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tv   The War Room With Jennifer Granholm  Current  January 31, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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>> jennifer: i'm jennifer granholm. welcome to the one-year anniversary of the war room. chuck hagel still has a chance of being confirmed as this country's next secretary of defense, although it's wise to hold off on changing the letter head for just a bit.
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>> there is more troubling news coming out of iran today. officials there told u.n. nuclear inspectors that they plan to process uranium two or three times faster than it can now. the possibility that iran might develop nuclear weapons only adds to the tension in this region. israeli warplanes had struck targets inside syria. and tomorrow vice president joe biden is going to head to europe to meet with syrian opposition leaders in europe. against that dramatic backdrop, chuck hagel made his case to be secretary of defense. before his hearing it seemed that he would succeed, but things did not go as planned. hagel had to correct his statement on iran's nuclear ambitious. >> by the way i just have been
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handed a note that i misspoke and said i supported the president's position on containment. if i said that, it meant to say that i i don't have a position on containment. i recognize i've had more attention paid to my words in the last eight weeks than i ever thought possible. >> just to make sure your correction is clear, we do have a position on containment which is we do not favor containment. >> we do not favor containment. that was the president's position and that was my position. >> jennifer: correct made, ouch. that's not the worst of it. some of the most point questions came from hagel's former good friend and former vietnam vet senator mccain. he said he wouldhe said if he became
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president hagel would work for him. but more than a decade later the bromance is over. and mccain ripped him over the issue that tore them apart. the surgery in iraq. hagel called it the biggest blunder since vietnam. and mccain supported the surge. and today mccain made it clear that he is not over that disagreement. >> right or i don't think, that's a direct question, i expect a direct answer. >> the surge assisted in the objective. but if we review the record a little bit. >> please answer the question. were you correct or incorrect when you said that the surge would be the most dangerous. blunder since vietnam yes or no. >> i'm not going to give you yes or no. i think it's far more complicated to that.
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my answer is i'll defer that to history. >> that went on and on and hagel might not have convinced mccain but his ideas did convince another influential politician, president obama. the two of them, president obama and chuck hagel toured iraq and afghanistan together in 2008. afterwards obama said in a they agreed on almost every foreign policy issue. there was even speculation that the president might tap hagel for vice president. well, that, of course, didn't happen but the president did get hagel's endorsement. maybe that's what accounts for some of john mccain's bitterness. mccain isn't the only one who is lining up against hagel though. senator lindsey graham, mccain mccain's new bff also took a shot. he brought up hagel's newest comment that, quote the jewish lobby intimidateed law makers. >> name one person in your opinion who is intimidated by
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the israeli lobby in the united states senate. >> well, first. >> name one. >> i don't know. >> why would you say it? >> i didn't have in mind a specific person. >> jennifer: that, too went on and on. after the hearing graham, who up until that point had been none noncommittal told foreign policy magazine that he was unlikely to vote for hagel. others went further. senator dan coates gave a 15 minute speech said he would vote no. hagel's performance did not earn him much praise from the other side of the aisle. here is senator claire mccaskill. >> well, i'm going to be candid. i think chuck hagel is much more comfortable asking questions than answering them. that's one bad habit you get into when you've been in the
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senate. you can dish it out but sometimes it's a little more difficult to take it. >> jennifer: interesting. she declared claire mccaskill mccaskill, to say if she would vote for him. joining me now is nicholas burns, former u.s. ambassador professor of dip diplomacy. >> thank welcome to "the war room"." >> thank you. >> jennifer: it lasted eight hours and 20 minutes including breaks. how do you think chuck hagel did today? >> it was a tough hearing no question about it. very contentious in parts. it didn't seem to me, in key starts especially when you show that it was deliberative, it
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seemed adversarial it seemed like a court trial asking for yes or no questions. they have an obligation to ask tough questions and maybe this is an issue where history has to decide who was right or wrong about the iraq war but there is so much important in this position secretary of defense particularly asia. probably the biggest strategic region we're going to face is not going to be the middle east but china. there was less emphasis on that, and i thought that was unfortunate. >> do you think we found out things about hagel that we didn't know before? oh obviously there was adversarial posturing for the cameras but did we find out things about hagel? >> you get a sense that senator hagel is someone who is very deliberate about the use of force. he wants to--just my interpretation--wants to exhaust all options before we go to war. certainly was a critic of the iraq war by the time he left the
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senate. i think that's where most democrats are these days. some members of the republicans party are not in that place. it tons as a a de--it continues as a debate in this country when is it proper to use military force, to occupy another country. there are people on both sides of that issue and we saw a replay of that debate today. >> jennifer: absolutely. there is the substance of it, and then the performance aspect of it. where do you think he was the weakest? >> obviously the exchange on iran was unfortunate. the fact that senator levin had to intervene to correct the record. president obama in 2012 on two occasions came out and effectively said we're not going to try to contain iran. we're going to prevent iran from becoming a nuclear weapons power. that was the most part of the hearing for senator hagel. he did correct the record after
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senator levin interjected and placed himself squarely with senator levin. but if iran is going to be an issue in the hearings, and it was a lead-off in the hearing it was a difficult point. >> you were an ambassador, and you had to be confirmed, do you think senator mccaskill was right? it becomes easier to asking the question than answering them? do you think there was a problem in preparation? i think he did get stronger toward the end of the day. but those were questions he could have anticipated? what was going on there? >> i'm of two minds here. the hearings are essential. you have to be voted on. it's important to have them. but there are other tests that we ought to put before our future secretary of state. i think senator hagel has passed all of them. he's a mainstream person with
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solid middle of the road in terms of the political spectrum values. i think he has a very strong record as a patriot of this country. he has proven that. and he's also someone who fits very well with president obama and soon to be secretary of state john kerry. i would hope people would judge him on the whole body of his record as a public servant all the way back when he was a sergeant in the vietnam war. to me i think he would serve with distinction and honor. >> i agree. he made that point in his opening statement which was to judge him on the entirety of his record of his life, which obviously is very exemplary. but do you think the republicans will end up filibustering him? there would be some suggestions that ted cruz is going to put a hold on him. >> i sure hope not. i'm a career person.
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i serve both republican and democratic administrations. we can't litigate the past over and over again. if you think of what is ahead for the next secretary of defense, how do we get out of afghanistan with honor effectiveness and redeem the valor of our soldiers who have serve there had? how do we face the challenge in asia. these are key questions, and i think senator hagel deserves--he deserves the ability to complete his answers and not be interrupted. this should be a thoughtful confidential hopefully on a bipartisan basis. maybe that's too much to hope for but that's what is at stake for america. i think he would be a good public servant for us. >> jennifer: in light of what happened in iran today if you had an opportunity to give him a piece of advice from your experience what would you say to him. >> i wouldn't presume to give him advice. he's a lot more experienced than i am. >> jennifer: you are a good
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diplomat. >> i try to be. but i want to be respectful of him. he was someone i admired in the senate. i worked with him closely when i was an ambassador to n.a.t.o. i found him to always be very fair and very thoughtful. we have a very tough challenge with iran. iran is resisting negotiations. they won't even agree to show up at the p-5 negotiations with the the other countries. if they don't show up with the negotiations it will be give for the obama administration to go not go down that use of force which no one wants to go down. it's important that we send a tough message to iran and that is that the use of force is on the table unless they negotiate fairly. i'm with the president of wanting to negotiate with diplomacy. we need an united team in
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washington, so i hope he's confirmed. i hope he's confirmed expeditiously in the senate. >> jennifer: we're all hoping that. we are hoping to send a strong message and a strong team to represent us across the world. we thank you for coming to the war room. former u.s. ambassador nicholas burns. coming up, congress gets to pick it's spots in dealing with gun violence. unfortunately, community leaders on the front line that have epidemic have no such luxury. san francisco boys club joe marshall knows this all too well. and then divestment helped it's "the war room" on a nurse night. we're just getting started. stick around.
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you know who is coming on to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
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>> jennifer: the rhetoric is so hot that it would be fair to wonder if the nra leadership and the anti-gun safety crowd live on the same planet as the pro gun safety crowd. listen to senator lindsey graham as he explains why ordinary citizenses should be allowed to have ar-15 assault rifles. >> what if there is an earthquake situation and you need your ar-15. what about the riots. >> jennifer: earthquakes riots of course you need an assault rifle for those things. and many in washington share show views. maybe if they met with community leaders on the front line of every day gun violence like nancy pelosi did yesterday maybe they would realize that
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ordinary citizens armed with assault weapons really isn't the answer. joe marshall, the director of mega boy's club and part of vice president biden's task force. he's joining us. welcome inside "the war room"." >> thank you, glad to be here. >> jennifer: floodglad to have you here. you just heard the sound bite from senator graham. what do you say to that? >> if martians come down and debate. when i wish he would come talk to my young people and they would laugh him out of the room i want doesn't it frustrate you we're glad that the focus is on this, and it may have taken sandy hook elementary shooting to get there, but we've been covering gun violence now almost every day since sandy hook featuring victims who just have been shot every day, every day there has been over 1400 victims
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of violence since sandy hook. for you who are out on the front lines, doesn't that frustrate you? >> absolutely. i heard about atlanta. >> jennifer: a middle school in atlanta, another shooting today. >> and a young woman who was in president obama's inauguration was shot. >> jennifer: yes. >> we got to stop it. we have to stop it. it is frustrating, and i've been talking--i'm hoping that urban and suburban i hope we can get past the rhetoric and get to doing something about gun violence in this toronto. >> jennifer: after yesterday's town hall you said there is a political window, and now is the time to change gun laws. do you think that can actually happen when one side has always been so successful, and frankly so stubborn? >> i think it can happen. i do i do. it's not going to be easy. you always hope that minds will
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prevail. i don't think anybody wants anybody to die. when i've been in the room, if i cannous this phrase, on the other side, i've been able to get them to focus on what we're here for. that is to save young people's lives. whether it be sandy hook, chicago, san francisco or oakland, i think that common sense will prevail on this issue. i think the appointment of congressman thompson is a good thing because he is a gun owner. >> jennifer: i agree with you. >> that's a good approach to the whole thing. >> jennifer: there are reasonable gun owners and you have to understand that there is respect that we have to have for the second amendment but rational common-sense gun laws need to prevail. there really has been a huge. of people killed since the you beginning of the year. rahm emmanuel had a press conference announcing what he was going to do, which was to
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move 200 chicago cops from their desks out to the streets. listen to what he had to say. >> we will continue to move all 200 by march to move them all into the streets to do what i think is a key component, which is to reduce gun violence and gang activity before the flame becomes a fire, put it out. >> jennifer: is more police the answer? >> well, they're doing the same thing in oakland. they had a patrol on the streets of oakland. short-term probably. having--you're always going to have more officers on the streets, but long term, it's not the answer. you really got to get young people--what i do is i get young people--the--we got to change the culture violence in the young people. >> jennifer: how do you do it? >> education, education, education. >> jennifer: raise the level of education, get them to go to school and care about their
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future. >> more importantly gun and the respecter of violence. they believe they should carry guns. i got to change their minds about buying guns. that's what i've been successful at. i support all the legislation that the president is trying to push through. we need to limit access, but at the same time i know i got to caught down on the culture of violence and the desire. >> jennifer: that sounds great but specifically what would you tell joe biden? what has to happen in communities all across the country when you say education specifically. >> i think you got to begin to do something about the mindset of young people. that means engaging them in programs like omega boys clubs. >> jennifer: after school programs. >> not only that but in the school. you got to begin to address the mindset of the young. >> jennifer: mentoring? >> mentoring, talking about why.
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a lot of young people say they shoot because they feel disrespected. they got to carry a gun or they feel like a punk. when we did the same thing with tobacco. we got to do something about the attitudes. we did it with tobacco. >> jennifer: if we did did it with tobacco, we can do it with guns. thank you for what you do every day. president of omega club, and member of vice president biden's gun violence task force. in 48 days had 48 days 1443 have died from gun violence. including those was a
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39-year-old fella who was shot outside of his massachusetts skateboard shop on tuesday afternoon. his family told boston cbs affiliate that opening patriots skateboards was shawn's dream. he survived tours in afghanistan and iraq only to be shot at home. he leaves behind a wife and two sons. another life lost because of senseless gun violence in this country. the next time i'm before you more than 100 more people will have lost their lives and the number continues to rise. weekdays 9am eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> jennifer: there is a new movement to address two of our most important issues, climate change and gun violence using a classic grassroots tactic which is divestment. sending a message by pulling money. yesterday a chicago employee fund pulled from two companies that investment in gun manufacturing companies. the mayor got his idea from some college students at ham sure and unity colleges. they've convinced their campus administrations to divest their portfolios as part of 's fossil free campaign.
3:30 pm
this climate change divestment movement is catching on. opportunities at over 200 college campuses are putting pressure on university leadership to divest. if you can't get college to act hit them in the purse and change will fall out. as we like to say. coming to us via skype is christina johansson an undergraduate and bob massy who is president of the new economics institute who is coming to us from boston. thank you both for coming inside "the war room." >> our pleasure. >> yes, thank you. >> jennifer: kristina, what are you learned about the invest portfolio and what are you trying to accomplish? >> thank you so much for having me on the show. so recently middle bury college has disclosed it has $30 million
3:31 pm
of its endowments invested in southfield companies and a process is underway to consider divestment. middle bury is known for its green commitments where it was the first school to have an environmental studies major and it's commitment to carbon by 2016. we've been working with the administration, and one of the founders of is a scholar in residence here and we're working to push the college to put its money where it's mouth is. >> jennifer: so what sort of response. they're just considering it. you don't know if they're going to do it yet right? >> currently there are a few panels under way in which we're meeting with administrators and professionals and coming soon we're going to have a board of trustees meeting where we're hopeing to speak and present our divestment proposal, and demand
3:32 pm
that this is something that the college takes on as commitment to its environmental. >> jennifer: bob, you were part of the anti-apartheid movement in the 1980s. what comparisons can you draw from that movement and this fossil fuel divestment campaign that is building today if. >> thank you. when both campaigns started they seem very remote. south africa was far away and did not have an impact on the u.s. there was very little interest in it. but because students continued to raise aawareness, and we've no had a vibrant discussion here in the u.s. students are bringing a once again are bringing
3:33 pm
the question to the front and providing leadership of conscience to the nation. >> jennifer: what advice do you have for christina as she's trying to lead in her college. >> first of all she needs to be persistent. i've admired the people at middle bury and people at other cools who are--at other schools, who are sitting down and learning the arguments. the request is to free current investments in fossil fuel and gradually get out over five years. there is nothing more reasonable than that. the money could be managed, 3% of the middle bury fund, a tiny amount of money relatively speaking. they're doing a great job of being persistent and they need to continue to press their case. as christina said this is an issue where everything else and everything else showing their commitment at the university, but they need to put their money where their mouths are. >> jennifer: christina
3:34 pm
sometimes young people get painted as being apathetic. we just saw some pictures of students who were part of this movement. it looked pretty overwhelming. is it your sense that students have gotten really engaged on campus? >> um, yeah. i have noticed over the past several months the numbers have risen every day with the amount of colleges across the country that are working on divesting campaigns with 230 schools right now. on our campus here at middle bury we had a vote last week on how many students supported us, and over 06% of the student body supported divestment from fossil fuels and arms. we're going to have a convergence from people all across the country are coming coming to our college. and we're going to be learning
3:35 pm
together gaining these skills, and relationships to build this mass movement for sustainability and push washington to act. yes. >> jennifer: that's great. and bob you know, the other side would say that--especially those doing the investing--they use the argument that divesting would undermined fiduciary responsibility they have to maximize returns and support education, how do you respond to that? >> it's just not true. anyone who knows anything about wall street knows most fund managers organize their funds in investments in different industries. there are literally houses of thousands of different funds. it would be easy to organize a fund without fossil fuel. the statistics showed it would not earn less of a return. so this is a false--a red herring that is leading people away.
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>> jennifer: well, i can just tell you christina when i was involved in the anti-apartheid movement in harvard when i was in law school there and camping out on the front of derek bach, the president of harvard at the time, at his door, the chant was derek bach, get the word, this is not johannesburg. are there chance in the fossil fuel movement that you want to share with us? >> i have to think on the spot right now. >> jennifer: i don't want to put you on the spot but any good protest has a good chance. i'm just saying. thank you so much. i love the fact that students are engaged and taking this leadership issue on an issue that is so important for our climate. bob massy and kristina johansso new york thank you for joining us.
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immigration reform, senator rubio is trying to keep it a secret that he and obama are on the same page. we'll be right back. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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>> jennifer: you might be thinking mccain versus hagel or graham versus hagel is the only republican on republican in washington, well it's not. this is what david vitter said to laura ingraham about senator
3:41 pm
rubio's position. >> i think he's naive on this issue. this is the same old formula we dwelt with before when it was it passed in 1996. >> jennifer: naive an interesting word choice. vitter is concerned undocumented immigrants is going to gain citizenship before the border is secured. senator rubio did criticize the role that border security plays in obama's plan. >> security must happen. these promises have been made in the past about border security and they've never been kept. if we can't find a way to guarantee that, this bill is not going to work. >> jennifer: border security issue is critical in this debate. joining me to discuss how this
3:42 pm
all plays out for immigration reform and much more is kelly got. joining us from new york, she's the political correspondent for the root. great to have you inside "the war room" again kelly. >> great to be back. >> jennifer: so yes president obama sat down with spanish language news outlets. here is one question from univision. >> is this going to be a battle between you and marco rubio? >> obama: i don't think so. look we put border security ahead of pathway to citizenship. we've done more on border security in the past four years than we have done in the previous 20. >> jennifer: this is a key issue is it going to come down to the border security issue. >> i can tell you this much, the republicans will pretend that it does. according to.
3:43 pm
they have ten border agency for every mile. no one has been clear by, quote securing the borders. if you ask one senator you get one answer. if you ask another, you get another answer. you ask someone who is conservative you'll get a vastly different answer than someone who is moderate. my take is that there is this bait-and-switch which we're probably looking at where people say i'm totally on board. if we can all get on the same page and it's the same of the violence against women act, oh my gosh, the surprise, the discussion issession is almost over, but if weif iwould have voted on it. >> jennifer: you think they want to kill any reform. >> some. i don't think that's the case of senator rubio. let me throw something out there that is food for thought.
3:44 pm
president's plan will call for equal treatment of same-sex couples. that's something that some of these senators even when they say they support immigration reform will not get behind because ofbecause they need the support of his base in tight races. it's sticky ground when you say i don't feel comfortable on issue x. it's this particular issue that i'm holding out, it's not that i oppose immigration reform. we'll hear more from those who worry oh alienating those who oppose immigration reform. >> jennifer: do you think they'll get this done because they really need it. >> one of president obama's key field organizers is helping to want initiative to turn my home state of texas blue, which is unthinkable two election cycles ago. the question is going to become whether or not they can get enough people in line to pass
3:45 pm
it. that's the real question. think about this, senator rubio could run for president and say i tried to get it done. it's my party. it's because of them that it didn't pass. not because of me. vote for me any way. that's what he could do. >> jennifer: we just learned today california is going to be majority hispanic by 2014. that's next year. there's no way that they win unless they do something that is meaningful and not just dressing. turning--let me quickly turn to another battle on capital capitol hill, the hagueel hearing was all the news today. what did you think? >> i think at the end of the day everyone can pretend it's about chuck hagel, but we all know it's about barack obama making sure that he doesn't accomplish anything because he has won the election and they have sour grapes about that. so we're seeing susan rice 2.0. if people really believe he's an
3:46 pm
anti-see might and a horrible human being, then perhaps i would be buying this. this is really about something bigger than that which is knee capping a president they couldn't defeat at the polls. >> jennifer: do you think he ends up getting confirmed? >> you know, i don't know that i commit to that one. john kerry is more of a shoe in. i don't know. what do you think? i know i'm not supposed to ask you questions. >> jennifer: when having a discussion, it's nice. i think he's going to get confirmed but he's going to be dragged through but he will get confirmed i'm predicting because ultimately the guy is a war hero and it shows that the republicans--they can't even confirm a republican, a former businessman a war hero, come on. >> maybe what the president should have done is thrown everyone for a loop and nominate
3:47 pm
john mccain. >> jennifer: that might be a bridge too far. i'm just saying. you were talking about the violence against women act as an example of how extreme these arguments have become. this war on women is going strong in arkansas. i wanted to tell our viewers that today the state passed a law that would require a test to check for a fetal heartbeat before receiving an abortion. if the heartbeat is detected then the abortion would be illegal except in cases of rape or when the woman's life is in danger. that could happen as soon as six weeks. in a pregnancy. you just wrote about the significance of roe versus wade anniversary. how can people push back about this de facto abortion ban. >> i think women fought back during the presidential election when they made it clear extremist policies won't be tolerated no matter how people try to dress them up. what is interesting even though
3:48 pm
people used to think that overturning roe v. wade, even though an overwhelming number of americans do not want to see roe v. wade overturned, in new mexico they introduced a law that would say that abortion is getting rid of evidence. what they want to do is pick away at abortion rights. and the scary thing is it has been working. south dakota, north dakota, mississippi. the key thing don't just vote in the presidential election but vote in state and local elections. a lot of women and general voters forget it's just as important. >> jennifer: if you don't believe that, look at 2010 when people didn't come out in those state elections and look what we got. keli goff. you're awesome as a possum as my
3:49 pm
girls would say. >> i love that. >> jennifer: thank you my dear. up next, the best of the rest, our daily affirmations for progressive thinkers. and then brett erlich on the subject that is less mentally taxing. >> coming up, motown's billy is back again but you'll never get where. don't go away. thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> jennifer: all right, let's check in with our progressive brother in arms, michael shure of the "the young turks" sitting in for cenk uygur. michael, what are the battles you're waging tonight. >> governor, we're waging the battles first of all in the senate. i'm sure you covered this. i'm sure you have opinions of
3:53 pm
that. we're going to see how chuck hagel fared and how some of these silly old senators in front of him presented themselves. and then we also have my beloved 49ers, and one of them making a very grave error. we're going to talk about the comments made about gay americans and gay football players. and i'm sorry to say its another super bowl without the detroit lions. >> jennifer: i'm just saying i'm recording from san francisco but i'm tired of the san francisco teams hogging all of the top spots. come on, detroit. i appreciate you mentioning it. >> of course. we have a really good show. >> jennifer: have a good show. we'll be watching. now for a look at the best of the rest. the stories that i do not want you progressives to miss on this thursday evening. here is a big one. fox newspersonnality geraldo rivera made a big announcement
3:54 pm
on his show. >> i am and i've been in touch with some people in the republican party in new jersey. i'm truly contemplating running for senate against frank laute lautenberg or cory booker. >> jennifer: as a republican, of course. we went on to say that he would make nationalizing stop and frisk like they're doing in new york, as part of his platform. i wonder what other interesting ideas he has? past prologue? well here are some moments from his past that might shed light on his positions in the future. >> we don't know. this is an adventure that you and i are going to be taking together. [ explosion ] >> when all was said and done all i found was an old begin
3:55 pm
bottle. [ yelling ] >> jennifer: flying chairs broken noses empty vaults. there has not been a new jersey republican senator since the 1970s. i'm just guessing if geraldo is the nominee that trend is going to continue. believe it or not a lot of people dream of working with the government, and it's a good thing. and for all those people out there have i got a job for you. the ideal candidate would have five years of regulatory experience, a law degree, and extensive knowledge of--marijuana. what is this cush job you might be asking? pot adviser. so since marijuana became legal in washington state last year officials have been searching for a bureaucrat with expertise in growing and distributing the
3:56 pm
best cannabis, or as the liquor control board spokesperson put it. there are some technical aspects with marijuana we could use a consultant to help us with. something tells me that somebody somebody's inbox is about to be flooded with applications. i'm just saying. a quick break. then brett erlich. stick around.
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>> jennifer: at the height of the cold war who could ever have imagined the leader of russia imploring his people to make love not war? but as brett erlich explains times have changed for the better. i think. shh, brett's talking now. >> vladimir huti has hired boys to men to convince russian people to have sex with each other.