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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  August 2, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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to our war room helping to decorate this great commemorative plate of our great jfk. thank you again and we will see you back here tomorrow night! >> cenk: "the young turks," fun show ahead! first of all move on attacks rafalca. >> i dare say your life will not be nearly as pampered as mine. afterall, you're not one of his horses. >> cenk: that's true. you want to know how much more they spend on rafalca? mitt romney's horse than you make in a year? oh, it is a horrible number! we'll show you that in a second. and how many of you have to give $500 to mitt romney to make up for his gigantic tax cut for himself? what's that number? we'll give that to you as well. and then a 21-year-old handcuffed and shot in the head. the cops call it suicide.
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>> twice. i just want to know what really happened. that's all i want to know. >> cenk: if he was handcuffed, how could he have shot himself in the head? that makes no sense. we'll discuss that later in the show. the daily show goes after dirty harry reid. >> you, harry reid! should mitt romney release his tax returns? of course. but him not doing the right thing doesn't give you a license to do the wrong thing. >> cenk: no, daily show, we disagree! we're coming after you! harry, we've got your back! anybody? anybody? what time is it? that's right! it's go time! >> cenk: well, rafalca which is, of course, the dressage horse of the romneys just
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competed in the olympics. and it turns out he came in 13th place. mitt is going to ever be so disappointed though ann says she was thrilled at the finish. a score of 70.243. oh man that seems wrong. he's jumping and dancing and prancing so well there. how did he not score hire. they actually have three other dressage horses as well? now, is this fair game in politics? well move on thinks so, the liberal advocacy group decided to do an attack ad based on rafalca. my nameme isafca the romneyey d dsseoror. yoyomit havee sn me ce and athleticism while looking so good? maybe it is because the romneys spend $77,000 on my upkeep and after mitt romney repeals healthcare and ships your job overseas i dare say your life
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will not be nearly as pampered as mine. afterall, you're not one of his horses. >> cenk: that is, in some ways literally true. the fact that they took a $77,000 deduction on him in 2010 which is the only year of taxes they have released indicates they spent $77,000 a year on one of their four dressage horses. whereas, of course, the average american family doesn't make anywhere near that amount. on the other hand, you were not sired by his father and his mother who was rakin. they gave us raf al:00 then the romneys treated rafalca this way. for shelter, for example let's take a look at who spends more. this is put together by based on the united census and bureau of labor statistics, shelter, $28,000 for rafalca. for the average american family, $16,352. more than your rent or your
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mortgage for a horse! but they say anybody can own this horse. the rider jan ebeling said anyone with a normal income can own a hoamplets you got $28,000 to helter a horse? let's look at clothing. how does a horse have more clothing than you? okay. you've got $1,142 on average. that's what you spend per year? he spends $10,000 on one of his four dressage horses, closing for the year. but he can really relate to the average man. they went after george because of the scanner thing. rafalca? rafalca in the middle of a presidential candidacy. transportation. you spend how much? $7,164. that's a lot of money for transportation. rafalca, over $15,000. that's in a year where he's not even being flown by fedex to the olympics which is what happened this year. then of course, the rate is very much higher, okay? now, the funny thing is every
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once in awhile, you'll have republicans say these democrats they're sushi and arugula eating and volvo driving, "new york times" reading liberal -- in fact president obama back when he was campaigning in 2007 in iowa, got in trouble for talking about the price of arugula at a whole foods and the republicans attacked him. now, you're going to tell me you're attacking liberals on arugula when you have a horse named rafalca? rafalca? arugula. rafalca. arugula. rafalca. you attacked him an arugula? you've got four dressage horses. it takes $77,000 to take care of rafalca? come on! that is unreal! so now is it -- fair to do this
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now? fox news and the conservatives wouldn't attack like this, would they? hmm. how about when president obama ate a burger but sean hannity didn't approve the way he ate the burger. let's watch. >> plain old ketchup didn't quite cut it for the president. take a look at him ordering his burger with a very special condiment. >> all right. i'm going to have a -- just your basic cheddar cheeseburger, medium well. i just want mustard. no ketchup. spicy mustard or something like that? dijon mustard? >> i think the president wants just a little bit too much television -- watched just a little bit too much television as a kid. >> pardon me. would you have any gray puppen? >> you mean the mustard? >> would you have any? >> would i or do i? >> yes actually. >> i hope you enjoyed that fancy
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burger mr. president. >> cenk: fancy burger with mustard? with mustard? when you've got rafalca? you're going to make fun of him for being an elitist for eating a burger with mustard? when you've got rafalca $77,000 on a freakin' dressage horse which he jumps around like this. are you kidding me! all right. now look, they're not done with this yet. remember, they took a deduction on him on their taxes. the way that they manipulate their taxes is out of control! and now, mitt romney has a tax plan that's robbing the poor, the middle class to pay himself. in fact, president obama made an ad about that. it is devastating watch. >> you work hard. stretch every penny. chances are you pay a higher tax rate than him. mitt romney made $20 million in 2010 but paid only 14% in taxes. probably less than you. now he has a plan that would
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give millionaires another tax break and raises taxes on middle class families by up to $2,000 a year. mitt romney's middle class tax increase, he pays less. you pay more. >> cenk: now, is that fair? those are numbers that tax policy center put together. they're nonpartisan. but wait a minute! mitt romney says that's not true. he says they are liberal. that they are biased and a liberal group and the study is a joke! fascinating, huh? tax policy center is biased. the tax policy center did an analysis of rick perry's tax plan during the primaries. what did mitt romney call the tax policy center at the time? he called it -- let me see it... nope. not there. all right. he called it an objective third party analysis. so when it was done against his opponent, it is an objective third party analysis. when it is done against him liberal, what a joke. those numbers are true.
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okay? it is the best guess they can do based on the very loose plan that mitt romney has put together where he doesn't specify where the deductions come from but based on the numbers and based on mitt romney's own proposals here's how it works okay. remember as we showed you yesterday, let's put up the graphic we saw a minute ago. the average taxpayer is actually going to lose $500. their earnings will go down $500 based on the taxes that are going to get taken out. if you're earning over $1 million, you're going to get a tax cut of $87,000. so millionaires, go up by $87,000 because of the tax cut. your money goes down by $500. okay so -- well, let's see based on mitt romney's earnings, which was at least $21 million in the year 2010, the only year he ever reported the taxes on, i thought that's interesting. so his own tax proposal would actually give him a giant tax cut.
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how much of a tax cut? let's take a look at. that based on the $21 million a year his tax cut per year for mitt romney would be $1,827,000. his own tax proposal gives him a $1.8 million tax cut. isn't that convenient? run for president give yourself $1.8 million. okay now then i thought of something else interesting. look if he's taken $500 on average from everybody making less than $200,000, how many of you is it going to take to pay off mitt romney's tax cut. well, let's find out. the reality is it takes 3,654 of you. 3,654 average americans taking $500 out of their pocket and giving it to mitt romney based on mitt romney's own tax cut proposals. so when president obama says hey, you know what? we're going to go ahead and give -- mitt romney is going to
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give the tax cuts to the rich and take it out of your pocket, that is literally true. and if you make under $200,000 and that's 95% of us, the idea that you would agree to this plan is crazy! do i want to give up $500 so mitt romney can get richer? hell no. does jr. ana hell, no. 3,654 have to give $500 to mitt romney if he's elected. hell no, i've got no interest in that. when we come back, we'll talk to neil barofsky. he's the special tarp inspector general for tarp. that means the guy who is going to look out for us. he did and you know what he found out? from being inside the government and look at all of the numbers the bankers are screwing us. >> we need to break up the banks. they know that the government isn't going to indict one of them. because they know that if that happened, it would risk bringing down the entire financial
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system. >> cenk: he will be on the show in just a minute and then a 12-year-old girl gets tased. why do you need toes at tase a 12-year-old girl? >> it was stuck. >> dejamon's mom >>i jump out of my skin at people when i'm upset. do you share the sense of outrage that they're doing this, this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>i think that's an understatement, eliot. >> i'm not prone to understatement, so explain to me why that is. i think the mob learned from wall st., not vice versa.
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(vo) now, it's your turn. (vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur.
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>> it's go time. >> cenk: a lot of people throughout the country have been protesting about the home foreclosures. they think it is unjust. we have a little tape to show you of some of the protests that went down across the country. well neil barofsky was the special inspector general for tarp that gave money out to the banks. it was his job to keep track of whether the banks got an unfair advantage, whether the homeowners did not get enough. where the money went, et cetera. what did he find out? it turns out all of the protestors were right. you got screwed. the homeowners only got $1.4
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billion which is comically low. because think about this. the bankers got $4.7 trillion. $1.4 billion versus $4.7 trillion. in fact, in his new book, neil bra roff ski writes the american people should be outrage and the unending protection of wall street. so we decided well, that's pretty powerful so let's have neil on. here is neil barofsky. his new book is bailout an inside account of how americans were abandoned. tell me how we got screwed. >> i got to washington, cenk, you know, i was a former federal prosecutor up here in new york, wasn't really familiar with too much of the regulatory apparatus of this country. when i got there, i was really shocked to find how much control the wall street banks had over our economy. and continue to have and just
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how deferential and how much the regulators at the treasury department would kneel before wall street and put their interests above that of the taxpayer almost every critical junction. i recently went down -- >> cenk: stop right there for a second because i want to find out more about that part of the story. how do they do that? like so how do they bow down to the bankers? what do you mean when you say that? how does it work out in day to day life? >> just one example, i was down there for just a handful of days when i began to realize how treasury had really shoveled out hundreds of billions of dollars to the largest banks with no conditions with no transparency, with no incentives to carry out any of the things that the banks were supposed to do with the money. the banks were supposed to lend the money. they were supposed to put it back into the economy so we could have an economic recovery. and when i started making recommendations, say hey this program might be a little vulnerable to fraud. hey, over here, there is a
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conflict of interest. or maybe we need to have the banks tell us what they're doing with this money so we can monitor it, i ran into a brick wall. i was told that i was stupid. i was told that i didn't need to worry about these things because we could trust the banks because they would "never risk their reputation." i was told they would never embarrass themselves. they put these ideas about the goodness of the banks over protections for the taxpayer. that's just one example. >> cenk: neil, really important part of the equation is do you think they meant it? if you talked to tim geithner or the other guys who ran the treasury department and ran tarp et cetera, do they think the bankers are good people and they care so much about their reputation, they would never make a mistake like that, even though we just went through the worst colossal mistake that they all collectively made. do they actually believe that? do the tim geithners of the world believe that or are they lying to you to get you off their back? >> you know, either way it doesn't really matter but i will tell you that the level of deference and the reluctance and
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resistance, hearing any type of divergent views i really got impression so they identified with the interests of these banks that they truly believe that what would be best for the banks would be best for the country. and example after example. one of the worst things was with the housing program right. because tarp never gets passed. the banks never get a single penny of the money but for the promise the money would be used to help struggling homeowners. that bill never gets out of congress. i talk about how particularly progressives in the house wouldn't have voted for it but for that promise in the book. the treasury department again it is not bush or obama it is both of them. never fulfilled that promise and rolled out a program that really just helped the banks and not the struggling homeowners. that was by design. they put those interests first. >> cenk: so the homeowners as you point out get almost nothing. the banks get everything. so the most important question because i want to prevent this in the future, wish us good luck
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on that -- is why. you know, i get hank paulson the treasury secretary for george bush, the guy ran goldman sachs. he made $500 million off goldman sachs. of course he's going to help goldman sachs. i get that part. but tim geithner, the so-called progressives in the obama administration, why is it in their gut to help the bankers above everything else? >> that's the world view in washington. and whether it is because of the power of money the power of influence, the fact that they surround themselves with individuals who all came from wall street, it was a rogue's gallery of goldman sachs and merrill lynch and bear stearns these were the closest advisers who were shaping the policy. and you know, when that housing program was rolled out and it was obvious that it was failing it was actually harming homeowners, tim geithner told us in a meeting when he was being pressed on why how is this program going to help homeowners, he explained it. he said this program is going to help -- these are the words he
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used, foam the runway for the banks. in other words extend out the foreclosure crisis so that the banks would be able to recover rebuild their balance sheets, return to record profits in record bonuses. and so what for the american people. those are the struggling homeowners who eventually became that foam for the soft landing of the banks. that was their bias. that was their interest. >> cenk: i want the audience to understand that. in the small way they helped the homeowners, tim geithner and others in the meeting their intent was not to help the homeowners. it was to help the banks so that they would have -- foam the runway for the banks and hence that's why they didn't want to help the homeowners more because they would have another effect on the banks. it is unbelievable. final thing for you neil. special inspector general for tarp okay so you were right in the thick of it. did you ever get close to the president to be able to say hey you know what? these guys are misleading you! this is not correct. you're not helping the homeowners. >> the closest i came was at a
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press conference in the summer of '09 when a reporter asked the question about one of my reports to the president about the lack of transparency in the treasury department. and his response to that press conference was -- he said he wasn't aware of it. he would look into it and get back to them. at that moment i did hope i would hear something from him. to address the concerns. and i never did. >> cenk: do you know who shut you out? was it tim geithner? was it rahm emmanuel? who shut you out from the president? >> i'll never know the answer to that question. i just know that that opportunity never arose. but look, you know, as my time in washington, as i was becoming more critical, i got messages from the treasury department. i was told clearly i was harming my future chances and my future career if i wouldn't change my tone and i got shot at by the white house. which put out misleading information. so when it comes to pushing back against the power of the banks it was a pretty much a unified
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front. >> neil barofsky, one of the few guys in washington that tried to fight for you. i appreciate you joining us on "the young turks." >> thank you. >> cenk: all right. now, we got so screwed. it businesses me off every single time. my blood boiling as he's talking. speaking of blood boiling 21-year-old kid gets handcuffed, his hands behind his back then gets shot in the head while in police custody and the cops say it was a suicide. are you kidding me? we're going to talk about that when we come back. >> they're still investigating but they think he was handcuffed in the squad car somehow managed to pull out a hidden gun and shoot himself in the head. >> what do you think happened? >> i think they killed him. the real world and politics collide. >> will your next doctor be a robot. gavin newsom probes for answers on "the gavin newsom show." only on current tv.
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vanguard: the documentary series that redefined tv journalism. >>we're going to places where few others are going. >>it doesn't get anymore real than this. >>occupy! >>the award winning series "vanguard" only on current tv. >> cenk: all right, now we've got some stories here that are disturbing throughout the country. first, we've got a 12-year-old girl dejamon baker, she was out shopping with her mom. her mom was at victoria's secret. apparently her mom was wanted on very important arrest warrant for traffic violations. so the cops go in and get them and what do they do? they think the 12-year-old girl is a danger to the cops so they tase her. this is in a suburb of st. louis. we've got a report from st. louis's nbc affiliate ksdwk explaining more. >> it was stuck.
7:27 pm
she kept on trying to pull it out. >> dejamon baker displays the results of a tangle with the business end of a taser. she has a matching wound on her stomach. >> i fell on the floor and i was like -- i couldn't control myself. i just kept on shaking. >> said put your hands behind your back. i said for what? next thing you know, he's got me down on the ground. >> i was crying. he got mad because he was crying. >> he should have had enough control to tell her to get back instead of pulling out his gun. he was nervous and tasing people. >> cenk: we gotta start with the tasers. it is out of control. against a 12-year-old? how much of a threat could she have been. in march a 9-year-old gots at ad in ohio. in june, they tased an 8month pregnant lady. at least i didn't put a bullet in them. no a taser is not a gun. it is not harmless. you don't do it to a child! if you can't control a 12-year-old without tasing them, there is something wrong with
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you! speaking of something wrong with the cops, the next story makes it seem much, much worse. 21-year-old chavis carter was in jonesboro, arkansas. cops pull him over along with a couple of other people. he's in the passenger seat. they find marijuana. oh no, marijuana. then they have to go through the rick emroll. they find out he's wanted on a warrant in mississippi. that's it. they handcuff. he's put him in the back of the police car and then they claim that they heard a shot and that while he was handcuffed with his hands behind his back, that he somehow committed suicide. by shooting himself in the head. really? well, we've got a report from wreg from memphis tennessee. we'll hear from sergeant lyle waterworth on that. >> he was handcuffed behind his back, double locked and searched. >> handcuffed, double locked and searched. but somehow minutes later police say they heard a thumping noise, turned around and found
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chavis dead! shot in the head in the back of the squad car. >> cenk: just somehow. well, you know, chavis carter's mother says that, in fact, the cops told her he was shot in the right temple. the problem is he's left-handed. the other problem is he was handcuffed and had his hand behind his back. they searched him several times and hadn't seen a gun so the story is incredibly weird and problematic. let's hear from the mother now. teresa carter. >> i can't see how. i can't see how. i think they killed him. i mean my son was not suicidal. they searched him twice. i just want to know what really happened. >> cenk: the two officers who were involved there are now on just administrative leave while they investigate. they do have to have time to investigate here, of course. but local police are also explaining it this way. >> any given officer has missed
7:30 pm
something on a search be it drugs, it be knives, be it razor blades. this instance, happened to be a gun. >> cenk: that's how itently if you believe the police. now let's bring in the professor, one of our contributors here, patricia rose from brown university. professor rose great to have you here. so let's talk about both of these cases. you know, chavis is the much more heartbreaking one. i want to save him for a second. let's talk about the tasing incident. just the fact that she was in a suburb of st. louis have any relevance here, professor rose? >> well, i mean first of all i'm really shocked by the idea that she should be thrown to the ground for asking questions even if she was curious about why. but these were traffic stops. but i do think it might be relevant so as your viewers probably know, st. louis is a city that has nearly 50% african-american population.
7:31 pm
about 48% 49%. the white population of about 45%. but the melville suburb which is an inner ring suburb of st. louis actually is 97% white. .13% african-american. this isn't a neighbor or an area where you're likely to have lots of african-americans. that raises the potential that racial stereotyping and anxiety could drive a policeman to behave in the kind of negatively racial profiling way that african-americans face all the time. it is one of the reasons that this kind of very chosen segregation can reproduce the stereotypes that predominate in society. >> cenk: it is a vicious cycle because if the cop's got it in his head that african-americans are more dangerous even a 12-year-old girl might seem dangerous to him. >> i mean listen, what 12-year-old kid wouldn't either cry out or maybe try to stop someone. she says she didn't but i would
7:32 pm
do it if someone were throwing my mother to the ground and handcuffing her aggressively as a 12-year-old or a teenager, i would be outraged! i would be scared. i would be exhibiting emotional things that would be very intense. that's what young people do. i thought that's what police training was for. and if you look at this young girl she's incredibly small. by the way cenk, the cop doesn't make the claim she attacked him or anything. he said she impeded or got in his way. it seems to me that this is really the kind of humiliating and violent aggressive treatment for a very small kind of infraction for traffic warrants and it is really systemic. it is very important to pay attention to this. >> cenk: i want the audience to understand, take out the racial component. for traffic warrants now we're getting our 12-year-old kids tased. look at how they treat us. look at how they treat people who don't have tremendous power. look imagine if you're in
7:33 pm
beverly hills, you think they're going to tase white or otherwise kid in beverly hills? they're not going to do that. you think they're going to tase mitt romney's 12-year-old girl -- he doesn't have one but if he did they're not going to do it. serious case, chavis carter. so here, this appears to be the most incredible statement i've ever seen. it reminds me of a story we did on "the young turks" a long time go about some central asian republic where a political opponent was shot twice in the head and once in the heart and they said he committed suicide. does it seem conceivable it was a suicide? >> i mean, you know, here's the thing, cenk, i've been thinking about this. it is either entirely true and that would be like -- it is so insane that it is like winning $100 million in vegas or it is the most insane lie that tells us something very important. that is to say that these cops know ultimately that they have so much power and control in
7:34 pm
setting the terms and the narrative of what happens the story and when they create a situation where there are no witnesses, the other two boys in the truck were sent off. they weren't arrested, they weren't held. just this one in the truck. and so now there are no witnesses so they know they have so much control over the story and there's so much fundamental disregard of black life. that's really an important part of this story. just the fundamental disregard of black life that they don't have to worry about telling such an absurd story. he's suddenly suicidal. that he's handcuffed behind his back. left-handed but somehow shoots himself in the right temple. had called his girlfriend earlier and said that he would be calling her later on. they had been stopped so he -- it is just absurd. just one last thing cenk, when you look at the grief on that mother's face in the shot, it is just -- it breaks my heart you know. these things are horrible anyway but when it seems such a bold case of disregard at the hands
7:35 pm
of people you're supposed to trust, people whose salaries we pay for it is an outrage that really the whole country should be up in arms about this kind of thing. >> cenk: professor rose, thank you and we always appreciate your thoughts and wisdom here. before we go, i just want to say one last thing again. look they're so used to crushing us and you know, race seems to be a component in these cases but let's say it is not. let's assume it is not for a second. for drugs, the guy had marijuana on him and he winds up shot in the head. somehow. the girl, it was a traffic warrant for her mom. she gets tased. the smallest infractions they're willing to take our life away. it seems like there's two different rules in this country. and it is sickening and it is tiring. we've gotta fight back against it. unless we can get back our government, get back our democracy, they're going to do this to us left and right and all they're going to care about is the rich donors who control the government and control our politics. that's why this -- all of these
7:36 pm
phenomenon happen at the same time. that's why we get the sinking feeling in our gut that we're getting screwed because we are! whether it was the banking story in the last segment or whether it is these stories. they don't care about us! it is supposed to be our government. but it isn't our government. it is the government of and by and for the rich! they have different rules and we get these rules and these results. and it is discouraging. we've gotta fight back together against it. all right. now when we come back, one of the things we have to fight through is the lies. fox news makes up a thing about if you win a gold medal you've gotta pay $9,000 in taxes. of course it is not true! i'll break it down for you when we come back. >> you go on oprah and get a free car you will be taxed. you win the lotto you're going to be taxed. these people are american citizens they're being taxed.
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>>now let's get some real news. (vo) first, news and analysis with a washington perspective from an emmy winning insider. >>you couldn't say it any more powerfully than that. >> current tv, on the roll. (vo)followed by humor and politics with a west coast edge. >>ah, thank you. >>it really is incredible. (vo)bill press and stephanie miller, current's morning news block. weekdays six to noon.
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7:40 pm
gold medal winners like ryan lochte have to pay $9,000 in taxes for the gold medal. and of course, fox news was off to the races. >> it turns out there is a downside to winning olympic gold. it comes with an olympic size tax bill. michael phelps is not now just the most decorated olympian in history. if he paid the max at the current rate, the medals would add up to more than $150,000 for uncle sam. >> they're representing the country. >> cenk: okay, so oh, my god you get the gold medal, you have to go home and watch a $9,000 check to uncle sam. that's outrageous. marco rubio republican senator from florida came up with a bill the olympic tax elimination act. because he says look, they work so hard for this. you can't punish success like this. all right. so it turns out of course, you don't get taxed for the gold medal. there isn't even that much gold in the gold medal it turns out. it is because you win money.
7:41 pm
so, for example if you win a gold you get $25,000 prize. $675 worth of gold in the medal. for silver, $15,000. for bronze, $10,000. you're not getting taxed for the medal. you're getting taxed for the income that you got for winning that medal. like everybody so if you're a dentist and you have income, i can't believe you're taxing the success of the dentist. income. that's how it works. so americans for tax reform, with their lie came up with these numbers. they said based on that, if you pay a 35% rate for the gold, it is almost $9,000. silver $5,000. bronze $3500. here is the trick to it based on a 35% rate. you know how much you have to earn to get a 35% rate? $385,000. how many of these olympians are making $385,000?
7:42 pm
not very many of them. sure michael phelps, kobe, lebron, they might have to pay for the additional money they win on their medals, they're going to pay taxes like everybody else does. but how could we punish the success of kobe? he's got five championships. he shouldn't have to pay any taxes at all. he was so successful. that makes no sense! we all pay income tax! all right so let me give you marathon -- brian sell, he earned less than $25,000 over three years. now if you earn that much, you get taxed 15%. okay. so at 15%, here's what they actually pay on their prizes. they pay $3,851 for gold. they pay $2,307 for vill silver and $1,500 for a bronze but not for the medals. they pay it for the prizes that they get as income!
7:43 pm
sometimes i have to say it slowly because apparently fox news viewers republicans are a little slow on the uptake. one final thing for you you know in the midst of all of this, as the republicans are complaining oh, my god look at all of these things and then you find out the poorest olympians pay 15% tax. do you remember what mitt romney's tax rate is? in the one year he released, the year that's most favorable to him, he paid 13.9%. a guy who is running for our country, who is an olympian, who only makes $25,000 a year pays 15%. mitt romney pays less. he pays less than 14% even though he has a minimum of a quarter billion dollars! now, you tell me what's the injustice there. all right. now when we come back, harry reid is all of a sudden dirty harry reid fighting below the belt. the daily show doesn't like it. too bad we love it.
7:44 pm
we'll talk about that when we come back. >> can we change that, please? >> yes. >>it's the place where democracy is supposed to be the great equalizer, where your vote is worth just as much as donald trump's. we must save the country. it starts with you.
7:45 pm
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>> cenk: now, harry reid is one of the most soft-spoken politicians that are out there even though he's the majority leader for the democrats in the senate, he barely gets above a whisper. lately he has been ferocious! he came up with a charge about mitt romney's taxes that everybody's talking about.
7:48 pm
he had said a couple of days ago that a person that worked at bain capital called him up and said harry, he didn't pay any taxes for ten years referring to mitt romney. he didn't pay taxes for ten years! now do i know that's true? harry reid continues i'm not certain but obviously he can't release those tax returns. how would it look? so he's making a charge. hey, show me what you got. make my day! give me your taxes and we'll find out if you really did pay taxes or didn't. well apparently it didn't sit well with john daily of -- jon stewart of the daily show. >> if you have to follow your claim with words -- then shut up. because otherwise you might as well put a dead cocker spaniel on your head and start yelling about birth certificates which brings us to tonight's segment you, harry reid are terrible. should mitt romney release his tax returns? of course. but him not doing the right
7:49 pm
thing doesn't give you a license to do the wrong thing. >> cenk: keeping it real, jon stewart is one of the few progress rivs that anybody in washington listens to. they think he's cool which he is. he gave us one here. eric fehrnstrom, spokesperson for mitt romney thinks yes! so he goes out and says look at this! have you no decency. literally, watch. >> four years ago, barack obama went to washington promising a new kind of politics and instead, his campaign is like a bottomless pit. every day they seem to reach a new low. harry reid's charges are baseless and they're untrue. and i would ask him one simple question. have you no sense of decency sir? >> cenk: oh! have you? i can't believe you would question the money we hid in switzerland, the cayman islands and bermuda. have you no sense of decency. what will you attack next, rafalca? look, harry reid isn't a member of the press.
7:50 pm
he doesn't have to have two sources. they don't have to be double blocked. they don't have to be on the record. he's a politician. so why you saying a policy fission was political? of course! of course he was political. that's what he's supposed to do. it is smart politics because it gets everybody repeating that romney did not release his tax returns. even if they're attacking harry reid, they have to repeat that line. and that's how you win in politics. it is very smart. so harry reid, when questioned about all of this, even after all of the attacks said oh, yeah? what now. i'm going to double down. watch. >> the word is out he hasn't paid any taxes for ten years. let him prove he has paid taxes because he hasn't. we already know from one partial tax return that he gave us he has money hidden in bermuda, the cayman islands and swiss bank account. not making that up. that's in the partial year that he gave us. >> cenk: damn, regulating. it is a new harry reid, not the only time he's done it. we have a match-up of a different time he's been
7:51 pm
aggressive over the last couple of weeks. >> i think it would be appropriate to have a vote on the repeal of obama care. >> can you imagine how ridiculous my friend, the republican leader's statement is? i don't think a woman getting contraception has a thing to do with shutting down the power grids in america. >> cenk: i like this new dirty harry. he even called out a democrat and said he's a dirty rat and a tool. wow. that's pretty good. ben, what do you think here? is jon stewart right to call on harry reid here or no? >> i like the new harry reid. i like the combative harry reid. i like him quoting bryce harper with that's a clown question, bro. harry reid way out of line and you're wrong. >> cenk: ooh. >> the stuff about mitt romney is not right. michele bachmann talked about the infiltration and the department of state of muslims.
7:52 pm
it is -- and when romney's spokesman talks quotes, joe mccarthy, it is appropriate. >> cenk: no. you're going to far. >> that's exactly what michele bachmann is doing. >> cenk: wait a minute. in both the mccarthy and the bachmann scenarios they're trying to isolate whether it was communist, muslims et cetera and doing this witch-hunt, et cetera. reid's not doing a witch-hunt. it is a simple political question of did you release your taxes or not? i think that's totally fair game. >> of course you do. i got that. but in this first time in this debate, i feel bad for mitt romney. >> cenk: great, i love that. >> if i feel bad so do other people. >> cenk: look, it is -- we do this show together for five years. can you remember the last time that a democrat's he hit a republican in the mouth so hard you felt bad for the republican? >> every day. release your taxes you got offshore money. i don't know what you're hiding. release your taxes like a good american. show us day after day after day
7:53 pm
day. don't do the thing where you question his father's love for him and you heard from a guy on the street corner who was shining his shoes. >> cenk: he has advocated every single thing his father stood for in the elections. it is perfectly fair to point that out. >> i thought that again that just made harry reid seem weak and bumbly. >> cenk: no way! >> the other stuff is strong. here, he's just grabbing at straws. it is reminiscent of mccarthy. of course it is not exactly the same thing but it is reminiscent of mccarthy in an ugly way. it is silly. hammer him on the taxes. don't make out that you heard from some guy who nobody has ever heard of, you won't even give us a name. >> cenk: last thing. then we gotta go. i love the debate. anyway, go get them, harry. when we come back, you want to see a republican do something much worse. compares obama care to 9-11. we'll show you that when we come back. >> august 1 2012, the attack on
7:54 pm
our religious freedom. that's a date that will live in start you morning with a daily dose of politics from a fresh perspective. >>i'm a slutty bob hope. >>only on current tv. guys that always make you laugh. charges come down on rupert murdoch's phone-hacking scan l.
7:55 pm
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>> cenk: this past april president obama put out a political action d commemorating the first anniversary of killing osama bin laden. at the time john mccain was outraged. he said... here's what republicans would never do. pretty size 9-11. that's why mike pence republican of indiana when the supreme court upheld the
7:57 pm
affordable care act said it was equivalent of 9-11. but they're not done yet. yesterday, the rules went into effect because of the affordable care act saying 47 million women now will not have to pay a co-pay for getting contraception. so apparently that's enraged representative mike kelly. here's what he said. >> i know you can think of the times america was attacked. one is december 7th. pearl harbor day. other is september 11th the day of the terrorist attack. i want you to remember august 1 2012, the attack on our religious freedom. that's the day that will live in infamy along with the other dates. >> cenk: a day that will live in infamilymy like when we lost 3,000 people on 9-11 when we got attacked in pearl harbor but you're going to attack harry reid because he questioned mitt romney's taxes. oh please! it is one thing when ben says it. he has all of the credibility in the world. it is another thing when republicans like this tell me harry reid went too
7:58 pm
7:59 pm