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tv   Full Court Press  Current  December 7, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PST

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the relative and absolute tax burden of the federal income tax on the, you know, income taxes in general, you'll find that the burdens are on the lower income groups. >> eliot: we've got to stop it there, thank you, you are a patriot, you want to pay more. that's "viewpoint" for this week. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> bill: hey, hey, hello everybody. it is tuesday. >> bill: good morning, everybody. happy friday. it is friday december 7th, so good to see you today. welcome to the "full-court press" here on current tv coming at you live all across this great land of ours with all of the news of the morning from our nation's capitol.
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>> that's where you find us right here on capitol hill. we will tell you what's happening in our nation's capitol and give you a chance to get involved in the conversation at 866-55-press. how about a big news today? south carolina's jim demint announced he is going to resign from the senate to head the heritage foundation. that is good news not senate. at a time gets rid of one of the most whacko extremist members of the senate. bad news for the heritage foundation because they are going to be known as just a bunch of right-wing extremists. we will find out about that. first let's check in with lisa ferguson with this morning's current news update. >> good morning, everyone. happy friday. the president has a pretty light day on his schedule today, just a morning meeting with his advisors and this afternoon, he will sign into law the child protection act of 2012. now, that law protects children
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against child pornography, sexual abuse and sex trafficking by giving law enforcement more power to protect those victims and to go after sexual predators. the law was introduced by john cornun of texas and pass there had on november 26th. hundreds of union members and their supporters are protesting michigan's decision yesterday to rush through right-to-work legislation. the state house and senate approved measures that will prohibit unions from forcing non-union members to pay additional fees. republicans claim that that will boost the economy and jobs. but democrats are calling it an attack on workers' rights. governor rick snyder has previously said that right-to-work is not on his agenda but he does plan on sign that next week. back on capitol hill steven spielberg is slated to attend "lincoln."
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poems president obama is hosting the event at the capitol visitor senator. after the screening, spielberg and louis along with 3 other actors will hold a q and a session with senators and their guests. more "bill press" is coming up after our break. see you then. i want the people who watch our show, to be able to come away armed with the facts, and the arguments to feel confident in their positions. i want them to have the data and i want them to have the passion. but it's also about telling them, you're put on this planet for something more. an impact beyond just informing. an impact that gets people to take action themselves. as a human being that's really important. this is not just a spectator sport.
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[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> announcer: broadcasting [ music ] >> broadcasting across the nation, on your radio and on current tv this is "the bill press show." >> bill: apple says with the macpro, we are coming home to america. good. hey, hello, everybody. guess what. it is a friday.
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♪ alleluia. ♪ >> friday, december 7th. ♪ alleluia ♪ >> friday, pearl harbor day 2002 -- '12, i mean. whoa. great to see you today. we love fridays around "the bill press show." >> alleluia. ♪ >> we will take any friday even a pearl harbor friday and great to see you. thank you for joining us, here we go. it's been a busy week. fiscal cliff week for the most part, a lot of other -- that and a lot of other news to talk about today. we have the big job numbers coming up today as well for the month of november. it won't be quiet as critical as the job numbers were. remember that? that was right before the election. but still, it's very important. we'll be on top of that and all of the other issues for you and with you and hearing from you at 866-55-press. >> that's our toll-free number
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866-557-7377. follow us on twitter. join us on twitter. more and more people do. at the whitehouse, so many of the reporters were saying how much they love following us on twitter. you should, too, at bp show @bp show @bpshow and facebook/billpressshow. team press here for the fifth day in a row all together. this is a new record action i think. here we are five days. nobody took a day off. peter ogburn and dan henning. >> happy friday. >> and cyprian bowlding wearing god knows what hat this morning. our videographer in chief. >> the washington fuel team he is representing with his hat. >> redskins hat. >> they changed their uniforms. no. it's a weird sort of -- >> did they change their name? >> not yet. >> they should change their name. >> not yet. they are playing the baltimore
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ravens. big game. goad up the shoreway at baltimore. >> fedex field. >> which is halfway. >> by any stretch of the imagination, fedex field is not in washington. >> no. no. no. >> it's maryland. >> they should have played right here at rfk stadium if you ask me. >> baltimore ravens begins the landover redskins. >> right. exactly. so the christmas season is upon us. i was surprised at the whitehouse the other night that the the white house all festively decorated? >> more beautiful than i remember before. i have been there for a lot of christmas parties. this year, they poured it on. it's magnificent but i was swats when i left, i said to carol the white house screes tree on the ellipse is not lit.
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last night was the night. the first family there with interior secretary ken salazar and the president making the official greeting nation to the buyer world. >> i would like to wish each and every one of you a very merry christmas and a peaceful and joyful holiday season. god bless you. >> good job. good job. >> that's what john boehner would say. a lot of entertainers there last night, stars to entertain the crowd including jason moraz with the traditional ♪ nights and roses. ♪ come fee and cozy are we ♪ >> a little elevator music. >> that's exactly what it is. it's amazing how will big this event is. >> it's huge. >> huge lottery to get the tickets to attend it. >> it's a ticketed event.
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the lines spaishth are snaking all the way around the white houseapparently are snaking all the way around the white house because they have to get in there and go through security and that kind of stuff. it's a big festive night. >> at my house, zero christmas decorations. we are not even putting up a tree this year. >> not putting up a tree? >> that's right. we are leaving. we are leaving town in a couple of weeks or a week and a half before christmas. we are not going to be here for christmas. >> that's fair. >> that's fair. >> we just said, why are we going to put up a tree? we put up a fake tree, never get a real tree. and no tree, no decorations, no nothing. >> how are the kids handling that? >> who cares what they think? they are kids. they are fine with it. they realize we are not going to be here for christmas. >> so where is santa going to go? -- >> santa is going to fine them. they have written a note to santa letting him know where they are going to be. we will make sure santa gets that. >> do they have tphones with a gps appear? is there a appear?
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there has to be a santa appear. >> there is a santa tracker appear. >> the norad appear. >> that's the -- app. >> i will make sure i put it on my phone. a lot coming up today. from corpus communications today when the -- with us when the job numbers come out. web we can analyze them on the spot. alan saint pierre, he is a happy man now that pot is legal in washington state and colorado. alan saint pierre from "no, ma'amal" will be along as well. and we will check in with yahoo news on what the big stories and celebrities of 2012 have been and apple, come home baby, come home. but first. >> this is the full court press. >> other headlines making news on this friday, could we see the kickoff in n.f.l. games e eliminated completely? it's an idea being floated by league commissioner roger goodell and in an interview with time magazine, he says he is
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trying to make the game safer. here is his proposal. >> they can't call -- the kickoff is not the most dangerous part. >> this is. it is. >> not. >> stop it t you are making it up. it is not that -- i mean, the game of football is dangerous. >> it's when they have the two lines. >> eliminate tackling. all-touch ball. >> his idea is to -- >> maybe we should let him finish the story. >> i think the idea is stupid, but here is the idea. the idea is for the scoring team, after they score the ball the touchdown, they get the ball back and 14th down and 15 yards to go. either try to retain possession or punt the ball which is a play that's less susceptible than kick-offs than violent collisions? >> i cannot hate this any more. >> what about the opening kickoff of the game? >> they different get into the details on that. this is still very early. >> we will not have it. >> it will not happen. >> mark my words.
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this will not happen. it was a dumn idea. let's eliminate the first pitch out of baseball. >> he just thinks that the collisions on kickoff runs are too violent. he wants to get rid of them. >> it's football. it's football. >> you know, this could be a first step of getting rid of the game. >> let's do flag football from here on out. >> another day another company joining the space race a group called "golden spike" says it will offer trips to the moon -- >> good for newt gingrich -- for $15,000,000,000 for two people. the company's ceo is alan sturn, a former director at nasa and his board has several former nasa employees. >> 1.the 2 billion. >> 1.5 billion for two people. >> for two. >> if you split in half, it's not so bad. >> i will pay for sheldon adelson to go. >> got to be two people. who is the other person? >> that ding-bat wife of his.
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but then you've got the koch brothers. >> yeah, two. >> charles and david. >> that's two. >> yeah. >> donald trump and yvona. no longer -- >> can't keep track. >> whoever the latest bimbo is. >> on twitter to pay. >> the meanie on the hill, cranley woman from north carolina blew up a the a stamp for writing on a -- riding on a members-only capitol. the congresswoman, virginia fox berated -- >> nuts. >> yeah. >> berated an unknown stamp of another member, asking if she could read the sign that said "members only." the signed said for members only during votes. there was no vote happening at the time. the congresswoman would not let it go. here? released a statement saying, the incident was blown out of proportion. >> by the way, this reminds me
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that the house, a couple of days ago passed legislation removing the word "lunatic." right? from basically the english did did -- from any laws dealing with people who are mentally disabled. and i understand that. >> sure. >> a perjorative term but you can use it for members of congress. village fox is a certified lunatic, cert afied lun aim tick. now she proved it yesterday. anyhow, good news about apple. we know the job numbers for november are going to come out later this morning. we will bring you those. we will give you an instant analysis. but there is good news on the job front this week. that was when tim cook gave an interview to brian williams on the new "30 rock show" where he is always making news. they do a good job there. he had some news about apple bringing a line of its manufacturing home to the united
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states or really not home but to the sglouns. false, tim cook pointed out, which i didn't know, that we know that apple does its assembly work here in the united states, at least a good part of it. but i didn't realize, also, some of the parts of this fabulous little device called an iphone are already manufactured already here in the united states. >> you know this iiphone, this engine are made in america but engines are made in america and are exported. the glass on this phone is made in kentucky. >> there you go. glass on the phone made in kentucky. by the way, i have never carried anything that is such a conversation piece. >> yeah. >> as the i-5. i will pull it out to look at an e-mail and somebody will say, is that the latest? is that the i 5?
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they want to hold it and look at it. and tim cook went on to point out that this is the breaking news news, starting next year the macpro, the computer not the iphone, one entire line of it right here in the united states. >> so we have been working for years on doing more and more in the united states. next year, we will do one of our existing mac lines in the united states. >> $100 millions they are going to spend to manufacture that line of computer. must be a mac proceed computer. >>pro computer. >> >>. >> the deck tops and the mac something air. tim cook was asked by brian williams, remember, and pointed this out yesterday steve jobs told president obama, those manufacturing jobs are never going to be here in the united states. tim cook says, well, guess what? i am taking al company in a
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different direction. >> in many ways one of the things he did for me that removed a gigantic burden is that he told me on a couple of pages before he passed away to never question what he would have done. never asked a question what steve do, to just do what's right. >> so there was no wwsd. just do the right thing. now, here is where i disagree with tim cook a little bit. he said, here's why we haven't done this earlier. >> honestly, it's not too much about price. it's about the skills, et cetera. over time, there are skills that are associated with manufacturing that have left the u.s. not necessarily people but the education for producing. >> now, you see, i disagree with that. the skills are here americans
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can make these products. they can make them as good and better earn anybody in the entire world. we have a great skilled workforce. if they are not teaching some of those skills here, that's easy to fix. and way back in the days when i used to work with jerry brown, we talked about finding the skills that companies need for their special products, you know, computers or iphones or wind turbins or solar panels or whatever and making sure to be teaching those skills in our community colleges and vocational schools. you have to marry the two. but clearly, with that, americans can certainly do those jobs. but that's just one little point of difference here i think this is great news. let us know what you think about it 866-55-press. i will be damn honest with you. as a liberal and saz a progressive, i have been really feeling guilty about all of my apple stuff. i bought two ipads at christmas
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last year, one for each of our sons, i bought my new i-5, the day it can came out. i love their products. they are fabulous products. i don't think there is anything can compare. i wouldn't consider buying any other kind of phone for example. i am going to get a new computer. guess what: i am going to get a new mac. but now i feel i can do so and feel -- i certainly feel better about it. i want all of those apple jobs to come back. i want the other electronic manufacturing jobs to come back. what i think i am excited about is, you know, apple doesn't fail. right? they are going to do this, they are going to succeed. i would say not if but when apple succeeds at manufacturing that macpro or whatever it is here in the united states, i just hope that other companies follow them and that apple then brings more and more of its production line, manufacturing line right here to american shores made in the u.s.a. it makes me feel better about about apple.
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866-55-press. i don't have to have any more catholic guilt. i don't have to any more jewish guilt. i don't have to have any more liberal guilt. i can hold up my iphone and be proud of it. 866-55-press. >> this is "the bill press show." [ music ] ahmadinejad then me. >> absolutely! >> and so would mitt romeny. >> she's joy behar. >> and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? >> only on current tv.
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i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. [ music ] >> this is "the bill press show." >> twenty-six minutes after the hour here now on friday morning, december 7th. tim cook ceo of apple saying we are going to do a whole line of manufacturing here in the
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united states next year. how about it peter? >> quickly, we are tweeting at bp show at bp show. ski king says, bill for once i agree with you. >> whoa. >> you've got a friend there. also, derrick thompson. >> all of the time i have been on the air, he has never agreed with anything. >> sorry. our friend derrick thompson from the atlantic whom we have in studio. is apples made in the u.s. move about economics or marketing? >> both. >> i think it's probably both. >> sure. >> it's $10 million they are investing in jobs here no matter how you look at it, it's a good deal. >> a good marketing move for them. it's good publicity. i am talking about it saying i think it's good for this country. ruth is in sandy hook connecticut. >> good morning, bill. i am calling to say, please keep feeling guilty. >> why? >> because this adorable company
3:27 am
does things to make sure that they don't pay taxes in the u.s. there is a thing called -- this was in "the new york times." it's double-dutch sandwich which reduces taxes by routing profits through irish subsidarbs like they are in i think arizona, even when they do things in california they manage to ship a part somewhere else. so they are one of the worst, even worse than wal-mart in terms of what they might have contributed to to. i take it that $24,000,000,000. >> they are avoiding in taxes . >> one little tiny thing, they have had the opportunity over the courses of the years to do things in a much safer way when they manufacture in china and all over the place. >> no. there have been stories about the working conditions in china which is another reason i am glad these jobs are coming here.
3:28 am
ruth ruth, you make a good point. i feel good about apple but we also have to change the tax laws so that to reward companies like apple that do bring their manufacturing here and to punish those who keep exploiting the jobs. >> this is "the bill press show." about global warming. they just want to shut it down and go home. ed is calling from frederick maryland. museum >> bill: good morning. exciting issue. from financial regulation, iran that trade-offs are tough. things everyday exploding around the world that leave no shortage for exciting conversations. i want our viewer to understand why things have happened. at the end of the show, you know what has happened, why its happened and more importantly, what's going to happen tomorrow.
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[ music ] >> this is the "full-court press," "the bill press show," live on your radio and on current tv. >> bill: now 33 minutes after the hour, this is the full court press here on friday morning, december 7th we are talking about apple.
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apple brings jobs back to the united states, bringing a manufacturing line of its computers, not iphones yet. announced by tim cook makes me feel better about apple. how about you? back to your tweets and calls in just a second. holidays are upon us. we are looking forward to family get-toeingdz. you will be the star if you tell them about some of the incredible things you have discovered about your family roots, join me, do what i have been doing and go online and start searching with the help of they are america's leading, you know, family roots business, if you will, with over 10 billion documents that you can comb through. start by visiting if you do, they will give you two full weeks to discover what you can about your family just in time for you to share what you find at your next holiday
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get-together. so i encourage you to share my incredible spence. it's good to know where families came from, how we got here. visit try start your journey today to share your finds with your family over the holidays. this is try on the social word. >> not the only tweeting tweeting but bill press, chat with other "full-court press"ers. but on twitter at bpshow on apple, as long as people are sheeps to capitalism. >> and consumerism, not much will change. your wallet has the power to change everything. naomi said, page made in america again, american made products.
3:35 am
a friend on twitter says we are in the market for a new computer but now we will wait until next we're year. we are going to buy a mac made in the u.s.a. >> mike calling from sherwood, illinois. >> hey, bill, how is it going, sir? >> all right. pretty good. what about you. >> great. duck hunting, so i can't complain. >> good luck? >> this is great. i wanted to commented on this whole apple deal. it's good to see some of these jobs coming back to the states with us being in such an economic downturn our working force will be able to export some of these goods rather than bring them in. once we do that we will make all sorts of money off of all of these other kuntz trees wanting these computers once everybody else jumps on board and we start
3:36 am
exporting all sorts of goods we will have a chance to boost ourselves up out of this recession. >> i think it's good all the way around, mike, for all of the reasons that you stated what i don't know $100 million,io how many jobs that will be but a line of manufacturing these computers: you have the suppliers, the people who provide the lunch for these guys, you know, mike, you better get out to the duck blind. >> i am running close. i have to be here an hour before set up half hour before shooting time. right? >> bill: you have to be there when the sun comes up and ducks start flying, you have a big surprise. >> be ready. >> good luck today. hope you bag your limit. >> bring us some ducks. >> bag your limit but not over the limit. frank is out in chicago. what do you say, frank? >> hi.
3:37 am
how are you doing, bill >> bill: all right. good. are you on your way to the duck blind here? how do we change the direction we are going, the policy -- hello? >> bill: i am here. just listening. >> when the fact of the matter is, there is cheaper labor there how do we ever go about changing the laws that allow these corporations to do this when they buy the politicians? what has got to give? i will listen to your answer. >> listen, if i had the answer to that, we would be exporting no jobs but obviously apple filled out -- they are a smart company. they have figured out they are not bringing that manufacturing line, frank. i know this is nots answering your question, but it's an observation. they are not bringing that line of computers here to the united
3:38 am
states to lose money on it t that's what i finds exciting. they have done a hell of a lot of manufacturing. they have discovered they can manufacture that here in the united states, pay a living wage. they are going to have to here pay their taxes here because they will be making money here and still make a good profit on that computer if apple can do it, others may as well. it may be part of the equation if they discovered the cost of -- they do save money, obviously a lot on salaries over there but maybe the cost of bringing and marketing them here. there is some negative publicity cost having things made in china understand those working conditions. maybe the cost is too great. it's a better deal here
3:39 am
whatever. i want to come back to a point that ruth made: our tax law has to insentcentivise, a word i usually hate, to make it more profitable for companies to manufacture here and punish companies who want top export those jobs overseas. nick from chicago, also. what do you say? >> good morning, bill. >> i know apple has gotten some bad publicity. there is a simple answer. look at their product lines they
3:40 am
manufacture overseas. take the total number of employees they have in that manufacturing line, and if there is a high percentage of people that they employ overseas, charge that percentage. if it's 60%, that's your tax rate. congratulations. thank you for manufacturing outside our country. >> bill: that would be one way to incentivize or penalize and get the right result. sure. >> i think that's an easy way to do it because then you are not saying based upon profits, based on this if you have 67%, that's your tax rate for that product line or that profit margin. >> you are on the right track, nick, whether they add the pluses and the minuses of taking these jobs to china it's got to
3:41 am
come out as a minus to continue to manufacture in china. apple are very bottom line oriented. nothing wrong with that. you know they are not making this decision because because it's going to make them feel good or me feel better. they are doing it with their eye on the bottom line. they have figured out they can do it and make a healthy profit. in chattanooga, tennessee, good morning. >> good morning, bill. how are you today. >> bill: great. thanks thanks. >> in chattanooga we have a large volkswagon plants that moved here a couple of years ago, the state of pennsylvania gave millions upon millions of tax breaks and looked at the work force and said these people are trainable, got with chat newing a state -- chattanooga state so it's not a revolutionary item to bring jobs back to this country
3:42 am
>> bill: >> bill: i have read about that. right. so when steve jobs says they don't find people with the skills here, we can teach people those skills here right? mitt romney sending jobs to free point illinois, bringing chinese over here to train us because there are hundreds of german folks who trained the america work force. >> how is the plant doing down there? are they booming? >> it's doing great. i guess passat was the car of the year it came out. i worked out there as a construction manager, safety. it was an amazing operation. >> yeah. they are nice cars. it was a boon to our economy
3:43 am
and, it's a good thing >> bill: i am glad you called to remind us of that success story. yeah. you know what? there was a lot of pressure on the auto companies. build those cars here we want to buy them. we like the cars but we want them to be built here, the same pressure, i am sure, that apple is responding to as well. >> cabbot with yahoo on the next segment here of our pearl harbor show here on the bill press show. >> on your radio, and on current tv. this is "the bill press show." starting at 1 eastern. on current tv. >> wow! i've never seen anything like this. >> when disaster strikes sometimes the only way out is to look within. current tv digs deep into the extraordinary tales of heroism determination and escape. "trapped" experience the drama.
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back to back to back. >> hold on mates! >> catch the "trapped" mini-marathon saturday starting at 1 eastern. on current tv.
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(vo) current tv gets the conversation started weekdays now at 9 and noon eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. the troops love me. we have a big big hour and the iq will go way up. [ music ]
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>> this is the "full-court press," "the bill press show," live on your radio and current tv >> bill: alan saint pierre from norml is going to come on to talk about what happens now incomed and washington state other than a lot of people lighting up. what are the feds going to do? what are the states going to do? we will get to that in the next hour. heading toward here we are, december 7th, rounding out 2012 and, you know, at this time of year, everybody does lists. this is the list season. right? yahoo has started it by looking back the some of the finds yahoo
3:48 am
has found what people were searching for obsessed by. the web life editor, heather cabot. >> thank you for having me. >> what are americans into this year? overall, when people came to yahoo as a search engine what were they looking for? >> i think you will be pleas antsly surprised -- pleas antsly surprised. this is the third time we have been putting together these lists, the top search was a news story, actually e elections, the simple term, e elections whether it was the presidential race or local races, people were very dialed into what was doing on politically and they followed it all year long. >> that's actually really good news. i would have put my money on that it would have been on like honey booboo or something like that but thank god, it was actual news. >> as i said it's where the bp
3:49 am
oil spill and then the death of michael jackson. how the web has changed the way we follow news. i am sure, you know. >> oh, yeah. >> i wasn't alone out there, you know, watching the debasis and, also, i had my phone there like so many people listening to the candidates talk, searching for, you know, various terms, fact checking on the fly. >> that's what we saw when we looked at what people were searching for, especially during those events. people were engaged in watching and yet they were interacting, whether it was on twitter, backtrack looking up various things that the candidates were saying. you know, then going back even a few days later after maybe they had die jested the news and read some of the analysis, maybe going back over the weekend and looking for the same stories again and taking a deeper dive. so people were really fascinated this year. i think the other really interesting thing that came out of this year when we looked specifically at users' interest in politics is that people were
3:50 am
intently focused on polls this year to the extent -- >> almost too much so. >> i was going to say, to the extent that the term political polls comes in at number 8 on our top search for the year year. >> that's out of billions and billions of searches. >> wow. >> people were checking political polls whether it was on their phones, on their tablets, on their pcs every day, litted really every day, people were typing in "political polls" and following the numbers, themselves. which i did this back in 2008. i can tell you we did not see that kind of interest back then at all. >> yeah. i notice, also on -- in top searches, while e richens was number 1, iphone 5 was number 2. >> you contributed to that. >> i probably accounted for about half of that. but number 3, kim kardashian. >> right. >> there we go. >> number 5, kate middleton.
3:51 am
so we still have this sort of, you know celebrity-driven culture, too. >> look. we use the web as a diversion too. we use it today to follow news. we use it to make major purchasing decisions and, you know, any kind of shopping. and we also use it as a die deversion you. now that it's so accessible. you are sitting on the train, commuting in somewhere. you are in the waiting room at the doctor's office and there you have your phone or you have your ipad. >> yeah. >> it's easy to just -- think about all of the times you hear sort of water-cooler discussion about about, some things. this week with the announcement that kate middleton is pregnant. how many people say, is that true? they looked it up on their phone. >> you know it as well. >> with the interest in the election, who were the politicians that people wanted to know more about most? >> this year?
3:52 am
>> obama wasnu 1 as far as politicians. people real very interested in the politicians' families as well. that hasn't changed. >> uh-huh. >> i think the other thing that's interesting in addition to sort of looking at which politicians people were looking for, i love the fact that people now goom to look for very basic civic information. it's just so easy. when is election day? where is my polling place? wisee that kind of stuff. >> how many electoral votes. >> the electoral college. great. i love that. think about how empowered people are today. it's just so easy to just -- the other thing is that, you know people may be embarrassed to ask someone that question. now, they can do a quick little search. there it is. >> you talk about polling places. it used to be you would have to call somebody, wait in line now t you have it in 90 seconds from looking online. this raises the real -- i mean
3:53 am
for me, combats we do before search engines? what did we do? i mean how did we survive? >> yeah, you can apply that to, you know how did we comparison shop. >> yeah. >> i mean it's when you -- a couple of years ago on the 15th anniversary of yahoo! we looked back at all of the different things that search replaced. things like cookbooks. >> cookbooks, right. >> or the telephone book. >> right. or the encyclopedia. what did we do before uber. heather, so good to have you with us this morning up early and with a lot of good information there. web life editor for yahoo! of course, >> this is "the bill press show" t museum now i'm cold.
3:54 am
hmm. this is a better choice. new cepacol sensations cools instantly, and has an active ingredient that stays with you long after the lozenge is gone. ahhh. not just a sensation sensational relief.
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3:56 am
. >> taking your e-mails on any topic at any time, this is "the bill press show" live on your radio and current tv. >> bill: all right. tom trojan wants us to know peter, he is a team physician. >> all right >> bill: director of injury prevention at uchc. i am not sure where that would be >> peter: okay >> bill: but he says kick-offs are the most dangerous plays in football. a player is twice as likely to get hurt during kickoff as any other play during the game.
3:57 am
>> that's the director of injury prevention at a college. so let's. >> let's turn the n.f.l. into a flag football league >> bill: i think this guy probably knows more than you know about this. >> this is "the bill press show."
3:58 am
[ music ] >> bill: good morning fellow americans, it is friday, december 7th. good to see you today. welcome to the "full-court press" here on current tv. coming to you life all the way across this great land of ours bringing you up to date on the
3:59 am
news of the day. from our nation's capitol. it's where you find us right here on capitol hill from around the country and around the globe, we will let you know what's going on, give awe chance to sound off at 866-55-press. >> that's our hole 5 free number. big news today. the ceo of apple, tim cook has announced starting next year apple is going to move an entire line of manufacturing computers here to the united states. which could start a trend. if apple can profitably manufacture here so can other american companies. let's start it here with apple. let's bring those jobs home. we will tell you more about that and get your calls again. the day's latest news update. lease a ferguson standing buy in los angeles studio. hey, lease a. good morning. >> hey, bill. good morning, everyone. we are hearing a lot of talk from harry reid about reforming
4:00 am
the senate filibuster rules. it might be about time for that when senators can start filibustering their own bills. >> that's what majority leader mitch mcconnell did yesterday. get this. he tried playing a trick on the democrats and wrote a bill allowing the president to raise the debt ceiling. mcconnell assumed democrats would not want to vote on that and was hoping to use that against them saying no one wanted to give the president that power. that back fired when the democratic caucus was happy to vote on the measure forcing mcconnell to say no. here is the democrats' response. >> this may be a moment in senate history when a senator made a proposal and when given an opportunity for a vote on that proposal, fillibustered his own proposal the i think we have reached a new spot in the history of the senate we have never seen before. >> the senate democrats posted that to youtube yesterday. mcconnellts reason for not voting on the bill? he said it is so important it needed a filibuster-proof majority rather than a straight up and down vote.
4:01 am
good news for president obama. he now has his highest approval rating since 2009. quarreling quinnipiac released a new poll yesterday found approval rating is at 53% with registered voters. we will be right back. [ music ] you know the kind of guys who do like verse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. >> she gets the comedians laughing... >> that's hilarious! >> ...and the thinkers thinking. >> okay, so there's wiggle-room in the ten commandments is what you're telling me. >> you would rather deal with ahmadinejad then me. >> absolutely! >> and so would mitt romeny. >> she's joy behar. >> and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? >> only on current tv.
4:02 am
[ singing christmas carols in background ] aunt sally's singing again. it's a tradition honey. [ singing christmas carols ] mmmm.
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4:05 am
thank you for joining us here on the "full-court press," your morning townhall on the issues of the day. coming to you live from our nation's capitol and booming out to you on your local progressive talk radio station and on current tv. we invite you to join the conversation at any time. we have lots to talk about today. we will tell you about jim deminute. we have been talking about apple bringing jobs back to the united states. things are still tense over in egypt. president obama going across the river yesterday to fairfax, virginia, falls church, virginia, rather, and sitting down with an american family there that would be hard-hit if the congress, if the house doesn't pass that tax cut for 98% of americans. a lot of action on a lot of fronts. stuff you are going to want to sound off about. so get ready to join in by phone at 866-55-press that's our
4:06 am
toll-free number on twitter twitter and peter was reminding us we have the chat room going on where a lot of you in the chat room talking about the issues we are talking about here on the air. you can join the fun by going to, if you haven't done so, try it out this morning. it's a lot of fun, to and then click on the chat room and you are in. peter ogburn, dan henning here, team press. good morning guys. >> happy friday. >> everybody, you know, in order? peters everything is in order. we are happy to be here >> bill: i am happy to be here on a friday because i am not here tomorrow. just think about that, when that alarm goes off on a friday morning, at least i don't have to set it for tomorrow morning. >> ready for the weekend >> bill: at the phones and sip cyprian bowlding on the video cam. how about it?
4:07 am
if we say friday december 7th, we know that's a special day that we should never forget a days president franklin del an delanore, roosevelt. >> december 7th, 1941, a date which the will live in infamiliarinfamy. the united states of america was suddenly and deliberately attacked by forces of the empire of japan. >> empire of japan, yeah, a day will live in infany. president saying the united states was entering into war after pearl harbor. you guys, was it the same with you? when i was in high school, we knew that every december 7th, we
4:08 am
would have a pop quiz, a sneak attack. >> really? >> oh, yeah. oh yeah. teacher would always say, december 7th, december 7th, sneak attack pearl harbor. >> i never got that. >> was the pop quiz about pearl harbor? >> no. they called it a sneak attack. >> really? >> an odd way to commemorate it. never got that. >> you know, like a test that you were not told there was going to be a test. so you hadn't studied for it. that was a sneak attack. a piece of paper, pearl harbor december 7th. >> wow. you could do that with more recent events now. >> sure. wait. that was catholic school. you think i was going to complain? is it wasn't about pearl harbor but math or history. >> i understand the concept. >> the fact you hadn't studied, you didn't know it was coming and suddenly, boom. they came in. okay. >> that's weird.
4:09 am
we never had that. >> there you go. a little bit of history. >> that's what december 7th means to me. sneak attack. think math test. man, i used to flunk them all. yes, indeed. stan collander from corebus communications to be here to analyze the job numbers for november when they come outbus communications to be here to analyze the job numbers for november when they come out about an hour and a half from now. alan saint pierre from norml. he is very excited about the pot legalization laws in colorado and washington which have kicked in and taken effect. what does that mean? and jim demint saying i'd rather be anywhere but in the united states senate. >> the first. >> on the this friday, other headlines making news, we know that wraprapper snoop lion t formerly known as snoop smokes a lot of weed. the artist participated about a
4:10 am
chat since it became legal in colorado and washington and he admitted to smoking 81 blunts a day. he also said willie nelson is the only person whoever out smoked him in a day and as far as for legalizing and taxing marijuana, he says he is all for it. >> impossible. it's. >> you could not smoke 81 in a day. >> if you were awake for 18 hours out of a 24 hour day -- >> let's be honest. if you are smoking a lot of pot you are not awake for 18 hours. >> you would have to smoke over four joints an hour. >> not joints, blunts, which are big urn er than joints my pothead friends tell me. >> not even willie nelson. >> dude, it's impossible. mathematically impossible. >> bill: save that question for alan saint pierre when he comes in. >> lots of buzz over this year's white house christmas cards, features bo frolicking.
4:11 am
there has not been any snow in d.c. it's not a photograph. it is a photo realistic print done by an artist named larasa cable from iowa. >> bo has been in snow at the whitehouse. there hasn't been any snow this year. >> right >> bill: i haven't seen him in the snow. it has snowed since they had bo. i don't know if people are -- they are always making some big deal about the white house christmas cards. i like it. we have one at home on the mantle. >> very nice. martha stewart did not have a nice thanksgiving. she revealed to the new york post that she handled so many turkeys doing cooking appearances notice days leading up to the holiday, she came up with salmon ella poisoning. she was sick and did not enjoy the holidays. she will be more careful about handling raw food in the future. >> my god. >> you would think that she would know. >> i would also think she would
4:12 am
shut up and not talk about that. >> yeah. >> tell anybody. >> bill: next time she will wear rubber gloves. >> wash your hands and your utensils after you have raofi food >> bill: absolutely. so the big political news of the day is: jim demint the crazy tea party right-wing extremist senate from the peter ogburn's home state of south carolina -- i think that a little bit rubbed off on peter here -- announced yesterday he is moving on. he is resigning his seat effective immediately from the united states senate and taking up as president of the heritage foundation. jim demint yesterday saying, you know we need to -- i need someplace where ilk stretch and come up with some new ideas. >> a lot of my role in the senate has been stopping bad things and saying no to bad things but we need to do more
4:13 am
and tell men's what we are for. one of the mistakes i think the republican party made the last two years is trying to make obama the issue without sharing with america bold reform ideas that get people inspired to get behind us >> bill: yeah, i mean i love jim demint trying to take the high road. he has done nothing but bad things and put forth -- done nothing but put forth bad ideas in the united states senate. and he, a tea party -- he is the lead tea partyer in the united states congress, the lead tea party in the united states senate. he is the guy that has made the focus of the attacks and made that basically what the politics was all about. i wrote a about it, "the obama hate machine," ugly, mean personal attacks on president obama. jim demint, the leader of that whole gang.
4:14 am
he insists that the heritage foundation is where he can really stretch out, unlike what he was able to do in the u.s. senate. >> this is a critical time for america, and there is no organization in the country, in fact, the world, that's better positioned to convince the american people that the conservative policies that the heritage foundation has developed over the years are the solutions to the problems that we now face as a nation. >> so jim deminute is out, and i've got to tell you first of all, the first question is: why? why would he leave, like right now, right after the election? what's that all about? demint says, well, this is just the best time to go. >> this is a good time to leave, in effect was because i have term limited myself. i never intended to be a career politician. i've played a role in stocking the senate with solid conservatives who are younger and brighter and better spokesmen than i am.
4:15 am
so i know i am leaving the senate better than i found it with some real leaders. >> bill: let me tell you. >> he can't really believe that >> bill: he can't believe that crap, you know, he stocked it with better people. well, let me tell you the real reason he is leaving. jim demint is the, on record as the poorest member of the united states senate. in 2010, his net worth was $65,000. peters wow. really? >> bill: in 2010. he gets 174,000 salary which but he is in a club of millionaires and he is a pauper. he will be making half a million dollars a year as the head of the heritage foundation. don't give me this crap about, i need to go and test out my new ideas. >> gimme gimme action gimme.
4:16 am
>> this is a good thing not u.s. senate get rid of this whacko. the people he has tried to bring to the senate, you can credit jim deminute for christine o'donnell with delaware for sharon engel from nevada. both lost. this guy stood by todd aiken gave money to todd aiken after the rape comments sfood by richard murdoch. this is the guy who buckedtood by richard murdoch. this is the guy who bucked mitch mcconnell and supported tea partyer rand paul for senate and rand paul is now in the senate. in fact, a lot of republicans blame jim demint because he supported these walkinghacko primary candidates who ended up becoming the nominees of their parties and lost at blame him for not taking control of the u.s. senate when they had an opportunity top do so. jim demint is a guy who led the
4:17 am
opposition to obamacare. jim demint wanted legislation to ban gay or unmarried teachers from teaching in public school. you can't -- you can't get any more extreme than jim demint. he blocked creation of the national women's history museum. i mean, you go on and on and on. you can't get any more far right wing. so it's good for the senate to get rid of this guy. but you know what's troubling to me is that among think tanks, the heritage foundation which was number one, by the way, the first of them, has had a good reputation t ed niece, president reagan's counsel white house counsel. they are like a -- they are
4:18 am
conservative but they are a conservative, con evertive think tank, like the grown-ups of the think tanks. they are not known for being radical right-wing extremists. on capitol hill. jim demint gives them a whole new image. they are not going to -- this is not going to be the sentcentrist establishment. this is going to be the most extreme right-wing fax . it was the heytage -- heritage found out, the mapped ate the basis for romneycare and obamacare. they haven't been extreme. good bye, good riddance, jim deminute. good for south carolina, too, to get rid of of that whacko. >> this is the bill press shove.
4:19 am
his ability, is trying to look out for us.
4:20 am
4:21 am
let's rock and roll. there is so much going on that every day presents another exciting issue. from financial regulation, iran getting a nuclear bomb, civil war in syria, fraud on wall street, destruction of medicare and medicaid. there are real issues here. having been a governor, i know that trade-offs are tough. things everyday exploding around the world that leave no shortage for exciting conversations. i want our viewer to understand why things have happened. at the end of the show, you know what has happened, why its happened and more importantly, what's going to happen tomorrow.
4:22 am
[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." live on your radio and current tv. >> bill: 27 minutes now after the hour. >> this is "the full court press: the bill press show," love on your radio and current tv. >> 25 minutes after the hour now. did i mention it's a friday? all right. on the "full-court press," this friday, indeed, everybody we like to take a quick look back at some of our favorite sound bytes of the week and bring you our top 5, start at the bottom, work our way to the top. bob costas getting into a little hot water on sunday night
4:23 am
football. >> number 5, in the coming days javon belcher's actions and possible connection to football will be analyze. who knows but here quote jason whitlock if javon didn't possess a guy, he and cas an draw perkins would be alive today. >> speaking of football college football, alabama over georgia big moment. >> number 4. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. alabama wins! alabama wins. crimson tide won again. they will play for all of the marbles. time to make a little more room in the trophy case. peters role tide >> bill: john mccain and john pete
4:24 am
kerriy at a news conference this week sharing something in common. >> senator mccain. >> thank you very much, mr. secretary. >> uh-huh. >> thank you very much, mr. president. this is what happens when you get two loosers up here -- here -- here -- loose. >> other night, we lit up the congressional christmas treat. john boehner did and he explained what the christmas tree is all about. >> number 2. >> we will bring light to the tree that flourishes as as symbol of everlasting light. and in turn, this tree will bring light for us opening our hearts a little more than to the needs of our neighbors. >> god. boehner. >> he kills me. >> finally two djs down in
4:25 am
australia did a great imitation of queen elizabeth, called the hospital where kate middleton was and got through. >> good morning. how may i help you? >> i am asking after my granddaughter, kate. i want to see how her tummy bug is going. >> she had an uneventful. >> i was feeding my little coveragy. when is a good time to come and visit her because i am the queen. so i need to leave town. >> okay. that was so funny. how is the little tummy bug? >> you have a couple of -- on jim demint tweeting @bpshow, get riddance to jim demint. a. tasia says nikki haley may appoint herself and steven
4:26 am
colbert is from south carolina. there is an online movement to get him in that seat. >> society so is peter ogburn from south carolina. senator ogburn. >> if asked, i will serve. >> bill: senator ogburn. i love it. >> this is bill press show. [ music ] when the last card is played what will be remembered? explore the lives of the famous and infamous who changed our world forever. experience the drama, back to back to back. of all the hours in all their days, the ones you'll never forget are the final 24. don't miss the final 24 mini-marathon this sunday on current tv. save the best for last. [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet but they're gonna fall in love get married, have a couple of kids, [ children laughing ] move to
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>> chatting with you life at this is "the bill press show" live on your radio and current tv. >> bill: friday, december 7th here, the "full-court press" coming to you life from our nation's capitol and our studio on capitol hill brought to you today by the united steel workers and their great
4:31 am
international president, leo gerard, north america's largest industrial union rep precepting 1.2 million active and retired members big news this week uteout in the west, to colorado and washington. they had approved on november 6th each day, approving a measure for the full legalization of recreational use of marijuana. those laws have now kicked in. it is legal in washington and colorado to smoke pot. but will the if he did allow it? al ant saint pierre is the executive director of norml gets a lot of credit. allen, good to see you. >> good day, bill >> bill: i want you to know that last week, last time you were here, the question was
4:32 am
raised about what the obamastration was going to do about this. i promised you i would try to get an answer from the white house. >> you did. >> i did. i tried. here is what that sounded like last week, me and jay carney. >> on november 6th, the state of colorado and the state of washington voted to legalize the recreation use of marijuana. is it the intent to respect those meyers. >> the department of justice has said they are reviewing these ballot initiatives to which you refer. i would direct you to them for updates. >> i pointed out, no, the direction comes from the white house. is this a prior to for the president? according to norml the obama
4:33 am
administration shut down more than george bush and why is this a prior to a prior to for priority. all i got was the justice administration was reviewing the matter. >> they are going to do nothing. past is prologue. if the state is the player regulation, and we are talking pretty high-techniequipment today, rfid radio frequency id tags used to track the plants from the point of creation to the point of consumption. in colorado they call it from seed to sale. the feds haven't done anything an the state is collecting 50 to $70 million a year in taxes. it's only places like california, unfortunately, where the sacramento did not step up and pass tax and regulation laws where theile sayingnate abhors a vacuum, the federal government goes in there and raids these
4:34 am
clubs. if the state is a player, the feds largely are hands-off. >> help me out here. so in washington state and colorado, it's not only legal toto i am bible or to smoke. right? but it's legal to grow? >> it's legal to grow in colorado. washington state does not allow home-grown cultivation. >> they are importing it from where? >> it will be grown in washington in cultivation centers. >> i see but not at home? >> you can grow up to six plants at home in washington. >> in colorado? >> yeah. >> and then you can legally sell it and the state gets a sales tax. >> that's right. in one year because they have to put the regulations out, promulgate them and fight and all, but more or less a year from now people will be able to go into these places like you and i can get alcohol and tobacco on and caffeine and use it possibly in a private
4:35 am
setting. you can't use it like in a coffee-shop setting like in amsterdam. >> by the way, i was in amsterdam 10 days ago. i looked for one of those damn pot coffee shops. carol and i walked. i was dragging her all over in the rain downtown amsterdam. >> couldn't find one. >> you could tell by smell. >> i figured you couldn't walk around six blocks without finding one but it wasn't like starbucks. they weren't on every corner. are these going to be like in denver they will be like pot cafes, pot stores? or you have cigar stores, you buy your pot. >> as long as you are over the age of 21, you will be able to purchase it and the state and local governments will get a piece of the action. >> bill: can't you see to have at that green leaf hanging out? >> the iconography that was already there for medical marijuana, by the way.
4:36 am
>> when this infrastructure exists of the shops and the sales tax being collected that the if he did are not goingfeds are not going. >> in colorado for the last two years, there are over 2500 marijuana-related businesses, retail, testing centers, delivery services. the federal government has only interfered with 40 of them because they were within a thousand feet of after drug-free school zone. the federal government determined these places within 1,000 feet of a school subsidized by the federal government. federal government sent them a notice. 25 were compliant. the other 25 were toast. >> the justice department of this week. that's right. >> the day that both measures kicked in, in washington state and colorado the justice department said we wanted to remind everybody the illegal
4:37 am
substance under federal law. we have no choice but to enforce the law and it's also to congress to change the law. were they bluffing? >> this is like al smith, the governor of new york said federal government, this is your prohibition. you try to enforce it. in america today, bill 99% of all marijuana arrests are at the local and state government level. federal government only arizona big mrarpz. entails they are not going to be knocking door to door and sniffing or anything? >> no. let alone the idea they are going to interfere. back in 2010 when that lost boy 3 percentage points, the idea the federal government was going to interfere with the sacramento state government. >> these are the first two
4:38 am
states in the world. >> in the world. all right. what's next? you know, it's sort of like marriage equality. now we have the district of columbia. are there the top three are california, revisit oregon again again. >> uh-huh. >> my home state of massachusetts where it's polling in the 60 to 63rd percentile for legalization right now. there are other states but those are the top 3 states. >> california. got to be california and oregon. the blue states. >> all right. i don't understand how it can be such an overwhelming majority of people who are for this and it's the insistence of, it's bad, bad, bad. how are we going to sort of win elected officials over on this
4:39 am
issue? >> e elections seem to do it. right after i mentioned the day after the election. we were called up to the house by no less than four members of the house. one republican, three democrats. these are people that treated us like lepers. ten years ago rejected our pac funds, two years ago said we take the pac funds and take your public endorsement and now they say get up here and writed our tax. jarod policyas is going to lead the effort on the hillas is going to lead the effort on the hill and he alone with what i call the cannabis caucus with about 25 members of congress. >> sam far. >> sure. >> from monter rayraymonterray, big
4:40 am
sur. the federal government was so successful. i could show you pot farms in big sur. >> in your backyard. >> i have been there. we have to crack this out. we have got to get it. peter, south carolina. >> hey man. >> tennessee. >> i know a pot smoker or two in california. >> jim demint one of them? >> you would think. >> but so this is just a matter of time. isn't it? >> decrim began in oregon. we have 14 states with decrim. california began medical marijuana. we have 18 states with medical marijuana. two states with legalization. you tell me. >>. >> before we take a break, can i make sure i heard you say something correctly? you have normal national organizations for the reform of marijuana laws has a pac? >> we have had a pac for
4:41 am
probably 10 years. >> you give them checks or. >> in kind. >> in kind? >> we can't give them the inkind, bill. otherwise, i would be dragged away in chains. >> bill: otherwise there would be a line of members outside your door. >> that's true. >> allen saint pierre executive director of normalnormal. what's happening in your state? 866-55-press. how many of you are moving to colorado and washington state? we will could not right after this break. >> this is "the bill press show." (vo) at the only online forum with a direct line to bill press. now let's hear yours. >> politically direct means no bs, just tellling you what's going on in politics today. (vo) at the only online forum with a direct line to bill press.
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4:44 am
show, to be able to come away armed with the facts, and the arguments to feel confident in their positions. i want them to have the data and i want them to have the passion. but it's also about telling them, you're put on this planet for something more. i want this show to have an impact beyond just informing. an impact that gets people to take action themselves. as a human being that's really important. this is not just a spectator sport.
4:45 am
>> this is the full court press, live on your radio and on your t.v. >> 13 minutes before the top of the air. allen saint pierre. the next hour, job and job numbers. stan collaner will be in studio with us as well. back to our conversation about colorado and washington state leave leading the way with the legalization. time are tough. a lot of american families here is something i suggest you at least look into called they are america's leading work from home business doing business in over 80 countries today and offering you an opportunity you can take advantage of no matter your age, education or experience. you can literally own money on your own computer from your own kitchen table 24 serve: got a
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4:47 am
those. >> i have to warn you people, do not wear them to the airport. okay? unless you want a free prostate exam action do not wear them to the airport. >> bill: now, in the news this morning, there is a claim that will rapper snoop lion made yesterday that he is all for the legalization. he says in a normal day he smokes 81 blunts, 81. >> you know possible? having been in that contingent of his, it is possible bill. he can conceivably consume that many blunts putting that many in his face from a.m. to p.m. >> every single day? >> if he is not completely straight out given his druthers he could do it with his crew. >> with his crew.
4:48 am
>> 18 hours. >> you have to smoke 4 and a half blunts an hour. >> i have had a lot of good days of smoking pot. i don't know that i have ever smoked -- i don't think i have smoked 81 blunts in my lifetime. >> that's why we call him snoop lion. >> bill: you mentioned a phrase, but the cannabis tourism which struck me. this could be a whole benefit for these states. people will come there like to some states to get married now. >> yeah, thousands of e-mails and calls a day. right after the election obviously, the first questions are: what can i do in colorado and washington and can i go there as a tourist? why go to amsterdam? why go to jamaica the these states for the two or three years which they have this monopoly, they are going to enjoy an incredible amount of
4:49 am
tourism for people like me who love to go trout fishing. >> that's it. >> i don't know if i would want to go skiing while i was high. >> a new experience. dick from denver, colorado. victor. how are you? >> i represent the smoking weed of the democratic party. you are welcome. when with you wear your scarf, you look like liberace. ease up on that. >> oh. i like the dope-smoking wing of the democratic party. i have. >> at normal, you can imagine, it takes two to tango. we are non-partisan.
4:50 am
i could end some careers on the air today. it's that kind of ridiculous hypocracy. i have been at this. i am a k street critter. >> bill: okay. you can't get that close without crossing the line. >> until those retirement years and that speaking tour yeah, because, you know, i just have to i have a lot of years to get through this stuff with both parties. it does take two to tango. >> can't wait for the book. it's a great move. congratulations i can't wait to see the other states line up. once they see the revenue from sales taxes and from cannabis tourism, it won't be long before other states come in line. started here on the "full-court press" with allen saint pierre.
4:51 am
follow their great work. join in the fun help their pac out, we will back to tell you what the president is up to today. >> on your radio and on current tv this is "the bill press show."
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4:54 am
stan colander the budget guy will be here to walk us through those numbers. we will start off at the top of the hour talking about the fiscal cliff from jake sherman from politico and also talk about apple announcing yesterday they are going to bring a whole manufacturing line of computers here to the united states. great news. >> that's great news on the jobs front. president obama taking a little easy today. meeting this morning with his senior add advisories who are going to occupy his morning time. sorry. then he has a bill signing this afternoon, the child protection act of 2012 signing in the offal office at twvenlt minutes 20 minutes after noon. jay carney as of yet, no white house beef briefing schedule for today. looks like everybody is getting ready to go into the weekend. one of those -- what are are those job numbers going to be? what do they mean? will other companies follow the
4:55 am
example of apple? over the weekend, any more talks good the fiscal cliff and how are we going to get out of it? all of that in the next hour of the "full-court press." so hang around. >> this is "the bill press show." where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor.
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[ music ] >> good morning, fellow americans, and welcome to the "full-court press" this friday morning, december 7th. great to see you today. thanks for being parted of the program. we have lots to talk about this morning. president obama visiting the family in falls church virginia
4:57 am
yesterday pointing out how having their taxes go up january 1st would be a powerful impact on them harmful impact on them. fiscal cliff negotiations underway here in washington, d.c. continuing and washington state and colorado celebrating the freedom to smoke pot legally. all of that coming up plus yesterday jim demint from south carolina announced he is resigning from the senate to take over as head of the heritage foundation. >> that's good news for the senate. get rid of that whacko tea partyer but bad news for the heritage foundation, which will now have a reputation as the most extreme of all of of our think tanks welt tell you ideal he is leaving and more. current news update, standing buy in los angeles lease a ferguson. hi, lease a. good morning. >> hey, bi. good morning, everyone. we are awaiting the jobs report this morning out in the next and we are expecting to hear
4:58 am
80,000 jobs created last month. >> that's less than half the jobs we saw in october, but economists are saying don't put too much weight on those numbers. the down turn in growth is likely thanks to hurricane sandy making it near impossible to tell whether hiring is getting better or worse. >> that's going to make it difficult to figure out how investors are going to trade based off of today's numbers. economists say we will not have a real sense of job growth until december's numbers and it may be not for a few months after that. you might remember last friday, i talked about the high numbers of politicians moving off of the hill and onto k street. jim demint is the latest leading the senate to head the conservative think tank, the heritage foundation. looking a little deeper into this, politico is reporting demint as a prime example of how the outside pr game creates strength in the republican party and how the conservative voices off of capitol hill hold the real pour in congress. all eyes fell on south carolina
4:59 am
nikki haley to replace demint in the senate. one potential pick is tim scott, ideologically close to demint and has rizin quickly in the house. if haley chooses scott he will be the first african-american senator from the south since reconstruction. more bill after the break. we will be right back. alright, in 15 minutes we're going to do the young turks. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. the chill of peppermint. the rich dark chocolate. york peppermint pattie
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[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> announcer: broadcasting >> broadcasting across the nation on your radio and on current tv this is "the bill press show". >> jim demint says he is resigning from the united states senate to take over the heritage foundation. i think there are even a lot of republicans who were glad to see him go. good morning, everybody. what do you say? it is friday december 7th. this is the full court press
5:03 am
coming out to you life all the way across the great land of ours from coast to coat on your local progressive talk radio station if you are lucky enough to have one and on current tv. thank you so much for joining us. pardon me. i'm sorry. you can join the conversation a lot any time by giving us a call at 866-55-press an army of operators standing by to take your calls as we say. you can also follow us on twitter at bp show and on facebook. press show. you might have a hard time coming through this morning because we have not one but two guests. jake sherman with politico following what's the latest on the congress and particularly on the fiscal cliff front. jake, good to have you back. >> thank for having me. >> stan colander a good friend frequent guest. we call him "the budget guy." with the job numbers coming up a
5:04 am
little later in the hour we want stan standing buy. >> did you say an army of operators? is that what dick army is doing? i was wondering. >> he made the million dollar pay out. >> 8 markos moulitsas. >> dick army leaving freedom works be, jim demint leaveing the senate. >> it's been a tough month for republican leaders. >> it has indeed. it was a tough day yesterday for mitch mcconnell in the u.s. senate. i don't know whether you heard. he ended up filibustering his own bill yesterday which was pretty embarrassing for mitch mcconnell. he had to take the insults from harry reid who said the republicans are like clueless or like without a rudder or maybe without at quarterback. here is harry reid showing some spots knowledge here. >> now to the new york jets
5:05 am
coach ryan he's got a problem. he has three quarterbacks. sanchez. he's got tim teebow and a guy by the name of mcil-roy. he can't decide who their quarterback is going to be. >> that's the same problem republicans are having. romney is gone but he is still in the background. we have mcconnell and we have boehner. who is the quarterback, mr. president? who is the quarterback? >> i love that. calling him out. who is running the show? which, by the way, jake, is a good question. who is running the show? >> it is. >> certainly not romney. >> it's not romney. i don't know request why he thinks romney is in the background. >> he is in la joya at costco. >> we reported rob nabors, the chief's white house lobbyist on
5:06 am
capitol hill in a private meeting with leadership staff said we are not moving on the debt seal, not moving on tax rates and entitlement savings. you have to do something. the "new york times" reported this morning that boehner and obama -- boehner has requested private negotiations with obama. i don't know what -- i am not sure why that's important at the that you can on the phone privately. they are looking for a way out they have signaled some private openness if they could kick it up to 37% instead of 39% if they get some entitlement savings they could sell. >> the president would get 39-6 for the upper income folks with doing nothing and no entitlement cuts by doing nothing? >> right.
5:07 am
>> it would be a deal. you would guess the president would want some sort of package and wouldn't want to go over the cliff. it would be politically and substantively. this is what republican aids say. he has the chance to do something big. if he come our way i am not negotiating this. >> you need to get something in order to do something. we are getting ahead of ourselves. this is the conversation that we have to have. this is the conversation that's the going on all over washington today or at least should be except congress went home. >> we are talking about it. >> exactly. who needs congress. it is a choice facing the white house and the president of the united states. >> that's our topic at the top of the hour with jake sherman and stan collender. job numbers in about 20 minutes
5:08 am
but first, stan has the important headline here. >> or headline making news on this friday. could we see the kickout-off in n.f.l. football games eliminated? it's being floated by roger goodell. he says he is trying to make the game safer. one way to be go aheadet rid of kick-offs. the scoring team would take ball again on the 30 yard line, make it 14th and 15 they can try to retain possession by pussing or running or punt the ball which is a play that is less susceptible to violent collisions than kick-offs. >> i thought we weren't talking about fiscal cliffs here what do you mean punt the ball. >> this is never going to happen. we did have a team physician. e-mail us. peter and i were saying the kickoff is not that dangerous. it's like when they are in the huddle and they come out of the fulingdz. team physicians said there are
5:09 am
more people injured on kickoff. >> two herds. >> how many touchbacks. >> steven colbert is waiting for a phone call from south carolina governor nikki haley as the comedy central store has confirmed through a spokesperson that he would be hon ordered to represent the palmetto state now that jim demint is leaving the you will recall the comedian tried to get on the state's ballot. he has his super p.a.c. so he could fund this campaign. >> wouldn't you love it? >> it boggels the mind. i guess he thinks he could run the heritage foundation. >> if you are looking for a new job -- >> bill: i'm sorry. just for the record, peter ogburn is also from south carolina. my nominee to be the next.
5:10 am
>> if asked, i will serve. if asked, i will serve. >> i thought you liked peter. if you are looking for a new job, one that will be around for a while, consider one 0 money watch's newlet list to provide security. a software developer, accountant human resources specialist, information security sales representative and several different times of engineering jobs. >> how about talk show host? >> no openings. sorry about that. when harry reid says who is in charge or who is the quarterback in a state extent by default, john boehner is because the one the key issue the president keeps harping on is i think rightfumly sew, you have an opportunity to give 98% of americans a tax break, actually
5:11 am
100% on the first $250,000 worth of income. it's already passed the senate by a partisan vote. nothing mcconnell can do any more. the president says he will sign it. it is john boehner whose decision to hold a vote. not just the top two %. >> a twist in this. i don't believe if that bill came to the floor right now it would pass house. i don't. >> really? >>. >> you don't think enough republicans? >> not a chance. they've in a position where they supported extending all of the rates. this is their party. this is their orthodoxy, not raising tax rates. if every democrat voted for it, which by the way i don't think every democrat would vote for it. 26 republicans. >> not first time around. they will have to vote against it to be able to vote for it.
5:12 am
>> i don't know that it would pass the second time. we need 26 republicans to basically go to the floor and be willing to say we are open to a primary or we are welcoming a primary challenge. >> a vote to raise taxes in their mind. >> that's how their party's positioned it for years. >> what they are doing is raising taxes. >> i know. >> on 100% the american people as opposed to 2%. i find it hard to believe that every single republican would be so politically stupid as to vote against that. they will very long to vote against it once. they go over the cliff. right? as the peasants storm the castle with pitch forks, i got it. listening to the two of you, i am more convinced than ever we are going to go over the cliff. >> it is december 7th. this is a conversation.
5:13 am
>> seventeen days until santa claus arrives. i am not saying we have a lot of time. we have been through these debates before. we see how these happen. they come together. >> that's why i think and we wrote the story about how 37% should politically and policywise for republicans be a victory if obama is willing to go along with it which she have signaled that they are because republicans could then say listen, obama wanted it at 39%. we stopped him short of that. and obama could say we are taxing the rich more. >> my first book was called "spin this" that is pure pure spin. >> i am telling you how they would position it. >> stan, do you believe, first of all, do you think the white house would accept anything less than 39.6? >> no. absolutely not. first of all, as i said 396 by doing nothing.
5:14 am
>> as i said a second ago, they let taxes go up let the tax cuts ex spire and fix it in january for those earning up to $250,000 so i think they will get everything they want and can get everything they want. it's important here the put is trying to embarrass republicans with their base. even if he is not trying, he will end up doing it >> bill: how so? >> republicans for how many years have been saying no tax increases? we are the grover norquist party. makes grover actually have to, you know, have to grovel a little bit. i think that's part of the motivation going on here. i don't see why the add miles per hourstration goes on -- gives itn on entitlement cuts. maybe it's parted of the debt ceiling situation. they don't have to do it now. i don't see why they would. >> the bottom line i have heard
5:15 am
from the president and pr-jay carney over and over and over again is tax rates must go up for the top 2% and if they don't get legislation, then -- >> they will go up. >> they will go up. >> but they have not been firm. >> i was going to add that, too. that question has been asked multiple times. every time it's asked, you know, they will say what they say is tax rates have to go up but do they have to go up to 39.6? the tax rates on the wealthy have to go up. i think they would accept 37 if they get for example a deal on the debt ceiling. >> they are not getting that. >> wait. >> get something for it, i think they would accept. >> 39.6. you are saying medicare medicaid has to be cut by more if you are going to deal with the deficit. >> that's what you are saying or taxes on the middle class have to go up at some point.
5:16 am
i am not sure. you say you counted whether republicans would vote for it. i am not sure that's accept am in the democratic caucus. >> if it's acceptable to obama, it will pass the senate. no one has to worry about that. if it's acceptable -- if john boehner and barack obama cut a deal, it will pass the senate and the house no matter what nancy pelosi wants. >> i disagree with that. >> we have agreed so far on almost everything so. >> not here to necessarily agree. >> not 95, '96, gingrich who could dictate. if john boehner did which was walk into the caucus and say accept this or i am leaving, they will say bye. same thing with obama. the democratic caucus thinks they have the leverage >> bill: 20 minutes. here stan collender lendcollender. i am going to ask you about apple announcing that they are
5:17 am
going to have a whole new line of computer manufacturing in the united states and what that means leading up to the job numbers at the bottom of the hour. "full-court press," friday december 7th. >> this is the if you recall court press. , the bill res show live on your radio and on current t.v. street, destruction of medicare and medicaid. there are real issues here. having been a governor, i know that trade-offs are tough. things everyday exploding around the world that leave no shortage for exciting conversations. i want our viewer to understand why things have happened. at the end of the show, you know what has happened, why its happened and more importantly, what's going to happen tomorrow.
5:18 am
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current tv, it's been all building up to this. >>bill shares his views, now it's your turn. >>i know you're going to want to weigh in on these issues. >>connect with "full court press with bill press" at and on twitter at bpshow. >>i believe people are hungry for it. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." live on your radio and current tv. >> this is "the bill press show." >> 25 minutes after the hour, job numbers coming up in 5 minutes here, visiting with stan collender and jake sherman. back to our conversation about fiscal cliff and apple in just a minute. but first, speaking economically
5:21 am
as though of you having a hard time meet, you ought to consider and look into, income at they are america's leading work from home business doing business in over 80 countries today and offering you an opportunity you can take advantage of no matter your age education or experience. you can literally own money on your own computer, from your own kitchen table 24/7. all you need is a little bit of spare time and some training that income at ed provides. if you are sick of living paycheck to paycheck, if your goal is to earn practiceextra money from home, they are adding my listeners in record numbers and giving away a thousand bucks to somebody just for checking them out. >> that's >> that's tim cook from apple telling brian williams yesterday, we
5:22 am
haven't resolved the fiscal cliff. >> apple could probably do it. >> apple could probably do it. >> they have got a lot of criticism because they have great products but they are building them in channel. tim cook saying $100 million next year here in the united states to build an entire computer leip stan, start with you, good news. >> it's good news obviously because it will create some jobs in the united states. i don't think there is any doubt that they are looking for a competitive advantage. that is people this wayinging it to buy an apple product because it's made here. >> ty not? >> a good thing. >> nothing bad about it. the interesting thing is that it took them this long to figure it out. >> they have a lot of flack for working conditions which the "new york times" had on the front page so definitely makes it -- totally makes up for it. as. >> as one consumer and one libbral, i bought two ipads and my new iphone, i walk around with a lot of guilt. i will be able to feel better about buy agnew mac proceed.
5:23 am
>> that's what matters. >> they are a great company. they make breaking products and they are very, very much into the bottom line. they are not doing this to lose money. jake? right? they have to know they can do it here and train the workers hoo they are in a new era of post-steve jobs. they want to, you know, i think their bottom line needs to stay you know sthoningrong, viable. they have a pr challenge. they want kind of a big move here, i think? >> let's see how many units they are making here as opposed to other places whether this is, you know, a cosmetic type of situation. i am sure they are thinking whatever additional costs might be involved will be made up for in additional sales and good will obviously. >> additional sales and good will. >> that's part of the equation. how many days left, jake? 17. >> every day is like 100 million days left. >> jake is not taking vacation.
5:24 am
>> i am not. >> you are not? >> no. through the new year. >> my bestt is on members. jake, so much, thank you for coming in. happy holidays? >> thank you, you, too. >> this is "the bill press show." this. >> when disaster strikes sometimes the only way out is to look within. current tv digs deep into the extraordinary tales of heroism determination and escape. "trapped" experience the drama. back to back to back. >> hold on mates! >> catch the "trapped" mini-marathon saturday starting at 1 eastern. on current tv.
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>> cometing with you life at, live on your radio and current tv. >> 33 minutes after the hour. the numbers are in. this is the full court press on december 7th. the unemployment rate dropped from 7.9 to 7.7%.
5:29 am
private sector jobs added in the month of november 146,000. stan col ender, what's it mean. >> this is different from what economists were expecting. the con sense was it was going to rise to 8.0 and we were only going to have added about -- >> that's what they said 75,000. why? >> they were thinking it was due to hundred sand. this shows it didn't have a big of an impact or the economy is growing faster. without sandy this could have been 225,000 or something to that effect. this is a surprising and positive outlook. this is, we have been told the lowest unemployment number since
5:30 am
december 2008 for this administration coming into the bush recession, going in the right direction certainly. a couple of different things to this. consumer confidence is at the highest level. this will boost it further. car sales are up. this will boost it further >> bill: car market, about 13,000,000. unless the fiscal cliff screws it up, we should be back over 14 before a short period of time. this shows positive momentum in the economy. this comes the month after the election. right? >> right. >> if this had come before the election. whoa, obama would have won. >> he is going to win reelection now that these numbers are out. >> if jack welch is apoplectic about the other number what would he have thought about this?
5:31 am
how would mitt romney spin this as bad news? he would find some way. >> one thing, you mentioned hurricane sandy, in the labor department's numbers they released, they did mention hurricane sandy did not substantively impact jobs data. they pointed that out. >> that shows a lot of economists don't have a clue what they are talking about. >> get out. >> nice to have been working with you. that was the expectation. >> i understand where that would come from. you know there was tremendous dislocates. a lot of people could not get to work. right? mayor their jobs maybe didn't exist any more. all of those businesses along the coast didn't just close their door for a day or two. they were wiped out. >> a lot just didn't hire people but actually laid people off. >> right. business people weren't shopping. stores and that kind of stuff, retail stores. perhaps they were made up for, stan, pure speculation, by construction jobs and earth
5:32 am
movers and everybody had to move in there to try to help them clean you? >> or people doing political analysis about the election. all of those are good points. it shows you how difficult it is to figure out what's going on with the economy. it's on complex and there is so much information we don't know we don't know what we don't know. when you get forecasts, it's the kind of thing you would like to get more substantive information. >> i don't have all of the numbers in fronts of me. maybe you can check. it's been a long time since we have seen new job numbers at 146,000. >> we have been averaging about 150. >> closer to 100, 110, something in that area. >> my guess is here that these numbers are actually up. probably some reduction in jobs that would have happened because of sandy.
5:33 am
make closer to 200. the impressedive number is 7.7%. >> that's starting to get to the point where employers are going to start to think, all right, it's going to be back. people will have more money to spend. it should create some policy momentum. >> jobs numbers are out. they are really, really good for the month of november. again, 146,000 new private sector jobs. 7.7% unemployment down from 7.9%. your thoughts, your commence, what this all means, arrest for the economy moving forward. 866-5 866-55-press. i guess the underbelly is public sector jobs are still being hit significantly because of budget cuts at the local level, at the state level and to a certain extent, the federal level. >> we have seen state and local governments not cutting back as much.
5:34 am
maybe even adding a few in recent months. they are clearly not doing what they did back in 2006, 2007 when they were trying to keep up with demand and they had tax revenues to pay for it. it's one of the reasons why the fiscal cliff could be as bad for the economy. if state and local governments are continue to cut back or not spend, still hoarding catchsh and consumers aren't spending ex is for a new iphone the one positive input to the gdp right now, maybe not in six months but right now, the one positive input is the fed recall government. if the federal government through the fiscal cliff is going to withdraw $600,000,000,000, which is what the live would do, it will throw us back into a recession. >> that's just what we don't need now. >> bill: i was going to ask you and i think you are getting to it already is what now does president -- two things: what does president obama say he will have an opportunity somewhere today, what does he say about these numbers?
5:35 am
two, can he use these numbers to bolster his case for a deal on the fiscal cliff? >> the answer first of all, f they were to dahl me i would say don't take a victory lap because it's 7.7% unemployment. if you are under employed or you have stopped looking or don't have a job at all, you don't want to here that this is happy days are here again. >> bill: you he we are moving in the right direction? >> right. >> we have made progress but we have a long way to go. there are too many people out of work. >> the last thing we want to do is as the congressional budget has said if we go over the fiscal cliff, it will increase unemployment to 9%. this is thought the time for the cliff to go into effect. it's why everyone is saying don't do this. long time, too big of a deficit reduction. we need something longer term and more gradual. >> that's his argument. this gives him a lot more
5:36 am
ammunition, it seems to me, in dealing with a congress saying this proves that we are moving in the right direction and the worst thing we could do would bring everything to a halt. right? >> and i think he can legitimately say my economic policies are working. trust me on this one. this is what we need to do his approval rating is going up. people think the country is moving in the right direction. >> good news. good news on the jobs front. peter? >> a couple of quick numbers, igor volumesky tweeting out a couple of numbers he is saying out of the report healthcare at added 20,000 new jobs lat month. 8.3,000 hospitals, 4.7,000 in out-patient and 4 and a half thousand in nursing facilities. also, auto manufacturing jobs are up 10,000 jobs. >> that's good news. >> big news. we will dig those numbers up.
5:37 am
>> the bail-out worked, you know, help for the auto industry really worked. >> no doubt about that. no doubt about that. the other thing that's working is obama care. these numbers areon healthcare, you know, labor secretary hilda solis. i hope she will be in monday. she has been generous about coming in almost every month on the month after the jobs report comes out. good news or bad news she is here to tell us what it means. one of the things we discussed with her is the real growth sector in this country today in terms of jobs is the health industry, healthcare industry because obamacare. more people getting health insurance means more demand on clinics, more demands for physician assistants and nurse practitioners and health providers across the board. it's a growth industry today. >> yeah. we talked about some of the other job execute areas gu it's
5:38 am
going to be a growth area both because of the change because of obama care and dem graphics. >> right. as people get older, they demand a little bit more healthcare. >> right. >> they need it. the more you think about this, this is pretty good news over all. >> good news on the jobs front. we got it now. join the conversation. here with us. the budget guy. follow him online at capital gains and gamesgom. howells? >> my twitter handle is is @thebudgetguy. >> join the conversation when we come back here on the "full-court press." >> this is "the bill press show," live on your radio and current t.v. "the heavy hand of government". i want to have that conversation. really. really! i'd like to arm our viewers with the ability to argue with their conservative uncle joe over the dinner table.
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you know who's coming on to me now? you know the kind of guys who do like verse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. >> she gets the comedians laughing... >> that's hilarious! >> ...and the thinkers thinking. >> okay, so there's wiggle-room in the ten commandments is what you're telling me. >> you would rather deal with ahmadinejad then me. >> absolutely! >> and so would mitt romeny. >> she's joy behar. >> and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? [ music ]
5:42 am
>> heard around the country and seen on current tv this is "the bill press show". >> it's 14 minutes before the top of the hour. here we go on the full court press, stan collendar is in the studio with us. the full court press brought to you by ulico under president ed smith providing specialty insurance, products and services. find out more about their good work by visiting ullico providing solutions for the union workplace. yes, and on fridays, we like to salute somebody who gets things
5:43 am
done. this week our choice, bob costas sports announcer has guts to talk about the important events of the day. after javon belcher murders his girlfriend and said maybe a gun had something to do with it and we ought to think more about gun control. bob costas gets things done. we salute you brought today by granger with over 900,000 products to help you get your job done. call granger. click on or stop by one of their branches. granger, for the ones who get it done. stan collender, good job numbers, if you are just joining us 146,000 new private sector jobs in the month of november. obamanomics is working. unemployment rate down to 7.7%.
5:44 am
>> can we say that 7.7%. not that long ago, we were talking about in the 9s. >> wasn't that long ago. >> before today, they were predicting 75,000 new jobs. we were all ready to kind of spin a bad job numbers as instead of okay job numbers or understandable in the light of hurricane sandy and said, we've got such good numbers, we hardly know what to say about it. >> to put this in perspective, i was here when the number hit 7.8. we sat here in the studio astounded astounded, jaws dropping. we thought it would be 8.0. it's a 310ths of a percentage drop. >> on more important issues, i don't know whether you know i am a californiaan i consider myself but i am a native delawarean. >> you were incorporated in delaware? >> i am also incorporated in delaware. last night thanks to senator
5:45 am
chris kuhns and tom carper, i was invited to a grated event at the russell office building called the taste of delaware. it's not that far away. all of these restaurants and vendors came down with their products and their samples there were hundreds and hundreds of people there sampling all of these fine foods and beverages from the state of delaware. none better than one of their most famous products is dog-fish lives head beer. >> i love that. >> fine beer. >> a great beer. they started in rehobeth delaware the they have some other brew pubs. their brewery is in milton and the good people of dog-fish-head, they rewarded the full court press with a whole election here he have -- peter >> peter: i have mine here good
5:46 am
job numbers. >> i am going to toast to these job numbers by the way. >> cheers. >> open a beer for you. there we go. i opened the beer for you. >> delicious. >> early in the morning? >> i will take it. enjoy here. >> stan. oh, no. oh, no. you spilled beer everywhere. thank you. this should be fun. >> what a waste of a good beer. >> i am drinking off of the floor. >> that was all class. >> that was good. >> oh, no. >> what did i do? >> i think it was the shaking of the beer there. >> okay we know our job -- anyway, we spilled beer all over
5:47 am
the studio, man. i'm sorry. >> all right. happy friday. >> drink your beer and shut up. all right. let's get back to the job numbers here? >> okay. >> there is obviously good job opportunities in the breweries of delaware. >> not to mention cleaning. >> yeah. >> get a mop. >> this is something president obama can take a run with? >> got to be a big spinal on the faces at the while house. it gives the economy and the president ability to say policies are working as he negotiates or as they realize they have to move toward what the president wants. it's a good morning. >> think about it. you come out of a big win on november 6th, your margin keeps getting bigger and bigger. you are now up to 51%. you have a 5 million vote
5:48 am
margin, five new slopes >> seats, democrats in the united states senate eight new democrats in the house, don't have a majority there yet. now, you get these job numbers i don't think it's exaggerate to go say this guy is on a roll. >> again -- >> dealing from. >> job approval rating is the highest since we got osama bin laden. >> that's big consumer confidence. >> that's as big as consumer confidence as big as it's been four years. we can't allow the fiscal cliff to get in the way. >> good message? >> you don't want to do it. i hope everybody who is involved with those negotiations is listening. >> so much good news. >> yeah. >> wofrlt celebrating. >> what was the name of that beer again? >> it is dog-fish-head, delaware's finest. delaware's native son will come
5:49 am
back. stan collendar, follow him on twitter. >>@the budget guy. >> good to see you. >> see you next month . >> all right. >> this is "the bill press show," live on your radio and current tv. nature at its most delicious. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪ ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients from nature valley. ♪ ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars
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(vo) current tv gets the conversation started weekdays now at 9 and noon eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. the troops love me. we have a big big hour and the iq will go way up. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] [ music ] >> the parting shot with bill press, this is "the bill press show." >> bill: yes, well, on this friday, december 7th, my parting shot in addition to the good job numbers we just heard out of the labor garment, some other good job news, good news on the jobs
5:52 am
front this week, rather when apple ceo tim cook announced that his company was bringing some jobs back to the u.s.a. i must tell you i welcome the news because i have been walking around with a bad case of catholic guilt ever since i bought two eye pads earlier -- ipads earlier this year. i love apple products but i hate the fact they are made in china. now, tick tim cook is changing steve jobs' philosophy. he is bringing the company in a welcomed new direction, telling brian williams that starting next year they will manufacture one entire line of computers here in the u.s.a. $100 million worth. just anytime for me because now i can switch from my del laptop to a new macpro. how excited it will be to buy that macpro and see those magic words stamped on the back of it, "made in the u.s.a. "that's my parting shot for
5:53 am
today, folks here we go into the weekend. enjoy it. kick back. make the most of it. get all of your christmas shopping done and come on back and see us right here on monday! have a good one. >> this is "the bill press show."
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