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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  April 30, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> welcome to "the young turks"." is president obama high-stepping too much on getting bin-laden. >> this picture was taken right at the helicopter was having some problems. i remember hillary putting her hand over her mouth at that time. >> you know, i don't like that scene. i'll tell i couldn't. but on the other hand the republicans criticizing him for getting bin laden. what a joke. we'll talk about that, too. on the next issue, the c.i.a. tortureer admits to being a war criminal on national tv. >> why is nudity effective. >> it's effective because people feel very vulnerable when
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they're nude. >> i'll shred that and tell that guy he's stupid. >> and i was at the conference center. >> i want to you meet someone. >> already having fun. >> fancy, huh? i'll tell you what happened behind closed doors. also at rebel headquarters, rodney king, josh singleton. good night. go time. ♪ >> i don't know if you know this, but the obama administration kind of got osama bin laden. and they're not shy about telling people. this is the vice president. >> osama bin laden is dead, and general motors is alive.
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>> well, that's a pretty good slogan, and of course the republicans feel hurt. oh, no, don't tell us the truth. here is ed gillispie. >> this is one of the reasons why president obama has become one of the most divisive presidents in history. it was an unifying event for all americans. something that governor romney congratulated him for completing the mission in terms of killing osama bin laden, and he has turned it into a divisive, partisan, political attack. >> what a joker, ed gillispie is. he makes jokes for a living. are you kidding me? you worked in the bush administration. you invented divisive, and on this issue, oh my god if john kerry gets elected we're going to die. now you're telling me it's not right to run on national security? the only difference is you sucked at it, didn't get
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bin laden, and president obama did get bin laden. may 2nd it will be the anniversary of an event that george bush never got. >> i hardly think you'll see excessive celebration taking place here. the american people rightly remember what we as a country accomplished in bring to justice somebody who killed over3,000 of our citizens. >> now, you know me, i keep it real. is he bragging? of course! does he get to brag? yes! he's the one who killed bin laden. those incompetent guys could not do it for years. mitt romney will say, come on, anybody could have done it. >> would you have gone after bin laden? >> of course. >> you would have given the order, governor? >> of course. >> is it the position-- [chuckling] jimmy carter did give an order
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to get hostages. what is the funny part of that? it just went badly. and mitt romney you're the one who agreed with agreed with it. and get a load of this quote from mitt romney. it's not worth moving heaven and earth and spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person. referring to bin laden. now all of a sudden, oh, yes me, too, me, i would have totally gotten bin laden. only i wouldn't have spent any money and i wouldn't have tried at all. if there is one person who wouldn't have tried to get mitt get bin laden was mitt romney. >> as far as my personal role and what other folks would do, um, i just recommend that everybody take a look at people's previous statements in terms of whether they thought it
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was appropriate to go in pakistan and take out bin laden. i assume that people meant what they said when they said it. that's been at least my practice. i said i'd go after bin laden if we had a clear shot at him and i did. if there are others who have said one thing and now suggest they would do something else, then i'd go ahead and let them explain it. >> i love that smile on his face. it's like, yeah, i don't know, man. i said i would get bin laden and he's in the bottom of the ocean. and romney, it was a disastrous quote for romney. it's not just romney but the entire republican party. that's why i'm amused when ed gillispie comes out who used to work for bush. do you remember what george bush
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said about getting bin laden? do you remember what george bush said about getting bin laden? okay, there is such a clip but we'll get to it in a second. you know what he said? we have it, i was just about to do it myself. >> al-qaida is to terror what mafia is to crime. this group and their leader, a person named bin laden is linked-- >> there is an old poster out west that said "wanted: dead or alive." >> he's a person who has now been marginalized. i just don't spend that much time on him to be honest with you. i don't know where he is. i repeat what i said. i'm truly not that concerned about him. >> the republicans have a funny way of saying they would have gotten bin laden when their president, i'm not that concerned about him.
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by the way, the proof is in the pudding, eight years, never got him. losers, failure. with that clear this is how the politics plays out. who do we bring in when we want to know about the politics? ♪ oh, right, we bring in the epic politics man. michael shure ariana huffington said she was disturbed with the way they were hyping up this bin laden with a big ad out and everything. what is your take on it? >> i'm totally surprised about any shock. especially from you, you and ariana. this is what you've been talking about. democrats, come out and say what you've done. fight, shove stuff down their throats. that's what they're doing. they got osama bin laden. that was job number one for anybody running for president in the last ten years. they did it, and they have a
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right to talk about it. >> no, i think you're right. and look, they've been doing it a lot. they had bill clinton talk about how they got him. there is a piece on bin laden. let's show you that. >> mm-hmm, there you are. here i am, sitting right there. >> that is an intense look on your face, and everyone is, um intently watching that screen. >> if i'm not mistaken, this picture was taken right at the helicopter was having some problems. but you may not remember. that's what it feels like because i remember hilary putting her mouth over her mouth at that point. there is silence at this point inside the room. >> now that obviously was not the ad. the ad was bragging how they got bin laden, but i'm glad we played that. michael, look, i'm with you. make your case. make it strong, and he is.
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we'll talk about this later in the show. he's going to make a tough campaigner. but i think that's where it crosses the line a little bit. this was an important moment in the nation etc. having brian williams. maybe what it is that i'm more disturbed with brian williams doing it rather than president obama. it is one giant ad. >> it is an ad, but by the same token it's something that everybody wants to see. it's cool to want to know what is going on in there. this is not jackie kennedy walking through the white house at christmas. this is what is behind this picture. brian williams got the president to talk about what happened that night. that's pretty cool stuff. >> yeah, i hear you. it just feels too cozy for me. >> cozy? the press is all cozy with the president. >> they shouldn't be. >> but any president. but president obama is the president now.
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the press goes on. you always want white house access. and then the people complain that you're not giving access. the president is giving full access to something in a was pretty incredible. >> look, to me there is something disturbing about bringing somebody into the white house to brag about that. look, don't get me wrong though. i agree with you on the overall point. they should use it in ads. they should kick the republicans republicans' ass on it. there is one thing i'm encouraged by is what you're saying, they're hammering him on it. that i like. the role of the press, the government, we're going to talk about that later in the show as we talk about the white house correspondence. when we come back, 60 minutes got an interesting interview with jose rod guess rodriguez. the guy who authorized torture. he had it coming in a way that
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no one else in the media has done. >> sleep depravation dietary manipulation. this is orwelian stuff. the united states does not do that. >> well, we do. jennifer granholm is politically direct on current tv. >>the dominoes are starting to fall. (vo) granholm is live in the war room. >> what should women be doing? >> electing women to office. (vo) she's a political trailblazer. >>republicans of course didn't let facts get in the way of spin. >>do it, for america. i have the most common type of atrial fibrillation, or afib. it's not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin, but my doctor put me on pradaxa instead to reduce my risk of stroke. in a clinical trial, pradaxa® (dabigatran etexilate mesylate)
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and we don't stick to party lines. >>people who buy politicians got to cover their bets. >>we are the investigators fiercely independent, and we don't hold back. >>we're here because we're independent and that's what we love.
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>>...and we don't do talking points. >>i think the hypocrisy is so blatant. >>and above all... and there's only once place you'll find us. >>weeknights on current tv. >> all right, back on "the young turks"." the jose rodriguez was the c.i.a. or torture. >> so sleep depravation dietary manipulation. this is orwellian stuff. the united states does not do that. >> well, we do. >> we do now. partly thanks to jose ruderies rodriguez who had no experience in counter
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terrorism. after 911 volunteered to go to that department, and dick cheney said, fantastic, i got a guy who wants to do torture, and rodriguez said he was the one who pushed for enhanced interrogation techniques in the first place. did it work? listen to what did he to khalid sheikh mohammed. >> this is an individual who did not give a rat's ass for pouring hot water on his face. >> he didn't believe for one minute that you were going to kill him. >> khalid sheikh mohammed would count his fingers in secondses because he knew in all likelihood we would stop at ten. this does not sound like a person who is afraid of dying. >> i think i'm the only guy in the media who is calling in former agent stupid. he just told you the guy
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doesn't give a rat's ass about being water-boarded. we did it for 183 times. so why did you do it for 183. he didn't get any good information out of it. let me show you all the things they did to khalid sheikh mohammed. 183 water-boarded slammed into walls and 180 hours of sleep depravation. people who were tortured in the apartheid regime in south africa and by the kgb said this is the worse. the human body can't take this because you start to lose your mind. do i care about khalid sheikh mohammed? no. this is one of the critical guys who plan the 9/11. but we're we're not supposed to stoop to their level. >> the truth is about khalid sheikh mohammed, you really didn't break him. >> why, why you say that.
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>> he didn't tell but osama bin laden. he didn't tell you how to get him, find him. >> some of these people were not going to tell us everything. >> so you don't break them. >> there is a limit. there is a limit to what they will tell us. >> and apparently you reached that limit right away. according to the c.i.a. inspector general you didn't get any good information out of these guys. why did you do it 183 times if you weren't getting any information. you knew there was a limit to what you were going to get. god, this is such an embarrassment for this great great country. we're not supposed to be like tin pot dictators that torture detainees that they have. get a load of the misinformation that he puts here. it gives you a sense of whether he's totally lying or has no idea what he's talking about. watch this. >> we don't know. we don't know, for example if al-qaida, would have been able to continue on with their anthrax program or nuclear program or second wave of attacks or the sleeper agents
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that they had inside the united states that were working with khalid sheikh mohammed to take down the brooklyn bridge, for example. so it's easy years later to say well, no ticking time bomb nothing was stopped. >> all right, by the way, if you're worried about a ticking time bomb, the authorization for torture took months. what are you talking about nuclear attacks? that was debunked nearly a decade ago. what al-qaida nuclear attack plan? there was no such thing. you're either grossly incompetent that you're holding on to that or you're lying on purpose. he'll go on to say that he destroyed 92 tapes that had torture on them. he said i was just trying to do it so--he gave this excuse. >> there are people who feel that you did it as a cover up.
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>> everything that was on those tapes were authorized activities by the u.s. government. there was nothing to cover up. >> oh, nothing to cover up interesting. now you want to know the actual e-mails that jose rodriguez sent inside the c.i.a.? quote, the heat from destroying these tapes is nothing compared to what it would be if the tapes ever got into the public domain. i thought you had nothing to hide. but internally you're saying, oh my god imagine what would happen if these tapes got out what it would do to us. live to this new e-mail. if it was taken out of context it would make us look terrible. it would be devastating to us. i thought you had nothing to hide. i thought it would be devastating to you. that's because you tortured them and it was terrible. how do you justify destroying these tapes? i love how he got authorization. >> one day you said to the hell with it. i have this authority.
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i'll do it. >> one day i finally called in my supervisors and lawyers and said, tell me, tell me again that this legal. and tell me that i was the authority to do this. the answer i received was yes and yes, i said, well, then i am going to make this decision and do it myself. >> they were destroyed. >> yes. >> that's part of the reason why i think this guy is an idiot. you just admitted on tv that you brought in your lawyers. you're their boss and you brow beat them saying, tell me it's okay! tell me its legal! that's not a legal way to get authorization. the government did not even sign off on this, and they're the ones who started the torture in the first place. this guy should be in jail by now, not on a bookstore. >> president obama has said that
4:21 pm
what we did is torture. >> well, president obama is entitled to his opinion. >> that's what it comes down to. if you don't prosecute these guys, and you don't put them in jail, they turn around and go on national tv and said, well these just your opinion, man. but i'm, you know, free and trying to make money off my book. so apparently it wasn't illegal at all. the next time we get an opportunity, and he said at one point, we are the dark side, they're going to come back and do that torture again. it's hideous. finally, did it work? it was studied for three years. they looked through thousands of pages from the c.i.a. including this report that said, they got no valuable information out any of this torture. one official said investigators found in evidence--i love that no evidence such enhanceed interrogations played any significant role in the operations that led to the discovery and killing of osama
4:22 pm
bin laden. no evidence. no evidence. it did not work. one between twist. one c.i.a. agent against water boarding will be prosecute: if you're for it, you get to go on a book tour. if you're against it, then you will be prosecuted. this guy belongs in jail. there is no ifs ands, and butts about itbutsabout it. this guy is a war criminal. you know what punishment was in world war ii? execution. that's how strongly we felt about waterboarding. that's what our laws were. these guys did it any way. could we at least get a trial?
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apparently not. when we come back we're going to ask a different question, which is can't we just get along. rodney king is in the studio and i look forward to ask him questions that i've been waiting to ask for 20 years. when we come back. >> rodney king, a black motorist was violently beaten by four l.a. officers in 1991. >> it's go time. i look at her, and i just want to give her everything. yeah you -- you know, everything can cost upwards of...[ whistles ] i did not want to think about that. relax, relax, relax. look at me, look at me. three words, dad -- e-trade financial consultants. so i can just go talk to 'em?
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>>you couldn't say it any more powerfully than that. >>it really is incredible.
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♪ >> back on "the young turks" april 29th marked the 20th anniversary of the l.a. riots. over 50 people died and billions of dollars of damage during those riots. "abc news" has more. >> racial tension in los angeles boiled over in one of the worst riots in our nation's history began. buildings burned, store fronts were destroyed and thousands of people of all ages and races became victims. the rioting lasted for several days. when the smoked cleared 53 people were dead and 2,000 were injured. rodney king, a black motorist was violently beaten by four l.a.p.d. officers in march of 1991. king refused to stop when officers tried to pull him over for speeding.
4:27 pm
when he finally did, the officers took him to the ground with their batons. the four offices were charged and acquitted in 1992, setting off the l.a. riots. >> we have with us, and notice a thing or two of what happened last then, and it's rodney king. he has a new book "the riot." i'm curious why did you keep driving. >> i had a job i needed to be to. i knew i had been drinking, and i was on parole. but i had a job at dodge stomach as a temporary usher and at hot dog stands. that was like side jobs. but main job had called me to go to work that thursday. so i showed up for work on monday, construction. paying twice the amount i was
4:28 pm
making at two jobs. >> right. >> whatever i felt like ever i had to do to get away from that highway patrol car. >> i thought you were going to get away. >> i thought i could get away. stupid mistake. >> yeah, i hear you. it's real interesting, because like a lot of people paint you in a negative light, obviously at that time and, etc. but you were just trying to get to work. that's a fascinating part of it, too. so now the cops take you out and they start beating you up. i assume you were surprised by what they did and the severity of it. as that was happening what was going through your head? >> um, wow i just knew that it was--it was one of those situation where is you never thought it would happen to you. you always get a gentleman talk from your dad of things not to do, things to do, and how to respect law enforcement. it was just one of them things
4:29 pm
that there was nothing-- >> did you think maybe you were going to die or anything? >> oh, no, i was just seconds away from death. when i was screaming to the top of my lungs, it's a death scream, a street death scream. you just scream in the hopes that somebody will come out and hear you. that's where i was 20 years ago. >> that's interesting. after go through that, right then the riots start. you have this, you know, iconic moment in american history where you ask people to get along. what i found interesting apparently some people criticized you for that because they felt like, hey, you were supposed to be with us here. we're so angry because of what happened to you. tell me why people were angry and what was your reaction? >> well, you know, i have heard the same thing over the years. my reaction, that's not the way i was raised. i was raised a different way. i can understand the frustration
4:30 pm
on other people's part, but it's just not the way i'm used to handling horrible situation a violent situation, fighting violence with violence, it's never a good result. >> your mom was a jehovah witness, is that right? >> yes. >> you were raised in a multi racial-- >> yes, my was jehovah witness. i don't want to bring heat on them. >> no, there is no heat. they raised you right in the sense--why did your lawyer give you a note that was angry? >> oh, i don't know. that's another thing. that's not the way i present myself. that's not the way--that's not the way my i was brought up, the things they wrote down for me.
4:31 pm
some of it was okay, but some of it was like totally against my beliefs. >> it was probably the best decision you ever made not to read what your lawyers wrote and say, let's get along here. which was a great moment. a civil suit. you wind up getting $3.8 million. keep it real, when you got the $3.8 million how did you feel? >> like justice had been served. one part was ugly, even with the video camera it was hard to beat it. we took it to the second case where the feds picked it up. they got the guilty verdict, and it was a fight all the way. i felt really relieved and so good that i received justice in this case. it was a long fight. >> $3.8 million is a tremendous amount of money right?
4:32 pm
every once in a while we play this game on much less serious stuff, would you do that for a certain amount of money. did it occur to you that beating was awfully bad but for $3.8 million i might have gone through it any way. >> oh, um, no. i clown sometimes now with all this time that has passed on, i clown and joke around about it, but i was just inches away from death, and i wouldn't wish that on anybody. i been in a few battles but nothing that quite close to death. >> i was wondering about that myself as i was reading your story. then i got to the part where they took your eye out and put it back in. i said, forget it. i wouldn't have done it for $3.8 million. i'm out. [chuckling] in some ways we've made progress over those 20 years, yet, here we are the trayvon martin story.
4:33 pm
again, it looks like a case where there was some level of injustice. but the guy who shot trayvon didn't get arrested, what was your sense of how much progress we've made or haven't made in the last 20 years. >> i look at the whole picture going back. the creation of the country. the country was built on violence. we came a long ways. we all came together over the years, our an assessors, this is what we built, we came up with, america. you look at the structures, what we've built. we've come a long ways. as far as relations and the way minorities, especially blacks, are treated after all the heavy and hard work is done, it's like the way the treatment is still the same. >> do you think-- >> don't get me wrong.
4:34 pm
it's just different in its own different way. it's more-- >> no, i know. do you think what happened to you could still happen today? >> i don't want to predict any wrong or make any questions, you know, about anything that has to do with violence happening and recurring. anything is subject to happen these days that we live in because it's crazy days, but i would certainly hope not. >> if it did let's hope it doesn't again. this time they would use tasers. >> people have been dying tasers. >> yes, very dangerous. >> i made it through that taser. it's like being whipped with an extension cord but 20 times worse. >> that's interesting. you're a man with an unique experience with that. rodney king. >> thank you for having me here. >> when we come back, bubba
4:35 pm
joins team obama. does this mean that obama is a tougher campaigner than i realized? we'll find out when we come back. >> he took the harder and the more honorable path. >>we're here because we're independent. home of the brave. ♪ ♪ it's where fear goes unwelcomed... ♪ ♪ and certain men... find a way to rise above. this is the land of giants.
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that inspire them to develop how can my car go faster? maybe your child will figure it out. find out more at ♪ >> all right, back with a very powerful power panel. anthony crow joins us, and jimmy doors, the host of the jimmy dore show. first topic obama a tough campaigner? one of the reasons for that is he brought clinton emphasizing the bin laden issue. i want to show you a recent ad that they did. i'm sorry, it's a quote. i'm having an awesome day. when you become president your job is to explain where we are say where you think we should go, have a strategy and execute
4:39 pm
it. for that president obama deserves to be re-elected as president of the united states. he's out in full force campaigning for president obama, and we showed you the program andy, i bring this up because i was not convinceed that obama is a tough campaigner. but they have two presidents clinton and obama versus none because romney is not a president and he can't use the former president because it's george w. bush. >> yeah, obama, he really has no choice here. he has to embrace some of the hard hitting tactics that we've seen in recent campaigns in 2004 for bush and the '96 campaign for clinton. gout roll up your sleeves and get down in the muck and throw some punches. these ad that focus on the osama
4:40 pm
bin laden killing and president obama taking credit for it, and maybe he's going to defy your characterization a little bit and start getting tougher and baring teeth a little bit. >> i'm not impervious to facts. i was skeptical that president obama was going to be a tough campaigner. but you know what democrats in the past would runaway if you said, how could you bring this national security up. he's not running away. he's doubling down. maybe i was wrong. >> you know, he's hitting back at romney before he's officially the nominee, and i'm waiting for john kerry to hit back at george bush. he would not even let him use the word marvelous. obama is on him. and he attacks mitt romney for his positions nobody would believe him because nobody believes those are mitt romney's positions. >> i hear you on that. i know you've been tough on the president, too. do you think he's doing a good job in attacking on the
4:41 pm
bin laden issue, etc. >> that's the kind of thing that republicans used to do, brag about foreign policy success. a democrat never would have done this. it's good. as critical as i am, and you know i'm critical of president obama. when i see him give speeches i get that tingle again. >> he's great at that. one more thing, andy, when i see him using clinton, al gore did not use bill clinton. and last time around the clintons were running against obama, so there were bad mixed feelings, to say the least. is that going to be an effective strategy bringing these two presidents, basically both barrels loaded? >> yeah, i mean, the clinton choice is obvious. you know clinton presented himself in 1995 and 1996 at a time when there is dysfunctional
4:42 pm
off the robber republican majority in the house, and he could be the one to push the country forward if we were to use the word from obama's campaign add, and he could put the country on tack. well, in the logic is obvious to bring the man from hope, arkansas and this guy is just popular. americans love him. his appeal has not faded. if anything it has gotten better over the years. you got to credit the president for bringing clinton into this. >> well, look, do you believe in miracles? democrats getting tough. stay tune, it might be hell of an election. i was afraid they would get steam rolled as they would in the past, but in my opinion these are positive signs. now thank you, guys. we appreciate it. when we come back, we'll have john singleton. do you remember the director of "boys in the hood." he has an idea about the riots
4:43 pm
as well. >> i was chasing one of the defendants and i turned around and then they're chasing me. >> what was the roll of raff in the riots. and then look at this john singleton. we were just talking to rodney king just a while ago. only on "the young turks." we'll see you in a minute. an energizing fruit or relaxing mint flavor. new 5 rpm gum. stimulate your senses. etch-a-sketch candidate, an
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image where romney is anti gas.
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>> all right, welcome back. we were talking about the 20th anniversary of the l.a. riots. vh1, is do a special on the roll of rap music in the riots. >> hip hot became the outlet for our anger. >> we are nwa. >> they awaken los angeles into an old identity los angeles forgot about.
4:47 pm
los angeles knows how to revolutionize, no question. but they forgot hip-hop came out and reminded l.a. that you are gansta but you are revolutionary. >> well, john singleton is going to talk to us in a second about that. he is, of course, the director of "boys in the hood." he's actually the first african-american who was nominated for best director, and at the age of 24 was the youngest ever to be nominated for best director. here is one more clip from the movie. >> we went to the core house just as the departments were walking out. i just lost it. i became one of the crowd, just jeering and stuff. i'm chasing one of the defendants. i turned around and stuff, and there were all these cameras chasing me. >> what these people done they
4:48 pm
lit a fuse to a bomb. what happens after this, people are gonna point to this. >> and then what happened is-- is--boom. [hip-hop music] >> wow, that's really interesting. guess what, here is john singleton. great to have you here. >> thank you. >> that was a fascinating thing we just watched right there. talk to me about your role, and what went down right after the verdict? >> well, i was actually on my way to work. we were shooting my second film "poetic justice." we were doing a location that was out in simi valley. interesting enough, this was the day that the verdicts were coming down. everyone at the time were just tuned in on retief and everything for the outcome of this. it was just coming down to the verdict. the verdict just came of down of what happened. i said, okay, we got to go right to the courthouse. just as the verdict was coming
4:49 pm
out, we went to the courthouse. as soon as we got there it came down on the radio. we're hearing it on the radio as we're pulling in trying to find parking and everything. it was bedlam out there. you had press from all over the world. >> what did you do? when you heard, what did you do? >> i thought, this is some bull--i was really mad. i was just hot. my blood went to my head. mind you, i'm supposed to be on my way to work, shooting a movie, my second picture. i lost it and i said, i'm going to be a little bit late. get everything shoot up because we were going to shoot a nice shoot. when the cops came out, i just started following them with everybody else. >> wow, and so now this movie talks about the role of rap. it's an interesting thing. it's a documentary that is saying that rap is kind of--
4:50 pm
>> it's saying that rap was the precursor, hip-hop was the precursor and voice of why what happened happened. rap has always been the voice of black people in particular black poor people. we don't really have a voice in cnn or anything else or media to speak our mind. it's been convoluted and this generation doesn't even understand what from you hip-hop is because it's now just dance stuff now and fun and bling-bling. but what was going on in our neighborhoods was going on in our hearts and it was speaking what was going on in the streets. >> let me ask a question. did the rappers get too rich? >> well, a lot of rappers got rich, but also, you know, it was also peel people were interested in
4:51 pm
hip-hop, they thought, wow, i can get rich with this? yes, people always made dance-based records because, hey, you know, we love to dance, we love to party. but there was a contingent of people who were trying to speak their minds. hip-hop, people don't understand, is an off-shoot of what is known as an african oral story telling. you could tell a whole story they would tell whole stories of kingdoms in rhymes. they could rap for hours and hours. that's what hip-hop is. it's been convoluted because people have used it for economic means. >> one more question, and turks have that oral tradition, as well. i've been doing that oral story telling in a sense. if you sense that the anger is not as as far asful as it was back then, is that a good thing? >> i think it's frustration more
4:52 pm
than anger. yeah, shoot, there are still people who are living in the same conditions as they were 20 years ago and some of them worse. this whole economic outcome of the last few years hit black peopleer harder than anybody else. it's there, but there are some people who are not speaking of it, they're speaking about it through music. they're on the internet talking about it. >> all right, john singleton thank you for joining us. and the movie is coming out on vh1 "hip hot and the l.a. riots" check that out. coming up, i have interesting experiences and interesting things to tell you of what happened behind the scenes when we come back. >> i'm coming, in fact i'm already here. the dinner is going to start soon. some butterflies.
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>>if you had to vote for a republican, which one would it be? (vo) join the debate now. ♪ >> over the weekend i went to the white house correspondence dinner. first, this was us right before we went to the dinner. >> um, i want to meet some republicans tonight. i have some interesting conversations. i know democrats. i think the republicans should get to know me. so that will be fun. and mainly the thing that i want to do is be your spy inside there to tell you what goes on what they do behind the scenes because they won't tell you hey, oh, yes the white house correspondence dinner, i do declare, right? well, don't worry, i'll be representing you guys. it's a fascinating dinner.
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it'sey awaken los es into an old ntity los angeles forg awfully ising.angeles we'llo revolutionize, no quest>> do >> well, john singleton is going le talk to us in ndicbout that. s, of coursereete director the h " he's actually the f bill3% african-american who 3 e more withthe movie. barber, went to the core house oozings the departments were wdn'tng out. i just lost
4:57 pm
t these p done they .hat happens after all, people e gonn alreadyto this. >> happe listen,! is--boom. > w, thaington,lly interesti y on my% accountable, interests everyone at the time wer
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