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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  May 23, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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well. please keep spending them in and helping us to decorate. form night, former vice presidential gore is going to join us. i'm really looking forward to that. and we'll talk to the los angeles mayor, and van jones. it will be a great show, and we'll see you then. turks." how are you doing? did you know that there might be financial shenanigans going on with the facebook ipo. >> more power and money to invest. a different set of facts and analysis than they advertised to the investors. that's troubling. >> cenk: troubling, indeed. wait until you find out morgan stanley's role in this. it's actually shocking. no, this is shocking. furthermore, colin powell takes mitt romney to a wood shed. >> come on, think. that isn't the case. i don't know whether mitt really
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feels that-- >> or is it someone said it. >> i don't know. >> cenk: is mitt romney's foreign policy team full of lunatics? yes, it is. we'll explain later in the show. plus the right wing media trying to pre-event a so-called race war. >> consider what would have lapped if a mob of white men descended on a car and beat up a black man and a black woman. i don't have to say any more. you know what would happen. >> cenk: i can't wait to tell you that story and the really facts that the 6:00 news is trying to keep from you. you know what time it is? obviously go time. ♪ >> cenk: well, a famous ipo, and the price is going to go up, and
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then wang, wang wang, it didn't turn out that well. they did raise $16 billion and it turns out that some people made a tremendous amount of money from it, but not everybody. you of course you remember the hype around it. do you remember jim cameer who said there is nothing that could go wrong. >> why am i so confident that the anti-facebook bobbleheads will be wrong? [buzzer] i can remember the dot-come dot-com era. i watched the stocks spike from $62 to $67 on the first day and then spent years crashing and burning before it bottomed at $1. so i'm more qualified than anybody else in this country to make this country. i'm telling you facebook is a
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legitimate company. >> cenk: i love that! there is no one more qualified to tell you how much facebook is going to go up--except it went down. it started at $38 then went to $35 and then limited to $43. then jim cramer said, oh yeah i knew that. >> suddenly you go back and realize, wait a minute, maybe this is like all the social media that went public which by the way was disastrous. all of the deals that have come have lost a lot of money for people and this seems more of it. >> cenk: of course jim cramer knew it all along-- along--no. i hope you're not taking advice from that man. not everyone lost money. some people made a tremendous amount of money. including the people who put together the ipo. now people are livid about that including people who lost money. and then there are charges that
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some people didn't know the right information, including the fact that facebook was not worth what ipo banks were saying at the time, and they had told some of their top investors that. we have this report. >> you might say facebook constitutes has been troubleed isn't its initial public offering on friday. not only did the stock go down 20% but there are serious questions of fairness surrounding the much ballyhooed ipo. were investors at morgan stanley tipped off about facebook's finances that regular face barry bonds investors didn't get. they called the issue, quote, a matter of regulatory concern. >> if people with power and money to invest had more information than the average invest it's troubling. >> cenk: it's troubling and it
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happened all the time. nobody bothered to regulate them so they can do whatever they want. get a load of what morgan stanley did. i read they made $100 million off of this thing. no turns out yeah, they got $175 million. all the banks combined and morgan stanley got $60 million to $70 million for the initial ipo fees. but morgan stanley got $100 million in profit. they shorted the stock. they bet against facebook. they're the bank launching ipo, oh yeah everybody rush, but then they bet against it. now they have a set of explanations for why they had to do it, yeah, you bet $100 million betting against the stock. that's unbelievable. the rich get richer because they've got the insider information. now the sec is looking into it.
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we've got lawsuits coming in from shareholders who are aggrieved and just be everybody involved in this trade, and now massachusetts is looking into it. here is their regulator talking to cnn. >> millions of dollars have been at least on paper lost. many of those investors are smarting from that experience right now. how do you get people to invest in the market? how do you get people to have confidence? you have to have facts you can rely on and that's what regulators are for. there are different categories of investors. we need to be assured that everyone, every investor is treated the same. everybody's money is just as good as everybody else's. people should not be in a position where they are treated as second-class investors. >> cenk: how quaint. now it's almost assumed that on wall street if you're not connected, and you're not obscenely wealthy, then obviously you're going to get screwed. they're going to get the money in the beginning and you're going to lose the money later.
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that's how it works. why does it work that way? part of the reason is the republicans took the regulators out. what the republicans have done they've taken off the cuffs. they gave away $225 million from the sec so they can do less regulation. then the robbers get to run wild. you know, it doesn't even help the budget. it doesn't come out of the budget. it comes from the banks. so they do a double gift to the banks. here is $225 million back plus rob the place blind. unfortunately, oftentimes the republicans help them do that. and just in this election cycle, and we're just getting warmed up in this election cycle the banks have put in $102 million to both parties. that's how they buy the system. that's how they get richer. let's bring in tony robbins.
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great to have you here. now let's talk a little bit about all of these people who are upset about the facebook ipo. do they have a legitimate claim that there might have been insider information or fraud or anything along those lines? >> sure, there are plenty of investors who feel they got the shortened of the stick after facebook went public on friday. but we don't know. there are reports that perhaps morgan stanley had information and lowered it's projections for facebook that other investors were not necessarily aware of. that's how we have the class action lawsuit in new york. the sec is still looking at it and members of congress are only just today starting to get briefings from nasdaqqand from others who are closely involved in this ipo. >> cenk: so if the top banks had information that facebook's revenue was not going to be as high as they suspected daysed before the ipo, and they only
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shared it with preferred investors and not with quote/unquote, regular investors, is that a crime? >> it depends on with whom how, and where they got the information. where the concentration seems to be right now is what gave information to morgan stanley and other underwriters that it did not put in its s-1 perfect tough citizen sec filing speak. if that's the case, they had fact relateed to financials, that would be right, there is something missing there. but we don't know with whom they shared this information. and because sec rules are so complex, we won't know these things until the investigation begins to shape up. >> cenk: and if the republicans have their way we'll never know. what? there is a problem with facebook? let's go to sec again. tony romm, from politico, thank
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you for sharing your information with us. >> thanks for having me. >> cenk: you hear that the center right are the center right. i'll show you how progressive americans are, including legalizing marijuana. >>scores of the most talented filmmakers in the world gather in new york city every year for the tribeca film festival. the eclectic slate of films draws an estimated 3 million people a year. cat coira's film, "while we were here," is about how travel can change the way we look at our lives and loves. >>you never know someone until you travel with them, because it takes people out of their element. >>(narrator) director morgan
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spurlock's films have taken him all around the world. his latest, "mansome," is about grooming in the modern man. the project brought him to germany to a professional beard building championship. >>just as there are beauty pageants for women, there are, you know, now these beard growing competitions and mustache competitions for men. >>i'm wayne rosenfeld at the tribeca film festival. and everyone likes 50% more cash -- well, except her. no! but, i'm about to change that. ♪ every little baby wants 50% more cash... ♪ phhht! fine, you try. [ strings breaking wood splintering ] ha ha. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. ♪ what's in your wallet? ♪ ♪ what's in your...your... ♪
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indulgence... one square inch of bliss. hershey's bliss. >> the united states, they will have somebody to fight for equal rights for them because they are our brothers and they are our sisters. >> in 2008 our country elected a leader who not only acknowledged the lbgt community but embraced it. >> i'm here with you in that
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fight. >> who counted us as friends. >> we had some bilateral talks with your leader, lady gaga. >> cenk: that's funny and obama administration is feeling far more confident about their position on gay marriage. with new numbers coming in and they're very good. but if you're a progressive, the numbers are always very good. what the rest of the media will tell you this is a conservative country. when you ask people at the polls, they'll say that they're conservative, not liberal. but issue-by-issue bowl progresses always win. look at the new polls coming in. same-sex marriage should it be legal? 53% legal. 39% illegal. that's is a widening gap. they got to feel great with these numbers. the obama administration has got to feel great about these numbers. if you're a leader and leading
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this administration look the numbers move and the country is progressive. this number will get only larger and larger until it becomes relevant and everybody in this category is embarrassed. then they'll pretend they were never in that category. it happened in civil rights. now, 56% support legalization and only 36% are opposed opening up a 20-point gap. that's a gigantic lead for legalizing marijuana. again, progressive, progressive. let's go to a third issue pro-choice-pro-life. 41% pro-choice. 50%--oh no, my case is ruined. it turns out the country is more pro-life. wait, you know why this is the case? because the right wing has demonized pro-choice and lionized pro-life over and over again.
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in that same poll when they asked, hey, do you think abortion should be illegal? the country actually overwhelmingly said no. 72% said it should be legal. do you know what that means? 72% are pro-choice. they just don't know it. oh, i don't know fox has told me pro-choice is bad. should abortion be legal? of course. no no, you're progressive. you're pro-choice. only 25% say illegal in all circumstances. the country is progressive on almost every issue. when are you going to get it through your thick skull the rest of the media? stop repeating nonsense right-wing talking points. when we go to the polls for the actual election, i can give you 100 polls in this election and others pennsylvania a blue state. but now republican governor, and republican controlling the legislature. why? in florida, romney has a 47% to
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41 lead. why? shouldn't they be voting for progressive? first of all if they were, they shouldn't vote for obama, but someone way to the left of them. two things. they have giants amount of money and they spend it to persuade you. second the media does not do their job. they say this is the guy who say abortion should be illegal. he said marijuana should be illegal of course he says that too. he needs to be more to the left. he just evolved his position on gay marriage. he was opposed. and he wouldn't sign an amendment on gay marriage. the media never actually told you the fact. all right, if i want to discuss the politics of this, what would i do? wouldn't i bring in a guy who
7:18 pm
has an epic understand of this? my god, it's epic politics man. >> i feel like i should come in for a landing. >> cenk: if you're going to come in that way, don't. >> okay. >> cenk: so michael look, this is an age-old question. you heard my answer, money and media, right? but why are people voting for republicans when they have become such an incredibly fringe right-wing party and the country is fundamentally progressive on issue after issue. >> on social issue after social issue they're terribly aggressive. it would seem. although the abortion numbers it did say illegal in all circumstances, 25%. the idea as do you identify as pro-choice or pro-life. these are not great pro-choice
7:19 pm
numbers. >> i'm glad you brought that up. because they never fight back. this is a perfect story. when they did fight back on gay marriage, it was the president saying i've evolved. i think gay marriage is okay. he didn't say he was going to push for federal regulation, he just said i've evolved 3 the numbers have moved. >> you're right. >> cenk: and then people say i'm not a liberal. i'm not a liberal. >> people are making the liberal left-wing position. they're making a point with marijuana and gay marriage. >> cenk: not democrats. name a democrat in the country. >> barack obama. >> cenk: for legalizing marijuana. >> no, gay marriage. >> cenk: no, look-- >> the numbers--the jury is still out whether that helped him or hurt him. the fact that it didn't hurt him speak volumes about where the country is now. well, it didn't help him that much he only got a 1% bump. it didn't hurt him.
7:20 pm
an u.s. president said that and it didn't hurt him. that's great news. for so many people these things are secondary e tertiary. they don't pay attention when deciding who to vote for for president. it's the old adage am i better off than i was for years ago? do i have the job i wanted or did i lose the job that i wanted wanted. >> cenk: you mentioned deficit. new numbers out, cbo based numbers. nonpartisan that show in my lifetime it basically said from reagan on, the guy who spent the least amount of money percentage, do you know who it was? barack obama. >> correct. >> cenk: the right wing said we're great on the budget, we're great on deficit. you're full of crap. you're not. the media should come out and say, these guys are full of crap. >> that's where you're exactly right. they labeled barack obama as a
7:21 pm
big spender, we got to cut spending we got to cut spending. the president has been spending less than everybody. but the things that the candidates have to look at, what are their keys to victory and the more important things. you look at barack obama. he has to get out the youth vote. that's why he's talking about social issues. his base, the democratic base which will not be as fired up as it was in 2008 has to come out. the unions have to come out. that's why the democrats should and only now are fighting harder in wisconsin to get rid of scott walker. >> cenk: let me may say one thing. when president obama made the decision to support gay marriage formerly, number one the polls were more split at the time. they were worried. it would help with funding but they were worried about the political fullout. but now it shows that the numbers have moved in the swing state, and it helps him with base and youth. all of a sudden it went from a 50/50 problem, to now it looks
7:22 pm
like a clear victory--politically. >> that's the thing. that's terribly important to either of these people. mitt romney has to talk about the economy. with the social conservatives and the economic conservatives in order to get their votes. they're fighting those sorts of battles. when you say the country is progressive much yeah. are all those people voting? no. because the gay marriage amendment versus been passed in one state. legal marijuana has been passed in a few states. >> cenk: i just got to tell everybody, if you care about these issues and you know me, i'm not pro democrat and i got a million because pause for the democrats. but if you don't vote then you have to shut up. you criticize and you point out the problems and you try to fix them. but then you got to vote.
7:23 pm
if you don't, you can't make any difference at all. michaelmichael shure thanks for joining us. brilliant analysis, even when i disagree. when we come back bill o'reilly and rush limbaugh are talking about a race war. isis that real? we'll show you the facts after we show what what kind of blow-hards they are. >> they're sitting at at a light coming back from the theater when all vice president al gore joins jennifer granholm. >>we're just getting started. >>the state of the 2012 campain. brought to you by spiriva handihaler. so, you guys grew up together. yes, since third grade... what are you lookin' at? not looking at i anything... we're not good enough for you. must be supermodels? what do you model gloves? brad, eat a snickers. why? 'cause you get a little angry when you're hungry. better? [ male announcer ] you're not you when you're hungry™. better. [ male announcer ] snickers satisfies.
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>> cenk: all right, we're back on "the young turks." a poll on which news organizations inform people better. they asked domestic and foreign policy questions to see how they do. fox finished at the bottom but that was only in the state of new jersey. so they did a national one. let's take a look at the numbers. out of five questions npr did best out of 1.51 questions asked that is not great. cnn 1.26, and also msnbc. and then no news at all. you scored 1.22 out of five questions. if you watched fox news you did worse than guys who got no news at all.
7:27 pm
with only 1.04 questions right. if you watched fox news you would be more more misinformed if you watched no news at all. they misdirect you. this thing that they're trying to drum up, the black on white crime. case in norfolk where blacks attacked white youth. but bill o'reilly noticed a bigger president bush. >> we believed avoided covering the story. consider what would have happened if a mob of white men descended on a car and beat up a black man and black women. you know what would happen. why is this case any different?
7:28 pm
why isn't it getting national coverage? why isn't the national justice department on the scene. those questions remain unanswered. in tonight in america we're supposed to have equal justice for all and there are many laws that protect minorities as there should be. the problem is white people are being attacked by blacks and nobody is reporting it. it's running rampant. rush limbaugh talked about a different case in the st. louis area where a white kid was attacked on the busby a black kid. let's hear about it. >> obama's america, white kids getting beat up on school buses now. you put your kids on a school bus, you expect safety. but in obama's america, the white kids get beat up with the black kids cheering right on right on, right on, and of course everyone saying that the white kid deserved it. of course he's racist he's white. "newsweek" magazine told us, we know that white kids are being
7:29 pm
destroying civility, and we re redistribute students while we redistrict their parents' wealth. we can redistribute everything. this returns the white students in their right place. they're racists. they get what they deserve. >> cenk: you see that? that's obama's america where black kids beat up your poor white kids an they take their money and they take your money. dispatch reports that the crime had no racial component whatsoever. the kids were arguing over who should sit in which seat on the bus. of course in the conservative media world that is not how it's portrayed. then they get thomas sowell one of their top select actuals who happens to be african-american. when they want to smear obama they said let's get a literate black man. here is thomas sowell.
7:30 pm
what authorities and media seem determined to suppress is that the hoodlum elements in many ghettos launch coordinated attacks on whites in public places. have i pleased you enough? i'm a literate black man saying that blacks attack whites. have i pleased you enough. then we have dan riehl who says, there are special interest groups on the left that exploit reports of white on black crime for political gain. the media keeps doing these stories because people like jesse jackson and al sharpton drum up more talk around them. interesting. the problem is the media of how they create a story when one doesn't exist. that is an awesome case of projection. let's look at the numbers and show you if this is really an epidemic across the country that people are trying to prevent. ain't white bias crimes in 2008 is 716. president obama coming into office, that will exploit.
7:31 pm
but in 2009, wait, they went down to 545. but i tell you, just in 2010, they're going to be out of control--yeah, 575. overall since president obama came in this type of violence has gone down, not up. it's got to be worse with crimes against black people. wrong again. ain't black bias crimes 2201. in fact 69.8% were motivated in hate crimes by ain't black bias and only 18.2% stemmed from anti-white bias. they made the whole thing up. there is no epidemic of black people attacking white people. the numbers are going in the exact opposite direction. oh, my god, white people be afraid of obama.
7:32 pm
we never would make it racial. no, the liberals are making it racial. this is how they foment discrimination and terrible feelings between the races. that's their job. they're trying to get to you hate each other. don't buy into it. the first guy who talked about this first, mckay at buzzfeed. you did a terrific story on t mckay. the first question i have for you is how prevalent is this in the right-wing media? >> if you spend a couple of days reading the conservative blogosphere, listening to rush limbaugh, you will hear this idea of slow-burning race war going on in america and the idea which is an important part of the narrative, that the mainstream media won't cover it because they're covering it up for white guilt or all these other reasons that they point out. but it is everywhere. if you know where to look. >> cenk: and what do you think
7:33 pm
is the driving force behind this? do you think it's politics, hey, let's get people scared of presidentpresident obama and get him out of office, or do they believe it? oh, black people are coming. they're going to hurt me and take my money. is this a culture thing for right wingers. >> i think some people definitely believe it. definitely the readers of these blogs believe it. i think it's a demonstration project among conservatives pushing back against decades of being labeled racist for policies such as affirmative action. a lot of conservatives say, i'm so sick of people pointing fingers and ssaying tha that we're racist, and others saying we'll stick it to them and point it in your face narrative. for many it's not statistically
7:34 pm
true but more about making a point and sticking it to the man man. >> cenk: is it why more fox news viewers are less informed. this is a rare case, happening less and less often. he made it seem like this is happening all the time? is that not purposely misleading the austin? >> thereaudience. >> they think the liberal media the mainstream media is so biased that they think they have to overreport the opposite trend almost regardless of whether it's totally true just to balance things out. it's a weird mindset that they seem to have. that's a lot of ways they approach these stories. >> cenk: mckay, thank you. i appreciate it. >> thanks. >> cenk: when we come back,
7:35 pm
colin powell go guess mitt romney. you know where i'm going to come out on this, we've got a conservative on the panel so buckle up. >> governor romney not too long ago aid that the russian federation is our number >>(narrator) the sheriff of wall street. >>the leadership of high finance just doesn't get it. >>(narrator) the former governor of new york, eliot spitzer is on current tv. >>somebody somewhere can listen, record, track, gather this data. >>arrangements were made. >>(narrator) independent >>there is a wild west quality to it that permits them to do whatever they wish. >>(narrator) and above all politically direct. >>facts are stubborn things.
7:36 pm
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♪ >> cenk: time for the power panel. reporter from other chose, he joins us from washington, d.c. jack also joins us. the question is romney's foreign policy team a failure? we're not the one saying it, but colin powell is pointing it out. here he is on the morning show. >> some are quite far to the right, and sometimes they i think, might nobody a position to make judgments or recommendations to the candidate that should get a second thought. governor romney not too long ago said the russian federation is our number one geo strategic threat. well, come monday, mitt, think.
7:39 pm
that isn't the case. >> cenk: i'm not worried about what they get wrong on the facts in this case but the facts that the team is stacked with neo-con. folks like colin powell-- >> eliot: he's democrat. he endorseed barack obama. you may not know this about his background. colin powell is a bitter man. he did not support the iraq war but he wanted to keep the job secretary of state. what he should have done was resign. he didn't do that so he has bitterness against the republican party. is romney's team stacked with neo--cons, sure it is but look at the success in iraq. iraq turned out to be a brilliant success. and i'll give you one more. look how incredibly cheap iraq was compared to the money that obama is spending now iraq is dirt cheap. >> cenk: jack, is this a
7:40 pm
character? is it a put on? >> no, indeed. >> cenk: he pent over an interest dollarstrillion dollar in iraq and it was a colossal mess. vote for mitt romney and we'll have another iraq. >> obama spent as much on the stimulus, one tiny part of his agenda as we spend on years and years of war in iraq 's heap. c ap yoma noy knowhit owbhiut b inn babadatoday etetwhis gogo on ty're building luxury co osco osdan gues ewhswhisying emhe french andndhehe gegeanan the frene aen a the germans the people who criticized the war. >> cenk: andy, is it a good thing that mitt romney has stacked his advisers can neo--cons? >> i can't see the political advantage. mitt romney has tried to keep his distance from the george w.
7:41 pm
bush administration. he has tried to separate himself and he has tried to make the selection about the economy job, about picking up gdp growth getting the unemployment rate down and anything that draws attention to who he has on his roster is something that mitt romney doesn't want. a mitt romney adviser told "the new york times" that mitt romney really doesn't care that much about foreign policy, and is not something he wants to deal with until he becomes president. until then he said i would go every iran. president obama wouldn't. i don't want to touch this issue. >> cenk: iissue. >> cenk: i have to leave that one right there. it's reassuring that the guy running for president doesn't care about foreign policy. that's a win. now we had the person from arizona who is trying to get the first from hawai'i, he does. turns out they do have the birth
7:42 pm
certificate. and then mike kauffman, do you remember when he said this. >> i don't know if barack obama was born in the united states or not. he's not. >> cenk: that got him in trouble because he's no longer in deeply republican district. it's 50/50 district. he doesn't want to piss off his base so when legal reporter caught up with him, well, wave this awesome moment in television history. >> so, let me ask you after your comments about the president do you feel that voters are owedded a better explanation other than i misspoke. >> i stand behind my statement. that i misspoke and i apologize. >> who are you apologizing to? >> i stand by my statement that i spoke and i apologize.
7:43 pm
>> we talk to you all the time. you're a forthcoming guy. who is telling you not to talk. >> i'm standing by my statement as you have, and i misspoke and i apologize. >> was it that you thought it would go over well in albert county where folks are very conservative, and you would never say something like that in the suburbs. >> i stand by my statement, i misspoke and i apologize. >> is there anything i can ask you that you'll answer differently? >> i misspoke and i stand by my my comment and i apologize. >> cenk: why are they still embracing this crazy birth certificate. >> he was born in hawai'i. he was in the state at the time, but, cenk, you're showing the most extreme elements of the party and trying to say this is how the house republican leadership is and this is how the party establishment. that's the freakry part. those are the way out on the
7:44 pm
extreme. but the democrats do the same thing on the left. they have their base mobilization issue. the crazies out on the very extreme. the democrats do the same thing they do the same thing with a dozen different issues. >> cenk: i wish the democrats fought for progressives. let alone come up with a crazy conspiracy theory. >> well, the democrats-- >> cenk: andy real quick. why does he not say he was born here if he's not on the right. >> that would be admission of guilt, and that would be a forthcoming apology. we have not seen that from donald trump to this congressman here who has been forthcoming about it. it's an embarrassing if not politically damaging statement that you make, and frankly no one is going to do anything than repeat the same rote i apologize for my misstatement, whatever. they're not going to go out of
7:45 pm
their way to acknowledge that it was complete bs. >> cenk: correct answer is that he can't fully apologize and say, i really, really believe president obama was born here. because actually the majority of the republican party is that crazy and would be mad with him. >> not there-- >> cenk: i got to leave it jack. you've been a great guess, guest, andy we'll talk again soon. >> thank you. >> cenk: revenge is what they're calling it. i'm not sure if it should be banned or not. >> scorned lovers could post dirty pictures ofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofofof
7:46 pm
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7:49 pm
>> revenge porn is when go through a very messy brakeup, and the person who females like they've been screwed over the most will take naked pictures or sex from you, and then post it on the internet for everyone to see. >> cenk: i assume they took the pictures earlier that's pretty dirty. i'm against that. >> it is dirty. you see it on website like you porn. it's a disastrous thing but someone made a tremendous payment of money off one of these website. that was 26-year-old hunter moore. he created a website known as "is anyone" and he encouraged people to up load pictures and videos of their exes. here he is on abc talking about how he has no remorse at all for what he did. >> where revengeful exes come for peace of mind. >> what does that mean? >> your ex-girlfriend, she can
7:50 pm
come to my site and we'll take care of her. for me i don't know these people and it's anonymous to me. the people submitting it should be the ones should be feeling bad. >> so you have no empathy? >> no, they're characters, and icons on the screen. >> let me respond to that saying he's loathsome human being. i don't agree with anything he says. but at the same time don't take naked pictures under any circumstances. i don't care if you're married don't give your husband naked pictures. it's a bad idea. >> cenk: you may get divorced one day. unless you're getting paid for it, in which case god bless. >> and you are willing doing it knowing it will be public. a 25-year-old by the name of michaela, and she's being interviewed about how her pictures ended up on the website. >> i had taken the photos of myself. i had stored them on my computer for no reason at all.
7:51 pm
>> how did it end up on this site? michaela said she was hacked. >> it's embarsing to me that they have seen that of me and they know what i look like topples. >> that's fortunate because that they did that. but it turns out her mother is a private investigator looking at this case and getting the fbi involved. >> he basically said screw off in so many words. it wasn't really a porn side but a site about humiliating and hurting people. >> that's laying down the law if you will. >> please. the fbi--this is so ridiculous. the fbi is still investigating this case. it's an open case. however, here is the twisty twist to the story. >> cenk: yes? >> hunter moore sold his website to the owner of cheaterville and bullyville.
7:52 pm
his name is james mckidney. he sold it for under $15,000. >> well, that might be because he was in a world of legal trouble and who wants to buy a website that will get them in trouble with the fbi. i saw that and i thought this guy is doing bullyville. he turned it into a positive website, no, he does cheaterville too. >> it's a bullyville is raising awareness against bullying. however, cheaterville can go on the website and say that their significant other did all these hideous things. there is no fact checking, and so he can they can go on there and ruin the reputation of these people. >> thank you, ana. revenge porn, we're definitely against it. it's banned. now, you know what i'm not against?
7:53 pm
john--what is going on? >> hi cenk, how is it going in l.a. it's disconcerting not to be as surrounded by as many people. so tell ana to stop calling me. i'm trialed to be filling in for the governor and dragging the showdown to my level. governor romney thinks the wall street crooks are job creators but the guys who work on his lawn are illegals. we'll talk about the catholic church and their stance on contraception, and the notion of the catholic church suing the white house over birth control. something jesus never got around to mentioning. it will be quite a good show. >> cenk: if you have never seen john talk about contraception and the catholic church, you don't want to miss tonight's show. when we come back one of the most important turns in world
7:54 pm
history. just happened today. we'll explain. [gunfire] [ nervous ] i hope no one recognizes us... think these disguises will... no. [ male announcer ] salty. sweet. and impossible to resist.
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[ train whistle blows ] [ ball hitting paddle ] [ orbit girl ] don't let food hang around. yeah! [ orbit trumpet ] clean it up with orbit! [ orbit glint ] fabulous! for a good clean feeling. ♪ eat, drink, chew orbit! ♪ >> it's go time. (vo) at the only online forum with a direct line to cenk uygur. >>if you had to vote for a republican, which one would it be? (vo) join the debate now. [chaos] >> cenk: do you remember the egyptian revolution? well, it was for today. the first presidential elections in history in egyptian. i love this woman who just
7:57 pm
voted, who was interviewed about i elections. let me show you, and i will translate for you. she actually said i came down to vote. this is the first election since the time of the pharaoh. we still do not have our constitution written yet. i like that she cares about that as well. look we actually happen to have an egyptian on the "the young turks" staff. noreen, i understand that you voted today. >> i didn't vote today, but i got to vote last week at the the consulate. it was pretty unceremonious but a really big deal and i'm excited for egypt. >> cenk: when she said the first time ever this incredible culture votes. who do you think, the muslim brotherhood? >> i think it will be a run off between most islamist candidate
7:58 pm
7:59 pm