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tv   Full Court Press  Current  April 27, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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views, now it's your turn. >>i know you're going to want to weigh in on these issues. >>connect with "full court press with bill press" at
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and on twitter at bpshow. >>i believe people are hungry for it. ♪ >> taking your e-mails on any topic at any time, this is the bill press show, live on your radio and current tv. >> how about this beyonce, when she was named the most beautiful woman in the world said it made her feel crunchy. we don't know what that word
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meant. so she defined it john m. e-mails in, for you high-society social socialites, crunchy does mean embarrassed in the slang world. well, i am not the only one that didn't know what it meant, peter. >> i didn't know what it meant. >> right? dan? >> and i speak slang. don't take it out on me. and how about this one? i love it. two e-mails today, both start out the same way: this one from carl checkschechter, you commy, why shouldn't we get the most money we can. there you go again, you stupid pinko-comme. would you, i have been called a faggot commy, pinko for a long time. guess what. you are right about everything.
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>> it's the bill press show.
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♪ >> happy friday. it is friday april 27th. welcome, everybody, to the full-court press this friday morning. i am bill press. liberal and proud of it. good to have you with us as we take off on our daily round-up of the big news of the day from our nation capitol capitol hill washington d.c. news around the country and around the globe. here is good news on the economic front. chrysler is out with its profits and they are reporting the strongest quarter in 13 years. that, of course, is thanks to
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president obama for saving the u.s. auto industry and remember that mitt romney wanted america's auto makers to fail. big difference between the two on that issue. and that's just one the topics we will be talking about this morning with all of you. and taking your calls of course, first here is today's current tv news update standing buy in los angeles, jackie schechner. >> good morning everybody. trayvon martin's attorney says he misled the court about how much money he has. zimmerman has used his website to raise more than $200,000 for his own defense. at a hearing last week zimmerman and his family claimed he didn't have enough money and said they are at $150,000. martin lawyer says it should be higher and zimmerman should be back in custody mark omara has ordered the website be shut down and will bring up the issue of money at a
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hearing today that coincidentally had already been scheduled, to talk about unsealing the criminal file. expect to see an increase in security at airports and other transportation hubs as we approach the first anniversary of osama bin laden's death this coming tuesday. this is former white house counter-terrorism official richard clarke. >> the major issue for al-qaeda is to prove they are still alive. do some fairly major event or series of attacks to for they are not down and out. >> u.s. officials say they are not responding to any particular threat but they are being cautious because when the navy seals raided osama bin laden's home they found papers of timing future stacks to anniversary. you can chat at and we will be back with more show right after the break. ♪
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attack on women that perhaps the majority of the population woke up? >> idaho is not known as approaching act i.v. you had hundreds of women show up, thousands signed petitions. they made their voices heard. what happens is that now, the legislators are running scared. very similar laws have passed quietly in other states for the past 10 years, really in the past two years have intensified. pennsylvania a similar law was shelved, idaho this proved to be political poison. women are paying attention and having their voices heard. >> thanks for coming in. >> the aclu considers a demand that to get a job you have to let an employer open your private mail, the senate wants to make it illegal to hand over a
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password to your facebook account.
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it takes people with real knowledge to build and maintain a race car. polymers, hydo-carbons, thermal plastics, math and science? you bet it is. many kids don't understand how important these subjects can be that's why time warner cable developed connect a million minds. to introduce kids in our communities to the opportunities that inspire them to develop these important skills. how can my car go faster? maybe your child will figure it out. find out more at
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♪ >> broadcasting across the nation, on your radio and on current tv, this is the bill press show. >> hey here we go on friday. friday april 27th. good to see you today. this is the full court press. we are coming to you all the way across this great land of ours from our studio here on capitol hill in washington, d.c. down the street from the united states capitol building, good to have you with us today. lots to talk about and lots of good people coming in to help us doing including all of you, of course. i look forward to hearing from you on the big issues of the day at 866-55-press.
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866-5577377, team press, ready to serve you peter okay burn, dan henning and cyprian boulding. >> ready to serve you and ready to be served. this morning, it's gin. >> that's true. we are literally -- >> a lot of times we joke about that. today, we are serious. >> we are leading up to it. >> that's all i am saying. >> vice president joe biden out on the road yesterday giving a rip-roaring speech about mitt romney not prepared to lead this nation and about the great job that president obama has done on many fronts. joe summed it up with this bumper sticker. >> if you are looking for a bumper sticker to sum up how president obama has handled what we inherited, it's pretty simple: osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive. [applause.] >> i think that's pretty good.
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that says it. that says it right there. vice president biden went on to talk about how strong president obama was in the area of foreign policy. perhaps not the best choice of words. >> now is the time to heed the timeless advice of teddy roosevelt: speak softly and carry a big stick. end of quote. i promise you the president has a big stick. i promise you. >> he carries a big stick, wields a big stick. >> should have -- don't even go there. >> don't even go to the big stick. okay. thank you for sharing. >> more than we needed to know. we told you just absolutely 5-star list today, governor jennifer granholm current tv's host of the war room in studio
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with us, congressman january" schekowski at the top of the hour. and wayne pusalli, head of the humane society about a lot of different issues and we are going to sample all together hendricks gin before the end of the show but first. >> this is the full court press. >> tomorrow night is the night joe, white house correspondent's dinner. all of the headlights have been about celebrities. many forget the spectacle is a charity event. this year handing out nearly $100,000 in scholarships for various schools, university of maryland, columbia northwestern and beyond. >> tell me more about lindsay lohan coming. >> that's all i want to hear. >> i am going because i am a member of the white house press corps are embarrassed. it's nothing but tweaks from
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hollywood. >> the first lady has been known to quietly slip out of the white house with her secret service protection detail speaking to a group of kids at take your child to workday yesterday, mrs. obama said she has threatened to walk out of the white houseand keep going. the secret service is worried she might actually do it according to cnn she said her ultimate fantasy would be to walk to georgetown and back with absolutely nobody noticing. >> and a regular nba teak bobcats are hanging their heads finishing with the worst record in nba history. seven wins and 59 losses. >> oh, my god. >> likely would have been more had they not had the strength to play a whole season. >> they were saved. >> washington winners were the
4:09 am
next worse. they won 20 games. >> yeah. bring out the worst ever. >> chicago bulls best,nu 1 seed of the playoffs 50 wins, 16 losses. >> dan thank you. yes, indeed. well the senate yesterday after all of the wrangling over it voted 68 to 31 to approve the extension of the violence against women act. that bill may not have such smooth sailing in the house of representatives. here to take an issue of that, a good friend of the program joining united states, jan shekowski representing illinois's 9th congressional district. >> go bulls. >> how are you? >> i am great. how are you? >> we are good. we look forward to getting you in studio on current tv on our new national t.v. show. >> great. congratulations, yeah. >> as we started on sports there, with the bulls, we've got a little tuft for you this
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morning. as dan mentioned, it was take your kid to workday yesterday and a lot of white house staffers did. and the first lady sat down with some of those kids, and here is one of the questions she got, congresswoman. >> are you as big of a white sox fan as your husband? and did you congratulate hummer after he threw a perfect game. >> no. i am not as big a fan because i grew up a cubs fan. we have a mixed major. >> oh. all right. all right, congresswoman. time to take sides here. >> cubs. northsider. >> is that right? >> northsider. yeah. >> you know, i was just saying earlier, those from chicago are all cubby fans except for the president. >> that was a remarkable no-hitter. that was great. >> there is no gray area with baseball fans in chicago. you are a cubs fan or a sox fan. you don't like both?
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right? >> it's hard to be. i mean there is a real rivalry and you have to choose. >> are there many mixed marriages? >> oh, yes. >> really? >> absolutely. >> all right. we are glad to know where you stand on that issue. now, what is your take on this -- the violence against women act, the bill, it's extended form passed the senate, 31 votes against it and they were all 31 republican men congresswoman. how is it going to do in the house? >> i think that on the extended form, true to form the republicans don't like it. heaven forbid we extended protection against violence to same section cowbells, immigrant women. oh, no native americans? right? >> or native americans. native americans. let's keep up the fight. right? and so i think that it's going to, you know either be changed before the republicans would
4:12 am
vote for it or at its not going to pass at all. unbelievable. this is about violence. violence is not okay for some people, but it's okay for others. >> yeah. sort of like saying, it's fair game. right? to beat up undocumented workers or women in same-sex marriages or native americans on reservations. what are they saying? how do they justify this or do they attempt to? >> you know, this is their ideology. it fits into the whole scheme of some people in some people out. why are we going to acknowledge, act as if they exist, same-sex couples. you know, according to many of them, undocumented people aren't people at all. they are not included in the health care bill. and they are chased down in arizona. so, no, it's obvious to them.
4:13 am
>>. >> it's hard to believe -- are you saying congresswoman that we might see a case where the violence against women act is not extended? >> well, you know, here is the dynamic in the senate, i think, what they really did for us and in the country did force some of the republicans to change their mind. the -- they are in such weak ground when it comes to women right now and of course, women are the majority of voters and this consistent run women, those who don't think it exists, take a look at the record may finally, come to haunt them and say, wait a minute. violence? maybe we ought to take some action. i am hoping there will be enough a a public outcry that they will change their mind. but, you know, i keep thinking
4:14 am
that. >> yeah i keep thinking that will moment will happen. >> we are talking to congresswoman jan schakowsky. you introduced legislation dealing with a related issue on working moms that system ed out of this. i am a working mom. >> right. mitt romney said all moms work. under current law, raising children does not count toward the required work authority and mid romney said he wanted to show women with children as young as two years old the dignity of work. and so if they received any help from the government, they had to go out to work. and so what this legislation kind of take them up on this notion, if all moms work let us
4:15 am
and the law to say that push moms can stay home until their children reach 4 years old and that work of raising children -- and that's why we are calling it the work bill -- women's option to raise kids act would county at work if they stay home and take care of their kids, that would be their work for three years anyway. >> they would be able to apply for government assistance? >> that's right. >> yeah. if they need it during that time? >> that's right. if you have a job, that supplies to your work requirement or job training or, you know, various things apply toward your work retirements, not raising children right now. so this would expand the definition of "work" i notice you have good friends p bash
4:16 am
blah lee p rosa delaro, good liberals. >> and stark is the chief sponsor. >> so it sounds like taking him at his word as you pointed out, this is something mitt romney should scampers. >> absolutely. we haven't heard whether he would. we are serious. we think that this is the mart thing to do for children and a smart thing to do for these women because, you know, the availability of quality affordable health care even though mitt romney said if it's not there, we should provide it, it isn't there. it really is very expensive and why should these women have to pay someone else to take care of their children to go out and it may be get a minimum wage job is
4:17 am
the jog market certainly isn't great right now. he specially for low-income work women who may not have a great education. so this is real. >> and and can't afford child care. >> exactly. i always like to point out, too, many child care places require that you bring diapers for your little children. diapers are not covered by food stamps or the snap program. they are very expensive. what you are finding now is things like diaper banks popping up around the country because it really becomes a barrier for women to send their children to child care if they can't afford to buy the diapers. >> congress woman jan schakowsky. john boehner says president obama is inventing a fake issue over student loans, that there is no difference between republicans and democrats on this issue. what's the truth?
4:18 am
>> they were dragged kicking and screaming to even consider the idea which they opposed to continue to keep the rates fortude ent loans and a half and when they finally, did, they decided to pay for it by taking money out of the preventative health care fund. >> that's the way they want it. by the way, that means cancer and breast cancer and ovarian cancer and screenings for women, yeah, they want to eliminate the health care fund, and that's how they are going to pay for kids to go to college. >> they already voted for the ryan budget, which increases student lines, the rate of interest. right? from 3.4 to 6.8%. they are already on record as voting for 6.8%. >> right. >> unbelievable. >> every day you are just jaw dropping. >> well, we need a change of
4:19 am
leadership there and hopefully we will find out in november congress woman jan schakowsky. thank you. >> bye-bye. >> come in studio on several issues. i think republicans would realize they are just not where the american people are these days. there is some good news on the economic front which we will tell you all about and a big bonus coming to those who bought health insurance last year, thanks to obamacare. >> on your radio and on current tv, this is the bill press show. and there's only one place you'll find us.
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eliot spitzer joins the new news network. >>we don't stop until we get answers that are truthful, serious and not based on simplistic answers. ♪
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>> this is the bill press show. >> 35 minutes after the hour wayne pusselli is head of the hall of famee society. he will be in the next segment of the program. you see an article about identity test in the newspaper. one caught my idea, a woman and her daughter in baltimore north of washington, d.c. sentenced in an identity theft scheme. they were getting information from patients at a prominent baltimore hospital and using that to open credit card accounts. you hear something like that and you say do i have any protection? i do. it's called lifelock identity protection. it is the most comprehensive id theft protection ever made. it protects your bank account. lifelock can't protect you, of course, if you are not a mer.
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i encourage you to call now and press 60 for 60 risk-free days of lifelock ultimate theft protection. if you are not happy, call them and within another 60 days, cancel. they will give you a full refund. see life for details and give them a call at 18003565967. 1-800-356-5967. the lifelock ultimate protection. a couple of good -- some good news on the economic front. i wanted to be sure you heard today, the dow, yesterday, soaring up 114 points! you probably didn't hear that anywhere else because we know the way it works. the mainstream media only reports on the dow when it collapses 3 figures. they never report when it goes up. also on the economic news front, chrysler yesterday reporting their strongest quarter in 13
4:25 am
years. chrysler has also paid back the $112,000,000,000 that we loaned them to get back on their feet thanks to president obama's record profits and now chrysler record profits and finally on the economic front, we told you that president obama, obama care, the afford area care act is working. the kaiser foundation reported yesterday that insurance companies will be paying back rebates, $13,000,000,000 in rebates this summer to people who bought their health insurance last year. >> that's an area of $127 per patient because insurance companies spent too much money on overhead and under obama care, they have to get a rebate -- give a rebate to americans. it's working, obamacare. >> this is the bill press show. ♪
4:26 am
it's go time. >>every weeknight cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>the guys in the middle class the guys in the lower end got screwed again. >>i think you know which one we're talking about. the overwhelming majority of the country says"tax the rich, don't go to war." >>just wanted to clarify that.
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♪ >> this is the full court press, the bill press show. live on your radio and current tv. >> happy friday, frill april 2nd -- april 27th. we told you yesterday about burger king making a whopper of an announcement saying starting soon, all of their egg products are going to be cage-free.
4:31 am
a good friend we talked to before. great to be with you. >> thank you for having me back. >> is this a big deal? >> it is as biden would say bfd? >> a big part of our program is dogs and cats. it's 19 different animals and includes farm animals. the largest category of animals used in agriculture. >> yeah. >> americans eat them so there are more animals than people on the planet. think numerically. so how they are treated, whether they are confined in small cages, within warehouses that we call factory farms or if they have some access to pasture or at least in the middle that they
4:32 am
get a little bit to move around. in american agriculture, there has been a transformation a transformation, i think, for the ill where the animals were moved from outdoor settings where they could feel sunlight on their back or snow beneath their feet and put in giant factory farms an especially for turkeys, for pigs and for laying hens who produce eggs and we have decided at the humane society there are 8 million dogs and cats that go through animal shelters there are 3 and a half euthanized. when you are talking 10 billion for food, a little correction can have enormous sequences.
4:33 am
burger king announced it is going to change their supply change. they have sausage, ham, bacon and when you really add up, you know, what each outlet sells time 8500 outlets, you are talking enormous volumes. burger king announced it's not going to buy pork from operations that come fine the sows in gestation cribs. a sow as she is churning out pig let's, churns them out every four or five months. she is getting bigger, weighs 350 to 400 pounds in a 2-foot wide. they are immobilized for their entire lives.
4:34 am
it's like you or i living in an area barely wider than our shoulders. i don't think that we are this uncreative. i don't think we are thismizerly as a people that animals who give their lives with this being the standard or the routine. burger agree king agreed to buy eggings from hens that are not in battery cages. this is a big development. mcdonald's -- >> aren't all chicken houses like that? >> yes. you have different breeds. the poultry are all -- not all. they are mostly until big warehouses, not cages.
4:35 am
they get so bruised that because you are seeing the chicken and eating it, you wouldn't want it, he has all of these bruises. >> in the warehouse, they are running around. >> packed pretty tightly but on a floor typically. the laying hens are in these cages. some are 8, 10, 12 high. each bird, you know, one of your listeners or one of your viewers here on current, they take a normal piece of paper and a copy machine or, you know printer, 8 and a half by 11, say 8 and a half by 11, you do a two-thirds full, 67, that's the living space they have. >> good lord.
4:36 am
if you have questions and you want to address those, we save a seat for you at the table. you didn't mention cows. these feed lots, you can smell them. they may have been out free range at one time but they are jambed in there -- jammed in there. is that something you are looking at? >> in my book. >> our kinship with animals and call to defend them? >> thank you, the premise and i will lead into your question. the premise of the book is we have an intuitive connection with animals. when we are kids, we love animals. we don't need much more instruction other than fascinated with animals. every kid loves animals all throughout the world. >> absolutely.
4:37 am
we have a social bonding hormone. there is a reason when you go to the sinnior center or a hospital, bringing animal to see people, a smile washes over the face of the person. when returning vets come back if they have post-traumatic stress disorder, the best therapy is to provide them animal. a couple of weeks ago, you know, one of the prisoners in columbia, you know a revolutionary radical, these prisoners in the forest befriended animals. they were chained to the neck and they made friends with a wild pig, of a monkey and birds and they said they wouldn't leave the forest without their animals. it was incredible on the tarmac when they were released, the pig was clinging to the tribe t shows the power of the bond.
4:38 am
drive up highway 5 and see some of these knee-dein mud, a brew of mud and manure. california is the dairy producing state. they have been bred for enormous production. they can produce 20,000 pounds of milk a year one cow. 20,000 pounds. the record is 77,000 pounds. so imagine how the factory -- yeah imagine how this taxes their system. >> that's why some of these cattle are downer cows. there was one this week that was reported to have mad cow the 6th case of mad cow disease found in the united states.
4:39 am
most americans eat meet. >> burger king alone, so far as i know denny's didn't do this or wendy 's didn't or mcdonald's didn't. are others likely to follow? >> well, this first third of the year, it was in january that we at the human society. wend's did it about four weeks later. burger king, you know we have been in discussions with about these issues and about other animal issues. it quips them with a stronger standard. in this first part of the year the three big companies who were very -- which are very price conscious, of course. >> yes. said we don't need to use
4:40 am
confinement crates. this is a revolutionary moment. why can't safeway? why can't wal-mart? why can't so many other food retailers do this? we have been talking and adding seven or eight since january. >> tremendous progress. good for you and the humane side and wayne pusselli in studio with us on a very very important issue. his new book again "the bond: our kinship with animals and our call to defend them." your calls coming up at 866-55-press. ♪ >> radio meets television the bill press show, now on current tv. >>do it, for america.
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weeknights on current tv.
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♪ >> this is the bill press show. >> it's 13 minutes before the top of the hour. wayne pusselli is the head of the humane society president and ceo. humane humanesociety is where you can find out, you know trying to rush across the issue. but if you want to know more abouttha good work, help them out, human you take in new members. >> we do. we are running strong. we want to get to 20.
4:45 am
one in every 28 americans is associated with the humane society in the united states. >> all right. really too take a couple of calls. >> absolutely. >> richard, what do you say? >> it seems to me like if you believe in he haveevolution as i do that the modern way of eating animals seems like just the next step in the evolutionary chain. the second is, the more that the animal rights people talk, it sounds like they are biblical fundamentalists, want to return us to the garden of eden and i know hunters who are the most compassionate animal lovers there are. it seems like again we should go out and kill our animals and hunt them down and that kind of stuff and fourth is, the highways law suitslaughtertons of animals. what are we going to do about
4:46 am
that. >> richard a lot of reaction there. >> locked and loaded before we started. >> i am not sure the conversation. who the with burger king, i don't care if it's evolution or creation. it's mercy. animals are being used for human consumption, they should be treated decently. >> the hunting, we could go off on this. i used to hunt as a kid. i went duck hunting and rabbit hunting with my father and uncles but, you know, i knew hunters and there are a lot that love animals but they have a strange way of showing it. >> this is what i talked about hunting and gathering cultures whether the arctic or amazon
4:47 am
they take life there is atonemented to do we need to kill animals for sport and trophies? >> we have friends in california. i went to their house. they had this polar bear they had shot just standing, you know, stuffed standing in the hallway. i wanted to throw up. >> congress last week after the nra convention the republican leadership brought a bill to the floor, a bill to the floor to pass in the house that would allow american trophy hunters to bring back a threatened species in alaska, where a licensed trap ter, cruel and inhumane. and this bill also reversed the
4:48 am
presumption on hunting. the park service doesn't allow it unless it's authorized. this bill would have opened it to hunting. this is crazy. >> a great idea. yeah. greg calling from los angeles. hi, greg. >> whoa. killed hogs because he said that is the only way they could control them. >> to be disease free the only way is in cages. >> of farmers who allow the animals to move. the reason we have a big had you been health problem where you confine them, we are dosing them with antibiotics and developing
4:49 am
antibiotic resistant, and we are giving it to them. we don't start taking antibiotics before we get sick. we are giving them to thousands of animals. >> do you think sometimes americans go overboard? with pet psychiatrists? groomers? you know. >> i celebrate the bond. the bond has such a powerful sort of impulse we have. it's no accidents we have two-thirds of american households with pets. 80 million of us are wildlife watchers, go to national parks. we go to forests. it's part of who we are. people are going to do it to different dries. i don't dress up my cat --
4:50 am
different degrees. >> one more here from jenny out in wisconsin. hi, general income. >> hi. >> what's your question? >> my point is that there is definitely a connection. i have a horses. i have ducks. i have geese. i love people asking me about how i raise my an male and a lot of people out there. there is definitely a connection i am animal lover. i have raised my geese. it's a matter of where you cut your connection at. we raised them. >> jenny are you a member of the humane society? >> yes i am. >> farmers were connected and it became meet and fry.
4:51 am
jenny is doing int in a way that is noble and honorable. >> up to 11 million. we have to get to 20 million. go to the human right? is. >> yeah. >> get the book. join up today and get the book. that's right. the bond out in paperback now. you can afford it. wayne pacelli. we will be right back with the president's schedule today. >> this is the bill press show.
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4:53 am
>>you couldn't say it any more powerfully than that. >>it really is incredible. ♪ >>. >> on your radio and on current
4:54 am
tv, the bill press show. >> i am not a member but i am going to be a member by the end of the day. >> me, too. same here. >> they do great work. the president, on his way toga pretty soon. be leaving andrews air force on his way to hinesville, georgia. he is going to meet down there signing an executive order and the president coming back to washington, d.c. getting back at a quarter until 4:00 this afternoon. two campaign efforts. one at the washington convention center and a private event at a private residence here in washington, d.c. tomorrow night he will be speaking and telling jokes at the whitehouse correspondents' dinner. he will be here i will be there. >> the bill press show.
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4:56 am
>> friday friday april 27th, good morning everybody. welcome, welcome to the full-court press right here from our nation's capitol. i am bill press, liberal and proud of it. good to see you today. welcome to the morning round-up here from the nation's capital. good news from capital hill last night, the senate passed the reauthorization of the violence against women act 68 to 31. wouldn't you know it all 31 no votes came from republican men.
4:57 am
they don't want to extend proceed texas to lesbian s or undocumented workers or to native americans. can we all say to go: sexist pigs? here is one the topics we will be talking about. first, we get this current tv news update. in los angeles here is jacki schechner. hi, jacki. >> hi, bill. good morning, everyone. it is now the senate's turn to act on the bill that the house passed yesterday afternoon, the cyber intelligence sharing act, allowing sharing of internet users information. opponents say the law is too broad and there is too much of a risk of violating privacy and civil liberties. president obama said he will revote the law and the senate is working on a comprehensive alternative that would give more responsibility to the department of homeland security. private first class bradley manning is going to face all 22
4:58 am
charges against him. army colonel ruled against his defense team yesterday. they had argued the most serious charge against him, aiding the enemy, was just too vague. lin made it clear, however that the government will have to prove that manning intentionally leaked documents to wikileaks knowing al-qaeda kept the website. manning is back in according to for hear okay june 24th. the secret scandal keeps getting bigger and bigger. the u.s. is now looking into reports of agents. >> miss behavior in four countries over the last 12 years. >> that's after senators were assured colombia was an isolated incidents. the new allegations contain a trip to he willel salvador when agents visited a strip you club by the van load and traveling with bill clinton in buenos aires and moscow. we are right back after this break.
4:59 am
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5:00 am
attack on women that perhaps the majority of the population woke up? >> idaho is not known as approaching act i.v. you had hundreds of women show up, thousands signed petitions. they made their voices heard. what happens is that now, the legislators are running scared. very similar laws have passed quietly in other states for the past 10 years, really in the past two years have intensified. pennsylvania a similar law was shelved, idaho this proved to be political poison. women are paying attention and having their voices heard.
5:01 am
>> thanks for coming in. >> the aclu considers a demand that to get a job you have to let an employer open your private mail, the senate wants to make it illegal to hand over a password to your facebook account. we will not settle for easy answers. (vo) the former governor of ny eliot spitzer, joins the new news network. >>every night we will drill down on the days top stories in search of facts that inform. >> we don't stop until we get answers that are truthful, serious, and not based on simplistic answers.
5:02 am
>>we're here because we're independent. ♪ >> broadcasting across the nation on your radio and on current tv. this is the bill press show. >> here we go on this friday april 27th, the full court press. welcome. your new morning show on current tv. good to have you with us. as we come to you all across this great land of ours from our t.v. factory and radio factory here on capitol hill washington, d.c. we are part of the current team you know and not just another member of the term. the person i consider our team leader. >> can you say that? >> in studio jennifer granholm who is, of course, host of "the
5:03 am
war room." governor great to see you. welcome. >> thanks. >> great to be on your term. you are from san francisco. you come to washington, d.c. for the big prom weekend? >> it is so ridiculous how much is paced on this white house correspond respondent association. it's crazy with these movie stars. there are a lot. all of the movie stars coming in, the red carpet. it's so ridiculous. >> i have to tell you, somebody who goes to the white house every day for the press briefing, we were talking about this yesterday, a group of us how embarrassed we are that this is like our dinner. okay? and there are 3 ,000 people, probably 2500 have nothing to do with the white house. >> i am so glad to hear you say that. truly, it must be embarrassing. you know, i have been to this dinner only once before, as the
5:04 am
governor, and i was stunned by how much emphasis there was on the, you know, the hollywood end of things rather than the news end of things. it was just really... >> my feeling was, they have the ausc-arizona. >> yeah. >> that's their party. >> it's like these entities want to outdo one another for who withcan get the biggest celebrity. >> it started long before i came to washington. it started with fawn hall ollie north's non-white house related -- she worked at the whitehouse whitehouse. >> i was going to say. >> she became a celebrity because she shredded all of the documents. and someone invited her. a non-reporter non-journalist and that started it and the next year, they started movie stars and now it's out of control. >> it is out of control. it's like all of these people everybody who was every walk on
5:05 am
the red carpet? i mean, come on. what's all that? >> are you sitting with lindsay lohan? >> i am at the political table. i need to see what that means. you have a fan club and i am the chairman of your fan club. i love the show. the show looks really great. >> for somebody like me you are an old pro at this media business and so for somebody like me who is just, you know a political hack, it's been a real learning curve, but i really loved it. the war room is focused on the political race and the season. it's been a hoot. >> people who come out of politics who get jobs on radio or television most of it has collapsed.
5:06 am
can't go it. you can do it. look at mario, terrible on radio. >> he had his own radio show. >> you are good. >> a good friend of ours made a little awkward yesterday. i love our first lady. yesterday was take your kids to workday. >> yes. >> she met with one of the kids. here she is. >> are you as big a fan of your husband, and did you congratulate late the pitcher after a perfect game? >> oh, gosh. no. i am not as big a fan because i grew up a cubs fan. a mixed marriage.
5:07 am
>> that is the perfect answer for her. i thought you were going to talk about the other awkward moment which i am sure you talk about the joe biden. >> yes. joe bidden unleashed. >> me, too. love him. love him. >> more unleashed the better. >> i agree 100%. i don't know if you know if it was unintentional. i think he was doing it with a little wink. >> first of all, joe biden said he is out there on the campaign trail and he says here we can -- you can boil the whole campaign down to this one bumper sticker. if you are looking for a bumper sticker to sum up how pompom has handled what we inherited, it's pretty simple: osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive. [applause.] >> what's wrong with that? >> nothing is wrong with that. >> that's absolutely right.
5:08 am
>> all right. we will start with that. >> that's exactly right. he went on to say that if mitt romney were president, the reverse might be true. and it certainly would be true with respect to general motors. it would be dead. he said let it go bankrupt. joe biden en cancapsulateing it, that is it. i want that bumper sticker. >> republicans are saying, oh obama is politicizing osama bin laden. they can attack him for being weak on foreign policy but the minute he says wait a minute. it certainly is political. >> a hit dog hollers. they know they can't touch him on that. they cannot touch him on that. >> i hope they use that. it's the economy and foreign policy. >> absolutely. >> now then, joe biden went on
5:09 am
to talk about the president being a strong leader in foreign policy in the old teddy roosevelt style. >> now is the time to heed the timeless advice of teddy roosevelt: speak softly and carry a big stick, end of quote. i promise you the president has a big stick. i promise you. >> got a good chuckle out of it. >> whoa. wait a minute. >> that was great. it's classic joe biden. >> do you think he did that with a wink? >> i think he must have done that with a wink. but the speech, itself some of it was dead right. it's so interesting because one of the potential action of course, vice presidential nominees on the republican side has given a foreign policy, marco rubio and the substance of
5:10 am
the speech was, you know, was not bad, although, you know, the delivery, i am not sure about, lost a page and all of that. but with joe biden coming out and giving this speech listing all of the things that the president had done which are things that romney and others had said the president should do and he's done them all. and what more would you do other than going to war in that was the perfect tone the perfect pitch and then, you know slicing it at the end with a little bit of politics, i think, was a good thing. >> so you were governor of michigan so was mitt romney's father, governor of michigan and mitt romney says it's the heart of the auto industry and you ought to let it fall. the apple fell pretty far from the tree. >> for those of us who are in the midwest know his father was the president of american motors, who know that that's in his dna and who also know that he was reading the national
5:11 am
polls and when he saw that bail-outs were not popular he decided that he when we were on our knees, that he would stick a shiv into our back. to us, that tells me more about mitt romney that i will ever want to know. and it is, to me, of course given my being governor of a state that was on its knees, this man is absolutely poised to be or do anything and the only reason he is running is because he wants to be president, not because he wants to change the world or make america better. it's because he wants to be president and he will do or say anything to get that job. >> that's the sign to me of his character. >> who he is? >> that's who he is. if you can discern anything about who he is given, you know, the way he has jumped around, the fact that he would stab us like that, when we were in the worst of all places.
5:12 am
by the way a paren thetcal that he would support those, the wall street bail-outs, it just tells you he's got, you know, i kept saying he has no core. and i know the obama administration is now saying he has a core. it's just to the far right. either way, to me, the lack of character that that demonstrated is completely unacceptable. >> yesterday is reported may have been reported today but chrysler with the highest in 15 years. >> general motors. chrysler was the one that was the most precarious. they weren't sure. there was a debate inside g: chrysler, maybe they should let it go. that has proven out to be a good move to have saved chrysler. >> chrysler has also paid back
5:13 am
$112,000,000,000, which mitt romney that the president p probably one of the -- one of the greatest successes of his administration. >> in fact, pulling up here the detroit free press which has a column three years after bankruptcy, chrysler soared and it's up there, judging by first quarter profits of 473 million, more than four times last year's numbers. they are rocking and rolling and thanks to the obama administration. >> governor, you have been talking about on the program -- by the way, we will be glad to take your calls with governor jennifer granholm and i hear at 866-55-press. we love to give you a chance to get involved in the conversation. we always save a seat at the table for you. come and give us a holler. talking about violence against women's act. the senate yesterday chuck grassley led the opposition against extending the violence
5:14 am
against women act with the extra protection for native americans and undocumented workers and women who have to be in same-sex marriage relationships. the senate passed it with all but 31 no votes white republican. >> to me, i am so glad they did this. this should not have been a fight to suggest women who were in same-sex relationships or on says evervations, if they get beaten up, they are not worthy of protection, that is utterly ridiculous. i would like besides grassley i think we should publicizing the names of the men who voted against it because truly, this, to me, i mean this is a bi-partisan bill. it got bi-partisan support every time it has gone up for rule. this should not be a partisan issue. why would somebody opposing authorizing an extension of an act that has been fully
5:15 am
bi-partisan supported and protects women from violence? it's mind-blowing. so much of what's going on the states around the country is. >> it passed the senate. talking to jan shack on youski a little earlierskowsky a little earlier. >> i think boehner is not going to. political, political. i think he will vote for it. it would be stupid to not. >> not the first. governor jennifer granholm in the studio with us. full-court press. the current tv news team here on this friday april 27th. >> woo-hoo. >> radio meets television the bill press show now on current tv. >>sharp tongue, quick whit and above all, politically direct.
5:16 am
>>you just think there is no low they won't go to. oh, no. if al gore's watching today...
5:17 am
5:18 am
>>just refreshing to hear. no other television show does that. we're keeping it real.
5:19 am
♪♪ >> on your radio and on current tv, this is the bill press show. >> 44 minutes after the hour. in studio with us governor jennifer granholm, host, of course, of current tv's "the war room" usually from san francisco but you will host tonight from washington. >> you will join me on the show. >> i can't wait. we start together and end together, 9:00 o'clock eastern and then the governor will be on this week with george stephanopolous with -- check it. >> sunday morning. >> sunday morning, right. check local time of different times different places around the country.
5:20 am
so governor, campaign kind of got underway in a couple of ways. president obama locks up the democratic nomination and right away, karl rove out of the box american crossroads, spending millions of dollars on this ad which kind of parents president obama as almost a dilatane celebrity. >> this was done four years ago to know effect. the interesting part about it in this time around is that we have seen the president has been able to take on a huge number of battles and win as president. he is not just a celebrity. >> here is what the ad to get that point across. it's obviously you hear the big crowds, you know, all of these people excited. ♪ i am so in love with you. ♪ >> every time i hear that. >> he can sing. knocked it out of the park.
5:21 am
>> but this idea that he is just, again, sort of like we were talking about at the dinner like a hollywood celebrity and not a serious president, it's belied by his record. >> it's belied by his record. he has been able to get more things through than any president in recent memory. we know he was blocked at every step of the way nat last couple of years but unbelievable record. >> zero cooperation? >> zero. >> from this gang in president. >> we have to occupy the majority and get them out. because we really -- there is a lot of work to do. he had amassed an unbelievable record of accomplishments, i can say as governor of the state that was the most hard-hit during the recession an the financial melt down, the intervention in our economy alone, plus the investments that
5:22 am
he made that allowed us to move into batteries and the rates to the top, that combination of things was incredible for us in addition to all of the other stuff that he did on wall street and all of that. >> one thing you point out is i remember they tried this tack 4 years ago, too saying obama, he is just -- yeah, he is popular but, you know, he is in way over his head. it didn't work four years ago. i don't think it will work today. >> i also think this issue of likeability is a question that is a gut issue for voters. and so the has been cool con trafforded with mitt romney and i think he is going to go embrace his stiffness if you will. >> that's a bad metaphor. >> unzip him. >> i knew you were going to go there. but he is going to -- he is
5:23 am
going to allow his true sort of vanilla flavor come out. >> that's going to be part of the strategy you see republicans play because vanilla is competent. >> that's what they are going to say. >> mitt romney is going to say the economy is going to hell in a hand basket. we need to fix it. we have seen how he fixes companies and businesses. >> the irony is to me and believe me the obama people are going to unleash on that type of stuff when the time is right. the idea he could rely upon that business savvy do say he can turn the economy around when what they did at bane was to cut jobs, skinny it down and flip it and yes, they were successful in making a profit but that's not being successful in creating jobs. >> she is jennifer granholm former governor of michigan. now host of "the war room" thank you for coming in. i will see you tonight on "the war room"? >> take care. >> this is the bill press show. ♪
5:24 am
>>jennifer granholm on current tv. >>i'm a political junkie. this show is my fix. >>in politics, she was a gutsy leader. in cable news, she's a game changer. >>be afraid, be very afraid. now, the two term governor from michigan is reshaping the debate with a unique perspective and a forward-thinking approach. >>our goal is to bring you behind the scenes with access to stories that you've never seen before. >>she's a trailblazer determined to find solutions. >>one of the key components of a war room is doing a bit of opposition research. >>driven to find the thruth. >>i'm obsessed with the role of govenment. >>fearless, idependent and above all, politically direct. >>part of the mission here in our own war room is to help these candidates stay on track.
5:25 am
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5:28 am
♪ >> heard around the country and seen on current tv, this is the bill press show. 33 minutes after the hour friday, april 27th. the last half hour of the show, what better way to end the show on a friday than with a good stiff drink? i don't know. sounds good to me. i am not suggesting you do the same, especially if you are getting ready to drive to work. at any rate, we are going to talk about hendrix gin. we talked about scotch i think our first week on television. >> first week on current tv.
5:29 am
>> stiff instead of knee miller was jealous. we thought we will go from scotch, go to gin. joining us in studio the man called the hendrix gin ambassador for the eastern united states, thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> how did you become the ambassador for hendrick's gin? >> i was a professional bartender, beverage director in new york for around 8 years and this, i met up with this gin and we became fast friends, and i haven't looked back sense. >> this is a fairly new gin? >> around 11 or 12 years old. >> where is it made? >> in scotland in the low lands. our whiskey is paid in bayside. this is in the low lands. >> i am a gin drinker.
5:30 am
my favorite drink, i will men it bombay sapphire martini straight up with olives so i don't know hendrick's gin. here is what is special. 11 different botanicals used in its creation corriander seeds, junei per seeds and sweet angelica root and the best ingredients, rose petals and cucumber. why the hell do i want rose petals and cucumber in my gin? >> it's a great question. in my mind, you get a flor aally style of gin with a cucumber bite to it as well. gin is an amazing spirit, basically just a flavor spirit as long as you have junipern it, you can call it gin. the rest of the botanical is fancy talk for flowers fruits
5:31 am
seeds and roots. it up to you as the maker. in hendricks we have two fills without getting too heady about it. >> i never heard it. >> it's a smaller style of gin, making a bit of noise nowadays but it's a real pleasure to i didn't it to you this morning. >>. >> you have samples? >> two. one is the jim straight. i don't know how accustomed you may be to drinking straight gin but i would just say, tread lightly. this is 88 proof. i love gin. >> 88 proof? >> yeah. why not? >> yeah. but, you know, if you drink a martini dry, you are basically drinking straight gin. >> you are but you have the luxury of having it cold and
5:32 am
child and diluted about one third so you are cutting it down quite a bit. with ver muth? >> what are you a farmer? water? it the virgin mary. >> they are introductions of what churchhill said to wave it over. it comes from droplets to misters to just allowing a whisper of you know of vermouth into your martini. this is the true essence. >> here is to stephanie: eat your your heart out, stephanie. >> stiff instead of knee miller after us on current tv.
5:33 am
>> that's quite delightful if i say so, myself. >> thank you very much? >> that's gorgeous. >> it almost tastes like a gin and tonic. it has more than just like a normal gin. >> right. i dare say if you tasted a traditional london dry. >> that's really -- >> nod bad for breakfast. >> powerful, too. >> it's strong. >> a kick. gin is all about making high-proof spirits, capturing the amazing bow tancals. tanicals. >> it's all about taking these amazing botanicals and getting them to fit in the highest proof spirit that you can. i think they are show cased quite well. >> how broadly are you distributed in the unites states? >> my understanding is every state in the u.s.
5:34 am
we are now available in 60-plus countries. >> if i had a restaurant a bomb bay, could i order a hendricks gin martin i? >> ? >> you could. i would like to say it's a signal of someone would may be in the know in terms of the spirit world. there is cucumbers and rose in it other than your olive, it would bring out the cucumber notes in the gin, itself. >> try it. >> do most bars have cucumbers? >> if it's a bar worth its salt it should have cue couple bears. >> what else do they use? >> they have a restaurant they will probably have a saladcum bears. >> what else do they use? >> they have a restaurant, they will probably have a salad. >> all right. we will try it out. >> a second, i am going to take
5:35 am
one more little -- at the risk of not being able to get through the rest of the show. >> what is this con caulktion? >> right. >> peter? >> it's fine. why would you worry about it? it's fine. i don't have anywhere to be. >> the point is not to chug it. jim ryan is our guest, again, hendrix gin ambassador. >> this is the best gin i have ever tasted. seriously, it's the best gin i have ever had. >> is there a western united states and a heartlands u.s.? how many ambassadors? >> two, my colleague, mark stoddard is out west and based in san francisco. we are hunting for somebody based out of chicago. >> got an applicant. >> peter taking applications send them in to
5:36 am >> get you a card. >> all of our friends at wcpt out in chicago and our sister fm stations in chicago, we will find you an ambassador. >> please do. >> absolutely. >> yeah. >> i don't know. >> now you know where to go. >> maybe some people who now work at wcpt might be applying for this job. our second one here? >> yes. >> so i wanted to bring a true historical cocktail. this is the grand daddy of all cocktails. cocktails. it's a punch. it's a punch that's a very, very, very old way to share a drink, and that's exactly what we are doing. there is three of us peters in the booth sharing stories, talking, maybe getting a little bit of work done over the flowing bowl. >> speak for yourself. >> you have hendricks gin in here. this being the last day of the cherby blossom festival.
5:37 am
>> sip ran, -- c why. prian, can you get a picture of this. >> a giant bowl. >> i will leave a little bit for the rest of the crew on my departure because i am headed up to new york. >> you haven't met our crew. >> do you need more then? >> no. no. we have plenty. >> my point is this is a gallon or more. >> well, i wanted to -- i wanted to make it look fantastic. >> it's a classic cocktail. what is it? >> we have hendricks gin in here. we have tea. this being the last day of the cherry blossom, i brought a green tea i picked up at whole foods. not difficult to get. fresh limemon juice, a little aromitized wine and soda war. it's drinking quite well if i dare say so myself. >> that's delicious. >> absolutely delicious. >> so this is the way -- >> and cucumber is floating in
5:38 am
it. >> and it looks great, too. >> it does. >> this is the way business would be conducted. >> where? >> in the states in the u.k. >> used to be, you mean? >> well, you could almost say that the now the bygone 3-martini lunch has sort of made a slight resurgence via "madmen." the martini that you enjoy, you could trickle that down from this, of drinks similar to this. what we have here is awe punch, something sweet, a little bit of sugar in there, some sort of of citrus, lemon juice, and some form of spice the tea i
5:39 am
mentioned. >> most i have tastedtates like kool-aid. >> can you imagine if you were out doing yard work and came in to one of these? >> it would be great. in all honesty with the weather getting warmer and backyard barbecues coming around, the last thing you want to do if you have a sophisticated, you know, bottle of gin or spirit is to sit behind your wet bar shaking cocktails. i would encourage you to press this in advance like you may be chopping your pasta salad or whatever and enjoy with your guests. >> i put gin all over my pasta salad. it's really delicious. >> we have got a lot of work. all right. if people want to find out more about hendricks gin, they go to >> yes. >> and follow you on twitter. god knows what you would be tweeting about @hendricksgin. i am feeling good. thank you for coming in? >> my pleasure. >> them next time i am out, i am
5:40 am
going to ask for hendricks gin. >> the good people at hendricks. >> at the whitehouse correspond correspondent correspondent's dinner. >> thank you very much, bill. >> instead of me, eat your heart out, babe. ♪ >> radio meets television the bill press show now on current tv. >>every night we will drill down on the days top stories in search of facts that inform. >> we don't stop until we get answers that are truthful, serious, and not based on simplistic answers. >>we're here because we're independent.
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5:43 am
we have a big, big hour and the i.q. will go way up. >>tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. ♪ >> this is the bill press show. >> 12 minutes before the top of the hour. pardon me while i get back to earth with a little sip of my iced tea.
5:44 am
>> just iced tea? you didn't put anything in that? >> this is not one of those -- >> the punch. >> louisiana ice tea. what did i call it? you know what i mean. >> long island ice tea. >> no. no. this is just unsweet plain ice tea which you need after drinking as much gin as we have been drinking, and it's friday. ♪ we like to look back at some sound bytes. we start at the bottom and the earliest, we have to play it again. it is vice president joe biden on the new bumper sticker for the obama campaign: here it is. >> number 5. >> if you are looking for a bumper sticker to sum up how president obama has handled what we inherited, it's pretty simple: osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive. >> you got it.
5:45 am
what's wrong with that? it happens to be the truth. it says a lot about president obama. republicans don't like it. you know why? because it's so good. michelle obama yesterday heard this on the show, too, with some of the kids of white house staffers who came to take a kid to workday at the whitehouse one asked her a pointed question. >> as big of a white sox fan as your husband and did you congratulation phillip hummer after he threw the perfect game? >> oh, gosh. >> uh-oh. >> okay. no, i am not as big a fan because i gurew up a cubs fan. we are a mixed marriage. >> that's a new definition of mixed marriage. only in chicago would you call that, right, a mixed-marriage. a cuby and a white sox fan. don't you know that that kid, he was prepared by his father or mother to ask that question. >> exactly. >> it was a good question. >> it was a very good question.
5:46 am
obama is very out in the open about his love of the white socks. >> yeah. for coming to somebody from chicago, couldn't have a better question question. marko rubio who wants so badly to be vice president. he is out there every day saying look at me. look at me. i have a new book. i have a speech. i am giving a speech about foreign policy. he did so this week at the brookings institution. and he was batting a thousand until he got to the last page. >> number 3. >> above all else the 21st sent tree provides us the opportunity for more freedom, a world where more people are free to grow their economies, free to pursue their dreams, free to become prosperous. i left my last page of the speech. does anybody have my last page? did i leave it with you? i apologize. above all else, the 21st sent tree provides us the opportunity
5:47 am
for more freedom. >> then he gets into the last page. you know, it's pretty lame if he couldn't even fake the last page. >> the end right. >> thank you. >> anyhow, a stamp there. >> that's what staffers are for, to carry all of the pages around in case you lose one. back to joe bindden in his speech yesterday, he also had his own joe biden way of saying that you don't mess around with president obama when it comes to foreign policy. >> number 2: >> now is the time to heed the timeless advice from teddy roosevelt, speak softly and carry a big stick. end of quote. i promise you the president has a big stick. i promise you. >> i promise you. the president has a big stick. finally, president obama big stick and all was down in north carolina this week. he taped a show with jimmy
5:48 am
fallon where he played right along with jimmy slow jamming the news. >> number 1. >> there are some who disagree say keeping the interest rate low isn't the way to help our students. they say we should be doing everything we can to pay down the national debt. well, as long as it doesn't include taxing billionaires. ♪♪ ♪ but just have to make this rate increase work. ♪ frankly, i don't buy it. >> ummm. ummm. >> slow jamin' to the news. >> the pres ain't buying it. we all know our legislative body in the house, tossing and turning, late into the night. republicans disagree. they could filibuster. if they do, the president says, they are going to feel it, buster. >> they are going to feel it, buster. the president, of course will
5:49 am
be at the podium with a good line of jokes tomorrow night at the whitehouse correspondent's dinner. we will tell you all about it on monday. i will be back with the day's parting shot. >> this is the bill press show. ♪
5:50 am
v we have a big, big hour and the i.q. will go way up. >>tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block.
5:51 am
♪ ♪ the parting shot with bill press. this is the bill press show. >> how about it on this friday april 27th, my parting shot for today, yes, early in the presidential campaign, president obama has already won the first round on student loans. he's been traveling around the country this week challenging republicans to join democrats in keeping interest rates at 3.4%
5:52 am
and preventing them from doubling to 6.8% on july 1st. but john boehner is accusing the president of manufacturing a phoney crisis. there is no difference between the two parties on this issue insists boehner. in fact, boehner's once again lying to the american people. the official republican budget written by paul ryan and voted on by every single republican member of the house of representatives, including john boehner bumps interest on student loans back up to 6.8%. the record is clear and john boehner can't deny it. republicans are more than willing to give billion airs another tax break but no interest break for college students. >> that's my parting shot for today, folks. what a week. have a great, great weekend, and come on back here. we will see you on monday on the radio and on t.v. >> this is the bill press show.
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