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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  May 31, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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welcome to "the young turks." first issue is the obama campaign going the wrong way? >> you can shout down speakers my friends, but it's hard to etch-a-sketch the truth away. >> what is really interesting is that the republicans are the ones trying to run a progressive campaign. that's really weird. we'll explain to you in just a little bit. and then it turns out the cia has been using sesame street as torture. ♪ >> now my first reaction was this can't possibly be true. >> but my friend it turns out it is true.
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we'll give you the details. plus are the candidate's wives fair game? >> i was frightened that i needed him desperately. >> it's the politics of class war fair that she has been quite though cheerleader for. >> both of those videos disturbed me for different reasons. we'll talk about that in the show too. you know what time it is. it's go time. ♪ well you all know it's a tight race so far between president obama and mitt romney in fact i have the polls to show it. in the three states, iowa, colorado and nevada, president obama won those states in 2008. as you can see there, 44-44 tie in iowa colorado very close,
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and then nevada also incredibly close. so now, of course, the question is, is the president going the wrong way? and in some ways i think that he is, but you know what, one thing that i definitely approve of is the latest attack ad he has got out questioning mitt romney's record in massachusetts as governor. >> people want to know what i stand for, they can look at my record as governor. >> there was that promise and hope that romney would deliver with jobs, and grow the economy here in massachusetts and that did not materialize. >> i will fight to keep our tax rate down during my term. >> he found very quickly once he was in office that he couldn't deliver on any services without having sufficient resources.
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>> america right now is the same plan that he sold to the people in massachusetts in 2002. less government, less debt better business, and less taxes. the result was the opposite. more fees, less business more debt, bigger government here in boston. >> he just did not get the job done. >> two interesting things there. i like where they are going with this. mitt romney was 47 out of 50 in job creation in massachusetts. so we have no reason to believe he can ever deliver jobs. and then they seem to take a republican line there, saying mitt romney for big government. mitt romney is a little strange, but as we're about to tell you the republicans are trying to outprogressive the republicans. david axelrod wanted to have a press conference today but things got derailed a little
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bit. >> i think some -- i get tweets from some of these folks so i feel close to them. [ crowd shouting ] >> you can't handle the truth my friends. that's the problem. you can handle the truth. you can shout down speakers my friends, but it's hard to etch-a-sketch the truth away. [ cheers ] >> now i don't blame david axelrod for any of that except maybe the lame jokes. it actually reminded me of when the republicans, you know, went in in miami during the 2000 recount they sent all of those republican operatives to bang on the windows and then they stopped the recount. this is not a very, very good sign if they start booing each other down. but what is really interesting is the republicans apparently think the winning strategy is to go progressive before elections.
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do you remember in 2010 they started running adds like this. watch. >> he voted to gut medicare reduce benefits for 850,000 pennsylvania seniors higher taxes and prescription costs. >> in -- when it's time to get votes, they are like i can't believe the democrats cut medicare. in essence we're pretending we're more progressive than them. in fact you they are doing the same trick again. a bunch of donors to the american future fund which a lot of them are wall street donors does this ad against president obama claiming he is too
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friendly to wall street. >> guess who gave $42 million to obama's last campaign for president. wall street bankers, and financial insiders. obama voted for the wall street bailout. >> people on wall street still don't get it. >> obama won't admit to supporting wall street but wall street sure supports president obama. >> here is a bunch of wall street guys saying he is not going to be friendly enough to us, so let's defeat him by saying he is too friendly to us. all right. let's bring in mike sure here. >> i would say to call this is a campaign is even early. are they on the right track? yeah, i think so. they are not earnestly campaigning yet. they have just begun. mitt romney has been running for president a lot longer.
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so the obama campaign -- and traditionally these campaigns don't start until later in the summer, so i wouldn't be overly concerned at this moment. >> yeah, you know, look there's no need to panic or anything like that. i like the ad they are doing about massachusetts, but i disagree with you, i think the campaign is in full bloom. they are running the ads, et cetera, the fact that it is tied at this point is not comforting, given the fact that i think mitt romney is an awful candidate. let's show you a talk. >> he sincerely believes that if the [ inaudible ] while the investors like him make money, the rest of us will pos per as well, why else would he propose cutting his own taxes while
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raising them on 18 million working families? >> i want to bring in someone here who might have the opinion that perhaps president obama is not as progressive as that speech indicated. max great to have you here. you saw the president talking about, oh, my god, wall street i'm going to go get them and get the wealthy, et cetera. are you buying that president obama is that kind of progressive? >> last week, the sec decided that there was no wrongdoing to go after lehman brothers, so i look at actions. i don't really listen to speeches anymore. >> they are not going after lehman brothers or it appears any of the top executives at wall street, so not really a progressive? >> i don't know about the framing, but lehman brothers -- there was a bankruptcy examiner report showing systematic fraud at the company run by top executives.
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i mean -- i don't know -- what is there to say, obama works for wall street. >> that's a pretty strong statement. but in an ironic way you are agreeing with the wall street attack ad against obama who they say he is is working for wall street. but then their issue is he is not working for them enough. >> yeah, that's the point well-taken. but if you are somebody who is the nominee of your party in this case let's take obama, he has to go to wall street because he has to go to the money. and it goes back to the argument that cenk uygur you have been making for years and years and years about politics. you go to the money. and if you are not going to be out there pounding it away they have to change these rules, then that's -- that's the playing field. >> yeah, i -- i hear ya on that except i would like him to win
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and then do something. >> yeah. that's true. >> in fact matt you found this quote from barney frank that i thought was really interesting about tarp that at some point obama had a choice to make that hank paulson had agreed to fake some of the money and give it to the homeowners. let me give you the quote: so what you do unterp ret that as, matt? >> i don't think obama hasn't done much. i think he has done an enormous amount, and what he has done is helped the banks reorganized the economy, and essentially reorganized our political system so that we have no choices as
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voters. are two parties that represent almost identical policy interests, and so we have -- what obama has done is taken a financial crisis and turned it into a political and constitutional crisis where we as voters have no power anymore. >> but on those identical policy positions as they refer to banking and a handful of others then there's a huge divide -- >> war. >> i wouldn't agree necessarily with war. i think tactics in war, perhaps, but i think when you are talk about their policy differences, you can say there are some similarities that are really disturbing -- >> look at the data. if you look at the amount of money that goes to the top 1% under bush $0.65 of every dollar went to the 1%. under obama it's $0.93.
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inequality got worse under obama than it did from clinton to bush. so if you look at the net effect of policies obama is to the right of george bush. whereas you might say, oh well obama is taking all of this wall street money and it's the rules of the game, et cetera et cetera. obama believes in all of this stuff. he believes that jamie dimon -- >> we got to leave. >> okay. but i don't disagree but i just want to make one more point on this, i'm just talking -- >> you think this matters. >> i do think this matters -- no, but i disagree with you on the ming of the playing field, but i don't disagree with you that they are not dissimilar when it comes to economy and he does more damage but the two candidates themselves are vastly different on so many issues. this is about the economy. >> we got to get it right there. what i'm getting is either way
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we're not going to go after the banks, and on top of that the drone strikes continue. and it has us increasing al-qaeda memberships when we come back. >> attacks are intensifying. >> on one occasion they killed four civilians just in one day.
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♪ today the "washington post" has a terrific investigative story on how our drone program yemen is unfortunately backfiring. one of the quotes i want to give you right off of the top, after the bombings here is what was said: all of the residents of the area have joined al-qaeda. i want you to keep that in mind
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because we are bombing civilians, and so people are saying if you are going to bomb us, we're going to go to the other side. and i want to show you how much they have increased. now you see up to 21. of course the obama administration assures us over and over again, don't worry we're only killing terrorists. take a look at this report. >> reporter: the drone attacks are intensifying, the strikes have jumped dramatically. just look at this. two separate attacks 11 expected terrorists killed. and seven killed including two top leaders. while the escalation is not necessarily aimed at one terrorist, they would like to get the leader. >> in other words they would like to get him. they say everybody killed is a
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suspected terrorist, but it is not clear that any of terrorists. let's show you the number of civilians that have been killed: civilians. let's look at al-jazeera. as they show you the damage. >> the yemeny report says that u.s. missile was involved washington has never acknowledged operations in yemen, but the attacks are creating real antagonism on the ground. >> on one occasion where they killed 44 civilians in one day,
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and another day they killed a governor by mistake. >> if they killed your family you might be pretty angry too. the "washington post" explains it has lead to this: so the population that was not in favor of al-qaeda was not radicals before, once you kill their cousins, nephews and son, then they say, all right. then i'm going to join you. that is not the result we want. here is the legal coordinator in yemen. and he says the drones are killing al-qaeda leaders, but they are also turning them into heros. part of the reason for that is after the civilians get killed
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al-qaeda says we'll bury their bodies. everybody else is scared to go. so this is not a good way to win hearts and minds obviously. continuing here, top former advisor to the president of yemen said yemen is paying a heavy price, but the americans are not feeling the same price. what does that create? it creates more people trying to fight us. i'm not against all drone strikes. i'm against dumb drone strikes. speaking of which is it working? and let's look at the numbers. the amount of people in al-qaeda has gone up. it used to be 300, now the number of al-qaeda in yemen, up to 700.
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so what the hell are we doing this for? we're turning more people against us, and now we have to fight more al-qaeda and they are even more motivated to attack us now inside the united states. how are these drone strikes strikes working? and here is press tv talking about, again, some of the civilian damage that's done. >> reporter: the aftermath of a u.s. drone attack in yemen's province. locals dispute and say the victims were innocent civilians. >> last night at half past 8:00 in the evening, americans killed 17 innocent people who did not deserve to die. >> now you see people speaking there that are from yemen and are angry. our guys won't show the
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civilians on the ground. are you the press, or are you not the press? are you going to do your job or not do the job? and credit the "washington post" for running this story, and i want to give you one more quote that i think is devastating. when they talk to a local about why he now sympathizes more with al-qaeda he said this: i want to ask you, if somebody killed your nephew that wasn't doing anything or your son or mom or grandmother? what would you do? i know i would want to fight. if they came into the middle of springfield, missouri and develop dropped a bomb i would want to fight. this is not a smart idea. there are times for drone strikes. i would do them but be careful
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not just because i'm morally against us doing this but because it has a terrible chance of backfiring. the numbers are in and the local population is speaking out. it is not working. we're creating more people fighting us, than we're extinguishing. we have got to rethink this program. all right. when we come back we'll talk about a couple of controversial things that are not as serious as this. on the candidate's wives and on the supreme court on whether new york should ban large amounts of soda. >> when you are as sick as that, and you are in as deep of trouble as i was in what a true partnership means in a marriage.
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on the next gavin newsom show: google's sergey brin and anne wojcicki give gavin a hands on look at google's glasses. >>that's facinating. ♪ all right. we're back on "the young turks." i have all of the rowdy friends here. i want to start with the candidate's wives. the romney campaign made an interesting video to coincide with world multiple sclerosis day. watch. >> probably the toughest time in my life was -- was standing there with ann as we hugged each other and the diagnosis came.
4:27 pm
>> my life was in jeopardy, and i was as vulnerable as i could be. >> i'm happy in life as long as i have my soul mate with me. >> i certainly recognize when you are as sick as that, and you are as -- in deep trouble as i was in what a true partnership means in a marriage. ♪ >> they are of course saying what, what? she has ms we want you to contribute to the society. but it makes me deeply uncomfortable, as if they were using her sickness as some sort of campaign ploy. >> yeah, uncomfortable is a good word. but, part of electing a president is knowing part of his or her biography. >> ana any thoughts.
4:28 pm
>> it just raised awareness of what a lovely husband he is. at a time when there is this war on women. he seems like this kind loving husband who loves his wife so much. >> yeah, i don't think that's coincidence. i think that is pretty much planned. and i'm not saying -- all i'm saying is it makes me uncomfortable that they are introducing this topic and using it for political advantage. and if you ever say, ann romney is part of the campaign they will say how dare you! >> that's the part. they would say she is not part of the campaign, though because of course this isn't a campaign video. >> of course not. of course not. and then we have this. >> but now over the last four years, we have seen not just
4:29 pm
actions, not just words that are troubling, but actions and behavior, and taxpayer subsidized behavior. it's the cronyism and the junk science that she has used her bully pulpit to bully food corporations and parents and schools into pursuing the service employees international union agenda. >> does anybody have any idea what conspiracy theory she is talking about? what? >> i love how she brought up junk science. because junk science includes studies done by cornell university, obesity is a huge problem in this country.
4:30 pm
>> this time the proof is definitely and literally in the pudding. [ laughter ] >> when someone comes to say accusations towards one person she runs down this laundry list. it doesn't work anyway the people that are going to take that and regurgitate it aren't going to vote for president obama anyway. >> that's a good point. aren't that many independents that are out there to go oh, my god, i can't believe she is going after food organizations. >> and nancy reagan was just as bad in her say no to drugs campaign. >> yeah. >> there are a lot of people on the left and tied to the democrat party and team obama
4:31 pm
who have sat silently on the sidelines while off of this rhetoric is aimed at mitt romney and pretty much every conservative person. and nobody is going to ask her these tough questions about her behavior in the east wing and about her failure to speak up for women. >> do you guys see how misogynistic it is to attack a candidate's wife. wait a minute. she attacks her for not standing up for the attack against other candidate's wives? >> i have never seen anything like that. this woman should be dismissed forever. >> like ban her -- >> yeah, i think she should be banned. >> i'm going to favor banning
4:32 pm
her too. because once in a while they have conservative pundits that say things that sound like they could possibly be true but in this case i don't even think conservatives know what she is talking about. she was talking about the garden book. how can you make that evil. >> i think the candidates wifes are fair game just make a cogent point when you are doing it. okay. a quick, tyt supreme court here. go! ♪ >> all right. this is about major bloomberg's campaign in new york city to try to ban sugary drinks above 16 ounces. >> the simple joy of buying a way too big i definitely can't
4:33 pm
finish this drink could be a thing of the past if new york mayor's gets his way. he wants to ban sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces. he said new york city is not about wringing your hands, it's about doing something. i think that's what the public wants the mayor to do. >> i don't like this ban at all. but i understand a lot of you are against me. >> against you. i think the ban is fine even if it starts the conversation over these drinks and beverages. these are the three sizes of drinks with which we are familiar. the double gulp just so you know is 64 ounces. it is 200% the side of the average human stomach. when it is filled with -- it's a
4:34 pm
64 ounce cup. when it is filled it has in it the equivalent of 45 packets of sugar -- >> i got it. it's bad for you, but, look hey, let people make their own decisions. yeah, so i don't drink that, but if somebody wants to drink it i thought it was a free country. >> i think his approach is comically simplistic. new york passed legislation that would force eateries to display the amount of callries in the food. >> i'm sure it gave people pause when buying it. and part of government is to take care of the people, and these are for children too. >> look you and i agree that we sodas are bad, but the approach is not right.
4:35 pm
>> i disagree. >> but you want to attack sugary foods. >> yes, but right now if you look at our health care costs we spent 21% of our health care costs on obesity-related diseases, and it costs us $190 billion a year to treat illnesses that result from obesity, so it's a real problem. so all of us have to pay higher premiums in our health care. we all have to -- >> so you are in favor of some regulation there. >> jared? >> i think this is going to cause another conversation, if you really want your double gulp, you can buy 17 of the 16-ounce drinks and you will survive. >> i think you are overregulating -- >> they wouldn't know that there are 45 packs of sugar in it.
4:36 pm
>> i know. i lose these guys all want to regulate. sad day for me okay. the supreme court has ruled. okay, now when we come back should the president have done more in wisconsin? and it's not too late. should he do it now? >> when governor scott walker pushed for tax breaks in big corporations, what did the millionaire ceos do? ♪ as a culinary manager i make sure our guests have an over the top experience. being hands on is key! i make sure every plate looks just right. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's four course seafood feast, just $14.99. start with soup, salad and unlimited cheddar bay biscuits followed by your choice of one of 7 entrees. like new coconut and pineapple shrimp or shrimp and scallops alfredo.
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so, you guys grew up together. yes, since third grade... what are you lookin' at? not looking at i anything... we're not good enough for you. must be supermodels? what do you model gloves? brad, eat a snickers. why? 'cause you get a little angry when you're hungry. better? [ male announcer ] you're not you when you're hungry™. better. [ male announcer ] snickers satisfies. ♪ all right. we're back with a great power panel for you guys. mckay coppins, and cliff
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sheffner. all right. was the john edwards prosecution a political prosecution. there was one count declared not guilty, and the other counts the jury was hung on, so it was declared a mistrial. here is what john edwards said afterwards. >> while i do not believe i ever did anything illegal or thought i was doing anything illegal, i did an awful awful lie that was wrong, and there is no one else responsible for my sins and if i want to find the person who should be held accountable for my sins, honestly, i don't have to go any further than the mirror. it is me. it is me and me alone. >> now i think everybody agrees with that the question is should they have gone after him for taking a lot of money from rich people who wanted to help him? i think it was a political prosecution because the obama administration gets to say, look
4:40 pm
at us, we go after democrats, and john edwards is literally the least popular politician in history. and then but at the same time when they go after the bankers they are like we just couldn't fine anything. so mckay you start off. what do you think about my theory? >> i think there was a legitimate reason to investigate this. you had hundreds of thousands of dollars going towards covering up this affair, but at the end of the day, they couldn't prove it was for campaign purposes rather than just a gift from a friend to a friend. i think it was worth looking into but at the end of the day they just couldn't prove it. >> cliff if you took a prosecution and said these guys gave their hard-earned money, and then gave it to rielle hunter, that would have been a good prosecution, in this case it was just his rich friends going after his mistress.
4:41 pm
why in the world did they go after this? because i feel like a lot of legal experts were questioning this prosecution. >> i think a lot of experts have questioned this. to me it doesn't make any sense. in the end what he did was terrible, but a bunch of his wealthy friends gave him money, what if he used that money to help his wife suffering from cancer, i don't see what the connection was to the campaign and when i sit here and watch the bankers get off scot-free, i watch george bush lie about weapons of mass destruction. we're not going to prosecute that, but we're going to prosecute that. sheldon adelson can spend $17 million essentially propping mitt romney up in a campaign
4:42 pm
but what john edwards did is worthy of spending as much time in jail as a [ inaudible ] criminal. >> i never thought about hey, good he would have given money to his wife, there's no way they would have prosecuted. but when it's a democrat all of a sudden he is looking backwards on a crazy prosecution. but we're past it at this point. i don't think they are going to retry him. now should the president appear in wisconsin? there is a lot here. i just want to get to the heart of the matter. debbie wasserman schultz down played it earlier, and now she said she is going to go bill clinton is going to go but president obama isn't going to
4:43 pm
go. should the president have done more here in this case? >> i mean, it's -- it's a classic situation where it's a high-risk, high-reward proposition. if he had gone in -- it is still possible, but if he went in he would bring a ton of momentum to the race, and he could sway some votes, but at the end of the day if he goes in there and then they lose the recall election he has egg on his face the campaign has egg on its face. >> cliff is that a problem that the president is so politically cautious, the republicans send in everything they have got, and the democrats are tiptoeing around. >> maybe president obama needs a
4:44 pm
little more john mccain in him. wisconsin -- if scott walker survives this, that could become a serious swing state again and one that obama could lose. i don't think they looked at the longer picture. maybe these guys don't stand up and take the high risk worth the reward in this case. >> i totally agree. can we vote on a guy who is clearly being funded. they are obviously pouring in here to destroy the unions and are you going to let them buy the election, and if you don't fight back on this, i don't know what you fight back on. another great point by guys. thank you for joining us. when we come back we're going to switch gears. the cia apparently using sesame street songs to torture
4:45 pm
detainees. ♪ everybody's a-okay ♪ >> in 2003 american soldiers tortured detainees with sesame street music for days.
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♪ >> all right. we knew the cia was using heinous forms of tierture in guantanamo and other places but we didn't know it was this bad. apparently they are using sesame street. how dare they. >> oftentimes we talk about the physical torture, but we never talk about the psychological torture. this excellent new documentary by al-jazeera indicates they use sesame street music to torture some of the people imprisoned at
4:49 pm
guantanamo bay. >> my first reaction was this can't possibly be true. this is too crazy, and it was absurd, but of course i didn't really like the idea that i was helping break down prisoners, but it was much worse when i heard later that they were actually using the music in guantanamo to actually do deep long-term, interrogations and obviously to inflict enough pain on -- on prisoners so they would talk. >> even now it still doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but if you look at some of the documents that the cia compiled it gives you an idea of how long they made them listen to the music. >> the medical specialists described the procedure. they focus on methods that leave no visible traces on the prisoners, such as noise and
4:50 pm
loud music. permitted noise levels are as followed. music as loud as a highway for 18 hours aday the volume of a cranked up motorbike for eight hours, and as loud as a jackhammer for two hours. >> can you imagine listening to a jackhammer for two hours. >> the motorcycles are incredibly loud and they bother me every time they go by for eight seconds let alone eight hours. you listen to any music for eight hours and you will begin to lose your mind, one guy was made to listen to music for four days straight. he also couldn't sleep for those four days. at what point do you start to lose your mind. having a lot of parents who have kids and have to watch this stuff for a couple of hours can relate, but it is at enormous
4:51 pm
decibel levels. >> one of the guards actualliened up quitting because he couldn't take some of the things. al-jazeera talked to him. >> there were two songs playing against each other, like this rock muse wick a johnny cash song -- >> and they would play them both in the same room -- >> yeah. ♪ >> so imagine listening to that for 18 hours straight. >> and when the cash song started i kind of liked it, and then after seven seconds of jumbled music that was loud, it was like make them stop. and the whole idea is let's turn their brains into mush so they
4:52 pm
will talk, and that is so stupid. >> it doesn't work. we got it from chinese interrogation methods during the korean war. and these methods were proven to be ineffective, because they lead to false admission basically. >> right. that's the curious thing. ana and i discussed this before. why? you borrowed this from the communist chinese. bush administration says yes, communists are awesome let's use their torture manuals. and there was no iraq al-qaeda connection, and we wanted some people to say there was a connection, so what do you do? go to chinese torture methods, and wa-la. we did a mock execution, and he said fine, i'll admit it and later he said of course i made it up, i thought i was going to
4:53 pm
die. >> yes, using these tactics for the bush administration was great, because it made it seem like we had a reason to be in iraq. >> yeah. and then they say what we were just playing sesame street music. thank you, ana, and when we come back -- oh i do this every day, elliot, i don't know -- elliot of course with "viewpoint" next. what do you have on the show eliot? >> it is something i did to you? come on what is the issue? we have an amazing show as always. we have frank bruni a fascinating writer sallie krawcheck one of the most senior women ever on wall street she has some creative and wonderful
4:54 pm
ideas about how to change the culture and compensation structure on wall street to prevent the next crisis, and the care of the fcic who gave a speech saying break up the banks. more and more people are saying the banks are too big to manage and succeed, so this is part of a new momentum. >> the sheriff is trying to fix the mess on wall street. watch the shoate at 8:00 and see how they do it. thanks, elliot. >> thanks. we'll have a good time. >> when we come back an actual victory for progressives. >> we have witnessed extrordanaire changes taking place, square by square, town by town. ♪
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[ crowd chanting ] >> all right. that was part of an effort to get -- companies to get out of the american legislative exchange council that is alex that has been trying to manipulate our laws for all of these years. they did the laws trying to disenfranchise minority workers, and that campaign is working in a big, big way. today wal-mart out. and that's huge. they sell a lot of guns. they join pepsi, coke procter & gamble, et cetera. color of change doing a brilliant campaign on that. and david has a brilliant idea. you know how there's a do-not-call list. he has an idea
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