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tv   Viewpoint With Eliot Spitzer  Current  June 15, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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faded from the public conditions. the only remembrance we get is that all iranians hate american.
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two things that nicholas kristof found are not true during thinks trip across iran. >> iran is a country of contradictions but there is a common thread. >> thank you so much. >> the people of russian like american people. >> i learned that the regime does have some support. especially in rural areas. but i met lots of people who are increasingly frustrated. >> eliot: joining me now opponent he had nicholas kristof author of" and who returned from his road trip across iran. welcome. >> thank you. >> eliot: when you get behind the walls of a regime that we not know a great deal, there is a changing dynamic. >> the most amazing thing, as an american to go and wander around and drop in villages and
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factories and the moment people find out that you're actually an american, then all of a sudden they grin and they want to offer you tea and/or our trip kept getting delayed because people wanted to invite us in to lunch and take us into their homes. it seemed to me it was an intuitive reaction to the distrust that they have to official media. the official media sees how awful it is, and i was their proxy. >> eliot: you were also there as representative not formerly, of course, but for them emotionally, an representative of the united states. what is it that they see in that imagery? in that notion of what we stand for that is so appealing? what is that core value that they cherish? >> there is a variety. two-thirds of the country almost is under 25 years of age. and they want to have fun.
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they watch american videos. they go on facebook. they play video games. they want to engage. i think a lot of them america represents that pinnacle of popular culture of a society that does know how to have fun and that it has the freedom in which they can enjoy it. among young people there is frustration about male-female relations. for them the u.s. is a free society not only politically, but in male-female relations. that means a lot to them. all this kind of melts together and leaves them some resentment at american government policies, but overall, a real embrace of american society. >> eliot: obviously, we have been at war, we have been blockading financial--all sorts of restrictions upon trade and information flow to iran over the past many years. so that's why it is almost shocking, the populous there
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continues to get enough information and see enough of us to develop this emotional interaction with you. >> well it's fascinating. i've traveled a lot in pakistan, and we pour billions of dollars in pakistan. everywhere we go people want to tell you how much they hate the u.s. you go to other countries in the middle. egypt, which as you of money in support to the military there. and again it hadn't won us any popular support there. then we go to the country that is our enemy, and everybody wants to buy you lunch? it really is pretty weird. >> eliot: of course, look, i don't mean to draw a crash and prompt correlation but in egypt there was a regime and they resented our presence. in iran, they embrace us, could that be a correlation? does that make sense? >> in the 1970s there was
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resentment of the u.s. for supporting an oppressive government and the oppressive secret police. people rebel against oppression. in so much of the secular islamic world--there was a backlash about women embracing the hijab and islam. you have an oppressive government in iran and people rebel by embracing secularism sex, drugs rock-n-roll and the u.s. >> eliot: do you get the sense that there is any possibility of an arab spring that would reach into iran? some sort of opportunity for the public to rise up cohesive enough to overthrow the current government? >> it always seem to me that the best predictor of whether people are going to rise up is not how disgruntled they are but rather the willingness of the security forces to fire upon them.
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as long as the troops or the police or in this case the revolutionary guard are willing to shoot and kill then i think it's hard to have that kind of up rising. in iran for the time being that is still the case. but i think all the sources are working against ayatollah. i think their time in that respect is on their side. education is rising. there is real an real antipathy. >> eliot: unfortunately, your conclusion is exactly right the willness of the government to shoot their own citizens is indicative. nicholas kristof author
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>>it would be terrible if america lost faith in wall street insiders wouldn't it. it starts at $59 for the entire year for back up. put in code stephanie for your subscription. 18 minutes after the hour.
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>> eliot: coming up obama versus romney coming it's starring to sound like hamilton versus jefferson. but first dopped's birthday and the president's musk career. >> the birth king. don't forget don't trump. i'm not making this up. it is also donald truck's trumped birthday. >> the first thing he did this morning. he demanded to see his own birth certificate. >> he didn't want a big party. he invited a few close friend to
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to come over. >> he didn't even want a clown. >> there is initiatives about legalizing marijuana. >> if they make it on to the ballot i say romney is doom because we all know pot smokers are highly motivated organized and punk actual. >> sorry i'm late, this new schedule totally confuseing. >> drugs are dangerous and cause confusion go we have a special interest contributing 10s of millions of dollars trying to buy the election for mitt romney. >> all of this super pac, super cash is thanks to citizens united. the supreme court decision which established in politics money equals free speech. as justice anthony kennedy explained in the majority opinion, and i quote. [ cha-ching ] >> mr. president times like this call for big action. you need to monday advertise
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this presidency. >> obama rock with all the president's ♪ i-- >> let's stay together. sweet home chicago ♪ let's stay together. and who can forget, sweet home chicago. >> those sound fragments can be yours for $2,500. [ cheering ] [ blowing bubbles ] >> eliot: all right, president obama and mitt romney are having a very old argument about the economy. more than 200 years old, stick arou [[vo]]joy behar is coming to current tv for one week only until the fall. what happens if you ask her to tone down her opinions? >>sorry, i can't hear you. what? [[vo]]or tell her she has to stick to a script? >>forget it. [[vo]]that will never happen on current. >>try to be a little more conservative tonight.
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>> eliot: yesterday's dueling economic speeches in ohio were right out of the playbooks of alexander hamilton and jefferson. mitt romney wearing the badge of honor declared private enterprise not the federal government holds our economic future. while in cleveland obama saying the future of economy can be placed. michael lind points out in his new book "land of promise" that the government has historically played a vital role in the american innovation. lind argues, what is good about the american economy is largely the result ofition and what
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is bad about it is largely the result of jeffersonian producerrist school. with me, michael lind, thanks for your time tonight. >> thank you. >> eliot: you present in your book two different narratives. the jefferson jeffersonian and the hamiltonen. >> the alexander hamilton, the first treasury secretary, sees government as partner along with business. and in the 20 utah century along with organized labor and research in the forms of higher education. all of these sectors are partners in the common project of national economic development fostered by fluster by sound national banking system, and by support for our manufacturing. the jeffersonian, the first secretary of state and alexander hamilton's arch rival in the
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presidency of george washington, favors small business, small government, and small banking against its launcher counterparts. today it's cited by libertarians but the jeffersonians were not in free markets but to protect the smaller markets from larger ones. >> eliot: there was a new deal up through nixon of a vision of what government should do, and then there is what you called the dismantling of the economy and it's not surprising we've seen slower growth, greater inequity. what now resides of the jeffersonian are tradition, and how does it stack up with romney and obama. >> there has been a neo-jeffersonian consensus going back to jimmy carter and in many
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ways, richard nixon, embraced much of the new deals vision of government and business as partners in development. jimmy carter and reagan with the government was the enemy. you could simply dismantle regulation as possible and market would produce wealth and then tax the social safety net. it was the vision of the government as an un umpire rather than a coach of a team. to my surprise the crash of 2008 and the great recession since then has not really seemed to discredit the strangle hold of this neo-jeffersonian anti- anti-government ideology especially on the right, although i give them credit for supporting banking regulation and part of a new consensus. but as it becomes clear that we're not going to go back to the world before 2008, that we
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really do have to rebuild the county and it's economic institutions. at that point i think it may be possible to have something like a neo-hamiltonnen consensus for the first time in 30 or 40 years. >> eliot: you focused on something that is fascinating. a mythology of riding on horseback into the west who has built the america the ronald ray gran and almost the marlboro man who has built the economy how does that change. >> americans are jeffersonian in their hearts. we misremember the past. we remember ed di son, we think of the it revolution being a few geniuses in garages if you
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look at the early stages of the development of the transitionter or the internet it was largely the work of the defense department and large considerations like ibm. there is a place in our innovation ecosystem for entrepreneurs and small businesses but there is also a place for government providing public goods like r & d infrastructure. also for large organizations which is what small successful organizations turn into. >> eliot: you're so accurate. the investment in or technology or r & d is so negative these days most elected officials are afraid to go out there and support what is, in fact, the foundation of our economy and most of our growth over the last 200 years. michael lind, author of the new book" land of promise: an economic history of the united states" we appreciate your time and your book. >> thank you. >> i that the with joy behar next. that's coming up.
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>>it would be terrible if america lost faith in wall street insiders wouldn't it. the new slogan should be "we own wall street." that's my view.
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>> snookie and crystal palin went on "good morning america" on the same day. the end of television. viewfinder is next. build and who doesn't want 50% more cash? ugh, the baby. huh! and then the baby bear said "i want 50% more cash in my bed!" phhht! 50% more cash is good ri... what's that.
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♪ ♪ you can spell. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your wallet? ha ha. ♪ ♪ >> eliot: a nine-year-old girl in scotland does not just beat the system. she beats it down. next. at the top of the hour in "the war room," jennifer will surround today's news on immigration looking at what impact the president's move will actually have in latino families with maria hinojosa. and the history of war with hemmingway and gell gellhorn director, [[vo]]joy behar is coming to current tv for one week only until the fall. what happens if you ask her to tone down her opinions? >>sorry, i can't hear you. what? [[vo]]or tell her she has to stick to a script? >>forget it. [[vo]]that will never happen on current. >>try to be a little more conservative tonight.
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hd [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> eliot: citizen activism protest and holding the government accountable. we love that around here. especially when it starts young. so we're inspired by a nine-year-old girl in scotland who led a crusade for freedom and human rights despite the intransigence and overweaning suppression of an uncare government authority well maybe i'm overstating it just bit. but what martha payne did was taken pictures of her school lunches and post them on her blog so everyone could see just how bad the food was. that simple idea sized the world's attention and in the last six weeks her web side got more than three and a half million page views. this isn't exactly the arab spring we're talking about but who hasn't wondered what is in
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the mystery meat? this is true activism, and you can see the difference it made. here's one of the first photos on martha's blog from early may when she complained, and rightly so this wasn't enough food for a growing kid. compare that to one of her lunches this year. martha scored this 9 out of 10. but after the daily record ran a headline saying, quote fire the dinner ladies, a local council told her to stop taking pictures and putting them online. but you cannot reverse the river of history or unring the bell of liberty or delay the dawn of a new and defining idea. or to it another way, the council backed down after an onslaught of complaints of martha that's fans. including celebrity she have jimmy oliver. good news, the page raised $31 million for mary's meals.
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a local governed tried to go against a 9-year-old girl and lost. this proves that determination and unity can rise up against forces of fear and censor ship and win back the right >>it would be terrible if america lost faith in wall street insiders wouldn't it. desk top, lab top, ipad. iphone. >> pleasant your hearts. >> the big one. >> stephanie: all i know, the little flower is there and it means go to meeting. i love go to meeting.
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our conversation is with you the viewer because we're independent. >>here's how you can connect with "viewpoint with eliot spitzer." >>questions, of course, need to be answered. >>we will not settle for the easy answers.
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gaeme inc. thank gaemezilinsky, thank you for joining >> eliot: next week i will be taking a vacation but you will becoming out way ahead. joy behar will be here. current tv's newest host in the fall she'll be on every day at 6:00. next week it will be called joy
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behar one week only until the fall. >> right. >> eliot: i can't wait. i'm going to be on vacation. i'll miss the show but i'm thrilled that you'll sit in for me. >> i'll send you dvds. can i just say this is an extremely masculine cup. >> eliot: it was made for me, not for you. we'll make-- >> it's heavy, masculine. >> eliot: you want a thin one. >> no, i like it. i think it's perfect for you. >> eliot: i was talking about one for you. >> no, no, my cup will be different. >> eliot: we drink from different cups. joy, that has been clear for many years. i'm thrilled to have you here. we've worked together on another network. but people stopped watching that network so we're over here. >> they still have a few viewers, but we're not there. >> eliot: only a few p.m. have figured out they should be watching us here. what are you going to do? >> next week?
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yes. >> i'm going to have a few celebs. you have show, "the view." i've never seen it. >> you've never seen "the view"." you're a guy. >> eliot: i'm not your demographic. >> no. >> eliot: it's during the daytime. i'm not there. >> we get celebrities all the time. >> eliot: didn't you get the president. >> we had president obama a couple of weeks. we're trying to get romney but he has been resistant. >> eliot: i heard you said something about burning his house down. i would be afraid. let me play prosecutor. did you railroad did you not say that. >> i did not say that. >> eliot: did you say that you wanted firefighters to light a fire under the house. >> i did not say that. the reporter said to me that romney doesn't did believe in expanding the firefighters etc. on the federal level. i said in a joking way what would happen when his house
10:52 pm
burns down. who is he going to call, the mormon patrol? i did not say to have his fire burn down. >> eliot: who had the audacity? >> dobbs who is on fox business, ron zimmerman was on with him last night. i want him with me. he defended me against what's his face. >> eliot: lou dobbs. >> yeah. >> eliot: lou dobbs, he has his view. he became a big populist and then he went to the dark side. everything is rate i guess driven. >> everything is ratings driven. >> eliot: who are you going to vice presidential request. have on your show.
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>> we'll have news-- >> eliot: politics-- >> nothing too wonky don't get carried away. >> eliot: someone told me to ask, can you're a canian. >> i'm a freudian. i'm not a cansian. >> eliot: where did you grow up? the bronx. >> my husband is from the bronx. we dated for 28 years. last year we married. >> eliot: 28 years you is not the typical thing that we talk about on my show. 28 years of dating. >> we move in together about ten years ago. before that we were commuting. he was living in riverdale.
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>> eliot: there must be something good about the guy. >> he was a bronx math teacher. >> eliot: which school. >> i don't know. you lived with him for 28 years? you don't know what school? >> they have a number, 49, 36. >> eliot: you lived with the guy for 28 years but you don't know where he works. we'll talk after the show. maybe we can give you some advice. but we're going to talk about the show. you're going to get celebrities. barak is going to be on the hoe. >> are you on the first name basis? >> eliot: no madonna, we can call him barak. >> no, no, respect for the president. i don't think he'll come on my show but i would love to have him. >> eliot: you got him on the view. >> the view has a bigger audience than what i'll have here. >> eliot: it will be bigger than "the view." >> i can hope.
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>> eliot: i don't have a doubt. who is your guest going to be? >> i don't know who they all will be we have a few people lined up. i do know next friday--next week i have john lithgow. >> eliot: he's a great. >> andand then a great journalist. we'll talk about gay issues with him. i have another guy i want to come in, gustin burrows. he wrote a book called "running with scissors." then he wrote a new book on how to live your life. he does it from a quirkry point of view, i love it. >> eliot: one thing i didn't know about, we were chatting before this, you were in movies. i always thought of you as a tv--the only person i know who talks twice as fast as i do. >> have you heard of elisabeth hasselbeck. >> eliot: she's on your show.
10:56 pm
>> right. >> eliot: i'll have to watch and see how you can do that. you're registered democrat or republican. >> democrat, democrat. >> eliot: you're progressive. >> of course. >> eliot: i just want to make sure. you're sitting in this chair. i want to make sure. >> you'll be a freudian by the time i'm through with you. one of the reasons why i wanted to be on current tv is al gore runs thetation. i'm still ticked off by the 2000 election. i'm ticked off at the supreme court. that was not an election but a decision. >> eliot: can i recommend anger management? >> i'm still mad at that. do you think that was a tipping point for the country? we started to go in the wrong direction. >> eliot: it was a tipping point for the country. it was a tipping point for our respect for the supreme court. it could be the single worst modern supreme court decision. it was wrong, it was horrendous. it proves one of my lines, five
10:57 pm
is the most powerful number in the country. five justices can do whatever they want. rewrite the constitution. >> look what they did with citizens united. motheranother bad decision they made. who is going to die next? who is going to die on the supreme court next? >> eliot: you're burning down mitt romney's house. you're picking who is going to die next. >> retire. who is going to die retire, then we put another conservative justice in there? we're in a lot of trouble. >> eliot: this is one of many reasons we have got to reelect president obama because of the choice of who the justices are going to be determine foss 50 years what our rights are. >> do you have any doubt that he'll be re-elected? >> eliot: sure, i have some doubt. the economy is in trouble. be a close election. mitt romney, if his house doesn't burn down, it will be a high risk. >> don't start that. >> eliot: joy behar will be
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