own war on women is ridiculous. i would be laughing if it wasn't so sad and desperate. >> james come on let's get real on the recession. the jobs lost were obviously started by george bush and a great number of jobs -- let me give you the number here -- 13 months before bush left office, men lost over 3.2 million jobs. so men lost the jobs first. for them to turn around and say because of the bush recession, we lost jobs for women afterwards. that seems a little ridiculous doesn't it? >> much of this conversation is ridiculous. the economy has been bad. it has been bad for a while.
4:45 pm
that impacts people. barack obama's policies if you don't like them, you can say, hey there has been an adverse effect on men and women, to spin the idea that republicans are having a war on women -- this isn't a war on women. republicans and democrats disagree on policy. so try to turn that into some kind of war on women is ridiculous -- >> but -- >> this is happening because the administration is choosing to go down this road ex -- >> answer karl's point this is about legislation throughout the country. whether it's reproductive rights or fair wages. >> or birth control -- there isn't an issue that has presented itself to republicans where they haven't made themselves look bad to women, and to think that we wouldn't
4:46 pm
take advantage of that or want to talk about it is ridiculous. there is a war on women. all you have to do to realize that is read a paper from -- any state at this point. arizona wanted to make it so the doctors can lie to their patients about the viability of their pregnancies if they are opposed to abortion. you have virginia where they nearly passed a law that would have forced women to have transvaginal ultrasounds -- >> they didn't pass the law -- >> but they did in other states. >> come on -- >> i want to let james respond here. >> to portray this as some kind of republican plot where a lot that pops up in arizona all republicans must support this -- it's ridiculous. >> no -- wait -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> hold on. that's indefensible. they are all republican legislations. there isn't a single one that is
4:47 pm
sponsored by the democrats or pushed by the democratic party. of course it is all republicans. [ overlapping speakers ] >> no, no, no. i'm saying that every piece of legislation that does that is proposed by a republican and you know that that's true and they are passing this throughout the country. >> if you think that that piece of legislation is indicative of what the republican party as a party wants to do -- >> but that's what they are pushing -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> these are bills that pop up in different states -- there are women who are republicans, there are republicans who disagree with these bills. >> all right. we got to leave it right there -- >> cenk -- fewer people are republican women. >> i hear you. i love the idea that oh, this popped up -- >> coincidence i guess. >> thank you so much karl, thank you james. people are losing their homes,
4:48 pm
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hershey's chocolate syrup. stir up a smile. for so many of us it seems the bankers seem to get all of the advantages and the middle income guys get screwed all of the time. who is responsible? a lot of people. but one of the main guys that is responsible is this guy right here. under the bush administration he helped to do the bank bailouts, and under the obama administration, he had continued to give bankers advantage after advantage. a top banker said that he was quote, our man in washington. now when he came to saying hey you get these bailouts but watch your bonuses, right? no, they didn't do that.
4:52 pm
in fact he put it in this guy named kenneth who was the pay skar. and what did he say? >> meaning, oh my god these bankers we have to keep paying them their bonuses. there's nothing we can do. what happens when it comes to the average guy? tim went on pbs and told us he was going to look out for them. >> the president has put in place a series of programs to give more americans a chance to keep their home. and these programs are helping to lower their monthly payments but the housing market is still very hard. >> he is going to help those guys. they did hamp a program that was supposed to give out $4 million. it turns out they only gave out
4:53 pm
1. and then the hardest-hit fund. what snapped overall the tarp bailout was $652 billion to the bankers, billion. so what was the initiative for the hardest hit $7.6 billion. it was supposed to go to 480,000 homeowners. what happened? only $217 million was spent, 3 lousy percent, and then only 30,000 homeowners were helped. that's 7% of the home owners that were supposed to be helped. what happened in the end? the same thing that always happens. the guys in the middle get screwed again, and the bankers got helped again. this is not a quincedense.
4:54 pm
this is the guy you have to change, because coincidently he always winds up giving 3% of 1% to the home earns, and giving everything to the bankers. time to make a change. "young turks." ♪ sir... excuse me, excuse me... can i get you to sign off on the johnson case... ♪ we built this city! ♪
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♪ we built this city ♪ [ cellphone rings ] ♪ on rock & roll! ♪ falafel. yeah, yeah, i love you too. ♪ don't you remember! ♪ [ orbit trumpet plays ] don't let food hang around. clean it up with orbit! [ ding! ] fabulous! for a good clean feeling... after any meal. eat. drink. chew orbit.
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all right. we're bark on "the young turks." i'm about to prove to you that the country is fundamentally progressive in about a minute. first of all washington post abc news poll. 81% of americans support direct diplomasy talks between iraq and iran. point number 2. 72% of americans support raising taxes on people with household
4:57 pm
incomes above $1 million. and that is the buffet rule. overwhelming majority of the country says tax the rich. don't go to war. poll number 3. '665% of americans support imposing mandatory controls on carbon dioxide emission. that is nearly two-thirds of the country. all of the propaganda against carbon emissions and cap and trade and all of that, and it didn't work. there was almost no defense of it, and it still didn't work. the country is fundamentally progressive. cap carbon emissions. tax the rich. don't go to war. so when you hear anybody talk about oh no in polls they say -- more people say they are conservative. wrong again, bob. that's just word games. when you ask issue by issue. progressives win every time! ♪ >> all right.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm