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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  April 25, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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line, at, and check out our twitter and facebook page. thank you for joining us here in "the war room." we will see you tomorrow night. ♪ >> welcome to "the young turks." guess what folks down goes gingrich! down goes gingrich! but, it's the tea party toast? >> they mentioned his name in the bible, barack obama and they deciphered it, and barack obama in its content means antichrist. >> the president of the united states an antichrist on tonight's show. then fox news takes to task. >> he's the one with the most. >> we do not agree what the highest office of the land, the most important figure in the world going on comedy shows. >> we'll break down this new fox
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attack, another fox attack yet again, and in the studio today we have the producer and director of a film that takes the l.a. riotses and calls them the hip-hop riots. >> what happened is-- >> it's going to happen tonight. >> you know what time it is. it's go time. >> it's "the young turks." i just learned that walter cronkite's boat was called "the assignment." so when he was not there he was out on assignment. cenk uygur is on assignment.
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mitt romney won delaware, road rhode island. a huge night for mitt romney. this is what newt had to say. >> governor romney is not the nominee at this point. he cuss not have the majority of the delegates and i think it's a little bit presumptuous. there's a different between the frontrunner and the inevitable. he's mistaking the two. >> 12 hours ago we have newt gringrich again oh my god five states and the costed delaware where he said, this is where we're going to make our stand. >> governor romney had a very good day yesterday. give the guy some credit. he has worked six years put together a big machine and a serious campaign. i think obviously that i would be a better candidate. the voters didn't think that. it's also very very important that we be unified.
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>> but wait newt, i thought you were the nominee. just for old time's sake i love hearing this. here is newt gringrich sometime earlier this year. >> you're going to be the nominee. >> i'm going to be the nominee. >> i just love it. one more time. let's hear it again. i love it. >> you're going to be the nominee. >> i'm going to be the nominee. >> you're not going to be the nominee. or the nominee. newt gringrich has decided to pull the tent early next week. he's going to suspend his campaign and of course the nomination will go most likely to mitt romney. but he will have to do it so far without the endorsement of his old friend senator rick santorum santorum. >> mitt romney is going to be the nominee, and i'm going to support the nominee whoever the nominee is. >> you just endorsed mitt romney romney. >> well, if he's the nominee i'm going to do everything i can to make sure that he defeats
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barack obama. >> you're going to endorse him. >> i'm going to endorse the nominee-- >> you're not being a straight talker. >> i'm being a straight talker. i'm going to support the nominee. >> that is not a hardy endorsement. it appears morgan could not get rick santorum to say i endorse mitt romney. rumor had it after the show did he, he certainly wouldn't do it on television. that is the luke warm reception that mitt romney is getting from a lot of republicans all over the country. but the power of the tea party and whether that is waning as well. here is mitt romney, the anti-tea party. all season long they've been trying to get ain't mitt romney because he's anti-tea party. this is a tea party rally and these are a few things that tea partyers were going saying at the
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rally. let's hear it. >> freedom. >> well, i'm out here to change the government. >> stand up for god and our nation and preserve the land and our freedom for our children and our grandchildren. >> i'm out here for--he's raising the taxes like crazy. >> because we're tired of the spending tired of the lies going on. >> why do you think he's the antichrist. >> it's mentioned in the bible. barack obama. they took his name and separated his name and deciphered it. and barack obama means antichrist. >> i don't know why they appoint appointed czar. russian czar. >> i'm learning more about the republicans also. i've always been a republican.
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i think that's changing. >> so she is changing. she doesn't know who to vote for. but according to everyone else they're going to be supporting mitt romney. i want to look at some numbers but first i want to bring in jack burke man political consultant and g.o.p. strategist strategist. thank you for being here with us today. >> i'm enjoying the program so far. >> i am sure you are but i'm sure you'll have something to say about it. the tea party was founded on guys like marco rubio, guys like mike lee. marco rubio and mike lee the senator from utah, they're supporting and endorsing mitt romney now. is the tea party dead. >> the tea party is strong as ever. the issue is the level of enthusiasm for mitt romney. the conservative grassroots in this country is stronger than it's ever been. but the problem is they don't
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like romney. the capacity is there but they just don't have their man. obama had the same thing maybe worse on the other side, michael. his base is even less than enthusiastic because of the war the mideast policy, gay issues. they're even further away from their candidate. no question about it, the conservatives like me, we don't like romney but we're going to back him all the way. santorum will back him. gingrich will back him. it's under negotiation. they want more tv, more power at the convention and he'll give it to him. >> jack, i hear what you're saying, but last year all the way through this year everyone was talking about the luke warm reception of mitt romney. conservatives don't want to back him. but they're going to back him because they're more motivated by beating obama. but when you see this, you can say what you want about the left wing and the democrats and them being a mess. they have the presidency. and it's the republicans that
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seems so divided on this candidate. they have been every primary going into yesterday and every primary he has not been able to garner any majority of the votes. >> no, yeah, you're right michael. you're right about most of that. both candidates in this race, obama and romney will have very low base turnout. that we know. this race is going to be in the center. it's a battle over the independents. it's a battle over the swing voters. romy will come on strong. i think one thing that the left has to funds this country is that mitt romney and we in the republican party know this well. he has no trouble at all. no trouble move together left. this guy can move effortlyless to the left. he'll be able to get where he needs to get to court those swing voters and those independent voters. >> he moved effortlessly to the right. he moves all over the place. >> this is an issue where far left and far right agree.
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i am no mitt romney fan. that guy has been five different men in his lifetime. god only knows who he will be when he is elected. but we have to do everything we can to get barack obama out of there because i don't want another 3 trillion-dollar down the drain and i don't want to see us become italy. >> everything requires conservatives like you and other conservatives--look, in 2011 you look at a poll of 1500 tea party candidates at the tea party patriots summit, herman cain got 22%. sarah palin 10%. you don't see mitt romney anywhere. how are those people going to come out and vote for someone that they haven't supported all year. >> all the strategists will work very hard to get the conservative votes out for romney. at the end of the day we already
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know the result. we'll have low base turnout on both sides and it will be a race for independents. republicans have a better machine for turning out the base. bush in 2000 and 2004 won both elections with base turnout. so from karl rove we learned a lot of mechanics of turning out the base that we really didn't know before the year 2000. you'll see a full-scale effort from the republicans and a stronger effort than the democrats. this race, i'll make a prediction. this race will probably come down to the southwest. do you remember that movie a couple of years ago when it came down to one vote in new mexico. you could easily have new mexico colorado, nevada divide this race. it will be that close. >> i agree it will be close. i agree--but i don't agree with the base. i think the democratic base will come around this president. it's a new base democratic party. these numbers from the tea party and these numbers from conservatives make me think that the republicans are all over the place. >> michael, you got to
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understand, there is so much dissatisfaction. the issues--think about--think about--i heard leftists say they think obama has recreated the british empire in the mideast. there are people who are suiting mad over the public option. people talk about gay issues and what they perceive his lack of activity. they get fiery mad. i think you have worse problems on the democratic side. i say that as an end list, not a cheerleader. >> i'm both a cheerleader and analyst, i appreciate you coming in and talk to us. >> thanks. >> when we come back, arizona's horrible immigration law geese before the supreme court. is victory brewing for arizona's governor? >> arizona has the right and i as governor was assured that i have the right to protect the citizens of arizona.
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>> i thought the hearing went very very well. i feel very confident. as i walked out of there we'll get a favorable ruling in late june. it basically mirrors several laws. the question is can our law enforcement be part of that? >> today's supreme court heard oral arguments in the case of arizona and the supremes with all due respect to diana ross. there are four provisions in this law in sb 1070. it allows officers to demand documents and allows for warrantless arrests in arizona. people have run the game mitt whether there are provisions
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here that are racial profiling or whether they should just go after some of the other provisions that we just talked about. chris kovak had something to say about this as one of the writers of sb 1070. >> they didn't bring it. chief justice roberts said is this racial profiling no, it's not. >> i love how they say it's not about racial profiling. i love when they say this law tries to get immigrants out is not about racial profiling. we'll just ask documents of anyone who is suspicious of beingal illegal immigrant. if you look like you're from finland you'll have to provide documents or you'll be sent back to helsinki. this is what a law enforcement
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officer charged with enforcing these laws said to rick sánchez. >> how do you prove that they're not illegal? >> it has to do with their conduct, what type of clothes they're wearing, they are speech. they admit it. if they have phoney >> you arrest people and turn them over to the feds even if they haven't committed a crime. >> no, they did commit a crime. they're here illegally. >> how did you know they're here illegally. you told me it's because of the clothes they wore. >> you look at the federal law. it specifies the speech, clothes, environment erratic behavior. it's right in the law. >> we're not saying that every single police officer is going to be like that. but the fact that one of them could be makes this unfair, unjust, unamerican law to have. this is racial profileing no matter how you like it.
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and he was ordered to pay $2,000 because he illegally arrested two men solely on the basis of them having been hispanic. to look at this law and say it's not about racial profiling it's ridiculous. we're joined to talk about this and to learn more about it by mike sacks for the "huffington post." mike thanks for being on "the young turks." >> happy to be here. >> take us through what happened today. the justices heard some things and of course the best that can be hoped for a lot of people are saying it's going to be a 4-4 decision because elena kagan has recused herself from having worked on this case before when she was the the solicitor general. >> that's not going to happen. there was five votes six or seven to undue the blocking, if you will, of the most controversial and central element of arizona's sb 1070. that'sthat allows police officers to
7:19 pm
obtain documentation the papers of any person they reasonably suspect of being in the country illegally when they stop, detain or arrest that person. you heard from justices from scalia and soto meyer. they're arguing and agree with. they were merely calling the federal government of detaining somebody saying, hey do you want this guy? do you want us to hold on to him. if the federal government said keep them in the country, then arizona has to let them go. that seemed to be the understanding in the courtroom today, and this is what allowed justices from the right to the left saying this is an okay law. >> why are they going only after that aspect? why are they not talking about the racial profile through this
7:20 pm
prism in court. it seems they're not mentioning it at all. >> the first consideration is the makeup of the court. this is a court that is not very friendly to notions of racial--allegations of racism or racial bias. if the law sb 1070 does say if the law says we still ban racial profiling then more than half of the justices will say, we'll take it at face value and there is no racial profiling here. they took the strategic move saying it's preempted by the federal government's authority in the field of immigration. now if the court allows the major elements of sb 1070 to move forward and go into effect then you'll see civil rights groups with cases pending. there are individuals who want to bring challenges to the law on civil rights issues and
7:21 pm
protection issues and due rights issues. i suspect these case also come to the supreme court in the near future should the court unblock these provisions. >> they're going to come there any way. if we talk about protection, why not talk about it now while we're before the court with this case. it could be another case like healthcare, where some of the provisions are kept and some are overturned, isn't that right? they could break this apart a little bit. >> there were four provisions blocked by the ninth circuit and two of the provision also stay blocked. those are two provisions that the federal government had no interest making criminal. being in the state without proper papers or searching for work or obtaining work without documentation. the federal government considered punishing employees of illegal immigrant psyching work. instead they decided to punish
7:22 pm
employers. so because most of the justices say the court seemed to think that was persuasive enough authority for the federal government preempting sb 1070, we're likely to see though stand. we'll probably have a 2-2 split. the two provisions that the court felt were not stepping on federal government toes, and two that criminalize behavior that the federal government chose not to criminalize will probably end up being blocked. >> there is so much currency to be gained if they went after this on an equal protection gain. even if you lose that, you at least see what a court has right now, would be doing and it would illuminate the fact that my god they're saying this is legal, to ask for people's papers and profile. but now they're not even going to have that chance.
7:23 pm
>> we probably won't have to wait too long. >> mike sacks with the "huffington post." thanks for being on "the young turks." when we come back we'll talk about the l.a. riots. it's 20 years later and vh1 has a new documentary. >> we have to do what we have to do to get justice (vo) now, it's your turn. (vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time.
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it's completely inappropriate for television.
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>> so for some people it's unbelievable to imagine it's been 20 years since the l.a. riots, since the rodney king verdict. at that time the footage that we saw of rodney king being beaten by four police officers was grainy footage in the age before youtube. you didn't see things like this at all. it was replayed and replayed and replayed and the riots were some of the ugliest things that some of the people in america had ever seen on television but it did play into the 24-hour news cycle. on april 29, 1992 the verdict came in for lapd officers they were all acquitted and the acquittals let off a firestorm in los angeles. rioting in all parts of the city at the intersection of florence avenue normandy avenue, the brutal beating of a truck driver
7:27 pm
who was pulled from his truck and beaten on the street. these were images that we looked at all the time. now, 20 years later vh1 is airing a documentary produced by mark ford on tuesday. here's part that have documentary. >> they call this the rodney king route now. >> i was down here on the ground getting my brains beat in. >> in southern california tonight white policemen are accused of beating a black man and an amateur cameraman recorded it all. >> this is a lynching on tape. we got you. we got you. >> rodney king was the confirmation of everything we have been rapping about since the early 70s. >> you know, when we hear about something like that i'm going to bring jayar jackson into this conversation as well.
7:28 pm
when we hear about them talking about this 20 years later first, the beating is one of the most unwatchable things he ever watched, yet we watched it every night. then the reaction for a lot of people in america was exactly what we were bemoaning in the video, the senseless beating of this truck driver, havoc run amuck in the streets. i know you said you were only 11 years old when this happened. but how do you view this as someone in los angeles. >> it was weird. i was living in st. louis at the time. my whole adult life has been in los angeles. to see the embodiment of where things are now this is all where it all actually went down. i used to live in parts of the area, actually. when you think of it from that point and how things used to be, and how things were always talked about. then you see how it switched back over and really how amazing the beating went, and how really it was the first trial of the century in my opinion.
7:29 pm
this is how set the tone for people who didn't know what was happening and what all the talk is about for people who didn't believe. >> even though i'm not a big listener of the hip hip-hop music i know a lot of messages of hip-hop music happened before the riots. this was a culmination of the riots then. they went to the police department. this is john singleton who went to the head of police here in los angeles. >> what happens after this people will have to point to this. >> then what happened is-- [hip-hop music] >> had happened right away. as soon as that verdict was announced the crowd stormed parker center!
7:30 pm
if they were angry enough to attack the police at the headquarters, this riot is going to be the worst in the history of the country. >> you know, mark ford joins us now, the executive producer of the documentary. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> when we look at this parker center and we know it was named for bill parker, and this is even--he talked about the thin blue line that bill parker, the one who brought so many police officers up from the south to work here in the 60s after all the ugliness in the south. it's no irony then that in fact they were charging a police station named for him. what happened sings then. 50 people died. >> it was productive in some ways and in some ways not so much. the relationship between the lapd in that community is definitely much different than
7:31 pm
it was 20 years ago. racial profiling profiling that was happening, the crash you wants all these abuses are a thing of the past. look there is a lot of social and economic similarities that hasn't changed. >> when you were making this, were you moved like i was in this cursory look that i look at the material in the trailer at how unapologetic the people were. >> it was one of the most interesting things from my perspective as a filmmake for sit with henry watts and ask him, do you regret beating regional denny and he didn't come out and regret it publicly. he said, i did it once. you know, 18 years ago i'm not going to do it again. a lot of people who we interviewed who were on the streets those three or four days, you know, don't really feel contrite about their experience. they feel about what they did--including snoop dogg, who was a narrator he felt it was a
7:32 pm
part of history. it meant something to them. of course they don't feel good that people got hurt and businesses were ruined. but if you ask them about their personal experience, i hate to say there was a fondness about those days and that experience. >> i got a feeling they almost looked back on it romantically which was amazing to me. someone who doesn't is rodney king. let's listen who what rodney king said. >> i had never seen someone lose that much blood and live. [hip-hop music] >> rodney king took 56 baton blows that night. he had nine skull fractures, a shattered high, a broken leg concussion and nerve damage that left his face partially paralyzed. >> your work is about hip-hop. this is about hip-hop and the
7:33 pm
l.a. riots. what did hip-hop have to play in it or what happen coming out of it. >> we explored what was the connection between music and social change during that time. no one had exploreed music in this time period and how it impacted history. a lot of footage that we unearthed, amateur footage that no one has seen before, it confirms our suspicions that music was not a rallying cry for the riots. it was not driving people out of their homes to do what they did but it was an unifying factor in the community at that time. >> nwa had a song for what we'll call ," if the police." let's listen to them talk about that a little bit. >> hip-hop became the bar. >> we had a controversial song coming out called "bleep the
7:34 pm
police." >> not all police are bad police. just 90% of them. we're talking about that 90%. >> with one song nwa vented the frustration of our entire generation. >> mark ford, this is really so interesting both for people who lived then and who have learned since then to look at because it's a perspective that we never got 20 years later. it airs on may 1 tuesday may 1st on vh1. thanks for being here with us to talk about your work. when we come back, we'll talk about trayvon martin and guns, including guns just like this one. the one used to shoot him. [gunfire] >> that did a little jump. the newest voice in cable news is on the new news network. >>it is an independent progressive voice and i love that. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. a former two term governor.
7:35 pm
>>people like somebody who's got a spine. >>determined to find solutions... >>we need government to ensure that people have freedom. >>driven to find the truth... >>what's really going on? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct. what makes hershey's s'mores special? pure chocolate goodness that brings people together. hershey's makes it a s'more... you make it special. pure hershey's.
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attack on women that perhaps the majority of the population woke up? >> idaho is not known as approaching act i.v. you had hundreds of women show up, thousands signed petitions. they made their voices heard. what happens is that now, the legislators are running scared. very similar laws have passed quietly in other states for the past 10 years, really in the past two years have intensified. pennsylvania a similar law was shelved, idaho this proved to be political poison. women are paying attention and having their voices heard. >> thanks for coming in. >> the aclu considers a demand that to get a job you have to let an employer open your private mail, the senate wants
7:37 pm
to make it illegal to hand over a password to your facebook account. we will not settle for easy answers. (vo) the former governor of ny eliot spitzer, joins the new news network. >>every night we will drill down on the days top stories in search of facts that inform. >> we don't stop until we get answers that are truthful, serious, and not based on simplistic answers. >>we're here because we're independent. >> okay, we're coming back and
7:38 pm
we're talking about trayvon martin from a different point of view. while we focused on race and we focused on the unjust way that george zimmerman was not arrested we have not talked, i don't believe enough about guns and the role that guns play. without a gun this wouldn't even be a conversation. trayvon martin would be at school today. so with stand your ground laws all over the country right now and we hear about them constantly it also goes to guns. let's listen to some of the ways that stand your ground is being portrayed in our media. >> in florida a 17-year-old shot to death. >> based on a florida law that allows people to use deadly force to defend themselves. >> the shooting has ignited an national debate about new laws allowing citizens in more than 20 states a lot of latitude in deploying deadly force. >> there is a rising debate not
7:39 pm
about the race aspects about this, but the stand your ground law, which exists now in nearly half of the states in america. >> we wouldn't be talking about "stand your ground" if we didn't own so many damn guns. let's look at some of the astonishing numbers about guns. 270 million guns in america. that's slightly less than one gun for every citizen. 90 guns for every 100 citizens. it's a shocking facts of life that we live in a country with gun control that is so lacks. when you look at shootings and you see the polling numbers like the pew poll that we'll show you right here about gun ownership. 49% of people think it's important to protect the rights to own but 45% say we should control gun ownership. there is so little being done to control gun ownership that i wanted to bring in dan gross.
7:40 pm
thanks for being on the show. part of me is so frustrated because i don't know where to turn. all this happened, and congress is just sitting on their hands. you don't see the president talking about it senators or congressmen, what can be done to change the course of dialogue. >> for the american dialogue to force that change to take place. gun lobby and more importantly the applications politicians do their bidding have for arming people in our country. they wanted george zimmerman, an man with an arrest record to be able to carry his gun a loaded hidden gun on the streets of sanford that night. we need to hold our leaders accountable for putting provisionthevision of the gun head
7:41 pm
of the vision of the protection of american citizens. >> why not. why are not alarm bells going off all over the country and say, whoa, we need to take a look of how we think about guns in this country. >> this is not just being outraged over a specific tragedy. this is holding people accountable. there are people out there putting guns in the hands consciously of dangerous people, and it's all in the name of a industry, in the name of a gun industry, in the name of a lobby. we have to started holding people accountable for arming dangerous people. mitt romney goes and speaks at the nra convention and talks about protecting the second amendment. you tell me any our politician, keeping the guns out of the hands of a convicted felon or domestic abuser.
7:42 pm
we have to start telling the stories simply for what it is. i believe, and that's why i'm with this organization, and that's why i'm on this fight. i believe when we can illustrate this story and connect those dots we can create the level of outreach that exists on other issues and create change. >> i'm enthused hearing what you're saying. it sounds like you're coming in with a new energy. let's see what you're up against. you see the funding for the political side of funding. gun opponents gave 2% of their finances went to gun opponents. 99% to proponents. and the lobbying, $4 million in this same year. 3% to gun opponents and 97% to gun proponents. >> look at alec. when you make the gun law be
7:43 pm
toxic. people went running. look who went running the big corporations that fund alec. as a result, the american public needs to put that same kind of scrutiny what the gun lobbying is doing as it relates to our politicians and call people out for doing the bidding of the gun lobbying. that is the only way this is going to change. >> i want to know about a plan you have. your agency, the brady center, while they've been standing their own ground, we could say a lot of losses. look at the nra victories. there was stand your ground. no ban on assault weapons. they overturned the ban on assault weapons. they allow guns at national parks. the exemption of donor disclosure that congress gave them. i don't fault the brady center. you weren't there but more has to be done. >> we have to take responsibility for this. i'm going say words that maybe will never come out of the brady
7:44 pm
organization before. the nra is winning. i need to say that to the american public. the nra and their vision of america putting guns in everybody's hands is winning. they're going to keep winning until we stand up and do something about it. >> it's encouraging to hear. my father always said they should ban bullets. thanks for being here. you have a huge responsibility, and i hope you're able to change the tide. >> on behalf of the american people. >> we like to hear it. next we have another moving story. a moving story out of cherry hill new jersey, about autism. a father who wires his autistic son. you'll be shocked to hear what ana kasparian has to bring us in that next story. >> no one who treats children like that, call them vicious names. who humiliate them deserves to be a teacher!
7:45 pm
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>> back on "the young turks." we're very proud to bring you stories that you're not going to hear anywhere else in the media. we have one that is both shocking and it's outrageous. you know, autism is a huge problem, and when you look at just one fact coming from the state of new jersey, which is that they have cut $25.6 million from their special education fund. what ana kasparian is about to tell you will shock you even more. >> this is devastating story that broke today. and it has to do with a ten-year-old autistic student by the name of aikian. his father was notified that his son was being violent in class. he spoke to the school administrators. he spoke to teachers and couldn't really understand why his sweet son a son that never had any violent outbursts was having violent outbursts in
7:49 pm
class. after months, stuart chaifetz decided to wire his son and get an idea of what was going on in class. and unfortunately what he expected actually came true. it turned out that some of his teachers were verbally abusing him in class. in fact, he got six and a half hours of tapes and we're going to give you an example of some the verbal abuse his ten-year-old son endured. let's listen. [screaming] >> now aikian's father basically says that his son has a habit of talking to himself because he's autistic. but rather dealing with the situation the correct way the teachers decided to yell eight him and told him to shut his
7:50 pm
mouth. if you think that was bad listen to the next tape. >> you call my son abbas tarred? you made him cry? you heard him crying innocently, and he's abbas tarred for that? what kind of a sick, twisted person does that to a ten-year-old boy? >> now, you just saw his father in the end of that tape. however, he's saying that he does not want anyone to get sued. he just wants the correct consequences for these teachers. one of the teachers jody sugoros was fired. the other teacher was not fired just reassigned. he's very upset about that. in the next tape he talks about how he wants a public apology. >> kelly jody, everyone who was in that room, i want a public
7:51 pm
apology for what you did to my son. i want your full name out. i want you to come forward. i want to you take responsibility for what you do, and then i want you to resign because no one who treats children like that, who calls them vicious names who humiliate them, who batter them verbally deserves to be a teacher! >> i think that he was very eloquent in talking about his demands in that video. michael, this is really a devastating story when you keep in mind this is just a ten ten-year-old autistic student. it was a school in cherry hill, new jersey. >> that's why we showed the new jersey numbers. every student is not story is not about politics, and everything we do here isn't. but what politicians do have consequences. when you cut $25.6 million from special education fund and you see an issue with a special
7:52 pm
education student, what would cenk say? of courseof course! we're looking at the consequences of this and we're talking about it. corrections have been made but i don't know a lot about autism, but i do know when you see a father wiring his student to go in there and see how their students are being shut out of schooling, it's horrifying. >> education is dealing defunded and teachers are not being made nearly enough for the jobs they're doing and is public education going to attract the best and the brightest teachers in the country if they know that they're going to be treated this way? probably not. funding has horrible effects on education, and this is just one example of that. i don't think it's the right consequence for a teacher to
7:53 pm
just get reassigned. there was also evidence on the tape that indicated that they would talk about their sex lives in front of these students. they would talk about getting drunk in front of these students as if they if they can't understand what is going on. >> excellent reporting. it's a sad story to watch but at least justice has been served in some way there. when we come back we'll shown a slow jam. >> i wasn't worried about being.
7:54 pm
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7:56 pm
>> i love when presidents or politicians go out of their element and do things like president obama did last night with jimmy fallen and his slow jam. >> it's so important to keep down costs so we keep college affordable. >> and the president knows his stuff, y'all that's why they call him the potus which means person on top--what is it? >> of course in this day and age you can't do that if you're a democrat without fox news having a vicious reaction. >> i do not personally agree with the highest office of the land, the most important figure in the world going on these comedy shows. i think it lowers the status of the office. >> i love the way they spend their entire time lowering the status of the guy. but he lowers the status of the
7:57 pm
office by going on television. what is he supposed to do? >> it's the victimhood. they say what about us? we need to explain about it. if they have a figure who will go on these types of shows and look good, it was awesome. it was great that the president does this for the office. it's modern. >> does it piss you off at all? >> sure. it makes me love his campaign any more? >> i think it's fun. >> it humanizes him. it shows that he has a sense of humor. i love it. fox news slamming him for this, the slow jam slam it's ridiculous. it's a waste of time but it's their way of demonizing the president, making him look like a bad guy. mitt romney did the same thing fox news would not be having this discussion. >> it shows that he has a sense of humor and fox news does not have a sense of humor. thanks guys, and thanks, mr. president, for doing that. eliot spitzer
7:58 pm
7:59 pm