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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  May 16, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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would be too stupid to make a call. >> thanks, brett, and thanks to you for joining us here in "the war room." have a great night and we will see you all back here tomorrow evening. ♪ >> cenk: well, on "the young turks" the republicans are going to start another edit-ceiling fight. >> just so we're all clear i'm talking about real reform. not tricks and gimmicks that give washington grappling with the spending fund. >> cenk: they may start this fight, but we're going to finish it. i'm so not sure about that. now there is new evidence that helps george zimmerman's case that leaves people saying ha-ha, you got that are right. >> there is no question these documented injuries help zimmerman's case, but the
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fundamental legal question remains who was the aggressor? >> cenk: we're going to analyze that through evidence. that is really important. plus bubba on the attack. >> the moderate republican who is going to vote said gosh, they ought to give him a promotion. he told the truth. >> cenk: that's bill clinton! also here comes "the young turks," go time! >> cenk: all right welcome to "the young turks," everybody. the peter g peterson foundation fiscal summit in 2012 where they try to figure out how to rob the middle class and give all the money to the rich, he decides he will pick another debt ceiling
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fight, and we'll raise the debt ceiling toward the end of this year. here we go again. >> my principle of cuts and reforms is greater than the debt limit increase. yes, by allowing america to default on its debt would be irresponsible. but it would be more irresponsible to raise the debt ceiling without taking dramatic steps to reduce spending and reform the budget process. >> cenk: here we go again. the question of timing is going to be before the election or after the election. we're going to get back into this mess. i don't think it went well for the democrats the last time around, but we'll have a discussion about that in just a minute. meanwhile, president obama's italian deli in washington, d.c. called tailor gourmet they asked what he's going to do? oh yeah i'm going to kick it and shove it down their throats?
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not exactly. >> we'll help to sustain the economy. there will be more than enough time to campaign politics but we need to make sure that we don't lose steam at a time when folks are feeling optimistic and ready to go. >> cenk: meh, then he brought some sandwiches and brought it over to john boehner. if someone says, i want to discuss this right before the election causeing a giant headache--i wouldn't be giving that guy a hogey. identify a' be giving him something but not a hogey. >> i'm not threatening default. i'm trying to encourage people on both sides of the aisle, on
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both sides of the capitol and both ends of pennsylvania to be honest with american people and to be honest with ourselves to begin to tackle this problem in an adult-like fashion. >> cenk: i just figured out what kind of sandwich identify agive him, a knuckle sandwich. i'm just playing, john bring it down. jay carney, the white house press secretary will weigh in. >> what he will not do, and i'm absolutely confident that the american people agree with him here is to have a repeat of the kind of political that brought last year. it does harm to our economy. >> cenk: they just won't do it. well, maybe they will, maybe they won't. we'll discuss that in one minute. of course if this is a republican strategy, all hands are on detective. will robo corp join this fight?
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of course. >> cenk: what is interesting about robo corp, he enjoys disco. and, and he also enjoys bashing the president on the deficit. >> today i'm pledging to cut the deficit that we inherited by my first term in office. >> he has not even come close. we need solutions, not promises. tell president obama to cut the deficit and support the new majority agenda. >> cenk: that's a crossroads gps ad. that's karl rove. he had all the senate republicans come out on the record and now here comes mitt romney himself. >> now it's 15,685--it will be 16 coming soon. it is not at all what he promised. this presidency has been a disappointment. >> cenk: he said, oh, yeah, i can't believe what he has done with the deficit. did you know, and we'll talk about this in the next segment
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romney's tax cuts would add $8.8 trillion to the deficit. here's what the debt clock would look like under mitt romney? it would be a hell of a lot larger. that's because he would cut taxes on the rich dramatically. all right now let me bring in a man who knows a thing or two about politics. michael shure. great to have you here. first of all, it seems like it might an bad idea for republicans because conventionalism is that they lost the last round politically. but number two, the situation might be different because here if they tank the economy it hurts the incumbent president right before an election. >> absolutely, but you have to concentrate on what you said would this hurt them politically. it was bad for congress. it was bad for the president, but it was really bad for
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congress. the american people by and large blame congress. it almost feels like boehner is going a bit rogue with this conversation, and i think people within his own party will back away from that conversation. >> i don't agree with that. i thought about that too. is he just getting caught up in the moment and in this his sal summit and he just blurt it out? >> there is a difference between the coordination between the campaigns, and we saw it with the romney ad or the ro ve ad being run as part of the super pac. and then the ad with the speech in tampa talking about debt and then boehner. there is a political coordinated effort. but when it comes down to doing the work with extending the debt ceiling or saying that we're not going to raise the debt ceiling then you'll see people fall by
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the way side. it's a perfect opportunity for people to do that, too. >> you think it was a political advantage for the democrats last time around. should the president say, all right, tim get tim geithner will-- >> it won't be before the election. there are too many triggers that could happen that would prevent the debt cereal going let me jump in on that. president obama has been jonessing to do the grand bargain the entire first term. >> yes. >> and has great documentation to back that up reporting from the white house, etc., etc. so is there any chance that he thinks we'll be before the election when i do this magical awesome thing that people in washington love but people hate because it cuts social security and medicare. >> he will not go for spending
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cuts before the election. part of the grand bargain is spending cuts. no sitting president would do that when they're trying to get votes. especially a democrat, and especially obama. >> that leaves us with a lame duck. tim geithner when asked about all this-- >> the lame duck congress. >> right, we don't know know if president obama will be re-elected or not. but between november and january january, president obama gets re-elected or not, he's still the president. during that period of time geithner says well, probably the debt ceiling will run out towards the end of the year, meaning in the lame duck session that's when i think president obama, win or lose is going to say, yes deal, let's shake on it and he'll cut social security and medicare and they'll raise some taxes by taking away loopholes but tremendous tax cuts to the rich.
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>> if the president wins, there is no incentive at all other than the grand bargain that has been tossed about, and i know what your sentiments are on this deal but there is nothing that indicates that the president will be a lame duck president with a lame duck congress. it doesn't help him politically and it doesn't help his party going out either. >> we'll make a bet on this. so far you've cleaned my clock, right? >> right. >> but this is difference, we're betting on politics. win or lose, it's the grand version. >> i'll take it. >> we're on the record. excellent. now when we come back, mitt romney gave a speech about how he's so great on the deficit and the budget. you know i got my issues with president obama? are you kidding me? i'm going to be clear. mitt romney lied over and over again in his speech and i'll show you exactly how when we
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a great tasting mint core, frosted in powerful cooling crystals. ice breakers frost. feel the frost. we will not settle for easy answers. (vo) the former governor of ny eliot spitzer, joins the new news network. >>every night we will drill down on the days top stories in search of facts that inform. >> we don't stop until we get answers that are truthful,
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serious, and not based on simplistic answers. >>we're here because we're independent. ♪ >> cenk: all right we're back on "the young turks," and its time to break down the news. yesterday mitt romney was in des moines iowa, and he was giving a speech about the fiery pit of debt, as he called it, and he made some interesting declarations and statements that i'll break down for you. let's watch him do his first part of the speech. >> america counted on president obama to rescue the economy, to tame the deficit and help create jobs. instead, he bailed out the public sector. gave billions of areas dollars to companies of his friends and added almost as much debt to this country as all the prior presidents combined.
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>> yeah wrong again bob. i'm going to get back to the debt in one second. mitt romney's whole campaign is premisessed on giving funds to his friends. that's what he has done his entire political career. it's ironic that he did that. who ask the original bank bail out? that's right. it was george w. bush and the republicans. you mentioned jobs? let me show you the jobs chart. this is the red president president bush and blue is president obama. the job losses started under president bush. do you think president obama started the job loss? or could it have been the massive recession started by george w. bush and the republicans right here. then they start picking back up and then they go into positive territory. republicans on jobs?
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shhhhh. when you talk about the debt that has added up under president obama. it is true that there have been 5 trillion-dollar added to the national debt. but you have to understand a couple of things. first of all he said it was more than the rest of the presidents combined. just factually incorrect. only by 1 million%. you make the judgment here. $10.62 trillion the other presidents and $5.6 trillion for president obama. do you know how much ronald reagan increased the debt by his terms? 300%. and that 5 trillion-dollar, is that really president obama's debt? let's look and find out. they're always saying, oh my god, every year, $1.3 trillion added to the deficit because of obama. but when you look at bush you realize first of all he had a $281 billion surplus when he came into office. what did that republican
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president do with that surplus? tanked it. when he handed it off to president obama he left a 1 point trillion dollar deficit. you understand the deficit was almost entirely left behind by george w. bush. that's the part that they never tell you about because then they would have to say you're right, we're losers. we handed him a recession. we handed him a giant recession. it's all our fault. that's what the facts indicates. nonetheless, mitt romney continues. >> now the people of iowa and america have watched president obama nearly four years now, much of that time with congress controlled by his own party. rather than putting out that spending fire he has been feeding it. he has spent more and borrowed more. when you add up all the his policies this president has increased the national debt by 5 trillion-dollar. >> cenk: spent more, borrowed more, it's all obama's fault.
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i got more numbers for you and this terrific. let's take a look here at this graph. i want to start at this end. annual budget deficits. this is the maintain point of his speech. oh, my god he increased the annual budget deficits. it looks like it went down didn't it? it did. the deficit in 2009 when president obama came in was 8.3% of gdp as a percentage of our national output. now it's at 7.6%. now you have to look at it as a percentage. year-to-year it has actually gone down. when mitt romney says it has gone up that is not true. now look at annual federal revenue. this is because of taxes, oh my god, you have the democrats and president obama raising your taxes. wrong again, bob he lowered taxes. as a percentage of gdp, it was 16.5% now it's
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15.8%. now annual spending. the guy spends too much! wrong again, bob. look when he came into office it was 24th 9% gdp annual spending by the government. now it's down to 23.4% of gdp. as a share of our economy all of these categories have gone down under obama. say it with me, down under obama. down under obama, not up. you got to repeat it to the republicans because they're knuckle heads. they like to repeat lies. we got to straighten them out by telling them the truth. now romney said he's going to do much much better. really? let's watch. >> i will lead us out of this debt and spending inferno. we will stop borrowing unfathomable sums of money from foreign countries we're never even going to visit. i will work with you to make sure we put out this spending and borrowing fire. >> cenk: oh, he'll definitely do
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that except for the fact that he totally won't. this from the tax policy center, a nonpartisan organization. they scored romney's budget? you want to see how much his tax cuts add to the deficit? 20% drop in tax rates leads to $2.75 trillion added to the deaf syd. his alternative minimum tax adds another $76 billion. and he proposed to extend the tax cuts permanently. that adds another $5.4 trillion. in total, mitt romney would not decrease the deficit. he would increase the deficit by $8.8 trillion. you, dear sir, is a liar. you wouldn't help the deficit at all. you would simply take the money and redistrict it to the very very top. it's your own tax plan. so please stop lying to the american people.
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now finally on non-number issues, he said oh you know what? president obama has a problem with president bill clinton. that's a mistake because president bill clinton is still around. >> even a former campaign worker like president clinton was signaling to his own party that democrats should no longer try to govern by proposing a new program for every problem. president obama tucked away the clinton document in the large drew of ideas along with bipartisanship. it makes you wonder if it was a personal beef with the clintons but it probably runs deeper than that. >> that's really smart to say that clinton and obama is not getting along. would bill clinton support you romney? >> the budget he put out in in the primary according to a lot of
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independent source was actually increase the debt over and above what is going to happen by 1 trillion-dollar or more. >> cenk: well, he was being far too kind as we just showed you. it's over 8 trillion-dollar that it increases it. but you know clinton is still around so you can't be putting words in his mouth. he'll actually fight back. speaking of fighting back, that's the real issue in the trayvon martin/george zimmerman case and we've got new evidence on that. which side does that evidence fall on? we'll talk about that when we return. >> if george zimmerman started the altercation and then loses the fight and fears for his life, he does not have a legal right at that point to use deadly force. and everyone likes 50% more cash -- well, except her. no! but, i'm about to change that. ♪ every little baby wants 50% more cash... ♪ phhht! fine, you try. [ strings breaking wood splintering ]
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(vo) don't miss your chance to catch the premiere of the gavin newsom show. with special guests: >> i'm lance armstrong. if somebody put my back into a corner, i'm coming out swinging. ♪ >> all right we're back on "the young turks." there is new evidence in the case of george disciple zimmerman, of course he was arrested recently for shooting trayvon martin, a 17-year-old, he said he had feared for his life, and he was acting in self defense. he was arrested six weeks after the initialing confrontation, of course. now the fbi is considering charging him with a hate crime. that is important because then he could face the death penalty. there is new evidence that "abc news" has uncovered. some of this comes from the family physician for george zimmerman. under that as you're hearing
7:26 pm
this part of the abc report. >> a medical report obtained exclusively by abc shows the morning after the shooting shows that zimmerman went to see his daughter. he had a black eye and cuts on the back of his head. at the same time zimmerman's doctor notes those cuts didn't require stitches, and zimmerman did not have a can cushion. concussion. >> there's no question that these documented injuries help zimmerman's case but the fundamental legal question remains who was the the aggressor. >> do you believe the family physician of zimmerman or do you believe your own eyes. does it look like he has a broken nose or black eyes? i can't see it. and yes you saw the blood on his head. lacerations does note require stitches. zimmerman himself said i don't need to go to the hospital and he went to the station an hour
7:27 pm
after the incident and would not go to the hospital. now there are other questions being asked in this case. abc addresses that as well. >> questions were made zimmerman declined to go to the hospital the night of the shooting and video of him in the sandford police station less than an hour after the shooting shows novicible evidence of blood on his shirt and jacket and he seems steady on his feet. we asked an emergency physician to analyze this enhanced video of zimmerman. >> if he had significant abrasion we would see that on this film. i don't see anything. >> i don't see anything either. abc talked about the autopsy report on trayvon as well. >> sources tell "abc news" that trayvon martin's autopsy shows injures to his knuckles his hands from bloodied and skin broken. which will george zimmerman's attorneys will call the ferocity
7:28 pm
of the attack against zimmerman. >> many have seen this new evidence and i've gotten e-mails that said ha-ha, we were right george zimmerman is not guilty. you judged him too quickly. we never said that there wasn't a fight. we said zimmerman was the guy chasing after him. you can't chase after a guy and then say i can't believe he fought back and then shot him in the chest. we never said there wasn't a fight. the question is who started the fight. that is not just a question that you ask around the bar. it's a legal question. the legal analyst at abc also questioned that. >> if george zimmerman started the altercation and then fears for his life, he does not have the legal right at that point to use deadly force. >> of course! otherwise anybody could grab a gun, chase after anybody else and if anybody dares to fight back against the aggressor then
7:29 pm
they get shot and yell self defense. that's what has never made any sense here. if you're not sure whether george zimmerman was the aggressor or the one chasing after trayvon martin of course remember the famous 911th tape. >> this guy looks like he's up to no good, he's on drugs or something. >> these [bleep] always get away. >> are you following him? >> yeah. >> we don't need you to do that. >> did he it any way and that obviously shows that he was pursuing trayvon martin. there is a question about how the immediate has covered this. some people are wringing their hands that perhaps people rushed to judgment. media coverage was 49% on msnbc 40% on cnn and fox didn't cover it much at 15%. really surprising. i want to bring in a media critic who is an expert on this, eric deggan, a media critic at
7:30 pm
the tam at a bay times. thank you for joining us. i want your take on this. do you think that media has rushed to judgment? >> i think we've seen different phases of media coverage. i think when at first it became a national story because george zimmerman was not speaking out and he didn't have any surrogates out there. the framework of the story was told pretty simply. a black teen, dead unarmed killed by a neighborhood wash guy with a gun who may have been an aggressor, may have targeted him because of his race. later when george zimmerman got representation and when people began speaking up for him his side of the story came out more. then we saw the coverage lurch to his side of things. i think the coverage has been different depending on the media outoutlet. i think cable television and television in general has very
7:31 pm
emotional. the reporting you've done before this has been particularly emotional. >> are you trying to say something. >> about things about the case that we can't know for sure. the newspapers have tried to focus more on facts because particularly the local newspapers, "the miami herald" and the sentinel. that's their strength. if they can get in there and gets facts that the national outlets can't get to, that's their value. then online we've seen calls for action. we've seen people signing petitions, donating money to both zimmerman and martin's family, trying to get people involved with the ancillary issue that jumped off from that case. >> eric, i'm going to--spare us the trial and say guilty as charged. i've been emotional. i'll tell you why and i don't view it as as a negative. i view it as a positive. here is a guy who shot a kid in the chest. they don't do a toxicology on
7:32 pm
him. they don't do a criminal background check on the guy ho did the shooting. they do a criminal check on the guy who was shot. then they don't arrest him. eric, there are crimes all over the country. but when you don't get justice, and when you don't have the police doing their jobs, i think it's the job of the people like me to get emotional and say wait a minute now we got a big problem here. if we hadn't got emotional they might never have arrested zimmerman. >> i think it's important to ask tough questions about how the police handled the initiaia investigation hehe there was s deleln chargcrggghibbhi whyy count of what happened and seemed to shrug off the concerns of the parents until national media attention. that's all great things to ask about. but i think that we also have to try to be fair and even-handed about what is going on here. like it or not, zimmerman has said that he was returning to
7:33 pm
his car when trayvon martin attacked him from behind. now what does that mean? i mean i think the problem that we have here basically there are two people who know what happened. there are two people who know what happened from the moment that george zimmerman got out of his car to the moment that trayvon martin was shot and killed. one of them is dead. and another one has a huge incentive to twist the story to make himself look as good as possible. the problem is all these media outlets have been trying to figure out what has been happening, tried to fill in those blanks. sometimes they make supposition. sometimes they make emotional appeals, that ill serves the viewer. we need to get as many hard facts as we can find and be as fair as we can to find out what happened. >> of course we should be fair in presenting evidence. the ones that seem to favor zimmerman, you present both sides. but what i don't want to fall
7:34 pm
into the trap of doing where they just say mitt romney said he'll balance the budget and obama said he won't. tell me the damn facts. the facts are that he put a $8.8 trillion in the budget because of tax cuts he's pushing. in this case the facts are not neutral. one guy had a gun. one guy chased after another guy. the other guy is dead. the police did a terrible job. with the car, now they say, oh well zimmerman's defense is that he's going back to his car. he shot the other kid so you can't get his testimony at all. but they did not even look at the car. "the new york times" story on this, they did not look at the car for evidence. if i'm not mad about that that shoddy police work might let a possible murderer off the hook. >> i--again, as i said there should be tough questions asked about how the police investigated this. but for example you played a clip where abc had some expert
7:35 pm
looked at this video of zimmerman walking in to the police department and said he couldn't see any injuries on him. well, george zimmerman was supposedly treated on the scene right after it happened. before he went to the police department. who knows how--abc said it enhanced the video so they could see more detail. who knows what they've done to enhance that video. we've seen cnn do one report where they claimed to enhance the video from zimmerman's 911 call and then they said it seemed like he said a racial slur. then they had another expert enhance the video and he said well, we don't think that he use used a slur. journalists are not forensic analysts and they should not be sifting through 911 calls to enhance video to figure out what happened because they're not experts. >> eric, i have to leave it here because we're out of time. look we're not the judge and
7:36 pm
the jury right? if you say to me hey, you don't get to decide whether he's innocent or guilty. absolutely. i agree with that. but it is our job to point out the facts so that we can get a trial. we weren't even going to get a trial. we weren't going to find out the facts if we hadn't put the spotlight on this case. i'm not going to be neutral on the facts. i'm going to present the facts and be objective about the facts, but at the same time i can say that the facts are not neutral. trayvon martin did not chase him down with a gun. zimmerman chased him down with a gun and shot him in the chest. those are the facts, and they are not neutral. classic move by me to rant on at the end. derek degeric deggan, thank you. >> thank you. >> sorry about that. when we come back, sarah palin did she have an effect in the race of nebraska? might she have some power after
7:37 pm
all? the answer to that might actually be yes. we'll talk about that when we come back. >> hello beautiful nebraska. this is governor sarah palin. in the senate race >>(narrator) current tv presents the campaign ads that changed history, brought to you by spiriva handihaler. today's campaign ads accuse candidates of flip-flops, but back in 1952, the adlai stevenson campaign called it double-talk. >>yes...uh, i mean no. >>no, uh i mean yes. >>you're confused. >>you're confused >>(campaign ad narrator) don't you be confused! >>in a lot of campaigns since then we've seen this theme. the candidate said one thing and then did something else. >>(current narrator)flip-flop ads can pack a real punch when the candidate already has a reputation for changing his mind too often, like this 1972 nixon ad targeting george mcgovern. >>and that was effective because mcgovern changed his mind on his vice presidential candidate, and that fed into this idea that he >>(narrator) the mcgovern campaign had lots of other problems, but the flip-flop ads certainly didn't help. richard
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♪ >> cenk: we have a fun power panel for you. james poulos columnist at the daily caller and contributor to the forks. and benjy sarlin, a reporter for talking points memo and is covering the 2012 election. our topic is did sarah palin have an effect in nebraska, and should she get the credit for it? here is the situation. ben nelson is retiring a democrat. they now have a three-way race in the primaries. some prominent republicans endorseed other candidates, but
7:41 pm
deb fischer got an endorsement from sarah palin a week before the election and she made robo calls for her like this one. >> hello beautiful nebraska. this is governor sarah palin. i support deb fischer. deb fischer has 100% pro-life voting record. deb is a conservative you can trust to stand on principle and change the way washington does business. >> cenk: well, guess what happened? she won! and she had been trailing one of her opponents who had raised quite a bit of donations and gotten an endorsement from mccain ron paul. >> give her request. credit. definitely the answer isn't
7:42 pm
know. palin, the interesting thing is that palin's endorsement did not hurt. >> cenk: that's praise. >> that's right. she gives a little push and it worked. >> cenk: benjy, what do you think? >> i think you can make the case hey, it didn't hurt. this was an upset, and deb fischer did win. on the other hand this is one of those things there are so many things going on already it's hard to determine what is the divisive factor. kerry had one disaster after another and the attacks between him and his leading competitor which were very well funded were really brutal. at one point accusing his opponent of stalking his 14-year-old daughter because he followed her on twitter. this is an ugly thing and both candidates were dragging each other down. >> cenk: we did that clip on "the young turks" online show and it was so weird. and then jesus what kind of
7:43 pm
question is that? i don't know who is following who. i want to give you some context. there were $3.6 million in bruni's campaign. a giant amount of money in a prime in nebraska. sandberg had $750,000. fischer who won had the least amount of money. now in the end it was $1 million spent against browning. the money doesn't seem to be on her side. the endorsements other than palin were on her side. then you think, i don't know. cain came in the last second. herman cain, but that's too late. as i look at t i think maybe it was palin. >> well, palin has managed some how to move herself into a pretty advantageous spot. she has also backed off from politics a lot. i think she may be trying to move into a media role moving forward, but she's keeping herself in the mix.
7:44 pm
her track record is pretty good. christine o'donnell, not so much but, hey, nobody is perfect. >> but she did win the primary. >> she did. >> when you take delaware and alaska, her track record is not that bad. people might or might not know ranrand paul, but people know sarah palin and in the primary could that make a difference? >> it could. when they deemed out her 2010 primary endorsements i think she went 29-17. when you follow sports that's a pretty good record for a team. some of the issue is that some of these candidates might be people who were on their way of winning any way. it was the republican year and some of her endorsements are have not always turned out great but there is a record of endorsements that have worked out. >> we're not saying in the general election we want to be clear. but in the primaries she has done an interesting job seems to
7:45 pm
help some republicans. thanks guys. some in hollywood are not happy about 1% getting everything. we've got one of those guys here in the studio. >> i think the disparity between the ultra rich and the next level is as disgraceful as anything that's gone on in our history. >> cenk: i love that. look at that richard in the studio! he'll be joining us when we come back. [ train whistle blows ] [ ball hitting paddle ] [ orbit girl ] don't let food hang around. yeah! [ orbit trumpet ] clean it up with orbit! [ orbit glint ] fabulous! for a good clean feeling. ♪ eat, drink, chew orbit! ♪
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and we sea food differently. ♪ >> all right we're back on "the young turks." conventionalism in washington, d.c. is that president obama is too liberal and then too tough on the banks. we say the exact opposite, he has not been tough enough. and it turns out that the country agrees with us. a poll of swing states that are little important in the election, and look at the results. the question is
7:49 pm
president obama has not done enough to hold the banks accountable, and pennsylvania 63% agree, 29% disagree. nevada, 69% agree, 2525 disagrees. north carolina, agree, they all agree by large margins. president obama has not done enough to go after wall street. get a load of this question. should the bankers be criminally charged for what they did during the crisis with the. >> -for-the. >> florida, 69 agree that. nevada 77%. pennsylvania, 77%. for the love of god, go after the bankers! it's good policy. it's good politics. go get them! now a guy who agrees with us is a face you might recognize, richard kind is a person who has been in mad about you. spin
7:50 pm
city. so many different shows and he was at the white house correspondent dinner. when they asked him about it, he said this. >> when i think the disparity between the ultra relinquish and the next level is as disgraceful as anything that's gone on in our history. now, maybe some of them control my life my career my employment, but i have to tell you something is wrong. i don't know how it got wrong but something is wrong. >> cenk: all right, and guess what, richard kind is right here. >> yes, i am and you didn't continue with the clip because after that i started--i was drunk, it was a party. i started spouting things that actually--you sent it to me--somebody sent it to me. said that i'm an idiot and they were right because as i went on i started saying one guy could fund 1 trillion-dollar--i don't know what the hell i was saying,
7:51 pm
but i do believe that as we see in the middle east as far as back as the shah of iran, when one person has so much money and those around him are suffering, it will bite us. >> cenk: i see in the clip you're fundamentally right. i know that because of the facts. during the--right before the break, the amount of wealth that the top percent held was about a quarter. we're almost at the same exact number. then the crisis in 2008, and i fear there is going to be another crisis. >> right. >> cenk: on that note i get a sense from you that you feel that the republicans have not done much to address that. but do you think president obama has done enough to address it? >> no, i don't--you know, i don't know. i swear to god i wish you knew. i don't know enough about economics. i don't know enough about
7:52 pm
politics. but i do know there are tax loopholes--i've heard, there are tax loopholes. i think the government should address these tax loopholes whether it be for the banks individuals, or businesses who are getting around it some how. i'm not a politician. i'm a guy who lives a nice life. i talk to people. of course i'm bent to the left because i'm an actor, and that's the way we are. but what i do believe is that sometimes up enough money. a friend of mine once said, i got kids, what am i going to do? he goes, do you have a plane? i go, no. he goes, do you have a boat? he goesi go no. he vase you're fine. there are those with too many planes too many boats, they don't need it. i say they don't need it when those in the country are starving.
7:53 pm
when they can't live a life. when the minimum wage just can't support them. when they have kids, something is wrong. you see rioting look i'm going back to the shah of iran. if you see people who suffer, they're going to rides rise up. before they rise up, which could be in 20 to 50 years let's address it now. >> there are forward-looking people and there are not forward-looking people. there is the rich who want more and more. then there are those who say enough is enough. unfortunately we're out of time. i love that you came on richard. i watch you on hbo. i got to tell this story real quick. my dad sees richard on the screen. he goes that guy he's so good at everything. and he has a movie coming out with ben affleck-directed
7:54 pm
"argo." >> thank you so much. >> we'll be right back.
7:55 pm
[ mocking tone ] i'm ms. brown. i'm soooo chocolatey. i'm giving away money to make people like me-eee -- is what he said. and i was like
7:56 pm
"you watch your mouth. she's my friend." friend is a strong word. [ male announcer ] chocolate just got more irresistible. find the all brown bag and you could win! (vo) now, it's your turn. (vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time. ♪ >> cenk: all right, we're back on "the young turks"." vow point with eliot spitzer is next. i'm curious what will happen there, eliot. >> eliot: i wish i knew what was going to happen in washington. that's what we're talking about partisanship breaking out everywhere, the violence against women can't which should have been signed quickly, and then the debt debate is back john boehner saying he's going to
7:57 pm
draw a line in the sand and maybe sacrifice the credit. and more about an american jihadi. you will want to find out what we found out. >> cenk: i can't wait to find out. >> eliot: a minute and a half. stay where you are. >> cenk: we'll see you then. i, of course, massively run out of time but there is celebrity jeopardy going on this week. it's hilarious because you can see people like chris matthews etc. do you remember back in the days--let me show you one piece. >> this pasta similar to penne means little mustaches. it doesn't sound so tasty now. >> what is fettuccine? [laughing] >> cenk: that never gets old. if you don't do it? come to michael is
7:58 pm
7:59 pm