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tv   The War Room With Jennifer Granholm  Current  July 9, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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. >> eliot: new york magazine contributor lisa miller. thank you for your time. >> that's "viewpoint" for tonight. stay tune to enter the war room with jennifer granholm. corbett jennifer: the war room, putting mitt romney in a really wealthy corner. >> that's why i am calling on congress to extend the tax cuts for the 98% of americans who make less than $250,000 for another year. >> of course congress isn't exactly taking his call these days. so is it a political move? you betcha. president obama plays the contrast card, painting a picture that puts mitt with the wealth yechlt the koch brothers and the hamptons in one weekend. really, mitt?
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>> i am not proposing anything radical here i just believe that anybody making over $250,000 a year should go back to the income tax rates we were paying under bill clinton, back when our economy created nearly 23 million new jobs, the biggest budget surplus in history and plenty of millionaires to boot. >> well, that's president obama today, announcing he wants to extend the bush era tax cuts for the 98% of americans who make less than $250,000 a year. yes, it is a political move. he really wants the support of middle class voters. but it's a smart maneuver aimed at mitt romney, who we all know is enthusiastically supportive of the wealthiest americans. i love this. >> what the president is proposing, is, therefore, a massive tax increase on job creators and on small business.
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small businesses are overwhelmingly being taxed not at a corporate rate but at the individual tax rate. so successful small businesses will see their taxes go up dramatically, and that will kill jobs. that will be another kick in the gut to the middle class in america. >> let's talk about the truth about taxes. it's different than you might think. so according to the bureau of labor statistics since 1961, non-government jobs, non-government, which means private sector jobs have gone up under democratic presidents by 42 million, whereas under republicans, 24 million p almost twice as much. under democratic presidents than under republican presidents. second fact: the bureau of labor statistics again found that, as the president said
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today, employment grew in the mid '1990s after the clinton tax hikes. and then mitt romney's seemingly favorite constituency the wealthy, the rich the rich got more rich under president obama than under president bush. i know that is an inconvenient truth. are you surprised? well, you shouldn't be. in fact, coming to us tonight from washington to discuss the policy and the politics behind president obama's new tax cut proposal is dean baker, the co-director for the scepter of economic and policy research. dean, welcome back inside the war room. >> thanks for having me on. >> you bet. so is there any chance this proposal passing congress before the -- before the election? >> well, it's very very hard to see the republican house pass it. i mean, clearly their strategy
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is, you know say no to everything and, you know, governor romney made it clear, he wants to make a big deal out of the fact that president obama wants to raise taxes on the richest two % of the company. my guess is from president obama's standpoint, that's a great place to draw the line, you know, but it looks, for the moment at least, that's where the line is going to be from the republicans' own choosing. >> i totally love this fight. i love the contrast from a political junky's point of view. but on the policy side, you know, and your -- you are the guy who knows economic policy. is the proposal mainlyly intended to target the deficit or to encourage economic growth? >> >>. >> we are still in a very deep hole. i don't know what president obama and his administration would like to do. we need to spend a lot more money. we have this huge gap in demand. the way you fill it is with more
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stimulus. that's not going to happen. so, okay. what can you do? certainly, a positive thing would be to extend these cuts because if you don't extend them, that would be a big contraction come january. now, the 2% for the wealthy, they are not going to spend that of it. >> that's, you know, the whole story. give bill gates another million dollar, he probably doesn't spend much of that. so taking back that money from the richest 2%, that's money that we are going to need for the deficit at some point. we don't need it 2013. we don't need it 2014. at some point we need it so it's reasonable possible and good politics. i would be hardpressed today complain about it. >> it's a two-for or a three-fer on the politics side. you think republicans, would they vote against it, if you could imagine all of the great ads that democrats would be able to run? >> well, i assume what they are going to do is continually put up proposals to extend all of the bush tax cuts. and you might well get some of the blue dog democrats to
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support that. so, you know, they are going to say, well, this is this big tax increase. it is a tax increase. no doubt about it on, you know the wealthiest people. but, you know, that's, i think, where they are going to stand. they are going to say we want to have tax cuts for everyone including the very rich where president obama will say we have to draw a line here because we will need this revenue at some point. >> all right. let me ask you a totally unrealistic question. if you had a blank slate and you had president obama's ear and you were given the task to craft a tax policy, what would you recommend about a tax policy that would actually improve the jobs picture? >> well, i think we need to get more money in the economy. i would go the other way. we could, you know, have more by the way of middle class tax cuts, you know, we had president obama had his make-work-pay-tack credit. it's a good policy. i would like to see a much larger one. the idea is there, you get $400
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to the vast majority of working americans, the very rich didn't get that. if instead of making it 400, suppose it were 2,000. we would have a big deficit but that's really what we need right now. so i think if i were going to write a tax policy, something like that would be the way i would go. over the lon longer term, we will need to take some money back. for 2013, maybe 14, maybe 2015, we are looking at being in this very deep hole left from the collapse of the housing bubble. >> you had a really interesting column today in huffington post. it's clear you are not afraid to take on anyone, including the democrats because in the hust be ton post today, you say esc iin bowles the democratic half of president obama's deficit cutting position isn't the best poster boy for that. why is that. >> erskin bowles has been on the board of directors of morgan
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stanley. people may remember, morgan stanley is one of the huge investment banks at the center of the sub-prime crisis that led to the financial melt down. if you go back to the fall of 2008, you had first bear stearns went bankrupt, first investment bank and layman brothers. morgan stanley was next in line. it was about to go under. they were looking for deep-seated, deep-pocketed buyer and ben bernanke stepped in and basically baled them out. he used emergency powers to make them a bank holding company that gave the protection of the bank and fdic. >> do you see his contribution as a result of that. do you think simpson-bowles is somehow left valid because of his position there. >> i have a tact on policy grounds. he is intents on cutting social security. here we have people that make 1200 a month. >> that's the average social security payment. a little bit less than that in fact. and we are saying the most
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important thing is we have to cut these people's benefits. they are just actually to get by, not because of their own failings but really because of the failings of people like erskin bowles. when he is presented as being a paragon for virtue. he messed up about as bad as you possibly can. >> keep on writing. very interesting column that you have for huffington post, center for economic and policy research. up next: is there anything worse that volter suppression laws? probably but i can't think of much in terms of politics an especially, i think one of the things that is worse is -- are the deceptive ads that promote them. it's the latest sub plot in the pennsylvania voter id travesty. we will talk about that next, plus mitt romney knows he can't run away from his record at bain capital. so he is going to stand up for once and call the president
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names. >> that's what he is doing. we are kicking off a big week with a busy show. we want to hear from you. connect with us at war room and make your voice heard. we will be right back. calls out the mainstream media. >>the guys in the middle class the guys in the lower end got screwed again. >>i think you know which one the overwhelming majority of the country says"tax the rich, don't go to war." >>just wanted to clarify that.
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what's my secret for sunday lunch? my little helpers... and 100% natural french's yellow mustard. it has zero calories for me, and a taste my family loves. >>(narrator) the sheriff of wall street. >>the leadership of high finance just doesn't get it. >>(narrator) the former governor of new york, eliot spitzer is on current tv. >>somebody somewhere can listen, record, track, gather this data. >>arrangements were made. >>(narrator) independent unflinching. >>there is a wild west quality to it that permits them to do whatever they wish.
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>>(narrator) and above all politically direct. >>facts are stubborn things. >> let me kick off our focus tonight on voter access to the ballot box with my point. tonight, we are going to concentrate on one specific aspect of voter suppression, which is the voter id laws. since 2001, in the past year nine states have passed restrictive voter id laws and several others have tried. in texas, who is voter id law was challenged by the justice department in court today, texas classifies its law as an emergency legislation so that they can rush it through before the election. in texas, a gun permit is a valid voter id.
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but a university-issued identification is not. hum, wonder who that benefits. the republican argument is that, well, everybody has a driver's license or you should have to showed an id to cash a check. why wouldn't you require one to vote? now, that wouldn't be so bad if the list of valid ids weren't so limited in so many of these states. as an example, many investigatorserly people or those who live in cities, people of all economic classes don't have driver's licenses. birth certificates. well 48% of women, those who change their name for marriage don't have a birth certificate with their current lem name in most states, you have to call for a copy of your birth certificate voting rights act declared paying to vote is unconstitutional. some states like missouri set up cash 22s where you can't get a birth certificate if you don't have an id but you can't get an id without a birth certificate.
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republicans are going to claim we need to fight voter fraud. as mother jones has put it, ufo sitings are more common than voter fraud. you are more likely to get struck by lightning or eaten by a shark or struck by a lightning shark with a winning lottery ticket. voter suppression affects very real people in very real ways. in wisconsin, ruthelle frank. there she is an 84-year-old former elected official has to pay an unconstitutional fee to get a birth certificate, which because it was misspelled is going to require hundreds of over other fees. look at her picture. clearly a subversive. right? or in tennessee, 96-year-old dorothy cooper who has voted in every election since she was he will eligible, she couldn't register to vote because she didn't have a copy of her marriage license. look at her.
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>> that's an an arkansasist. or in texas jess could cohen who lost her id papers in a burglary has to race against the clock to get documents from her birth state of missouri. you can tell she is obviously part of a vast conspiracy. right? there is a conspiracy among those who want to steal the election. these americans have just as much right to vote as you do and i do and barack obama and mitt romney and the koch brothers. but by using this pretension of voter fraud and the weapon of voter id laws in particular the republicans, remember, the party of catherine harris and hanging chad's and bush v. gore the republicans are systemastically snatching away people's rights. as benjamin today. jealous said as head of the naacf, our democracy is literally under attack from within. there is no battle that is more
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important or urgent than the battle to preserve the battles for democracy, itself. our right to vote is the right upon which our ability to defend every other right is leveraged. and he is exactly right. all right. coming up, we are going to hear about the battle in pennsylvania where 760,000 people could be blocked from voting. you are not going to miss this story. you may need a drink because you are going to get very angry. it's next, and it's only in the war room.
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>> in a texas courtroom today, lawyers defending a new voter id law there made the ridiculous claim that the law is necessary to combat a culture of election fraud. complete bunk. it's the first challenge to the federal government's power to block such laws. texas lawmakers are going to hope -- hoping that it's going to go all the way to the supreme court. it's not just texas. 9 states have passed controversial voter id laws including swing states like pennsylvania. now, tom corbett has signed a 250,000 dollar contract with an advertising company run by a mitt romney funder to create ads promoting the harsh new laws. take a look. >> you are right to vote, it's one thing you never want to miss out on. this year, the law requires that
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every pennsylvania voter show a photo id at the polls. >> in fact, pennsylvania has nearly 76,000 people who don't have one of those valid ids. under the new law, nearly one in 10 voters could be denied the right to vote. in philadelphia, it's closer to 2 in 10. it's about 18% of philadelphia voters. 93-year-old viviette applewhite filed a lawsuit saying they are not going to be able to vote saying having been born in the gym crow south there is no record of their birth in order for them to have a birth certificate. in fact, african-americans and other typically democratic volters are most likely to lack a valid id under this law. 25% of african americans don't have the proper id.
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neither do 19% of 4r59inos or 18% of young people and seniors. compare that to the just eight % of whites who don't have the kind of id that was required under this law. you don't have to take it from me. pennsylvania house republican liter mike turside bragged, really, that if republicans get their way, voter id laws will swing the election. take a license. >> voter id which will allow governor rom network win the state of pennsylvania, done: ask. >> finally a little bit honesty amid all of the lies and deception for the latest on pennsylvania voter suppression efforts we are going to turn to stephanie singer, the city's top elected official. stephanie joins us from philadelphia. stephanie, thank you for coming inside the war room. >> it's great to be here. >> those numbers are incredible
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760,000 up to that money could be disenfranchised. how concerned are you, and how do you know that the number is so high? >> well, i am very concerned, and i should say that i know these numbers because they were issued by the department state. the republican department of of state. and i can't say how accurate they are because, like many other things, the department of state is not -- there is a lot they are not telling us. they haven't told us yet how they actually calculated those numbers. >> so, well, let's look at some of the language in the law. here are some of the acceptable forms of photo id. you can have the government issued photo id, of course issued by the state, probably, like a pennsylvania driver's license. >> that's right. >> you can have a u.s. passport a military id, a student id from an accredited school which is interesting, a long-term care fascinating photo id.
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now republicans argument it shouldn't be hard to have one of those many forms of id. what do you say to that? >> their own numbers show there are allotted of people who don't have a driver's license. when they were pushing this law, they said only 1% of pennsylvaniaans are without a driver's license. 1% of pennsylvania voters. they kept saying 1%, 1%. en up to a week ago when the secretary of state had the numbers that you quoted in hand, she was still pupcally trying to say 1%, but, in fact, it's closer to 10%. and that's just in pennsylvania. that in philadelphia, it's 18%, as you said. and there are other things. the list is very short and complicated and cruel. so college and university students can use their ids if there is an expiration date but a cosmetology student or an auto mechanic student can't use their id. why is that? >> so give me some examples of who specifically is going to be
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disenfranchised by this law. >> well, we are spending a lot of times helping americans who were born in puerto rico because, among other complications, pen dot doesn't accept birth certificate cats. if you haven't gotten a new birth certificate in a while you have to get your birth certificate. so there are different populations are hit in different ways. >> amazing. how was the gop able to get the law passed? was it just a party line vote? is it a fullly republican legislature? >> yes. it's a fullly republican legislature with a republican governor. in one sense, the part of this law that's trying to disenfranchise philadelphia, what gives me hope is that it's
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getting a lot of people to think about philadelphia and that we should get the power we deserve as americans, and that means that we need to vote. so philadelphia has not come out to vote in the past the way it can and should. >> so you -- >> that's why we have a cran governor and why we have republican majority on the court, also. he elected in pennsylvania. >> because you are the chief elected official responsible e lex officer in philadelphia, your office is responsible for making sure that every registered voter in philadelphia is able to vote. so for your office how difficult is this law going to make it be to gar anuaranty that that happens? >> it makes it very difficult. and they delay giving us the information we need, giving us the lists of who these voters are, who need id to vote so we
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and concerned groups can get them to the dmv to get their id they will need for voting. >> you have a time issue, then as well. you only have a few months? >> question. >> that people may all of the sudden be subject to this. you have to identify the people, help them get the right id: do you have the resources to be able to do that? 750,000 people is huge. >> no. we don't have the resources in house but there are a lot of groups that are coming together to help out. one of the things that's really frustrating about this law is that it does enforce -- it's an unfunded mundate on us, and the state has been -- the cost of the law was grossly under estimated by the republican legislature and the republican governor, and they are -- they are not helping us. they are not really interested of course not. they've got an agenda on this. they specifically wanted to make sure that they were able to control who came to the polls. what advises do you have for pennsylvania voters who do not
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have the valid kind of photo id? what would you tell them? >> well, i would tell them first of all, to go to votes >> that's the state website to see what the rules are and then to go there, they can find a leapt to the penn dot website to find out what they need. i would urge them if they have trouble getth the documentation they need to contact a state rep, a state legislator in philadelphia to please contact my. we need to know who is having trouble and why. >> well, it's a good reason that the naacp is focused on this issue this week. >> that's philadelphia city commissioner stephanie singer. thank you so much for joining us. people, i hope you are mad about this because how fundamental can this right to vote be? it's driving me crasszy. okay there is nothing our digital team loves more than hammering away at an injustice on social media. right now, they have their sites set on pennsylvania.
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so go to warwarroom. then after the break, we will look at something else. just how divided is this country? comedian michael black takes us inside his cross-country road trip with john mccain's daughter. but first, mitt romney has more money. but does that really equal more problems for president obama? our political round table weighs in next in the war room. >> enginein many ways the fate of
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the tax cut for the wealthiest americans will be decided by the outcome of the next election. my opponent will fight to keep them in place. i will fight to end them. jennifer: on the cam paint front, the president is using the power of incumbency to place mitt mitt romney on the part of the wealth type of. gallup poles say the president is leading among registered
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voters. it's not likely voters but in 12 battleground states, 4730 to 45%. these are the battleground states over here and, of course the rest of the country is on this side. but another number has the obama war room worried, which is this a $35 million gap in june fundraising. obama's 71 million to romney's 106 million. >> that's a $35 million gap, a lot of attack as and jet skis. joining me inside the war room is democratic strategist ace smith, the los angeles times calls ace the man to fear unless he is on your side. mild-mannered guy, but underneath, he is superman of the political sphere. in 2008, he directed hillary clinton's campaigns in california, texas and north carolina and joining us from new york city is political analyst, david paul kuhn. he comes back into the war room. he is a contributor for the atlantic and several other
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publications. glad to welcome you back into the war room. >> thanks for having me. >> great, david. i will start with you because of course, the obama campaign is trying to connect with middle class voters but at the same time romney is at the hamptons and he is now tonight at a fund raidser in aspen. do you think that romney doesn't seem concerned enough about appearing to sort of amplify the disconnect between the welfarey and real folks? >> i don't think these back drops help. right? it doesn't help the president if he is launching the bain ads, the bain strategy ads for bain capital and appearing at a wall street fundraiser and it doesn't help mitt romney to appear in the hamptons among markos moulitsasaires at the very moment that he not only has living up -- is living up to the image. barack obama is showing not only focusing on it but also making
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gains in framing romney as sort of the man who fires you instead of hires you. >> well, totally agree with you on that. i think image is everything. you would agree, i am sure ace having done these political ads many times before. but this, i want to show you because i think this cases that it is working. so what i have here is again, from that same ousts today poll of the people who were talked to 8% had changed their view. the rest confirmed your thinking but of that eight % that had changed their view 76% of those changed their view in favor of the president. now, if that's the case of course those bain ads ace, have been running in these battleground states. the strat gee is working. do you worry that the obama team has emptied its clip too early? >> no. not at all. as a matter of fact, california is a good test study for this,
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you know, our political landscape is littered with the corpses of people who try to run for political office, bill simon, meg whitman. >> wealthy business people. >> wealthy busy people who somehow believe if you run in politics, you don't have to defend ire record in business. guess what. you do. you know to romney the romney campaign's belief that obama should have to defend their record as president but he doesn't need to in business, it's crazy and killing them. >> they started to define him in that way. they are bringing out the faces of real people. david, i know you have written about some of these issues in the past. do you think you can't say it enough from the obama's perspective that you have got to keep drilling once you are, you know, once your foot is on the throat of the epme, you continue to press? >> in fact, you want to define
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quickly and entirely in a presidential campaign. so if anything the president and his strategists have shown some intelligence in the last month or so, almost rovian strategy in taking a message, hammering that message and doing it often and so -- >> i love it. >> -- i don't think he does hurt himself in any way by doing this. this. i agree entirely. i think that romney is one of the most -- perhaps the weakest modern republican nominee in presidential politics. weaker than bob dole i would argue and one huge reason for that is his -- the way one can argue his record at bain capital whereas you know, industrial america has really been hit very hard. >> exactly. it's the poster chile for the de deindustrialized deindustrialized. he does have a big advantage with karl rove the super p.a.c.s, the 501 c 3s, 501 c 4s,
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all of this money being amassed on his side of the aisle so does that, david, i will ask you this: can the left keep up? do they have to keep up dollar-for-dollar? >> they don't have to keep up dollar-for-dollar. you can spend smartly instead of as often. that said, the money advantage matters, and there is evidence in political science if you reinforce the message enough it has impact. big picture, all of this stuff when it comes to advertising only matters on the margins but presidential elections are only won on the margins. this one will be. i would note that it's still not clear. i mean it's true that romney is highly vulnerable because of the bain capital strategy. when it comes to other polling, like who would do better romney sometimes pulls ahead. there is work to be done for this president strategically. if anything, i think it is safe to say that what they have
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accomplished is they have newel tralized any advantage romney would have for business experience. >> it is, the first raiding aspect, ace, i think is disconcerting. today, the obama team sends out a sort of your honor event e-mail but this one was interesting because the subject line on the e-mail was we could lose if this continues, and it goes on to say, this is no joke. if we can't keep the money race close, it becomes that much harder to win in november. do you think that the obama campaign really could lose even if this kind of disparity that we saw in june remains? >> i think they will keep it close. you know. >> moneywise? >> moneywise, they will keep it close. remember, the power of the president and in these bain as, in a presidential election, it's not as simple as in another e elections. they are unique vehicles as you don't go on the air and everything gets redefined.
6:40 pm
if you go on the air with an add, # it gets debated and it becomes a story on every news program, every newspaper and that's the power of it. it's not just an isolated event happening in t.v. land. it's an event that gets debated in town halls across america. >> that's interestinghalls across america. >> that's interesting. >> all of it. >> the strategy, content. >> part of what's in the either, the town hall meetings, et cetera. so part of the messaging, in addition to bain and the dees inindustrialization of america and how mitt romney represents that, part of the theme, the message is really the koch brothers, the wealthy, et cetera. this week we saw occupy protesters at the koch beach house for the romney fundraiser with a big sign that says mitt romney has a koch problem or something like that. between the bain attacks and the
6:41 pm
president taking it to mitt romney, david, do you think that the 1-2 punch of wealth upper class plus bain, that he is -- that the president now has game and that the left is going to be at least starting to be energized as a result of that? >> the left is energized. whether it's the gay marriage announcement or the dream affectesque announcement by this president -- dream actesque announcement. one of the impacts the president announced is to energize the left. so the left is energized but again, it's a dead heat, and we don't know what will happen in the next few months. the president, i think has found his footing in recent weeks, especially on this bain strategy. but in the past he appeared more populist and pulled back. we also, your viewers will
6:42 pm
recall how he pulled back on the bush tax cut fight not so long ago. so we will see what happens in the next few months. >> well, i am telling you, it's very exciting. we have a fight on our hands and we have a fighter on our hands. >> i am excited about that. assess, thank you for coming inside the war room. david thank you for joining us via satellite inside the war room. up next, michael ian black who co-authored america, you sexy... with -- i can't say it. >> that's a sentence i never thought i would say. i still can't utter that word. i don't like the b word. ehrlich drops by with some advice later on for the activist in all of us. so funny. >> today, i give you sure-fire instructions to make effective picture signs like. what do we want? time travel. when do we want it? it's irrelevant relevant. don't go away.
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jennifer: we are back inside the war room. jennifer gran home. move over, james garville and mary madalen there is a new political odd couple in town. are you ready? ta-da. meet left-leaning actor and funny man, michael ian black and right-leaning daughter of republican royalty megan mccain, the unlikely pair crisscrossed america in an rv searching for political common ground. their journey subpoena documented in the new book america, you sexy... and a love letter to freed a.m. michael comes to us from new york. thanks for joining us? >> thanks for having me. >> so you are a comedian with progressive views. what inspired you, if you did it, did you ask megan mccain to do the road trip across america? >> i did. yeah. i contacted her over twitter which is how most things are done these days and i said do
6:47 pm
you want to write a book together? she said sure. we wrote a book together. >> that's adventurous. toward the beginning of the book, you wrote, almost, and quoting you now, almost nobody wants to own the label democrat. even i the liberal on this trip, you said, have a hard time saying, i am one because i don't know what the dems stand for. did your views of either party change during this trip? >> yes and no. my views on, let's say, conservative and liberal changed a little bit, i think expanded a little bit. but if anything, my views on the parties, themselves might have hardened. i can more reluctant to call myself a democrat now than when i left. >> why? >> if anything like i probably have become more liberal than i was. it's that the parties, themselves, to me, represent something that feels, at best
6:48 pm
an akronc anachronistic that are primary concerned about money laund laundering. hope it doesn't sound too cynical. >> a little but i would be surprised if our viewers don't agree 100%. what surprise you the most about megan's views and perhaps those of the other republicans you met? do you have any good surprises? >> the surprise to me was mostly that i felt like i was able to get my head around the conservative world view maybe for the first time. a lot of times liberal look at conservatives and say, i don't get where this is coming from. but haguenging out with megan, i feel i feel like i started to understand that for them, it's about self reliance and independence and having the feifdom, a loaded word for republicans to do what they
6:49 pm
want. and they view a kind of small government solution as one way and i would say democrat, i agree with those principles but i also feel like the government has a role in supporting people and in providing the framework for people to achieve everything that they can. >> so but i mean she is really not along party lines in many of her positions. isn't she pro-gay marriage? she is pro-choice? does she really count as a republican? >> well, she is pro-life. i mean -- ah-ha. >> she is very ardently pro-life and one of the things that's interesting about her, and i think about me and about mostly people is that very few of us go right down the checklist of what our parties believe. we are all if a are more nuanced than that. one of the conclusions we came to, which i think your viewers no instinctively is that the reason i think a lot of people are reluck divinity to say i am a republican or i am a democrat is because in saying that, you
6:50 pm
are defining yourself by this checklist of ideas and most of us, you know, we are like chinese menus, a little from column a and a little from column b and together, we get a sort of new answered more delicious immediately. >> part of this trip was about getting out of your conform zone and, in your case what? having the opportunity to shoot guns and spend time with members of the military? what was that like for you? >> it -- well, the shooting guns part was excellent. i loved it i had never shot a gun before. now i just recommend it to everybody. you know, we just went out to the desert in arizona and her brother, who is a former man manneen, just started handing me we hopeon re. i don't know if it was legal or not. it was massive guns. there was a lot of safety involved. he taught me how to fire. it was a gray relief. second amendment. that's a pretty good amendment. as far as hanging out with the
6:51 pm
military, that is really revealing and kind of humbling in a way. i have never served. nobody in my immediate family except for my brotherly has served. and so i don't have a lot of contact with that culture. it was humbling. it really, it really made me feel even more spreechtive of their work. >> that's cool. i think it's great you have done this. what was the biggest argument if you had one that you and megan had on the trip? >> one of the huge ones was health care. second one was the iraq war specifically and it may be after gallonstan secondarily, and then the third was which songs we should sing for karoake. she went with american woman, which just seemed so trite to me. i was aggravated with her. >> you are too funny. everybody's got to check out the book, "america you sexy umm.
6:52 pm
the catholic in me. i can't do it. i'm sorry, mom and dad. anyway, up next i love this, the art of the funny protest sign with brett erlich. you are watching the war room. it's only on current tv.
6:53 pm
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m0 jennifer speaks truth to power. >>the bottom line is we need an amendment. connect with "the war room" jennifer granholm. >>it's a call to arms. make your voice heard. >> okay. in our serious mitt moment today, we looked to his campaign's plan to call the outsourcer in chief ads lies. i can tell you -- he can tell you whaeptsz as loudly as he wants. that doesn't make it so. we got sec documents and stories by mother jones, the "new york times" action the washington post, all to prove it. so seems that mitt's claim that president obama is lying is not surprisingly another mittly. hard to deny the truth, though.
6:55 pm
mitt, of course, really does love to try. now, every american has the right to protest, but if you ask brett erlich a lot of folks are doing it wrong. so here is brett erlich with some helpful hints for the aspiring picketer. shhh! bretts talking now. >> so, mitt romney attended a koch brothers fundraiser this weekend and protesters stood outside holding this sign: mitt romney has a koch problem. now, this sign demonstrates a rare phenomenon in the picture sign world known as being effective. now, what does it take to make an effective pigget sign? follow my easy tips. one, check your spellings. either this guy has spelled morans wrong or someone lobotmize the moran family. it might be hard to take him seriously. what does this mean? but i can't start my day without
6:56 pm
some v 8 splash. anti-immigration folks the word is amnesty, not annetty. not amensty. it's amnesty. at least hate properly. a good sign shifts the conversation. gay rights have this market cornered. if you don't like gay marriage blame straight people. they are the ones who keep having gay babies. or, 3 words that will save the economy: gay, bridle registry. >> or this one, would you rather i marry your daughter? perhaps the best sign focuses the way in which the sign is carried out like: what do went? respectful discourse. when do we want it? now would be agreeable to me but i am interested in your opinion. i am done talking now. thanks for joining us here in the war room. have a great night, and we will
6:57 pm
see you all balk here tomorrow. >>every day we've got to work as hard as we possibly can to make sure that we get that show on the air. >>60 seconds to air is brought to you by dodge. >>put your heart and soul into it, work as hard as you can and make sure that you put out the best product. >>at dodge, we feel exactly the same way. >>okay, good. >>paul, can you put my mic on? >>45 seconds
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