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tv   Viewpoint  Current  January 28, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: you know that on "the young turks".com we do a whole other online show later tonight. get a load of this drama. the republicans turn on the bankers. young that's what we're going to talk about tonight. "viewpoint" is next. >> john: an abraham met with law enforcement officials today at the white house. or as rush limbaugh put it, a bunch of cops surrounded a black guy. and now governor palin, i have to tell you santorum, gingrich have shown that being a crazy slandering homophobic washed-up politician who has been wrong about everything means you're finally qualified it to run for president. "p" this past weekend country
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singer-songwriter lucinda williams turned 60 and today is the birthday of talk radio star randi rhodes and alan alda 28 years ago today. usa for africa recorded "we are the world" proving that an anointing song with too much air play could actually help people. this is sup. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> john: good evening, i'm john fugelsang. thank you for joining us. what a day. who said bipartisanship is dead in washington? well, a bi friendly group of eight senators got so friendly that they met five times to work out principles for a comprehensive plan to overall our nation's immigration laws. now the group includes democratic senators schumer menendez and john mccain, lindsey graham and likely
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presidential hopeful marco rubio. today they introduced their principles for that immigration plan. yes, this is a work plan devised by senators that rest on four legislative pillars. they include creating a tough but fair path to citizenship for 11 million unauthorized immigrants in the u.s. reforming the legal immigration system. create an effective system to end the hiring of future unauthority id'd workers anauthorizing an improved process of getting workers here. you can do that by lunch. senators schumer and mccain discuss why their principles could be an idea then a proposal and then a bill could be offered so soon a the last election. >> the politics on this issue have been turned upside down. for the first time ever there is more political risk in opposing immigration reform than opposing
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it. >> the republican party is losing the support of our hispanic citizens. weeswe realize that are there many issues that we are in agreement with our hispanic citizens but this is a pre-imminent issue with those citizens. >> but with conservative and tea party republicans likely to reject anything that resembles legal amnesty for undocumented immigrants like what president president ronald reagan did, that fair path of citizenship is contingent on completion of an entry-exit system at airports and sea ports for visitors on temporary visas and governors attorney general and community leaders living along the southwest border. however, those brought in as children would have an easier to
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this thing. while congress has yet to pass the dream act which would have led to permanent residency and then possibly citizenship for those young immigrants, they did win at least a temporary reprieve from an executive order signed by president obama last year. well, today illinois democratic senator dick durbin who is the guy to first propose the dream act said with this bill that temporary reprepare could become permanent. >> the cream act is going to be an integral part of comprehensive immigration reform. i look forward to happy news for these dreamers. >> john: i'm joined by george zornick washington reporter for the nation. and arturo carmona executive director of , which is described itself as being a national organization thattists to ampify the
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political voice for the latino communities. do you think this could ever satisfy the needs of the 11 million undocumented workers already living here? >> look, we welcome the opening of the immigration debate. there is no question that it's been long overdue. the current situation is untenable. hundreds of thousands of immigrants is been deported. these were immigrants who were hard working and contributing families to this country. it's important to recognize this as a step forward. but we believe that it falls short of what we would like to see. there are a lot of serious concerns. you mentioned a few of them. i think the series of obstacles that are put before the immigrant population to legalize and to find a pathway to citizenship are so many that we're concerned according to research that it will limit millions from actually qualifying. there is a series of questions and concerns that are raised by what came out tray from this gang of eight. >> john: i'm glad you mentioned
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that. the first thing that struck me after reading the details of their plan it would require undocumented workers to tell the government where they are, who they are where they're living, pay a fine as well as back taxes for several years. presumably that's money that someone working below the wage off the books might not have handy. i don't now when they'll be able to start to implement a plan like this. >> they're looking at $10,000 in fees. that for some in the immigrant families in the agriculture sector that represents over 25% of their annual income. unreachable for many families. but you add language requirements. you add proof of employment requirements, and each of these requirements according to a respected migration policy institute will leave out 36 million undocumented immigrants. you talk about this threshold
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citizenship for 11 million, but then you look at the details and the devil is in the details. you leave out another chunk of several million, it's very concerning to us. we want to have an honest debate that puts out the facts and is honest with the american population about who is really becoming legalized. >> john: i want to bring in george zornok. buzzfeed reported that the house is working on it's only illegal immigration plan. is this illegal immigration plan week? are think worried about being up staged by the gang of eight? is this all theater? >> all the plans in the end will be composed of some kind of mix of increaseed border security and some sort of pathway to citizenship. the devil is in the details. how much board security and how much is the pathway to citizenship contingent to that.
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and these are great points that arturo is raising who will gain citizenship and how quickly. i think they'll get together an agree on some mix that everyone can agree on between a pathway to citizenship and tightened security. i'm not very confident that they'll find a mix that will please everyone enough to get it passed. >> john: let me put a question to both of you i don't mean to sound cynical but perpetuateing the current system that we have now helps the republicans, it helps the democrats because demonizing the republicans on this is a vote raising for them. and those who thrive on undocumented workers who will work below minimum wage. it's a hard hurdle to get past. >> i think the big issue here, the big problem is that the republican base simply does not endorse a pathway to citizenship. without a pathway to citizenship there is virtually no way that
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democrats, and human rights activists and immigrants will support a bill. 50% of republican voters said they were against a pathway to citizenship, and 30% supported it. and only 11% fell strongly about it. where 14% felt strongly opposed to it. this will be a problem as they get closer to the primaries. yes it's good strategy to enact the comprehensive immigration reform but they have to get to the election first. i'm certain there are one if not many politicians in south carolina who think that because lindsey graham came out in support of this bill, which does as than unideal but pathway to citizenship they think they have just punched their ticket. the more they realize that and it gets closer to this it will put in danger republican support of that pathway. then the democrats won't support
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it without it. >> john: do the republicans have the ability to derail any immigration reform? >> i think you have to look at the issue in the house and the senate. it's a very difficult issue. george is right. there is no question particularly in the house where you have a very conservative block of folks that there is no way they're going support it. i think this is going to be a critical decision for the republican party to make. you know, this deep soul-searching they've been talking about for a while is going to be tested this year. i think the message of the last community was that they're voted for citizenship of the 11 million. they voted for legal immigration. at the end of the day senator mccain is right. there is going to be a political and judgment call that in many respects has to come from the top down. and it's going to send a powerful message to the
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republicans and the democrats. what we're seeing in this bill is not what the hath community called for. they called for citizenship but this bill calls for what the anti-immigrants really are calling for, which is reinforcement during a time when illegal board crossings have gone counsel to a trickle. we have to diagnose what the real problem is. the problem is deportation. >> john: it put immigration at a net zero last year. george, i wanted to ask you about marco rubio. george zornock and arturo carmona, great to have you both on the program tonight. this issue is not going away. for more i'm joining by caesar vargas director of the dream action coalition. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> john: i wanted someone here to give a more personal spin on this. what is your response to this plan that might become an idea
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that might become a concept that might become a bill that congress can then kill. >> at first glance it appears that dreamers, when i was five years old from mexico, and this is my country it looks like a good plan for dreamers. we're accepted because we have immediate path to citizenship. but the undocumented movement shifted from about us to our friend family, uncles and fathers. as arthur row arturo mentioned this, looks very cynical at best. >> john: if the proposals presented today were to become law what would that do for the millions of dreamers or hundreds of thousands of dreamsers who are looking for citizenship.
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>> straightforward as the senator said he has been a champion on this, and for us it wouldwould be immediate citizenship. i would like to be a lawyer. i graduated from law school. it would be a straightforward process but i would never forget the people who got me there which is my parents my uncles, my friend who gave their part to give me a better future. that's something that we want to send to democrats and republicans. we'll remember who is opposed to this and who is playing games this is a message to republicans and democrats. >> john: i think they are remember from last november. >> let's just say this, all those dreamers, we will remember. all those young people who will turn 18. 50,000 a month of latinos turn 18 for voting age. we will against whowe will remember who is against our community and who is not. at this point it's about family unity. at this bill we want the details
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to reflect that. >> john: do you think ronald reagan had it right granted amnesty and start paying taxes. >> i think ronald reagan had a concept. and the fact that we have 12 million undocumented immigrants, it's a process that has to be updated. every so often we haven't had a discussion on immigration policy for over 30 years. it's like still using a vhs cassette player. >> we've had the discussion but we haven't had any action. it seems that both parties benefit from the current system. i've said for a long time, you want to get rid of illegal immigration, start locking up employers. it doesn't seem like they've been very serious about addressing it. >> we've really seen it come down to politics, which is is 2014, 2016. the undocumented youth movement has been shown the political
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process. i was out there knocking on doors making sure that mitt romney didn't get elected. this is a message to democrats and republicans that they need to reflect what the latino community voted for. that is family unity. not the border that arizona doesn't need any more. texas doesn't need any more. >> caesar vargas. i still don't know where mitt romney stands on the dream act. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> john: thousands marched to slow down the gun madness. eleanor holmes was there and spoke at the rally and she joins me next. [ piano plays ] troy polamalu's going deeper. ♪ ♪ and so is head & shoulders deep clean. [ male announcer ] with 7 benefits
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>> john: our journey is not complete until all of our children are the streets of detroit to the hills of a of appalachia our children are safe from harm. this week, the journey
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continues. today president obama met with 13 police chiefs and sheriff including those from newtown and aurora to discuss his gun control proposals and get their input of how to stop the daily gun deaths. meanwhile thousand of citizens marched at the capitol demanding new gun legislation, and the message is clear. it is up to we the people. >> it is up to us. don't pay any attention to the congress. nor to your legislature. it's their job to pay attention to you. only an outraged public can end the gun violence. >> john: joining me now is the powerful order that you just watched representative eleanor holmes from the district of columbia. thank you for coming on the program this evening. >> glad to be with you. >> john: i really appreciated your speech. it was very cold that particular
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january day. why did you feel the need to participate in this weekend's march. >> well, when we had hundreds of people from newtown coming down to march with us, the least i could do was to be there and to try to speak to the public about what is needed to get this congress to act. unless we see more of what the newtown residents and residents from this nation's capitol and around the region did on this weekend, you will not move this congress. the congress does not move unless we make them move. >> john: i agree with you. if the people lead the leaders have to follow. but while i admire the major theme of you're your people is to get the gun laws passed. with all the money gun lobbyists are throwning around on the hill and harry reid indicated he's not really interested, what impact can citizens hope to have in passing new gun legislation.
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>> i understand where that comes from. after the assault weapon ban was passed in the clinton administration, i was a member of congress then, the gun lobbyers the nra came in and chased out a number of the members of the house and senate who voted for us. so you see members with cold feet. they played it safe, but who paid the price? certainly these 20 children and their six teachers paid the price. why do we have to go this long? we had to go this long because of fear of the gun lobby. i was there to say yesterday they are not to be feared. they have had it to themselves. there has not been an opponent. the only kind of opponent they respect and that the congress respect is a public opponent. people in the streets, people saying this time you got to do it. it's gone too far. >> john: congresswoman, i think back on how president reagan was a significant signaturery in support of the
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ban. does it ever surprise you that the party of reagan has so completely rejected the values of reagan? >> it does. even his values on raising taxes which he did a lot of when-- >> john: 11 times. >> when he was here in washington before i even came. but what you have is a hard line group who have positioned themselves on the far right of the congress, representing a very small group of people in our society. but they have--they have gerrymandered themselves in. the only way to make them move is to have people who have--like the people from newtown people who have been affected, people who have been hurt, let them hear directly from them. when they hear from me, from the district of columbia, for example, had a strung gun law and it was overturned by the supreme court and still they sued us. they know where we stand on guns. they want to hear--they need to
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hear from the public at large and what can beat all that nra money--what can beat all that gun lobby money are votes were peoplefrompeople out here who say you got to do it this time. you got to pass gun safety legislation. >> john: are you pleased with the new gun laws the white house has proposed? do you think they would even have a chance of passing the house with its current membership? >> the house will not put a bill on the floor. it will have to start in the senate. that's why all the pressure now has to be in the senate. the house is totally beholden to the nra and the gun lobby and there are members who i must tell you also have paid too much attention to the gun lobby. but i do think that some parts of the president's bilker and it is truly comprehensive going all
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the way from the ban to importantly checks on people who buy guns, i do feel that parts of that bill could pass today. but none of it will pass if all this public outrage dissolves and people go on to the next issue. >> john: congresswoman i couldn't agree with you more. it's up to us to keep the pressure opposite preparative eleanor holmes democrat from the district of district of columbia, it's an honor to have you on. i hope you'll come back. >> it's been my pleasure. >> john: for more let's bring on founder of one million moms for gun control, shannon watts. thank you so much for coming on tonight. >> thank you. >> john: absolutely. first off, congratulations on the success of the march on saturday. why did you feel you needed to have a march on washington? >> well, when i created this facebook page the day after the
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sandy hook shootings it was clear that there was a lot of moms millions of moms all over the country who felt the same way that i did. and we knew we needed to create a grass-roots organization much like mothers against drunk driving but for gun control. the question we kept getting over and over from members who signed up was when will we march? we might as well march continue the first four weeks of our existence, and that's what we did. it's not an one and done situation. we had rallies in new york city. events across the country from seattle, chicago to boston, but these are events. there is so much more that needs to be done to put pressure on our congressional representatives. >> john: do you think that legislature is getting the message that new gun laws is something that the majority of americans clearly want? >> i think it was a tipping point in this country. when moms see six- and seven-year-old babies shot 11 times each, things never go back
5:26 pm
to normal. that was the 16th mass shooting in 2012. you talk about waking a sleeping giant. with the nra and the shootings was to wake up a busy giant. we thought we were being protected by our elected officials. we weren't. we realize that, and the bell cannot be unrung. we are going to make our presence known. there are only 4 million members of the nra. there are 80 million american moms and we are going to be a force to be reckoned with. >> john: i like your math. how do you think you can go up against the incredibly huge gun lobby who have spent millions of dollars to buy off politicians in dc? what will it take to get through to them. >> people said that money would dictate the outcome of the presidential election, and what actually determined that election outcome were women and mothers. we're going to do the same thing for gun control. i suggest if you ask a legislator who they tell you who they're scared of, it will be a
5:27 pm
mom and not the nra j how do you think president obama has been on gun control over the past four years. >> i am very pleased that he has now since the sandy hook shootings come out with a proposal. the hard part is getting it passed. we would ask that it is brought to the floor as a comprehensive piece of legislation. that it's heard and voted on, that we do not dilute, delay or debate this. it is time for common sense gun regulation. i appreciate the president's stance on this, but now it's up to our elected representatives to do the right thing. >> john: i'm doubtful about harry reid and the pass of the gun bill in the senate. if you had to chose one area, is it background checks, universal database high capacity rounds. >> i'm not going to choose. they're all common sense and they need to be put in place. these are not extreme measures.
5:28 pm
this is not a bipartisan issue or partisan issue. this is a bipartisan issue and we need both sides to come together and realize we don't need to ban guns but not every citizen needs to be armed. it's time to regulate guns the same way we do alcohol cigarettes and really to apply common sense. this is just the beginning. this congressional legislation needs to be passed, but we also have to look on our state legislatures to do the same thing. >> john: i like that answer very much. let me ask you this. we only have 30 second left. what about state legislature. if gun control females at the federal left will you switch to state governments? >> even if it passes we're going to focus on state governments. the nra has worked very hard to create huge loopholes in the state oflaws of the state legislature to give a lot of money to the campaigns of state legislatures, and we're going to mobilize our 75 chapters across the country. there will be many more, to get things done at a state level.
5:29 pm
>> john: from minneapolis founder of moms for gun control shannon watts. thank you for joining me. >> thank you. >> john: so what can the president do about climate change without congress' help? if there is something he can do, should he? that's coming up next. also available scalpicin® 2 in 1, itch relief plus dandruff control.
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>> john: you know, since 2008 sarah palin has really done for the g.o.p. what jar jar binges did for "star wars" episode one. keep people confused so they don't under the actual narrative. but fox news i assumingly ended her contract as a paid embarrass embarrassment. but oh for me i'm not happy. this is like losing flava flav. please don't away completely. your continued media presence is important to two groups of people.
5:33 pm
comedians and gullible conservative people. don't feel bad governor. you should be proud. being too dim to be on fox news is quite ran accomplishment. i'll miss you mistaking aig as a hip hot group but don't despair. there are other opportunities for you in the media landscape. al-jazeera is hiring.
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>> obama: we, the people still believe that our obligations as americans are not just to ourselves, but to all prosperity. we will respond to the threat of climate change knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations. [applause] >> john: president obama delivered bold wards on climate change in his inaugural address. the only problem is we've kind of heard it before. the only action we saw in the first term was tepid at best. here to help me answer this question is rolling stone contributor editor jeff goodell. thank you for joining me. >> thank you for having me. >> what are some opportunities
5:38 pm
for the president to take old action that does not include g rovel of congress. >> the big thing is to put commission standards on existing coal plants which is the most significant things he can do right now. the coal industry is very against this. and it would be one of the first big tests about how serious he was about climate. >> john: and he and the epa is impose those standards? >> the supreme court found that the epa has the right and legal obligation to regulate emissions of greenhouse. there will be court fights and lawsuit, but in fact he does
5:39 pm
have the authority. >> john: that brings me to the keystone pipeline. everyone i know thinks that it's inevitable that this president will cave and not fight the keystone pipeline. what is your take. >> that's the word too. that's my feeling. i think there is a lot of political pressure for him to approve it. it plays into his energy independence themselves he has talked about. it's hard to say though. he's going to take a lot of grief if he doesn't approve it. and many will kick up a big storm. >> john: yes, they are. >> but it's hard to say. with john kerry now who has had a very strong record on climate as secretary of state. it's their authority, secretary of state who has to sign off on that, even though the president will make the decision. i don't think it's a done deal so we'll have to wait and see. >> john: what about a carbon tax. you talked about how surprisingly how the left and right are coming together on the
5:40 pm
carbon tax albeit for different reasons. is it possible that they would allow keystone the grand bargain onon the carbon tax. >> the carbon tax or tax of any sort is a bad word and difficult to get any political support for right now. the republicans are coming around because of the revenue. there is a lot of money involved in the carbon tax and they could raise billions of dollars and use that to pay down the deficit or various pet projects or whatever they want to use it for, but it's a big honey pot. there may an grand idea of a bargain on this where you have the right where it goes to china thing where they're interested in it not because of the climate or the environment but because they want the money. then you have the left coming towards it because they want to do something on climate.
5:41 pm
but then the question is does it have any serious bite at all and. >> john: the problem with nixon going to china, the young nixon would have smeared old nixon for doing it. and you have young tea party fresh men who don't like the idea of taxing polluters. progressive republicans, that is a term that exists, is there enough to make a move? >> probably not. >> john: we're both polyyanas. >> correct. >> john: you mentioned 75% of u.s. wind capacity is in republican congressional districts. why are they so posed to clean industry because they have it in lace. >> they're getting a lot of money from fossil fuel companies, and they have not figured out how to play that game very well so they have not give nearly as much money in campaign and lobbying fees. but it is changing in dynamics. there is no question that the
5:42 pm
republicans are hearing from their own constituents with these jobs. it's starting to change the dynamics, that and all this extreme weather hurricane sandy, things like that. you know, the political landscape is shifting. it's a lot different than it was four years ago. >> john: i think mayor bloomberg is leading the way on the g.o.p. side. i thank you for writing piece. jeff goodell. thank you for your time and insight. i hope you'll come back. >> thank you for having me. >> john: sarah palin is leaving fox news. that may be why many of you felt the disturbance in the forest. that's why my next panel joins me next. question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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>> john: years from now i think we'll all kind of still remember where we were when we first heard sarah palin was leaving fox news. mama grizzly or how i call her lady blah-blah is now leaving fox news as three years of a commentator which is a bit longer than she lasted as governor. she reported $1 million a year averaging as well been documented approximately $16 for each word she ever uttered. more than a hundred of which were amen. but apparently coherence costs extra. >> now, it has taken all these years for many americans to under that that gravity, that mistake that took place before the civil war and why the civil war really had to start changing america, what barack obama seems to want to do is go back to before those days when we were in different classes based on income based on color of skin. >> john: hmm, just savor it for
5:47 pm
a moment. the immortal tv moment. the first black president accused of steering us back to slavery era. here with me is scott blakeman of liberal key liberal and comedian and filmmaker negin farsad and comedian lee camp. welcome. was palin just eventually too embarrassing? >> i think-- >> yes i've been over there. i had to compose myself watching her. it was emotional. >> john: yeah, it's hard to see a co-worker leave. >> yes yes i think sarah palin is still living in 2009. and she has actually has not said a coherent thought since then. but to be nice to her, to be fair, sarah palin has talents
5:48 pm
and skills. sutteringuttering coherent thoughts is not one of them. >> john: roger heels eals is not a dumb guy. can she only hope speak to go far right groups in alaska and commercials. >> she'll make a comeback but as a tv presenter. that's as good as she can do is peddling products that people don't need. that's what she has basically done for many years now. we can expect that from her. my only concern the lady does have 3.4 million facebook friends, they are the kind of friends that poke. i'm concerned that she can leverage the fan base of those idiot people that will be a
5:49 pm
problem. >> john: but $15 a word. that is not nearly as much as i get paid here. i believe it's three pieces of cheese per segment. >> john: one could argue that she was worth it. she was one of the hottest commodities in the world. doesn't she have to run for president now? she's not going to any other news networks. she's probably not going to write any more books. if she's smart she publics op-eds. then she runs in 2016 not as a serious candidate but to bring out her brand again. >> taking time off and actually study little things like names of countries. >> john: that's not going to stop her. >> right right her heart is not in appealing the tea party or the facebook followers. frankly as a proud liberal i see her as a talk show host. >> john: like date line?
5:50 pm
>> absolutely. >> in terms of 2016--i have to talk 'do that when we talk about who is running in 2016. >> john: i think it will be great. there will an real void. she'll only be marginalized and go for the hardcore right wings audience unless she does "dancing with the"dancing with the stars," but years from now they'll write about her and how we blurred the line of politician and celebrity. president obama and hillary clinton gave an address together. they talked about bengahzi. libya, and they loved each other for a long time. first they wanted to know if this was a plug for mrs. clinton in 2016. >> steve, i got to tell you you guys in the press are incorrigible. i was literally inaugurated four
5:51 pm
days ago and you're talking about an election four years from now. >> john: i like the president but come on. 2016 is why this happened. how often does a president have a call of 60 minutes and have an interview with me and my outgoing secretary of state. >> i think this was pay back to bill clinton. man, i'll be out there for you. i'll campaign for you and the president said don't do it for me for hillary. i felt that the president was uncomfortable. but being a fan of president hillary clinton, this was a pet peeve of journalism that mike wallace is rolling over in his grave. >> john: but they said they like each other. >> it was boring, pointless and he's setting her up for 2016. if they're going to sit there like a comedy dual, why not one eyeioiota. >> john: don't you think that scott is right? wouldn't mike wallace would be
5:52 pm
saying what is up with the drone thing. the stale drug war and why are you continuing these policies? >> theythey were mostly sitting around being chummy. i thought obama was comfortable being chummy and they were super friendly which confirms my suspicion that they're starting a bowling league. that's the main mention message from that interview. the hard-hitting questions definitely weren't there. of course we got the question about 2016. that was fun but it's just more gossipy fun. >> john: let me disagree with the president. lee, it's not too soon to talk about 2016. everyone is thinking about it already. and we just had the bengahzi hear i guess soings so the g.o.p. could smear the her early. what's wrong with the sports element to it? >> eventually the inauguration
5:53 pm
coverage and then coming up next, primary debates. >> there is so much ignored while we're talking about this stuff. there are so many important stories going on that are-- >> john: cbs has christmas ornaments in the store next year already. >> it's making politics into a reality television. it's a big "dancing with the stars" type thing for four years and it makes it fun for people-- >> john: i like that fox had 4,000 debates for the g.o.p. candidates last year. >> and you would agree with lee especially let's have a lot of parties. let's have tons of parties that really would be a lot of fun. we could start tomorrow and i would be happy with that. >> john: do you think joe biden would challenge hillary clinton for this nomination? >> they both want it. >> john: is it going to be a factor. >> it depends on what you're doing. no, i think it's in their blood just like stand up to you.
5:54 pm
>> reagan was 80. >> john: no, he was not 80 at the end. listen f you miss jim demint answering questions on "meet the press" we all did. he didn't answer any questions. my panel and i return to share the pain right after this break. the natural energy of peanuts and delicious, soft caramel. to fill you up and keep you moving, whatever your moves. payday. fill up and go!
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>> john: welcome back. quick question for the panel. what do conservatives need to do to get back on the street. >> i would be happy to see them put up a candidate like christine o'donnell. that smart thoughtful conservative with ideas and vigorous debates. negin farsad. >> i think they should start working with democrats. they might get something done and democrats don't all have
5:58 pm
cooties. >> true enough, most of them them--blah--lee. >> how about backing off the military bases all around the world. we don't defunded nasa. >> john: except for the pollution part, i think rand paul would agree. now time for today's f-bomb. did you anyone catch jim demint on "meet the press" he led congress to filibuster more bills than any other congress in history. he voted no on the lily ledbetter act and he doesn't feel that gays should teach school. you unveiled his plan to change the g.o.p. messages but changing all the ineffective messaging even though it has nothing to do about what the grownups at the table are talking about. take a look at demint is asked
5:59 pm
to pond to respond to bobby jindal's comment, and what is the plan. >> i talked to governor jindal yesterday because we're on the same page in where we need to go. he knows that spending more than what we're bringing in is a moral argument that we need to connect with the american people. and the future of our children with the debt on their head means that the opportunities that they could have is going to be diminished. >> that's not what he's talking about there. he's talking about how the brand positions them. >> john: how did you get to debt? did you make him ask a follow-up question? that's not supposed to happen on "meet the press." he talked about abortion and how


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