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tv   Viewpoint  Current  January 14, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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tt >> cenk: one more note on aaron swartz and the prosecution of him. the reason why the government hate people like aaron swartz and bradley manning. it's one thing they can't control. he canthey can get information on the government and corporation and [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> john: good evening tonight on vice president. they do background checks of reality stars why not require the same background check as on honey boo boo. the a pollution in china is so awful that even when it goes away, it comes back an hour later, and it's the
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262nd birthday of benedict arnold who betrayed his country hundreds of years before the nra made it look patriotic. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> john: good evening i'm john fugelsang. this is "viewpoint." thank you for spending your evening with us. parents who lost children at the sandy hook school reached out today. they found a new group, sandy hook promise and say they want to promote a nationwide conversation about memory health, school safety and gun responsibility, and they've made some promises including this one in their new web ad. >> this is a promise. >> to have conversation on all the issues. >> conversations where we're listening. >> conversations with those with the most opposing views. >> can debate in good will. >> it will turn those conversations into actions.
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>> cenk: and americans appear to be more than ready for that. according to a new "washington post" "abc news" poll 52% of adults say the newtown shooting made them more likely to support new gun control laws, including three measures which are said to be on vice president biden's list of recommendations that he'll deliver to president obama tomorrow. now 58% of those polls say they would support a nationwide ban on the assault of assault weapons. 37% said they wouldn't. 65% said they would back a nationwide ban on high capacity ammo clips. that's clips with more than ten rounds. less than a third said they wouldn't. only enough to win the house and nearly nine out of ten adult was support a new law requiring background checks at gun shows sales. only 11% thought that was a bad idea. but while 38% thought the nra had too much influence on gun control laws, 24% thought it had too little, and 30% agreed it
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had the right amount. now some would argue that the nra has way too much influence on gun laws. that was before we got a look at the coffin-shaped targets featured in their new nra "racket range" video game app released less than a month an wayne la pierre blamed shootings on the video games. >> automaker i'm confident there are some steps that we can take that don't require legislation and that are within my authority as president. how we are gathering data, for example, on guns that fall into the hand of criminals and how we track that more effectively. >> john: now that sounds great but it doesn't sound like it would have the same impact as a ban on assault weapons does it?
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but senate majority leader harry reid said this weekend that an assault weapons ban would never pass the house despite the will of the american people. and when it comes to gun laws, i quote, he said the american people want us to be very cautious on what we do. actually harry the american people have spoken. they're quite clear. they want the gun laws to be cautious, not you. and the democrat who said in a the newtown shootings have changed his opinions. >> we have to change the culture of mass violence. if you think it's only about guns and that would change the culture, you're wrong. if you think it's only about the lack of mental illness coverage that we give, you would be wrong there. and if you think it's only about the media with the video games it takes an all-in approach. >> john: proving only in politics changing everything means doing nothing.
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meanwhile, mayors against illegal guns campaign group demand a plan, hazard released this ad that calls for action. >> my son. >> my daughter. >> my dad was murdered with a gun. >> murdered with a gun it can happen with your child. >> enough. enough. enough. >> john: for more, i'm honored to be joined on-set by someone whom you just saw in that ad. dionne gordon, is a gun control advocate with demand a plan. her brother maurice, an u.s. customs officer was shot and killed in 201037 thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> john: can you tell me what happened to your roar. >> my brother was returning from a club that he escorted his cousin to, and she got into an altercation. so he left the club immediately. and when he pulled up in front of our parents' home, about two
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minutes after he got out of the car and started to walk towards the home of our parents house he was taken down by a barrage of gunfire. even though he's law enforcement, and he pulled out his gun to try to run, he was overpowered. >> john: was he able to return any fire before he was murdered? >> he was but it still had no comparison to what the perps had on them. >> john: now they had no idea that your brother was law enforcement when this happened? >> no. >> john: did you receive a lot of support from law enforcement? was there a thorough investigation or were their hands tied because there was no evidence. >> well, it's still an ongoing investigation, so i really--i'm not at liberty to say what is going on with that, however it's frustrating because yes you are correct the perpetrators have not been found, nor has the gun. >> john: when did you choose to
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become a gun control activist? >> when i arrived on the scene and i saw the amount of gun case i guess that were left on the ground in front of my parents home. they made it seem like it was a wild west movie. to know that that type of weapons can easily be in the hands of criminals, it's frightening. the frightening. any cause that can help families like myself who have gone through such a tragedy i'm on board with that 100%. >> john: well, we saw you in the ad just now. what kind of changes would you like to see in vice president biden's commission that he presents to the president tomorrow? >> well, although i'm not an expert i don't have to be an expert to know that the increase
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in gun violence has skyrocketed so i really would like to see if they could at least have some type of background check on all gun sales. on all. and secondly, what i would like to see if there could be a change in the type of guns that a regular citizen can purchase. the type of weaponry that is out there, it outweighs the weaponry of law enforcement. it seems like it's one that should be in military type of environment, and it's unheard of and it's frightening. >> john: well, you saw the poll results. you obviously speak with the majority of americans who feel that civilians should not be allowed to own weapons that are built to kill a large amount of people at a time. >> absolutely. >> john: we have a chance to see real change? >> i must be optimistic.
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however, it still is a slow-moving process. i knew that the situation that happened in connecticut was definitely the straw that broke the camel's back. i'm just not that excited on how slow they're moving on this. and i really would like to get this out to the president that he needs to move full speed ahead with this. >> john: while the majority of nra members do support many same gun support measures, there is bush pack.push back. what do you hear the most. >> it is not guns that kill people. it's people that kill people. but we need to remember in a still in all four an individual, a criminal to kill someone with gun violence, it's a gun.
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it's what they use. >> john: dionne gordon. i thank you so much for your time tonight and for sharing your painful experience with us. thank you. >> thanks. >> john: i'm joined by michael tomasky and by rick pearlstein, good evening gentlemen, thank you. >> thank you. >> john: what do you expect joe biden to come up tomorrow? >> i think that he'll have a pretty small menu of three or four things. i don't think they'll really go that big. i think it may include some version of assault weapons ban. they'll start to get that, and then background checks and the extended magazines. i'm not sure how much they'll go beyond that.
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you know, the so hard this fight. so maddening for the obvious reasons, the reasons that you discussed, but you know, they really should be able to get some kind of win out of this, but it's going to be interesting to see how much of his personal capital, emotional life the president will put into this. >> john: i agree. and it seems based on his comments that he's ready to work unilaterally if congress does not comply. rick, do you think they'll pick up gun laws in the next few months and do you think high capacity ammo ban can pass. >> we do have the filibuster. we do have senators who can individually place holds on laws. we do have the hatchet rule that means when it comes to the floor of the house it's supported by the majority of the majority,
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and then we have this guy coming out today the congressman from texas who said he'll immediately file articles of impeachment because if barack obama uses executive action to pass these issues, it will be quote an existential threat to the public. i don't see the part of the will of the democrat to overcome that. what i see on the part of the democrats is noble and admirable willingness to sit down with all parties. unfortunately one of the parties is the nra which believes that basically life is an arms race, that we're facing monsters, and you can easeily distinguish between innocent americans which should not be regulated at all, and criminals who can we can recognize late without regulating innocent americans, and that's not how the universe works, but that's how the logic works on the right. and it's so-so--it's so deeply
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entrenched. and we're talking about adversaries who are apop apocalyptic and their way of life is threatened. >> john: that's why they want to keep weapons to kill people, the majority of americans support a weapons ban. ronald reagan and gerald ford both supported the weapons ban. why is an assault weapons ban such a red line for the nra? >> well, let me just say that if you are part of this vigilante culture which is even the minority of the nra the way you see the world i use the phrase as an arms race. means if the other guys has an assault weapon, you need a big bigger assault weapon. there is no reasonable accommodation to believe that someone with a reasonable accommodation disarms them theory. >> john: what do you say michael. >> i mean, there is no reason here right? there is no rationality here. there is an emotional response
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to a president they don't trust. a president they think wants to take away their guns. and will never believe otherwise. even if they just have hunting shotguns around the house. and they have been persuaded completely of the slippery slope argument, and just as the republican party has moved to the right since 1994 on a whole range of things, they've moved to the right on guns, too. and the nra has moved to the right of where it used to be, and rick chronicled beautifully in his nation's piece where the nra was a reasonable outfit in the mid 60s and until the late 1970s. now we're at the point where there is just--it's nuclear war with them on every single issue. >> john: anyone who subscribe to nra mailing list, knows it's a steady barrage of fundraising when reality all it is hustling these nice nra people out of
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their butt bullet money. are they right? is 30 days all it takes for dc to lose it's will on something like this? >> look, the nra has bumped up their membership by 100,000 and the president going up against the guy who got the grade of an f from the brady campaign for doing things like signing a bill allowing people to carry guns into national parks. again, we're talking about an extreme and impassion apocalyptic mindset and every time that engagement happens the center moves to the right. >> if i may very quickly what will have to change in the long term is the gun control forces are going to have to beat the nra on a couple of political protests, a couple of primaries or elections. the nra candidate will have to lose to a gun control candidate
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or a democrat whose willing--here to for pro nra democrat who might be willing to step outside and cast an anti-nra vote will have to prevail over them in an election context. when those things happen, then maybe everyone will see oh, you can beat the nra. the nra is not omniscient they're not infallible. >> john: author of how the nra became an organization for inspireing vigilantes read it and share it on your social for media. next, california led the way to tax cuts. now it's leading the way to t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t before the sneeze, help protect with a spray. before the tissue, help defend with a wipe. before the cold & flu season
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>> john: four years ago california was in a state of near financial ruin.
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after six years after the governator they hit a high of $42 billion in 2009. shocking after the voters of california decided to entrust their economy to an austrian weightlifter. but as governor jerry brown begins his third year as governor he announced that in the next fiscal year california will have a surplus of $851 million. so from a negative $42 billion to a positive $851 million in under four years. john boehner, can you hear me now? he cut back on medicaid welfare program medical californias voted to approve an extra $6 billion in tax revenue. politicians and voters working together. a balanced approach of spending cuts and tax increases to cut down a dangerous deficit.
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why can't anyone in dc come to the table with a simple obvious proposal? >> obama: if we combine a balanced package of savings from spending on healthcare and revenues from closing loopholes we can solve the deficit issue. >> john: joining me now is wahini varra california politics reporter for the wall street journal. thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you. >> does that mean that he's doing things right? >> he had decent approving ratings after a while. but after this effort to pass taxes, his approval ratings went up. he's more popular now than he has ever been in california, a little bit surprisingly. >> when you consider all the negative stereotypes that we heard groaning up. when i was growing up he was
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governor moon beam, and how unbalanced he was, quite the opposite of now. governor brown did a whole lot of cutting, are the people of california glossing over that? >> i think they may be. the most recent thing that happened was that californians raised taxes after jerry brown passed it. it's been in the news. that's what people are aware of. but it's true that well before that over the past couple of years jerry brown and the democratic controlled state legislature made millions of cuts. >> john: wisconsin has taken different extreme measures to balance their budget. was there any talk of their extreme measures not the same path that wisconsin took, but was there any talk of only using tax increases and leaving the entitlements alone? >> there they have was. the thing in california to pass
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through the state legislature you need a two-thirds interest majority and california never had that. california has that now for the first time since the late 1800s, but california didn't have that for the last couple of years. what jerry brown had to do was go directly to voters and ask vote tours passvoters to pass it. it would have been difficult to get voters to pass too much more than what they were asked to pass. they were asked to pass an increase on taxes for high income taxes for high income earners and a sales tax across the board. to get any more revenue of that, you probably would have needed to tax people who are lower income and middle income, and that probably wouldn't have passed. politically speaking it probably just wouldn't have been feasible which is why california wouldn't have-- >> john: it seems that governor schwarzenegger wouldn't do and couldn't do. there is still a long-term debt
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problem for the state of california. how will governor brown and the state legislature go about talking about that? >> when we talk about the debt in california, there are two different categories. one category is california essentially borrowing from itself in many ways in order to fill its general fun. california like any other state has to balance it's budget year after year, different from the federal government that way. it's mandated to balance it's budget but what it can do are these tricky fiscal tricks which schwarzenegger did plenty of in his time. jerry brown did a little. now what he proposes doing is paying back almost all of that debt that california borrowed from itself. what jerry brown isn't talking quite so much about is the huge unfunded pension liability and retiree healthcare liability that the state has amassed. last year jerry brown and the legislature did a little--did quite a bit to address this
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problem for the future. but there is still an immediate problem that needs to be addressed. jerry brown has acknowledged this, and i think plans to figure out something to do, but with democratic governor, democratic controlled state legislature, it's unclear how strong he'll be or how aggressive he'll be, i should say, on that front. >> john: vauhini varra glad to have you. >> thanks for having me. >> john: i'm joined again by the correspondent for the daily bees michael tomasky and political reporter for politico michael izenstadt who has a great piece. why can't the federal government balance it's budget when several states have found ways to accomplish that feat. >> well, john, you know very well.
9:25 pm
tax revenues go up when you increase tax rates. that's mcconnell math. we can't have that kind of balanced approach here in washington. it can't be done because republicans won't go for tax increases. they did have to go with $600 billion here and any conservative watching this show, obama got all those tax increases. well it's worth remembering that before that $600 billion, he agreed in $1.5 trillion in spending cuts while he has been president. $917 billion in the previous debt limit deal and another $500 billion in other circumstances. so there still has been in our circumstance here in washington in the obama time a lot more cutting than revenue raising. >> john: alex, let in go over to you. why can't we get a deal done on the deficit?
9:26 pm
is it that republicans refuse to raise taxes or is there more to it. >> you look at every fight whether its fight over the debt ceiling, fight over guns, immigration, and you're going to see brutal fights. why? this is one of the most polarized congresses we've had in years. you have democrats and republicans who make up the majority occupying very conservative districts. there is very little political incentive for either party to come together and making a deal, and republicans bringing the nation to a government shut down may makes sense to them. >> john: you talked about how obama managed to drive a wedge between red state republicans and blue state republicans. is that what he's trying to do on the debt ceiling debate as well. >> you can the white house adopt
9:27 pm
a divide and conquer strategy for quite a bit of time. there are 85 house republicans who voted yes on the bill and created the margin it needed to pass. here's the interesting thing of those 85 republicans who voted yes. 70 of them came from blue states. states that voted for barack obama over mitt romney last november. in other words the white house is defending on some of these blue-state republicans. that means if the white house can drive a wedge between the blue state republicans and the red state presence he might be able to get dicey piece of legislation through the house. >> john: it seems to be a strategy. where does the debt ceiling fit into this? it just ensures that we pay the bills that we already spent. why are they talking about the two issues as if they're the same? >> why do they do a lot of things. but the question as that vote approaches in february or march
9:28 pm
whenever it's going to be, there are two questions actually. number one will boehner let a vote happen as he did with the fiscal cliff. he did let that vote happen. rick pearlstein mentioned the rule that boehner broke that rule for the fiscal cliff. will he break that rule again knowing that it will only get a certain number of republican votes. that's a. and b, how many republican votes will it get it being a clean debt-limit raising bill attached to no cuts. we assume that democrats would vote for that. it would mean twenty-something or 30 republicans--would that many republicans--i know obama got 85 on the fiscal cliff deal. but this is going to be a tougher vote for republicans on the debt ceiling. will he get 25 or 30. >> john: alex we have 20 second
9:29 pm
left. let me ask you some republicans are talking about another government shutdown. do they not remember howed about that came across in 2011 not to say what newt gringrich did? are they getting desperate. >> well look some of these republicans want to send the white house a message, the message is they're serious about doing this. they'll tell you that their constituents want them to send a strong message to the white house. if they don't they could risk a primary in their own strict come next year. it makes the most season to potentially force a government shutdown. >> john: good guys. michael tomasky and isaac and alex
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>> john: it's awards season and here now the quickest award show in the world. tonight's category, the most discredited talking point. and the nominees are, mark levin for "boom is an i am perries president because he said he might use the executive order to solve the debt ceiling. mike you can by for newtown happened because no god in schools. and wayne lapierre saying "hitler confiscated guns." and the quickie goes to, thank you, derdra. wayne lapierre and the nra for "hitler confiscated guns." written in a book by wayne lapierre years ago and still repeated today. this myth has long been discredited. the weimar republic had stricter gun laws and hitler actually relaxed them. neither wayne lapierre, the nra hitler or the right wing guys who repeat this meme here
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>> john: brilliant. beautiful. bold. barely coherent. jodi forest's speech at the golden globes last night was all that have. touching on topics as diverse as
9:37 pm
her sexuality her privacy and her possibly retirement the peach was, for lack of a better term, a beautiful mess. >> so while i'm being all confessional, i have a sudden urge to say something that i've never really been able to air in public. i'm just going to put it out there lot and proud i'll need your support on this. i am single. but seriously. if you had been a public figure from the time you were a toddler, if you had had to fight for a life that felt real and honest and normal against all odds, then maybe you too might value privacy above all else. it's just that from now on i may be holding a different talking stick, and maybe it won't be as sparkly. maybe it won't open on 3,000 screens. maybe it will be so quiet and delicate that only dogs can hear it whistle. but it will be my writing on the wall jodie foster was here. i still am.
9:38 pm
i want to be seen, to be understood deepcally and not to be so very lonely. >> john: that was jodie foster announcing her new series on current. of course i'm kidding. joining me now to help mick sense that have speech is politico median and create of the dean, dean obeidal lah and jody gold, and scott blakeman, thank you for joining me tonight. i love the speech, and i they will issues like sexuality and privacy are deeply political. anyone who wants to be secret about their sexuality is their right. let me join with you. >> you know, add the lesbian as the lesbian on the panel. >> i could pass as k.d. language
9:39 pm
language. >> especially with that hair. first she's being honored for her body of work. why don't we discuss that? it's been such an incredible journey, and people can say that--but when she started talking-- >> she should have ended own the, i'm single. but she was chastising these people about coming out and that's what she did. >> this was the oscars. it was the award for her work. it's a platform she has not had before. these are the journalist who is have been openly speculating about her sexuality for decades. do you think she has the right to address it in her own way. >> i do. i think she has the right to do whatever she wants to, but i felt that speech was very incoherent at times. i thought it was--i don't know, i felt sorry for the kids. are you retiring?
9:40 pm
you're gay your single, you're not gay, your friends with mel gibson. that was the worst part. >> the reason why it was incoherent apparently it was written by clint eastwood. i was looking for the empty chair. >> john: next time use a script. >> i agree with you john. this is exactly what the awards show should be about these rambling crazy speeches, and it was significant in a couple of other ways. she is around the same age as i am. and to be receiving a lifetime achievement water made me feel incredibly unproductive. >> john: i haveand if you have mel gibson talking you off the ledge there is i don't think. >> if you're a journalist and you have not figured out she's an election. >> she admitted it. why not just say you know, what thank you to the hollywood foreign press, i want to thank the other mother of my child my
9:41 pm
children, why not just say it like that? >> john: i think that would have been delightful. but what i liked about the speech was her way of acknowledging it, and pitch breeze. i know that you know, and who cares. >> it didn't come out that way. >> when someone has come out in the past about being gay it helps to normalize to come out like being part arab. selmaselma hayek. >> being gay and being part arab is the same thing. >> well, you do have challenges. >> yes, do you have challenges. >> john: i would say in the past ten years arabs has replaced gay
9:42 pm
people as to be the most acceptable minority to hate in this country. >> john: and then to be arab and gay. >> john: you would get a good parking space. lance armstrong in his interview with oprah. i think the real dope scandal is that you're going to make your confession on the own network. it has been reportedly admitted to doping. >> well, first of all. so basically this is what happened. he went from being the guy oh who everybody knew was lying to the guy who is now admitting that he was always lying. it's quite a step up for him. but it's on the own network which doesn't get that many viewers, too. he has already done these things. i don't know what he wants. but it was good for oprah too. >> cenk: is there an end game. >> to rehabilitate his image. it was because of the performance-enhancing drugs.
9:43 pm
>> we're forgetting the real winner of the races who will never get the accolades and no one will ever know their name and we'll only know he cheat. >> john: he was not taking drugs. he was taking his blood out of his body pumping it with oxygen and then putting it back in his body. that is something i want to try. >> he was not just the guy using, he was offering bribes to people. ifel allegations are true, it seems that they are true. >> john: does this horrible dishonest negate the good work he has done for cancer research. >> no, we can give him credit for heroically surviving cancer, and then he survived cancer and then ingested all these horrible things in his body. >> and who knows if those two things are related or not relate good mel gibson, really good in the beaver but still a tool. my panel will stay with me as we talk about the true threats to
9:44 pm
marriage, and it ain't what you think. but first a peek of "say anything" with joy behar. >> joy: thank you, john. on tonight's "say anything" i'll talk to mob wives about translateing mob phrases to other languages. >> i went to israel and stayed there a couple of years. i learned to speak hebrew. >> joy: how are you going to say you're going to switch with the viciousfishes. >> i would say good night good luck. >> joy: and bad spellers such as
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>> john: is your marriage being ruined by facebook or texting tweeting anything other than my space? well our biggest advisory marriage is calling social media the largest threat to marriage. not the drink?
9:48 pm
people keep disappearing into their smart phones instead of communicating one-on-one with their spouses. i've been e-mailing with my wife allabout this all week. this social media argument could hold water. let's put it to our panel, judy gold, dean obeidallah, and scott blakeman. first of all i always pay chose attention to what the catholic church says, and they have a point. the internet was supposed to bring us closer together, if many ways it brought us closer to people who used to beat us up in high school and further apart. >> i've seen this, but people are always on their phone and not communicating are the same people if we didn't have smart phones we will he would be sitting in total silence. outside into the that things are
9:49 pm
great, i'm going to ignore you and go into twitter. base it on your relationship. >> it's everywhere. >> john: ireland is the first place to talk about it that it's a threat to marriage. >> women across america. >> and hawai'i 50. >> twitter to me is a way to fight with strangers that i never met. i fight with these trolls. >> john: but are you fighting with them so much that you ignore others. >> when i let it get under my skin then my night is ruined because i'm thinking about this a-who said this awful thing to me. >> john: are our marriage counselors going be the biggest
9:50 pm
beneficiary of social media. >> a good escape. sometimes your relationship can be boring. all the time just talking to your partner, whoever it might be. this is an escape. it's good to go out in the world. >> this is the time to be connected. then i text fight. the other thing my girlfriend and i we have text fights. what did you mean by that, you didn't put an exclamation point. you only put one xo, and not four xos. >> you would be fighting in person, this enables you to do it different. >> john: i made a comment and you keep adding comments. this is like a facebook thread, and it's random and weird. >> i'm the single person here, and maybe that will change. >> john: dean will be by the end of the night. >> but you have to have a good relationship. and the thing is i go on social media because i am single, i put my cat photos on there.
9:51 pm
my goals is my developmental relationship with my cat. >> john: let me ask all three of you, what else is the internet ruining? and i'll start with you blakeman. >> well, it's ruining excuses. before the internet what did i do to procrastinate? now it's really ruining my career. >> john: judy? >> i think it has ruined everyone's attention span. this need i got to get it now. i'm going to look it up right now. the process one would go to research something was part of the process of learning about something. now all you do is google, oh, okay great that's all i need. i don't know. it was an adventure to go to the library or to interview someone or to talk to someone about something. you know and read. >> john: and you do the greatest bit about technology that we grew up with that no longer exists. >> and kids, 20-year-olds have no idea when i do this bit.
9:52 pm
it's unbelievable. >> john: dean? >> for me the loss of the challenge is stalking. it used to be so hard. but now you know where they are it's no more fun. twitter, i'm at the party. i liked the challenge of finding an ex-girlfriend. >> john: that's the only reason why facebook exists for creepy guys like you and me. >> judy just said it, and you confirmed it. >> and what is kk. i say something and meet me, kk. what is that? kk and a big k and a little k. >> john: it's for people who stutter. less than a minute left. are irish friends right? is the biggest threat to marriage in fact internet or gays. >> gays? no boredom and we have no self control of. >> john: your girlfriend is gone gone. >> it's probably a lot of the availability of porn.
9:53 pm
>> john: really? >> i don't watch it. my son is here. >> meeting the wrong people is the biggest threat to marriage probably but also not getting in the"the new york times" wedding section. >> john: how old is your son? >> he's 11. >> john: my 11-year-old could show me all the sites. >> yes, he's teaching me. dean obeidallah, and scott blakeman, and judy gold, thank you so much for stopping by. i hope you'll come back. when it comes to gun violence, the nra are blaming the shoot 'em up video games. now nra has a video game, and guess what you can do on it, seriously, guess. that's next. [ ♪ t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t
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9:57 pm
people through vicious violent video games. wayne lapierre actually blamed massacres where civilians used weapons designed to kill lots of people really fast on the fake violence of video games and not the very he is access civilians have to weapon designed to kill lots of people really fast. that speech was more tone deaf than mitt romney singing an album of keisha covers. well now just in time for the one-monday anniversary of that awful day, the nra has alsod a new shooting app. it enables people four and you have to shoot at could have finance-shaped targets and bulls wise where the human brain and heart should be. and for $.99 or more, users can
9:58 pm
upgrade to an mk 11 sniper rifle. and for $99 more you can get one of the those men in black things that erase any memory of ronald reagan supporting the 1994 assault weapons ban. this makes it ease
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