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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  July 30, 2013 6:00am-9:01am PDT

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(vo) current tv is the place for compelling true stories. (kaj) jack, how old are you? >> nine. (adam) this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines. way inside. (christoff) we're patrolling the area looking for guns, drugs, bodies ... (adam) we're going to places where few others are going. [lady] you have to get out now. >> lots of terrible things happen to people growing marijuana. >> this crop to me is my livelihood. >> i'm being violated by the health care system. (christoff) we go and spend a considerable amount of time getting to know the people and the characters that are actually living these stories. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current.
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>> occupy! >> we will have class warfare. (vo) true stories, current perspective. documentaries. on current tv.
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>> did anyone tell the pilgrims they should self-deport? >> no, they said "make us a turkey and make it fast". >> (laughter). >> she gets the comedians laughing. >> that's the best! >> that's hilarious. >> ... and the thinkers thinking. >> okay, so there is wiggle room in the ten commandments is what you're telling me. >> she's joy behar. >> ya, i consider you jew-talian. >> okay, whatever you want. >> who plays kafka? >> who saw kafka? >> who ever saw kafka? >> (laughter). >> asking the tough questions. >> chris brown, i mean you wouldn't let one of your daughters go out with him. >> absolutely not. >> you would rather deal with ahmadinejad then me? >> absolutely! >> (singing) >> i take lipitor, thats it. >> are you improving your lips? >> (laughter). know where the conversation is going to go. >> it looks like anthony wiener is throwing his hat in the ring. >> his what in the ring? >> his hat. >> always outspoken, joy behar. >> and the best part is that
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current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? >> only on current tv. ♪ it's a beautiful day ♪ don't let it get away >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. you can e-mail us all there, executive director chris lavoie, jim ward, and hour number three, hot brie in the city. i'm sorry, you're making weird noises anyway.
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turn your microphone off. i understand. all right. i love how seriously he takes this whole thing. by the way, so i was telling jacki schechner, i'm wearing the uniform of my addiction spinning class. i knew jim would yell at me. i thought i broke my toe friday. but i did go to spinning class on saturday and sunday. as it turns out, you can run it off. >> the last time you broke your foot or whatever, you were in crutches and -- >> stephanie: right. >> we had to buy you you a chaie lounge. you obviously didn't break your toe. >> stephanie: i stubbed it very badly. it looks disgusting. i'll show it to you. >> no thank you. you showed us when you stubbed your eye. we don't need to see your toe. >> stephanie: siri does jokes. >> yes. >> stephanie: i did not know that. i was trying to remember the podiatrist i went to see if i should check out my toe and i said siri, find podiatrist in
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los angeles, california and she said oh, the agony of the feet. really, siri? my toe hurts! [ ♪ circus ] >> stephanie: didn't know that. i did ask her if she was helping nsa spy on me and she said -- she's very evasive. i have no information. can we get back to work. that is work. i'm working now! oh and i asked her, can you locate my civil liberties. she was evasive again. >> of course. because she's working for the man. >> stephanie: that was can we get back to work. >> it is futile. >> stephanie: what do you need? as it turns out, that's what i needed. >> sure. >> stephanie: i was on cnn last night. we were speaking of gadgets and things. we were talking about npr reporter that is live tweeting from his mother's deathbed.
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i don't mean to judge other people. i'm just like really? first of all, my mom is 90. she has no computer. she calls my brother's computer bill's machine. she would be very uncomfortable. that's a very private -- >> if this reporter is a technology reporter and mom was proud of the fact that son was a technology reporter -- >> stephanie: i'm not trying to judge him. i'm saying for me. i don't know how emotionally you would do it if you're going through that. >> if you're a reporter, that's kind of what you do. >> stephanie: i guess. you know, like roland and i went on vacation. he's like edward cell phone hands. i don't think even in the shower or sleeping he actually puts the phone down. roland, we've been on vacation three days. we have not made eye contact. i'm going to throw that thing in the pool. >> i think i know more about his
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pigeon ned than you because he tweets about ned. >> ned the pigeon? >> there is a ping than hangs out on his terrace. >> stephanie: he's very fond of. in a weird kind of mike tyson way. way too fond. >> he's more fond of ned than butters. >> stephanie: butter's his dog. i'm not sure that's true. >> just seems like it. >> stephanie: this is a generational thing. my dad's been gone a long time. we know it's painful. i can't imagine he would be comfortable with that. he was a public person. it was a weird topic is all i'm saying. it started with siri. >> stephanie: siri and her little jokes when you're in pain. all right. >> oh, the agony of the feet. >> stephanie: i was like what? just give me the -- oh, my god, i used uber for the first time yesterday. it is like magic. [ ♪ hypnotic ] where you -- call a cab. sort of.
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>> call a town car. >> stephanie: it shows where you it is. it even shows it getting off and turning around. >> no money exchanges hands because it automatically charges your credit card. >> stephanie: yours in this case. i got yours from travis. >> hey! good luck getting that charge then. [ laughter ] >> wait a minute. why did i buy $10,000 worth of dog food? >> stephanie: right. arriving in whatever -- however many minutes. it is on its way. >> you're best friends by the time he gets there. >> stephanie: i could see the car -- i was like no, no. you're going the wrong -- so you can see it. it is amazing. >> you're going the wrong way! >> that's what i said. i called him. i said i can see you and you're going the wrong way. >> you're going the wrong way! >> what? >> you're going the wrong way! >> okay.
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>> stephanie: all right, glug, glug, glug. no, he did not make that sound. because you know how everybody gets lost going to my place because it is near the thing and they go that way. >> yeah. >> stephanie: all right. back to weiner. it is just hard to get off of it. once you get on the weiner, you know what i'm saying? >> i wouldn't know. >> stephanie: the headline, weiner exclusive, i'm huge. i can help you. he didn't mean that in a [ bleep ] way. he thinks a lot of himself. quite a lot of himself. >> he's in fourth place. >> when you're a member of the house of representatives, you're a big deal. >> stephanie: only douches that say stuff like that. i'm huge. >> huge! >> stephanie: okay. >> trying to get a job at trump. if the mayor thing falls through. >> stephanie: he's apparently not pulling out. >> even though the clintons would like him to at this point. >> die take my -- i don't take
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my cues from the newspaper writers. those are the same people that didn't want me to run. >> reports are the clintons are none too happy with him. they would like to see him bye-bye. >> stephanie: thanks for coming. he's dropped to fourth. last in the poll. let's see. anthony weiner again. >> that people are more interested in hearing solutions to their problems than hearing about my problems. we'll see if that's the case. >> stephanie: mmm, no, not so much. >> computer says no. >> stephanie: no. oh, dear. >> let's hope there are no pictures of weiner's ween they're crop up. >> my wife has given me a second chance. she's a partner. a partner through thick and thin and she's been amazingly supportive and enthusiastic about this campaign. >> yeah. >> stephanie: oh, boy. all right.
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the republicans cannot be happier. don't worry. just wait a second. there will be republicans in just a minute. can we stop talking about mark sanford? [ ♪ "nbc nightly news" ] what is this? in the daily mail. anthony weiner bragged he could help his secret sexting partner secure a $5,000 a month condo in chicago where they can meet up for sex telling her i'm huge. i can help you. >> who you are, what you do. >> stephanie: weiner fantasized about make love to her in the pad. he would talk about how he would have crazy passionate neighbors and not disturb the neighbors and just strange stuff like that. it turns him on. shh! >> watch out for the bags of vipers. >> stephanie: don't speak. >> no, don't speak. don't speak. don't speak, no. silence, sigh don't speak! >> stephanie: it does turn
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some people on. i know you're a screerm. pardon me? >> never mind. >> stephanie: ball gag. let's see. he would have all kinds of different -- i have some fantasy music please? he would have all kinds of different fantasies. we would have to keep quiet. we don't want the neighbors to know and how would i sneak in and out without anyone knowing. he's like -- >> weird! >> stephanie: he's just -- he really is a -- >> fantasies about not getting caught. okay. par for the course for a politician, isn't it? >> stephanie: bragging about his influence, he claims he want to the get sidney a pass to the democratic national convention. ooh! we've been there. that was hot, wasn't it? thanks! as well as a job at the politico web site. oh, he's just kind of full of it. here's what else i can do for you, baby. sidney claims she was less than
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impressed when her online lover sent her explicit pictures. she was like not so much. >> i could give you a subscription to the "new york post." >> wow! that turns a girl on! >> every girl's dream. >> ooh, page 6 every morning! >> stephanie: buy. >> beer at the billy goat. she alleges bill and hillary clinton will be unhappy with her. >> computer says yes. >> stephanie: i'm guessing, i'm guessing. she said i wouldn't have tried to release it anonymously if i was looking to make money off of it. i didn't want the attention. i felt it needed to come out before the primary. he was doing well in the polls. it kind of ate me up inside saying he was lying and saying he was a changed man and everything was different, great and better. the reality was he had contacted me in april. he had the sexual relationship with me in 2012 after he was telling everyone how changed he was. i felt if i didn't speak for myself, someone was going to speak for me.
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weiner shared his thoughts of sidney on his daily political life. when asked which republican he disliked the most, theory ply was hannity. i was thinking he would respond with hannity. i hate fox news so i got a kick out of that. if i remember, he said he's a [ bleep ] hole. all right, well now i'm back to liking weiner again. so anyway, she said i brought up the idea i might want to move to chicago. i told him someone else had already bid on the condo i wanted. he said give me the address, i might know the owner. he's just douchier than i thought. things like i'm huge and i can help you. like he has a big name and he can take care of it. [ whatever! ] >> who is this guy? >> stephanie: i'm sure he knows every condo owner in chicago randomly. let me make a call, sweetie. let me take care of that for you. oh, gosh, he is a weiner. he really is.
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>> ooh, i like that one. >> click. that one is even better. click. click. click. ♪ just a skinny looking dude from brooklyn, new york ♪ ♪ hoping for the time of his life ♪ ♪ taking pics of his wiener to dozens of women ♪ ♪ we all think that's pretty stupid ♪ ♪ he's running for mayor on a shrinking campaign ♪ ♪ but he keeps on thrusting forward ♪ ♪ he thinks he can make it but the polls don't show it due to his prick pics ♪ ♪ he's a weeniac on the computer ♪ ♪ he's shooting pics of his prick like never before ♪ ♪ he's a weeniac on his computer ♪ ♪ and he's shooting pics of his prick like never before ♪ >> stephanie: thank you, audrey in minneapolis.
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did we prescreen it? >> we prescreened it enough but not enough though. >> stephanie: okay. >> nothing rhymes with shalontz. >> announcer: call stephanie now. she's easy. 1-800-steph-12.
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it's the documentary series that raised the bar for excellence. >> and on the next vanguard: as over fishing takes it's toll, these central american divers are relying on an even riskier industry. ♪ >> announcer: stephanie mille >> announcer: stephanie mille >> announcer: ♪ good times, these are such
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good times, leave your cares behind, these are such good times ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome it to. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. dana in maryland, good morning. >> caller: good morning. i just -- my point was -- you know, do the women take any responsibility with this, with anthony weiner, you know, continuing to have relationships with him and tattling on him, and that's fine. he should be out of the race. he is despicable. but as a wife and a mother, i know they have a son, and he is small now, but he will soon understand how to treat women, how not to treat women, and is this the kind of influence she wants for her child. >> stephanie: yeah, i think -- jacki brought that up,
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but again my personal feeling it's not me to judge to her whether to stay or go -- >> caller: no, of course not. everybody's marriage is personal and private, and it's their own business what they want to do, but when there's children involved, and you are doing this kind of disgusting stuff, his son is going to see it some day, and it's pretty despicable. >> stephanie: and this woman too -- >> caller: yeah, she is just as coupleable. i just think everybody involved is kind of scummy and they should just all go away. >> stephanie: okay. well -- >> caller: i love you guys. and have a wonderful day. >> stephanie: thank you. you too. now i officially feel bad for
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huma, because the crazies on fox news the muslim brotherhood, blah blah blah thing. >> yeah. >> stephanie: according to fox guest brook goldstein please and thank you -- >> all right. >> stephanie: anthony weiner is unattracted to his wife because she wants to destroy america. >> right. >> stephanie: with her connections in the muslim brotherhood. >> did she speak of proof -- >> no, of course not. who needs proof when you have an opinion. >> stephanie: right. she's on fox news. [ explosion ] >> stephanie: she was asked whether too much attention is paid to weiner's sexting. she said the real question is why is anthony weiner so unattracted to his wife, and she said because she is connected to
6:27 am
terrorists who want to kill us. >> nothing suggests that he is unattracted to her. >> or muslim brotherhood connections. >> stephanie: yeah. here is the line, and here is cross, they always cross in terms of speculation about what is what with anybody's marriage. >> how long have you been in al-qaeda. >> stephanie: i completely agree with andy mccarthy that she poses one of our greatest national security threats in this administration. >> god. >> stephanie: thank god her copanelist expressed scepticism. is it part for her creed to -- another comedian suggested she could barely figure out her husband was sex ting behind her
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back, let alone know about a terrorist plot. john in rochester. hello, john. >> caller: hi, steph, how are ya? >> stephanie: good, ahead. >> caller: just wondering what the bide inclinton breakfast was about all? >> stephanie: you mean obama. >> caller: well, lunch with obama yesterday, and breakfast with biden today. >> stephanie: probably a leg wrestling match over who gets to run. or maybe thumb wrestling. [ laughter ] >> caller: i just wonder if hilary strong armed biden and said you are not running, because they both want to run i
6:29 am
assume. because biden is a non-existent vice president. >> i am not one of your fans! >> you are serving turkey? >> stephanie: she probably had some thoughts on competing with her -- >> you are not going to compete with me, i always win! >> see there is a great goldie hawn impression. >> stephanie: yeah, there you go. i'm guessing they did have -- >> hillary clinton: turkey? >> stephanie: what kind of sausage would you like? >> hillary clinton: turkey? >> stephanie: there it is. i wonder if they were both seeing who was going to eat first. oh, she's still alive -- >> are you going to start that? >> stephanie: right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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young turks! i think the number 1 thing than viewers like about the young turks is that were honest. they know that i'm not bsing them for some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know i'm going to be the first one to call them out. cenk on air>> what's unacceptable is how washington continues to screw the middle class over. cenk off air class taking the brunt of the spending cuts and all the different programs that wind up hurting the middle class. cenk on air you got to go to the local level, the state level and we have to fight hard to make sure they can't buy our politics anymore. cenk off air and they can question if i'm right about that. but i think the audience gets that, i actually mean it. cenk on air 3 trillion dollars in spending cuts! narrator uniquely progressive and always topical, the worlds largest online news show is on current tv. cenk off air and i think the audience gets, "this guys to best of his abilities is trying to look out for us." only on current tv!
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if you believe in state's rights
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but still support the drug war you must be high. >> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> do you think there is any chance we'll ever hear the president even say the word "carbon tax"? >> with an opened mind... >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> ...and a distinctly satirical point of view. >> but you mentioned great leadership so i want to talk about donald rumsfeld. >> (laughter) >> cutting throught the clutter of today's top stories. >> this is the savior of the i mean really? >> ... with a unique perspective. >> teddy rosevelt was a weak asmatic kid who never played sports until he was a grown up. >> (laughter) >> ... and lots of fancy buzz words. >> family values, speding, liberty, economic freedom, hard-working moms, crushing debt, cute little puppies. if wayne lapierre can make up stuff that sounds logical while making no sense... hey, so can i. once again friends, this is live tv and sometimes these things happen. >> watch the show. >> only on current tv.
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> grandma is stroken out. >> stephanie: no, i'm not. i'm fine.% nobody help me. >> jeff loves spinning. or pirates love spinning. that's what that is. >> stephanie: no, it's not. thirty-four minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. senator feinstein had some thoughts this morning. >> i don't think that somebody who is lacking a moral compass
6:35 am
really sets a role model, or really will provide the kind of leadership that san diegoans want. >> stephanie: how is the two-week therapy going? >> two whole weeks. >> he's not even a half a week done yet. >> stephanie: didn't have a deadline of like yesterday to resign or they would do a recall. >> let's replace bob with lindsay lohan. >> stephanie: yeah, we thought some sort of dog shock collar thing, no, don't touch her. [ electrical buzzing ] >> okay. i won't do it anymore. >> a head lock alarm. >> stephanie: yeah, a low jack for the head lock. >> apparently one woman said he
6:36 am
caressed her cheek and said, hey, do you have a man in your life. >> stephanie: ahhhhh! [ electrical buzzing ] >> and he's 70. and he looks like that. >> stephanie: and he bet he did it really slow and creepy. >> yeah. >> stephanie: ahhhhh! >> wow. another woman said that he slobbered on her cheek. like licked her cheek -- >> stephanie: they should think about that a perv collar, sort of like a dog collar. >> okay, i don't do it anymore! oh, i love your cheeks -- [ electrical buzzing ] >> stephanie: like in dumb and dumber -- >> yeah, and flick in a christmas story. >> stephanie: right. just a really creepy lick. >> um um um um um um um -- your
6:37 am
makeup tastes like cream cheese. >> oh, my god! >> he's getting a mouthful of foundation. that's disgusting. >> stephanie: that makes the hair on my neck stand up. he's like the creepy uncle. >> yeah, she said quote, saliva ran down my cheek. >> pull my finger, pull my finger. that wasn't my finger. [ electrical buzzing ] >> ow! >> stephanie: maybe a combination of the collar and a leash to strap him to his desk. >> do we know if he's married? >> stephanie: i think he is. >> let me check that. >> stephanie: yeah, wow, mr. filner must be very
6:38 am
delighted about that. >> he is divorced from his first wife, barbara filner. >> stephanie: what could have gone wrong there. >> wait there's more. >> stephanie: this just in. [♪breaking news theme] >> stephanie: go ahead. >> he had a second wife. okay divorced from his second wife as well. >> stephanie: oh, dear, once again, what may have gone awry. >> i thought maybe she might have had an accident of some kind. >> stephanie: one wonders. bob in atlanta. hi, bob. >> caller: good morning, stephanie. i just wanted to point out something that i really find it astonishing that the gang at fox news hasn't been hammering away at. if you listen to huma's phrase where she says i love him, and i love him, that i think is lifted right from hilary's appearance
6:39 am
on "60 minutes," and possibly hilary has been helping her out with. >> stephanie: yeah, but anthony weiner is no bill clinton. >> caller: well, that's true. that's true. but i just found that phrase to be almost verbatim from a point in hilary's presentation on "60 minutes" where she's defending bill. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: it is very, very similar, and i wouldn't doubt it if hilary didn't help her. >> stephanie: yeah, perhaps. i mean -- and look, i don't -- it's funny we'll talk to melissa fitzgerald about this, because i think that everybody has a really emotional reaction about -- and jacki knows because she got a lot of email with people saying they felt she was being too harsh on huma. and the actual marriage really is not our business. i believe that same thing that i did about the clintons. melissa was saying who cares if
6:40 am
she likes the way he sings in the shower, and that's why she says. but there is a reason why 70-something percent of the american people were behind clinton when he was going through what he was going through, and the point is that he's no bill clinton. >> this just in, anthony weiner is fifth in the polls. [♪breaking news theme] >> i was dragged into this. >> stephanie: no, was going to do female perv talk for jim. >> oh okay. >> stephanie: he said i'm an argumentative, horny, middle-aged perv. at least he has some self awareness. [ applause ] >> stephanie: i'm not arguing with you about that. let's see.
6:41 am
i have gone braless, tv reporter posts revealing online confessional and gets terminated. [♪ porn music ] >> stephanie: she may be in need of comfort, jim. wway -- >> wway in the rain -- >> stephanie: waay, really? >> waay. >> waay! >> and she's a looker. >> stephanie: she posted a blog last week. investigative reporter for waay. it was originally entitled confessions of a red-headed reporter. number 1, jim, i have gone bra less during a live broadcast and no one was the wiser. >> okay.
6:42 am
[♪ porn music ] >> stephanie: number two my best sources are the ones who secretly have a crush on me. number three, i am better live when i have no idea what i'm talking about. and i have the ability to appear much skinnier in front of the camera than i really am. a lot of women learn to do that in bed too. >> so you have been lying to us all this time? >> stephanie: right. i hate the right side of my face. happy stories about good bangs make me depressed. number 10, i have stolen mail and then put it back, maybe. >> wow. >> stephanie: she says she was terminated without cause for her confessional post.
6:43 am
waay had no comment. >> i think some cause might be found in there. especially the stealing mail part. >> stephanie: but she stipulated maybe. >> i think she stipulated maybe she returned it. >> stephanie: oh, okay. jim didn't hear anything after the braless part. the president had an interview with the "new york times." here is the spokesperson. >> one of the benefits of the affordable care act is making sure that those americans that don't get health insurance through their employer are able to purchase high-quality affordable health insurance. >> which in turn helps the economy. >> stephanie: yeah, everybody remain calm. i really seriously don't get the paranoia, other than in case you haven't noticed, the president is black.
6:44 am
most people get insurance through their work. i don't understand how this ever became a thing. where it's a bad thing to let this population be able to get health insurance. >> and it's not even a government run insurance company. >> stephanie: no. >> it's competition between private insurers. >> stephanie: and that's why jacki was saying again yesterday state after state premiums are going down. >> yes. >> the prospect of a government shutdown or more drama around the debt ceiling would be bad for the economy. there's no doubt about that. so there is ample time for us to make sure that that doesn't happen. >> stephanie: yeah. because that's their latest is to shut down the government over defunding obamacare, since they haven't been able to stop it any other way. >> if we don't make these investments we're going to see
6:45 am
the benefits flow just to the top 1%. >> stephanie: i'll tell you -- i thought the president had some great responses to the "new york times" asking about so and so says you suserping your authority, and he said some people think i ucerped any authority by winning the presidency. all right. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: for a good time call 1-800-steph-1-2. living these stories. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current. >> occupy! >> we will have class warfare.
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(vo) true stories, current perspective. documentaries. on current tv.
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you know who is coming on to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say
6:49 am
anything. what the hell were they thinking? this show is about being up to date, staying in touch with everything that is going on politically and putting my own nuance on it. in reality it's not like they actually care. this is purely about political grandstanding. ♪ ♪ you're no good, you're no good, you're no good ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ you're no good ♪ i'm going to say it again,
6:50 am
you're no good, you're no good, you're no good, baby, you're no good ♪ >> stephanie: uh-huh. this is the "stephanie miller show." welcome it to. forty-nine minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. charlie pierce of coming up next hour. the president gave an interview to the "new york times," an extensive interview, actually. and i thought he had some interesting comments. he pushed back on the popular beltway narrative. he was -- he said blah blah blah -- i think if -- i'm arguing for an entirely different policies and congress ends up pursuing policies that don't make sense, and we get a bad result, it's hard to argue that that would be any legacy. and he pushedback on the
6:51 am
suggestion that the sequester was something that the president and congress, quote unquote, agreed to. which is lot like saying the iran hostages and their captors agreed to a meal plan. [ applause ] >> stephanie: republicans do it on purpose, but they have that short of memory. it is literally because they were going to shut the government down. that's the problem they actually care about the country as the other side. and he said this is something that nobody thought would happen because it is hurting us, and they don't care. he said my hope would be any reporter who is looking at the facts would also take the time -- talking about the keystone pipeline -- that this might create maybe 2,000 jobs during the construction and then after that we were talking about somewhere around 50 to 100 jobs. >> yeah.
6:52 am
>> stephanie: i just heard republican put that out there again. that's the number of jobs we're talking about. >> oh, a hundred jobs. >> stephanie: if he just did this -- >> literally dozens of jobs -- and the water would be undrinkable -- >> and the earth would be unlivable. >> stephanie: and once again -again -- [♪ "jeopardy" theme music ] >> stephanie: it doesn't go right into your tank. >> it goes down to the gulf to be sent to other country. >> gas will be $0.02 a gallon. >> it goes on the international marketplace from which we buy our oil as well. >> stephanie: right. right. asked if he had overstepped his authority, he said there is not an action that i can take where
6:53 am
you don't have some folks in congress who think i usurp my authority by winning the presidency. but i'm not concerned about them. [ applause ] >> stephanie: thank you. oh, snap. okay. here is my -- [♪breaking news theme] >> oh? >> stephanie: first of all this is borderline homophobic and just immature. but mitch mcconnell is feeling somewhat jealous about the closeness of john mccain and chuck schumer lately. and he literally said, when are y'all going to get married. >> he said that? >> stephanie: yes. he took at the relationship -- >> it's difficult for me to take a jab. i move very slowly. i don't have fingers. [ laughter ] >> here let me jab you.
6:54 am
eeeeeeer. >> stephanie: that would take a while. you could probably be able to duck by then. >> i think so. >> stephanie: he would never be able to do a full round house. >> look out, here it comes, wait for it, wait for it -- [ laughter ] >> stephanie: who would seriously be dumb enough to get hit by mitch mcconnell. okay. i'll just wait here. okay, so he's -- you have to say, you have to give john mccain a little bit of credit. he has been working on immigration reform, and obviously he brokered the -- they basically shoved urdel out of the way. >> that's not fair. >> urdel was standing in the way of everything. >> stephanie: right. right. anyway he said we don't have any rules you don't talk to democrats. that's just mccain being mccain. i was kidding them the other day and asked when are y'all getting
6:55 am
married? it's almost getting embarrassing. >> zinger. >> stephanie: wow. did you call them fems next? >> oh, boy. >> stephanie: they speak on the phone five to six times a day. according to a recent political article that described them as two sides of a power triangle, which would make mitch the bottom level -- [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: if it's a power triangle -- >> sure. >> i'm standing on my shell -- >> stephanie: he's not the top of the triangle. he's on the bottom. >> do you even talk to roland six times a day? >> stephanie: no, and i talk to him a lot. >> i know you do. >> stephanie: mcconnell and boner lose their grip on the party. this would be interesting
6:56 am
to -- the man fight between rand paul and chris christie continues. >> i have lost my grip on the republican party because i do not have opposable thumbs. >> stephanie: no it's not just the establishment, now it has become this sort of libertarian, crazy streak that kind of -- [ cuckoo clock chimes ] >> stephanie: it is splintering in three different kind of fashions. >> and i like it. >> stephanie: right. the point is mcconnell and boner -- boner is a little bit limp. the [ inaudible ] of the tea party and his power remembers being [ inaudible ] with remarkably weak leaders which has what happened to bottom angle mitch mcconnell >> and john boehner looks like a cheeto left out in the rain. >> stephanie: right. i don't think i can take it. ♪ we'll never have that recipe again ♪
6:57 am
>> stephanie: right. ♪ oh, no >> stephanie: okay. all right. >> sorry. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: last week the senate minority leader came under ferocious attacks, so at a meeting of senate republicans mcdonell said he had not been a party for the agreement, a remarkable admission for the man that supposedly leads the gop. but most remarkable one of the senators who hatched the deal interrupted by yelling bull [ censor bleep ]. >> oh, dear. >> stephanie: stuff like that has been happening a lot. he has largely given up trying to cut deals with the democrats. boner last year tried and failed to get house republicans to pass a grand compromise, then went with plan b, which he hatched himself, and they rejected that
6:58 am
too. [♪ somber music ] >> stephanie: someone did indeed leave the orange cheeto in the rain. he not only failed to bring along most of his caucus, he couldn't even convince his deputy eric cantor. eric cantor who just got a bitch face over the whole thing. >> i don't know. ahhhhh. i just don't feel right about it. [ sighs ] >> it just makes me feel oogy. >> stephanie: the rnc released a report saying we must engage in immigration reform. >> computer says no. >> stephanie: most republicans are adamantly opposed. it's delightful to watch. fight. fight. fight. they are shoving all of each other into the bleachers. it's delightful. we'll talk more about that as we continue.
6:59 am
fifty-eight minutes after the hour on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
7:00 am
[♪ theme music ] >> stephanie: there she is again interrupting my breakfast. jacki schechner. [ laughter ] >> i was going to say. am i bothering you? is this a bad time? >> stephanie: no, i'm sorry -- you know what, i can't smile because i think i have something on my tooth. good morning, jacki schechner. >> stephanie: good morning. did you bring enough for the rest of the class? >> stephanie: i did not. >> have you not learned
7:01 am
anything. >> stephanie: i have not. jacki schechner was at a wedding -- and that was the most awesome wedding story ever, i have to say. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: we can't probably share a lot of it. >> no. no. it was an interesting weekend. we had a really good time. we had a lot of fun. i met up with my best friend from new york, we met in the middle? chicago. >> stephanie: all right. here she is jacki schechner. >> good morning, everybody. fast-food workers in seven cities across the country are going on strike to demand a living wage. they are asking for $15 an hour. the current minimum wage is $7.25, which comes out to just $11,000 a year. workers are also asking for the right to union nice. fast-food forward in new york city is sponsoring what is
7:02 am
expected to be a week of strikes. it says boosting their salary is good for the economy. the industry makes $200 billion a year, and the average daily salary of a fast-food ceo is $25,000 a day. that is more than twice the worker's annual salary of $11,000 a year at minimum wage. as i mentioned last hour, president obama is heading to chattanooga, tennessee to announce a possible grand bargain that might generate some jobs. but before he goes he is going to meet with secretary of state, john kerry. kerry has been spear heading the middle east peace talks. all parties met for a dinner last night. the meal marking the end of a lay-long fast. the conversations will continue
7:03 am
today. we're expecting a press conference this evening. we're back after the break. ♪
7:04 am
7:05 am
cenk off air alright in 15 minutes we're going to do the young turks! i think the number 1 thing than viewers like about the young turks is that were honest. they know that i'm not bsing them for some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know i'm going to be the first one to call them out. cenk on air>> what's unacceptable is how washington continues to screw the middle class over. cenk off air i don't want the middle class taking the brunt of the spending cuts and all the different programs that wind up hurting the middle class. cenk on air you got to go to the local level, the state level and we have to fight hard to make sure they can't buy our politics anymore. cenk off air and they can question if i'm right about that. but i think the audience gets that, i actually mean it. cenk on air 3 trillion dollars in spending cuts! narrator uniquely progressive and always topical, the worlds largest online news show is on current tv. cenk off air and i think the audience
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gets, "this guys to best of his abilities is trying to look out for us." only on current tv! ♪ ♪ it's a beautiful day ♪ don't let it get away >> stephanie: uh-huh. it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. six minutes after the hour. charlie pierce coming up at the bottom of the hour. writer extrordanaire at 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. and then what is for breakfast? hot brea in hour about three. right over there live in studio, next to jim. >> was that a wise decision? >> stephanie: no, not at all. barb in california, you are on
7:07 am
the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: good morning, steph. >> stephanie: good morning. you are here to perv out on chris. >> caller: yes, chris you are the type of gentlemen you write home and tell mom about, and i watch you every day. >> stephanie: and you were curious as to what he smells like. >> caller: yes, i know that b bar -- barack obama smells like fresh air and cookies. >> stephanie: cookies and freedom. chris melts like old sneakers and cheese. [♪ somber music ] >> stephanie: i meant to say wet sneakers and old cheese. he is in the gym 24/7, what do
7:08 am
you think he smells like? >> an old jock strap. >> stephanie: yes, sprinkled with parmesan. all right. [♪breaking news theme] >> stephanie: why is it -- i have a reputation, i guess for -- you know, poof humor, everyone i know sends it to me. man gets a week in jail for pooping pants. we may need to bust out teacher pooping pants. that was a teacher here in l.a. years ago that pooped her pants and then blamed the students. >> stephanie: she said they through it on her. and after the investigation, it turned out she was the source of the -- >> was ted nugent involved? >> stephanie: okay. "huffington post" brings us the story, everybody poops, but not everyone does it in their pants
7:09 am
at a federal courthouse and gets jail time for it. the fuller story, do not go online to read it while you are eating or even close to eating, it is epic, and really thoroughly disgusting. >> this is the only version i found. >> stephanie: it was too much for me. i was not going to do the story, because i was so grossed out -- >> i just think i'm going barf! >> stephanie: it's really quite -- any way ronald strong according to a recent salon article, accidentally defecated in his pants, went to clean it up, and left such a terrible mess in the bathroom, they gave the man a week in jail. and i know you think that's harsh, until you read the details. >> i just think i'm going barf! >> it sounds like he couldn't help it.
7:10 am
>> stephanie: in a graphic 57-page article, ladies and gentlemen, it details strong's crappy day. a distinguished judge included vivid comparisons to spaghetti sauce and chunky peanut butter. if you need to lose weight, you may never eat again. you remember the time i ate too much seaweed and went to the bathroom in central park -- >> you didn't make it. >> stephanie: no, and apparently his attempts to clean it up, just made it worse. >> he tried. >> stephanie: right. >> why did he get a week in jail? >> stephanie: i don't know it was because -- >> i feel for the poor guy. >> stephanie: it sounded like a gallagher concert in there,
7:11 am
there was smearing, they thought it was deliberate -- i don't know. it was a really epic story. enjoy. >> oh. [♪breaking news theme] >> stephanie: now back to other crap. we have been talking about what has happened to the republican party and what is currently happening. >> yes. >> stephanie: it is going to be fascinating to watch this play out as we have been talking to some of our favorite writers about michael tomasky and charlie pierce about whether there will really be a president ted cruz. [ screaming ] >> stephanie: or rand paul, or if that's -- if they are going that extreme. ted cruz, got to love for detroit. >> no. >> the idea that you and i, the taxpayers all across the country would be stuck footing the bill for detroit's irresponsible policies, i think makes no
7:12 am
sense. >> when is he going to stop breathi breathing helium. >> stephanie: he looks like the character in ratatouille. >> yeah, the food critic. >> stephanie: yeah. >> yeah, and he does sound like he has been breathing helium for a while. >> stephanie: john mccain and john boehner pretty much not in charge anymore. what has changed the [ inaudible ] of the tea party? in april they did the most comprehensive survey of tea party supporters, yet they found tea partiers have become the foot soldiers of the gop. >> oh, no. it's very difficult for me to be tea bagged. i'll have to retreat into my shell. >> stephanie: those foot soldiers are far more conservative than other republicans. the gop's refusal to compromise is its biggest flaw. but the largest faction dislikes
7:13 am
compromise. they warned that the gop is losing the ability to be persuasive with or willing to work with us on any issue. they said they would rather back a republican candidate they agree with on the issues, but trails far behind the candidate that they agree with less, who has a better chance to win. yes! yes! go with ratatouille food critic! [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: right now, hilary carries georgia. >> georgia. >> stephanie: this makes mcconnell and boner's jobs virtually impossible. most republican members of congress are more responsive to tea party activists than the party as a whole. yet that's the bad news for
7:14 am
them. the tea party -- they think of them as their friends -- and they don't care. if this is a precedence for this it's what happened to the democratic party in 1964. they cared a lot about their causes, but much less about the democratic party. today tea party activists care a lot about their causes and much less about their party, which they equate with the big spending of george w. bush. the activists who entered the democratic party in the late 60s were heros, but they posed the same dilemma that the tea partiers are causing today. it's a problem that is tormenting mitch and john boehner every single day. which is interesting. [ applause ] >> every day! i'm going back to the tavern. [ glugging sound ]
7:15 am
>> stephanie: this is a sound we are most going to be hearing from john boehner. >> ah! [ glugging sound ] >> that's better. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: yet another piece -- we might as well use our fun facts. the "new york times," the gop has gone off of the deep end. >> computer says yes. >> stephanie: i think so. >> slip splash i been taking a bath. [ water splashing ] >> stephanie: thomas dougherty said if the senate immigration bill gets ripped apart, i'll leave my home of 32 years. it has elements in with that make america feel like it's in the 1940s.
7:16 am
dougherty no liberal says the views of the republican party has gone off of the deep end. [ water splashing ] >> stephanie: jeb bush warned that ronald reagan and his own father would have trouble fitting into the own party. all too often we have associated with being anti-everything. way too many people think republicans are anti-woman, anti-science, anti-everything. the list goes on and on. bob dole said reagan wouldn't have made it, nixon wouldn't have made it, because they had ideas. they wouldn't be in for dick anymore. a staff member for 16 years on the republican side of the aisle said the republican party is becoming less and less like a traditional politic party, and
7:17 am
more like a cult. or one of the intensely authoritarian parties of europe. >> hitler reference. >> stephanie: he said let's just say it, the republicans are the problem, and they are not -- again, not liberals. there is a striking correlation between the rise of conservative talk radio and the difficults in the republican party. right-wing talk show hoses turned the white house blue. they are helpful in that regard. they ought to put them on more stations. >> yes. >> stephanie: there is a striking correlation between the rise of conservative talk radio, and the difficulty in presidential elections. it relies on white southern voters. they seek to kill immigration reform and insisted on removing
7:18 am
the food stamp program from the farm bill. they define conservatives as the ability to fight progress. they were struggling to resolve the conflict between the two wings, and i say go with the jim jones wing, because that -- at least you have idealogical -- >> and you have some kool-aid. >> maybe there is a deep end of kool-aid. >> stephanie: yeah, they are not even for dick nixon anymore. [ phone ringing ] >> stephanie: that's what i was saying. >> hello? just a minute. dick, are you in? >> i'm always in for dick. >> stephanie: that's an old drop. >> really old. >> stephanie: eighteen minutes after the hour, right back -- >> she must be popular. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ >> announcer: join the party, 1-800-steph-1-2.
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>> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> with a distinctly satirical point of view. if you believe in state's rights but still believe in the drug war, you must be high. >> only on current tv.
7:23 am
♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ pick up my guitar, just like yesterday ♪ ♪ then i'll get on my knees and prey ♪ ♪ we don't get fooled again >> stephanie: yahoo. it is the "stephanie miller show." oh, he is doing the big -- >> the windmill. >> stephanie: yeah, the windmill. >> i think i through out my shoulder. >> stephanie: oh, dear.
7:24 am
hey, it' tuesday's everybody. ♪ he's a clown >> stephanie: charlie pierce political columnist with >> stephanie: good morning, charlie pierce. >> hey. >> stephanie: charlie you bring us today in responsible gun ownership. >> careful, i'm not on the blog this week. >> stephanie: this is from whenever, but it's still good. we have a story a day about some ridiculous incident with a gun that would have ended differently with people being for instance alive. excuse me. i'm coughing up a lung. >> courage camille. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: on all of the discussion over the zimmerman trial. you highlighted a story, group of family friends on an annual
7:25 am
float trip. cousin goes in to urinate, and ignited the property owner. the confronted the group with a 9 millimeter handgun. he shoots the guy over a dispute over whether the group was trespass or not. a guy approached him with rocks -- and he said i just shot the one closest to me. >> as you do. ♪ shoot the one with you are >> stephanie: the gentlemen doesn't people like a particularly well regulated militia to you. >> no, not at all. i don't think this is a well regulated militia, when you just start popping caps in the person who came and peed on your lawn.
7:26 am
why do i suspect alcohol was involved? >> do you think? >> stephanie: what was the story yesterday of the woman who shot the family of seven for turning around in her driveway. >> yeah, the guy got lost, and went down this dirt road which apparently turns into this woman's driveway, and she just opened fire from her porch. >> stephanie: i know, and that one, shockingly no one was hurt. >> yeah. >> stephanie: but anyway, i love your piece on a magnificent obsession, earlier this week, it was revealed that the irs dumb assry, included dumb asry named at liberal groups. and it explained the difference between liberals who got caught up in the dumb asry, and the conservatives who got caught up in the dumb assry -- and then
7:27 am
you go off about peggy noonan again. >> it's an easy column and she is done which happy hour. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: so, again, she is back in the "wall street journal" doing that chicken with unflagging enthusiasm. >> 2014 is going to hinge on the irs scandal, because the answers to her fanciful questions have not yet appeared. one of which is the old bill cosby query, why is there air? >> exactly. to blow up valuables and basketballs. >> yes. did everybody my age and younger memorize every word of those albums. >> i memorized that particular album. >> what is a cuban? [ laughter ] >> stephanie: you -- as you sum
7:28 am
up, the targeting of conservative groups, there was known. the lies about it? there was known. the leaking of private tax information, independent evidence of this is not compelling. once again no there, and yet it's just -- they are going to keep at it. yeah, i think this one may be dead, though. i think they are more concentrating on this 11-ty dimensional chest with obamacare again. i think as like a national scandal this is now limited to the voices in peggy noonan's head. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: do you want to talk the rest of the time -- >> guys the stooges and bill cosby believe me. >> stephanie: i love the stooges. >> right? who is this really?
7:29 am
>> stephanie: oh, my god really? discuss jell-o pudding pops. >> this was prejell-o pudding. how long can you tread water? somewhere out there the cos is laughing, because i'm sure he listens every morning. >> stephanie: oh, yes. my friend we are out of time. we are at a hard break as they say in the business -- >> as they say in the new york mayor's race as well. [♪ circus music ] >> stephanie: oh, you not one in. as bill cosby would say -- [ mumbling ] >> stephanie: exactly. okay, twenty nine minutes after the hour -- >> ten thousand blue [ inaudible ] under the table. >> stephanie: right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
7:30 am
compelling true stories. (kaj) jack, how old are you? >> nine. (adam) this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines. way inside. (christoff) we're patrolling the area looking for guns, drugs, bodies ... (adam) we're going to places where few others are going. [lady] you have to get out now. >> lots of terrible things happen to people growing marijuana. >> this crop to me is my livelihood. >> i'm being violated by the health care system. (christoff) we go and spend a considerable amount of time getting to know the people and the characters that are actually living these stories. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current. >> occupy! >> we will have class warfare. (vo) true stories, current perspective. documentaries. on current tv.
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this show is about analyzing, criticizing, and holding policy
7:33 am
to the fire. are you encouraged by what you heard the president say the other night? is this personal, or is it political? a lot of my work happens by doing the things that i'm given to doing anyway, by staying in touch with everything that is going on politically and putting my own nuance on it. in reality it's not like they actually care. this is purely about political grandstanding. i've worn lots of hats, but i've always kept this going. i've been doing politics now for a dozen years. (vo) he's been called the epic politics man. he's michael shure and his arena is the war room. >> these republicans in congress that think the world ends at the atlantic ocean border and pacific ocean border. the bloggers and the people that are sort of compiling the best of the day. i do a lot of looking at those people as well. not only does senator rubio just care about rich people, but somehow he thinks raising the minimum wage is a bad idea for the middle class. but we do care about them right?
7:34 am
♪ >> i don't know what -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. . >> -- is, but i have to assume it's a [ inaudible ] that wears too much makeup to ward off the 47-year-old fish dog. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: close enough. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. jan in ohio, you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, jan. >> caller: hi. >> stephanie: hello. >> caller: hi. >> stephanie: hi. okay. go ahead. >> caller: well, you are very
7:35 am
negative with your opinion of church people and southerners and republicans, and it's not true. >> stephanie: okay. based on what that i said? >> caller: well, you think all three of those groups are crazy, and don't know what they are talk about. >> stephanie: really? have i ever said that? >> caller: the indication is definitely there. >> stephanie: hum. okay. >> caller: yes. >> what gave you that indication. >> caller: anyone that has a different point of view than yourself, they are wrong, and you are all right. and that's not true. >> stephanie: okay. >> we don't agree with each other. >> stephanie: we mostly don't agree with each other. what have i said that you disagree with. >> caller: well, you have made fun of church people. >> stephanie: in what way. >> caller: well, they don't know anything -- >> we like the new pope.
7:36 am
>> caller: they didn't think liberal, so they don't know anything -- >> many church people do think liberal. we have had the reverend jim wallace on many times. he is a evangelical and a liberal. >> caller: i'm not familiar with him. >> of course you are not. >> caller: i'm just not familiar with everybody. >> stephanie: right. well, i don't know specifically what i have said, but i am not against church people or southerners. and actually my whole family lives in the south. >> caller: where? >> stephanie: well, thank you for asking. charlotte north carolina, and lynchburg, virginia. >> caller: great. both my mother and father were raised on the farm and they are hard workers. >> stephanie: did you know that
7:37 am
most republicans voted against the farm bill. did you know that. >> caller: i think because there was a lot of waste connected with it. >> stephanie: you mean like food stamps going to poor people? >> caller: you know -- food stamps are there -- you know, you -- we just can't be the give away program. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: you have got to work and then you earn something. >> sure. >> caller: so -- and i worked for what i have in life, and i didn't ask for a handout, but -- >> not everybody as is lucky as you, ma'am. >> stephanie: what did you think about the new pope saying that someone is gay who is he to judge them? >> caller: gays. well, gays are not right because it goes against god. >> stephanie: right, but that pope just said who is he to judge them? >> the pope i think has god's
7:38 am
ear. >> caller: well, you know, god destroy destroyed sodam and gomorrah -- >> that was about the rape of angels. >> stephanie: it was about promiscuity, not homosexuality. >> caller: all of the sexual sins are lumped together. >> stephanie: all right. okay. well, jan, i enjoyed our conversation. >> caller: well, i wanted to give my opinion. >> stephanie: all right. >> caller: but -- >> we have had you on longer than we have most callers on. >> stephanie: thank you for calling. all right. >> wow. dead air. dead air. >> stephanie: she seemed to need a little time to gather her thoughts -- >> i need some time to . . .
7:39 am
gather . . . my . . . thoughts -- [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: all right. gay bad. so she hates pope francis, i guess. here he is. >> if someone is gay, and searches for the lord and has goodwill, who am i to judge. >> he is the first pope ever to use the word gay. >> [ speaking foreign ] . >> which is actually kind of historic. >> stephanie: why does jan hate the pope so much i wonder? >> well -- >> stephanie: all right. >> she is probably one of those people that think that catholics are cultish -- there is an evangelical thread going through -- >> they are not really christians. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: i am sorry if i have implied that some southern republicans are homophobic
7:40 am
bigots. >> hum, well . . . you know, god, um -- um -- >> stephanie: she was very breathy. [ sighs ] >> she seemed just exasperated with you, testifyny. you exasperated her. [ heavy breathing ] >> how dare you pick apart her arguments. >> you know, jesus, um . . . the gays . . . um . . . >> sodam and gomorrah -- >> well, that's why, and then also . . . um . . . >> stephanie: any way -- >> god . . . um . . . >> stephanie: the louisiana sheriff claims he did not know anti-sodomy laws were not valid anymore. . >> yeah, there was that?
7:41 am
>> when did that happen? how did i miss that? [ banjo music ] >> stephanie: he used the anti-sodomy laws to arrest more than a dozen gay men, now claims he didn't know they were no longer valid. >> he is the chief law officer of east baton rouge, and he doesn't know the law? >> stephanie: when did that happen? >> as i recall we won the law of northern aggression. >> stephanie: the sheriff's office was never contacted or told -- pick up the newspaper you redneck moron! >> see, now there you go, judging southern religious people. >> stephanie: from the sheriff's office. at first a spokesman said it didn't matter that they were ruled unconstitutional a decade ago, they were still arresting men for it.
7:42 am
not the girls, though. >> of course not. >> stephanie: we're not talking about the girls. we'll need to put that under surveillance for a little while longer. >> we're going to need a lot more evidence to decide -- >> stephanie: that's not dirty enough yet. >> oh, you are getting there. you are getting there. oh, yeah. >> stephanie: oh, yeah. [ banjo music ] >> woo doggy! >> stephanie: on sunday the sheriff's office issued a lengthy news statement claiming the officers had not set out to target or embarrass any part of our law-abiding community. they started with the belief that children were in danger. will somebody please think about the children? in the park where police met the men and that deputies -- [ giggling ] >> somebody please think of the children! >> stephanie: they said the deputies used a statute that they felt fit the situation. undercover officers picked up a gay men and lured them back to the privacy of their apartments,
7:43 am
and then they were arrested. >> that sounds like entrapment. >> stephanie: yes, so there's that. i'm sorry church lady, jan from ohio, what are your thoughts on that? >> well, you know. the says . . . you know god . . . sodam. [ heavy breathing ] >> well, you know, not everyone in the south, um. in revelations -- >> stephanie: thanks jim. mark in new york, you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, mark. >> caller: hi steph. long time listener. listen that church lady, i think her brain exploded. >> stephanie: and she didn't even know i had the gay on me. i don't think we even got to that part. >> caller: yeah, it's a shame people can't change. >> stephanie: oh, well, oh dear. james in maryland, hi, james. >> caller: stephanie, you are gay! [♪ dramatic music ] >> oh, my god! >> stephanie: i'm in that lump
7:44 am
of sins that jan spoke of. >> caller: i am the official truck driving minister of the "stephanie miller show." >> stephanie: hello. >> caller: and i just called to set jan straight and maybe get you guys together. we have to keep in mind that jan and people are like you are what i like to call the old testament christians, they like to go back to quoting the old testament and forget it is under the new testament that christ came, and now we live under grace and not the law. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: go in peace. >> stephanie: oh, thank you, sir. go in peace my child. yeah, i think that's always the response when we say something like that -- like, for instance, jan -- [♪ organ music ] >> stephanie: what about should we kill people that eat shrimp? >>, you know, . . . i -- i don't like shrimp. >> or gd shrimp. [ laughter ]
7:45 am
>> stephanie: okay. >> i like to pretend to be lobster, but they are not. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: okay. pat in chicago. >> caller: hi. hi, there. you had a second on your previous -- on your previous segment you were talking about how the new boat of republicans are anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-liberal, anti-science, et cetera -- >> stephanie: right. >> caller: it sounded a lot like they are the devil to me. >> stephanie: yeah. yeah, exactly. what do you call it like one religion -- what am i thinking of? >> stephanie: theocracy? >> stephanie: yes. theocracy. it's all the same. nobody help me. ray, hi go ahead. >> caller: yeah. yeah. i give off the rest of your
7:46 am
callers always made the point about the church lady. what i was going to say, man, to me, man, a sin is a sin. i don't see nowhere in the bible that says one sin is greater than another sin. all of these bible thumpers, it also stays in the bible feed the poor. take care of my brother. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: they take things out of the bible and -- that benefit them you know what i'm saying? look how we treat each other? >> stephanie: yep. >> caller: that's not in the bible. [ inaudible ] reverend on his shoulders [ inaudible ] -- >> he has reverend jim wallace on this morning. >> stephanie: he doesn't count because she had never heard of him -- >> well, i -- i'm not familiar with him [♪ organ music ] >> he can't be a real christian if he was on that show. >> stephanie: i love i'm not
7:47 am
familiar with everybody. bless her heart. >> but he is a rev r -- reveren of note. >> stephanie: exactly. [ heavy breathing ] >> stephanie: you know what i just want to like -- she is like my niece, i just want to blow her nose, come here. blow. okay. okay. [ laughter ] ♪ >> stephanie: don't be afraid to blow, jan -- >> sorry, what? >> that's sodomy. >> stephanie: forty-seven minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: for a good time call now, 1-800-steph-1-2. ♪
7:48 am
(cenk) it's go time! it's go time! it's go time! go time. you know what time it is. go time! it's go time. it's go time. what time is it rob? here comes the young turks go time! it's go time. oh is it? oh, then it's go time. anybody? anybody? what time is it? oh, right. it's go time!
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7:50 am
john fugelsang: if you believe in states rights but still support the drug war you must be high. cenk uygur: i think the number young turks is that we're honest. i think the audience gets that i actually mean it. michael shure: this show is
7:51 am
about being up to date so a lot of my work happens by doing the things that i am given to doing anyway. joy behar: you can say anything here. jerry springer: i spent a couple of hours with a hooker joy behar: your mistake was writing a check jerry springer: she never cashed it (vo) the day's events. four very unique points of view. tonight starting at 6 eastern. >> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> with a distinctly satirical point of view. if you believe in state's rights but still believe in the drug war, you must be high. >> only on current tv. ♪
7:52 am
♪ one, two, three, for a, get your booty on the floor ♪ ♪ what up everybody so glad to hear -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ [ inaudible ] >> stephanie: yeah. >> i like that. up to get down. >> stephanie: please make a note of it. fifty-two minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2. jan, church lady? >> um, what? [♪ organ music ] >> you know . . . god . . . um . . . you know homosexuals . . . um . . . >> stephanie: i'm not familiar with any. >> no, but sex is bad.
7:53 am
[ applause ] >> stephanie: please, everybody, have some freshly half baked thoughts from jan in ohio. let's go to jake in pennsylvania. you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, jake. >> caller: hi, stephanie, how are you doing? >> stephanie: hi, go ahead. >> caller: i was going to talk about boehner being an idiot and everything, but a couple of things for jan, i'm a big liberal, and i'm not defending jan, but, you know, come on you are a liberal, right, stephanie? >> stephanie: right. >> caller: how come you resort to name calling like church lady and redneck moron -- >> stephanie: i didn't call her a redneck more ran, i called the sheriff's department redneck morons because they didn't know the sodomy laws had been changed -- >> caller: i know but it's a derogatory term -- >> stephanie: well if you are a
7:54 am
moron it is. >> caller: when it comes to the farm bill, i'm a liberal -- i understand what she was trying to say. she was just trying to say if people are going to get food stamps, i think she wants people to have to show that they are at least looking for work, and not year after year collecting the food stamps -- >> stephanie: right. she is selective in her bible selections like michele bachmann that he who shall not work shall not eat. i was just trying to point out if she comes from hard-working farm stock, that republicans today are not for the farm bill. tanya in washington, d.c. hello, tanya. >> caller: hi, stephanie. hi mooks. i love you guys. can i just say for the gentlemen who was just on the phone and also church lady. first of all where are these
7:55 am
people coming from that they want to call in and dictate what you do on your show. now let me get to why i called -- >> stephanie: you say that because you are not a redneck bigot. [ laughter ] >> caller: i guess so. but, i actually called is, if they would watch something other than fox news, they would find out that most of these people that are getting food stamps, they work. but they are not making a livable wage where they can pay their mortgage or rent or utilities -- >> stephanie: that's right. they are the working poor. >> caller: and i really don't understand -- so what if someone wants to use food stamps so they can have food. people want to eat. and i don't understand why people have a problem with that. and these are people that are supposedly church, christian people who are supposed to take care of the poor. >> stephanie: right.
7:56 am
that was one of the main things that jesus talked ann. >> jesus was a communist! i just figured it out. >> stephanie: jan, how do you feel about the poor eating? [♪ organ music ] >> i don't feel like they really should . . . you know, >> stephanie: most of the poor are fat anyway. >> they have obviously eaten too much. david you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: hello. thank for taking my call. i called in before. i was calling for the house of worship woman, because i don't want to be derogatory and say church lady -- >> stephanie: no. >> caller: -- she talked about sodam and gomorrah, and a lot of people forget the rest of the story with lott -- >> stephanie: as paul harvey would say, please tell us the
7:57 am
rest of the story. >> caller: his wife was turned to salt, and his daughters and he were living in a cave, and they were concerned that that blood line would not be carried on, so they got lott drunk and had sex with him. so apparently incest okay. >> stephanie: yeah, and let me say even lott's wife is a pillar of salt, bob filler would still want to lick her. >> ahhhhh. >> stephanie: i'll bring you back to life. >> saliva dripping down her cheap. ewe. >> stephanie: okay. merny in -- >> ahhhhh. >> stephanie: merny in michigan, you are -- when hot brie comes? here do not put her in a filner head lock -- >> now you are giving me ideas. >> caller: hey, you guys. good morning. >> stephanie: good morning. >> caller: i just wanted to comment, i am so tired and
7:58 am
sorry, jan, but this is going more towards the southerners, people like ted cruz making comments when they come from states that take one and a half to two times the amount of money from the federal government, that states like michigan, including detroit pay at least one and a half times more than we get back, you know, i don't think they have any room to make any comments about that. and as far as boehner being worried about the xlpipeline, that's because he had investment money tied up in it, and he can't wait for all of the bucks to start rolling in. >> stephanie: yeah, exactly. i hi ted cruz needs to go back to judging someone's bouillabaisse. all right. hot brie joins us next on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
7:59 am
8:00 am
[♪ theme music ] >> stephanie: all right. current tv, hour number three. jacki schechner, look it's the third member of our thruple, melissa fitzgerald, who jim has already bob filnered on the way in here. >> it's my cup of lipstick. >> are you going to pay for his two weeks of therapy now? >> stephanie: he is like, that's my shade of lipstick. we should not tell him what our latest plot is, because he is going to get visuals, but
8:01 am
melissa fitzgerald got us what, yesterday? >> we're going to go paddle boarding. >> stephanie: paddle boarding. the three of us in bikini's jim. >> i'll probably wear a one piece because my nephews will be there. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: all right. here she is the other member of our thruple, jacki schechner in the current tv center. >> good morning, everybody, president obama says he plans to strongly enforce voting rights across the country, even though a supreme court ruling took some muscle out of the act. the high court struck down the provision requiring states with a history of discrimination to get federal approval before making any changes to state election law. well the president met with civil rights leaders at the white house yesterday, and after that, cheryl iffle told reporters while it is up setting to even have to fight for the
8:02 am
protections in the first place, bring it on. >> we think it's sad that we're at this moment that we have to engage in this kind of work to ensure that our democratic processes have to remain open. and yet we take up the challenge. >> the doj has filed suit in texas to stop implementation of a new law. hilly's super pac doesn't have hilary yet, but it does have more than a million dollars for her potential presidential campaign. more than 9300 people gave enough to the super pac to total more than a million dollars in june alone. $1.25 million for the first quarter. three-quarters of those donors gave less than $25. this one has capped what it will accept at $25,000. the memo points out the website
8:03 am
didn't launch until april 2nd, and only two high-profile fund-raising emails have gone out so far. we're back after the break. ♪ compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current. you know who is coming on to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar.
8:04 am
>>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
8:05 am
this show is about analyzing, criticizing, and holding policy to the fire. are you encouraged by what you heard the president say the other night? is this personal, or is it political? a lot of my work happens by doing the things that i'm given to doing anyway, by staying in touch with everything that is going on politically and putting my own nuance on it. in reality it's not like they actually care. this is purely about political grandstanding. i've worn lots of hats, but i've always kept this going. i've been doing politics now for a dozen years. (vo) he's been called the epic politics man. he's michael shure and his arena is the war room. >> these republicans in congress that think the world ends at the atlantic ocean border and pacific ocean border. the bloggers and the people that are sort of compiling the best of the day. i do a lot of looking at those people as well. not only does senator rubio just care about rich people, but somehow he thinks raising the
8:06 am
minimum wage is a bad idea for the middle class. but we do care about them right? ♪ ♪ it's a beautiful day ♪ don't let it get away >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome it to. six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. oh, he already filnered her. ♪ ♪ hot brie on with stephanie ♪ she's filled with squeeziness ♪ ♪ hot brie on with stephanie >> stephanie: oh, i am so sorry. activist melissa fitzgerald is
8:07 am
here and has already been -- >> speaking of filnered, have you seen the latest, he wants the tax pairs of san diego to pay for his legal bills. >> stephanie: for his two week rehab. >> and his legal bills fighting all of these sexual harassment suits. >> i'll give him some free rehab. >> stephanie: she said with a cartoon fist. we can give him some fun facts on what chicks dig and do not dig. [♪ fun-facts music ] >> stephanie: first of all filner head lock? >> no. >> stephanie: what was the other thing you said, chris? >> he licked the side of a woman's cheek. >> that's disgusting. >> stephanie: hot. >> and he caressed the side of a woman's cheek, and said, do you have a man to keep you company? >> ahhhhh. >> oooooooooh. [ buzzer ]
8:08 am
>> stephanie: i'm -- as you know dog owner, max and fred, i was thinking some sort of -- like a shock collar of some sort. >> awe! [ electrical buzzing ] >> stephanie: we need one for you, because melissa kissed him hello, and he is like that is my shade of lipstick. >> ow! >> the wax vac guy. >> favorite commercial ever in the history of ever. >> stephanie: just the sound effects, guess who is coming in melissa fitzgerald. [ electrical buzzing ] >> ow! >> it will cost you thousands of dollars. >> stephanie: you posted this on our facebook page, because jim is hoping to book him like we did bill nigh. [♪ porn music ] >> stephanie: we were in ball gowns -- >> yeah, did you see the list?
8:09 am
charlie rose is on that list. >> charlie rose is smart. he is hot. smart is hot. >> stephanie: smart is hotter than a facial lick. >> smart is hotter than anything. >> at least jim lehrer is not on it. >> stephanie: that's because we did not book him for the inauguration. >> stephanie: i think we rocketed bill nigh from at least 2021 to 16. >> stephanie: oh, yeah. >> that buzzfeed link is post on your facebook page. >> stephanie: yeah, that is us. he was so excited he poked himself in the eye with his pocket protector. >> ow! >> stephanie: we were talking about the whole weaner thing -- >> you said weaner.
8:10 am
[ giggling ] >> stephanie: tina brown wrote a good piece, when middle-aged libido meets a whiff of power it strikes the political process. women just don't generally behave like this. and her piece goes to this is why there would be more women in power. >> absolutely. do you think that men would be behaving like this if they had women on their same power level? >> stephanie: right. >> no they won't. >> stephanie: we love nancy pelosi she gave him the grandma face. >> i'm madam secretary get a load of this. >> stephanie: diane feinstein. >> i don't think that someone who is lacking a moral compass will provide the kind of leadership that san diego people
8:11 am
want. >> stephanie: and these guys don't get it. >> what did i do? >> stephanie: i don't know, six? >> ten? i don't know. >> stephanie: women -- who can say what other people think is inappropriate? >> yeah, i think most people can agree, inappropriate. >> stephanie: yeah, starting at one. yeah, your wife is pregnant probably inappropriate. >> but this will make things a lot better, and we're not running at the same rate that men are. >> unless you are michele bachmann. >> i will miss michele bachmann. i am. i'm on record, i'm going noise her terribly. >> you'll still have marsha blackburn. >> it's not the same. >> stephanie: it is the end of comedy. >> oh, the day is at hand. we are in the last days, through our jehovah god -- >> i think marsha blackburn has
8:12 am
the potential to live up to that kind of craziness. >> stephanie: does she have a big gay husband? >> i think she will fill that void. that's a good point. [ cuckoo clock chimes ] >> stephanie: i'm not saying things are over for marcus. because for marcus there's always another show! because he is so supper. >> you have to understand barbarians need to be educated. they need to be disciplined. >> stephanie: he is fine. he is super. ♪ i'm super, thanks for asking ♪ all things considered i couldn't be better ♪ ♪ i'm feeling super, and nothing but me, everything is super when -- don't you think i look good in this hat ♪ >> stephanie: that's why tina brown is writing people are taking another look at christine quinn, because people are like we won't see pictures of her who ha over the internet. >> we didn't be guaranteed of
8:13 am
anything. >> but generally speaking i think women are doing this a lot. and another reason why we are not running is we feel we need to be prepared. and men don't care. they are like, i'm going to win. and we feel like, i need to work harder, and be more prepared. i'm not ready. >> stephanie: that is what is coming out of this whole story is weiner's amazing ego. you talked about this what happened to ashley judd? kentucky about the slut shaving before she even run. you were concerned about that, although if you were a slut jim would certainly know about it by now. >> shut! she's a slut! look at her. slut! >> stephanie: and that's interesting, because women are the ones -- >> i just hope mitch mcconnell is not doing that. >> stephanie: i hope there are
8:14 am
no shelless pictures of mitch mcconnell. >> i just think i'm going to barf. >> stephanie: but she says this makes one consider the built-in risk factor of nominating high testosterone men. everybody goes what is with these guys? >> who wants to look at my smantz? nobody? >> stephanie: nobody. thanks. and she says our same point, think about some of our prominent women in washington, can you ever imagine secretary kathleen up loading a shot of her crotch on instagram. >> i would buy that for a dollar. >> stephanie: thank you jim for making our point exactly. >> what is she yelling about? >> oh, god. you just -- >> stephanie: we hit the filter
8:15 am
button earlier in the show, and now you can't flip it off. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: but she says perhaps need some sort of sexual middle age test. because right now we're saying it happens to be all democrats, ironically making mike murphy on meet the press want to pleasure himself on camera. >> he was so pleased with him. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: he seemed somewhat reticent to talk about sanford, and vitter. >> yeah, i don't think a party owns this at all. >> no. >> stephanie: it's dudes. >> yeah. >> stephanie: and we were talking about this the other day, she brings it out of politics, but just to a man thing -- i did not know this -- you mentioned about the spain, the train crash -- >> he was bragging about it. hey, look at how fast i'm going. >> stephanie: yeah, testosterone.
8:16 am
she writes captain shatino was carousing with a bland before he revved the speed up. and what a blast it would be to go past the police triggering the radar. hah hah hah. >> of course the italian captain was caborting with a blond, he is italian. >> stephanie: wow, there's some racism there. >> no, that's what people in italy with prouder do. >> stephanie: that was painting with a brood sicilian brush, wasn't it? >> when i read that he took off saturday from complaining, i thought he might be behind
8:17 am
closed doors campaigning with his family. no. the trouble with carlos and [ inaudible ] is they are not just a danger to themselves but a danger to everyone else. one just need to look at huma's elegant face to it will tell you that. you had thoughts on huma, because some people are going you are being too hard on her for being complicit, what were you thoughts on that? >> i think we have to separate the public versus the private. what makes me angry is when people are making judgments on her private decisions in her private marriage. i think what she wants to do in her marriage is her business. i don't know the ins and outs of her marriage. it's none of my business. what is my business is when weiner stands up and lies us to and spends people's hard-earned
8:18 am
money to chase a red herring,like who hacked my account? >> stephanie: yeah, to investigate who hacked his twitter account. >> it was campaign money. >> stephanie: yeah. not that he lied to his wife. that's their business. it's that he lied to all of us. >> right. he lied to his supporters who give him money. and david axle rod said we'll give you a second and third chance. it's probably time to go. >> i think he asked for forgiveness for using that money, all the while continuing the behavior, and i just think that's totally outrageous, and i am done with you. >> stephanie: well, the clintons want him to be done. they are really -- clearly this is not good for a hilary run. and i agree with you, i'm really starting to feel bad for her, if i was pregnant, which i know
8:19 am
is -- >> hysterical. >> stephanie: shut up. it could have happened. >> are so many reasons why you could never be pregnant. >> stephanie: my point is -- >> even [ inaudible ] wouldn't say -- >> yeah, no. >> no. >> stephanie: my friend judy tenuta would say it could happen. >> no. >> stephanie: all right. my point is this -- i -- i was reading about when they met, and they said they were these two young hyperactive political brains that click, and i think that that's probably true, and then you are in the marriage, and you are pregnant. i get her original decision it's just -- >> and i have been married, and you make decisions within a marriage that you don't anticipate that you would necessarily make before you are married, and you don't know the ins and outs, and i'm very careful to judgment people what they do within the context of their own marriage.
8:20 am
i will say when she continued to support him for the campaign, i'm fine with criticizing her for that, for supporting him as a candidate, but not for what she decides to do within her marriage. and i think it's inappropriate for anyone to, quite frankly. >> stephanie: all right. she has taken a stand, ladies and gentlemen, like jacki schechner pretty but will cut a bitch. all right. we have important humanitarian work that she is doing jim. >> yes, i'm aware of that. >> stephanie: right. next on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ ♪
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i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. ♪
8:25 am
♪ hey, hey, hey >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> stephanie: uh-huh. ♪ i know you want it >> stephanie: yeah. >> is that bob filner? >> yeah. it's his campaign song. >> it's catchy. >> it's offensive-catchy. >> stephanie: you hate the words and you hate the video. >> i do. i hate the video with a white hot passion, i hate the words, but the tune is catchy. >> stephanie: i told you the part i hate is when he blows smoke in her face.
8:26 am
you know you want cancer. get it. >> you would think he was italian. some guy tweeted to me, i'm sicilian and would love to paint your idea with a brood brush. >> oh, my god. >> proving our point entirely about italians. >> stephanie: in you are going to perv out, at least do it well. >> i would like to paint your fence with a brood brush? what? >> we all get it, though. >> stephanie: what was the guy that called to pick up jacki. i got some health care for you. >> ahhhhh. >> stephanie: oh, my god, hire a writer. something. really? find out what chicks dig at least if you are going to be a perv. >> yeah. >> stephanie: all right. so -- anyway we were finishing up about the weiner scandal, and you were talk about huma.
8:27 am
because you specifically -- jacki said what bothered her was people calling her brave. but jacki was not calling her this or that -- >> i agree with that. >> stephanie: and she said for letting a man mistreat you -- >> but we don't know if she is being mistreated. that's her call, her decision, and i think it's really judgmental to make that call. to say she is brave or weak is also not my place. >> stephanie: right. >> and i don't have the info. >> i need the info! >> stephanie: you are the boss. you need the info. >> right. >> stephanie: and could someone also bring her a couple of friggin' sharks. >> i have one simple request, and that is to have sharks with friggin' laser beams attached to their heads. >> stephanie: but until you have been in an relationship and
8:28 am
screwed one up -- i'm exhibit, a. >> and i am too. >> stephanie: you don't know what you would do in a specific situation, because you don't know. >> absolutely. you don't know until you are in it and until what the details are, and what the person is willing to do to get help or whatever it is. >> stephanie: just when you think i have made every mistake in the world, i find a new one to make. >> oh, believe me, i tend to have done all of them. >> stephanie: because you tend to be people with have jars of hearts and ice within their souls. >> what >> it's a christina perry song. >> oh, okay. >> stephanie: i'm happy now, because i'm engaged to your nine year old nephew jake.
8:29 am
[ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> i don't think that is legal. >> stephanie: i talked to him on the phone and he said my aunt showed me your picture and you look a lot younger than i thought. do you want to get married? and i said sure. and he said would we just say you are 40? or how about 30. it was only after your six year old nephew rejected me, because i said a have a nephew that was 43, and he said how old are you? [ laughter ] >> oh, that's tragic. >> stephanie: so i was james's sloppy second. so we have another nephew story, and then the important humanitarian work that melissa does. >> yes.
8:30 am
>> stephanie: more with hot brie on the "stephanie miller show." that viewers like about "the young turks" is that we're honest. i think the audience gets that i actually mean it. >> you're putting out there something that you're proud of. journalists want the the story and they want the right story and the want the true story. >> you can say anything here. >> i spent a couple of hours with a hooker. >> your mistake was writing a check. >> she never cashed it! >> the war room. >> compared to other countries with tighter gun safety laws, our death toll is just staggering. >> the young turks. >> the top bankers who funneled all the money to the drug lords, no sentence. there's just no justice in that. >> viewpoint. >> carl rove said today that mitt romney is a lock to win next pope. he's garunteeing it. >> joy behar: say anything. >> is the bottom line then that no white person should ever, ever, ever use the "n" word? >> yes! >> only on current tv.
8:31 am
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8:34 am
♪ >> this is the day that -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. . >> -- has made. let us rejoice and be glad in it. >> stephanie: uh-huh. thirty, four minutes after the hour. hot brie, melissa fitzgerald live in studio with us. your first love letter. steph, wtf, melissa has been married before? no, it ruined all of the dreams i have had while sitting here in the basement of my parent's trailer. i am engaged to your nine year
8:35 am
old testifnephew. >> yes, congratulations. they were very excited that your office is captain america's underpants. >> and no skid marks. >> stephanie: yes, and i have fart machine. >> they love that. because they have that, we have the remote controlled kind, and the whoopi cushion. >> we were talking about if you get married some day, he was like, i definitely want my wife to have a job, and james said i would like mine to work at game stop, and i would like mine to work at target. i think they were dreaming about discounts on games. >> they want to be married to
8:36 am
the target lady! quit that? >> stephanie: what is your latest nephew sitcom story -- >> one of my other nephews -- >> stephanie: she has like a nephews. >> when i was swimming in the pool, they were like how old are you again, like 78 and i said no, i'm 48. and they are like whatever. but my nephew mic, i told him i went scuba diving. and he said did you see barracudas. and i said i don't think so. and i said if a fish is being nice to you, he is just trying to trick you, and he will eat
8:37 am
your eye, and then he slaps, dead. [ laughter [ laughter ] >> i was like really, how am i going to know if a fish was being nice to me? >> stephanie: exactly. sitcom nephew. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: let's go to the important humanitarian work that jim has been waiting to hear about all morning. >> yes, serious show about serious issues. >> stephanie: he doesn't care with that dress you wore. you did the documentary which is fabulous called after coney. how does one get that? >> one can go on oddly enough, >> stephanie: and i'm guessing there will magically be a link up on >> getting it up right now. [♪ magic wand ] >> stephanie: all right. thank you. a little late on that. >> i'm happy it is going up. thank you very much. >> stephanie: yes, thank you,
8:38 am
chris to your attention in this matter. >> jim that was bad. dirty minded. [ laughter ] >> but i think it's important to get a sense of the destruction and devastation that the army has enacted upon the people of central africa -- >> stephanie: that was joseph coney. >> yes. and right now until just next week there is a campaign that has been launched called zero lra. zero lords resistance army. there are two organizations that i have worked very closely with, the enough project, and their website is, and then invisible children, invisib and this is to ask us citizens to call our elected officials, tweet our elected officials, and it's really easy you put in your zip code, and they'll tell you
8:39 am
who to do it to -- and i would say make the phone call. it is worth it. it really matters, and what we're asking for is for the president and for us to allocate in the budget, which has already been allocated, but specifically to continue the 100 u.s. military advisors who are now in uganda working with the uganda military to capture joseph coney and his top commanders and remove them from the field, and also to encourage on abducted child soldiers to return home. and it has been such an incredibly successful campaign, and it came out of the lords resistance army disarmament northern uganda recovery act of 2010. and it has resulted in -- you know, once the military advisors arrived in 2011, there has been
8:40 am
a 63% decrease in killings. >> stephanie: wow. >> the combatants on the field are down to about 150. and two of joseph coney's top commanders have been removed from the field, and that's huge. >> stephanie: right. because you said even if the child solders come home, they will just recruit more. >> exactly. if the top commanders are still at large, these joseph coney can re-up by kidnapping more children and killing more civilians. we have already done a really big investment in this since 2011, and we're so close, that to pull out now, we would lose all of the ground that we have gained, and that would be a tragedy for thousands -- just to give you a sense of -- at the height of the insurgency, 1.7 million people were living in an internally displaced persons camp, and a thousand people a week were dying.
8:41 am
so this is a very big thing. we have got to finish what we went to do. and i spoke with a top -- you know, very well respected policy -- africa policy expert who is in uganda on the ground, and i said what is the importance of the recovery act and the 100 military advisors that the president sent over there, and his response to me was game changer. so this is a game changer. we can't pull out now. and that is not a weaner reference. >> stephanie: thank you very much. jim if you watch the documentary, you will have an even bigger crush on her than you do now. because it's a really good film. >> thank you. >> stephanie: there was a story about emergency workers having sex in -- >> it's a an emergency. >> yes, it's called emergency sex, because relief workers are having tons of sex -- >>
8:42 am
>> stephanie: and you came to debunk that. >> yes. because i need a shower toilet and i need to try to stay alive. i had security training, and he said i would much rather be captured been the taliban than the this group. and that tells you how bad it is. and i met girls who's lips were cut out, and tongues were cut out. and it would be a tragedy for us not to do it. [ applause ] >> stephanie: zero lra. >> it's up on your facebook. >> and mine too. [♪ magic wand ] >> stephanie: there you go. it's important stuff. you should watch the film, because it really is amazing. jim i have no idea how melissa gilbert came up during the break -- >> because we were talking about
8:43 am
sarah gilbert who was married to -- >> stephanie: oh, right. everyone knows i broke up her original marriage, according to the national inquirer. >> that was the only time you have ever been in a tabloid. >> stephanie: right. apparently we had a screaming cat fight backstage of my talk show, because >> she was stealing your man. >> stephanie: exactly. and i said because it's well-known that i am a man-hungry home wrecker. >> right. or a home hungry man wrecker. [♪ circus music ] >> stephanie: thank you jim. melissa was shocked to find out that there was something that was untrue in the national inquirer. >> i'm very disappointed because that and my aol home page are my sources of news. >> stephanie: i believe you alerted me to the poop story.
8:44 am
[♪breaking news theme] >> i gave you the sanitized version if you will. >> stephanie: salon has the original story about -- well, he pooped in a federal courthouse really to an epic degree, and had -- a week in jail. >> i am getting reports now that he had -- he was maybe a little mad because he had lost a few cases in a row, so he might have done it intentionally. >> stephanie: right. [ farting sounds ] >> there is 57 pages of the description of what happened in that bathroom -- >> and what he ate. >> i read some of that, actually, it was on my aol home page. >> stephanie: do you have the feature bit? >> yes. >> stephanie: because we were saying -- because i'm the leader in poop journalism. if there is a poop story i am on it -- >> like a lobster. >> stephanie: like white on rice -- >> like corn on -- >> stephanie: corn? when did we have corn.
8:45 am
[ laughter ] >> stephanie: because my original claim to fame, every reporter has their big story. i don't know if you remember this in l.a. how many years ago. >> oh, god like '98. >> stephanie: right she became known as teacher poopy pants because she sued the school district because she said her students threw a bucket of liquified feces on her. but after an investigation it turned out that police said she was the source of the feces. >> she was the pooper and the poopee. >> stephanie: right. so she lost the lawsuit. >> so we see at the close of our calculations that the square root of four is two. huh oh. oh, no. oh, boy. oh, that's going to be bad. oh, geez. oh, holy cow. [ rumbling ] >> oh, my. all right kids we'll take a
8:46 am
short recess. [ laughter ] >> oh, wow. >> that's why we lost the job at the other place. >> stephanie: that is. is that the bit we got fired over? >> no. [ applause ] >> stephanie: it was just an actual news story -- >> i can tell you the bit that we got fired on -- >> stephanie: jesus christ supersn supersn supersn supersnud -- superstud? >> that one. shall we play jesus christ superstud? who is going to fire us now? >> >> stephanie: who even cares anymore. >> exactly. >> holy cow, you just blew my mind. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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next on current tv. vanguard: the documentary series that raised the bar for excellence. >> where ever the story is, we will go there to get it. >> we dive deep into the topics that we cover. >> it doesn't get anymore real than this. >> and on the next vanguard:
8:50 am
as over fishing takes it's toll, these central american diversll, are relying on an even riskier industry - the white lobster. >> all these boats were being used to transport cocaine. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. ♪
8:51 am
>> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ [ inaudible ] >> stephanie: oh, my. what that man with do with his mouth. fifty-one minutes after the hour -- >> you have no idea. >> stephanie: oh. matt in raleigh you are on with hot brie. >> caller: hi, good to talk to you guys, and mooks. i wanted to invite you to raleigh, i know you go to charlotte and you go to ashville, but the women in the triangle are the ones who are fronting the charge against these crazy men who probably want to check out my
8:52 am
7-month-old's diaper content, and my daughter's, and don't say anything about second-hand smoke because they will say that is an effective form of birth control. >> stephanie: yeah, somebody sent me a sign that said welcome to north carolina unless you are a teacher, or a student, or gay, or underemployed or have a uterus. [ applause ] >> yes. >> stephanie: good morning, jacki schechner. >> we're tastes that taste great together. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: we have been having an interesting discussion, because obviously the weiner has caused a lot of conversations. you wanted to clarify what you said, because i know you took a twitter drubbing. >> yeah, i understand what
8:53 am
everybody is saying, and what melissa is saying, and i haven't been married and i know the circumstances change once you get married, but i think from a public perspective, when he decided to become a public figure, and make this kind of behavior public, which he did by putting it out there on twitter and other social media websites, it does become our public information and concern -- >> stephanie: that part we talked about, social media is a more public way -- clinton -- that was a more traditional fooling around trying to hide it, right, jacki? and social media -- he was putting it out there. >> i don't want to get into clinton, because that's a whole other conversation, and i don't want to combine the two. but he said he was going to take care of this. they do a people magazine spread together where he says i feel like a changed man, i'm a
8:54 am
totally different person now, and then the news comes out that not only has he been doing this again as recently as six months ago, but if you read the content that has been put out there, it is so disrespectful to his wife, and it's so much information that's out there that is disrespectful of the woman that he is supposed to be closest to, and she gets up in public and defends him, i don't see that is not a decision that we can't pass some sort of judgment on. >> i agree. it bothers me that people call her brave. but it also brothers me that people say she's -- other things about her n that decision. and i agree with you, the public part and her standing up and supporting him as a candidate, i agree, all bets are on for that.
8:55 am
but what i consider and you consider is disrespectful in her marriage is immaterial to her decision. i think it's fine if we want to talk about it, i just am not going to make a judgment call. i know people who sleep with other people, and it's an agreement that they have, and it's none of my business. >> stephanie: it goes to -- i think that melissa was talking about in both her marriage and my long-term relationship, we endured things that we did not think we would have, and you know what i'm saying? you stay longer than you think if x, y or z happens -- >> right. but this isn't like this is the first time this has happened. and big public showing of how he
8:56 am
is a changed man, and then continues to exhibit this behavior, and -- and to me as a woman, i find -- it's not like that came out and said we have an agreement, we can see other people, and second dirty messages to other people and humiliate each other, and that's okay -- >> stephanie: yeah, it's hard to believe that was okay. >> yeah, but i didn't find a place in my brain to say this isn't disrespectful to her. >> stephanie: honey is okay if i send a lot of dirty pictures to other people. >> yeah, this hasn't come up that often. >> for me i would assume that would be totally unacceptable, and frankly, i'm not going to be surprised if she turns around in a very short amount of time and says see ya. but i want to be very careful
8:57 am
not to pass judgment on her decision. i'm happy to pass budgement on her decision to stand up and say i support him as a candidate. that i think is wrong, it hurts the party and a lot of people. and i do have a problem with that. >> stephanie: he has already -- jim as we were saying fourth in the polls, and if he drops to fifth out of a four-person race -- >> all right. take care now. bye-bye then. >> math is hard. >> stephanie: yeah, but you are right, you don't know sometimes -- as you know i lived with cats -- [ screaming ] >> stephanie: you don't know what you might do. >> yeah, i think there -- i'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this one, just i feel like there has been such a pattern of lies and deceit publicly and privately, that i don't see a workable way around
8:58 am
this, where she says this is the marriage i want to have. >> i don't think she is going to. >> stephanie: yeah, this brings up a lot of our personal emotions and issues, and we all have histories, right? and everybody sees it differently. >> yeah, and it's a totally valid conversation to have, and fundamentally as a woman, i think there are a lot of issues to discuss in this context, actually as a human being. >> stephanie: exactly. all right. you are perfect in every way, and the best member of our thruple. >> that is no not true, but i love you guys. >> all right. it's after coney, the movie, check it out. all right. activist, hot brie, melissa fitzgerald everybody. we will see you tomorrow on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
8:59 am
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>>tonight, two stories: red the first story, red lobster, is about the very visible effects that overfishing is having on this one community on the mosquito coast of nicaragua. the second story is about what the local residents of the miskito coast call the white lobster. it's about the region's shadow economy. it's about being stuck between columbia and the us. now, you see where this is going, right? but the first story, red lobster.


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