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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  September 28, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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r. >> ken this has been going on now for the better part of one hour. >> the guy could be on something -- get off -- get off -- get off it. >> cenk: they did not get off of it. so that was the disastrous. who was at fault? we'll tell you about that. and then are people in iran crazy. >> i have a christmas tee. [ inaudible ] ♪ >> cenk: a funny movie about a basketball player in iran shows you, of course, the iranians turn out to be human. that later in the program. plus roseanne barr is on the show. and she is running for president. don't go anywhere, because i'm going to tell you who won the last nine presidential debates. you might be really surprised.
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i love that fact and the elbow of the day, man it is go time! ♪ >> we have forces of corruption at work in our elections here in pennsylvania. >> if there's one person that is committing voter fraud, then that that negates my vote it is one too many. >> i know the democrats are counting on it and they want it to happen. they want the option to cheat. it is why they are so opposed to inviter id. >> i want to know if anybody is going to ask the democratic party if they are engiejed in voter fraud. >> look at this.
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>> cenk: now republicans for so long have been saying voter fraud, oh, my god, now we have to pass all of the voter id laws. in pennsylvania they went to court and couldn't find a single instance of voter fraud, but now to be fair we have just found voter fraud, and guess who is doing it? the republicans. of course! of course it's the republicans! now it started in florida and has gotten much larger. we found this local report in palm beach county in florida. watch. >> a national firm has collected hundreds of thousands of a dollars from the state republican party of florida. their mission is to get out the vote for mitt romney and other republicans, but don't they are fired and the focus of a state investigation. >> there were a lot of
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signatures that appeared to possibly be common and there was a lot of missing information, and it just didn't appear to be real consistent. >> something was just wrong. >> yeah. >> cenk: so then it turned out, it's not just in palm beach county, it is in at least ten counties in florida. >> the workers there go through that and fine repeated problems in about 108 of them, including similar signatures, apparently phony signatures, and phony addresses as we just heard some linked up to a shell gas station, as of last night, we had six counties reporting irregularities in voter registration firms including -- according to a republican supervisor
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registering of dead people. >> cenk: dead people. dead people. and it turns out of course it is not just florida, it is in seven different swing states colorado, florida, nevada north carolina, virginia. they are doing it in all of these states and the republican national committee paid this company $3.1 million to do this. boy, i wonder if they knew what was happening. and then there is video from colorado springs a woman caught outside of a grocery store watch the video. >> who are you registering all voters? >> i'm trying to register people for a particular party. >> uh-huh. >> because we're out here in support of romney actually. >> you are working for the county clerk's office? >> i believe so. >> and you are only registering republicans. >> nope. >> you said we're only registering romney people. >> we're trying to do.
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>> cenk: she has been working for the guy that has been running all of these companies. but that's not the only time he has done it. he did it in the past. he did it in 2004 to the tune of $7.4 million. that's the bush/cheney team paid this guy in '04. the changed his name to lincoln strategies. they got caught, so he changed the name again. let me show you the break down of the years he has been doing this. 2012 $3.1 million, 2008 $175,000, and then $37,000 in two different instances from the mccain camp and $7 million from the bush and cheney camp in 2004. so it's not like this is a onetime accident. no, they hire them to do
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something wrong. they project and say, oh i didn't believe the democrats are doing voter fraud, because they have been paying millions of dollars all this time to do voter fraud. the l.a. times explained . . . >> in other words the party knew who he was doing. they liked to change the name and let's do it again. they have been doing this for a long, long time. here they have priorities destroying democratic voter registration forms, failing to process democratic registrations, attempting to put ralph nader on the ballot in 2004 because they wanted to take votes away from john kerry. they got banned by wal-mart for partisan registration efforts. how right-wing do you have to be
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to get banned by wal-mart? the most important part of all of that is taking democratic demonstrations and ripping them up as they have in the past or as they were in this case in florida changing the addresses so when somebody goes to vote they say i'm sorry you can't vote, you don't live here. even a republican from utah during an investigation of this earlier, said, wow, we didn't do anything like this, he said quote . . . and that's chris cannon republican of utah. did he ever get prosecuted for any of this? no, because after they do the voter fraud, bush won. and the bush administration decided they won't pursue charges. really? how surprising. so mitt romney goes to the same
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bag of trips. and they have also paid $20,000. they said we use this vendor for signature-gathering services, but have not used them since 2011. i love that quote. because it makes it seem like we haven't used these guys all the way from . . . last year. and then the romney campaign has a problem because they already put out a statement before this . . . oops. and then there is this man shawn spicer. when they are stone-cold busted on this he comes out and said us? we fired the guys. >> we at this point have an allegation. in that mere allegation has caused us to act swiftly and sever our ties with this firm, because we have a zero tolerance
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when it comes to this. we don't believe that it is appropriate, and we wanted to make a swift and bold action to illustrate that. >> cenk: no, no no. mr. spicer the other side has not engaged in that type of behavior. you have no evidence of that. you have engaged in that behavior of and over again. was the swift bold action before or after he changed his name so he could continue this. they charge us with voter fraud all the time because they know that's what they have been doing behind the scenes for years and years. when we come back who do you think won the last nine presidential debates? i have the answer for you, and i think you might be really surprised.
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>> i am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. >> cenk: and then fox news screws up big time again. how they aired something they should not have aired on live tv. >> get off. get off. get off. get off. get off it! get off it! we really messed up and we're all very sorry. ♪ welcome to the possibilities of membership. welcome in. american express.
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>> cenk: the presidential debates of coming up next week. do they matter? that's the question everybody wants to ask. there is one debate that definitely matters. that was back in 1960 when richard nixon and jfk.
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>> i think mr. nixon is an effective leader of his party. i would hope he would grant me the same. the question is which point of view, and which party do we want to lead the united states. >> mr. nixon would you like to comment on that statement? >> i have no comment. >> cenk: the people who listened on the radio thought nixon had one, but the people watching it on tv thought kennedy won. it appeared that the debate swung the election in favor of kennedy. ever since then, people have put a tremendous amount of weight on the debates. because of that everybody plays the expectations game. what is funny here is all of the republicans are saying oh my god, obama is going to win. >> mitt romney has the advantage because he has been through 20
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of these debates. >> mitt romney is a business guy, and hasn't had a debate against a democrat in overten years. >> mitt romney is just in practice. >> having been through this much more recently than president obama, i think he starts with an advantage. >> i think barack obama will be formidable. >> but i have never been in a presidential debate like this, and it will be a new experience. >> the president is going to lose the first debate next week. he will lose it. >> cenk: i love all of that. i happen to disagree with governor governor grandholm. i think at the worse it will be a tie.
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look at these moments. >> i am not going to exploit age for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. >> i have as much experience in the congress as jack kennedy did. >> i served with jack kennedy. jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you are no jack kennedy. >> ruddy juliany. he mentioned a noun a verb, and there is something else. >> i would do away with the education -- the -- >> commerce. >> the commerce and let's see -- oops. >> yes how has the national debt personally affected each of your lives? >> there you go again. >> i have had a record of informing judges in the state of
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texas that's what the governor gets to do. >> cenk: how want can a debate be if the most important guy that we remember was a guy checking his watch. the rick perry oops moment that one was good. and the famous sigh. that's why he lost the debate right? wrong. he won 48 to 41 in that first debate. and the sigh debate was the first up with where the american people believed that al gore won. but the media said, no he lost. he lost. he lost, because he sighed. shockingly enough george bush won a debate. the third up with he lost again. so gore won two out of the three debates, and the entire media
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painted it as if because of expectations, in fact george bush had won. not true. when you ask the american people they said gore won two out of three. and how did bush do against kerry? republicans say this democrats say that. oh, hell no. john kerry 52-39 won the first one, won the second one, and won the last one 53-47. so george bush got his ass kicked in five out of the six debates he was in. and the media painted him as the victor. and what happened in the next debate. debate number three another crushing victory 56-30. so in fact at it out of the last nine presidential debates have
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been won by democrats. in fact a great majority of the debates since 1960 have been won by democrats. do you hear that from the media? no, it's all even. it's not even. look at the numbers after the debates. the democrats are still going to play it safe. and so a spokesperson said the only way he could lose is if he fell off of the stage. she probably should haven't said that, but it reminded me of the one time that a candidate did actually fall off of the stage. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> cenk: oh poor dole. i always felt bad about that. just sad to watch. i don't suspect that's what is going to happen in these debates. i understand these debates may
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be epic. so who would we bring in to talk about an epic set of debates? ♪ >> cenk: oh my god! >> he shows up again after that queue. >> cenk: michael, will these debates matter? >> here is what is different about the debate expectations here. you talk about lowering the bar, raising the bar, the romney people have raised the bar for him.% but the expectations here are about the debates themselves. are they a game changer? it's not about the part advertise pants. it's not about a great debater or not it's about what they mean to this campaign and i think they mean quite a lot to this campaign. >> cenk: oh, you do? >> i do. >> cenk: because i don't think
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they will change the campaign at all. >> they may not. but we know the president, and a lot of people know romney because he has been around for a while. but you are going to see a new league for mitt romney. and the confidence that he brings to the stage may in fact help. they are the only place he has to go right now. >> cenk: i wonder if that will lead him to swing a little bit more wildly. >> paul ryan was his wild swing. so you have never going to see that with president romney. you didn't see it with a governor romney. and there are reasons to be grateful for that too. so i think that's where the expectations are. >> cenk: all right.
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fascinating. michael shure thank you, man. romney going wild -- i shouldn't talk about that. [ laughter ] >> cenk: any ways, when we come back, we have a very serious story, unfortunately. fox news wound up showing basically a suicide on the air. how in the world did they screw this up? >> if it were up to me we would stay with this. but nothing is up to me. you wait until the end of this thing and thaw -- get off. get off. >> cenk: and later roseanne barr joins us. >> i'm using it as a stepping tone. >> cenk: oh, really. ♪ like you. >>now that's politically direct.
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fruit just got cooler. fruit on one side, cool on the other. new ice breakers duo. a fruity, cool way
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to break the ice.
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ttv ♪ s trick, which is follow car chases. they got a little carried away with it today. let me show you a snipit of two of the cases. >> we have not one, but two car
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chases. >> thank you megan. there was a little bit of weirdness while you were watching the commercial break. we now have a live picture. look at this ding bat here has gotten off the freeway. >> cenk: my favorite part now is fox urgent! oh, my god! everybody watch this! as they continued to roll on this. the guy gets out of the car -- you are about to see that part. we cut out the middle where he committed suicide live on fox news channel. >> this makes me a little nefb nefb -- nervous. he is looking a little erratic. it is also possible he could be on something. get off. get off.
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get off it! get off it! >> cenk: well they screwed up the 10-second delay and did not get off of it. so he said this after the commercial break. >> we really messed up, and we're all very sorry. that didn't belong on tv. we took every precaution we knew how to take to keep that from being on tv. and i personally apologize for letting that happen. we see a lot of things that we don't let get to you, it's time inappropriate, incensetive, and just wrong. and that was wrong, and that won't happen again on my watch, and i'm sorry. >> cenk: that is a serious story, but that apology was slightly amusing. i got it. i got it.
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let's take a look at this. i'm going to bring all of my friends here. you have a unique opinion of it. >> i am okay with the apology, because you are not used to seeing this on tv. but we have been conditioned to being afraid to see something like this. but we have been internallized that i see it on tv and then the actor is back on the show the next week so i think we take it for granted sometimes. >> cenk: if you are somebody who is thinking about suicide, maybe if you see this it jars them into reality. what is your take ana? >> when the audience has no warning. i think it is wrong to show it. i don't know what was happening behind the scenes.
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i don't know if the produce made a decision to continue showing it or if it was some kind of mistake, but i would go in favor of not showing it. because this guy has family members, and now this will end up on line, and people will have the ability to watch it. if my brother had done something like that i don't want to see that image. >> cenk: yeah, that's an interesting question about who was at fault here. if you don't know shep is one of the more progressive news anchor on fox news channel. but notice earlier in -- what was happening in the coverage when he said this. >> if anything of any interest at all happens, the producer tells me we can go back to this. you know if it were up to me we would stay with this. >> well, we're accustomed to
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seeing a car chase and the ebb of the car chase being that the bad guy is caught put on the ground forcefully arrested and then they go back to the five or whatever the fox is going to show at that point. but i agree 100% with ana, and i also agree with jayar. i think that children can happen upon this. i think people can happen upon this. family members -- somebody cared for that guy, and the fact that somebody really cared deeply for that person means that shouldn't be on television. and i think it was a mistake. >> cenk: yeah, no question it was a mistake. and jayar made the comment that when they didn't show the coffins after the iraq war, that's just propaganda. you have to know the cost of war. and then our second topic, todd
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akin. he is doing it again. he made the famous comments about if it's legitimate rape a women's body has a way of shutting down so it doesn't get pregnant. and he has a debate with senator mccaskill. he said this . . . now senator mccaskill had a chance to respond. she said this. >> i don't know exactly what his accusation that i'm not lady like means. i'm a former courtroom prosecutor and i try to be strong and informed and i think the debate was tough for todd because i went through the list of his very, very extreme positions, and i think that maybe he wasn't prepared to answer to some of that. >> cenk: ana how would you feel
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if a guy said you shouldn't be as aggressive as you were because that's not lady like. >> i would be livid and that would lead me to be even more unlady like. [ laughter ] >> cenk: michael? >> it is amazing. every kay there is something new. mitt romney must be so happy that todd akin is out there. it's a generational thing too. people have gone up against women in politics know that you don't do that. >> cenk: but they keep doing it. i'll give you another example, the staten island [ inaudible ] put up a picture of lady gaga, and said this. . ana there's a little bit of irony in there, isn't it? >> first understand the
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definition of slut. there are two definitions for it. first a promiscuous women especially a prostitute and the second definition is a saucy girl. lady gaga is a saucy girl. >> cenk: i don't think that's what he was referring to. >> lady gaga spoke to howe ward stern in 2011 and she was trying to convince young girls to not have sex when they were in their mid-20s. so that's not slutty at all, but today she tweeted a picture of herself in a g-string. >> cenk: and she was smoking weed there. i don't know what is slutty about that. all right. guys. always a bad idea to talk about being a woman.
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always a way to cost yourselves votes with women. when we come back speaking of women and votes, roseanne barr in "the young turks" studio talking about how she is running for president. >> hey, if we have to go to war somewhere, i'm not a passivist, and i am for owning guns too. >> cenk: is that right? are you packing right now? we'll fine out when we come back. and we're going to go to the gun show and elbow of the day. somebody is going to lower thank guns right on top of mitt romney's head. who is it going to be? tweet us to give us your guess.
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