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tv   The War Room With Jennifer Granholm  Current  January 24, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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. same thing with lance armstrong. everybody will be suing him. >> joy: maybe he should have admitted it. i was watching a publicist who said he should have kept his mouth shut. >> i wonder about that. what did he gain? did he -- bast was it because he wanted to be able to compete again in triathlons? i don't know that's going to get him there. now it is all out in the open. all he's done is been subjected to criticism. he didn't cry enough. >> come to find out he still has both balls. that just came out. on twitter. >> joy: who said that? >> sheryl crow said it. >> joy: she did? no, she did not. you're making that up. [ laughter ] >> joy: we gotta go. have anything tolls say before i go? >> i love what we were going to talk about earlier obama and the steamy novel. >> joy: we don't have time for that. >> look at this guy's teeth. >> joy: i have to put sunglasses on with those teeth.
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too bad they're not yours. >> it was an old toilet that we bought. all porcelain. >> joy: jo koi is performing this weekend at caroline's on broadway. get your tickets at thank you, everybody. see you next time. >> jennifer: i'm jennifer granholm. tonight in the war room john kerry gets ready to take over as secretary of state. and north korea sends him a congratulations message. [ ♪ music ♪ ] there was frightening news from the other side of the pacific today. north korea has vowed to continue testing new nuclear weapons and said it would launch
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long-range rockets that it claims can reach the united states. this just after the united nations instituted sanctions on its last rocket launch. it does not seem to have much impact on kim jung-un. a variety of satellites and long long-range rocketses which will be launched one after another we will target the u.s. the sworn enemy of of the american people. settling accounts with the u.s. needs to be done with force not with words as it regards jungle law the rule of its survival. what? the country's belligerent stance is one more issue on the president's full foreign policy
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plate, and it's going to be a concern for john kerry if he's confirmed secretary of state as he's very likely to increasingly likely, as a matter of fact. he got a very warm welcome from both sides of the hearing at his confirmation hearings in the senate today. >> the friendship has endured i believe it is based in myture respect. some observers have attributed that respect to the fact that when we were much younger nicer and better looking men than we are now senator kerry and i spent some time at the navy's behest in a certain southeast asian country in less pleasant circumstances than we're accustomed to in the united states senate. >> john is the right choice. and i urge his speedy confirmation. >> it's john john mccain so nice. much better reception than clinton herds got yesterday
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during the testimony of the bengahzi attacks. but it wasn't all warm and fuzzy. senator who went after hillary clinton tried to get kerry to contradict hillary clinton's testimony. but he did not take the bait. take a listen. >> senator, if you're trying to get some daylight between me and secretary of state hillary clinton, that's not going to happen today on that score. >> jennifer: when it became clear that he could not get him to turn on hillary clinton he tried to get john kerry to criticize the bengahzi situation, and then he turned it around and made senator johnson look foolish. >> you worked with me then. i'm going on so we can get that behind us so we can find out what happened, then we can move
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onioned that. can you make that commitment to me. >> senator, in all fairness i think we do know what happened. i think that it is very clear clear--were you at the briefing with the tapes? >> no. >> well, there was a briefing with tapes we all saw those of us who went to it, which made it crystal clear. >> jennifer: calm under pressure, well informed, intelligent, not easily intimidated. john kerry is going to make an excellent secretary of state. joining me now from washington is p.j. crowley. he's former director of public affairs, and he served during the clinton administration. p.j. welcome inside "the war room"." >> a pleasure, governor. >> jennifer: so, how do you think kerry did? >> i think he did fine. he's going to be a fine secretary of state as you said, and obviously some in the senate
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foreign relations committee were responsible for the president choosing john kerry instead of susan rice. i think he's going to be fine. >> jennifer: i substance of things with the notice that came out from north korea, what do you think? how much of a threat is north korea, and do you think john kerry might be more aggressive than hillary clinton was with them? >> well, obviously foreign policy will be established at the white house, and then john kerry will be the face and chief executor of the president's foreign policy. north korea is one that has been on the list for some time and perhaps will step up a little bit in terms of urgency, but we've been down this road before with north korea. you sit down to play poker with them and all they got to play is one card. the escalation card trying to churning is where they get
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something in return either from southsouth korea china occasionally from the united states. the president has made clear that as former secretary of defense bob gates said, we're not going to horse more than once. ultimately the north korean leadership understands perfectly should they ultimately threaten the united states in a meaningful way we have the potential to seriously harm them and so they are crazy but they're not stupid. so we've seen this churn before. we just have to be patient. work with our allies, and try to use whatever leverage we can with china, which doesn't want to see an escalation on the korean peninsula either. >> jennifer: yes, i would be a bit concerned, and i'm curious about what your thought is about north korea forming an alliance with iran over nuclear technology? >> well, they've had that before. unfortunately, north korea is a known proliferateer.
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nuclear technology and missiles is their cash crop. there have been steps put in recent time, some the proliferation security initiative to put a ring around korea and make it much more difficult for them to send this stuff to other players. so you know, their testing has gotten better. their technology is improving somewhat. they're going to use this to perhaps go up on a bit of a soapbox. but ultimately they're dealing with the most powerful country in the world and we're dealing with a pigmy that will collapse from its own contradictions. >> jennifer: a subject that came up today was the keystone pipeline. senator kerry did not say if he
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would allow it to go forward you but he did address the issue of climate change. >> the solution to climate change is energy policy. the of energy policy so vastly outweigh the down sides, i will be a passionate advocate about this, but not based on ideology but based on facts based on science. i hope to sit with all of you and convince you this 6 trillion-dollar market is worth millions of american jobs. >> jennifer: from a political point of view this is a tough issue, the keystone pipeline, and especially with respect to environmental activists. obvious liquory is a big advocate for stopping climate change. what do you think he'll do about keystone? >> i remember he--climate change the copenhagen
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conference in 2009 senator kerry preceded hillary clinton there, and she proceeded barack obama as one of the areas where he has done significant work on behalf of the administration in this first four years and we'll continue on those interests going forward. it's an interesting thing jennifer in global diplomacy economics is becoming a far more meaningful element of global diplomacy. there is now an assistant secretary of state that focuses on energy issues, and i think senator kerry will continue this dialogue because it is really a foundation. hillary clinton promoted the concept of commercial diplomacy and i think senator kerry agrees with that emphasis. >> jennifer: i totally agree. we'll see what happens on keystone. but there is another issue that he'll have to deal with with respect to our place in the world, and that's the u.s.' use
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of drones. i guess they'll launch an investigation into u.s. drone policy. does the u.s. need to be more transparent on the issue in your opinion? >> i really do think so. and i think john brennan in his time at the white presuming he moves over to the central intelligence agency, i think he philosophically has that point of view. there are some limits in terms of classification, but i believe the secrecy surrounding drones particularly with respect to pakistan works with to our advantage. i hope the administration finds ways to be more transparent going forward. this is a full plate for john kerry. we have known crisis dealing with syria. can we have a meaningful conversation with iran. he'll be at the forefront of creating a sustainable relationship and a working relationship with new leadership in china. he has been very involved over
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the years but only in pakistan issues afghanistan issues. he'll work the diplomat iic aspect of the war, and he has been involved in the crisis of sudan. if enough there is the emerging challenge in mali and across and of courseofcourse britain's role, he'll be looking at the concerns of the united states about britain turning inward as opposed to being a strong voice within the european union. very complex issues that he'll wrestle with over the next four years. >> jennifer: you covered my list of questions so i really appreciate that former assistant secretary of state p.j. crowley. thank you for joining us in "the war room"." americans want assault weapons gone. senator dianne feinstein said
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she's going to get rid of them. and plus called zombie mortgages. but it's way too cute of a name when you lose everything and then find out they still want more. then later victims victim, survivor, advocate. debra parker will tell you her story and after hearing it someone will have some explain explaining to do. why the congress has not renewed the violence against women act
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>> jennifer: we're back inside "the war room." i'm jennifer granholm. we have two big stories coming from our nation's capital. first california senators dianne feinstein. she reintroduced a bill that would ban assault weapons. they authored the original ban which expired in 2004.
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are a new gallup poll found 06% would vote to strength bans on assault weapons. >> to legally possess a weapon, no weapon is taken from anyone. the purpose is to dry up the supply of these weapons over time. >> jennifer: so her new legislation also includes a ban on magazines with more than ten rounds of ammunition. then in other news from washington the senate failed to reach a deal on reforming the filibuster. these stories might be interchanged at some point because it's the tactic the filibuster is that allows one or more senators to delay or prevent a vote entirely on legislation. once upon a time it was very rarely used procedure and now the filibuster has become a favorite weapon of senate
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republicans who have been in the minority since 2007. in congress there was 115 filibusters in the 1950s congress averaged an one filibuster a term. coming to discuss those stories is karl frisch and joining us from cleveland ohio is dr. jason johnson. welcome to you both inside "the war room." >> glad to be here. >> thanks, governor. >> jennifer: let me start with you, karl, why weren't they able to come to a filibuster agreement? >> because they like being lazy. no, if you think about it. we always talk about how they're not doing anything. this is them fighting for the right to do nothing. the republican minority has been the most obstructive minority in the history of keeping track of those kinds of numbers. that's nothing to be proud of.
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unfortunately this was a good example of certain senate democrats willing to compromise to get something done. >> as opposed to what they could get done. >> jennifer: that is the question. harry reid could have gone for the nuclear option and had 51 votes to actually do a significant filibuster reform, but he has decided to go in a different direction. jason, just for some perspective on this, tell us how that increased use of the filibuster by republicans basically prevents the senate from passing anything. >> well, it prevents the senate from passing things but on a more basic level of day-to-day lives this isy barack obama can't get any of his nominations through. the senate republicans have stood in the way of many nominations. they've unanimously blocked or filibustered any minority or woman that barack obama suggested to get in the
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judiciary. this is the existing problem in the functioning of the government and something that harry reid should have stood up for today. this is a horrible deal and they haven't filled is it out yet. >> jennifer: it is depressing as we lead into the next story karl, about guns, it makes one very discouraged that something will ever get done. the national rifle association afternooned an attack on senator feinstein, and they said, senator feinstein has been trying to ban guns from law-abiding citizens for decades. it's disappointing but not surprising that she's once again focused on curtailing the constitution. curtailing the constitution. karl, what is getting lost in translation here? >> i think the message that dianne feinstein or many others would say to the n ra you can have as many all assault weapons you
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want access to as long as you join our military. we're talking about not wanting every day citizens to have access to the firearms that are used in the field of war. it's pretty basic. it was the law of the land until it expired under george w. bush. even george w. supported reinstating the assault weapon ban. but it was the republicans in the senate who stood in the way. which is why it makes this compromise on the filibuster all the more perplexing. i think we need to look at the assault weapons and magazines for these guns. they'll do everything they can in washington, which is fighting back and pushing back on an common-sense legislation that is proposed and they'll savage anyone who gets in the way. >> jennifer: what is frustrating about the statement they put out against dianne feinstein she repeatedly said we're not taking
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your guns away. this is just about assault weapons and high capacity magazines. it's not just republicans who might vote against this new rash of gun safety legislation. democrats, even including harry reid, the majority leader, and montana's bacchus they might side with republicans as well. so in the bottom line, does an assault weapon's ban have any chance of becoming law without significant filibuster reform? >> no, because the democrats in the senate are being spineless. this is an issue where it is very clear black and white. the american public wants stricter controls on gun control. these individuals whether they're democrats or republicans are bowing to the nra. they're not representing gun owners they're represent be begun manufacturers. and it's a shame. it's their job to represent what the people want. not the corporations, not the gun sellers and that's being
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missed in this debate. >> jennifer: it is, but i know joe biden was out having a fireside google hang out trying to persuade, and i'm glad the administration is taking the case on the road. karl frisch, professor jason johnson thank you for joining me inside "the war room." >> thank you. >> thanks, governor. >> jennifer: you bet. in the 41 days since the tragedy at newtown, 41 days now, at least 1121 americans have died due to gun violence. of course, those who die are just a fraction of the victims of gun violence. 13-year-old gabriel clark of massachusetts is still recovering after being shot last friday. it's tragic that something so horrific could happen to someone so young but the circumstances are even worse. gabriel was walking to his church to attend choir practice when a car drove past him.
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someone from the car shot him in the stomach. the pastor said that gabriel told him even through the
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>> jennifer: you know that every two minutes someone in the united states is sexual assaulted? the great majority of those attacks are on women. women like debra parker, who spoke before a group of congressional leaders about violence against women act. >> i am a survivor of sexual and physical violence. my story starts in the 70s as a toddler one of the many girls violated and attacked by a man who had no boundaries or regards
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for a little child's life, my life. >> jennifer: you might be wondering why debra went public with her very private story. she wanted everyone to know that native american women like herself had never been included in the violence against women act. but in december house republicans refused to renew the act in part because it did offer new protections to native american women on reservations. joining us tonight from seattle is debra parker. she's vice chair of the reservations lands located on the western part of the washington state. welcome inside "the war room." >> thank you for having me. >> jennifer: i'm wondering what made you speak out now after remaining quiet for so many years. >> i just became tribal leaders
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two weeks before i spoke out at the senate conference. i was in washington, d.c. to speak on environmental issues, and so as i was walking through the house or through the senate saying hello and finding out how some of the bills are moved along, i went to the senator's office and was told that the native american woman would not be in the bill. it didn't seem to have the face, it didn't get the energy, and so i was told that the gblt and the immigrants provisions would be included and so i was extremely devastated. i walked through the halls just thinking how can i make a change? this can't happen. so i called senator murray right away and said please meet me, and i'll tell my story. i'll be the one to tell my story. >> jennifer: hmm well and in
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fact, it wasn't just your story that you told. that wasn't the only trauma in your family during your childhood. your aunt was also gang raped by a group of men yet no one was prosecuted for that. why? >> well, i think part of it was she was afraid to come forward. you know, this is very common on reservations. it's very common, of course, throughout the united states, but specifically on reservations. one out of three girls will be raped in their lifetime, and we just know that the jurisdiction jurisdictional issues that come up all the time, like, who has jurisdiction? is it tribal police? is it the county? state? so often we have officers and law enforcement they raise their hands and say well, it's not our area, and you know, many years ago when you would call for someone it would take
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sometimes hours days to come onto the reservation. so i don't--i think for fear of nothing happening and she didn't come forward. of course, i believe she was threatened and also just a--we don't see prosecutions occur there too often. the chances of that are very small. >> jennifer: in fact the u.s. attorney has declined to prosecute 76% of sexual abuse cases on indian reservations. a lot of those are acts perpetrated by non-native american men. do so many non-native americans go to reservations and assault women there because reservations have ended up becoming prosecution-free zones? >> absolutely. and the more i'm learning about this issue the more i find out that in our prison systems it is
7:32 pm
widely known that you can go on to a reservation and commit these crimes and walk away without--without any--surfing any time. it'stime--serving any time it's a place where there is sometimes unlawlessness. >> jennifer: people need to understand that indian reservations are considered sovereign nations. this is why a police department is not allowed to go in and enforce the law on indian reservations. this is exacerbateed by the absence of the violence against women act. you're only asking for the same protection as other women in this country. how do you get the reluctant ones the republicans on board. >> we're spending time in d.c. and we make sure that we have our advocates and tribal leaders
7:33 pm
from across the country out there working in d.c. educating congress and making sure that they understand, first who we are as a tribal nation, and then the need for us to have jurisdiction over non-indians who come onto our reservations for these narrow scopes of crime, which is domestic violence sexual assault. it's not something that is unreasonable. and we feel our courts and law enforcement, we are prepared to make sure that these crimes go prosecuted and no longer get thrown by the way side. frankly our women are being thrown on the way side. >> jennifer: exactly. this feeling that native american women are some how disposable. that they don't have the same rights as the rest of the human
7:34 pm
beings, which is insane. one of the most vocal opponents of reauthorizing the violence against women act is eric cantor. what would you say to him if you were to meet him face to face? >> i would tell him that our indian women are very important in the united states, and we deserve protection too. we deserve to walk free on our lands and make sure that our children our grandmothers, our sisters are well taken care of, and justice is served for our people. >> jennifer: well, you are a very passionate and articulate and persuasive spokesperson for the cause. thank you so much for joining me inside "the war room." deborah parker, vice-chairman of the tulalhah tribe. the blood boiling story
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>> jennifer: millions of middle class americans lost their homes in the mortgage crisis. joseph keller, a 58-year-old former social worker in columbus, ohio is one of them. five years ago he and his wife jennifer fell ten months behind in their house payments, and she received a foreclosure notice from jp morgan chase telling them to move out. they packed up their stuff and moved into their daughter's house and they're sleeping in her dining room. joseph suffers from advance liver disease and is in desperate need for a transplant. but when he applied for disability to cover the operation, the social security administration denied him. why? apparently he still has an asset. the house that he thought that he lost. two months after sending the
7:39 pm
notice to move out the bank changed it's mind and decided not to foreclose after all. but keller said he never received that notification. and he didn't know he was still legally responsible for the property. in the meantime, their home of 13 years was picked clean by scavengers and trashed by squatters. since the kellers still apparently hold legal title the county has sued them for violating housing codes and they also received notices for $11,000 in back taxes as well as for unpaid sewer and garbage bills. then to add insult to injury, a debt collector from chase sent them an $84,000 bill for missed mortgage payments on a house that chase told them that they had foreclosed upon. the kellers are not alone. this type of horror store is
7:40 pm
commonplace, believe it or not. call it the rise of the zombie title. in joseph keller's case, the term is tragically apt because if he can't get his name off the title soon and get his disability to cover a liver transplant, this back from the dead property could literally end his life. their story and others have been chronicled in a special report by reuters reporter michelle con lynn. michelle joins us from new york city to talk about the latest disgraceful chapter in the mortgage crisis. michelle, welcome inside "the war room." >> thank you so much for having me. >> jennifer: you bet. what made you decide to write this story? >> well, i had been covering the whole world of foreclosures for a couple of years and about a year ago i came across this couple that bought a house--it was a foreclosed house. they paid cash for it, and it turned out after they bought the house they learned even though
7:41 pm
they had paid cash and gone through all the appropriate channels they didn't actually own the house. the house had one of these zombie titles. i was taken by the alcohol subject, so i started poking around, and i started finding people all across the country who got a foreclosure notice. they thought that they were--they had literally lost the house. they moved out because the bank said your house is going up for sheriff sale in a couple of weeks. they moved out not wanting to have one of those sheriff comes and kicks you out scenes in front of the children. they leave the house and they think because they got a foreclosure notice and the sheriff notice that the house was behind them, ready to start anew. then they realize that when a bailiff is on their door step,
7:42 pm
they're sued for county taxes and so forth and they enter a horror chamber that they can't get rid of this phantom asset no matter what they do. >> jennifer: this is amazing to people. first of all how can homeowners be oblivious to the fact that they're still responsible for their homes. aren't the banks required to notify homeowners when they change their minds about foreclosures. >> you're getting into an interesting area. there are all crevices and gaps in the law as far as what you need to do and don't need to do when foreclosing on the homeowner. this is what the homeowner will tell you. i never heard a thing that this foreclosure was canceled. i never knew the bank undid it, and i never knew that the house was in my name. the banks maintain, hey we sent a foreclosure notice. we sent a sheriff sale but that doesn't mean that the homeowner no longer owns the home.
7:43 pm
the homeowner owns the home until their name vanishes from the title. the bank says we're not legally responsible for the house. their name is not on the title. >> jennifer: that is ridiculous. how is a homeowner supposed to know this if the bank doesn't tell them. >> i've had interview with judges who have told me if they got the notices that the bank had sent these homeowners, they too, would have thought i need to leave this house. i no longer own this house. i'm out of here. are there any requirements for the banks to let homeowners no? no. there is no kind of federal overarching regulation that you have let them know. >> jennifer: that has got to change michelle. what has got to happen to make that change? that is ridiculous. >> there is some language in the
7:44 pm
national mortgage settlement last year, the big agreement that was supposed to fix all these sort of terrible consumer abuses, there is language in there that kind of zeros into this area, but it's not clear and it doesn't hold a hammer or a gun to the banks' head to make them responsible for notifying. the banks will tell you that they do notify. i pressed for paperwork on that. i've never been able to get any kind of super solid proof of it. >> jennifer: let me quickly ask you just to understand why this is happening. since the how longing crash the number of foreclosures that is stuck in limbo has mushroomed too 3 million homes. why are banks deciding not to go through with the foreclosures. >> this is yet another surreal chapter of the story. we all know that the banks just foreclosed on millions of home. 10 million homes since 2006. but it turns out after the banks issued a lot of those
7:45 pm
foreclosure notices they realized that some of these houses were not going to command enough of a value sale value to make it worth their while to foreclose. so these houses in essence became the solid waste of the housing boom. the banks didn't want the houses. the homeowners have left. they don't want the house any more. the municipality doesn't want to spend taxpayer money to fix up the house and they've become real estate garbage. >> jennifer: unbelievable, and then going after the homeowners for payments that they never thought they had to pay. michelle con conlin, thank you for coming to "the war room" to tell the story. i'm a yankee hater. of course, that was before derek jeter started talking about climate change. by the way he's a michigan man. we'll be right back.
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and good luck. ♪
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>> jennifer: all right let's zoom on down the coast and check in with cenk uygur and "the young turks." what is going on with "the young turks" tonight? >> cenk: we've got a great show. we'll be talking about the announcement to be head of the fcc. you'll be shocked to find out that i'm not in favor of that appointment. >> jennifer: i'm stunned. i'm shocked cenk. >> cenk: all right, well for good reason. >> jennifer: could it be something having to do where she worked prior to coming on board? >> cenk: perhaps. >> jennifer: hmm. >> cenk: and her own quotes on whether she thinks that banks should be prosecuted or not. we have evidence, we have the quotes and then people can make up their own minds. jennifer, did you see the story out of new mexico about how a
7:50 pm
republican wants women who were raped to carry it to term otherwise they're tampering with evidence. >> jennifer: outrageous, but then i heard she walked it back the minute people jumped on her. >> cenk: that's why we have to do shows like yours and mine. if you don't give it attention they'll get away with it. >> jennifer: unbelievable story. >> cenk: absolutely. then the story of a man who was beaten to death in illinois by cops. they called it a homicide but prosecutors in illinois said they will not prosecute. we'll have the cousin and lawyer on. it's a really hard breaking case. >> jennifer: you always have great stories. thank you so much. we'll be watching. cenk uygur at the top of the hour. thanks cenk. >> joy: now the best of the rest. do you remember this moment in republican history? >> i thought yeah, there's--i'm
7:51 pm
not going to shut up. it's my turn. >> jennifer: whatever. the chair that launched a thousand "eastwooding" jokes actually has a new home now. that very chair in republican party chairman reince priebus' office on 1st street in washington. apparently the chair is going to be his new lucky rabbit foot when he announces his 2014 electoral strategy at a republican conference this friday. hopefully it's just as unlucky in 2014 as it was in 2012. up next, colorado representative has been featured in a new amendment. >> true or false. when we're in colorado together, we're going to smoke a joint together. >> it's a deal. >> jennifer: he shook on it.
7:52 pm
well representative tancredo time to put your gunga where your mouth is. and according to this artist's rendering, it shouldn't be that hard for him to hold up his end of the bargain. next up, this is a civil disobedience story that i just love. 23-year-old andre barbosa is occupying a five-bedroom, $2.5 million mansion in a ritzy florida neighborhood. he's occupying. it doesn't own it. andre, who refers to himself as lokey boy he's using an obscure real estate law to claim title of the home if he can stay there for seven years. since no one saw him go into the building the police can't do anything. bank of america which actually owns the home hasn't responded. so lokey boy's wealthy neighbors
7:53 pm
as you can imagine are totally freaking out. one of them lynn houston she told the sun sentinel. last week i went to the bank of america and asked to see the person in charge of mortgages. i'm i told them i'm prepared to buy this house. they haven't called me back. maybe the squatters will get the real estate market moving again. the next story on my radar tugs at the heartstrings. during an awards ceremony last friday new jersey high school senior jacob rudolph stood in front of 300 students on stage and he revealed something about himself. >> i have been acting every single day of my life. you see i've been acting as someone i'm not. most of you see me every day. you see me.
7:54 pm
i'm, in fact an lbgt teen. >> jennifer: that confession was received with cheers and a standing ovation from the crowd. and we at "the war room" want to add our three cheers for jacob for having the courage to speak out. [applause] and now here are four words i never thought i would say in the same sentence. derek jeter and climate change. at the world economic forum in switzerland the new york yankee told the columbus dispatch, i was in new york for hurricane sandy. it needs to be addressed because we're seeing more and more natural disasters each year. it seems like something has to be causing it. i still hate derek jeter as a baseball player even though he was he is from kalamazoo michigan, but maybe i'm starting to like derek jeter the man.
7:55 pm
shudder. up next, you know a lot of people would say brett erlich has nothing in common with derek jeter. they are, of course, right and will be proving so after the break. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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>> it's been a hectic week and it's only thursday. here to pull everybody back in line is our own brett erlich. shh, breath's talking now. >> life's a game. sometimes you wish you were the coach of that game so you could take the idiots playing that sit them down next to you and say you're done. first up, north korea you're
7:59 pm
done testing missiles, not because it's dangerous but because it's annoying. that are you trying to intimidate us? no matter how big your missiles are, it's hard to be intimidated by a country who's other main export is big choreographed dance parades. north korea you're done. >> and wane lapierre, you're done. >> there's only two reasons for a federal list on gun owners. they either tax them or take them. >> personally, i don't care if you have a gun. i care if you have an assault weapon. if you need 30 rounds to take down a duck, maybe hunting's not you're thing. wayne lapierre, you're done. >> i recently saw this headline. research to resume on modified deadlier bird flu. this, it's not because scientists, you're dub. you're back to get back to work on