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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  July 1, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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you. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> welcome to the "the young turks." we're back. boy are we back. we have a lot of people today. we'll introduce everybody in a second. man, the world is on fire in so many different ways. certainly in egypt we've had millions of protesters. that's an amazing story we'll tell but later. and of course we have the wildfire in arizona and this is actually caused the biggest number of deaths for firefighters fighting a fire since 1933. we'll learn all about that.
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but first let's review the panel. tricia rose is back. how are you. >> great. >> and from chasing the hill, west wing, filmmaker and a lot of projects, and mark thompson. >> cenk. >> great to have you here. john, tell us about the storms. >> it's the perfect condition for fire wild, and it resulted in the deaths of arizona's best an highly trained firefighters when they were encircled by the advancing front of the flames. we have more details from brandy hitt. >> firefighters northwest of fee next, arizona, quickly found themselves surrounded by flames. with nowhere to run, 19 men were killed sunday. they're part of an elite firefighting term known as the granite mountain hot shots. >> they are the best. the best we have.
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all i can say is that it had to be perfect circumstances for something like this to happen. >> it was the deadliest day for firefighters since 9/11 with triple digit heat, strong winds time lapse shows the fire quickly spreading more than 6,000 acres, and hot shots are known for working the front line. for the first time the team was forced to deploy their fire shelters. they practiced using those so-called shake and bake tents in a separate fire. >> it was like somebody closing a door on an oven. >> you see there the shake and bake tents. previously earlier in the day we believed that all 19 of the firefighters were not able to make it to the shelters. we find out only five of the 19 were able to make it to the shelters. we find out more about how they functioned. >> they use these protective shields. you put your head right here,
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feet at the end and lay horizontally on the ground. it can get up to 200 degrees on thethe inside, 500 degrees on the outside. >> obviously a great tragedy for the firefighters. the country grieving. we'll get to the president's statements, but what do you make on all this. this. >> cenk: my main question is on climate change. this is the head of the u.s. forest service, tom tidwell mark, he said hotter, dryer longer fire season, a lot more homes we have to deal with. we'll continue to have large wildfires referring to climate change. what is your assessment of that. >> i think that's indisputable. there is another aspect to this, that is development. this is a lightening-caused fire as most fires in the west are. but as human development encroaches on wilderness, you
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see more and more potential destruction of property. that's why we see the numbers in terms of property destroyed rise over the last decade or so. there is no--the climate change part of this equation is indisputable, but there are several other things at work as well. >> cenk: so actually let me go to another graphic to give people a sense of how much the temperatures have changed in that area. and since 1991 arizona and the southwest some of the hottest and most significant changes deep red as you can see in the chart there, which means that the temperatures have changed over 1.5 degrees since 1991. and mark, here again you got all this experience with the meteorologist, but a lot of lay men would say 1.5 degrees what's the big deal? >> it feeds what is a bigger picture over the last decade of drought through that entire region. you saw in that map i thought it was a good map these are
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drought-ravaged areas and it effects a couple of things in the winter months. we think about how hot it is in the summer, but in the winter you don't have the snowpack that you would normally would. you don't have the snow melt. result the soil is parched and it enhances drought problems that already exist. that's the enduring effect of climate change season to season, cenk. that's why we typically end up with problems like this one. >> cenk: melissa, what is your take is al gore right? >> absolutely. it's time that we come together as a nation to dress climb change as the serious problem that it is. i'm tired of the response certainly on from many people on the right, climate change denier who is say this is not an opportunity to talk about climate change, it's too soon. it's too late. it's not too soon. >> cenk: every time there is an issue where we should take action, and it doesn't help their cause whether it's sandy
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hook pointing young guns, it's too soon. you're right it's too late, it's not too soon on gun control control. on the other hand, when there coo be an attack of terror, right now! right now we need to attack a country right now. >> we could make some changes. there are no real substantial changes from the administration. the fossil fuel burning just generally the policy of this administration has not been strong enough on this. >> cenk: i'm going to go one step further as i usually do. it occurred to me in a way that it hasn't before. we know that climate change is causing so much damage and killing more americans people than terrorism is. the horrific exception of
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9/11, we understand that, are the real terrorists people who are putting all the carbon in the air leading to more and more deaths? people would say, that's outrageous, you can't say that, but people are dead. if i were to do the ring trick, people are dying people are dying. okay, people are dying. we need to make these changes or so you're a terrorist. >> the gang just like last week when there were conspiracies about michael hastings' death we're bumping up against policies and the human brain. theythe human brain is not able to make the causality when it's that far removed. we don't see it as the same thing. >> cenk: that's part of it, but overwhelming amount of money money on all sides right, so the gun industry we know of course wants more guns. doesn't mind more death and it
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sells more guns. people panic etc. the defense contractors love more wars. let's do drone strikes whatever. and in this case the oil companies are no, no, let us keep letting us pollute. that's more money, and money talks. >> not only does money talk but there is a vested interest when you have business culture that is not challenged or regulated in any way for a larger human goal we can't expect them to operate outside of their best interests, and their short-term interests are making money. and making money will create climate change. >> and they need a nation as citizens to connect the dots. s obvious and repercussion are becoming more and more frequent. more people are going to die nationwide. there are going to be nor more droughts. and there will be more instability. if we don't take action we only have ourselves to blame for this at a certain point. >> cenk: you see, of course
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you're right melissa and the problem is polls show most people do want to take action. the polls are pretty solid on that. they're in favor. another poll that we had was two election where is we elected a guy to take action, right? but you know, president obama gave a good speech last week. >> that's what he does. >> cenk: that's what he does. let's keep it real in the time that we have. we need leadership. is he doing enough? i don't know what you think. let's go around. >> yeah, just quickly look, i think that there is not enough leadership on climate change not only out of the white house but other places. honestly the real issue is stop being the lobbyist. there is only so much you can do when lobbyists have so much power. it doesn't matter who is president. >> cenk: i'll tell you one thing, to interrupt the flow for a moment. when obama said change, i thought he meant change the system. until you do that, as i keep
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saying we'll loss on all these issues, including this one. i say he has not done enough because of both. not just because of climate change but the issues that affect climb change. >> as someone who wants to do something about this, i find it disheartening even when the world is literally igniting it's difficult to get public opinions to change on this. i don't know exactly what the strategy going forward needs to be. maybe we need to move away specifically about global heating and go back to worries of pollution things like that that would lead to the same changes but people may be more able to hear about it. >> i think we need to have people like sarah palin stop tweeting things when it snows on the east coast how is your global warming going? we have to be responsible and we need to hold those people accountable when they make irresponsible statements like that. >> alternative energy is the only answer. you can only attack this huge cruise ship of america to go in one direction i understand, and
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kemp you'recenk you're so right money in politics is getting in the way. what we hear from obama he gives the greatest of peaches, he empowers alternative energy but he doesn't turn down the literal flames on oils. we still have dirty, to your point polluted energy while we explore alternative energy. no, you need to redouble your efforts on alternative energy and turn down and modify all of those dirty fuels. >> cenk: we'll leave it right there. when we come back, it's funny we have a theme here. you talk about how democrats won the elections in 2012 etc. it doesn't matter, the republicans are on the rise, and they're resurgent. texas and ohio passing unbelievable abortion bills. wait until you hear the details of the ohio one.
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unfortunately as usual it is sick. but still support the drug war you must be high. >> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> do you think there is any chance we'll ever hear the president even say the word "carbon tax"? >> with an opened mind... >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> ...and a distinctly satirical point of view. >> but you mentioned great leadership so i want to talk about donald rumsfeld. >> (laughter) of today's top stories. >> this is the savior of the republican party? i mean really? >> ... with a unique perspective. >> teddy rosevelt was a weak asmatic kid who never played sports until he was a grown up. >> (laughter) >> ... and lots of fancy buz words. >> family values, speding, liberty, economic freedom, hard-working moms, crushing debt, cute little puppies. if wayne lapierre can make up stuff that sounds logical while making no sense... hey, so can i. once again friends, this is live tv and sometimes these things happen. >> watch the show. >> only on current tv.
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this show is about analyzing criticizing, and holding policy to the fire. are you encouraged by what you heard the president say the other night? is this personal, or is it political? a lot of my work happens by doing the things that i'm given to doing anyway, by staying in touch with everything that is going on politically and putting my own nuance on it. in reality it's not like they actually care. this is purely about political grandstanding. i've worn lots of hats, but i've always kept this going. i've dozen years. (vo) he's been called the epic politics man. he's michael shure and his arena is the war room. >> these republicans in congress that think the world ends at the atlantic ocean border and pacific ocean border. the bloggers and the people that are sort of compiling the best of the day. i do a lot of looking at those people as well. not only does senator rubio just care about rich people, but somehow he thinks raising the minimum wage is a bad idea for the middle class. but we do care about them right?
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>> cenk: all right, we're back on "the young turks" with a mega mega panel. next on the plate unfortunately, is abortion. yes, it's back. we're actually having conversations about eliminating abortion in this country with laws that are clearly unconstitutional. their aim is to be unconstitutional. it's goal is to be unconstitutional, it's goal is to go up to the supreme court with the aim to change you laws. we have tricia rose john idaro la melissa fitzgerald from west wing, from so many things i'll stop listing them all and mark thompson from the edge, take it away john. >> we were introduced to senator wendy davis who staged a successful filibuster to end debate and stop the passing of the extremely anti-abortion
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legislation that was being debated during special session of the texas legislature. it seems to be a short-lived victory because shortly afterwards governor rick perry would introduce a second certainlyspecialsession that is beginning today. also beginning today the counter protest from those trying to stop legislation from passing thousands have gathered in the capitol in austin to once again shut down that bill from being passed. we have video of a few of the female rally attendees and why they are attending. >> my argument is women should have a choice. we have lack of choice in many things and this thing we should have a choice for. it's something that we've had for many years and it's being chipped away at. >> if you really believe women should have access, and women are not treated equally. we live in the capitol, this is where laws are made. this is the petition place to be. >> so as i said, it seems very
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short-lived. they're going to have the second session, and it seems likely that it will pass. now on the sunday shows wendy davis was being asked this, was this a waste of effort? are you going to lose in the end? >> are you not just delaying the inevitable? governor perry has noble special session scheduled and this bill is likely going to be become law. >> i don't think it's ever acceptable to concede the argument on incredibly important issues like this. these are matters of personal liberty. in texas we hold very dear to instructions against our personal liberty. we fight very hard against that. and we will fight as we begin the session again on monday. >> so wendy davis at the center of an epic battle to try to shut this down. do you think she'll be successful? >> cenk: well, unfortunatelyly david gregory is probably blame him asking the
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question. it's a perfectly fine question to ask. do you think you'll lose in the long run. texas legislature only meets once every two years. that's why when bush ran for office, he had hardly done anything in texas. when you run for president the big claim to fame is you were governor in texas. that means you worked 13 days. but they're calling a special session, a second one just to make sure they can pass the abortion bill. to me that says in some ways you got to admire the republicans. right? they're on the losing end of this. they have a third of the country behind them. they think you know, we're going to stick to our guns and take away your rights any way. >> first of all, i don't think david gregory's question was a legitimate question. >> cenk: interesting. >> it took for granted the idea of winning in the short run is the point of people's civil
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rights. don't bother, give up against this fascist regime, do you really think you can overthrow them. but this chip-away strategy as one of the attendees has pointed out has been ongoing in alfasets. it's not that they get outright challenged. they're chipped away. and this is becoming very successful. so i think we need to be really--not alarmed. we should see it as a strategy and mount a counter. >> i think it's a very good point. this is death by a thousand cuts. you just stay at it. the change here, though, is what we saw as a filibuster, the up rising among social media outlets was huge. i think in that environment where social media is so very active it may an different problem for that texas legislature, for rick perry. meaning they may be able to chip away, but ultimately there may
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be such a human cry across the land that they may get a blow back that they're weren't expecting. >> cenk: that's the thing when is the blow back coming? on gun control they had 90% on their side in background checks, and they can't get that done. in republicans pro-life position across the country is that abortion should be illegal. is that most actually 25% of the country. 3-1 disadvantage for republicans, but they keep winning. they keep putting victories up on the board ohio, texas. >> but they're burying it in another context. these are the strategies that are very effective. i think we under estimate people. the big analogy is if you look at selma alabama in 1949 you would never think that it was the hotbed of black radical tradition that would overturn segregation. we want to take wendy's
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incredibly inspirational. she should inspire a whole generation of feminist individuals to go into politics, and i think she does. but this is a process that builds action and keeps us anxious and concerned enough that we eventually act in that. you're optimistic. look at that. >> cenk: i look, i want to get money out of politics and they tell me that it can't be done, you tell me about selma, and i agree with that. our group is wolf pac and i hope everybody checks out. when are the democrats going to, in texas look, texas is a little hard, but it's not as hard as people think. texas will be blue state within eight years because of the latino vote. but in ohio, which we'll go to next. well why don't you throw all the goddamn bums out? stop voting republicans, and then go, golly gee, they took my abortion rights away. yes, they want to take your abortion rights. it's not abortion, it's privacy
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it's choice, getting between you and your doctor, and it's gigantic government on the core issues of your life. stop voting republican. i got no love for democrats none, no love, right? but you have to be insane if you're a woman and you're voting republican and they're taking the rights away. >> i think you'll see that change. on my facebook page alone the women who respond to this were raising money to go to texas just really fired up, and they're angry. when i saw jim demint talk about vaginal ultrasounds on meet the press on sunday it boiled my blood. it's not likely that jim demint is going to have a vaginal ultrasound any time soon, why is he saying that it's a pro, a benefit to have the government telling me i must. if i want to, that's my darn business. anyone who has ever had one knows that. >> cenk: you got to give me the ohio because i'm boiling mad about one particular thing that
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i want to go nut on. but first tell us what happened. >> as you alluded to, another piece of extreme anti-abortion legislation being signed in ohio. ohio currently has 12 clinic that perform abortions. those are in danger because of this bill. it diamonds planned parenthood. it requires clinics to have transfer agreements with local hospitals. it bans public hospitals from establishing those agreements. it requires you will ultrasound for abortion and cuts funding for rape cries clinics. >> cenk: there are 28 things wrong there. rape crisis, that's your problem, not our problem. it would effectively shut down all the abortion clinics in ohio. there is the side issue that he's cutting taxes for the rich in this same proposal as part of the whole budget things and increasing sales tax which means increasing taxes on the residents. it's insane in 18 different ways
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ways, but one is if you have a problem in an abortion, and it is a medical problem and you need to transfer the patient they've forbidden public hospitals from taking those patients. you got to go in that moment of panic and find a private hospital that will take you it might be further you may might not die in the process, who cares. this is from the goddamn so-called pro-life people. pro-life? pro-life. these people are sick, and you're voting for these? ohio! ohio! ohio is not a deep red state. it's in large part it's a blue state. but what drives me crazy my local republicans they're okay, they're not okay! this is what they do! if you have a problem in the middle of an abortion they don't mind you dying to make their
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political point. >> i really think that the republicans in ohio are playing with fire. it tends to be blue but its thought of as a swing state. sometimes it swings as a democrat sometimes republican. if they don't think that the women aren't going to respond in the next few elections they got to be crazy. >> the poll numbers show that they don't have as much public support on this issue as the republicans might think. as you say i always wonder if in the ballot box if perhaps people think well they're not really going to mess with us on this instead of. it just seems too-- >> that's exactly what it is, mark i'm tired of people being complacent about it. the so-called pro-life always votes on that issue. i had pat buchanan on the show a million years in 2004, george bush against john kerry. pat buchanan hate's bush's iraq war, thought it was a disaster. he went down the list, i agree
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with you, bishop has been a disaster, not just on the war but all of these issues. i said are you going to vote for john kerry? no i'm pro-life, i have to vote for bush. two-thirds to three-quarters of the country wake up and start voting that way. they're taking your rights away. they're going after that minority, and they're stronger because of it. unless you wake up. >> the true irony is that this party that claims that they want government out of our lives i mean you couldn't get bigger footprints of the government in your life if you tried. it's despicable. it's obscene, yet they claim to be the party that wants government out. >> they say that they want to bring government so small so you drown in a bathtub. they make government so large it's inside your uterus. get them out. get them out, get them out. when we come back in egypt they're getting them out. it looks like mohamed morsi might have 48 hours left.
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an amazing show by the egyptian military there. we'll show you what that is when we come back.
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>> cenk: we're bark, and guess what, they're back. you're looking at protesters, of course gigantic over the weekend on sunday. we've got our whole panel to discussion it, tricia rose, john idareol, melissa fitzgerald, mark thompson, and noreen mustafa. >> they showed a strong force against md policy and morsi's governing. they feel the constitution is written primarily by islamists
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executive power grabs have taken place over the last few months, and food and gasoline shortages and the evaporateing tourism sector. people have had enough. when people are hungry they can't be patient, and they can't wait for a four-year term to be over. and no one could have expected the numbers that we saw yesterday. estimates of 14 million people across the streets of egypt out expressing themselves. and it was an amazing show and peaceful, largely peaceful, which was a huge relief for anyone watching closely. >> cenk: and apparently successful because now the military has given an ultimatum. we'll read the ultimatum what it means and why it succeeded. the military will be on blige by its historic and priorityic responsibilities and by the respect of the demand of the great egyptian people to announce a road map of the future in steps with
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participation of all patriotic and sincere parties and movements. noreen, does this mean that morsi has 48 hours to basically call a presidential election, his own election early otherwise he's done? >> that's the message that the military is basically sending that you need to get control of this country within the next 48 hours and meet the demands of the protesters. the biggest demand is early election in september of this year. and what i really want to note tate here is this video we're seeing is probably the most stirring moment of the protest. egyptian military helicopters flying over the square dropping flags basically indicating they're on the side of the people and you can just hear and see how thrilled egyptians are. >> cenk: so i'm sorry to have a million questions here, but in terms of military and the police the muslim brotherhood did win in a democracy okay,
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and morsi is the president. he got about half the vote, which is pretty impressive in a parliamentary system. why won't the military and the police listen to him? >> so the muslim brotherhood is claiming this is an assault on their legitimacy and the fact that them democratically elected to this position. but when you have 14 million people out in the streets i think it's hard to say that you still have that mandate, and that's what we're seeing. the military has had an intense and back and forth relationship with this regime over the past year, and i think that they're happy and ready to see morsi go even though they don't necessarily want to seem politicalas apolitical role in egypt. >> cenk: it seems that he overstepped here, morsi. there is a big claim to make that you're legitimately elected democratic leader of the country. that's not a small thing. by the way the muslim brotherhood's building was
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attacked and lit on fire, and the police still didn't intervene. which was amazing. it was like the republican national committee were attacked by firebombs and the police didn't step in. that's not really feasible in this country. thank god for that. i guess the overstepping was, hey, we're changing the constitution, sadly for the parliament we're in charge. what is the state of the parliament and tell me more about that overstepping. >> the parliament is an important question. part of the reason why you can depend protesters taking matters in their own halls, egypt had no parliament and there was no plan for one. there is no representation for the opposition or any other ideas in the egyptian government right now. basically if you're not at the table you're not on the menu. you see christians, youth all of these minority groups, and different socio-economic groups
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that make up the opposition saying we want to be a part of this. we want to be part of the future of egypt and they'll do it by hook or by crook. >> cenk: if you go too far get rid of the parliament and change the constitution, people go, well, it was a democracy when we elected you, and then we're not sure what you've done, then you get 14 million people in the streets. >> only two weeks ago morsi was appointing different governors around different areas of egyptian. seven out of the 12 that he appointed were from the muslim brotherhood tie. he appointed a guy who was part of a terrorist group who massacred 58 terrorists many said i'm out, i can't work with these people. how can we bring tourism back
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working with these people. >> cenk: wow the degree of fundamentalism, i thought that morsi was smarter than this. and. >> there is the western perception of morsi and the egyptian perception. the muslim brotherhood knows how to play this game. they put out information in english that sounds tolerable and reasonable but what they're doing in the country is not that. what i worry about there was a lot of anti-american sentiment at the pro pest over the weekend because it appears that again the u.s. is on the wrong side. we've been supporting the muslim brotherhood, and the egyptian people feel betrayed by that. >> cenk: before we go to president obama's reaction which is important in the context of where we're going to stand on this, one more thin, noreen, to what degree is this about the power outages the fuel shortages etc. is that
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pushing the people in the middle, and i don't know how big that group is, and saying, hey you know what, maybe last week i wouldn't have protested but this week when i can't get any fuel, and my power doesn't work, i'm in the streets. >> exactly. that's what i was trying to say hunger isn't patient. these basic needs of egyptians haven't been made. there is trash piling up on the streets, crumbling infrastructure. what they were able to do is tap into that disfaction in a way that even the muslim brotherhood couldn't. >> cenk: let's go to president obama. i want to see what he said here. >> although mr. morsi was elected democratically there is more work to be done to create the conditions in which everybody feels that their voices are heard and that the government is responsive and truly representative. what we've encouraged the government to do is to reach out to the opposition and work out these issues in a process. it's not the u.s.' job to determine what those processes
4:38 pm
is but we have said go through processes that are legitimate and observe rule of law. >> cenk: that doesn't seem comforting. >> observe rule of law but if you can just change the rule of law by erasing it and putting in a new one i'm observing the rule of law. this is the new law. there is a structure that is not there, and you can't refer to it. >> cenk: i get a sense that obama was not buying what morsi was selling. it seemed like he was going to pull the prayer rug out from underneath him on the spot. >> the islamists have been power. it was an incredible secular society. when you talk about the lack of patience because of the hunger and lack of fuel and things like
4:39 pm
that. if six months afterward a secular president takes power is lack of patience going to cause them to turn against him. >> no doubt it will be a long and winding road to get to stability in egypt, and even the coalitions that you're seeing right now will likely fall apart apart. but i think that we need to have confidence that there isn't just leadership deficit that people are talking about. if you look in the right places there are a lot of signs that egypt could be brought in the% right direction. it would be a mistake on either side to under estimate their opposition. the muslim brotherhood does deserve a seat at the table as well but so does everybody else. >> cenk: that's a good note to end on. we'll go from foreign issues to domestic issues. i'm a sports fan, and i have aaron hernandez on my fantasy football team last year, turns out he might be a killer. it's unbelievable. wait until you hear the
4:40 pm
evidence. we'll do that when we come back.
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>> cenk: all right, we're back on "the young turks" 37 now we're going to talk about aaron hernandez, the football player for the patriots that apparent apparently, well, at this point he's an alleged killer, but the evidence is really strong. let's bring in our panel to talk about it. tricia rose, john idareol. melissa fitzgerald, mark thompson noreen. new to havemoustafa and robin sax. >> police in massachusetts had issued a warrant for his arrest saying that that aaron hernandez was
4:43 pm
in the same car when a man was killed execution style. the police had not said which man they believe fired the fatal shot that killed 27-year-old oden lloyd. his body discovered in an industrial park june 17th. prosecutors hernandez organized the killer, he's been charged with first-degree murder. he has pleaded not guilty. carlos ortiz has pleaded not guilty to firearms charges. >> three defendants potentially related to a double homicide back in 2012. just to make things a little more interesting, there is a civil case. let me give you the latest on this. >> the 23-year-old is also caught up in a civil suit alleging hernandez shot his friend in the face after a nine out in miami. according to court documents that friend lost his right eye. but the victim's attorney said he did not want to file criminal charge at the time out of fear of retaliation.
4:44 pm
>> he was in pretty bad shape from the incident, and he was scared. i mean, these guys left him for dead and my client was very afraid of reprisals from mr. hernandez and his associates. >> cenk: so many shootings its hard to keep it straight. i'm going to ask robin to break it down for us here. robin, there is the guy who was shot in the face that didn't die. there is the double homicide where two people were killed, and we think it was hernandez but he's not charged with any of that. he's charged with the last homicide which is a third by in some ways a different case. >> what you're doing verbally is what i did on paper which is to make a flow chart and they potentially could be all related together. we have this murder of oden provide, which aaron hernandez has been charged for execution-style murder. they're seeming to suggest that
4:45 pm
aaron was the shooter. they haven't specifically said that yet. but what they're say something that the motive behind that killing is the result of oden lloyd having some information that could possibly get hernandez in possible. we're thinking given the fact that we know law enforcement is investigating the double murders that perhaps oden lloyd knew about this double murder, and the only thing that aaron hernandez could do is to kill him. that does not take away the civil case which was filed last week. a guy that was shot, the guy that didn't want to cooperate but i wouldn't be surprised if we didn't see criminal charge that come from that as well. >> cenk: the guy shot in the face who lost the eye was he connected to the murder of oden lloyd or not. >> we don't think so. we have these pictures, if you look at these pictures, you see the portrait that we're starting
4:46 pm
to see through tmz and the airwaves is that aaron hernandez seems to be somewhat of a thug. he identified himself as a member of the blood and that's not the picture that we're talking about so there we are. he's throwing some gang signs there is a picture of him with the glock, and it seems that the glock was the murder weapon although not necessarily that one, and there are pictures of him with the tattoo and the name blood right there. when you think about the retaliation that the lawyer spoke of in the civil case, there seems to be an aura of gang stuff. >> cenk: tattoos and throwing up gang signs whatever, right? shooting four guys, killing three of them, that's significant, right? by the end of your explanation i'm thinking is there anyone that he has not killed in the three-state area. actually before we do anything else can you run through the
4:47 pm
circumstantial evidence? >> i made a list of circumstantial evidence, and it has been growing. the first thing this case has been ruled a homicide. there is no question it was an accident. there was prior gun use. there is civil case where he has used a gun and injured someone with a gun prior violence, we know he has resorted to acts of violence before. he was personally connected to the victim. he was not only referred to as an associate of hernandez but was also the boyfriend of his fiancé's sister. that's a whole part of if you don't know if there was domestic violence going on there or not. their cell phone was destroyed when the police came out with a search warrant. the cell phone was destroyed so there is consciousness of guilt. new home surveillance cameras they were installed three weeks prior to the murder but they were destroyed but not destroyed enough that they could
4:48 pm
not get some evidence off of that that the police were able to get off as well. there was a cleaning company that was hired to clean his house at the same time. >> cenk: that was pretty bad. >> that is a note to self, don't do that. the proximity of that house to where the victim's body was found. the body was found within a mile of the house. cell phone records put aaron hernandez at the scene of the crime. there were texts found between him and hernandez and lloyd just prior to when the murder happened, and where he's identified as nfl and he had been texting his sister, that being oden. you and there were casings at the condo that matched the casings found at the crime scene. >> cenk: that was bad. >> and there is a clip that matches the casings as well. >> cenk: we're never going to get through the whole list. >> it's a problem. >> cenk: like in the double murder one thing that was convincing to me, the car that was seen at the double murder
4:49 pm
site that was rented by aaron hernandez. where is the gavel. >> don't forget the keys to that car were found in lloyd's pocket. his dead body's pocket of the pants. >> what i love about this incredible list of evidence, if you go back to when csi-type shows were premiering some people would be concerned that this would be teaching criminals what to do and what not to do, and it would make the police making it harder for them to do their job. but never under estimate the stupidity of the criminal. >> but now jurors are hip to things because of csi. >> cenk: it doesn't look good for aaron, that's obvious. when we come back gay marriage is legal in the state of legal and one of the "the young turks" did it today. shana naomi krochmal will tell
4:50 pm
us the whole story.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
>> cenk: all right, we're back on "the young turks." not only dramatic news for the state of california and the whole country with the supreme court ruleings but dramatic news for "the young turks"." because gay marriage is now legal in the state of california, and we have one of our own who just got married. we have shana naomi krochmal you're still in your wedding dress. i love it. >> i was told not to change out of it. >> cenk: shana literally got married today legally. and i was there. we'll show what you happened, and we'll come back and talk about it. let's watch. [ cheering ] >> this is historic, how do you feel about being part of history? >> it's amazing. we waited a long time to be able to do this.
4:53 pm
>> dearly beloved we're gathered here today as friends and family of shana and jessica to unite the two of you in marriage. >> i'm so happy and so proud that the courts made it possible and california made it possible, and we're able to do the official paperwork and make it really for real. >> shana, do you take jessica to be your wife, to love, honor comfort, and cherish from this day for the forth? >> i do. >> jess character do you take shana to be your wife, to love, honor, comfort and cherish from this day forth? >> i do. >> do i just want to say i can't handle this country like i'm not a part of this country i'm not welcomed here, or do i want to say it matters. >> to me it matters because we've got a great decision from the supreme court session last
4:54 pm
week, and this is a wonderful day that we now are like, so privileged to have. >> a sign upon your heart, a sign upon your arm. >> jessica? >> bind to me as a seal upon your heart. >> bind to me as a seal upon your heart, a sign upon your arm. >> having pledged yourself each to the other i do now by virtue of the authority invested in me by the state of california, pronounce you to be wife and wife. [ cheering ] >> thank you. >> thank you for acting like a kennedy. >> did you in a million years think that in your legal marriage that you would be toasting republican justice
4:55 pm
anthony kennedy. >> well, kennedy has been a good justice, and a good friend to civil rights, not but no, it was a surprise. i don't think anyone thought they would be able to thank any of the supreme court justices. i think we would be happy not to thank the government at all. >> cenk: there she is. congratulations. [applause] >> this is so sweet. >> cenk: you're right i don't remember mentioning any supreme court justices in my wedding. >> it was different. ten years ago we wouldn't have gotten where we are today. and doma has had an impact. a michigan judge has tried to halt an act that would stop preventing employment spouses
4:56 pm
for benefits as their straight counterparts. >> i liked the part which one you told to get in for traffic court. you got yelled at at for yelling at a bailiff. >> cenk: yes, i've picture of that. but in the dark days when you would fight back and get despondent and unions like this lead to a more perfect union. what is happening here! [ cheering ] >> oh, my god i'm going to drop this. >> wow. >> thank you and also beautiful cake.
4:57 pm
>> here, here. >> thank you, thank you. it's beautiful. congratulations on it. >> cenk: beautiful ladybugs and all. thank you, thank you. [ cheering ] >> ask me your question, fun fun, celebration. >> cenk: actually, hold that thought. when we come back we're going to come back with one final thought when we come back. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ]
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> cenk: all right, we're back. we had a great show. i want to thank tricia rose, john iderol, mark thompson and melissa fitzgerald, and everyone in "the war room" want to say congratulations, shana. part of a more perfect union. >> i'm going to quote the world only spins forward. you have to keep fighting more progress. >> cenk: and shana fought not only for herds but all americans because civil rights aren't just for minorities, it's for every american.
5:00 pm
thank you, shana. everybody else, bye bye! [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> john: thank you, turks, good evening, millions of egyptians are protesting the regime of mohammed morsi and the military gives him an ultimatum. morsi said he'll consider proving denial as president of egypt. and he snowden wait forgive asylum. and hillary clinton she's too old. how the party of old white men are trying to sneer