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tv   Full Court Press  Current  December 21, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PST

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of our sanction to -- it is part of our government to restructure. that which is flawed. we still haven't learned the lesson. perhaps the only good news there is it gives us something to talk about when we turn the corner into next year. what a year it has been. and while 2013 will not see a major national election in this country, we can be sure that most republicans will obstruct and some democrats will appease. we can be sure that the middle east will continue to be a source of vexing questions that need solutions and we can be very sure that wall street will not solve itself. which is why i will be here every weekday night to drill down deep and deliver my views on what matters most. have a wonderful holiday. and a wonderful year. [ music ]
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>> my fellow americasns, good morning, good morning. it is friday december 21st. good to see you this morning. welcome to the "full-court press" here on current tv your first stop in the morning to find out what's going on and to talk about it. we look forward to hearing you sound off at our toll-free line 866-55-press. and, boy, what big news this morning. so much for plan b, john boehner's plan b back fired, blows up in his face and boehner is forced to bow out of plan b when not even his republican caucus would go along with it. hey, we told you a long time ago about john boehner. he is no leader. he is a looser. he can't even control his own republicans. how can he make a deal with president obama. it's going to dominate our talks this morning, but first, the latest. here she is with today's current news update. lisa ferguson's got it out in
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los angeles. hi, lisa. >> hey, bill. that's right. boehner's back-up legislation is not going over too well. republicans scrapped plan b from the house after they realized they did not have enough support even from their own members to pass it. obtain's bill was a last-ditch effort to the force obamases hand and it would have raised taxes only ol salaries topping $1 million. this means the house is headed to holiday break with no fiscal cliff deal and just 11 days until those infamous tax hikes and spending cuts kick in. boehner is still trying to dump this one in obama's lap. he says the house has already passed legislation that stops all of the tax increases and that replaces a sequester with spending cuts and now it is up to the president and senator reid to act on that. it is a far cry from a compromise, though, and from the democrats' side of things, they have passed a bill to the senate that stopped tax hiekdz for all but the upper two %, all but
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those making $250,000 or more a year, the house though still not voting on that. the question is: can boehner survive? he is walking away with no grand bargain, nots even a piece meal deal and an embarrassing failure of of his plan b. replubicans could look for someone else now to fill it. talking points memo's managing editor david curt says it is hard to see how boehner continues from here and why he would even want to. let us know what you think in our chat room. join us at more bill is up after the break. stay with us. the debate about gun violence in america starts here. when the unthinkable happened we all thought, never again. today there is no movie more relevant than "bowling for columbine." michael moore's academy award winning documentary, "bowling for columbine."
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current tv presents this important film tonight at 6 eastern followed immediately by an encore presentation.
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[ music ] >> broadcasting across the nation, on your radio and on current tv this is "the bill
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press show". >> on the east coast, it is six minutes after 6:00 on a friday morning. we can hearby confirm that the world has not ended. high hey, what the hell? good morning, everybody. welcome to the "full-court press" on a friday. ♪ alleluia. ♪ >> damn right. it's friday, december 21st. ♪ alleluia. ♪ >> this friday especially our favorite day here around "the bill press show". ♪ alleluia. ♪ >> bill: alleluia, indeed indeed. good to see you today. welcome to the "full-court press." coming out to you live all the way across this great land of ours, every little village and town and big city in america, from our studio here on capitol hill in washington, d.c. this friday morning, december 21st, now three days, three shopping
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days left until christmas. you don't have to worry about the end of the world any more. just go out and party like, you know, nothing ever stops you, and shop until you drop. and listen to us on the way as you are getting ready and watch us here. you can do that on current tv of course. you can listen to us on your local progressive talk radio station and on sirius xm this hour only. maybe that will change one of these days when they come to their senses. it's good to have you with us today. there is a lot of news to talk about. vice president biden having his first meeting of the tax force on -- task force on guns meeting with law enforcement officials and meeting with members of the president's cabinet. and last night, a bombshell on capitol hill when john boehner couldn't get enough republican votes to even have a vote on his so-called plan b, a col lossal
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embarrassment for john boehner. we have all of that to talk about. so that's why we have assembled our team this morning and a good group of guests, too we will tell you about. peter ogburn off with his family celebrating their holiday. dan henning. we have henning for you. >> dan: we do. i am looking at this coun countdown clock here >> bill: the official clock is what? 6:11. >> 11:11 coordinated universal time is supposedly when the world will end, in two minutes and 12 seconds. >> bill: live it up. phil bachus has the phones. rush. get it in, in the next two minutes and cyprian boulding on video cam. it's hard to believe this is our last show ever, ever ever. well maybe it doesn't matter that vote yesterday. we are all going over the cliff. >> dan: exactly. >> shep smith on fox news
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yesterday, the only person who makes sense on fox news greta sus susstrn does too. shep gave us good advice about what we ought to do. >> go home and drink tonight. >> bill: there it is. >> what every married adults do. do that. >> that may be on the list shep. >> we don't have a full day. this is the last. there will be a fox and friends in the morning. >> do whatever married men do and drink. >> dan: got it. thanks, shep >> bill: thank you, shep. good advice. so, coming up this morning, we've got for you karen bass congress woman karen bass from california going to be here in studio with us. she's still in town. former speaker of the california assembly. we will ask her about the fiscal cliff and also how they got such tough gun laws passed in
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california. lynn suite is going to be here at a friend of bill from the chicago sun times and then bill deblazio, the public advocate for the city of new york who wants the city's pension funds to divest themselves of any monies invested in gun manufacturers. whoa. how about that. so lots of good people coming up. all of you as well, but first. >> this is the full court press. >> dan: fifteen seconds until world ends supposedly. other headlines making news a big change in the media world. cnn has hired abc news white house correspondent jake tapper to be its chief washington correspondent and anchor of a new afternoon show. tapper has been abc's white house man for four years and is known as one of the most aggressive reporters in the city. he will start at cnn early in the new year >> bill: congratuations, jake and and it may be the president won't have to worry about getting such disrespectful
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questions from him any more. >> he won't be in the briefing room any more. >> jonathan karl is going to take his place. >> jimmy kimmel spoke out about his big move abc moving the start time of his late night comedy show to 11:35. he will go head to head with letterman and leno. he is like the character jason pops up with a hatchet just when it seems like he is a goner referring to the rumors that he might be out of a job in two years. >> bill: kimmel on the rise. >> dan: a former olympic runner made an interesting revelation yesterday. susie hamilton, best known for collapsing durn the 150 ohm meter event back in the sidney games admitted to living a double life. she has been spending her evenings as an escort smoking gun found this out and said she was charging 600 bucks an hour
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for her services and that she was living the escort life to cope with a failing marriage. she never did win an olympic needles 600 bucks an hour? >> that's cheap. >> i don't think it's cheap. >> absolutely. some of these escorts are thousands of dollars an hour. >> bill: i wouldn't know. >> dan: neither do i. >> that's what i hear. >> bill: thank you, dan. yes, indeed a collossal embarrassment john boehner's plan b blew up in his face and john boehner sent everybody home for christmas. oh, man, the whole thing collapsed, and it's going to be hard for the republicans to come back from this. let's remember right? let's just remember the scenario here, and then ask the question: what the hell happened and what really, what the hell do we do next? 866-55-press. >> that's where we start off
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this morning. so, let's back up. we just had an election. right? whaupzed number one issue? what are we going to do about tax race? president obama said, here is what i am going to do. i am going to let the tax rates expire for the top 2% affected a col be tay tax break. if you like that, vote for me. mitt romney says i am not going to raise taxes on markos moulitsasaires and billionaires. if you want to protect the millionaires, vote for me. the american people decided. so post election the senate passes a bill that had had passed a bill. president obama said the first thing we ought to do is get the senate bill through the house which will give a continuing tax break to 98% of americans. if you've got -- for the first -- in fact, a tax break on 100% of americans for the first $250,000 worth of income. if you make over $250,000, you
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go back to the clinton era tax rates on your income over 250,000, the president said and had some spending cuts there, a balanced plan seventeen -- no. 28 pages of spending cuts. john boehner rejected that. john boehner said, no. we can't go along with that. so the president comes up with a compromise. we didn't like the compromise. he did it last weekend. he said we will take that 250. we will give you a tax break on the first $400,000 of your income. and the payroll tax holiday which we were going to continue. no. we will get rid of that. that hurt the middle class. we will get rid of that. and guess what? we said we weren't going to touch social security. we will put social security on thetable. shouldn't have done it. he did. he puts that out there and boehner reject that, too. and he says, no, i am going to have my own plan. i am calling it plan b. i am going to raise taxes only on people who make over a
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million dollars. so give everybody a tax break on the first million dollar they own, which gets up to even like .5% of the american people not even the top 1%. john boehner takes plan b and by the way everybody said -- everybody said as recently as yesterday, this is a dead-end. this is not going anywhere. here is first, democratic leader nancy pelosi. >> it's time for republicans to end their bills to no where. >> that's exactly where this bill will go and to do something real. >> bill: yeah bill to no where. harry reid says, hey i don't think this will even get off of the ground in the senate. >> speaker boehner's plans are non-starters in the senate >> bill: non-starters in the senate. jay carney from the white house yesterday said, they are rushing down a dead-end.
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>> instead of taking the opportunity that was presented to them to continue to negotiate what could be a very helpful large deal for the american people, the republicans in the house have decided today run down an ally that has no exit. >> they did. they ran down that alley with no expect expect exit, but here is what happened: john boehner, they go to the house. democrats did not shoot down plan b. they didn't even have a vote on plan b because boehner was forced to withdraw plan b because he couldn't get enough of his republican tea partyers to accept higher tax rates on those making over a million dollars. those 75 or whatever tea partyers said, no we will not race taxes on anybody. we are going to kiss grover norquist's ass, and we are going to stick to that. john boehner, too bad.
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we are not going to go along with you. boehner, in total embarrassment, you know, total failure couldn't even get it, couldn't even round up votes in his own house and had to admit defeat shut down the house and sent everybody home for christmas. wow. 866-55-press, as larry sabito our good friend from the university of virginia yesterday said, boy, this is a real abject failure for republicans. >> no one could be encouraged about what happened in the republican caucus. essentially speaker boehner's plan crashed and burned and we are back to square 1. it's nearly christmas. >> larry sabito says it's no doubt who the american people are going to blame. it never came up for a vote. can't blame president obama for it. this is boehner with his own
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plan b having rejected what the president offered. larry sabito says you know who is at fault here? >> the republicans are probably going to take a big hit in the polls form that. apparently, they are. they realize the next election is two years off and they expect to be able to repair the damage. but they may be whistling past the graveyard >> bill: where do we go now? 866-55-press. i tell you where we go now. hawaii. >> that's what the president ought to do. hell, the senate is out of town. the house is out of town. they are not going to get anything done. so the president is going to hawaii, i bet, today. we are going over the cliff, meaning tax rates are going to go up on every single one of us every single american on january 1st, including -- i mean, everybody. everybody. and then, i think what's going to happen is that president obama and democrats are going to put forth a bill to give us 98% of americans, those on the first
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$250,000 of income 98% of americans a tax cut, and i think congress will be forced to pass it. but there is no doubt about it. i believe -- you tell me if i am wrong -- the american people know who is to blame here it's not president obama. it's not democrats in the house. it's not democrats in the senate. the only person to blame here are the republicans in the house and john boehner. we have been telling you for a long time, boehner can't control his own caucus. this proves it. we have been telling you for a long time. obtain ain't no leader. he is a big lose her, probably the least effective speaker ever in the history of the house of representatives. not going to get anything done as long as boehner is there. huge. what do we do now? where do we go next? 866-55-press. >> heard around the country and seen on current tv this is "the bill press show."
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>> radio meets television, "the bill press show," now on current tv. >> bill: 25 minutes after the hour, and we are still here. the world didn't end. damn. now, i've got to do my christmas shopping. i put it off because i thought, what the hell? no need to do it. we are not even going to be around. interesting. i was just looking on line. yes realize this that there were certain spots in the world that were supposed to survive the apocalypse. >> this one little town, bucurak. why that one place was
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designated as an apocalypse-free zone and it said the population doubled with people who went there to escape the apocalypse. they did, but so did we. >> i heard they shut down the roads going do the town because there were too many people. the rumor is there is a hill or mountain and there is an alien space ship, so you can hope on the space ship and leave before the world ends. >> bill: those who hopped on the space the ship and left might as well come back. >> dan: i think it's a one-way ticket. >> bill: l >> bill: i bet john boehner would like to hop on the space ship this morning. he has eg all over his faces, couldn't even control his own caucus, couldn't get them to agree to vote on his plan b. we have spent the last month. they have spent the last month wasting our time and our money. it's too bad. i wish we could have a national
3:26 am
you know, vote, up or down this morning, on john boehner and on the house republicans. man, i know who would win that vote. i wish we could have a national vote on, okay. you have the president's plan and you've got boehner's bs. all right. which one do you want, american people? why can't we do it like that? why do we have to depend upon these losers to make decisions. paul is out in seattle, washington. where do with he go now bill? >> shear is what i say. the fiscal cliff who walks off of a cliff and keeps walking through the air until he finally, looks down you know. he bows whoa! >> bill: here i am. >> we talked off the fiscal cliff a long time ago when george w. bush took. it took a drunken, alcoholic chain-smoking schmuck like john boehner to look down. where we go from here is gest sequester land and if we have to pay higher taxes because these guys can't get it together, we
3:27 am
will remember who messed it up. john boehner & company and we are also going to realize that maybe we will think twice before we choose a party that does what they have done to this economy in the last 10 years. >> bill: the only -- paul, you are absolutely right. well said, i think the only answer is, you've got to clean house and get rid of these tea partyers in the house of representatives. the problem is the way districts are drawn today, it's almost impossible to defeat them in a primary and impossible for republican, moderate republicans to defeat them in the primary and impossible for democrats to defeat them in the general election. but we have got to clean house. dee in mechanicsville, virginia >> caller: hey, bill. it's disastrous and i think they are doing it on purpose because if they ruin this economy, they can blame it on the african-american president that's in. the problem is that without that being on the plate, we could have did something really quickly about gun control.
3:28 am
>> bill: yes. >> caller: and in the memory of the children, they need to stop playing around. really, this is serious. and this will cause a recession. >> bill: dee, listen, you are absolutely right. but, i just disagree on this. i don't think they can blame this on obama. there is no way now they can blame this on the president. there is no way they can blame it on democrats in the house and the senate. the world sees that the republicans, themselves, fell apartment yesterday. >> this is "the bill press show." the debate about gun violence in america starts here. when the unthinkable happened we all thought, never again. today there is no movie more relevant than "bowling for columbine." michael moore's academy award winning documentary, "bowling for columbine."
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current tv presents this important film tonight at 6 eastern followed immediately by an encore presentation.
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>> chatting with you live at
3:33 am this is "the bill press show" live on your radio and current tv >> bill: >> bill: 33 minutes after the hour on the day the world did not end but on the day that any belief that john boehner knows what the hell he is doing, any idea that will republicans are really serious about debt relief in this country, doing something about the national debt and about our deficit, any idea that they are serious about balancing the budget, no no, forget it. it all ended last night when republicans wouldn't even go along with boehner's plan requiring them to pay a little higher in taxes. they wouldn't go along with that. said they went home for christmas. your calls at 866-55-press. the full court press coming from you from the nation's capitol brought to you by the communication workers, the good
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men and women of the cwa, the union for the information age action indeed, and all of their good work is documented on the website. visit it at back to your calls in just a second, first this holiday season, great time for you to do what i have done and go on try an cest and take a look at your family roots and answer all of the questions you have been wondering about where your ancestors came from, you know who married whom when and how it all came together. i have had a lot of fun tracking my family back from delaware city delaware to salem, new jersey and then on before that from rega until lat via and try has made it easy for you by giving you two free weeks to start discovering your family's history with access to over $11,000,000,000 11 billion. what am i saying?
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historical documents. you know, you might even want to give a member of your family one of those hard-to-shop-for people gifts and membership in to share my incredible experience, visit and try two weeks free. visit think of all of the good stories you will have to tell your family when you get together, but i mentioned, by the way, there is no way, if you look at the facts, again, there is no way they can blame this on president obama or on the democrats. john boehner put up his own plan. he holds the house in session all week long without doing anything schedules a vote last night. they never even got to a vote. so democrats never even had a
3:36 am
chance to vote against it because boehner couldn't round up enough votes in his own caucus to agree to take it up for a vote. and yet eric cantor still tries to blame it on president obama. >> the president's unwillingness or inability to come to a balanced agreement with our speaker presents us with very little option other than to try and work hard to avoid a tax hike on so many millions of americans. >> bill: you know what? nobody believes these clowns any more. boehner, cantor zero credibility after what happened last night. scott's calling from carson city, nevada. hey, scott. good morning >> caller: good morning. >> bill: yes. >> caller: i think what we need to do after we go off the fiscal cliff is through my state, through senator reid we need to introduce new legislation to increase the tax rate again, you know from the 4% another 8%
3:37 am
because i think the problem here is the republicans aren't doing that 4%. i don't think it means that much to them. who is going to hit is going to be the little guy. >> bill: absolutely. absolutely, because, you know if the -- if the top 2% are not paying their fair share of taxes, right? the added revenue is going to come from cuts to programs that the middle class depend upon. we have seen that. >> that's exactly what the republicans want, scott. so i don't know about going up to 8%. i will just take the 4% that will get them back to what they were playing under bill clinton. laurie in lewisville texas. >> caller: how are you doing? i was thinking the president needs to press hard and really use the mandate that he has. he has a huge mandate. >> bill: yeah. >> caller: i think he has a chance to put forward the
3:38 am
progressive agenda now. >> bill: he does, but he's got, you know, the problem is there is only so much he can do by executive order, you know. >> that's the 8 our government works actually. we should be happy about that. but he's got to get this through congress. he has the road blocking of the republican tea partyers who are running the show. it's the tail wagging the dog in the house, laurie >> caller: i understand. not insurance. >> bill: i don't know whether we just -- i tell you what the president ought to do, get on the plane to hawaii today. he deserves it. he hasn't had a vacation didn't take a vacation this summer. what the hell? the senate has already gone. right? as of last night, the house left town, and boehner just said, it's up to you mr. president. he can't do it single-handedly anyhow. so we are going over the cliff. might as well watch us go over the cliff on the beach of hawaii as sitting in the white house with bo. ron is calling from elgin, illinois. hey, ron. >> caller: good morning, bill.
3:39 am
>> bill: good morning. >> caller: just stating the obvious. we are going over the cliff, and that may or may not be the worst thing that will ever happen. >> bill: i don't think it's the worse. i don't think it's going to be that bad. and i think there will be an immediate course correction once we go over. >> caller: i agree. i think action will be spurred after that. i think the other thing that the republicans are telling mr. boehner is that maybe his days as speaker have been numbered, and maybe when they come back with a new congress maybe we will have a new speaker of the house. >> bill: you know i think that is -- i think you are right on about that. and i think john boehner knows it. what's scary, ron, is that we could end up with somebody worse than boehner believe it or not. boehner doesn't >> caller: that could happen. >> bill: boehner doesn't agree with his tea partyers on everything, but he can't control them. if they dump him, they might get somebody who actually agrees
3:40 am
with him. you know what i mean? like eric -- >> a lot worse >> bill: like eric cantor. listen, i know i may be making -- exaggerating to make a point, but i think this is really, really bad for the republican party. there is no doubt they get the blame for this. they deserve the blame. i think this could be the end of the republican party if they just continue down this road. and as of last night, they seem determined to do so. these people do not care about 98% of americans. they do not carry. remember, tom cole conservative cran, head of the finance committee said, as republicans what we ought to do is give 98% of americans a tax cut and then let's fight about what we do with the top 2%. and these tea partyers even rejected that advice. jones calling from lake aerial, pennsylvania. hey, joan. good morning. >> caller: hey, bill what are
3:41 am
you doing? >> bill: great. what do you think? >> caller: i was watching as they were walking out of the house, and i saw the look on eric cantor's face. he had a big smile from ear to ear. and i truly, truly believe that what they are doing is they are trying to get obtain out and cantor in. and that scares me to death because i am on disability. and everything that they want to do, the tea party wants to do is everything that i depend upon to live. >> bill: of course. all of those programs that you depend upon and millions of americans like you, uh-uh. they will pull the plug on those for sure. right? >> caller: exactly. >> bill: i think eric cantor while he professes -- as the number 2 guy processs labilityoyalty, i bet he orchestrated this vote last night. >> caller: i agree. >> bill: with the teachers against obtain. joan, good to hear from you, jb in greensboro north carolina.
3:42 am
>> caller: merry christmas, bill. >> bill: mer rechris massachusetts to you. >> the clown bus ran out of gas last night. >> bill: they did. didn't they. >> i am pretty sure it was tom ricks. if it's not, i apologize to him but i am pretty sure it was him i heard say something about the military here awhile back that the sequester would take the military back to 2007 levels, which in his opinion, and mine too, his -- he is an authority and i am not. but his opinion was that that would have been still a lot of money, hundreds of billions of dollars for the military. and i think that would probably be a good thing. >> bill: yeah. i mean by the way, that's one of the things i am hoping chuck hagle gets in as defense secretary because he has been out spoken on the need to trim the military budget. yeah, so in many ways the sequester, i don't think, would be the end of the world and i don't think going over the cliff
3:43 am
is the end of the world and we said it here so many times on the program and i carried your message to the presidentbly saw him over the holidays is no deal is better than a bad deal. well, there ain't no deal now because congress has left town. they have gone home. they have fled the coop. john boehner in total entire asment, tail between his legs, on a plane back to ohio. so, mr. president, my advice is take your vacation. get on a plane to hi. hey, i am going to go to california in the morning. so what the hell? >> this is "the bill press show." now let's hear yours. >> politically direct means no bs, just tellling you what's going on in politics today. (vo) at the only online forum with a direct line to bill press.
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>> on your radio and on current tv this is "the bill press show." >> bill: thin minutes now before the top of the hour. congress woman karen bass from california joins us in studio in the next hour. yesterday, didn't get a lot of attention because focus moved bang to the fiscal cliff because of boehner's embarrassing plan b. vice president biden met with law enforcement officers, met with people of the president's cabinet. mean while, around the country, there have been more and more calls on pension plans to take a look at whether they might be putting money or have invested money in gun manufacturers and this is now the time in the wake of the newtown, connecticut, tragedy to pull that money from gun manufacturers. nobody has more out spoken on this than the public advocate for the city of new york bill
3:48 am
deblasio joins us on the news line this morning. bill g to have you with us. >> caller: thank you, bill. >> bill: >> bill: let me ask you: have you taken a look at new york city pension plans and any direct connection with gun manufacturers? >> absolutely, bill. i think you see this in any public pension fund in the country. we had 18 million in investments, in guns and ammunition industries. and i have to tell you the response has been amazing. i said a few days ago, that i am going to initiate a divestment action for all new york city pension funds. we have 115 billion in assets. so we are a big player in the pension world. i am going to be reaching out to pension funds all over the country and ask them to do the same. this is one of these moments in history. you have been powerful on this point. you know we change now or we will never have the opportunity to make the change we have to. >> bill: i know that the
3:49 am
california teachers association, for example, they called seberus, the big venture capital fund and we see we have a lot of money in your fund and you are investing in this freedom group that made the bushmaster rifle used in newtown, connect and serberus says we are not going to fight with you. we will divest ourselves with any money in the freedom group. this kind of pressure can really work. right? >> there is no question it can work. we know this from years ago from the anti-apartheid movement. the freedom group will be up for sale now. it's crucial that the pension funds in your city and ail over the country refuse to have anything to do with the companies that might buy the freedom group. this has to be -- you know this is one of these moments where we need to disrupt business as usual because the gun industry
3:50 am
the nra, the leading edge politically. but the gun industry has provided an environment where it's normalal that assault weapons and military clips can be available on the civilian market. that bushmaster rifle, that was legally purchased. that is how broken things are. so i think what i am hoping we all can achieve -- by the way, the citizens the average citizen has a role to play in this pushing government officials on divestment. what i hope we can achieve is a real disruption of business as usual here forcing this industry back on its heels forcing the nra to finally have to own up to what they have done. >> bill: again, we are talking with bill deblasio, who is the public advocate for the city of new york very powerful position in new york city. i wish every city in the country had one. you can follow his good work and the work of his office online at
3:51 am correct? >>. >> correct. >> bill: bill, who makes these decisions and how can we bring it about? we all see the need. can people put pressure on these pension boards are pretty closed-room deals. aren't they? >> they have been historically, bill, but they don't need to be. i will tell you why. first of all, the money being invested for retirees from public service. retirees, themselves have an investment and a connection to it. the unions involved sit on the boards in many cases. a lot of the folks who do the voting are publically elected officials. i think what has happened in the past, it has all been left in the shadows. the anti-apart i'd movement a few other moments that came out to the forever. i think it's crucial for citizens to let their public officials they want not just the pencil money but every kind of public money that's spent, you know, procurement for the the
3:52 am
those that run the government, taken away from anybody company that has anything to do with the guns because, you know, i think if the companies sense and the freedom group, for example, the companies sense that things are starting to collapse around them, that's when they will actually take some of their own limitations on top of what we need to do in washington. the companies have to feel the walls are closing in on them. >> if they do and make some adjustments, the nra is going to have a news conference this afternoon, you know, telling what their reaction is going to be. i can't wait to hear that. i can't believe they are going to compromise very much. but i think you are right. you go after the money, go after the companies. they are the ones who are driving this train. >> and as the "new york times" points out today, the companies are fueling the nra's political and lobbying efforts. if you undercut the companies if you undercut the company's
3:53 am
ability to profit, increasingly profit in recent years if they have to change their behavior, it has a profound affect of the financing of the nra >> bill: we have never met but i have admired you from a distance. i appreciate your taking the time to come to the show this morning. maybe next time you are in new york, we can get together. you are leading a great fight here you have the american people behind you. so i don't have to tell you to keep up the fight because i know you will. thanks, bill. >> bill, the feeling is mutual. i appreciate it and despite the tough topic we are talking about, very happy holidays to you and to all of your listeners. >> bill: to you. bill deblasio, very effective public advocate for the city of new york. i have heard some rumors he might want to run for mayor. not a bad idea. >> this is "the bill press show."
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there's only one place to go to get real for the holidays. current tv presents a month long festival of true stories. >> it doesn't get anymore real than this.
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>> taking e-mails on any topic at any time. live on current tv. >> a good friday friday december 21st on the "full-court press." we are excited. in the next hour, lynn sweet, washington bureau chief for the chicago sun times in the studio as a friend of bill. we will be joined by congresswoman karen bass, former speaker of the california state assembly and now congresswoman from southern california to talk to us about -- talk to us about the fiscal cliff meanwhile, with the collapse of plan b last night, ba benda wants to know
3:57 am
why is john boehner speaker? the republican house doesn't want to follow him. >> that's why he cancelled last night's vote. dwayne nickerson wants to know. i wonder if they are going to have "the bill press show" on in the after life if the world ends tomorrow. it was supposed to end at 6:12 east coast time. and guess what? we are still here. so "the bill press show" will be here in this life and the afterlife. >> this is "the bill press show."
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>>. >> right here in our nation's capitol, coming to you live from washington, d.c., bringing you the stories of the day and, most importantly, giving you a chance to weigh in, get the involved in the conversation a call at 866-55-press. guess what? it is now 7 o'clock on the east coast and the world did not end. december 21st and we are still here. the myans were wrong. we still have to deal with the fiscal cliff gun violence and christmas shopping.
4:00 am
damn. all right. we will tell but it. today's current news update from lisa ferguson out in los angeles. hi, lisa. good morning. >> hey, bill. we made it at least until the next rapture? president obama is taking time to respond to petitions on the white house website calling for more gun control room. in a new video, obama lays out his plan saying he has called on congress to pass common sense legislation. that would ban the sale of military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammo clips and make sure legal loopholes do not let criminals get their hands on a gun. obama says it's time to stand up and say enough on behalf of the nation's children. >> you've started something, and now, i am asking you to keep at it. i am asking for your help to make a real meaningful difference in the lives of our communities and our country and make sure the united states of america is a safer stronger place for our children to learn and to grow. >> over the next month, the president is pledging not only
4:01 am
to address the weapons but, also, the education mental illness and cultural factors behind gun violence. mayor bloomberg is speaking out again, this time against the nra. here he is last night on abc. 's "nightline." ? >> i think the public has finally, come to the conclusion we are going to do this whether you like it or not the. and, in fact connecticut is because of some of their actions. >> that's bloomberg laying some blame on the nra there. the nra is breaking silence today and will hold a major news conference in downtown d.c. more bill press up after the break. stay with us. when alea was born i definitely was not prepared. i just asked myself, "am i doing all that i can, am i doing the best that i can for her?" my whole family was so thrilled and so excited. it was just the start of a wonderful journey.
4:02 am
i feel lucky every single day that i have my parents, i have my grandparents and that alea has grandparents and great-grandparents. sometimes they'll joke around and they'll say, " how's our baby, how's our baby?" and she's almost like this collective family baby. the fact that all of these generations can live together happily and get to know each other and learn from each other is really incredible. my mom was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes when she was 15. when she was first diagnosed they didn't even have any blood sugar monitor. people really didn't know what the future would hold for her but now, today, there are so many resources available to her. she has all these technological devices to help her stay healthy. >> it's sunny out. >> it is sunny out. since alea was born, i almost feel more responsible for making the world a better place. we all have the ability to make
4:03 am
it better for ourselves and for our children. >> brought to you by roche, the maker of the new accu-chek nano blood glucose meter.
4:04 am
>> on current tv this is "the bill press show."
4:05 am
>> bill: it's december 21st. we are still here. i don't know whether that's good news or bad news. the myans were yong. i am looking forward to a great day and rest of our lives. good morning, everybody. great to see you. it is the full court press here on friday, december 21st. three shopping days left until christmas, and we are going to bring you the news of the day. there is alternates of news out of our nation's capitol. not all of it good but plan b blew up in john boehner's face last night. you probably heard, and he spent his -- sent the republicans, sentence the whole gang home for the christmas holidays and said obviously, we can't get anything done. who is running the show over there? obviously not john boehner. we have a lot to talk about this morning. good to have you with us. you can join the conversation at any time, either by phone,
4:06 am
866-55-press, or on twitter at bp show, on facebook press show. we will have a good round table on the issues here this hour with lin sweet good friend of ours and washington reporter for the chicago sun times. we escaped the apocalypse. >> the day is young. >> it was supposed to happen at 6:12? >> what time zone? >> 6:12 eastern. it was 11:11, coordinated universal time 11:11, the again itch meridian. >> we are good then. >> dan: we are an hour past it now. >> i am glad i didn't waste those extra quarters in the parking meter. >> bill: there are so many things? right? that we maybe put off because we thought what the hell? we may not have to deal with that. right? >> i was optimistic. ever sun ny
4:07 am
>> bill: lynn is here. peter ogburn has the week off with his family. dan henning flying the 747. >> dan: good morning is >> bill: with phil back we can on the phones and cyprian bolder boulding on the cameras and we are coming to you live on our local progressive talk radio station. yesterday, most people were saying before this blew up last night that plan b wasn't going anywhere anyhow. everybody was dumping on it except patty murray from washington thought this sounded good. >> i got really excited when i heard speaker obtain talking about plan b and thought maybe they have made progress on an important women's health issue i had been working on. that was not the case >> bill: boehner had a didn't plan b. he wasn't talking about birth control or contraception.
4:08 am
>> if plan b was for plan boehner, he made -- he either knew or should have known and if he knew, it's interesting, he could talk about what he was trying to play out, that he could not have the votes to pass a speak certain controls what goes on the house to florida. he yanked it in order to defeat. he admitted he didn't have the votes. so this is interesting. did he not whip it to know? why did he bring it up two days ago? it's not like this is an issue. some in congress percolate for ages and you don't know where you stand. you have to count votes. you are not sure. this thing was wholly happened this week. >>tched this week. >> >> >> bill: i had a lunch yesterday with friends and a couple of lobbyists. the question they were raising was: why is obtain bringing this up to a vote?
4:09 am
because, he could roz in his own caucus. on the other side. but first, again, we are going to be joined by karen bass a little bit later in this hour in studio. she is former speaker of the california assembly, now congresswoman from southern california. in the next hour, sister simone campbell nuns on the bus is going to be here in the studio as well. but first. >> this is the full court press >> dan: on this friday, other things you need to know before you head out the door. another honor for michael fops the 22 time olympic medalism named the associated press male athlete of the year for the second time. he beat out nba star lebron james for that title. he is only the second olymme an to get the award twice. the other, runner carl lewis. >> his performance at the summer olympics >> dan: he deserves it. mitt romney is not transitioning to become president but the
4:10 am
fedsshelled out a significant amount of cash to prepare if the election had a different income. time magazine found out romney's campaign legally used almost $9 million of federal funds under the presidential transition act for pretransition preparation like securing a building for two and a half million dollar and the other six or seven million on communecations equipment and furniture. >> bill: $9 million? >> dan: $9 million of taxpayer money on a transition. >> bill: he has to pay that back. distance that's what i am saying. >> i think it's okay. because if he had won, you wanted and orderlitrition and that money goes for their committees. >> bill: they have to start planning ahead of time. >> obama had that add vantage, too, when he was the nominee. he had a transition team. this is part of the -- when you look at who is in the cabinet now and these important spots, they are early
4:11 am
>> bill: $9 million. >> the money is given to them after they are nominated at the convention. >> it is an amazing amount of money. don't get me wrong. okay? to be spent in a short period of time. >> bill: probably necessary. >> the tasks are necessary. the cost in the i don't know where the building was. >> bill: keep the building. >> the reason approximately obama will not do the gam numb style dance in public, it would embarrass his daughters. in an interview with the hollywood reporter obama revealed he has done the dance plenty of times in the private living room but sasha and malia cringe every time they see him do it. dan, just stop. >> isn't that what dads do all over? embarrass their daughters? my dad never did though. my dad never did >> bill: what?
4:12 am
call foul on that? >> jason sweet never embarrassed me. >> bill: so let's come back to john boehner. the headline in "the new york times," boehner cancels tax votes in face of g.o.p. revolt. i think it's on daily beast this morning, the headline is gop crazies sink boehner. >> i think he has another brutal headline, boehner -- this isn't brutal. post. so here is what's interesting, one of the things that dick durbin said that i thought was so vivid in his image re this plan even if had it had passed was dead on arrival in the senate. but even in terms of boehner showing his muscle. i like what durbin said. he said this plan is like the final scene in thelma and louise. your listeners, i hope know what that is. it's when the drive off of a cliff. they are outlaws. they drive off of a cliff. it's true they avoid capture but
4:13 am
at what price? >> bill: absolutely. i guess that's a powerful imagery. so where are we now? >> i think actually this means now boehner passes to harry reid. the takes him to free up 25 to 35 republicans to add to the democratic vote. this failure might not be -- he might be taking the hit to show his people, i tried. i am reasonable. i couldn't get the 218. but he looks like a reasonable guy. maybe, you know, i know it's embarrassing, but maybe not. maybe it's situational embarrassment >> bill: you are referring to the fact that what john boehner could do is schedule a house vote on the senate bill that is already passed, which would give a tax break for the first 250,000 -- >> or maybe they would do a version that ups the number, the negotiated number, a half
4:14 am
million, whatever. a little different. it could be a little different if they have to send it back to the senate >> bill: if itf it were different, go back to the senate. the president said he would sign it. it needs, as you say 25 republicans. i want to be sure everyone understands what you are referring to. john boehner refused to bring that up to a vote. here is the problem with your scenario, it seems. they ain't here he sends them home last night. >> they will come back, or you do it next year. i mean i have always thought it's realistic >> bill: he sent them home until after christmas. >> still -- >> bill: a couple of days? >> they will come back on the 26th. >> bill: thursday or friday of in week, maybe they could do it. >> if there is a will there is time. now, it does take time to translate a deal into legalease. now there are probably enoughed drafts if it is a matter of changing numbers, maybe it isn't that difficult or if they have
4:15 am
the the framework, they still vote on a stop-gap measure with the understanding that this is a deal for the congress sworn in on january 3rd >> bill: do you still think there is a possibility that next week, they could, you know round up the forces back together and get something done and avoid -- >> sure >> bill: the january 1st deadline. >> do i have anything more than a gut right now to think they could? but there is still time. as long as there is time and, you sigh even though the members went home until christmas, we have all kinds of ways to communicate, so if there is a deal they might use this time more useful not having the members around any more to foment dissent. talking about the g.o.p. members beating up on boehner. he said he was willing to lose his speakership on it. he gets elected again, you know,
4:16 am
next year everyone knows you, you can't just walk away from this and do nothing. so something will happen. >> bill: something will happen at some time. i don't think -- my personally i think we have run out the clock on it. there is no way they are going to do anything next week. we are going over the cliff. >> that's my belief. go ahead. >> wham we don't know is what their whip count is. if it includes a lot of the tea party members who won't be there in the next -- in the next congress, maybe they could wait. maybe they know. maybe they know something we don't. >> bill: is there any doubt that after what happened last night, i know eric cantor came out and said this is president obama's fault. president obama put out a plan, boehner rejected. president obama came up with a compromise. boehner rejected and said no i am going to go to plan b instead. now he can't get enough votes in
4:17 am
his caucus for his plan. can they turning around? they will try, and blame it on the democrats and president obama? >> nothing to it. so what? what will that change? >> bill: no. my questions means: will the american people by it? i think they ran out of steam on this. >> i think when you hold out a plan where you could say what is it? a few hundred thousand people earn over a million? >> bill: yeah. >> in order to save them a few thousand dollars, you let this whole thing go down the drain? i mean let's say the 250 was low. i actually thought it was kind of low because in a lot of places, you have a two-income couple that each earn, you know going salary. you could hit that threshold pretty easily and if you live in an urban area, new york, chicago, 250. >> bill: you would be so lucky? >> you would be so lucky. it doesn't mean you are -- obama likes to use the term the top
4:18 am
earners should pay more. i know you are blessed of the you make that kind of money. but be that as it may, if you live in a very expensive house and market, it doesn't go as far. having said that if you -- that's why obama did want to have the limit raised to 400,000. i guess the point is, when you talk about blame if the house can't figure out a deal that even its republican members can agree on, then you have everyone else, we all have to agree, it's three parties, house, senate and the white house. so you almost have to figure out something. >> that's why i think. >> be two 5 or 30 republicans. haven't studied the districts, who they could be, who are the safest republicans. they are probably the safest mod rats, but i believe they are at least -- there are at least 20 of them. >> bill: the problem is. >> you might have some
4:19 am
democratic drop-offs if there is a social security, cost of living >> bill: those republicans can't vent unless boehner schedules a vote. >> right >> bill: he looses his speakereship. >> you are right on that. it all depends. he still has to schedule a vote because they will never get a discharge petition signed which is the way to go around him. >> bill: nancy pelosi tried that. it didn't work. >> right >> bill: you have some hope that something can be resolved. i don't, before the 1st. i want to ask you whether you have any hope at all. we will talk to karen bass about this that they are going to be able to do something about gun violence as well. lynn sweet, the washington bureau chief for the chicago sun times. your calls welcome at 866-55-press. >> this is "the bill press show." perspective. >>i'm a slutty bob hope. the troops love me.
4:20 am
>>only on current tv. dose of politics from a fresh perspective. >>i'm a slutty bob hope. the troops love me. >>only on current tv.
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un violence in america starts here. when the unthinkable happened we all thought, never again. today there is no movie more relevant than "bowling for columbine." michael moore's academy award winning documentary, "bowling for columbine." current tv presents this important film tonight at 6 eastern followed immediately by an encore presentation.
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>> this is "the bill press show." >> bill: 25 minutes after the hour now. here we go with the "full-court press" on this friday morning. we are going to talk movies in the next segment. talk about going from whatever a little segue here but zee"zero dark 30" and chris orr from "the atlantic" has declared it the best movie of the year. we are talking about the fiscal cliff, its impact on low-income families as pointed out by a group of faith leaders. sister simone campbell was one of them and she is in studio with us this morning. sister, we have a call here for you.
5:22 am
but before you do, i have to ask you, you and i first met when the vatican said these americans, these nuns in america are spending too much time talking about poverty and not enough time talking about the important issues like same-sex marriage and abortion and they said they are going to have a little investigation of what the nuns here were up to. what's the latest on that? >> the -- currently the leadership conference of women religious is engaged in some dialogue with the byrnes, educating them about what religious life is about, what our issues are. >> bill: take a little break here? >> saved my life. and so they are right now trying to explain who we are as women religious because none of the byrnes that are investigating are members of the religious community. so this is education time. they are in school. >> bill: i love it, that the nuns are educating the bishops.
5:23 am
boy do they need that. >> quite clearly, the bishops will do their own piece of education so we are not bishops, so we don't understand their concerns and their world. so we need to receive that also. >> bill: just so you know, you are right. they are wrong. ken is calling from jones oklahoma. hey, ken. good morning? >> good morning, bill. sister campbell, i wanted to say thank you very, very much because you have been doing what i believe truly is christian and i really appreciate you. i am on disability. >> thank you. >> caller: i willam living off of social security and it's really tough out here and there are very few people standing up for us. and what you guys are doing is just a god-send. thank you. ? >> thank you. >> bill: there you go? >> thank you so much, ken. we have to stand together. and it's people like you that i was asked yesterday what keeps my courage up, what keeps my
5:24 am
energy up, and it's people like ken. it's the stories of people that we know, the real people who are struggling. thank you. >> bill: well, you know, they need to know somebody is fighting for them. right? and -- >> absolutely. >> bill: i'm sorry. when you look at too many of these leaders on capitol hill today, it's pretty clear they don't care about people like ken, but, sister, you do, and you are doing a great job. thank you so much for your time this morning? >> so glad to be with you >> bill: thank you for your leadership. merry christmas and happy holidays? >> merry christmas. happy holidays. >> this is "the bill press show." [ music ] >> i am here to make a citizen's arrest.
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(vo) current tv presents a month long festival of true stories. get real for the holidays. starting at noon eastern.
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[ music ] >> chatting with you live at, this is
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"the bill press show" live on your radio and current tv. >> bill: here we go 33 minutes after the hour now here on this friday december 21st. it is the full court press. we are coming to you live from our nation's camtol brought to you by the international brotherhood of teamsters under president jim hoffa. we live better because of their good work. find out more about their good work at teamster chris orr, a film critic for "the atlantic." he is saying "zero dark 30," not out yet most places in this country. he calls it the best film of 2012. hey, chris. good to see you this morning? >> good to be back, bill. thank you. >> bill: there have been a lot of good movies this year, i think. >> it has been an nonyl good year. >> how many movies do you see a week? >> it varies but two or three most weeks. >> bill: really? not as bad as i thought? >> four some weeks and then i
5:30 am
see one. so many movies come out. there are a lot that it's really impossible to keep up. >> i saw "lincoln" recently. terrific movie. i mentioned "silver lining playbook" which i didn't loch, but it was good. i would love to see zat"zero dark 30." there is "skyfall" on and on? good movies. "zero dark 30" only played in two cities. so you can sneak in under 2012. why do you say it's the best of the year? >> it's a really, i think, ambitious film. >> argo was good? >> almost too many to keep up with in the last couple of months in particular. i think "zero dark 30" is a very mature film. catherine big low who directed the hurt locker which she won best picture and best director. i liked "the hurt locker" bi i didn't think it was ambitious. i thought it was well executed
5:31 am
but narrow in scope. "zero dark 30" about the hunt for bin laden and leading up to it is just a much broader, more ambitious film. it has real scope and yet it still has real dynamism. it's a war movie, a procedurally. it's a really whatever. it's an edge-of-your-seat film >> bill: is it historically accurate? >> the problem is no one knows for certain because the film makers had access to classified intelligence the rest of us don't know about. they claim it was a semi journalistic enterprise and they say it was a work offication. it's impossible because we don't know what they might have learned from the cia and what they made up. i think they did this in good faith but they have gotten in a bind where it's difficult to
5:32 am
tell. there is some controversy >> bill: a lot of controversy. >> that's why i ask the question. again, not having seen it, but having talked with friends about it who have heard a lot about it, one is that it seems that the most of the credit in the movie goes to a female c.i.a. operative who was the woman who kept this issue alive all that time. >> based on a real agent that remains classified >> bill: a real agent? >> she evidently is. there was a good piece about her in the "washington post" last week. and she evidently is reasonably closely based. again, i am sure they took -- >> bill: she kept the focus on? >> obstinate and in some cases insubordinate and not well liked by colleagues but it was her tenacity evidently that led to the bake that revealed the abadab a. d compound >> bill: you hinted that these film makers were given access by somebody in the obama
5:33 am
administration to classified information. >> including access, i believe to this particular c.i.a. agent on whom the character is based >> bill: did they breach national security by helping out hollywood film makers who were going to make the president look good for getting osama bin laden? >> my strong assumption is no. i think it is a breach of etiquette. it put the film makers in a difficult spot. it's hard to turn down access like that if you are offered it but i think it put them in this sort of slightly awkward position where they can't really say what they know and they can't say what they have made up. and, again, it's a temptation i can't see any film maker resisting. >> bill: as a result they get osama bin laden and then it makes obama look good? >> the early controversy before
5:34 am
anyone saw the film was a number of the president's critics were saying it was going to be pro-obama propaganda. the movie was supposed to be released before the election. it really isn't at all. obama appears once on a t.v. screen in the background in what i think really can only be described as at best an iranic moment. it's really not a movie about obama. obviously it is clear in the movie that he is the one who gave the final order, but it is not about that process. it is not about obama and his advisors. >> bill: senator feinstein and other senators said this movie is dangerous because it seems to imply that waterboarding works torture works, the information that led to the -- to this mission was achieved through torture. >> i am really looking forward to more people seeing this movie because i think this is a valuable and interesting
5:35 am
discussion. i have to say, my initial response in the movie theater was really quite the opposite. the first 45 minutes or so includes some very harrowing scenes of torture, including waterboarding. and if you will recall back, you know, in the days when this was being debated, a lot of the big proponents of enhanced interrogation said waterboarding wasn't torture at all, down played it and said we do it to our special forces just dripping water on a guy and it's not that bad. i don't think that is a debate that anyone who has seen this movie is going to have any more. waterboarding is very clearly torture and i think that the man who was tortured is portrayed synpathetically and the torturer is portrayed as horrific. moreover, the intelligence that ultimately comes from the captive tortured does not come as a result of torture. you can say what they employed later would not be possible without the earlier torture. but i think film makers didn't
5:36 am
set out to make a pro-torture movie. i think they are legitimate criticisms to be made but it's a complicated question and one that, again, i look forward to more people seeing the movie because i am personally quite conflicted about it. you look at various journalits who have looked at the movie some like jane merit with "the new yorker" and others familiar well security, like my old colleague at the atlantic thought it was a fair portrayal. wired thought it was an anti-torture movie. it's a debate that will be interesting to be haul more broadly >> bill: the"the atlantic," chris orr. this will be in broad release january 11th. >> that's right. >> bill: coming up also, we have les mis.
5:37 am
he have i have seen that will trailer and talked to a friend who went for a screening. this is getting advanced reviews. have you seen it? >> i have. >> bill: and? >> i think people are really going to be divided by it. i think people who are devout fans of the musical are going to enjoy it. there is a lot to enjoy there. it's a big, ambitious film. it's two hours and 37 minutes long. >> bill: yes. >> about the same length as "zero dark 30." i think "zero dark 30" earns every minute. i think for a lot of people les miserable will drag. it has this terrific innovation tom hooper. >> singing live? >> seen that? the infomercial playing in theaters. it's really quite a break drive-thru and one of those things that you sort of don't notice what you have been missing until you see it, you know, when you watch musicals they are very rarely close-ups
5:38 am
on somebody singing because they are not actually singing. they are lip synching and the close-ups are powerful, somebody ing their voice in song on for a long, extended shot. my view is that it's a really valuable innovation but as so often happens, tom hooper falls too much in love with it. the second or third time you see somebody singing in tight closum and the 23rd time you see it, it's lost some of its power. >> bill: we can't run out and see "zero dark 30" this christmas season but what is out there now that you think is absolutely worth a night out? >> i think les miserable is if you are a fan of the musical. if you are someone who has questions about whether you want to spend two and a half hours watching a live version of les les mis, you may not >> bill: if not les mis, what? >> what else is there? i have mixed feelings about "the
5:39 am
hobit." >> bill: right? >> extremely long. it's the first of a planned trill yeah. hugh jackson stretched the movie out but if you are a big fan of his "lord of the rings" movies, parts of what i didn't like about "the hobbit" was it's too much like the "lord of the rings" movies. but if you are in for a special effects adventure, it's a good movie. "lincoln" is still out a terrific movie. i think daniel day lewis >> bill: phenomenal? >> different from some of the performances he has given before. a quiet performance. "skyfall," one of the best in many years. >> bill: good season. good year. i think hollywood has redeemed itself in many ways. can't wait to see "zero dark 30." chris, i wish we had more time. thanks for your good work? >> it was a pleasure >> bill: happy holidays and we
5:40 am
will talk about les mis and "zero dark 30" after i have seen it? >> that sounds perfect. thanks, bill. >> this is "the bill press show." [ music ] festival of true stories. >> it doesn't get anymore real than this. [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent. oh, did you want it? yea we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light buttery and flakey. that's half that's not half! guys, i have more! thanks mom [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin the saying easy as pie? i get it now. just unroll it fill, top, bake, and present. that must have taken you forever! it was really tough. [ female announcer ] pillsbury pie crust. let the making begin
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tonight at 6 eastern a current tv exclusive. the debate about gun violence in america starts here. when the unthinkable happened we all thought, never again. today there is no movie more relevant than "bowling for columbine." michael moore's academy award winning documentary, "bowling for columbine." current tv presents this important film tonight at 6 eastern followed immediately by an encore presentation.
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[ music ] . >> this is "the bill press show." >> all right. thirteen minutes before. here we go. the top of the hour, if you will court press on a friday december 21st, well, we know these are tough times as sister simone campbell was telling us. if you are looking for some extra cash at the end of the month, this is something you should consider,
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5:45 am
of the week, our favorite clips of the week to bring you the top and work our way to the top. speaker or democratic leader nancy pelosi said she's got already, she's made up her mind on who she wants to support for for president in 2016. >> number 5. >> a certain secretary of state? >> i hope she goes. why wouldn't she? she could be president of the united states and she would be great and if she decided to run -- and i think she would win. >> bill: yes. hillary for 2016, says nancy pelosi. president -- no. president obama put forth a plan, john boehner rejected it t john boehner came up with his own plan called "plan b." and that got washington senator patty murray excited for a while until she realized. >> number 4. >> i actually got really excited when i heard speaker boehner talking about plan b because i
5:46 am
thought finally, they have made progress on a women's health issue i have been working on. >> bill: no, senator. john boehner is opposed to most women's health issues, including making sure that plan b or any form of birth control or contraception is available to american women. robert bourke died this week. we remember back to 1987 when his name was first put up at the senate judiciary committee. ted kennedy made clear he was leading the opposition to that nomination. >> number 3, robert bourke's america, there is no room at the inn for blacks and no place in the constitution for women and, in our america, there should be no seat on the supreme court for report bork >> bill: and there was not. justice anthony kennedy ended up getting that seat. america focused on the issue of
5:47 am
gun violence this week. nobody more out spoken on it for a long time. nobody nobody has done more about it than mayor michael bloomberg from new york. scott pelly from cbs dared ask him: why are you wasting your time talking about guns? >> number 2. >> why is the murder rate around the country? i am an american. what is your question? >> why is this mike bloomberg's crusade? >> i live in america. i am a human being. i don't know what your religion teaches you. mean teaches me to take care of each other. we are all equal and we are all americans. >> bill: michael bloomberg, dumbo, of course i am interested. of course i am concerned about this issue. i am an american. and there is that book out there, itch read it. i think it's a lousy book. just pure porn and not even good porn, called "fifty shades of gray." maybe even now people -- you
5:48 am
don't have to buy it. you can listen to george take read it. >> he thrust his hips again. his eyes are wide in tune with salacious need, need for me, need for my mouth. oh my. skin against skin moving slowly at first, easily, testing me pushing me. oh my. [ music ] >> bill: that must be the audio book of all times. unfortunately, i don't think -- he doesn't read the entire book. >> he does not read the entire book. >> bill: just excerpts >> dan: excerpts at >> bill: we will get sense ordered by somebody. >> dan: i love it. bill george take number 1 sound byte this week. that wraps it all up except for
5:49 am
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>>only on current tv. [ music ] >> the parting shot with bill press, this is "the bill press show." >> bill: on this friday december 21st, my parting shot for today, don't look now but while most of the officials in washington focused on the fiscal cliff and gun issues, a lot of extreme right-wingers are all to
5:52 am
one of washingtonts favorite all-time games, a good ol' fashion smear campaign. what the hell? the last one worked, blocked susan rice from being considered as secretary of state. a lot are now using it to try to block chuck hagel, former republican senator from nebraska from being nominated as secretary of defense led by bill krystal of "the weekly standard." these war hawks actually accuse hagel of being an anti-semite, anti-israel and proceed-iran. they are totally wrong, completely wrong on all three issues. no. chuck hagle, who served with distinction as a republican senator doesn't support the settlement -- that is israel keep building on the west bank. but guess what? neither does president obama. neither did president george w. bush. you don't, he didn't want to start a third war by bamming iran. that doesn't make him a friend of the ayatollah.
5:53 am
this is a disgusting smear campaign. i would hope chuck hagle would not run flu his enemy. i hope president obama would nominate him and fight for his confirmation. folks, brings us to this weekend before christmas. i will be office enjoying my family next week. david shuster will be here filling in. so i hope you all have a great weekend, and happy happy holidays. merry christmas. we will see you early in 2013. god bless. >> this is "the bill press show."
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