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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  May 21, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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you are with us because former vice president al gore will be with us. we'll see you here tomorrow night with several great guests. looking forward to it. ♪
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>>scores of the most talented filmmakers in the world gather in new york city every year for the tribeca film festival. the eclectic slate of films draws an estimated 3 million people a year. cat coira's film, "while we were here," is about how travel can change the way we look at our lives and loves. >>you never know someone until you travel with them, because it takes people out of their element. >>(narrator) director morgan spurlock's films have taken him all around the world. his latest, "mansome," is about grooming in the modern man. the project brought him to germany to a professional beard building championship. >>just as there are beauty pageants for women, there are,
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>> cenk: all right, we're back on "the young turks." remember back in 2007 when president obama while campaigning said, end of this. no more lobbyists influence in washington. watch. >> we have a chance to tell all those corporate lobbyists that the day of them setting the agenda in washington is over. [applause] i have done more to take on lobbyists than any other candidate in this race, and i have won. i do not take a dime of their money. when i'm president they won't
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find a job in my white house. [applause] >> cenk: aah, kind of. technically most of them don't have jobs in the white house with some exceptions, but overall they're coming into the white house in droves any way. by the way before i go on with the rest of the story. do you remember this was the change that president obama promised. he said that those guys were not going to be in charge any more. you just heard it. but as we're about to show you of course the lobbyists are still in charge. here is a great article in the "washington post" who explain the lifters log in the white house show that the lobbying industry that obama has vowed to constrain is a regular presence at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. so they're still coming and coming, and coming. let me show you what eric schultz, the white house spokesperson, right? he says, this article excludes the thousands of people who visit the white house every week
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for meetings and event who are not lobbyists our goal has been to reduce the influence of special interests in the white house more than any other administration in history. yeah, i know, a lot of tourists come to the white house. that's not who we're talking about. we're talking about people who influence policy. second of all, you say more than any other administration in history, but you don't message did they have to get sued. the "washington post" with a small set of examples. we've got marshal mu he has gone in there several times. not really the consumers. it seems like it's more industry. we have someone else here. his name is tim hannegan. he has gone in 30 times. he represents comcast taser international and coalition of for-profit comings.
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that's a great example. and then tony pedesa, one of the best connected lobbyists. so they kept coming in over and over again. what was the result? did they get what they wanted? ablute.. fst psisint oba's'shi hdusushaha estedaaug bill agaittffororrotololge cacae they were taking government money and not giving a good education, it would effect 16% of those for-profit colleges. after lobbying, 5%. here is the number, president obama pushing for 5% change. that's the change. he promised everything, and he gave us 5% change. i'm keeping it real. that's exactly what happened. other people in the white house for example aflcio bill sanders went there 50 times. that's not surpriseing. they also take a ton of union
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money, and then progressives laura murphy who is with the aclu, and nancy zurcan with the leadership conference on civil and human rights. to me the killer quote was from lobbyist john mcgill who said had it been the bush administration we probably would have asked one of our republican consultants to make the call. that's the way it works. so do you understand, it doesn't matter who is in the white house, whether it's a democrat or republican. you get your republican lobbyists or your democratic lobby, either way you're in the white house any way. i love how he changed this. can you tell i'm not buying what people are selling in washington. let's bring in ryan, from the "huffington post." great to have you here. first of all, let's talk about president obama's pledges whether he stuck to it or not. he said, i didn't hire the lobbyists, what am i going to
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do? i'm going to hear from lobbyists from companies etc. is that a legitimate defense or is this business as usual. >> the president when running made an extremely audacious promise that he was going to reduce corporate power in washington. the only way to do that is to find some other power to push against it. the only way he could feesbly fulfill that promise is if he took that list of $12 million progressives12 millionprogressives who signed up for small donations and continued to grow that and activate it corporate power has this, and i have these people over here, i have to listen to them. those 12 million people combined would say the constitutional powerinstitutionalpower of labor you might have a counter power to corporations. but just saying we're not going to let them work for us or we're not going to hire them if
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they've been a lobbyist since two years and we're not going to take their money is not going to do it. all lobbyists are agents for corporate power. they are not the power themselves. all he would have to say is that i'm not taking money from corporate ceos or anyone who is sitting on a corporate board if he's really trying to make it so corporations don't set the agenda. that's the recipe of having no money if you're not going to activate your small-dollar base. once he decided not to use those 12 million folks that he brought in then he had no choice but to rely on these folks. >> cenk: yeah, and we have you know, the same thing that has happened under both democratic and republican administrations which is lobbyists infest the place. tell the story of gregory yasko.
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a former reed staffer and very public pro staffer guy. he has never worked in the private sector. he has been battling four other commissions on the nrc who all have private sector experience or backing. and he resigned today. what this shows is what one described to me was the dark underbelly of washington lobbying. we think of lobbying as you do something and you get rewarded for it. you give me a tax break and i give you money. that's how money corrupts the system. there is another way of how it corrupts the system. that's the story of gregory yazko. if you don't do what corporate interests wants you to do, they might destroy you personally and politically. last october they started a campaign against him. they said he's abusive towards his women on staff. which is absolutely ludicrous. i interviewed a lot of women he
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has worked for, there was not a single piece of evidence given that that was the case. but one of the commissioners made it into public testimony. the media just reports it. this guy says this. this guy says it's not true. so you have in "the new york times" and other papers this allegation that you're abussive towards women. here we are six months later. he finally decided to step down. >> cenk: so outside of yazko the guy stepping down, you have two democrats and two republicans on the public commission who are all in favor of the industry that they're supposedly regulating it. >> one the democratic commissioners, i had done the exact same thing in the 90s when he worked in the clinton administration. he was number two at the department of energy. he worked with big nukes and orchestrated this public smear campaign against his boss got
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him ousted and took his job. he kind of did the exact same thing. thanks to obama's transparency on lobbying, we can actually pinpoint some of the coordination between the industry and these commissioners. i was looking through the "washington post's" really cool database that they put together. on october 10th the head honchos at the the nuclear energy institute requested a meeting at the white house. that meeting was delivered to them the next day. then on october 13th the very next day the four commissioners came out with a letter attacking yazko, saying he was unfit to serve and he had to go. this was either an extraordinary coincidence or it was orchestrated behind the scenes. i talked to staffers who said immediately after that letter went out they were getting calls from the industry saying don't jump out and defend yazko yet.
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combining that and certainly evidence-- >> i amway over time, but you're saying that they had a meeting at the white house and the white house okayed it? >> i don't know what the meeting was about. and i don't know that the white house okayed it. all i know is that they--they met with the industry the day before these four commissioners released the letter. the white house defended yazko. they're not villains in this case. if they okayed it, and then defended yazko that would be an extremely peculiar strategy to take. this may have been a heads up this is coming to you, and it might have been a case that the white house couldn't stop them. but if they made a big enough deal, they certainly could but it's all about how much capital you want to spend. the white house might make the decision look this one just
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isn't worth fighting all these four lined up against him. >> that would never happen in the obama white house. >> okay. >> unconditional surrender never heard of it. ryan grim, really interesting story about how unfortunately the lobbyists still run the place, the nucleartory commission, the white house thanks for coming. >> thanks for having me. >> cory booker attacked president obama over the weekend. was he right? was he wrong? we'll look at it when we come back. >> if you look at the record he has done a lot to support growth of businesses and i'm very [ nervous ] i hope no one recognizes us... think these disguises will... no. [ male announcer ] salty. sweet. and impossible to resist.
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>>(narrator) eliot spitzer is on current tv. >>you just have to conclude that the leadership of high finance just doesn't get it. >>(narrator) independent unflinching, and above all politically direct. ♪ >> cenk: all right we got a great power pam for you tonight. dean joins us, and mckinney the reporter for buzzfeed. our first topic is mits' mormonism fair game? and david axle rod was just on the state of the union and said it is not. >> does the reelect committee repudiate the idea that mormonism should be on the table? >> absolutely, and we have right along. we said that's not fair game. >> cenk: dean, let me start with you.
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look, as i look at mormonism i don't quite understand it and if i think that mitt romney is religious like other people, in other words, he ignores his religion, i got no problems. but if i think he is going to listen to his religion, then i got big problems. >> my view cenk, when you're running for president, anything in your life is fair game. you're the leader of the free world, the biggest military and the biggest economy in the free world. we know there is no religious test, and he's no rick santorum but if you wanting to through the book of mormon, then let's go through the bible page by page. the faith is not the issue. is mitt romney a good ethical person based on his conduct that's should be the question, not mormonism. >> cenk: i'm agnostic, so if a muslim was running or a devout jewish person or orthodox
7:43 pm
jewish, whatever it might be devout evangelical as bush was, i'd be worried about it all. i think if religious people are applying their text then we're all screwed. >> i mean, look i've written about this before. any mormon who sees mitt romney and watches him in action knows that he's been shaped by his faith. there are a lot of different shades and themes of mormonism in his rhetoric and the way he acts. that said, it's one thing to have an earnest ensear discussion about his faith and how it has shaped him. it's another thing to have thesed atheseattacks on religion. that i don't think is fair. >> cenk: i do, george bush was a religious nut. he told the leader of france part of the reason he was going into france is gog and magog
7:44 pm
and they had to look it up to see what it's all about. if mitt romney is going to go to the book of mormon and say, if they say we have to invade--isn't that relevant? >> it's one thing to be devout in your faith and personal life. it's another thing to think that those policies and things that you read in the bible and book of mormon need to be written in the constitution. do we see any evidence that mitt romney wants to apply mormon teachings and mormon principles into the way he governs, i don't think we do but that's a fair question. >> dean, on the other hand running for office you know the unbelievable vitriol that they would face. is that fair? >> absolutely it's not fair. president obama is not even a muslim yet in two states in the sows alabama and mississippi half the republicans think he's a muslim because they hate the muslim. of course they'll go through the
7:45 pm
occur ron and go through the book of mormon. some say if a woman should be stoned to death or if a person works on the sabbath, they should be killed. what he does as governor of massachusetts, that should be the test. not page 27 of the book of mormon should not be the test. whatever that page says. i don't know. >> cenk: when we come back, is it the and of fish? as in we won't have fish any more? that's a real conversation we need to have when we return. ♪ >> we are in a war against fish
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♪ >> cenk: did you know that there is something called a fish industrial complex? did i not know this until this very day. turns out they're killing off all the fish across the world. there is a new report from the the 2012 living planet report saying we have way, way overfished in the last 50 years and we might be creating the end of fish. which sounds pretty disastrous. ana kasparian here to tell us more. >> by 2048 some are pre-addictingpredictingthat we won't have access to fish. there was a documentary about this story, and i think they did a really great job detailing this. it's called "end of the line." let's watch what they have to say. ♪ >> we are in a war against fish. and we are winning.
7:50 pm
at one level it's a question of how bad is it? >> man is not going to change. and the sea is going to be dead. >> there will be a point in the future where we will run out. >> and we are running out. part of the reason for that is because we are we are overfishing and we have better technology now compared to 1950. we have onboard refrigeration and fish finders because of that our fish haul is larger. in 1950 it was 19 million tons. and in 2006 it increased to 87 million tons. >> cenk: i like what the guy in the documentary said, we are a war on fish. we seem to be kicking their ass and literally eating them. >> this is a global issue. this is not just americans who are doing this but in the united states, in in the you're europe union you're seeing big businesses funding members of
7:51 pm
congress or members of their government in order to allow them to continue overfishing and there really is a fishing industrial complex where they're making a tremendous amount of money and they're thinking about the bottom line. they're not thinking about the fact that we're getting rid of entire species of fish. let me give a quote. we're essentially consuming the equivalent of one and a half earths each year. this is possible because we borrow from the future as is the case with fish. one day the world's fish population may collapse. >> cenk: man we've never won a wore more convincingly. i wish we won the war on drugs like this. >> in the journal of science, in 50 years we've reduced the populations of commercial fish such as blue fin tuna and cod by 90%. by 2048, all fish stock will collapse. >> every day i learn something depressing on this show. [chuckling] seriously, i never thought about it but the minute i heard about
7:52 pm
fishing industrial complex $30 billion a year in subsidies. we're subsidizing them to overfish. and kill off the fishing supply. i thought, of course! what are they going to do? oh no they go to a particular spot. suck out all the fish and then move on. all the fish are dead, who cares. they're off to ravage another place. >> you're absolutely right about that. first its blue fin tuna cod when those stocks die off they don't allow them to reproduce. they die off. then these businesses go to keeper waters looking for obscure fish that they can sell off, which is how they make their money. >> cenk: the problem is the same thing we have in terms of wall street, it's short-term gain. it's not their problem if they don't have fish in that area any more. they moved on. i thought, i read this story and
7:53 pm
thought we need to eat fish right away before they run out. >> that's not our intention. >> cenk: that's not what you're supposed to do. ana, thank you for the report. i understand there is an excellent program called "viewpoint" with eliot spitzer. there he is. >> eliot: indeed, there is. did you go out and eat fish? did you do that? >> cenk: not yet honestly, i might this weekend. >> eliot: you might, you have permission. we have an amazing show. it will be booker versus obama. who is going to win the slug fest about what is fair game in attacking mitt romney. obviously a critical issue right now. dissention within. and who is leading the charge to get jamie dimon off the board of the new york fed. you know i've been talk about this for days now, along with elizabeth warren and so many others. it typifies our financial sector.
7:54 pm
it will be interesting. >> cenk: can't wait. we appreciate it. >> eliot: thank you. >> cenk: when we come back conservatives say the death penalty is all right we never kill the wrong guy except when we did. >> he knew about hernandez, but he didn't tell the police right ♪ i don't wanna be right ♪
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