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tv   The War Room  Current  March 12, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>>argh. >>sean's finally here so we're safe and they picked us up. how are you? yeah, i miss you. >>what was the conversation with your wife like? >>it was so nice to hear her voice like, i immediately felt better as soon as i just talked to her, that's when i kind of felt like we... (christof)before it was over we'd travelled 75 miles by van and 20 miles by foot in the scorching desert where we'd spent three days and two nights to document the journey made by thousands of immigrants every year. roger, our travelling companion, was headed to atlanta to reunite
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with his family. but he never showed up. ten days went by without word, then we learned what had happened. roger and jose had gotten lost and run out of water. approaching death they turned themselves in to the border patrol. roger was deported back to mexico where he called to say he was getting ready to try the crossing again. we haven't heard from him since.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> michael: you're in "the war room." i'm michael shure. the idea was once floated that congress send up black smoke every time they couldn't reach an agreement. however, the cost of fuel being what it is, the suggestion was quickly withdrawn. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> michael: right now as we meet a bunch of injury attic attic--jeriati character men are meeting behind closed doors. adhering to arcane conventions to arrive at a decision that will impact millions of people.
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even though the majority of those people don't actually support this small group's policies, things like anti-choice measures and discriminatory hiring practices the group holds much power and has such an enormous budget that it will just push their policies through any way. who is this group of cloisterd fanatics? well it certainly describe the catholic church as it letses meet in rome to elect the next pope. 62% of americans say congressional americans are out of touch with reality. and they're right. just look at the latest republican madness. today paul ryan proposed his budget which looks a whole lot like the budget he proposed last year, you know the one that the american people roundly ejected when they voted to elect the president. ryan has been trotting out the same version of the tax plan for
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six years. it was called road map for america's future. then he changed it to paths of prosperity. that's the one he stuck with today. well to paraphrase shakespeare a ryan budget by any other name would still smell unsweet. it would eliminate most of obama-care, it would repeal financial regulation, and it would make major cuts to medicare. sounds great. here he is trying to convince americans that they want this tired 'ol lemon of a plan. >> it's a path to prosperity, a responsible balanced budget. we believe we owe the american people a balanced budget. for the third straight year we've delivered. >> michael: congressman, what you owe the american people is respect. they're smart enough to understand that you introduced the exact same budget during the election and you lost. jay carney today said that the president wants to trim medicare but with a scalpel not an axe.
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and ryan let slip his real plan for medicare system. >> this to us is something that we're not going to give up on because we're not going to give up on destroying the healthcare system for the american people. >> michael: that was bushan it was so man. was it a freudian slip or is young blue eyes cracking under the weight of his own lies. that was the most truthful statement we've heard from paul ryan maybe ever. mitch mcconnell announced today it's very first amendment to the continuing resolution that is keeping the government afloat is to delay the implementation of obama-care, here we go again. it's not just obama-care that republicans are going after mcdonnell is vowing to dismantle the president's new financial regulation. he's leading a group of 43 republican senators to block the nomination of the head of
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financial protection bureau. yet today here the republicans were nothing but nice. >> i will compliment you. you have done a wonderful job in carrying out your duties. >> michael: sweet words dripping with absolute insincerity. republicans have been fighting against the agency since elizabeth warren first created it. even so the agency has made huge strides like levying $70 million in fines for abusive financial practices. but that's exactly why republicans backed by big banks oppose it, and why they oppose liz warren. the 43 senators blocking the nomination has received $143 million in campaign contributions from the finance insurance and real estate sector. today elizabeth warren took those senators to task. >> i see nothing here but a filibuster threat against director core dry as an attempt
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to delay the consumer. it's bad for consumers mall banks, it's bad for credit unions. it's bad for anyone trying to offer an honest product in an honest market. >> michael: passion, smart gutsy, warren is light years ahead of her predecessor scott brown. wouldn't you know it, after he left the senate the financial sector embraced him with open arms. "the boston globe" reported yesterday that he's taking a job as counsel for a firm that represents goldman sachs. brown received $10,000 and more than $100,000 from its employees. for more on today's hearings i'm joined by patrick r ex-ich. welcome to "the war room"."
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>> thank you for having me on. >> michael: will they block kordray. >> yes, others have promised not to vote cordray through as well. what they're asking for in exchange is the way that the agency is structured. they want congress to have more oversight of its budget. they want congress to predict how much it makes per year and what it can and cannot spend money on. they want to exchange the directership with a board. so far the republicans have shown no willingness to give up on that here so you have a stalemate. >> michael: is it the same 'ol song for the republicans in the senate or does it have something to do with the sour grapes that cordray was appointed as a recess appointment. >> i don't think their opposition can't be said to stem
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from the recess appointment. their decision was the reason for the recess appointment. since the birth of the dodd-frank reform law they vowed not to approve any director. we've seen where that ended up. republicans generally admire and like richard cordray. they think he's doing a good job. their issue is not with cordray himself but the structure of the agency. they've stuck with thorough guns. >> michael: shocking to no one. if they change structurally this agency, how will it affect the work that the agency does? >> with, that depends on whom you ask. for the proponents of these changes they say it will give it a checks and balances system. some other financial regulators the security exchange system, thethey both work with the board.
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the argument is it will dechange watchdogs and we'll look out for consumers whereas other agencies are supposed to keep an eye on banks are done by a single director. so republicans claim that these are sort of modest changes that bring the agency in line. people who really think that this agency was necessary and people who went to the mat to get it pushed through they've been adamant that a single director and sort of a budget coming straight from the federal reserve is the way that they'll return this into a powerhouse and curb some of the abuses of the financial christ and mortgage crisis. >> michael: how many times die here comptroller of the currency. i love that. let's go to a report by mary jo wright. will the republicans give her trouble as well? >> if there is any trouble it will come from the left from the
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democratic party. sherrod brown, the ohio democrat, and sort of an un unabashed liberal. he's concerned about some of the tie to wall street. she worked at a firm in which she represented a lot of wall street clients. he's concerned these will correct conflicts of interest and have her recused in cases. it's a five-member commission. right now there will be three democrats and two republicans. if mary jo white had to recuse herself, it changes the power a little bit. that's their concern. tom coburn and forgive me if i get the quote wrong but it was something close to the more i learn about you the more i like you. he promised to aggressively support her nomination. >> michael: he was fawning over everyone on cap pal hill. before we let you go patrick i want to talk about elizabeth
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warren. how much of an impact is senator ratherwarren having just two months in her tenure. >> so far she has had success bringing attention to issues that she cares about. she went off on banking regulators and demanded answers. she went to the ted cruz style of questioning where she drilled again and again. it became a youtube sensation and people have been locked in on that. in terms of legislative success it's too early to tell. we're just two months into the senate that may be enough time to hang up your coat and clear your throat. >> michael: warren and cruz, where will the similarities end. patrick reis, thank you so much for coming into "the war room." let's turn to another lobby
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backing republicans. the gun industry. the gun safety measures that congress is debating has the overwhelming support of the american people. 91 the percent want universal background checks. 91%. 86% want to prevent mentally ill people from christianing guns. and 57% support an assault weapons ban and 47% support database to track gun sales. the only one with the chance of passing seems to be background checks. today the senate judiciary committee still passed a bill, but it still has to be passed on the senate floor and that could be tough. unfortunately, gun legislation will fail because the gun lobby is too big. if you think the senate is bad now, imagine if democrats lost seat. democrat levin announced he won't seek re-election. let's start with the bad. crazy tea party justin amash is
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pulling 11%. scott romney is rumored to making a run and he's leading the republican pac with 26%. and then jennifer granholm is leading with a whooping 59%. go jen. if she becomes senator i will replace her as senator. so i become a senator from michigan one day. i like that idea. and then we turn to movie stars. ashley judd is rumored to be running for senator, mitch mcconnell's seat and republicans are sharpening their clause. today the season toral committee called her a faded hollywood star. speaking of weak candidates, and presidents, george p. bush, nephew of george w. is running
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for texas land commissioner. you know the guy in charge of practicing the poor oil field from greedy environmentalists and he would be charge of programs for veterans which his family has created a lot. there is an announcement he has singled out one member of his family in particular. >> you probably know her as former first lady barbara bush. to me she's just ganny. the lesson that ganny taught me the importance of public service. >> michael: if only he had taken up the family tradition of doing dog portraits. then we wouldn't have another bush with an ego too big to succeed. coming up, the president is just continuing his charm offensive. how lovely. donnie fowler and bill press will bring us the latest from the political front. plus we'll meet one of the activists cycling from newtown to washington to draw attention to gun reform, a necessity owning itself because of
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congress' failure to discuss issues on its merit alone. the backlog of cases has gotten so bad they're worried about the structural integrity of the building--oiy. we'll be right back.
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>>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> michael: president obama took his congressional charm offensive to friendly territory today. he waltzed into a meeting with democratic senators to promote his second-term agenda: getting the country's fiscal house in order. immigration reform, and gun safety legislation. at the top of that list is the budget battle. senate democrats led by washington's patty murray are pushing a non-binding budget that would increase federal spending, seek new revenues and spare social programs. but across the hill house budget committee chair paul ryan has a dead on arrival plan that would theoretically, and i mean theoretically balance the budge. >> balancing the budget is not
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just arithmetic. it's not just getting expenditures and revenues to add up. it means a healthy economy and pro-growth society. >> michael: included in that pro growth saturday is swapping out obama-care for market based health wear. we all know how well that's worked out. with us is the well spoken bill press. the author of "the boom hate machine: the lies, distortions and personal attacks on the president and who is behind them," and bill joins us from washington, d.c. here in studio is veteran democratic strategist donnie fowler. why does ryan insist on killing obama-care if we know it's a poison pill? >> because he hasn't had a new idea in the last six years i think. that's the quick answer.
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seriously. we had an election last november. i thought ryan was even part of it right? obviously not. either he wasn't there or he didn't learn anything from this budget. this is the exact same budget he has put forward over the last three years. it's not a budget, it's a bad joke. obama-care is not going away. the american people don't want it repealed. it's been there two years. the supreme court has upheld it. nine republican governs like it and they're taking the medicaid expansion part of it. who is ryan fooling to think that they're going to repeal obama-care and the entire budget is based on that premise? >> michael: what bill says is right, donnie. who is he fooling. it has taken this dog and pony show out on the road before, and it's failed before. the cuts that he ran against when he was running for vice president.
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>> he's taking credit for all the new revenue ratings under the obama tax cuts that he opposed, that so many republicans opposed. he has the same budget, but he wants to take credit for the savings from the obama-care and healthcare. who is he fooling? he's fooling himself. >> michael: asked and answered there. the poll out today shows that congress job approval has dropped 26% and democrats are down 31%. how is this being perceived by the voters, you would think that the republicans would change their tune. why don't they hear what we know? >> well, i--donnie i think they're on a suicidal machine mission. you hear talk the party now has the approval of older white males--not me but people like
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me. that's all they got. the party hasn't changed. yet given the opportunity to show that they've changed, grown and that they have new ideas they got nothing. it's groundhog day for these guys. i don't get it. i don't know who they appeal to. they certainly don't appeal to the american people. this budget will not get to the senate. obama would never sign it. the american people don't want it, it's going nowhere. >> they realized they don't have any room to grow. they're not able to grow with the demographics in the u.s. changing, even my own state of south carolina, georgia and texas, they're being talked about as being battleground states? they don't have anywhere this grow. they're desperately trying oh hold on to what they've got the tea party right wing. >> michael: that's a great point. we're sitting here, bill is sitting here, we're baffled by them going back to the same old
3:24 pm
tricks. but in fact, that's what wins them everything that they do have. >> they're saying that it may not get better. let's just hope that it doesn't get worse. we have to hold on tight to what we have, let's recycle the same stuff and maybe the sky will open, the stars will fall and the world will change for us. >> michael: does that make sense? >> let me tell you something no, when paul ryan appears at cpac this week, he'll be the messiah, the second coming. he'll appeal to that audience, but only to that audience. >> michael: right, and there is some delight in that. it keeps them doing it. we can sit back and criticize and question it. >> let's be clear, the democrats in the house and senate are not doing a whole lot better than the republicans. to some degree this is a bipartisan disappointment. that's a nice word for what the american people think. >> michael: i understand that, but the democrats--the republicans are doing something that has been proven to be
3:25 pm
unsuccessful for them. the democrats are just doing nothing right now. there is a huge difference there. bill i'll ask this question of you. >> do no harm. >> exactly. >> michael: some, the president will meet with house republicans. is there any way that meeting can go well? >> no, in a word. look i'm of the school that thinks meeting with any republican for any reason is a total waste of time. at the same time, we do live in a city where we need some republican votes to get anything done. the hope is that he'll be able to peel some republicans away from boehner and cantor in the house and from mitch mcconnell and the senate, and get enough votes to get a decent balanced plan passed. that's a long, uphill climb. i give the president for trying, at least. >> michael: there has been talk of movies, dinner, lunch, he visits the house. what is the plan here for the president if nothing happens?
3:26 pm
well look, this is a real way of saying i tried. >> speaker john boehner has done something that republicans have not allowed in a long time. he has allowed some things to go to the house floor for a vote even though most republicans do not support it. first there is the pr play. the president is also getting hurt by these budget battles. he needs to say to the american people i'm trying. second, if speaker boehner allows legislation to go to the floor, wide open, maybe the president has hope for 10, 20, 30 house republicans. with all the democrats he can pass something. >> michael: that is hopeful. we'll leave with our own bipartisan moment. take a look at this, guys. mitt romney's sontag posted this photo of his father's birthday celebration on instagram. he's celebrating celebrating with a cupcake and a diet coke. what would you give romney, putting you on the spot, for his birthday? >> well, first of all i hope he
3:27 pm
has a wilder celebration later in the day than a cupcake and a diet coke. i would give him a t-shirt with the numbers 47 emblazoned on it because he called the 47 moochers during the campaign, and he ended up getting 47% of the vote. he is mr. 47. >> michael: lieutenantly. lieutenant-- absolute lieutenant--absolute absolutely that's 100% the right answer. >> maybe he would join the democratic party. >> michael: he would return it. >> the republicans don't want him any more. >> michael: donnie fowler, our friend here in the war room, bill press. you can wake up with bill in the morning. thank you so much for being on the show tonight, bill. up next, 26 cyclists, one for each of the victims of newtown are riding to washington to make a point. the point that most americans agree with and the point that most politicians wish would go away.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> michael: you're back inside "the war room." i'm michael shure. in the 8 days since the tragedy at sandy hook at least 2,605 americans have died as a result of gun violence. that's nearly 30 people a day. even more than were killed on that horrible day in newtown. congress has yet to pass new gun safety legislation. today, however, two pieces of the president's gun legislation did make it out of the senate judiciary committee. universal background checks and a school safety measure. the bill will now move to a full senate vote.
3:32 pm
one of the organizations demanding congress pass common sense gun legislation is a mixed group of professional, amateur and every day cyclists who road from newtown connecticut, to washington, d.c. there are 26 riders in total one for every child and staff member killed at the elementary school and they call themselves "team 26". imagine if we had a rider for every person killed since newtown, we would have to close off freeways. one of the children who attended sandy hook school joins us tonight. monte frank is the organizer and one of the riders of team 26, and he joins us from washington, d.c. i heard that when you pulled out that it was raining. what is it like to do this ride in the middle of winter? >> the conditions were horrific. we left baltimore in a
3:33 pm
torrential downpour and it was 45 degrees. so we--the skies can be clear a little bit. just before we started the event with the congressional delegation but it was pretty cold and nasty coming in. buti talked to him every night on the way down and he said it's great to be on your wheels. they kept saying, we've got 26 angels guiding me along. we were also very inspired by representative gabby giffords when she tweeted to us when your legs get tired keep pedaling. and we did that and we arrived. >> michael: those pieces of
3:34 pm
inspiration are amazing. it's a somber journey you're taking but there is a great deal of energy that took you to washington and a great deal of resolve. tell me about the mood of the riders. >> well, we had riders, four of us are from newtown of. two of us had children who went to sandy hook elementary school. we have riders who are teachers. we had a newtown police officer riding with us. we had a vietnam veteran who was my daughter's guest veteran at the sandy hook school on veteran's day breakfast for three years including one of the years where my daughter had vickie soto as a teacher. we're moms, we're dads. we strongly believe there needs to be change in place to prevent another tragedy such as occurred
3:35 pm
at my kids' elementary school. >> michael: it's clear why you decided to organize this ride. you know, did you have trouble even limiting it to 26 people or did you find the community so many people wanted to join you in this effort, and where does it go from here? >> there was a tremendous outpouring, people wanting to join the ride, but help in all sorts of ways. we had 26 riders, and we had six people who were supporting us. logistically getting us meals all the arrangements and logistics that you need to get from sandy hook. my older daughter was is in the support group. where do we go from here? i'm also on the board of a wonderful grassroots organization called newtown action alliance. we've been working very closely with coalition groups throughout the country.
3:36 pm
so this effort is going to continue. the connecticut affect is not fading away. it's clearly growing. when we're riding down we're talking with americans throughout people who in pickup trucks who would roll down their window and shout encouragement to us. it's clear to us that most americans agree with us, that we need to have reasonable common sense measures such as the bills pending put in place in order to reduce the scourge of gun violence in our towns and in our cities. >> michael: what a way to do after your inspiring ride is the often less than inspiring washington power structure. today iowa senator grassley voted in opposition to pass the senate committee today. i want to you take a listen to
3:37 pm
senator grassley. >> mass shootings will continue to occur despite universal background checks. criminals will continue to steal guns and buy them illegally to circumvent requirements. when that happens we'll be back again debateing whether gun registration is needed. >> michael: we should point out grassley is the only republican to vote with the democrats on another part of legislation which is the gun trafficking and straw purchasing of guns. so when you have opposition like this, what do you say to them, monte frank as you hear senator grassley say this? >> i mean, first, i would say that i respectfully disagree. background checks has got to be the center peace to an effective
3:38 pm
strategy to reduce gun violence in our cities and states. it's not the only piece. there are four pieces to it, and those are the four bills being currently discussed. when you put it together with the trafficking bill, which i was pleased that senator grassley supported that. you saw the weapons ban on eliminating the high capacity magazines. when you put all that together we think and i think most americans think that it won't eliminate the possibility of future shootings but it certainly would make it more difficult. by making it more difficult we believe it will reduce the likelihood or the frequency that we have seen over the last since years. >> michael: yes, that's the real point, the likelihood, the
3:39 pm
frequency, the barrage to use a word that is appropriate there. it's what everybody is fighting against, and monte frank with team 26 trying to lift spirits in the country and in newtown. we appreciate your time here. up next we are different than most other media outlets here in the war room because we provide regular coverage of the veteran's benefits prices. that's not just to toot our own horn at all. the stories are heartbreaking. the numbers are staggering. after the break evidence that it's all getting worse not better. stay with us. for true stories. with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines. real, gripping, current. documentaries... on current tv.
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>> michael: the number of
3:43 pm
folders containing disabilities claim at the veteran's affair office is so huge that the building has been deemed structurally unsound. you heard me right. according to a report issued by the va the inadequate storms created an unsafe workspace and appeared to have the potential to compromise the integrity of the building. the files, as currently stored, exceeded the capacity of the floor by 39 pounds per-square-foot. the image of the va office collapsing under its caseload is a perfect image. the number of veterans waiting to get benefits is expected to hit 1 million by the end of this month. joining me again tonight is the reporter who exhausttively poured through the thousands of pages
3:44 pm
of veterans affairs records aaron glantz. >> president obama pledged to solve this president bush. congress has given him half a million dollars to move this on computers, yet more files, and to the point that some of these buildings are on the verge of structural damage. >> michael: it's amazing. when you think about what the president was given and what has not happened, it's disappointing, embarrassing that that's the state we're in. let's look at some of them. the study showed some of the five slowest areas for veterans here. of how long it takes to get a file claimed. let's go the absolute slowest which i believe is los angeles. >> you come home from iraq or afghanistan, and you say i have post traumatic stress disorder. i have nightmares flashbacks, a
3:45 pm
brain injury from being blown up. welcome home, 506 days is the average wait that all veterans face. but for the newly returning veterans filing their first claim is over 600 days. >> michael: what is the difference between iraq and afghanistan, the difference between what they're claiming and filing for. >> the va will just say they're overwhelmed. they've had a 50% increase of veterans filing claims just just 2010. they are allowing vietnam veterans to file claims for agent orange. there are aspects to it but at the end of the day if you have to wait two years to get your benefits that's why people end up homeless and that is why we have a huge rate of suicide among the veterans in the united states. >> michael: is that depression,
3:46 pm
ptsd, all these horrible conditions waiting for checks and not being able to make ends meet. >> it's not quite that simple but i've come across plenty of cases where people--in fact, one of the recent stories i just did, a guy had to wait so long for his disability check in indiana that his electricity was cut off three times. he just got back from iraq. he said, i thought of killing myself during this period of time. i reported on another veteran in florida, scott after he was denied his disability claim despite being diagnosed with ptsd by a v.a. doctor, he took his own life. why is there such a problem for veteran suicide where veterans commit suicide every day and almost 1 million veterans are waiting for benefits. you do the math. >> michael: it's not just math. you connect the dots and we're not responding to a severe
3:47 pm
problem all over. this mountain seems too big to get through. let's look at these numbers here. when eric came in the former secretary of the army, when he comes in, he said the biggest efforts they're going to make is processing of claims. and they decideed to computize efforts. by 2013 $537 million were spent and we have buildings falling down? >> it's a bureaucratic dysfunction. the important thing is it's not like the president didn't say the right thing. it's not like he didn't start doing the right thing. but where is the oversight? where is the executive branch looking and making sure that this stuff actually gets done? so that's the problem that we have. the number of workers who work
3:48 pm
at the v.a. they have hired 3,000 new claims adjustors since 2000 to deal with the backlog. what we found in their own internal documents they've only added 300 people. well people left. so there is super fudge that goes in to the math. >> michael: the numbers are not adding up here. if we had more claim adjustors wouldn't be getting through the claims. >> it just hasn't actually happened. the government is not telling the whole truth. >> michael: let's keep going. i mentioned this at the top. the v.a. expects the backlog to grow and pass 1 million by the end of this month. tell me what that means? >> well, what is depressing about this is when president obama was elected we already had this problem. he referred to it as a broken v.a. bureaucracy. this is when he was senator obama, and he pledged all the
3:49 pm
reforms we're talking about. at that time there were 400,000 veteran who is had been waiting on their disability claims. now as you say we're up to almost 1 million veterans. afghanistan, vietnam, world war 2 veterans who were destitute waiting on their pension. survivors of those who killed themselves waiting for the pension. the v.a. is piling these claims up instead of getting people to help they promised. >> michael: what do they say about this? >> the frustrating thing is we know it's unhe acceptable and we're going to take care of it. which is fine as long as it goes, but they've been saying that for five years. every year, it's unacceptable, we'll take care of it. come back a year later and it's the same thing. >> michael: the president, too. you mentioned the president is the president having to answer to this on a regular basis?
3:50 pm
shinseki is still there, but he's he not doing the job. >> i think congress is getting increasingly frustrated. there has been all this money appropriated, and it's been approved by congress to hire these extra people but it's not happening. people on capitol hill are asking why. they're starting to demand answers. >> reporter: aaron glantz, i wish you could bring better news but you bring it well, and i appreciate you coming in. >> mymy pleasure. >> michael: iran has posted it's review of the film "argo." in short they felt the score was too bland and there were structure issues and oh, it was also the work of satan. that's next when we come back. satirical point of view. if you believe in state's rights but still believe in the drug war you must be high. >> only on current tv.
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>> michael: now for the best of the rest, progressive insights i don't want you to miss on this tuesday night. first up we like to know everything about our applications were boxers or briefs to their favorite tax havens. unfortunately russian hackers are unearthing mundane information from michelle obama joe biden and sarah palin. the site exposed what looked like to be the first lady's credit report with her chicago address and. now it's no longer online. they're exposing politics and politicians. next on our list, is iran. it's planning to sue the oscar-winning film "argo" claiming it's anti-iranian,
3:55 pm
unislamic and ahistoric. iranian authorities decry "argo" saying awarding the anti-iran movie is a propaganda attack against our nation and entire humanity. easy there iran. the oscar campaign season is over. several news outlets are reporting that french lawyer represented the notorious we knowen terror ramirez sánchez otherwise known as carlos the jackal. the state of mississippi were about one in three adults is 30 pounds fatter than the average american want the government out of their high fructose corn syrup. it would prevent any locality from calorie counts like michael
3:56 pm
bloomberg in new york city. heaven for bid anyone learns that their favorite appetizer from applebees has 1300-calories in. and going to the the catholic conclave, no one does it better than brett erlich. everyone calm down brett's talking now. >> greetings, friends, i'm here live in the vatican city in front of their ancient brick wall of prayer things to cover the pomp and pageantry of papal picking. let's go now. we'll come back to that. one other way to keep abreast of the situation is to check in on
3:57 pm
the official papal twitter handle. it's boring but has bagillion followers. let's go back to the chimney. nothing, oh, what was that? a bird. you can follow my hometown cardinal cardinal mahony. prayers needed. you got those prayers. you'll need them with all the sexual abuse cover up that you've been doing. they're going to reframe the chimney shot. let's see it. oh oh, let's go back, a little bit too much too fast. until they get it right let's look at cnn coverage. >> the 115 voting cardinals those under 80 years old entered the sistine chapel. >> why do you have a 3-d model of the sistine chapel. are you going to rob it? let's go back to the chimney. it's night. that's all for new.
3:58 pm
keep checking in for updates. black smoke means no pope. white smoke means new pope. any other pope means send the medics there has been a horrible accident. i'm done talking now. >> michael: as only brett could do it. someone is always in our war room. check us out online at"the war room." that's where you can link up to our twitter and facebook page and check out our extra web extras. stay tune, "the young turks" the cenk uygur are next. young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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