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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  May 22, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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♪ he "young turks," but we think we are old school here. i got to tell you, i have mixed feelings about the tea party. i love that they challenged power, i hated how they got corrupted so quickly and so easily by big money. when they first got formed it was to protest the bank bailouts. how many protests so far? none! because they don't want to protest the banks. their leaders immediately got corrupted and bought by the banks. back in 2010 this was a tea party ad in chicago. >> we want more freedom, not more debt. >> more jobs not more
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bureaucrat. >> no more takeovers and spending. >> and no more government control. >> washington needs to know they work for us. we don't work for them. >> no more bailouts except we'll do anything for you. we have goofy haths. >> well one of the founders of the tea party is fairly sickened by the direction it has taken. >> we began with the premise that we have to fix this. it has to go away. we have to get all of the bad debts out in the open and clear them, and it stayed that way for about a month and then the money interests came in and basically took it back and as far case tell, they did it by saying look, if you go down this road we will give more campaign contributions, so the republican put the kibosh on this. >> that describes it perfectly.
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so who are the top five recipients of bailout money? the top five banks of course. they got $150 billion worth of bailouts which the tea party was supposed to be against. let's look at where the freshmen tea party republicans are today. sandy adams $33,000 from the bank $156,000 -- i can't even -- look at all of this money. every one of them -- every one of those 15 tea party freshman republicans, as soon as they came into office, don't forget no, no banks where are you? we're here to defend you. give us money! you frauds! you hypocrites! you sellouts! let me show you the top five. look at these guys. stephen fincher, he gets the
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most because he is on the house committee on financial services. that's where they really need the sellouts for the banks. black did a terrific job of completing in the sellout category. joe walsh, $70,000. he should use some of that money to pay his child support he owes. and dennis ross, and tim huekcamp all taking money from the banks. my favorite is joel walsh because not only does he take the money, but he gets animated and angry about it. listen to this. >> i don't want government meddling in the marketplace! the government sets the rules! don't blame banks! and don't blame the marketplace
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for the mess we're in right now! i'm tired of hearing that crap! i am tired of hearing that crap! [ inaudible ] >> there are already mechanisms in place -- god you know what this pisses me off. too many people don't listen. >> nicely done that rant for you only cost $70,000 to the banks. god that pisses me off. i'm the whore of the banks. he gets in her face how dare you ever say anything about the banks! don't you know i'm a tea party whore? you sicken me the way you sold out your cause entirely. if they were true in principals you say at least they are morning and we're in a democracy.
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but they are not they got bought cheap and immediately. josh wrote about this initially. and josh you can tell it has me a little animated. a it will worked up. >> that's good to hear cenk. >> look, do any of the voters understand this. does anybody say wait a minute wasn't the whole tea party founded on the idea of protesting the bank bailouts. why are all of these guys -- the very top in protecting the banks in congress? >> it's a very good question. i don't know how many people realize that these members all 15 of them when they ran for office, every single one of them spoke out against the bailouts. they all talked about how they would oppose bailouts in the future. one said this has corrupted our free market system and rewarded the bad actors and penalized the innocent good people and every single one of them came in and started taking the money.
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>> josh, the other part of this is regulations and legislation right? so there was a recent piece of legislation offered saying we should put a check on the banks so we don't need to bail them out again. and how did the tea party freshman republicans vote on that piece of legislation? >> as you might expect the tea party freshman after receiving all of these contributions their tune has changed completely. and they have in fact almost without exception supported efforts to weaken even the existing regulations like the dodd-frank rules. >> here is a question that i don't know if either one of us has the answer to, but i'm curious what your thoughts are. do you think these guys think, oh, no no, if we have less regulation and we let them decide how much they want to gamble? that will be awesome.
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the ghosts of ian rand will take this on. or do they think, i know this is what i got elected for, but come on, look at all of this money. >> i think from day one you have to be raising money. it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to get reelected. and they know it is going to be a hard fight, so they need every cent they can get, and they are happy to take it from the people they are against. >> that about summarizes all of our politics. that's exactly right. josh isreal thank you so much man. >> thank you. >> same thing for the democrats and republicans. system is broken. they are systematically corrupted by washington. they got to get the money to get reelected and a whole lot of
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their power, so both republicans and democrats will do anything to keep that going. when we come back a new line of attack by karl rove against the president. >> i supported president obama because he spoke so beautifully. he promised change but things changed for the worse, obama started spending like our credit cards have no limit. ♪ >>umm! umm! ohh! >>umm, ah-hum. >>umm! >>ahh! >>hershey's new air delight milk chocolate, a lighter, airier meltier hershey's happiness.
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♪ all right. excellent power karl frisch, democratic strategist, syndicated columnist, radio host, and progressive. can i get more can i get more titles. all right. also scholar, woodrow wilson international center for scholars, also the author of "the swing vote: the untapped power of independents". that is a lot of what we're going to discuss today actually. the first question is about the
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swing vote and whether -- which way they are going to swing basically is the question. let me give you some polls to start out with. according to the latest "washington post," president obama up by three points. that's nearly meaningless at this point. just showing you everything is near a tie. on how they would handle the economy, they are tied job creation basically tied 46 45. and romney's bain background, 21% say major reason to support him. 21% major reason to oppose him, and 54% not much of a major fact for at all. linda as i look at this, it seems to be a dead heat at this point heading into the general election. so do we have any basis to decide based on this? >> of the polls that you talked
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about, the abc "washington post" poll that you talked about the one big area where there is a huge difference is the question that says who understands the problems of average americans more? the president has a 14-point advantage on that question. so the obama campaign thinks that they have got an edge when it comes to romney not being like a real person and not sounding like a real person and that's what the bain ad is designed to capitalize on. not necessarily is capitalism bad or bain bad, but does he really care about the problems of average americans? and his character issue. negative ads work, and independent voters say they don't like negative ads, but they work when they take advantage of something that is already in voters' minds, and they obviously already have in
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their mind that romney isn't like a real person. >> and that's why we call him robo-corp. because that's what he is. >> that's why you call him that. >> on the issue of independence i know president obama spent the first three years at least trying to appeal to independents, but i think he went about it in a lot of the wrong ways. oh, my god, independents care about deficits. but i think there was a difference in emphasis. they care a little bit about deficits, but they care a lot more about jobs. so was his emphasis in the wrong place? >> maybe at times. and that's why i think it is good that the conversation has shifted to income inequality. but there is a poll out from msnbc showing obama leading in independents by 8 or 9 points. so we'll see this going back and
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forth. and whether the president should be talk about this issue? of course he should. if mitt romney is going to demonstrate his experience as an executive talking about creating a hundred thousand or 10 thousand jobs or whatever number they pulled out of their rear this time, then he has every right to expect that we're going to talk about bain and what he did there. >> i want to go back to linda's point here about the way you attract independents. because karl rove's group has a new ad out. and it's softer than other attack ads. let's watch this. ♪ >> i always loved watching the kids play basketball. i still do. even though things have changed. it's funny. they can't find jobs to get their careers started, and i can't afford to retire. and now which ear all living together again. i supported president obama because he spoke so beautifully.
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he promised change but things changed for the worse, obama started spending like our credit cards have no limit. >> linda -- i know. karl's crying, it's true. and the kids being such losers in that ad always makes me cry. and i don't mean that for people that can't get a job, the rest of is the ad is oh, ho, back home. >> i think it's incredibly ironic that karl rove produced that ad. >> yes. linda do you think president obama is a bad guy, lacks character, et cetera. it seems like that is on an effective strategy. the strategy where they were going to try to get people to hate president obama is not going to work. >> that's not going to work at all. and as we just talked about, obama is much more likable. on all of the ratings he is way
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ahead of obama on that score. what independents are going to make their decision on and they will make it in october or early november, they will wait until the last minute. what they will make their decision on is how is the economy for me right now? that's -- that's how they will make their decision. that's their number one concern. they do care about deficits. it's right up there. definitely more than democrats about deficit. >> i have to give karl the last word here. when i hear they don't know the difference between the two i tend to think you should study up a little bit. >> yeah, cutely but at the end of the day what people will vote on is the future of the country, and people don't want to go back to george w. bush. romney's advisors said his economic policies would be george bush on steroids.
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that should be enough to win them over. >> all right. thank you both very much. i really appreciate it. when we come back kristin bower is from true blood, but she thinks the real vampires are the oil companies trying to suck up the oil out of the art tick. >> if you look at what happened in the gulf of mexico we weren't prepared to clean that up, it's a little unrealistic to think that we are going to be able to clean up an oil company in our state. >> watch out. do you see a vampire? we'll find out when we come back. ♪
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♪ >> the end may come soon even russell will have our heads or the authority will.
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>> russell wants nothing more than anarchy. >> we'll bring him in or die trying. >> the reason we showed you that "true blood" clip is because one of the stars cares a lot about big oil. kristin it is great to have you here. you were man hands on seinfeld. >> i was. for the record. >> no, those are different hands. i knew it. you were a porn mom in "hidden hills" >> i was i had three years of sex worker. >> all right. but why if you are an actor did you inside to get involved in activism and why this issue? >> there are so many issues they do talk about it's mainly rights. there is a big rights issue here just for earth, but i got
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involved in this, really i feel like it's my wisconsin upbringing. i love nature and have a reverent for it. and i'm planting a vegetable garden, and those little seeds are like a dust particle and they will sustain my life. and also i have been on earth the last few years, and i have been seeing that these things tend to leak and we tend to not be able to clean them up. and that's in the gulf which looks like a sweet duck pond compared to the conditions of the arctic. >> that's funny you say that because it makes such great sense. >> yeah. and also i did a little googling. >> uh-huh. >> a lot of googling. >> right. so if you google -- which i encourage people to get
4:50 pm
involved, that's my main mission to say look, this is happening. shell is going to the arctic to drill if we don't call obama at this number in case anyone wants it, and tell him because it's an election year, so the only way we can stop this is to let somebody know that we're for this or not for this. >> let me set it up a little bit here so people know what is at steak, and then we'll talk about president obama. >> great. "night line" did a really interesting story about this. >> the oil and gas [ inaudible ] exactly overlap with the feeding area of the gray whale. >> it turns out that whales literally talk to one another deep under water they call out emitting sounds like this. [ whale sounds ] >> it's how they find food find mates and how mother whales keep
4:51 pm
in touch with their young, but it's not just the noise environmentalists are worried about. some say shell is not prepared if the unthinkable were to happen again. >> we weren't prepared to clean up the gulf of mexico in pristine conditions. >> so kristin they mention shell there. what is the current status of what is happening in the arctic. >> president obama can stop them. it has been hard for them to get the permits to drill. i googled big rig oil spoils and there are so many. so these things leak and in the gulf they only cleaned up 8% of it, so there is absolutely no technology on earth to clean this up, so shell is saying look, we'll clean up 95%, but we don't really have amnesia, you have to -- how can we believe
4:52 pm
that when that has never hand in history, and even in their own testing, obama's commission they said shell has yet to successfully test the techniques that they propose to use. >> that's an amazing part of this, right? >> yeah. >> oftentimes an administration will admit. so then the president of the interior secretary was asked will they have the new safety procedures in place. he said it's a work in progress. in other words no. >> that's right. and i think it's a little bit of a testament to that we're all so busy. this is happening in plain view. we're all so busy, picking up laundry, dealing with jobs and life and everything else so we just don't have time to do this possibly, and there are so many things, so many fires to put out, but i feel like this is an important one, because this stuff leaks.
4:53 pm
these are all of my little leak tabs. this was page one of google. >> right. i know you play a vampire on tv and we mention the oil companies, but is it really the laundry list of the [ inaudible ]. >> they are the go-between there are more lobbyists than politicians. and it's -- you know, i don't know what the solution is because if you want to run for office, you have to pay for a campaign, so -- but for me the solution is to get involved and that this arctic ocean it doesn't feel like my backyard but it is my backyard and to get involved and make a phone call is 9 seconds. >> thank you so much for coming in and caring so much about this issue. >> thank you. >> i understand "viewpoint" is eliot spitzer is next. what is going on there, eliot.
4:54 pm
>> i marvel every night the superstars you get on your set, how do you do it? it's incredible. >> it's rebel headquarter what can we do. >> look, we have a great show coming up senator sanders, charles ferguson who's movie "inside job" has a new book and james lipton is going to tell mitt romney what mitt romney can do to appear human. i don't know if even that is possible. it will be an amazing show. it will be a blast. >> i actually love your guests. i can't wait to watch that show. >> we'll swap some night. how about that. >> that sounds interesting. all right. thank you. when we come back, you want to hear interesting? roger ailes versus jon stewart. what is the fight about and who wins when we come back.
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roger ailes just gave a speech at ohio university and
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he said that msnbc is out of the news business. what business is fox news in? and then he said "new york times" was assess -- a cesspool of bias. and look at this. we give him so much rich material because we are so stupid he can make fun of us all day long. and the second part i enjoy is jon stewart saying hey, buddy let me tell you a secret at a bar.
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