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tv   Viewpoint  Current  August 5, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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to do the a-rod story, 211-day suspension. it is too much? too it will until alonso duralde you will find him at the, also what the flick show. jayar jackson legendary producer at slash tyt. "viewpoint" is next. bye-bye! >> john: tonight on "viewpoint," scott walker has a very simple message, i'm from the government, and i'm here to not help, and now he is trying to prove to the tea party that he hates women's rights almost as much as labor, but a judge just shut him down. also we'll have an all latino comedian panel covering immigration, and issues. and two weeks, al jazeera america takes over current tv. but tonight's f-bomb deals with
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the outrageous racism. and this is the birthday of patrick ewing, and the late great adam of the beasty boys who would have been 49 years old today. 47 years ago today the beatles released revolver, the greatest album of all time, and a young ronald reagan once said where free unions and collective bargaining is lost, we lose the middle class. this is "viewpoint." [♪ theme music ] >> john: good evening, friends,
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i'm john fugelsang this is "viewpoint." the latest case of minimum rage spilled out into the streets. thousands of fast-food workers walked off of the job. they want the right to unionize, and for the federal minimum wage to double from $7.25 an hour, to $15 an hour, and i call that a pretty good start. the image of a fast-food working has long been painted as a teenager. but the average age of a male employee is 29, and 32 for females. more than 25% of fast-food employees are the heads of their households. mcdonald's posted revenues of $8.48 billion from april to june alone while fighting against
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minimum wage hikes of any kind. and that number is considered sluggish by wall street. our first guest thinks we're only getting half of the and the author of "back to the future -- how the 1980's explain the world we live in now -- our culture, our politics, our everything", and he joins us this evening from san francisco where he is hosting "the war room." david welcome back to the "viewpoint." >> thanks for having me. >> john: it's a pleasure to have you. the argument we hear against higher minimum wage is it would force these companies to jack up prices. and it would be a devastating blow to the consumer. please tell us what that is wrong. >> because you have to look at who makes minimum wage and what we know when you hold profits equal, what a wage increase would mean for the corporations.
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let's look at mcdonald's. mcdonald's according to a hundred economists who wrote a letter to policy makers, mcdonald's would have to -- in order to recoup the most of a high minimum wage, mcdonald's only have to raise the prize of a big mac $0.05. if you raise minimum wage up to $15, the cost would go up one quarter. if every worker at wal-mart made $12 an hour, the average consumer would have to pay about $0.46 more total on their typical visit to wal-mart. now when you take those numbers and you ask yourself the question, okay, is it worth putting dollars in the paychecks of people being paid poverty wages in exchange for a couple of cents at the register?
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is that a good deal? i would say it is a good deal, and it's a good deal for the economy. it's a macroeconomic boost for the economy. because the dollars you are putting in those paychecks will be spent pretty fast. >> john: and again these wages don't take a dime out of the bloated ceo pay that driving our economy. >> exactly. the estimates are estimates when you hold the profit margins of the companies who pay minimum wage, hold it equal. if you factor in -- mcdonald's is going to make the same amount of money as profit. how much would it simply cost to recoup the cost of paying minimum wage? it still ends up being a tiny amount of money. why? because the minimum wage is so incredibly low, and the kinds of increases that we're talking about are so relatively small
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and these companies are already so profitable, that what we're really talking about here is such a relatively small amount of money in the economy, but it's a huge amount of money for those people being paid toez poverty wages. >> john: of course. and it means more buying power. there are countless stories of fast-food employees living in homeless shelters, and mcdonald's only online financial tool actually said they need to get a second job to make ends meet. david do you think we need a change of mindset at the top as much as we need a change in pay scale? >> absolutely. but we're not going to see a change of mindset at the top in the sense that if you look back at history, we have never seen a change of mindset at the top. when workers have been paid well in the united states, in our history, it's because workers came together and collectively
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bargained on behalf of themselves for those wages. now the -- the heads of these companies, the biggest thing that they fear and the biggest thing that they work against is unionization. this is why ceo's fight so hard against union drives. because they understand once workers have a che check -- selective bargaining unit, they are negotiate hire wages. so until we see a successful union drive at one of these companies, we're not going to see the wage increases. >> john: we'll celebrating a very special anniversary today. it's the 31 anniversary since president reaganfired 11,000 air traffic controllers. and as you mentioned one goal of these fast-food workers is yuan
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yo -- unionization climate. what do you say to people that think this is the wrong time for them to unionize. >> i would say that's always the argument history. during the great depression where we saw a huge increase in labor movement activity and unionization activity, that was the same argument made against those workers. and those workers said that's a self fulfilling prophecy, that said the only way forward in the economy is to pay people lower wages, and we have to accept these poverty wait a minutes in order to keep the economy going. there's a different route. there's a route that says that unionization raises wages, and those higher wages get plowed back into the economy. it goes back to the notion from henry ford. henry ford's basic idea is that you have to pay workers a wage
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that is high enough so they can actually buy your products, and increasingly workers are being paid wages where they cannot even buy the products they are in the business of selling. >> john: and tragically so many fast-food employees are only paid enough to be able to eat in the stores where they work. henry ford said no boss should be paid 20 times what his employs make. let's shift our anger to d.c., david. you just reported on a story that first broke on the concerning the senate finance committee's blank slate process, which is the top senators on tax reform can make suggestions which deductions and credits should live or die after the tax is reformed. senator with quote ideas are being assured to 50 years of secrecy.
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no one will know which senators pushed which policies for a full calf century. understanding the influence of big money lobbyist, what is the argument they are making to the country for a half of century secrecy. >> the argument is there is a huge industry in washington of lobbyists who are only focused on tax code changes. and they bring a lot of pressure to the committees. so the optimist in my argument is that senators are only put forward changes in the tax code that would be good for most americans if they can put them forth in an anonymous way that would prevent those lobbyists knowing which senator pushed the issue. here is how we know that is a
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lot of nonsense. this is essentially taxation without representation. that is you are not allowed to see what your senator are putting forward. we know this was the two people putting it forward are arguably the most connected to the k street lobbying. mac baucus was recently called the senator from k street. and as business weak has reported, we basically know that a secrecy system is designed to make sure the proposals approximating put forward, preserve the most publicly embarrassing tax proposal that the average american would despite, but the corporate specialist would want. >> john: you mentioned it has the becoming of max baucus, and
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the top republican, orewin hatch, huge shock. >> in my estimation the whole notion that there is too much partisanship in washington misses the actual story. there is way too much bipartisanship in washington, especially on economic issues. the things that pass the u.s. senate typically by votes of 95 or 99 to 1 are either wars or massiveta, give aways. you have a bipartisan effort in secret to make sure that a supposed overhaul of the tax code is one that allows the corporate community to secretly write even more good yis into the tax code without the average voter seeing what is going on. and the reason for that is because the average voter, sees these kinds of special
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giveaways. sees what they are all about, the fear is, is they will face consequences at the voting booth. >> john: indeed. one last question, do we really believe these suggestions aren't going to somehow be leaked before 50 years go by? >> that's a great question. i don't know if they will ever be leaked. i know the uglier the tax proposal is, the more effort there will be to keep it truly secret for 50 years. here is one thing i would add to that, the people who are going to know who spon sored those tax proposals will be those lobbyists. a senator that puts in a special tax provision that serves one or more corporations is going to be very, very proud to those special interests about having done that in order to get more campaign contributions. >> john: and in 50 years they will be dead, but the same unknowing tax pairs will be
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paying for the pension that goes to their much younger second and third wives. david sirota it's so great to have you here. you are contribute forfor and author of "back to our future". >> thank you. >> john: up next, good news america, scott walker is not talk about union busting. bad news? he has a new hobby. turkey and make it fast". >> (laughter). >> she gets the comedians laughing. >> that's the best! >> that's hilarious. >> ... and the thinkers thinking. >> okay, so there is wiggle room in the ten commandments is what you're telling me. >> she's joy behar. >> ya, i consider you jew-talian. >> okay, whatever you want. >> who plays kafka? >> who saw kafka? >> who ever saw kafka? >> (laughter). >> asking the tough questions. >> chris brown, i mean you wouldn't let one of your daughters go out with him. >> absolutely not. >> you would rather deal with ahmadinejad then me? >> absolutely! >> (singing) >> i take lipitor, thats it. >> are you improving your lips? >> (laughter).
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>> when she's talking, you never know where the conversation is going to go. >> it looks like anthony wiener is throwing his hat in the ring. >> his what in the ring? >> his hat. >> always outspoken, joy behar. >> and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? >> only on current tv.
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cenk off air alright in 15 young turks! i think the number 1 thing than viewers like about the young turks is that were honest. they know that i'm not bsing them for some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know i'm going to be the first one to call them out. cenk on air>> what's unacceptable is how washington continues to screw the middle class over. cenk off air i don't want the middle class taking the brunt of the spending cuts and all the different programs that wind up hurting the middle class. cenk on air you got to go to the local level, the state level and we have to fight hard to make sure they can't buy our politics anymore. cenk off air and they can question if i'm right about that. but i think the audience gets that, i actually
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mean it. cenk on air 3 trillion dollars in spending cuts! narrator uniquely progressive and always topical, the worlds largest online news show is on current tv. cenk off air and i think the audience gets, "this guys to best of his abilities is trying to look out for us." only on current tv! >> john: tonight a new front on the abortion battle as wisconsin governor, scott walker, faces off with a federal judge. the judge william connelly has blocked a portion of governor walker's new law specifically the requirement for abortion providers to have admitting privileges in nearby hospitals. the law also requires any woman seeking an inabortion to undergo an ultrasound, the idea that being forced to listen the
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fetuses organs will promote bonding. there is a brood push to reopen the fight over a women's right to choose. but why now? why actively stoke the controversy, and review those charges of a gop war on women? maybe because it won't ever hurt you with your base? but let's find out from a guy who knows what he is talking, john nichols, washington correspondent for "the nation" and co-author of "dollarocracy", and john joins us this evening from madson, wisconsin. welcome back mr. nichols. >> it is a pleasure to be with you, john. >> john: thank you. i want to ask you about the larger gop strategy here. but please bring us up to date on the judge's ruling. he didn't over turn the law just extended a block on a portion of it, right? >> that's right.
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almost immediately upon getting the case he issued an injunction saying you can't implement this law because it looked so likely that it was going to run into trouble as the case went forward, and so the initial injunction was for a couple of weeks. he has now extended the injunction into november, after which a trial will occur in relation to this law. the judge has made it quite clear that the state is going to have to make a very convincing case for why you would set a different set of laws for doctors who perform abortion than doctors who perform other procedures. the injunctions are simply put in place to ensure that the law doesn't have its immediate intended effect which was to
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force the closing of abortion clinics. >> john: this law also could include transvaginal ultrasounds mandatory if the conventional ultrasound can't see the fetus. and governor walker signed this on july 5th, smack dab in the middle of a four-day independence holiday, when it would get the least media attention possible. >> the governor does not think it is a winner for state-wide politics in wisconsin. he has to run for reelection next year, so he did not run around wisconsin signing the bill five times in five different locations in front of five different tv markets. sort of the opposite of a lot of what he does. but this is really the root of
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the whole issue. scott walker is running for president. he wants to be the republican nominee for president of the united states in 2016, and for that race this law is essential, because when you go into those iowa caucuses, and scott walker was in iowa already this summer, when you go into the south carolina primary, and scott walker will be in south carolina later this month. when you go into conservative states like alabama, and he'll be in alabama later this month, you need to have those ironclad, unquestionable, anti-choice bonafied. >> john: you nailed it. >> and that's what this law is about. >> john: i agree with you. this weekend governor walker did something that even surprised me. he compared himself to franklin roosevelt. really quick do you know what that is somebody? >> scott walker is not that wealthy, so maybe it's an
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aspirational goal on his part. but he was trying to justify his anti-public employee initiatives by suggesting that roosevelt was anti-employ union as well. but he took one line written in a letter by roosevelt, but failed to read the whole letter. the letter is on the wall at the national federation of federal employees, i believe, the union that the letter was written to. and the union people celebrate it as a pro-union letter. but president roosevelt said that collective bargaining was going to be different at the federal government level than the private sector. an honest statement but scott walker has tried to blow it way out of proportion, and it really blew up on him, because roosevelt's grandson wrote a
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great op-ed saying i can tell you for sure my grandfather was not scott walker. >> john: as you know another potential gop hopeful is senator rand paul of kentucky. just today america's sweetheart, newt gingrich seemingly threw his hat into paul's ring. where does that leave governor walker with the party faithful? >> the polling for scott walker right now is really bad. in iowa he was running in 8th place with about 2% of the vote, and iowians should know him better than most folks since it is right next to wisconsin. but his strategy is to let chris christie be out there as the main stream guy trying to be a little bit more moderate on a new issues. let rand paul steak out the turf he wants, let some other people run around and make a lot of
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noise, but chug along as the purist. the guy who is very conservative on social issues, and very conservative on economic issues. and theorizing that ultimately he will be the default position when people get tired of the other candidates. that may sound like an outside chance or a wild prospect. but in reality, if we look back in american history, we'll find quite a few presidential candidates, people like jimmy carter who worked hard over a number of years and got themselves into the presidency. >> and lord knows walk service sitting all over the country making the rounds. i do want november on to detroit. the city is bankrupt, and finances are in the hands of a manager, but even so voters will turn out for a primary to choose a new mayor. what power would the new mayor wield and who wants that job
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anyway? >> some really good people want the job. it's quite remarkable. a former sheriff. a form prosecuting attorney. a number of state legislators. really quite -- quite an impressive field considering the reality of the circumstance, which is that governor rick snyder, a conservative republican governor has used a law that he wrote, governor snyder, that the people of michigan rejected in a referendum, that the people of detroit rejected by a 4-1 margin. he has rewritten the law and imposed it. it allows him to take control of the city of detroit's governance and basically steer it whatever direction he wants. most of the candidates for mayor think steering it towards bankruptcy is a bad idea. but in reality they are running for an office where they will basically be spectators to the
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governance of their city. that's a tragic circumstance. it is anti-democratic at the most extreme. imagine what conservatives would think if barack obama came in and took over a state? they would be -- they would be screaming at the highest level, and yet in michigan this is what the governor has done. he has taken over a number of cities, and these candidates for mayor of detroit, i have written about them some, i'll write about them more. i give them very high credit, because even though the power of local government has been so undermined by this emergency management law, they are saying they still will step up, and fight for this position. someone will be elected and the next mayor of detroit ultimately will rebuild the city. it will not be rick snyder or the conservative republicans. it will be the person who is elected. unluckily this person won't be able to take real charge of detroit for months maybe even
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years. >> john: john nichols, washington correspondent for "the nation" and co-author of "dollarocracy" thank you so much for joining us. >> great to be with you, john. >> john: a drunken bruce lee movie. you don't want to miss it. so that hand comes up next. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. the troops love me. tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. (vo) sharp tongue. >>excuse me? (vo) quick wit. >> and yes, president obama does smell like cookies and freedom. (vo) and above all, opinion and attitude. >> really?! this is the kind of stuff they say about something they just pulled freshly from their [bleep]. >> you know what those people are like. >> what could possibly go wrong in eight years of george bush? >> my producer just coughed up a hairball. >>sorry.
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>>just be grateful current tv doesn't come in "smell-o-vision" >> oh come on! the sweatshirt is nice and all, but i could use a golden lasso. (vo)only on current tv.
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(vo) later tonight, current tv is the place for compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current. >> john: time for the latest ed dig of so that happened. sure our government here in america functions about as well
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as a period drama with stephen segal, but at least we're not made in taiwan. lawmakers got down right punchy over the plan to build another nuclear power plant on the island. there is concern of course of a nuclear nightmare in the case of another earthquake. they have had five earthquakes this year along. the nationalists want the plant. the democratic progressive party doesn't have power, but they are not afraid to fight for their beliefs. and this isn't even the first time the parliament turn pugilist. about 50 lawmakers through down back in june. can you imagine the action vegas would lay on a john boehner harry reid slugfest. harry reid used to be a boxer, i'm guessing he would be the
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victor, but only when it doesn't count. in spite of all of this, the bill is expected to pass. let's hope there is not a sixth earthquake this year. ♪ go time. you know what time it is. go time! it's go time. it's go time. what time is it rob? here comes the young turks go time! it's go time. oh is it? oh, then it's go time. anybody? anybody? what time is it? oh, right. it's go time!
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you know who is coming on to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that
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current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? >> john: listen to the latino decisions released a national poll that sound that 80% of latinos are following the news on immigration reform, and 78% say it's very or extremely important for congress to actually pass an immigration bill with a path to sit sinship this year. some 45% say they would vote for a republican if he or she could take the lead for passing immigration reform, and 63% say they would vote for a democrat if they took the lead. so just how important is latino vote? which party gains the most from immigration reform, and how will age influence the ballot box
5:36 pm
next year and in 2016? joining me now to discuss these issues and many others facing the hispanic community, and by that i mean all of us, i'm joined by an incredibly diverse comedic panel, please welcome, first if you are in austin, texas, cap city from august 7th-10, it is the one and only rojo perez . that's the only r, i'll roll, i promise. >> thank you. >> john: seen right here in nyc hosting 'killer comedy' at the underground every friday night. the lovely carolina hidalgo. and finally another new york favorite you can rabbithole comedy at legion bar brooklyn ny it's gabe pachecho gabe. good evening. thank you all for being here. a record 23.7 million eligible voters in america according analysis at the census center.
5:37 pm
you can't hope to get the white house without at least 65% of the latino vote, which the democratic party seems to know. the republican party has half realized it. how could numbers like this effect the possibility of any serious immigration reform? gabe? >> i mean, i think it's just foolish not to really cater to the latino vote. so republicans are shooting themselves in the foot by not doing anything about this. >> john: it's sort of a two-sided argument. on the national level it is believed that you have to have latino vet -- voters in the party to win. ann could ter said to nationallize them and let them have the vote, her point is that brings millions of new voters that she thinks would go directly to the democratic
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party. what do you think, rojo? >> i think it goes back to who is spear heading the immigration bill. i think they would be aware of who -- i think if rubio took the lead on this, it would help him immensely. >> john: i think you are right. i give him credit for being the guy to get democrats on board. and now he is abandoned it as a topic and gone on this anti-abortion crusade. do you think marco rubio is the kind of guy who could unit republicans and democrats or is this movement dead for this year? >> i feel like marco rubio his topics are very -- they are kind of republican, kind of not. like he is kind of spanish.
5:39 pm
[ laughter ] >> more like the emilio estevez of the republican committee. but i think ulterior motive would be more voters for the next election. >> john: i thought he should have been the vp nominee last year. hispanic and latino are terms that are often used interchangeably in the media, i find. they are different hispanic referring to spanish speaking people, while latinos refers to folks in the caribbean region. is it right to lump cubans into an hispanic voting block? >> i think depending on where do you are in the country, what age you are and what latino background you come from, you will have special interests. >> and what kind of music you listen to. >> john: that is actually very
5:40 pm
relevant, because it comes down to a generational divide. i think a lot of people leave that latinos are catholic, while democrats think, no, you have people who like hip hop and younger people who don't care about those issues and are more likely to vote for democrats. what do you think? >> i think this younger generation is clearly more open to marriage quality, to the abortion rights obviously. i think it is a catholic background, but over the years i feel we were all raised religious, but at least for me it is definitely not in the forefront like it was for my parents or obviously my grandparents. >> john: is that something that latino voters share the most in common, with say caucasian catholics. and maybe aren't going to vote just based on abortion as an
5:41 pm
issue? >> i think the republicans should find a way, if they want to succeed to align themselves with what are some cultural latino and hispanic dispositions. one of which being either a catholic background or a rising pentecostal and protestant background because there has been so much evan gallization down there. and also just the family. the family is still a huge thing in latino commune tease. so if the republicans push -- i'm not interested in this -- but if they promoted th% family values sort of approach, they could capture a lot of the latino vote. >> john: let's say they go for banning abortion rights, banning gay marriage, will that lose a lot of the young vote?
5:42 pm
>> i think so. that's the thing about hispanics in american, because we have american. and it's a young idea, maybe -- it might be. abortion rights, what we do with our bodies, and gay and lesbian rights. i feel like everyone wants to be equal at this point, and that's a new popular thought. >> john: how huge was it that george w. bush did campaign commercials in spanish? >> it was adorable. yeah, i don't think it made a difference. >> john: he speaks spanish almost as well as he does english. all right. when we come back, a beautiful song of national love that stirs up a lot of national hate. stick around. compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you?
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marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current.
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this show is about analyzing, criticizing, and holding policy to the fire. are you encouraged by what you heard the president say the other night? is this personal, or is it political? a lot of my work happens by doing the things that i'm given to doing anyway, by staying in touch with everything that is going on politically and putting my own nuance on it. in reality it's not like they actually care. this is purely about political grandstanding. i've worn lots of hats, but i've always kept this going. i've been doing politics now for a dozen years. (vo) he's been called the epic politics man. he's michael shure and his arena is the war room. >> these republicans in congress that think the world ends at the atlantic ocean border and pacific ocean border.
5:46 pm
the bloggers and the people that of the day. i do a lot of looking at those people as well. not only does senator rubio just care about rich people, but somehow he thinks raising the minimum wage is a bad idea for the middle class. but we do care about them right? >> john: when we talk about any mi mine norty group, we know there is going to be a conversation about hate. and where is better to show one's bigotry than at a baseball game. i'm sure we all member when mark anthony graced the major league baseball all-star game with his time and talents.
5:47 pm
♪ god bless america ♪ my home ♪ sweet ♪ home [ cheers and applause ] >> john: and the crowd booed him during that performance. now maybe they are just big j-lo fans, i think he was just too darn good. here so talk about that i'm joined by comedians, rojo perez, carolina hidalgo, and gabe pacheco. three specific new york comics. there were some boos, but the response on line were disgusting. here is one quote that was on twitter. mark anthony singing the
5:48 pm
national anthem, am i the only one who finds that un-american? dumb white people continues to be our number one export. and i think folks think there is just one kind of hate. but america proves that is not true. we have many strains of hate, right? were you surprised by this? >> it blew my mind. he's porta rican, so even if he wasn't born here, he would still be a u.s. citizen. >> john: absolutely. >> and it's such a weird thing, where it's like, wait a minute there's a spanish guy on the field, he is not throwing the ball, he is not hitting it, and he rolls his rs differently. this can't be. >> my thought was what does simon cowell have to think about this? i thought it was pretty good. i don't know why people were
5:49 pm
against this. he manage to hit all of he right -- is that what we're talking about? >> john: people said he was un-american. >> i think maybe a lot of those people that are opposing that were people who did not look like him, or that were not like him, but then again he was singing at a baseball game, so i think a lot of the baseball players probably look a lot like him. >> john: that's exactly right. it the notion where if the only kind of american are the ones who look exactly like you
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>> his what in the ring? >> his hat. >> always outspoken, joy behar. >> and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? >> only on current tv.
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>> john: their plan ignore the racistel elephant, thankfully i'm not working for you or shark led by credibility. but i do have muslim friends, at one point a muslim helped save my dad's life. so while they may not want to stand up to the bigots, there ain't nothing stopping me. so you hate monkey trolls, listen up, qatar is a us ally. and why you can't believe a president would ever lie us into war, but do believe a president can be a secret muslim,
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georgetown, northern, even texas a&m have campuses in doeha. yeah, i don't like how women are treated in qatar, but i don't like how women and gays are treated here either. and i don't like that show who is hosted by kowadari, but i really didn't like it on july 13th, 2010, when glennback said muslims killed jesus. most of you think rwanda was jj's sister on good times, but they represent an investment in america, they represent facts over opinion, and represent our cultures coming together just a little bit more. in the end your racism doesn't
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matter. they will launch, the channel will evolve and grow, and people who believe that obama is really a muslim, while also believe in cutting programs for the poor, are christians. thank you. this is "viewpoint." this is current tv. we're still here. seven shows to go. good night, mom. >> joy: tonight we'll find the real story about the wire hangers. plus a new study says we should be have sex twice a week, and part two of my conversation with the soprano, he has a story about president clinton that i guarantee will make you laugh out loud. all of that and more tonight on


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