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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  April 26, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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♪ >> while we watch, that's the name of a brand new film that is debuting today but debuting online, and it's about the occupy movement. part of the occupy movement's strategy was that they were a leader less mob and they were getting all of their information
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and passion from many many different people. they are also getting a lot of their footage from many many different people. throughout the heat of the occupy movement we were seeing all kinds of video coming in from so many different places. kevin has put it together on a film. let's take a look at the trailer here. >> media for the most part [ inaudible ] the economic practices that got us into the disaster of 2008. >> we have reached a pinnacle point, where we said our children will not be more successful than us. that's unacceptable. [ shouting ] [ screaming ] >> it's becoming a media war, and it's really one-sided. they call it class war, and what are we fighting back with? >> the media is scared. >> we do not need the regular media to get this out at all.
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we are creating our own media. >> there's no reporters, just footage, footage footage. >> some of that is about how this is their only means of getting word out. so some of the most compelling images were the people versus the police, because that's not what it began as, and when the police started moving in you saw how the people engaged the police et cetera. and this shows that to the utmost. >> are you a police officer? okay. >> this is an undercover police officer. >> this is an undercover police officer! >> and his last name is foley! >> that's nob 50!
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>> he is forcing this man to remove though generator. >> this is not legal. this is not legal -- >> back up. you understand me? >> that journalism at the same time is both modern and primitive. they are going out there with their phones and following police officers and checking on everything that is being done. and that's what citizen journalism is. and here is a little bit more about what they say. >> this is a changing landscape of our media. it is almosting citizen media and journalism. people have the power to tell stories that beforehand only [ inaudible ]. >> you don't have a press pass on or anything. >> i don't need a press pass. i am a citizen journalist. i have no presumption of being any better than the next person with a cell phone. >> it's while we watch. earlier today i got to sit and
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talk with the director of "while we watch," kevin breznan. >> kevin this project had to be difficult because you were culling material from so many places. the problem of doing something about main stream media is the fact you have to rely on other forms of media to put it together. >> that's an excellent quo and thought. once i got to know everyone there, i said did you film anything? did you take any stills? because i knew i needed help. i didn't have a big crew to capture everything that was going on and it was absolutely live, so i had never shot a live story like this where it was going on pulling pushing, yelling, screaming, people -- it was always bustling. so i was trying to get as much
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control as i could, and yet i leaned on the creative people that helped me. >> before we walk through a little of it with you, i want to ask you a little bit about what drew you to this in the first place. what brought you down there to do a project like this? >> i'm a lucky guy. my company asked me to go there, and said would you take a look and see if there's anything we might want to shoot a documentary about? so i went down there, and i looked around, and i thought it might be too difficult. it was all political. and everyone had a cause, which i totally respected, and was impressed by their perseverance however, as a story teller i said to myself what is an angle i can find. and there were certain people always moving, and i was
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wondering who are these people i thought they were the leaders. it turned out they were the media people grabbing information from everybody, and running back to computers under a tent. and banging out the story and sending it out worldwide. >> what is so particularly alluring about the occupy movement is that everybody does have a story. and i want to listen to one of the people who you picked up talking about the fact that this is what her story is, as opposed to some of the others. >> the same company that powers our houses owns our telestations. our core mission is to amplify what is coming out of the movement. when people have proper information they have power. there is this end tire generation that is never going to be able to catch up or have stability in their lives, because they have no resources, no jobs, no option.
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this is what happens when our government is bought and paid for. is this what you want for your future? >> her take is not that it's different, it's under this huge umbrella of occupy. the coownership of everything we live with exists and pushes smaller people out and that's what you are fighting here. >> yeah, priscilla is a magnificent woman. she is so smart and knowledgeable, and working really hard on the newspaper "wall streeter," and she was a voice behind all of the difficulties that everyone is having. i discovered her and she got right out in the front, and the world could use 100 priscilla grimms. >> or 99. >> yeah and she was behind the
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line and they put it on tumbler and that line will go down in history. >> of course it will. tell us when you first heard that line. >> when i first heard it i -- i don't even remember actually where i first heard it but it was a line that stuck with me. and then when i met with priscilla and read about her, she was the first person to put it on tumbler she and chris another wall street person communicated together and he wrote the line and she championed it and got it out there. and like with any great line once it is out there, everyone is claiming responsibility. but they are the true owners. and then the whole world wrote into them explaining whatever tragedies they are facing. >> one of the themes of your
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work and the conversation is the idea that the main stream media didn't pick up on this. this was done through media of a totally different kind. however, i want to challenge that a little bit, because it's now such a part of the way we speak about politics. we talk about the 99 and the 1% every single day, and i get -- i'm not the savviest social media person but i get a lot of my information from the main stream media. and i know about 99 and 1% we made chris and priscilla's lines part of the parlay here. >> it is part of the lexicon of media now. i don't want to get into he said she said. they were mad that the "new york times" made fun of them for lack of a better wore or belittled them or dismissed them and then
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they started to say you know what we're not jokers we're not playing a game. we're determined to get a message out there and they are all so smart, so articulate so knowledgeable in all social media skills as well as basic writing skills that they say we don't need a press pass or be validated by some big corporate media industry, and they decided we're going to do it ourselves, because they were in a park alone, and they had nothing else to lose. so usually that's where a good idea comes from when you are at rock bottom. and they blasted out with it. people should not be afraid of them. people should probably listen to what they say and maybe it would be better for everyone. >> kevin you have done a mighty thing here, and congratulations on putting it together. it premiers today,
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and we appreciate your efforts and what you have done to increase the volume of what the movement is all about. thanks for being on "the young turks." >> thank you very much, everyone. >> as the occupy movement is a work in progress and may 1st there will be a whole occupy movement, they will be editing this in real time. when we return though we will be talking about -- stag we will be talking about the secret service and the problems they are having in el salvador now. >> the owner of that strip club verified that indeed secret service had been there that week. it had been a popular week. ♪
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said today -- or yesterday, i think, that she would be surprised if in fact she learned this was not an isolated incident of secret service sort of playfulness in columbia, and of course it comes out now that it hand in el salvador. the tv has shown us the secret service that were on a detail last year went to a strip club and some of them even left with prostitutes. is reporter chris [ inaudible ]. >> he says about a dozen secret service agents plus some of the military specialists that accompanied those members got in vans and went to a popular strip club in el salvador. i spoke to the owner, and he said there has been members of the secret service there.
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and hosted dea, and fbi agents. the owner said he does not allow prostitution inside the strip club, however, our witness tells us he repeatedly saw the secret service exchange money until the club, and those agents took escorts back into a hotel room. >> we need our power panel to break this down. benjy sarlin, capitol hill reporter for talking points memo, and amanda terkel, senior political reporter and politics managing editor at "the huffington post." amanda, when i heard this story and heard we were going to be covering the secret service story, i was a loan voice saying i don't want to talk about this story. some guys went out and went to a brothel and that's what happened. why are we talking about it? does this really matter? >> i think it's a story if you want to look deeper at perhaps
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the culture of the secret service. clearly there are problems. these guys didn't one night decide we're going to do something totally new year. clearly there is a culture that needs to be addressed. there are concerns this would be a security issue, but it's just strange -- this is a business and this is what we're doing. at the "huffington post" when we go on business trips this is not what we're doing. this is clearly something that needs to be cleaned up internally. >> bengie i listen to what amanda is saying, and i agree, but i also think are we just naive. i mean, these are guys on a business trip, quote, unquote. he says when the strippers leave the strip club they become escorts. we have a military lining up outside red light districts all
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over the world. >> this isn't sailors on shore leave in manhattan. this is the secret service. and most importantly you don't want them vulnerable to being compromised to bribery blackmail to being caught off guard, apparently some of the reports, they were going around bragging about how close they were to the president ahead of his visit. none of this seems like something you want going on. >> it has been about ten or 12 hours, but i guess i lose on this one, and our producer will be happy to see that i concede that you guys are all right. the president was pretty cool on jimmy fallon the other night, and karl rove's pac has picked up on that, and they run an ad that sounds like it is pro obama. let's take a look. ♪ so in love with you ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] >> nice. >> he's a jack ass. he's a jack ass. [ chanting obama ] >> so bengie i'll go to you first on this one. isn't this a pro obama ad? >> the old adage in political advertising the words and text doesn't matter it's just the imagery. so when you go by that these are mostly things that the white house themselves will probably showcase and did at the time. but they are hoping they can get into this message they tried in 2008. he is a lightweight celebrity. if you remember that mccain celebrity ad back in 2008. so it's interesting they are trotting this angle back now. he's not a freshman senator,
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we're talking the president of the united states. >> yeah, amanda it didn't work last time. where are they trotting it out again? >> it didn't work last time. this is a tough argument for republicans to make that president obama is not really relating to what americans are going on. you have then mitt romney who is a multi-millionaire, who is very wealthy, has a gigantic house with multi-car garage. this is a very very tough argument for them to try to make. it didn't work in 2008. i feel like they could probably be producing more effective ads. >> i don't think they are going to run out of money, so they will probably get another chance to do that. thank you both for being on the young young tonight. when we come back we'll be talking about a church worker who's dream was to have children, and it ended up
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costing her church job. >> her actions would cause a scandal if anyone found out. ♪
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fabulous! for a good clean feeling. ♪ eat, drink, chew orbit! ♪ ♪ as part of a continuing effort to bring you small stories that might make a different, "the young turks" will report on a catholic school teacher from indiana. >> she recently got fired because she went through invitro fertilization in order to get pregnant. the doctors decided to try invitro fertilization so she and her husband brian can conceive a child. some religious leaders were not impressed.
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"good morning america" has the story. she was fired last june after she asked for time off for invitro fertilization. but she signed a contract to respect the catholic faith. and they forbid the procedure. >> they fired her for wanting what problem everyone in the congregation has a family. >> the school's pastor told her she was a quote grave immoral sinner. so herx filed a complaint with the eeoc and won. and now she has filed a lawsuit. >> if you are a religious school, you can terminate any employee you want for any reason
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you want. even for diskrim tore purpose. emily was speaking to cnn about this situation. let's watch. >> one day i got an email saying i needed to meet with the senior at st. vincent and he told me that basically my job was at risk out of the blue and i said, well, my principal has been going about this for two years. i didn't think i was doing anything wrong, and i never had any complaints about me as a teacher, so i was shocked, and then it just kind of snowballed from there. >> it's incredible that she was one of the best teachers at the school. she received high marks, and then she has a religious leader at the school saying quote:
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>> right. and she said she suffers from a medical condition that prevents her from becoming pregnant. >> this is one of those situations that you don't want to say this is what they signed into, but this is what she signed into. this guy who is calling her names. forget him. i really don't think she should internalize what he is saying, but at this point you don't want to be around these people, and you don't want to say that whatever, everybody needs their job, but hopefully it leads to something better. >> ana thanks for sharing that story with us. and for the king of outrage i go to new york and cenk uygur who will be hosting "viewpoint" tonight. how are you, cenk? >> what do you mean? do i get outraged?
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okay. here is what we're covering at 8:00. mccain says the war on women is imaginary. i'm going to check his ass. okay? further more we are using a new authorized drunk program where we don't -- we literally don't know who we're killing. you know what, i'm outraged by that, and then furthermore, get a load of this. is there a show anywhere in the country with a stronger african american cast than tonight at 8:00 on current. >> even the jefferson's the other couple the guy was white. also a bit of news that i want to share with you, cenk is that newt gingrich tonight will lose his secret service detail. >> oh god that's such a shame.
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what happens if the penguins attack again? >> he is on his own kid. we will be back in just a little bit to talk about bradley manning and an update on his trial. ♪
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eliot spitzer joins the new news network. >>we will drill down on the day's top stories in search of facts that inform. ♪
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they are reviewing charges against private manning. there are 22 charges. the most serious of those charges is aiding the enemy which are has a maximum penalty of life imprisonment or the option for the death penalty. bradley manning has not decided whether he will have trial by judge or jury but the judge ruled against dismissing the most serious of those charges which is aiding the enemy. the aiding the enemy charge is the one that carries the possible death penalty. they are keeping this all under wraps. here is what the states department spokesperson has to say. >> i think our view of the wikileaks incident has not changed at all in terms of the negative
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