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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  July 29, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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[ ♪ theme music ] >> welcome to "the young turks." we have a great show ahead for you guys. i'm excited about this show. i'm ready to have fun. colonel morris, we've got an awesome panel for you guys, ana kasparian and jayar jackson is here. the pope came out with some controversial statements. he said, well, it's controversial in a good way, don't get me i don't think. if someone is gay, and he searches for the lord and has good will, whom am i to judge? whoa, the gays will not be judged any more by the pope--kind of. they're still not allowed to
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have homosexual sex, but if you're a homosexual not having sex he can live with you. i'll quote from the bible. do not be deceived nor fornicators o or idol fors, nor adulters or revivallers and inherit the kingdom of god. that eliminates a lot of people. 30% to 40% of the population, gone. how about the-- >> half of congress. >> yeah, right? how about the swindlers, there goes all the bankers, they're getting fined every other day and then covetous, jayar jackson, can i get a hell ya that knocks out 90% of the men.
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>> it knocks out a lot of americans when we're talking about this kind of stuff. it's hard. whatever men take over things like this, and form it to their own doing, it's been happening since the days of bible. it's been used by the powerful to keep them in power. nothing has changed. >> cenk: colonel, let me ask you this, do we like this new pope? he seems to be slightly more liberal, and he's saying, gays, yeah, i can live with them. that doesn't sound so bad. >> yeah, i'm not catholic, but i'm beginning to dig the new pope. he said whom am i to judge, and it seems like scalia and cuccenelli and santorum said, me. >> who are you to judge? you're the pope.
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and somebody wrote a great tweet today, i'm sorry that i don't remember their names, one of the followers that i have online on my twitter account. anyway, he said, i can't wait for the catholic league to denounce the pope. what, it's like the right wing zealots are so far to the right of this pope i can see them criticizing at some point, the pope, what do you know. >> i'm waiting for cuccenelli to drop out of the race, drop his wife and run for pope. >> i wouldn't be surprised by anything these right wingers do. that's not the only thing that he has done that is on the liberal side. he said all the young should protest. he speaks out against collection of wealth, and he said, we should care about the poor, wow.
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does he believe in jesus? >> isn't that what religion is supposed to be about? people have taken religion and twisted it into something hateful, something that people use t as an argument against giving to the poor. but i don't think what he said is that big of a deal. the catholic church believes that homosexuality is a mental illness, having that mental illness itself is not sinful, but acting on those urges is sinful. he is saying that essentially in this quote. i'm not impressed by it. he still wants people not to live their lives the way they're naturally supposed to live their lives. >> i hear you on that, and to reel it back, how about women being ordained, come on, dude, let's not get carried away. like the last pope clarified that, and that's obviously not going to happen. the next thing you want is that blacks are going to become
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ministers, oh my god, they already are? >> this is not national by worldwide scale by the pope, thithecatholic church where thed events and outs where they welcomed the gay members. this was six or seven years ago when i first saw this. it's not always where everybody--they act like they're doing the bowdown you're the next-to-god holy pope, but its like any other human. you know people, you meet them, wow, he breathes. >> cenk: that's an interesting point. one last thing about that, let's not kid ourselves. a lot of the vatican is gay. if he says being gay without acting on being gay is a sin, he at some point he may be forced to oust 40% of the vatican. i'm making up numbers, but i wouldn't be surprised. >> it's been a huge scandal
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within the catholic church. not the fact that priests are gay, but a lot of them molested little boys. >> cenk: that angle if they molested boys or girls, and then the italian papers are talking about the ga gay orgies that hae been happening in the vatican. if that is true, we'll find out. desmond to you t tutu, look, a f times the right wing kidnaps religion and then makes it healthful of pro wealth, desmond tutu, live to what he said about this same issue. i would not worship a god who is
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homophobic, i refuse to go to a homophobic heaven. no, i would say sorry. i would much rather go to the other place. how do you like them apples, and martin luther king jr. was also a reverend. there are great religious figures in the world, and look, today was a good day in terms of pope francis heading in the right direction even with the huge caveat that ana points out. now let's turn to fox news. this prolific author who has written many books, i've interviewed him in the past about those books. he's an expert on religion, he's a scholar. fox news doesn't understand the concept. they have him on and they're f flumoxed that he could write a book about religion. >> you're a muslim. why did you write a book about
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christianity. >> to be clear i'm a scholar of religion with four degrees including one in the new testament and studying the origins of christianity for two decades who also just happens to be a muslim. it's not that i'm just some muslim writing about jesus. i am an expert with a ph.d in the history of religious. >> it begs the question why would you be interested in the founder of christianity. >> because it's my job as an academic. i am a professor of religion including the new testament. that's what i do for a living, actually. >> cenk: that was awesome. you think she would be embarra embarrassed enough. she went at him six or seven times. >> i was basically saying this was a perfect example of projection. this is what fox news does.
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fox news comes at everything from a very biased, right-wing perspective, so they're looking at him thinking, he's muslim. there is no way that he could write a fair book about christianity. >> jayar, she stole your projection point. what else do you have. >> first of all, you're welcome, ana. but it continues as she said. i've lived to this multiple times, and she kept back to it. she's set up with one particular line and that's all she was prepared with. i felt sorry for her. she had nowhere else to go. they went to twitter followers, and someone on fox news blogs about this, and it was the exact same question over and over, and they were not equipped t with anything else to say. it's the mentality, we can do it, a christian can write about islam, but a muslim cannot write
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about christianity. >> why was fox news highly critical of male legislators who want to get rid of reproductive rights of women. >> cenk: colonel davis, she went on to say, if you look at a democrat writing a book about reagan, isn't that amazing their concept is if you're not biased in favor of the whatever you're covering you shouldn't be talking about it? >> well, it amazes me that fox always talks about muslims speak out against violence, they criticize the victory mosque in new york city, and now they jump on this and they ignore prince alali, their second largest shareholder, you never hear his name mentioned on fox. it's hypocritical that they're viewed as the christian-right
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network when their second largest shareholder is islamic. >> and how could they talk about the companies that he owns if he's a muslim. >> it's all about the money. >> cenk: i think that might wrap it all up for fox news. that's exactly right. all right, we are taking a quick break here. when we come back here we go go, 2016 has begun. who--you see her, oh, no, lunch, hillary clinton, barack obama, we'll ahead into it and declare the winner of the 2016 election accordingly when we come back.
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>> cenk: all right, welcome to the "the young turks." that is hillary clinton's limo pulling off for lunch at 1600 pennsylvania avenue p. oh, no,
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drums. where is biden? do you think he'll be in that lunch to see what is going on? >> all right, clinton has gone to the white house. she did have lunch with the president. it's all off the record, and of course reporters are not in except to take pictures so we can all speculate about it, and hillary clinton's buzz for the 2016 campaign can grow. >> as you know over the course of the last four years, and much of it has been written over the last four years how secretary clinton and the president have developed not just a strong working relationship but a genuine friendship. it's largely friendship that is on the agenda of the lunch. it's not a work lunch as much as it is an opportunity for the two
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who saw each other on a frequent basis over the last four years to get catch up. the white house whipped up grilled chicken, jambalaya and salad for lunch. >> who cares. and there they are on the patio. that looks lovely. it makes me want to have lunch over there. that's of course today right outside of the oval office. how cool they have a patio on outside of the oval office. this is political. please don't waste our time, of course it's two friends catching up. we welcome tommy to our panel. how jealous and bitter is joe biden, and is this a favor that obama is doing to hillary clinton for being secretary of state, missed first term, listen, i'll give you a nice
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photo-op. >> at the risk i don't want to be drummed out of the white house press. it's josh earnest, he's not a new spokesperson, he's been there for a long time. >> cenk: thank you for the correction, but that dude needs more on-air time. >> yeah, he's lou gehrig. my read i is that the president relies on him a lot to negotiate with congress, so there is nothing to stop joe biden from being hillary clinton's vice president. but i'm sure that 2016 came up during lunch, which by the way, what is pasta jambalaya, is that
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a thing? >> cenk: luckily, i don't care. but i do like the idea of joe biden being vice president again. 16 years of joe biden vice president would be amazing. and i like the idea you introduce there as a lame duck vice president. oh, i can't take biden seriously if he's a lame duck. >> biden has been more involved than he's been given credit for. although it didn't pass, the gun control negotiation and other negotiations with congress, the president does rely on biden a lot. >> so colonel davis, on the menu of the confusing pasta jambalaya, was the middle east, egypt, possibly benghazi, possibly edward snowden, is
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president obama maybe really asking advice from a trusted adviser from the past/hey let's compare notes on benghazi one more time, or just a political photo-op. >> first off, today was a beautiful day in washington. they couldn't have ordered a better day for lunch on the patio. my theory on this was what really happened hillary was breaking it to him that there is a new show coming out and chris rock would be in it saying frequently. >> cenk: nbc announced a four-part mini series on hillary clinton coming out in 2016. that's on top of a different company doing a movie about hillary clinton also coming out in 2016. it's called "robirodham: the eay
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days." a bunch of young actresses were cared for the role, scarlet johansson, come on, that would be a little funny. so sorry to cut you off. get. >> that's okay. after the 2008 campaign where it was bitter between the two, i think she served faithfully for four years as secretary of state, and i think they really did develop a friendship. i think that they were two old friends getting together for lunch without the cameras, the hype, and just sitting down, enjoying the weather and good food. >> cenk: yeah, i think this might be the first time that we have a slight disagreement. not buying it. i think it's pure politics. i don't know the politicians are friends with one another, i suppose that's possible, but he went on, and this is what you
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here think, too, he went on television today with biden, a co-interferco-interview. he's going to those who are on the democratic side who have been good for him. don't get me wrong, i love hillary, look at this patio lunch we're having. >> i have no problem with, i just want to challenge the usefulness of photo-op especially now when there is twitter, facebook, instagram, everything. >> cenk: hillary is on instagram. >> probably is. she is on twitter. these things come out immediately. i think in the past before everyone sees every move that a president makes or a former secretary of the state makes, people would look and say, look, they were sitting down and having lunch.
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everything was kept from us before. but now it's not going to convince anyone saying oh, she'stshe'ssitting down, havingh the president. they're old friends. >> cenk: i think what they're really saying is if you like the president, you really should vote for hillary clinton in 2016. go ahead. >> i also think that if hillary clinton is smart, and she is, that, you know, it may be early for this, but she's probably going, you know, maybe i can get a look at your e-mail list and head hunt some of your campaign staff, because her campaign was a mess. whoever gets that democratic nomination will need the organization that barack obama put together. i'm sure that came up. >> cenk: all right, look, the republicans have started, too. jayar and i were talking about this before the show, chris
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christie, rand paul, ted cruz, they're all fighting each other. >> peter king. >> cenk: yeah, peter king and chris christie have come out, the tri-state area tag team partners, and ted cruz, rand paul libertarian hideously conspiratorial tag team voice. they're fighting one another. one of my things are the usefulness of the photo-op it excludes the people that the establishment is not happy with. in thisries hillary clinton gets one. joe biden gets one. but if you're an outsider, you're not having lunch on the patio. >> yes, journalists and politicians have to deal with the issue of access. if you roll with the punches and you go along with the status quo you're more likely to be rewarded for it. that's unfortunate. this whole discussion is
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unbelievably frustrating. it's 2013. i can't believe we're already talking about the next election. the last election was mind-numbingly dull. i couldn't handle it. i didn't want to deal with it any more. now we're doing pre-election covers. it's unbearable. i want to talk about policy, issues, i don't want to talk about this. the fact that we're already starting for 2016 blows me away. >> cenk: look, fantasy football, my hobby that i'm obsessed with, i start twitching in june. it's way early. you should start twitching in august, but i'm an addict. what's happening with the packers' camp. that's how all the political reporters are, policy, don't make us talk about policy. i know we're in 2013, but we have to get back to the horse race. >> the whole purpose of the horse race is so you pick the right person for the friggin'
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policies. it's something that we never talk about. >> cenk: i'm imagining politico writing an article now, who has a better policy, biden or clinton. >> i got to go with cenk on this one. because you know, whatever hot mess they end up putting up against hick, tha hillary clintt campaign will look like a fireworks against a nuclear rather detonation. >> and by the way, don't count out elizabeth warren on the democratic side. she can obama hillary clinton. everybody thinks they're making the movies, the mini series fo for 2016. hold the presses for a second. elizabeth warren is a real progressive. she comes at hillary clinton from the left, watch out. >> understood, but as you said, they're starting to exclude, she
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had to run for office. >> if go back to my wrestling analogy, you know the wrestling nickname i would give to barack obama "the establishment." he's not going to go for liz warren. jayar is right. he wouldn't nominate her to the branch of the government she created. when we come back, good news for all sane people in america. rush limbaugh and sean hannity, they're hurt, dawg. they may lose some of their biggest markets including new york, why? i'll tell you when we come back.
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>> cenk: we're back on "the young turks," but rush limbaugh and sean hannity may not be back in your market--soon. the second largest carrier of radio--talk radio stations--shows. that was very smooth. in america.
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the largest clear channel. clear channel runs premiere which is the syndicator of russia russia and sean hannity. since they're connected with the largest rush and sean will continue with the shows they're on, but cumulus said no, not interested. they lost over $2 million a largely because of rush limbaugh and how advertisers flee from his program. flee, is that a word? >> fled. >> cenk: god, i'm awesome today. so he's in a world of trouble. and so is sean hannity. i love how rush dragged sean hannity down with him. and sandra flu uck was the first problem that rush limbaugh had. when he was talked about her. now he might be off the market including new york, our producer
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jayar jackson, has put together a little compilation for rush limbaugh. it's not quite a goodbye compilation, but we're getting there. >> so miss fluck, and the rest of you femnazis, if we're going to pay for to you have sex, we want something for it. i'll tell you what it is. we want you to post the videos online so we can all watch. we're not disrespectful to anybody. >> what is it with all of these young, single white women, overeducated, it doesn't mean intelligent. >> when are we disrespectful. >> if any race of people should not have about slavery, it's caucasians. the villain in the dark night rises is bain. what is the name of the firm that romney ran, and now there
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is this make believe controversy--bain. do you think that it is accidental if bain character was a terrorist, he was out to destroy new york city. this is the kind of stuff that the obama team is lining up. the republicans are just totally bamboozled right now. they think they got to rebrand and it's all reaching out to minorities. that the republican party lost because it's not conservative. why does putting condoleezza rice in front o and center of te convention not work? why does not putting the governor of new mexico front and center not work. >> cenk: i almost was going to say that we'll miss you, but definitely not. i think these guys are in a world of trouble. i don't think it's a contract dispute between cumulus media and premiere syndication here.
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no one listens to talk radio. they are the most overhyped programs in the world. when rush limbaugh said he has 14 million listeners, 14 million over what, a week, a month, a year. it's not backed up by the facts. i think it's totally full of crap, and i think they were on their deathbeds to begin with, and this is the beginning of the end for them. thought, go. >> i'm really glad that i didn't have pass is a jambalaya for lunch because i would have lost it listening to that. i don't understand why you need pressure groups or anyone to get them off the air. who would listen to this? they must be dying soon. it's disgusting. the thing that is weird about this story, i don't know if you can read mediaites coverage of it, i think it was andrew core correll, one of our conservative
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libertarians, the advertising on this was, this is the real deal, although rush is like, no problem. now we have commentary on this thing saying this is no big deal but they go back to the reporting that we did that said the other thing that they said was not a big deal, but actually was a big deal. i don't know what to think. the other thing that they've been saying, yeah well, one of the things he's saying even if cumulus pulled them off the air they'll still get on the air some other way. but like you said, cenk, you and i have done a lot of writing about what a bunch of crap radio ratings are, smoking mirrors. i think you're right, the influence of these people on actual ear holes is overstated. their influence over people, elected republicans, is not exaggerated. these guys are definitely afraid of them, but i think you're right, it's a dying form, and you know, i do think that also limboused to blimbaugh used to e
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would keep the industry alive, but i think you're right. >> cenk: nobody pulls oprah in her prime. it doesn't happen. and when howard stern, no matter how offensive and outrageous he was on the radio when he was on the public airwaves, nobody pulled them. they pulled people when they have bad ratings. they only pull after tha don ims after what he said about the basketball players. it was horrible. if you put rush limbaugh and sean hannity, it couldn't come close to--we're now past 55 view as month. there is no way those two clowns on the radio get anywhere near
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55 million. they're a joke. they're has beens. so rush, whether who to believe, rush is a legendary liar. why would anybody believe anything that rush limbaugh says. i'm sure he'll get another deal with most of those markets in a lower, crappier radio station, and people will listen to them. and the average age will go from 71 to 79 at some point. and eventually he'll just peter away. he made a good living at it such as it was, the hate racket worked for a while, but now we're getting close to being done with it. colonel davis, that has got to be pretty good news. >> well, it is. but you have to give credit where credit is due. between the two of them they have a high school diploma. they're the idiot savants of the right wing, and i'm not sure about the savans part.
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they make $72 million a year. you can buy a bag of cow manure for $5 for a 50-pound bag. if you want the equivalent of russia russia and sean hannity, it's 350,000 tons of manure, but manure will make your grass turn green. all they do is make your gran dad angry. >> cenk: one thing you can give them credit on as colonel davis spoke of the numbers, hate sells. they had a good living for a long time selling that manure. >> the next question, will it mean much that they're not going to be there any more, when that happens. i think they still have a little bit of a run left in them. but if there aren't that many people watching, which we've outlined many times, how are they going to be affecting the election? the in larger part, how much have they been affecting
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politicians, and afraid of the livers who will be going to the voter booths afterwards. and. >> cenk: so that's the thing. but the media has been enormously complicit in this because they gave rush that power. by constantly treating him as believing his lies, he never backed up that 14 million number, never. no one ever asked him to prove it. he just put it out there, and what's ironic when you do something onlinish and again i know this is like for us this is what we do, so i'm a little angry about it, to be totally honest. ours is like google-verified indisputable numbers. and rush is liker i pulled this right here out of 15 million viewers. one week he says it's 20, and then the next week 15, then 14, no one asks him to verify it. rush, rush, what else do you
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say, rush? >> i any jayar i think jayar is. for a long time this has-an impact on the politics, the media, the way people would perceive issues. but people are not watching tv any more. they're consuming all of their media online. radio is like a dinosaur for them. that's the hope i keep focusing on. if you ask most people in my generation do you know who rush limbaugh, some people might say yes because of the alcohol sandra fluck thing. but people "d" because of the whol--becauseof the whole sandr. but they're irrelevant and they're a dying breed. >> cenk: you're right. someone under the age of 40, especially under 25, hey, what conservative talk radio host do you listen to? [ laughing ]
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do you know any under 25-year-olds that listen to talk radio, it's three. oh, my god, what does he have to say today. i can't wait to listen. >> i really share your glee in this. it's not as if there is a shortage of young conservative assholes. >> give me five right now. >> cenk: on that, you meant ear holes. more nsa spying, and it turns out it might be worse than what we thought. we'll give you details when we come back.
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>> cenk: you the spy something worse than we might have imagined, especially because of all the private contractors that have access to our data. what kind of data? let's let glen explain.
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>> all the analysts have to do is enter an e-mail or ip address, it liste searches the database and everything that that has been stored and will alert them to any further activity that anybody connected with e-mail address or ip address. it's all done without going to the court or supervisor approval on the part of the analyst. >> cenk: all right, that sound pretty bad, of course, some of the establishment republicans are saying no, nonsense. and chantedless said, i would be shocked, shocked, i say. i look forward to him being shocked. >> it's really hard to go without surveillance. you basically have to be a
4:44 pm
tinfoil hat paranoia act and make all of your devices vesture. i used software that routed my internet through iceland and amsterdam. i downloaded all of these tunneling programs, secure browsers, secure texting apps. there are tools that help to cut back on surveillance, but there is nothing at the end of the day to make you totally i am visib visible. >> cenk: i turn to my panelists, who do we think is right, glen greenwald saying if analysts wanted to, he could get up all of your information if he has your ip dress address, etc. and senators like saxby
4:45 pm
chandless said no, they can't do that. >> when asked if they had access to information, they have guys sitting around, they have access to this information, and they get bored. you can imagine the kind of information we're talking about with the nsa program. you have hundreds of people sitting around looking at computer screens who have access and i imagine have boredom time, it's an opportunity to go on a fishing expedition. the notion that everything is good is a pollyanna point of view of what happens when you give the government that kind of power. >> cenk: anna, what i always think of is the phone sex that they listened in on back in 2008. the a "abc news" report when thy were doing wiretapping of iraq. they were not listening to iraqis, but they were mainly listening in on our soldiers and
4:46 pm
listening to their phone sex. they were bored. >> of course. >> cenk: let me see what angelina jolie is looking at. what are her e-mails about. >> when you look at the 1.3 million in this country that have top security clearance, to know that they have that kind of access is maddening. also, what they're doing isn't keeping us safer. that's the most frustrating part about this. our privacy is violated. there is a considerable amount of fear mongering going on in washington saying this is a necessary evil. next what about the boston bombing, why weren't they able to prevent that with all of this unnecessary spying they're doing. >> cenk: it's funny, we talk about the guy who wrote the book about jesus. the reason why, it turns out, the biggest crime you had back
4:47 pm
then was a crime against the state. and you know, we have snowden now, and bradley manning, as colonel davis alluded to, and that's the biggest crime. the crime against the state. when in reality here are congressmen and senators saying, oh, we didn't know that you could do that. snowden let us know that. well, wait a minute, doesn't that mean he did something good? he was a whistle blower. let me read a statement about mark udal. the nsa is collecting every phone record of every american every day. i think knowing where i call somebody from where i call somebody and for how long i call somebody is a violation of privacy. now the guy who cosponsored the patriot act and has turned around. it looks like there is even a small chance we might win on this issue. you know, what's your sense on the fight back to actually regain our privacy? is there any chance that it will
4:48 pm
work? >> well, there is a bunch of issues here that i think you know how i feel about the collection of phone records. it's necessary, we're not going to let the government do it, we should pass a law that says the companies should retain this information. i don't know if you saw that last week, but we have a preview of what would happen if somebody suggested that. no, it would cost too much money. i think the inspiration of collecting on the phones is important and we need to have that. because they have it doesn't mean they're looking at it. but i do think there is a gulf between what these guys can do and if they want to, and what they're allowed to do and can legally use. now, what they can do if they want to is way worse than any of you that you guys, glen greenwald or anyone else think it is. they can look at whatever they want whenever they want however they want, and the law keeps them from using it in court, and
4:49 pm
if they get busted doing it they would get in trouble. now i used to work for an employer that worked on a government contract, and i had access to very secretive information. everybody--a lot of people in my company did. the reason nobody went in there and said, well, you know, let me look at so and so's medical records is because if they got caught doing that they would get fired and probably go would to jail. we need control so if somebody gets caught. i agree, you know, whatever you think these guys can listen in to and look at, it's worse than you think, definitely. we need meaningful oversight. >> cenk: and one of the things that tommy just said is one of the things that congress is considering, that they let the phone companies keep the information and not the government. we'll leave it on that note that it could always be worse. when we come back we'll get back
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in the newsroom. how does a newsroom work? are they doing it right on the show, and our love-hate relationship with the show continues.
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>> cenk: we're back on "the young turks," and we'll be back on the young where we have a whole other show. "newsroom" is a fictional account of what it might be like in a newsroom if people actually cared about the news. and there were times that i wished this is how the mainstream press operated. this is last night's episode, this is framed in the 2012 elections. they've gone back, of course, to that era, and he covers it. the main host, and the commentary they make on an issue that happened, you might remember. >> in 2010 when i was deployed to iraq i had to lie about who i was because i'm a gay soldier and i didn't want to lose my
4:53 pm
job. my question is under your presidency do you intend to circumvent the congress against gays and lesbians in the military? >> a big room full of republican primary voters booing. the audience members who were booing are in orlando. they soon will be in hell but not soon enough. >> cenk: yeah, the troops, the troops, the troops, oftentimes when i watch th the "newsroom,"i often say, we said that on our show at the time. but not that one. i wish we had said that. i'm confused by the "newsroom." i'm curious about your take.
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>> i'll watch mine with no sound. i think the "newsroom" is th for many of us the ideal of what we would like news to be. pursuit of the truth, without regard to the consequences, regardless of how it's going to play. i realize it's fiction but it's on television. >> cenk: there are moments you wish it would happen. sometimes you want that on msnbc or obviously here. but what we don't see, i want to skip ahead to our video, e-4, one of our senior producers is on the romney campaign buzz, and he has this dramatic moment. >> why are they unanswered. >> they want to stay on the bus. >> we can get off this bus, rent cars, and cover the campaign the way a campaign should be covered
4:55 pm
like the cross-examination in a courtroom. we can force them to answer our questions if we do it together. if nobody backs down. whose with me? >> i am. >> okay, who else? >> oh, god. >> do you have a plan? >> i'm formulating one. >> cenk: now, tommy as i looked at that scene, i loved it because that actually is realistic. first of all, there wouldn't
4:56 pm
even be three people on the bus who did that, but if they did, they would immediately off the bus, and they would be derided by the rest of the press. that's my sense of it. but you're there. what do you think? >> yeah well, there is a little bit that they were left in the middle of in where, i thought the stuff that they're doing about the romney campaign bus, aside from jim constantly asking for 30 minutes with the candidate is ridiculous. the attitude he's getting from the other reporters, that's real. especially when you're trying to ask a spokesperson questions that you know you're not going to get an answer to it, but you want toage tate for the truth. the other reporters will roll their eyes and look at you like you're a jerk. the thing that was accurate was the way the reporters just came out and said, hey man, you're parachuting in here, you're slumming with us and you're some senior producer, shut up.
4:57 pm
there is some of that. i can relate to that. i can relate to both ends of that because i've gotten that attitude from other reporters based on the questions i've asked, but i also felt that thing where somebody comes in and says, oh, well, your entire beat is useless, what you're doing. but reporters are caught between a rock and a hard place. what really happened is if everyone on that bus said, let's get off the bus. they would all be fired and writing in their old blog spot, and they would hire a whole bunch of new people. >> cenk: that's right. their editors would fire them if they got off the bus. that's the problem. we have to leave it right there. one more point when we come back. ç]
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> cenk: back on "the young turks." tonight on the young, we have positive news from the pope saying good things about gay people, something has gone
5:00 pm
on that is totally illegal, we'll talk more about that on the young we'll do that tonight. bye-bye.% >> john: this is the have in i nots, and have no idea how we got into this mess. there are people who at some point will need some help. >> and the pope says he will not condemn gay people, but if you're a woman who wants to be a priest, he'll start to judge. tonight's f-bomb will show how liz is running for