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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  May 22, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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♪ >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the steph! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good hey all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> it's true jim. i saw jacki schechner take cory booker take one
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punch. >> but she is so slender. >> yeah, he ain't all that. >> i think it's stockholm syndrome, because he did that video are chris christie. >> you are right chris. >> we all have to be bipartisan don't we? [ mysterious music ] >> saying bad things about anyone is not fair. >> you say that or else. >> exactly if you were in the same state as chris christie who threatened to sit on you, you would be scared too. >> he is going to need wall street money. >> i could make him come on any bug trip that i'm getting ready for, and pedal backwards the whole way. >> yeah. he is just a typical politician whom i have a lot of respect for. >> me too. we're fired up at a couple of things this morning., you can of us
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here. steph your show is wonderful on current, it's the last hope to stave television. [ romantic music ] >> you are right steve. you are right. [ crickets chirping ] >> this is it. the last best hope. >> more than true housewives of hoboken. >> don't you mess with my housewives. [ laughter ] >> one of the things we're fired up about. kate in tampa, hey, momma isn't it curious that the right-wing want keeps listing trayvon martin at 6'3" when he was really 5'8". your fan of the future mr. jim ward. [ applause ] >> you were saying about that before the show it's unbelievable. >> yeah, they are talking about
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dropping charges now. >> the lead investigator wanted to charge him with manslaughter said the relevant thing is he should have stayed in his car. >> he was stalking whim a gun -- >> with a gun. neighborhood watch means you watch and then you call -- >> george zimmerman thought it was neighborhood shoot first. >> yes, exactly. part of the problem is the law, and you know -- exactly it's a kid -- it wasn't even a situation. it was a kid with some skittles trying to get home to his father. >> yeah. >> and he had his hoodie on with the hood up because it was raining not because he is a thug. >> not according to jeraldo.
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>> it is like she was raped because wanted it. >> a gay porn star from the '70s. >> yes indeed. jeraldo does have a porn mustache from the '80s. why are we in a courtroom suddenly? >> i don't know. >> but jeraldo did show the [ inaudible ] for the first time in public. >> did he? >> we're done with the courtroom show. move on. >> i'll have to examine by briefs. >> it's the john and pam show. >> hey stephanie hey everybody. >> hi, john. >> i just want to let you know equity has come to a little country town in the rural parts of ohio. we have a young man back at -- last year 2011 we wore a shirt from the day of silence
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that jesus was not a homophobic, and the principal told him he had to take it off and this that and the other things. and the district court and everything here in ohio granted the young man $20,000 and that there and everything on settlement that his first amendment rights and his belief and everything was violated. >> good. yay! can i talk to pam. i'm sorry i was missing something in my life, and it's pam. >> how are my favorite three people in the morning? >> how is my favorite two people. >> i was going to be quiet, but i got to talk to my baby in the morning. >> that's right. it's the john and pam show! we need a jingle. >> that poor child, stephanie, they ridicule him in this place.
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he came out that he was gay in school, and the kids accepted him. it was the adults. >> yep. and here is a side fun fact, pam. jesus was not homophobic. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> this is my favorite addition of the john and pam show. >> thank you sweety. love you guys. >> speaking of the things that keep me up at night, i'm always -- [ fun-facts music ] >> oh. [ applause ] >> not only is -- the president obviously saying bain capital obviously fair game yeah corey, talking to you. but here is the one -- the analogy that drives me in insane mitt romney said we only bankrupted a few companies -- >> um. >> like all of them.
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>> and how many thousands of people lost their job. >> and then he bringing up silindra. [ screaming ] >> are you saying that some businesses fail and some -- it's like. first of all it started under bush and the government has always invested in green energy like that. >> absolutely. >> i got to spend time with vann jones last week, so i am fired up about green jobs. expects are saying one of the reasons was the cost of components went sky high -- >> oh god. >> yeah. yeah, but whatever. >> the components used in solar cells. >> thank you. >> so it's not his fault that any of the businesses went bankrupt that bain took over
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really? he had nothing to do with any of that. >> no. >> but the president is solely responsible for silindra not making it. again, this started under bush. he has always talked about green energy and green jobs. >> uh-huh. >> anyway, and the point of that whole thing is we should be investing more in solar. >> absolutely. >> businesses fail for all kinds of reasons but in terms of bain capital they immediately -- >> why does the media let him get away with using silindra. the president said it best yesterday. he said there is a way that bain capital specifically practiced it that is all about wealth creation for the people at bain. >> absolutely. >> and yes staples succeeded, but there are a ton of companies
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that didn't. >> private capitalism is a tool and it's the people that withit. >> mitt romney is an example. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] [ nbc "nightly news" theme ] >> president obama said bain capital is fair game. >> that's right. >> if romney can point out bain's successes, then obama can point out the failures. >> he said he has no problem with private equity terms in general. >> but from bain's point of view, firing union labor in favor of cheap overseas labor is the answer. >> they fired them all, and then decided they could higher them back at half of their wage.
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>> if they are not union. [ romantic music ] >> how about that? >> i feel bent over a koala changing station at the airport. thank you. [ laughter ] >> obama is portraying romney as a corporate raider. which is true. he bankrupted some of the companies bought by bain. the mission of private equity people is to gain profit for themselves. he said that's part of the role of a lot of business. it's not unique to private equity, but a president's job is to worry about everybody not just some. the reason this is relevant to the campaign is because my opponent his main calling card for why he thinks he should be president is his business experience. >> and he is talking about
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refiring the people he fired at a much lower wage. >> yeah. doesn't olympicings get some money as well. >> yeah. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> obama was asked about comments by carry booker and he said book ere is an outstanding mayor. when booker first released the hostage video said it is reasonable for obama to talk about bain capital. well, thank you. >> is that something you can douche out? wow. i like that a lot. >> the president said i think it's important to recognize this issue is not a, quote, distraction. corey. i'm just going to look in the
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camera all morning, because i know he watches. this is part of the debate we are going to be having in the shot at success. thank you. so we'll get to all of that crunchy audio goodness as we continue on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: join the party. 1-800-steph-1-2. >> and we are still up air. [ recorded show playing in the background ] ♪ >> yes, hi. >> hi [ inaudible ]. [ laughter ] >> jacki tweeted that's a lot of pressure, the tv thing. [ laughter ] >> and then we're on it. >> yeah. [ inaudible ]
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and we sea food differently.
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>>(narrator) don't miss this week's the gavin newsom show with special guest guy kawasaki and dylan ratigan. >>steve jobs was many things but he was not a politician. ♪ >> yeah. yes. did you hear that current? you can now get tapeworms in your brain. >> don't talk about it while i'm eating. [ laughter ] >> one of the many disgusting things. you need to stop going online jim. you are like that patient that every doctor hates. the one that researches everything on web m.d. i have this i have this i have
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this. and as for mother's day, i am asystemic. >> yeah, doctors love people like him. >> my sister-in-law calls me the worried well. [ laughter ] ♪ if you be my body guard, i can be your long-lost pal ♪ ♪ i can call you -- >> announcer: stephanie miller -- ♪ any way you call me you can call me al ♪ >> it. wewe are cutting off jim's internet. must you talk about tapeworms while i'm eating. >> there are tapeworms living inside people's brains. and -- >> you are that patient every doctor hates. i have been doing research on
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the internet. >> oh boy. >> i believe i have a brain tapeworm tapeworm. >> jim did think he was an ex-topic pregnancy one day. >> that's the reason he was late. >> well that and i didn't have a wind shield scraper in l.a. >> and now all of the fans spent a scraper from minnesota. every scraper in minnesota has like 8,000 scrapers. >> you open the glove compartment, just scrapers. >> license and registration? >> i have a scraper. [ laughter ] >> all right. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. let's go to buddy in columbus. you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi buddy. >> hey morning, momma, jacki.
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>> buddy perving out on jacki. >> only my listeners can make a name sound dirty. >> i'm whacky for jacki. let's get to the bottom line of mitt. he made money firing people. >> it's how you maximize profit. >> why do you hate cappalism? >> he made money loading businesses with unsustainable debt. he made money off of the health insurance and pensions of the federal government. he made money charging these companies rates for management fees -- there was a company in south carolina had been around for 105 years.
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it was profitable. bain took it over. bain charged them $11,000 for nine years. >> listen, buddy we say it every day, but we are sitting in a company that bain piled a bunch of debt on. i feel like chris christie sat on us every day. as buddy said that's what you do to maximize profits. it's not about helping people and create jobs. sue in rockwell maryland, you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> good morning, everyone. no one in the tea bagger party will have to worry about brain tapeworms because they don't have any brains. >> awe! >> stephy you do not understand republican math.
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romney created jobs after he left bain because that's a plus. he claims no responsibility for jobs lost after he left bain. and obama only gets a minus. it's only a plus if you are a republican, and only a minus if you are a republican and double if you are obama because he is a bla. >> yeah. so the one business that didn't work that president obama bet on, he's a complete -- whatever. >> whatever! >> bla. >> that's the point. >> yeah. >> okay. the president yesterday. >> your main argument for how to grow the economy is i knew how to make a lot of money for investors, then you are missing what this job is about. >> yeah so silindra is the one
3:23 pm
that went -- and that's all that counts. but all of the businesses that went bankrupt with bain capital, he said that is after i left. >> i wasn't physically in the building when it happened. >> yeah like somebody setting a bomb and going i wasn't there. [ explosion ] >> and maximizing profit for investors is not the job of the president. >> yeah. >> the job is protecting people. >> yeah. >> i'm going to do a movie analogy. >> oh, lord. [ nbc "nightly news" theme ] >> my point is it's like the movie "speed," bush planted the bomb on the bus, and now obama has to drive a certain speed to get us out of the mess -- >> and then sandra bullock -- >> right.
3:24 pm
and then someone erased her personality from the internet -- oh wait a minute. in that was a different movie. [ buzzer sounds ] >> he wants no consistency in talking about his record. any job created was his success. any jobs lost that was not me. >> okay. 29 minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ you're about to watch an ad message created by a current tv viewer for allstate save 11 campaign. at 14 my life changed forever. i was in a horrific automobile crash with other teenagers. the driver was 16, he had lost control. when we hit the telephone pole the metal bent, the glass
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ask your doctor if you can reduce your risk with pradaxa. ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller -- >> i knew it all along, she is still the same irresponsible train wreck that she always was. >> yep. [ laughter ] >> no. >> what? >> it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 34 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. you know what is exciting, train wrecks. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> it's exciting. >> you can't look away.
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>> yeah i'm like bruce willis i'm the only one that saw it. that is who movie references in a row i got right. >> how do you know you got the last one right? >> i know. >> the president on cory booker. >> he is doing great work in newark and obviously helping to turn that city around. and i think it's important to recognize that this issue is not a, quote, distraction, when you are president as opposed to the head of a private equity firm then your job is not simply to maximize profits. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you very much. [ nbc "nightly news" theme ] >> bain and the financial industry gave over $565,000 to carry booker and his campaign. >> oh. >> what do you think of that? >> what do you think of that? >> let's go to sam in providence
3:30 pm
rhode island. >> you just read the exact same line i was about to read. >> oh, my god, you complete me. we complete each other sentences. >> let's go to gordon in iowa. >> hi how are you doing, steph? >> good. >> first i wanted to say that the difference between bain capital -- one of the big differences is -- >> taxpayer money. >> right. first -- first of all the taxpayer money is what went towards solyndra. and it didn't start with bush. >> yes, it did. >> they tried three times to get a loan for bush. >> the process started under bush. they always review these
3:31 pm
things -- >> sure, and they denied the money to solyndra -- >> they didn't deny the money. they don't oak these things overnight. and my point is mitt romney should not use solyndra as an example of see -- businesses fail winners '5 losers yadda, yadda. then how come none of his failures count? >> no -- >> that's off limits to talk about the american pad and paper or the steel company or all of the companies that got sucked dry and went under. >> i understand that. look at general motors obama cost more jobs with that bailout -- >> no he did not -- gordon -- that is a right-wing talking point. the auto companies had to cut in the beginning, but the auto rescue saved millions of
3:32 pm
dollars. >> the cbo doesn't count an sill rare jobs around the -- >> do you really think that rescuing the auto industry didn't save lots of jobs -- >> millions. >> if all of those companies had gone under. really? >> what i'm saying is it cost more jobs than it saved. >> that is not true. >> all right. all right. i just -- i can't continue -- >> i saw it on fox. it must be true. >> it's what rush said. >> the cbo only counts jobs inside each plant. they don't count all of the support jobs that have been saved -- even diners near the production plants were saved because -- >> uh-huh. >> yeah i don't -- stuff like that -- >> you know what i'll research the number -- that most experts went with that were either saved or created from rescuing the auto industry. that is so counter intuitive to
3:33 pm
go he lost jobs by saving -- huh? >> let's go to courtel from kentucky. >> i'm the official gay black of the "stephanie miller show." [ bell chimes ] >> i'm getting so sick of these right-wing evangelical preachers who are out constantly making sermons saying people like you and me need to put to gaffe. excuse me. but -- god said he didn't want us -- i happen to know for a fact -- >> well, you know, i was just going to say, by the way. i think these people are em-boldened by this vote in in -- north carolina. but do you know how low the turn out was?
3:34 pm
but these guys feelen boldened. take your organ out, please. [ organ music ] >> we have this coming up in right-wing world but we can play it if you want. >> do we? never mind. you read these thing and go really? but he is in a church and some people are going amen. >> yeah. >> he said we need to pen in all of the lesbians and queers with an electrified fence and wait until they die out. >> actually he said homosexuals and queers. >> apparently there is a difference. >> he also said lesbian and homosexuals. >> and gay lions and tigers and bears, oh my. >> according to the "wall street journal" 1.5 million jobs were saved -- [ nbc "nightly news" theme ]
3:35 pm
>> i'm sorry -- >> yes. the "wall street journal." >> 1.5 million jobs. >> that was gordon's point. he lost more jobs than he saved. >> sure. [ nbc "nightly news" theme ] >> you keep going with that gordon. bless your heart. it's practically the nation "wall street journal." [ laughter ] >> rita in maryland you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> hi, stephanie, just a couple of quick points you were right as rain on sol indra. the loan was approved in 2009. that means the government was obligated. secondly i am from flint, michigan born and raised there. there are so many jobs that are created because of the president saving factories. i grew up there, when those
3:36 pm
factories closed jobs were decimated. it was like a waistland. and i bought a sexy liberal hat and my daughter took it so i'm buying me another one. [ applause ] >> yeah! ♪ >> i'm on for that kind of capitalism. >> kibble capitalism. that's what i practice. matthew in syracuse you are on the "stephanie miller show." welcome. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> i have to ask you can somebody please explain why mitt romney crows about his success of saving a place like staples. have you ever worked in a place like staples? it's like corporate death. >> yeah. >> you can destroy a steel mill that productively hires and
3:37 pm
retains people at a decent wage that you can live and send your kids to college, but you can't make any money at a place like staples. you are not living. >> obviously a lot of people in this economy a job is a job -- >> i understand that sure. >> but you are right. this is what bain practiced. the one company where he fired everybody and said how would you like to come back at half of your wage. >> yeah, because staples' employs are not normally even full-time. >> yeah. >> i haven't worked at a staples, but i -- i have done far worse. >> you worked as fung lum. >> yes, and i had to clean bugs off of airplane windows. that was my job. i had to clean the bugs off of the plane wind shields. >> gross. >> i would have done that in
3:38 pm
exchange for flying lessons. why didn't you ask for flying lessons. >> well, one time i actually backed a plane into the hangar. >> then you weren't allowed to scrape the wind screens anymore -- >> no how terrifying was that also my job was to check the gauges. i'm like you need to come to my house when my computer is unplugged. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> can you slap the side of my printer so it works again. >> that altemeter is fine. >> i was dunk. >> oh boy. >> that's going to leave a mark. hi, brian. >> this is to gordon i will take obama's record in the last
3:39 pm
four years over mitt romney's record as governor any time of the day. okay? >> yeah. >> the new talking point is 20% of those companies that romney took over with bain capital they failed only 20%. so that leaves 70-something percent that actually succeeded. this is why he'll all over the map with how -- when he went against ted kennedy, it was 10,000 jobs then it was 100,000 jobs and now it's thousands -- >> and the point is the reason for cutting jobs is to put more money in bain's pockets. and sometimes it made them run out of business. >> which makes it fair game if you are going to say you are a job creator because of bain, then it's fair game. >> yep. yep.
3:40 pm
absolutely. brian is fired up ready to go. >> yeah. >> he sounds like he is in. >> yeah. >> 45 minutes after the hour. back with right-wing world. and the lesbian in the pen, they are probably really hot because they are in an electrified pen. all of that as we continue on the "stephanie miller show." >> ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for a shock. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ don't go to war." it's go time. >>every weeknight cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. the guys in the lower end got screwed again. >>i think you know which one we're talking about. the overwhelming majority of the country says"tax the rich, don't go to war." >>just wanted to clarify that.
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♪ eat, drink, chew orbit! ♪ >>(narrator) don't miss this week's the gavin newsom show with special guest guy kawasaki and dylan ratigan. >>steve jobs was many things but he was not a politician. >> gas prices are out of control! the republicans were right about president obama, right? wrong? are the republicans going to back peddle now? and the tea party people they hate the bank bailouts. and cory booker is he also taking money from the banks?
3:45 pm
of course! in fact the entire democratic party is taking money from the banks. i have to keep it real for you. that's what we do on "the young turks." and roger ails goes after jon stewart. is he right? is he wrong? that one is pretty obvious. nonetheless tune in for the fight on "the young turks." [ kristal ] we're just taking a sample of all our different items in our festival of shrimp. the crab-stuffed shrimp are awesome! tequila lime tacos. [ man ] delicious! [ male announcer ] it's festival of shrimp! for $12.99 try any two shrimp creations like new barbeque glazed shrimp.
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offer ends soon. we're servers at red lobster. and we sea food differently. >> announcer: stephanie miller -- ♪ you make me feel like dancing, i feel like dancing, dancing, dancing, ahhhhh ♪ ♪ ahhhhh ♪ >> uh-huh. it is the "stephanie miller show."
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welcome it to. 50 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. tim in detroit. hi, tim. >> stephanie, thank you so much for taking the call. my wife and i really enjoy the show. it's serious and it's hilarious. >> thank you. >> willard mitt romney that's his real name willard. he is running for president of the united states and in the past he is governor which he is running away from everything he did as governor. he does not want to talk about it. he refuses to answer questions. yet when he is on tv on the radio, comes on stage, they introduce him as the governor romney. >> right. and you know why? because he is running on job creation, there is no way to spin that you were 47th out of 50 states in job creation when you were governor and the other three states were hit by a hurricane. there is no way to spin that.
3:48 pm
>> there is a gentlemen on another station that we watch, his name is al sharpton, and he calls him willard. he refuses to call him the governor. it irks us that there is such a conflict between what he says and the reality. >> all right. you don't need to watch anybody but me. >> blue berry pie! >> yes. we have pie here too. [ whacky comedy music ] >> let's dive into the right-wing world. >> i made two strawberry pies from those strawberries we got. >> how did that work out for you? >> awesome. >> all right. gretchen carlson. >> wouldn't it benefit the republicans if this ad did go
3:49 pm
up. because it talks about the economy, and that's what president obama doesn't want to talk is the economy. >> yeah, you got us. >> oh, boy. >> okay. here is a the key romney surrogate donald trump. >> frankly if i were mitt and mitt is a very honorable guy, i would let them go at it. you are going back into the past. mitt has done an amazing job at creating jobs. he has really done an incredible job, and i think it's very unfair. if it's game on it's game on. go after obama. >> go after obama in a huge way. >> huge! >> yeah and birthism i would use that too. >> when we play that sound bite somebody else sends me a picture
3:50 pm
of him in the wind. [ laughter ] >> all right rush limbaugh. >> obama admits to hating white people, when he -- the thing he heard jeremiah wright say that grabbed him, was wright's claim that this is a world run by white man's greed. >> well? >> well? >> well you have a little problem there with white people then. >> no you have a problem with greed. >> yes. i think that's the name of the book "i have a problem with white people" wasn't it? >> yeah. especial michigan mom. >> is pastor charles worley no relationship to joanne because that is my happy place. if you tell me he is any relation to my happy place -- >> i don't know. let's call the mormon church --
3:51 pm
>> yeah he probably has its own planet all right. >> i figured a way out, a way to get rid of all of the lesbians and queers but i couldn't get it past the congress. build a great big large fence, 150 or 100 mile long put all of the lesbians in there fly over and drop some food. >> oh thanks. >> do the same thing with the queers and homosexuals. and have that fence electrified and feed them. and in a few years they will die out. you know why? they can't reproduce. >> clever. [ applause ] >> there is no gay person that has ever been produced by a gay relationship, it has always been yeah -- straight people. >> just want to say one thing,
3:52 pm
we like sushi. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> okay. my only question what is with that congregation uh-huh, yep. [ music from "deliverance". ] >> wow -- >> can we put broken glass in the food when we drop it. >> so both the homosexuals and the queers. >> yes. >> and the lesbian. because lesbians aren't homosexuals in the least. >> can i get a number so i can ask him the difference between queers and lesbian. >> yeah. >> that's a man of god. >> oh boy. keith ablow -- by the way i know some lesbian electricians so you
3:53 pm
know what -- [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> lesbian are nothing if not handy. >> we would get that thing unhooked. >> or electrified from the outside. >> and then you would have a bunch of angry lesbians on your ass. you don't want that pastor worley. >> an electrified fence, i don't know what happened. >> let me see if i can hook it -- ow! dammit! just some angry dikes in here. [ electrical buzzing ] [ laughter ] >> see some clever lesbian electrician -- it would be like road runner. here can you just hold this end of it. [ electric buzzing. ] >> and he i would sound electric like paul lind. do it again. [ electric buzzing ] . >> the bottom line is how did we
3:54 pm
decide that kids are just fine to grow up absent their biological parents. because why? because we love each other. well, three people can love each other, to polygamy has to be close behind. how can you have same-sex marriage and not believe that three people can fall in love. >> all right. let's ask mitt. >> yeah, ask his family. >> thank you captain slippery slope, we salute ye. oh, boy. do they have any other argument? >> no. >> well then you could marry a fish. >> and then goat for some reason comes very close behind. >> you could marry a slippery slope. >> exactly. you could technically marry a slippery slope. and what is not hot about that. >> you know what could make it slippery? astro glide.
3:55 pm
>> i have to go get in think electrified pen. wewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewe >>(narrator) current tv presents the campaign ads that changed history, brought to you by spiriva handihaler. today's campaign ads accuse candidates of flip-flops, but back in 1952, the adlai stevenson campaign called it double-talk. >>yes...uh, i mean no. >>no, uh i mean yes. >>you're confused. >>you're confused >>(campaign ad narrator) don't you be confused! >>in a lot of campaigns since then we've seen this theme. the candidate said one thing and then did something else. >>(current narrator)flip-flop ads can pack a real punch when the candidate already has a reputation for changing his mind too often, like this 1972 nixon ad targeting george mcgovern. >>and that was effective because mcgovern changed his mind on his vice presidential candidate, and that fed into this idea that he was prone to changing his mind. >>(narrator) the mcgovern campaign had lots of other problems, but the flip-flop ads certainly didn't help. richard nixon took every state except massachusetts and the district of columbia. >>current tv's look at campaign ads that changed history is
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