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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  August 8, 2013 6:00am-9:01am PDT

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putin vladamir putin land. judy gold live this morning? >> jacki sheckner. did i say karl rove? i did. i am drunk. jacki sheckner, everything old is new again. i heard tea party people are urging republicans to cuts off the funding for obamacare approximate. yay! >> let's see how that goes over again. >> yay, it's back again,
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government shutdowns and shouty town hauls about health care. >> i got told on twitter yesterday, screaming, all the old talking points. >> something called with a talking point this week. the president has no transparency, nobody was able to see. >> it was all passed under the cloak of night and secret. >> right, oh, that was musty, it had math balls on it. here she is, nurse jacki, today, president obama will meet in with prime minister and the the i.m.s. has has given the struggling european nation billions of dollars in bailout money said greece is on the right track, but needs to raise
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taxes. >> the white house has announced to president obama's going to make a speech on the steps of the lincoln memorial this month further 50th anniversary of martin luther's i have a dream speech, called the let freedom ring event. it commemorates the march on washington, which drew some 250,000 people. >> we heard from mark zukerburg about why he is backing immigration reform. he is launching an ad campaign to try to influence wavering members of congress. >> i do want to give back. i believe 100% in what this country stands for. let me earn it. let me serve. i just want an opportunity. i want a chance. >> that's alejandro morales. he cannot serve our country, his country because of his
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immigration status. he would like to be a marine. we're back right after the break. stay with us. this show is about analyzing, criticizing, and holding policy to the fire. are you encouraged by what you heard the president say the other night? is this personal, or is it political? a lot of my work happens by doing the things that i'm given to doing anyway, by staying in touch with everything that is going on politically and putting my own nuance on it. in reality it's not like they actually care. this is purely about political grandstanding. i've worn lots of hats, but i've always kept this going. i've been doing politics now for a dozen years. (vo) he's been called the epic politics man. he's michael shure and his arena is the war room. >> these republicans in congress that think the world ends at the atlantic ocean border and pacific ocean border. the bloggers and the people that are sort of compiling the best of the day. i do a lot of looking at those people as well. not only does senator rubio just care about rich people, but somehow he thinks raising the
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minimum wage is a bad idea for the middle class. but we do care about them right?
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♪ >> all right, everybody, look alive. we have a full on fhilmer alert. get your facemasks, hockey masks on, so you can avoid the full facial lick. it's gotten ickier.
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>> yeah, the people he targeted in this one. >> 1-800-steph-1-2, from anywhere. we have judy gold in studio. hi, jim, good morning, are you alive? oh, ok. he was doing a thinker pose. >> he has a stomach thing, he told me. >> oh, dear. >> i think he's trying to hold something in. [ laughter ] >> good luck with that. we don't want any previews. [ laughter ] >> thoughts get to. we're going to do a health care corner with jacki. she doesn't know yet. >> i sent her an email, she might know. >> about george bush's heart stent and his brush with the health care system. right out of the box, here we go. >> karl. >> karl frisch. ♪ ♪
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>> good morning, karl frisch. >> i don't think, how are you? >> good, this is not karl rove, sure. >> that was a grave error on my part, although you used to be a republican. >> i did, but i was just confused and lost. >> you were doing your job, doing what you were told told. >> a loft boy and now you are found. >> that's right. >> now i loved your tweet. you said if snowden's going to be in russia, at least sarah palin can keep an eye on him. very, very funny, karl. >> is he there. >> i can see him from my house. >> i think he's on a russian sub or something. >> the big news, obama canceled his putin summit. he's disappointed in russia. >> it's snowed in and partly
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because of their anti lbgt legislation. i have a feeling it's probably mostly snowden. [ sirens ] >> is that your ride coming to pick you up? >> it's my ride coming to drop me off. >> you tweeted about that. i was on c.s.n. talking about that last night. i don't know what you think, but it's pretty serious what's happening in russia. the topic last night was a couple people have compared it to hitler and they're saying is that an unfair comparison. i pointed out hitler started with the gays and gypsies. >> godwin said in this in stance, it's appropriate to compare them to nazi germany. >> stalin, maybe a better comparison, just saying. >> in germany, before the what
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was it, the 36 games. >> the 36 games, we talked about a boycott and said but hitler would never go that far, right? >> well, at that time, hitler had passed laws say that go jews could not hold public office and he had banned literature written by jews and had done to few other things, as well. right now, what putin has done is basically said that gay folks are not allowed to say that they're gay, talk about gay. if you mention trykofski you can go to jail. that's the first step. when hitler had done that, his police were looking the other way when jews would be on the street or crimes were committed
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against jewish people. that's what's happening in russia now. you've probably seen the stories about these young kids, basically, meeting, you know, going on line and meeting other what they think are gay kids and going to meet up with them in person, and then it's these neonazi russian skin heads and they get tortured and beat up and the cops look the other way, and, you know, some of these kids have died, but that's what's happening in russia right now. >> i think it actually started, leno made the comparison when the president was on the other night, saying the anti gay laws are like germany, rounding up jews. you have people saying that's an over reaction, but i'm reading an op ed saying these are similar to the anti nuremberg laws passed by hitler.
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84% of russians believe society should reject gay people, perhaps something saying it because they fear arrest. the world wonders however this will go. >> you don't have to be gay to get in trouble there. you to have speak out for your gay friends and family and you'll be thrown in jail or beaten up. even being an ally to the community is bad there, so folks need to put pressure on the olympic committee there and ask the game to get moved. i've heard the folks in vancouver would love to have the winter games again. they had it in 2010, so they've already got all the equipment and different kind of places that you would need to have all the different events. >> it's interesting. this op ed ends with no one can predict the future, but obama
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offering silence because evil will never be satisfied, it's our turn to speak up. there are 447 of congress who have yet to sign that letter to secretary kerry. we need to be asking why. i think the president did take a stand canceling the summit with putin. people are saying is that an empty gesture, because he's still going to the summit. i thought look, a is you and i have said, this president has done more for gay rights than all the other presidents combined. we've made such progress with gay rights, it's weird that this is going on that in russia. >> at this point, and russia's basically trying to deny all of western europe's progress on lbg testimony rights. the right wing in this country, it's very strange to see where they fit most in. you've got middle eastern
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countries that feel a certain way about gay people and you've got russia that feels a certain way toward gay people, and it all comes down to this religious intolerance, and at a certain point we have to ask ourselves where does that come from. you can look at our right wing evangelicals here that defend that the russians have a right to treat gay people like this, and that's just sick. >> yeah. >> and they're also suggesting that gay people are intolerant of our views, trying to turn it around on gay people like that, which is mind boggling to me. >> when right wing christians have to feel this kind of tyranny and abuse, the gay people will be there standing up for their rights. as it stands now, we already know that right wing evangelical americans were the ones that were behind putting all of those
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crazy thoughts about gay people in the minds of the ugandan legislature. >> there's another example, yeah. >> we've gotten to the point where we've made so much progress in this country, you can't say certain things against gay people even if you feel it, because your neighbors will think you're crazy, so our right wing evangelical crazies have been exporting their hatred to susseptemberrable places. >> i just had my photo shoot last night. i'm in out 100. we did the photo shoot at my house. i was in a lace dress on my bed with my two giant dogs. i'm sure there will be charges of bestiality. >> of course there well. >> my understanding is that the show is moving to the pet channel, so. [ laughter ] >> that's a possibility. >> oh, god.
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we're animal-free morning show. >> i realize i wasn't supposed to say anything. >> you let the cat and the dog out of the bad. you scamp. >> you see what you did there. >> that's just the top of it. we're going to have lots more pet puns all day. >> there you go. >> it's morning a max and fred. >> with dexter von frisch and the side car. thank you, a deep kiss to dexter for me. >> thank you. >> lots to get to, including by the way, rick santorum had some thoughts on liberals and gays and bears, owe my. 17 minutes after the hour. >> maybe he should run for president. >> or uganda.
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♪ stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show," welcome to it. 1-800-steph-1-2 the number. tony, you're on the "stephanie miller show" show. caller: one way to drive putin crazy, have our whole team in the olympics, maybe get canada,
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possibly even england in on it and have them all wear rainbow arm bands. stephanie: oh, well, there you go. i like that poke in the eye for putin. good idea. caller: what's he going to do, put them all in jail? stephanie: or wear pink triangles on their outfit. >> oh, no. stephanie: it is hitleresque, i'm just saying. caller: mama, this is such a tragic thing on so many levels. focusing in on our own country with the religious right, it is breath taking how easily they have admitted everything that jesus says. they name them he isselves christian and do the exact opposite. what jesus said was the biggest commandment of all, the one we all had to follow was whatever you've done to the least of these, you've done to me.
6:23 am
essentially that's the hard part of being a christian. you to have look at people you would just dismiss and say there is the person of christ in front of me, now what am i going to do with him. when christianty practiced, it has never been easy. it is not about power, which is what these folks are doing, and you get angry, but if you're someone who values your faith, someone who -- i'm sorry. stephanie: that's ok. that's ok. caller: if you value your faith, it's about caring and loving people. it's not about hating people. it just gets so frustrating when you see folks doing this on the right, because it's not about christ, it's about getting their power and taking in control, and assuming that people will be tries into being part of your club.
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stephanie: right. caller: i'm sorry. stephanie: right, i think, again, not to over use the whole nazi comparison, but i think that what people are talking about are not just the anti gay laws in russia, it's the climate of fear it's creating in everybody else, you get a number like 84% think gays should be rejectioned, do they really think that or are they afraid? >> they're afraid. stephanie: anyway, that's the analogy. caller: it's spot on. i think that's why we're having a hard time globally going not again, didn't we get this the last time around? humans are never -- never underestimate the ability of humans to be stupid. we are so good at denial. these leaders need to realize fear is a very fragile emotion and once people are up against the law and have nothing to lose, you put yourself in a very
6:25 am
dangerous approximation when it comes to a revolution or backlash, whatever. i do think that when we look at russia and what's going on there now and that environment, the right here in this country needs to take, and fox news and that ilk need to take a good, hard look at themselves, because they're a part of this. they have helped create this environment. we are a global community and look what they've accomplished. stephanie: there you go, dave, thank you, honey. the president talking about this. >> i have no patience for countries who try to treat gay and transgender people and try to intimidate them. what's happening in russia is not unique. it's important for me to speak out and make sure that people
6:26 am
are treated fairly and justly because that's what we stand for and i believe that's a precept that's not unique to america, but something that should apply everywhere. stephanie: he talked about russia in general. obama: there were times when they slip back into cold war thinking and a cold war mentality, and what i consistently say to them and what i say to president putin is that's the past. stephanie: you know who this is good news for? >> who? stephanie: the guy with the freaky eyes in all the old goldie hawn movies. dueful lundgren, it's good for him. >> although he is swedish, not russian. >> his acting comes back. stephanie: what a country. >> exactly. >> his real name is probably tim smith. >> i think for the first time
6:27 am
since the 1930's, a nazi germany analogy is apt. >> that's what i'm saying. i'm just saying. the white house canceled the face-to-face with putin. obviously this stuff, the lbgt rights and the final straw, of course, the asylum granted to snowden, the state department said we've informed the russian government we believe it will be more constructive to postpone. russian's decision to provide asylum to snowden is a consideration. the kremlin responded quickly, voicing its own disappointment.
6:28 am
they are equally disappointed, blaming it on washington's inbat to create relationships with moscow on an equal base. >> join us, won't you with that why don't you be more equal about our unequal stand on equal rights. >> a little history on our russian relations. obama sought to cultivate medved. i still have ptsd when i think about debating medved. thank god medved is not in office anymore.
6:29 am
sending hillary clinton to meet, remember, we did the whole reset of the russian relations. the worst news was putin, he wants none of the coziness reset would bring, and stepped up negative rhetoric on missile defense. as jim said, he famously likes to lift up little boys' shirts and rub their tummies. >> kiss their bellies. >> a cultural thing? >> i don't know if that's common there. >> yes. stephanie: ok. speaking of creepy, we'll talk about filmer next.
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>> ready, because i'm about to drop some knowledge. cute girls aren't from buffalo. ♪ come out tonight, cull out tonight, cul come out tonight. >> old v. splits. >> what are that? >> old vienna. >> i thought it was a float. stephanie: no. >> a beer float, i don't know. stephanie: no. >> ovary split. stephanie: 34 minutes after the hour.
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1-800-steph-1-2, toll free from anywhere. wow, if filner can get ickier, he just got ickier. do we have the song sexual healing handy, because wow, wow, wow, this is really gross. did you hear the voice mail? the man flirting, clearly asking for a date. hi, it's your newly favorite congressman, bob filner. >> hmm, what? stephanie: you know, the one who fell in love with you at your last speech. i'm going to wait until you come back to have dinner with you. he met her at a healing and hiring fair. he was focusing on the healing part.
6:36 am
♪ stephanie: this is the icky part. this is an organization, they're survivors of sexual assault in the military. >> wow. the last guy you want to have it to that party. stephanie: this is about the story of the guy who was in in charge of the sexual assault bureau sexually assaulting, because women are vulnerable when they're in this position. she joins 11 other women who made unwanted advances. isn't it time for him to exit, perhaps. >> can you imagine having a wanted advance from filner? stephanie: no, but give him a break, he is three days into his two week they are approximate by to change his behavior toward women. >> for the worse, probably. stephanie: there are among
6:37 am
female veterans, those who have accused filner. almost all were victims of sexual assault in the military. the women say the former chairman of the house veteran affairs committee, that's probably why he got on the committee. >> affairs, huh? >> it's in the title of his committee. >> he's doing his job, having affairs. it's in the title. stephanie: they say he used his significant power and credentials to access military assault survivors who they say are less likely to complain. at the same event where fernandez spoke, tiny gave a speech about her violented rape. she bore a son from the sexual assault. filner who was running for mayor of san diego at the time was scheduled to speak in the green room. he asked tiny about her rape. >> ugh. stephanie: he got as close as he could to me, his jacket was touching my jacket. i was bent down, he was bent
6:38 am
down with me rubbing, like he cared, like he was consoling me. >> ooh. stephanie: tiny said she felt uncomfortable, awkward as filner moved closer and closer, so close that she nearly fell off the couch to move away from him. they all explain the same reaction. what were they to do, he was a congressman, a mayor. >> he was in a position of power. >> he grabbed breasts, buttocks, the full gamut, everything that is in complete violation of what we stand for. he is a sexual predator and used this organization for his own personal agenda. the group was formed as a safe haven for sexual assault victims. his speeches, he had also called for zero tolerance of sexual abuse in the armed forces. >> but i'm not in the armed forces, so... stephanie: she said we're all victims of military sexual assault.
6:39 am
it appeared to me he was targeting the organization and hitting on women of this organization, because they were easy prey. >> oh, my god. stephanie: really? really? how many of these are going to have to come forward. it's, that's gross. jim in chicago, you're on the "stephanie miller show." hi, jim. caller: stephanie, the hooligans. i'm a conservative member, supreme, yell, but i was watching the t.v. yesterday and i was a big proponent of all the president close the embassies and trying to prevent that. stephanie: i thank you for being an honest conservative. this was really incredible. they were look at benghazi, he didn't protect the embassies, now look, he's protecting the
6:40 am
embassies, look what he's doing. >> i saw about how we were retreating. you've been complaining for the last eight months how we didn't do anything to help or avoid this and now we are, and now that's the bad thing, so it's heavily making me reconsider my vote for the next election. stephanie: good four. at least we would point out the hypocrisy. i think the administration was the one group that did not politicize benghazi, we've got to figure out what happened to prevent this from happening again. >> the knee jerk reaction is that obviously sometimes the big things like benghazi and getting to the bottom of them might move more slowly than we appreciate, like going on a witch hunt, why don't we have any answers, it's been six and a half seconds. >> we do have answers, though, that's the thing. caller: that's what i mean. stephanie: but you're right.
6:41 am
i mean, you know, the audacity of rick santorum to criticize the president for closing the embassies. what? >> you're doing not enough, doing too much. that's not enough too much. stephanie: oh, give me a break. by the way, oh, this is a great piece in the l.a. times about how the terrorists won. he made a good point. now there's all this screaming, we decimated al-qaeda. nobody's ever -- what idiot thinks al-qaeda is gone. he makes the point al-qaeda has gone local, making it less dangerous for americans at home but more dangerous for those in africa by killing bin laden and taking out a lot of the nexus in afghanistan and wherever, you know, they obviously have not been able to do the spectacular
6:42 am
attacks here, but he's basically saying it puts our embassies more at risk, because they're right there. >> bin laden and al-qaeda's first high profile event was the african embassy bombings back in the 1990's. stephanie: the right wing will take anything to make the president look bad, oh, well, see, it's not defeated. anyway, he says neither, really, al-qaeda has changed in a way that makes it less dangerous for americans at home, but more dangerous for those who live in the middle east and africa. once it was global, but has gone local. this week's threat against embassies was focused on capitols in yemen. he said even in libya where a group attacked the u.s. consulate in benghazi last year, the operation appeared to stem from a local struggle for power, not from those following bin laden.
6:43 am
anything to make the president look bad, rather than go as americans how do we best address this threat. outside it's home territories, al-qaeda has failed to strike successfully since the 2005 bombing of the london underground, an eight year slump. the saudi born bomb maker, abraham hassan isiri. underwear bomber, that was his, nicely done. >> not busy best work. stephanie: nicely done, dufus. that same year, his brother outfitted got as far as the palace and blue himself up, but he was the only casualty. essentially, he works for us. you did it to yours, perfect. >> solves that problem. >> does every sawed minister
6:44 am
have a palace? you see palace with your title. stephanie: they need a tea party over there to get that government smaller. really, taxpayer funded palaces? >> you get a palace and you get a palace. stephanie: you get a palace, exactly. al-qaeda may be returning to its roots. bin laden before 2001 was focused on attacking oat posts in africa. you never heard anything in other administrations and obviously the carnage was a lot worse. operations like the attack on the cole, the bombings of the african embassies,al zawahiri thought it was more effective to attack outside the u.s. al-qaeda and its many outgrowth ohs have become a different
6:45 am
problem, now focused on the western presidents in their own back yard, not on forgets in the west. the good news to put it bluntly, that's why it was nice for george bush to send many americans over there where they were a much easier target. >> welcome america. stephanie: good news to put it bluntly is most americans have less to worry about, but for diplomats overseas, the new normal is a serious problem as much for their ability to do their work as safety. worrying if embassies close as a result of threat, work isn't possible. i mean, again, what do you do if you're the president, you know? isince benghazi happened, they'e screaming and now he's trying to pond to a threat and they're screaming about that. what a job. much more to come. 45 minutes after the hour. >> announcer: don't you wish
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>> if you believe in state's rights but still support the drug war you must be high. >> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> do you think that there is any chance we'll see this president even say the words "carbon tax"? >> with an open mind... >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> ...and a distinctly satirical point of view. >> but you mentioned "great leadership" so i want to talk about donald rumsfeld. >> (laughter). >> watch the show. >> only on current tv. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything.
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♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ ♪ stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show," welcome to it. fifty minutes after the hour.
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jacki's health care corner coming up at the top of the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2, toll free from anywhere. bob filner has made anthony winier look good. [ applause ] stephanie: however, anthony wiener has pissed off yet someone else now. >> well, yeah, an entire constituency. stephanie: he got into a fight with an opponent and called him grandpa. >> in front of a hot mic. >> two days ago, there was a woman yelling at him. she's screaming at him and he's screaming back. tensions boiled over between anthony wiener and the rival george mcdonald. as the two got into a heated conversation. wiener called his opponent grandpa on a forum on senior
6:52 am
issues hosted by the aarp, so that was good. >> yeah, that's not... stephanie: mcdonald got angry after weanner approached him to greet him and touched him in the chest. he told him not to touch him. he called him grandpa. >> stephanie: wiener also claimed he enjoys it when voters heckle him and curse him out. ok, i think we know what he likes. >> that cbs guy cursing at him, some people get off on that. stephanie: accosting him on the
6:53 am
brooklyn subway. [ laughter ] stephanie: as they did at a campaign stop in brooklyn monday night. it's becoming almost a daily curbs. what a little clown show that whole thing is. i mentioned rick santorum. on liberals and game showers. pay attention, everybody. former senator rick santorum said he's probably going to run again. wouldn't that be fun? >> bust out that brown sweater vest again, can't wait. stephanie: wolf blitzer is saying don't say rick santorum, don't say it again. >> don't say it santorum... i said it. stephanie: that led to a spurt in fundraising. that's the greatest thing ever almost of this last cycle. producers now telling me to spend more time with mr. google. he got that look on his face when jack capriti says something
6:54 am
off the wall. >> oh, boy, i don't get what jack just said, but i'm sure it's bad. they haven't talked to each other in years. stephanie: young conservatives are not pulling their weight in the culture war. you slackers. stephanie: because they're not willing to match the fervor of activists, even talking about abortion in game showers. as kids do. >> are abotherses in game showers a real problem? stephanie: no, talking about them. you know how we liberals are sending our young into showers to talk about abortion. what the what? >> promote abortions. stephanie: right, right, that's what you do. >> if only we had more abortions, then everything would be great. stephanie: he's a little weird. santorum said liberals were willing to bring activism into all parts of their lives. even simple tasks like showering
6:55 am
at the game could be a difficult task for conservatives. um... whose fault is that? he said they make it uncomfortable for students who come to shower at ymca. stephanie: specifically in austin? ymca game, because they live it. they are passionate and willing to say uncomfortable things. he compared the divide between liberals and conservatives like the british and the american revolution. he said we won the american revolution because we wanted it more. we were willing to sacrifice everything for it and we were not going to give up, we were not going to stop. that's how the left -- that's what the left has done to america. >> huh? >> look what the -- that's what the left has done to america, what you've seen in your lifetime, because they simply
6:56 am
won't give up. >> look what the momentum mow sexuals have done to me. >> they made me wear the sweater vest and i looked like a d of the fus for thdufusfor the enti. american tourists have sparked outrage overseas. a pinky finger was snapped off a statue. >> oh, look at there. stephanie: wanted to see how long it was. >> looky there, that's a finger. >> pulled his finger right, i didn't hear nothing, though. stephanie: that's an old finger. >> why is the statue in reach of
6:57 am
anybody? stephanie: because you don't expect somebody to snap a finger off. >> florence is full of things. wasn't this in a museum, though? stephanie: yes, a museum in florence. >> it probably shouldn't have been in reach of american tourists. stephanie: people, people, pay attention, do not... >> look what i found. it's a finger. what would you do to david's -- stephanie: more often, they've probably tried to break off peni. but they're a little sturdier. a pinky finger. >> david, that's substantial. stephanie: right. >> oddly, david had a foreskin. that's always baffled me. >> you've looked that closely. >> you don't have to look all that closely. it's right there in your face. stephanie: in other american
6:58 am
dufi news, stunning steve king, republican, he claims not everything that results from a warmer planet is always bad. steve king said thatern environmentalists were overly stressing the effects of climb change. everything that might come from a warmer planet is bad. >> double if you pay attention to science. you can't spell science. stephanie: there would be more photo synthesis going on if the earth gets warmer. >> from his seventh great biology class. >> photo synthesis is good. i've got to tell you some more about these comments. 58 minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show."
6:59 am
7:00 am
stephanie: all right, jacki's health care corner coming up. jacki, the news woman. jacki: you know what i get in my ear during commercial breaks? stephanie: what? jacki: turtle sex. stephanie: i'm sorry, it's a hard sound to get -- jacki: i get turtle sex. stephanie: i would say ear worm, but it's a turtle worm. >> what? stephanie: we have lots to talk about. do you see the boner tweeted
7:01 am
that obama would raise ohio health care peoplions 21% and includes a link saying that the costs will go down. >> is he hoping that people just won't click through. stephanie: a story proving exactly the opposite. jacki: that's how it works. i get it. he has other things to worry about. stephanie: might have been a most merlot tweet. jacki: good morning, everybody. two sides giving two different accounts of what happened in syria this morning. rebels say they targeted the president's motorcade heading to a mosque in damascus, the state denying he was ever attacked. a unit of the army claims it fired artillery shells and at least some of those shots connected. reuters report if confirmed, the assault would be one of the most direct against the nation's
7:02 am
leader himself in the past two years of conflict. another drone strike reported in yemen today, marking the fifth in the past 10 days. another half dozen suspected al-qaeda militants were killed as the nation remains on high alert. the u.s. does not confirm drone strike information or release officials details, but the associated press reports 29 suspected militants have now been killed in the use of unmanned aircraft in yemen. >> a team of army lawyers defending the fort hood shooter want off the case. the judge will decide. whileness san fired the team in may, the judge insisted he stay on to offer him technical legal advice. they say their client is intentionally trying to lose the case and cannot continue to help defend a man they believe is trying to get the death penalty on purpose. hassan denies that allegation, openly admitting in court that
7:03 am
he is the shooter. he says he is the man who fired on soldiers killing 12 and injuring 32 in 2009. we're back after the break. are you encouraged by what you heard the president say the other night? is this personal, or is it political? a lot of my work happens by doing the things that i'm given to doing anyway, by staying in touch with everything that is going on politically and putting my own nuance on it. in reality it's not like they actually care. this is purely about political grandstanding. i've worn lots of hats, but i've always kept this going. i've been doing politics now for a dozen years. (vo) he's been called the epic politics man. he's michael shure and his arena is the war room. >> these republicans in congress that think the world ends at the atlantic ocean border and pacific ocean border. the bloggers and the people that are sort of compiling the best of the day. i do a lot of looking at those people as well. not only does senator rubio just care about rich people, but somehow he thinks raising the minimum wage is a bad idea for the middle class. but we do
7:04 am
care about them right?
7:05 am
7:06 am
♪ stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show," six minutes after the injure this hour is brought to you by, a bedding company. stephanie: i wanted to finish up real quick about the stunning steve king.
7:07 am
>> stunned. stephanie: he had thoughts on climate change, saying not everything that results from a warmer planet is always bad. >> uh-huh. stephanie: he was skeptical of the existence that effects of global warming could be statistically measured. >> sure. stephanie: he had a cow. >> and smog makes for really pretty sunsets. stephanie: he said it's not proven, it's not science. >> it's not proven, dada. stephanie: it's more of a religion than a science. ok. this is so herpderpy i don't know where to start. stephanie: if sea levels went up six inches, i don't know that we could tell that. polar ice caps might melt -- oh, my god. >> he has no idea what he's talking about. stephanie: no, no.
7:08 am
>> it's crazy talk. stephanie: oh, my god! >> of course it's flat. is it me? sea levels not even, it won't stay still. >> it goes up and down, you know, it's water. stephanie: i tried it and the waves keep coming and it won't stay still. >> still, but it keeps moving anyway. it goes up and down, it goes in and out. stephanie: he is a united states congressman. >> wow. stephanie: ok. all right. wow. we need some brain cells up in here. ♪ ♪ stephanie: ok. good morning, jacki sheckner. jacki: good morning. stephanie: holy moley. [ laughter ] stephanie: i was just telling you at the top of the hour, this is what we're up against with health care. john boehner tweeted that health
7:09 am
care costs would go up, including a link where it says most health care costs will go down. jacki: it's because republicans have been so successful thus far not having their minions check that. people are still sending me notes on twitter saying that this bill was passed in the dark of night, in secrecy, without any republican consultation and it's a government takeover of health care. it's insanity. stephanie: we had a caller yesterday. the you couldn't even see the bill. it wasn't on t.v. jacki: and besides the fact that we lost a lot of the things we wanted because there was so much compromise with the industries and republicans, it's part of the reason we don't have the public health care option in that mix, besides all of that, the president put on a big show
7:10 am
when he held that bipartisan convention, conversation, whatever you call it, i watched the whole thing. it was a televised day. stephanie: it was in the dark of night, no, you did not, dark of night. jacki: trust me, i watched every word, and it was all a big show to be able to prove to people that nothing was being snuck through under the cloak of darkness. stephanie: as i was saying last hour, everything old is new again. here we are with these town hauls. saying no to a government shutdown. tea party members caused a stir at a town hall saying he would not set down government. will he vote with senator to defund obamacare yes, no. >> do you want the thoughtful answer? before conceding no. jacki: what does desperation
7:11 am
smell like. stephanie: if it is not funded, it doesn't work. no, it's not. he went on to try to explain why he thought a shutdown threat was in vain, noting any proposed shut down would needed backing of the democratic senate to be signed by obama. jacki: they're not even listening to any sort of realistic thought or fact or information. it's silly. i'm happy to have a reasonable debate with somebody, happy to have a conversation about the changes our health care system needs. what i'm not willing to do is listen to you spew a bunch of ridiculous talking points that have no foundation in fact and that's what they're doing, because they're so desperate. >> one woman declared we need to show the american people we stand for conservative values. jacki: what's a conservative value? >> how about bob dome's health plan, the heritage foundation's
7:12 am
health plan. stephanie: they don't even know what they're yelling about. this is back to government, keep your hands off my medicare. jacki: dying because you have no actions to affordable health care? i don't understand. stephanie: i wanted to talk to you about this piece. we've talked about this before. daily beast, i think. george w. bush gets a heart stent and a close brush with our broken system. the whole affair exposes what's wrong with the politics of medicine. interesting, and they write w.'s latest foray into the world of medicine has landed him in the awkward position of telling everything that's wrong with his party's health care. jacki: he had a stent put in that also has a mechanism that prevents infection and blood clots, and that that particular device that was put in, i'm not a nurse, i play one on t.v.
7:13 am
stephanie: right. jacki: but that particular device that was put in is not necessarily effective for whatever condition he allegedly has. stephanie: no study has concluded basically, they're saying that, you know, that this is indicated for a patient such as bush. >> right. it seems to me, it's kind of like the best device money can buy, but not necessarily proven to be the most effective or specifically necessary for whatever he has, the blockage that he has, so what it's talking about is the nature of our health care system, where we throw a lot of money at something but haven't necessarily done all the research necessary to find out whether it's the most effective strategy to combat an illness or disease. the affordable care act has moneys and provisions to do comparative effectiveness research. there was a lot of political controversy over it, because people equated that with cost analysis, what was cost effective. what it does is figuring out
7:14 am
what the comparing outcomes and research to figure out what's best, because what's expensive is not necessarily what's most effective. >> right. they're saying, you know, again, was he talked about study after study, showing the americans spend the most but finishes 15th or worst in most health care indicators. this is a gray area that's part of the cost of it, because we have countless people who reside in this gray area. this brings the sequester up, because it is cutting funding to do that kind of study. >> medicare is at the forefront of a lot of our research. when we cut money to medicare and medicaid, what we end up doing is cutting a lot of the opportunities we have to do comparative effectiveness research. medicare happens to be incredibly innovative coming to ways of figuring out how to keep
7:15 am
people healthy, and reduce excessive moneys thrown into our health care system. when we reduce government money overall, we reduce the opportunity to do the research that we need to figure out what's best for our health. stephanie: the story concludes with a really important point. the organized and thoughtful health care system that moved george w. bush from a doctor's off to a catheterization table were built by tax dollars. the anti tax ranters of his party will continual the american health system. jacki: it's sad that it's become such a political football, because it is about hour health and making sure people get access to affordable, good quality affordable health care in this country. the process we've created, we're a bright shiny object society. we look at something bright, new and shiny and assume it's better. that's not necessarily true. we need to appreciate that there's a lot of government
7:16 am
infrastructure in place trying to help us figure out what's going to keep us healthiest longer. there's a big infrastructure that worse on that, and that's not about corporate greed for making money for shareholders. it needs to be about people's health. it's very simple. stephanie: right. sheila in arizona, you're on with jacki. caller: good morning. i'm embarrassed to ask this question. i think i heard it on fox. jacki: you're forgiven, it's ok. stephanie: we absolve you, go ahead. caller: i think i heard they're saying that the i.r.s. is going to have access to our health care information, is that true? jacki: oh, no, no, the i.r.s. role within the scope of health care reform is that we need to know how much money people make in order to provide them with subsidies to afford health premiums within the exchange. that's the rolling that the
7:17 am
i.r.s. is going to play, is figuring out how much money you make and whether or not you qualify for a government subsidy to help afford your health care premium if you participate in the state exchange. the other way it will contribute is we need everybody to contribute to the pool, because everybody is going to have to take advantage of health care in our society, so if you're not going to choose an affordable health care option, you're going to have to pay a little bit of a fine. it's not much money, but pay a fine and the i.r.s. will collect that money. it has nothing to do with your health care records or access to your personal information. there's no intrusion there whatsoever. it's a totally made up talking point. >> i knew you guys would spread some light. stephanie: except for the fact that fox is right, your paycheck is going to go directly into line dancing lessons for i.r.s. agents. bill in albany, you're on with jacki. caller: hey, how are you?
7:18 am
stephanie: good, go ahead. jacki: hi, bill. caller: jacki, i have a situation with an older person that enrolled in medicare advantage through aetna that they said this will be better for you. i would assume that's because they have to pay less, the service they used to work for pays less for medicare coverage. they're being told that they can't switch back to medicare and get a supplement. could that be possible? jacki: no, you absolutely have the right to switch back if you'd like to. what i would encourage them to do and i think this is important for people to know, there's an organization called the medicare rights center, they have a lot of information
7:19 am
on line. there may be open enrollment periods, a certain time of year that it works on the employment market, or the employer market, rather, but they should not be prohibited from changing plans if they want to. caller: and there will be no preexisting condition problem, either. jacki: well, there isn't in in medicare. in medicare, we cover everybody over 65, regardless, but under 65, yes one have to be covered regardless of any preexisting conditions. stephanie: ok. all right, kids, can you take a couple more and yes, i will write your news four at the top of the our. jacki: yes. stephanie: oh, look what i did, see? i preempted her. 19 minutes after the hour. back with a little more ask jacki as we continue on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: the more you hear, the funnier it gets. it's the "stephanie miller
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♪ >> hello? >> hi, honey, it's. >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> i went to see the doctor today. >> what's the prognosis? ♪ stephanie: 24 minutes after the hour, 1-800-steph-1-2. >> jacki, you said you had something to debunk. jacki: yes, people are asking me about this. an article was written about what's going on with hill staffers in the afford only care act. it says that staff members on the hill have to use the exchanges like everybody else. that's a big republican thing. if you're so excited about it, use it, and democrats went ok, no problem. what's going on now and it's
7:25 am
hard to explain, but i'm going to try to break it down is that members on the hill get what's called the federal employees health benefits program, and it works kind of the way your employer benefits do, is that you pick a plan, you pay a premium, and then your employer pays part of that premium for you. for federal employees, the government is their employer, right, so the government subsidizes those premiums. well, if we put some of these into the exchanges, because of the money me make, they may not still get that subsidy, so the question becomes how do we continue to provide the benefits of paying for i think it's like 72% of their premiums if we're having these employees go out to the exchange. the administration came out with a memo, a proposal that said what we can do is kind of keep things the way they are in terms
7:26 am
of subsidies and leave some of the decides up to the members office as to who goes into the exchange and who stays object the federal employees program. it's very specific within the government to help staffers. it's not like we're giving an exemption or making exceptions. they're trying to figure out basically how to keep the insurance you have if you want it. remember that whole thing? they're trying to figure out how to make that fair for people who work for the government and get their insurance kind of the same way that we do with our employers and not have to pay an exceeding amount of premium. stephanie: it's almost as if they're trying to imply that they use that against the president politically. caller: how are you doing this morning? stephanie: yes, go ahead. caller: let me tell you how this affects arkansas. democrats and republicans, because of the new health care
7:27 am
law passed medicaid expansion in this state. why? because an extra $1,500 per insured person, it costs extra for the uninsured in this state. 2700 people in this state would die without the new health care law. the most important thing, all of us that have insurance would not have a hospital to go to. hospitals cannot absorb the loss of the uninsured anymore. stephanie: yep, yep, good points. norm has a question for you from new york. hi, norm. caller: hi. stephanie: yes, go ahead. caller: i would like to know if obamacare is so great. stephanie: oops, hang on. oh, crop. sorry, jacki, are you there? sorry, i screwed up the phone system, but norm wanted to answer the question you just
7:28 am
answered. if it's so good. >> sorry about that. >> lock her in now, please. stephanie: she's locked in. stephanie: gary in minneapolis, real quick, go ahead, gary. caller: oh, hi. i heard jacki say that medicare does a lot of research on quality of care outcomes, and, you know, the problem with the health care debate is that you don't hear many facts in all the blather. that was a new fact for me. i'd like to know who does that research and how much it's going to effect it if the sequester gets hammered on it again. jacki: that's a good question. [ laughter ] caller: you have no answer. jacki: wait, hold on. i know everything about everything. i'd have to dig out the exact organization within medicare that's responsible for the comparative effectiveness research, but i think some of it comes to the national institute of health, and i think that what
7:29 am
i have to do is dig around, to be perfectly honest with you, because i'd hate to speak out of turn, but we do a lot of government research when it comes to ways of how to be efficient with our health care and effectiveness. that's allowed for within the affordable care act, more money to go towards that research. i think it's through nih. i'd have to check that for you. stephanie: spectacular corner again, except for my phone screw ups. i'm getting used to the phones. it's only been 25 years. jacki: i'll research and post the answer on twitter. stephanie: thank you, nurse jacki. jacki: bye. stephanie: see you back in the news center. there she goes. 29 minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
7:30 am
you must be high. >> i think the number one thing that viewers like about "the young turks" is that we're honest. i think the audience gets that i actually mean it. >> you're putting out there something that you're proud of. journalists want the the story and they want the right story and the want the true story. >> you can say anything here. >> i spent a couple of hours with a hooker. >> your mistake was writing a check. >> she never cashed it! >> the war room. >> compared to other countries our death toll is just staggering. >> the young turks. >> the top bankers who funneled all the money to the drug lords, no sentence. there's just no justice in that. >> viewpoint. >> carl rove said today that mitt romney is a lock to win next pope. he's garunteeing it. >> joy behar: say anything. >> is the bottom line then that no white person should ever, ever, ever use the "n" word? >> yes! >> only on current tv.
7:31 am
7:32 am
>> did anyone tell the pilgrims
7:33 am
they should self-deport? >> no, they said "make us a turkey and make it fast". >> (laughter). >> she gets the comedians laughing. >> that's the best! >> that's hilarious. >> ... and the thinkers thinking. >> okay, so there is wiggle room in the ten commandments is what you're telling me. >> she's joy behar. >> ya, i consider you jew-talian. >> okay, whatever you want. >> who plays kafka? >> who saw kafka? >> who ever saw kafka? >> (laughter). >> asking the tough questions. >> chris brown, i mean you wouldn't let one of your >> absolutely not. >> you would rather deal with ahmadinejad then me? >> absolutely! >> (singing) >> i take lipitor, thats it. >> are you improving your lips? >> (laughter). >> when she's talking, you never know where the conversation is going to go. >> it looks like anthony wiener is throwing his hat in the ring. >> his what in the ring? >> his hat. >> always outspoken, joy behar. >> and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? >> only on current tv.
7:34 am
♪ >> announcer: oh, sharon stone's baby is afraid of stephanie miller, just like the rest of us. stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 34 minutes after the hour, 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number. corky in rochester, you're on the show. hi. caller: i want to talk to boneheads there complaining about the affordable health care act. you hear those people in the emergency room when they're sit go there for three or four hours, waiting to be taken care of, because 50% of the people in the emergency are people without
7:35 am
health care. stephanie: there you go. caller: and have no place they can get it. stephanie: thank you, thank you, nicely pointed out, sir, thank you. [ applause ] stephanie: hoho, right. by the way, still talking about the terrorist threat, the president. obama: even as we decimated the al-qaeda has attacked us on 9/11, we are still threatened in our homeland. stephanie: people trying to make it black and white. i thought they were all gone now. nobody said -- ok, the president. obama: for all the problem we've made getting bin laden, putting al-qaeda between afghanistan and pakistan back on its heels, that this radical, violent extremism is still out there. we've got to stay on top of it. stephanie: well, it goes to doyle mcmanis' piece in the l.a.
7:36 am
times that what that happened is it's gotten safer here and more dangerous for people in our embassies overseas. state department. >> we are keeping it closed to keep our people safe and because we believe a threat remains. stephanie: now the president's doing too much. look what he's doing. >> he's doing too much not enough again. stephanie: he didn't protect benghazi, now look what he's doing. >> he's protecting it too much. i hate people. stephanie: in the daily beast today, this is surprising, it was actually an al-qaeda conference call intercepted. there were apparently three other people in the meeting. please punch the code. >> terrorists are waiting for your call. >> waiting for the beat.
7:37 am
stephanie: the underwear bomber, i don't know which to put. >> which button do i push. what? >> the other people, once you come into the room, who's this, who just arrested? hello? stephanie: hi! >> conference calls are the worst. stephanie: they should try go to meeting. >> yes, they should, because you can see everybody else. stephanie: you can see other terrorists that are in the room. >> a lot of time you don't know who's talking in a conference call. stephanie: you can demonstrate the underwear bomb. >> who's that guy in the ali baba outfit. wait a minute. >> crystal clear quality. your beard looks fabulous. >> from your cave in afghanistan, a tastefully appointed cave in afghanistan. stephanie: it wasn't just any terrorists message that triggered u.s. terror alerts, but a conference call of more than 20 far flung al-qaeda operatives. that is an annoying conference
7:38 am
call, 20 people. that's where you say blah blah blah, would you stop talking over me, i was talking. >> blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. stephanie: it prompted the u.s. government to close embassies. the intercept provided a rare glimpse a rare glimpse howal doezawahiri conducts business. >> i need sharks with freaking laser beams attached to their heads. stephanie: al-qaeda assumed their conference calls were secure. >> they should have used go to jihad. stephanie: that was good. you get off one good one a month lately.
7:39 am
>> i stole it from the chat room. sorry, chat room. that was shea from the chat room. stephanie: please type la la la la la if i hear you in the box. >> zawahiri. >> who can spell that? it's no the a good code. >> leaks by the intercepts were likely exposed the intelligence committee to listen in on the al-qaeda board meetings. >> al-qaeda board meeting. do they wear a tie? [ laughter ] stephanie: there's no women, but otherwise, i wondered if there's a joan crawford terrorist at the board meeting. >> pepsi. stephanie: it ain't my first time at the rodeo. >> tear down that witch of a wall and put a window where it ought to be. stephanie: this ain't my first time at the rodeo, excuse me,
7:40 am
boys. >> this ain't my first time at the rodeo. stephanie: john mccain on cue, this made a sizeable hole, al-qaeda is on the run. he knows that it's more complicated than that. we've made a great deal of success. it would have taken a number of steps to decimate that group's leadership, most importantly osama bin laden. we've made clear we remain concerned about the al-qaeda affiliates throughout the world and first on the list is always aqap. i assume having a lot of affiliates is like having a as i understand indicated radio show. >> absolutely. >> different program directors have different thoughts about things. >> do they take minutes at the board meetings? stephanie: hard to keep all the affiliates happy all the time. >> jihad! stephanie: got a massage relations sometimes. [ laughter ] >> say that again.
7:41 am
stephanie: massage ♪ magic wand ♪ >> you like that? you like that? stephanie: like that, better now? >> why do i think you're only half kidding? stephanie: have to do a little damage control here and there. the president talking about the n.s.a. program that led to hearing the conference call. obama: i had the programs reviewed. we put in additional safeguards for congressional oversight and federal oversight that there notice spying on americans. >> well, hmm, that ship's kind of sailed. stephanie: ok, the president again. obama: another revelation showed
7:42 am
that no government has abused any of these powers. stephanie: that's how they got to listen to the conference call, jim, go to jihad. don't you think this whole zimmerman trial and race in america is like an eye test now, is it better or worse, better or worse. >> one or two? one or two. stephanie: up or down. which way is it facing? are we facing backward or forwards? every story, president obama met in arizona by protestors singing bye-bye black sheep. even a sign in the crowd that said impeach the half white muslim. i guess they were mad at the white part. the half white and muslim part. >> and what would be the basis for impeachment? >> because he's black. what? what did i say? what? what? stephanie: this is in the section of the better or worse eye exam. many americans have no friends
7:43 am
of another race, according to a new poll. about 40% of white americans and 25% of non-white americans are surrounded exclusively by friends of their own race, according to an on going reuters poll. i have said this to -- well, i'll just say friends in the south, but i literally said, you know, just some thoughts that they were expressing, i was like do you not have any black friends, and they literally said no, i don't. i was thinking, i'm looking at the polling and going is it really like this, group specific states like california, the most populated states in the nation are the most diverse when it comes to love anden from ship. by contrast, the south has the lowest percentage of people with more than five acquaintances from races that don't reflect their own. the only thing that gave me a little hope in this article, the president talked about this, talking about his daughters, expressing optimism about the
7:44 am
future, saying his daughter's experiences sow younger people have less problems with race. it doesn't mean we're in a post racial society. it doesn't mean racism is eliminated, but they are better than we are on these issues and younger american adults confirm the this. one third of americans under the age of 30 are in a relationship with someone from a different race compared to one 10th of americans over 30. >> people don't relate face-to-face at all anymore, because their heads are buried in their device is. stephanie: what? we've been friends for 20 years. >> do you realize how old you made yourselves sound? stephanie: we are. we're old and crotchety. i have friends of another race, but have never dated somebody of another race. am i racist?
7:45 am
perhaps i am. i'm the only racist here, then. you remember d.c. sexy liberal. alan gray son said he could grant me one wish, anything i wanted done in d.c., i said please make iesha tyler gray. no, she's extra crispy straight new like we didn't already know you had that wish. stephanie: i totally would go there. >> i know you would. [ laughter ]. >> i think the salty cracker might have something to say about it. stephanie: her husband might take issue with that. all right, 45 minutes after the hour, right back on "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: join the party, 1-800-steph-1-2. ♪ the middle class. but we do
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♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ ♪ stephanie: 50 minutes after the hour, 1-800-steph-1-2 the number toll free from anywhere. comedian judy gold joins us live in studio. oops, i did the wrong line, sorry. queen bee from tennessee, you're on the show. hi, queen bee. caller: hello. hello sexy. >> hi, queen bee. stephanie: there you go, wrong
7:51 am
tree. caller: the next time i hear a right winger talk about family values, being christian, being evangelical and all that, my head's going to explode. stephanie: yep. caller: it's like they're saying if you're a republican, i love you, if you're white, i love you, but, you know with, when we talk about the bible, do unto others and love thy neighbor, these are the only people their interested in. we're all americans, whether we're white, black, gray, green, purple whatever and we all deserve the same rights and privileges. stephanie: purple people. >> hold your breath really long. stephanie: i won't did hear purple people eater. >> did they have one eye and one horn. stephanie: i am really old that i remember that song. >> i remember that song. i sang it as a kid, had the
7:52 am
album. stephanie: we were mentioning yesterday a ryan. >> privos. stephanie: he's a ridiculous little man. he in that manly threatening little voice. >> don't call me a ridiculous man. why would you do something like that? stephanie: my t.v. best friend, erin burnett confronts him over hillary clinton documentary threats and just what is your specific problem? i wish he had said what is your main damage. >> hi, heather, what's your damage. stephanie: what is your major damage. >> what's your specific problem with the film? >> well, you know, erin, i just think that groups like nbc and cnn in the business of news ought to take into consideration the fact that if you want to actually mad rate and produce a
7:53 am
debate that chooses a nominee for president on the republican side of the aisle that it would be reasonable to have the chairman of the party to say hang on a second. you ought not be doing feature films or documentaries and mini series about what we know to be a very likely candidate that's running on the democratic side of the aisle. cnn and nbc can do what they want, that's their right. it's my right as chairman of the party to say if you go forward with this, i'm going to choose not to include you in this debate process and the moderating of our primary debates in our party. >> so there. i'll show you. stephanie: wow! really? i mean first of all, the fact that david brock at media matters who also wrote to cnn and nbc to cancel, because why do they think it's going to be
7:54 am
all good, some sort of infomercial. it's so first amendment. they have a right to do a documentary an whoever they want. >> and they have the rights to pull the debates. stephanie: they're doing a movie about one of the most famous women in the world. >> how about if i make a movie about ted cruz, how about that? please, have at it. >> i agree with brock and previs here. stephanie: you ought not to do that. >> they can do it, but the r.n.c. does have the right to pull them, yes. it's r.n.c.'s debate. stephanie: inning piece, republicans desperate plan to hide its clowns. ♪ bring in the clowns
7:55 am
stephanie: talks about threaten, blah blah blah blah blah that's the reason he gave them, but not the actual reason he wants not to have any debates on those two channels. the rale reason is the debates were a disaster for the party in 2012 and endless circuits made up entirely of clowns on the national tour of shame. people watched and mocked them. the real candidates, the people with the money people counted on to win were forced to say things to loons. they looked less serious sharing the stage. this is great in salon today. it's easier to cancel embarrassing debates. the republican party is a small, angry group that most americans abhor. threatening to cancel debates is going to be easier than preventing them from happening.
7:56 am
this is what this is all about, is him get on the ground owe she talks about who may be in this group, ted cruz, noted cuckoo bird according to john mccain. cruz may be among those jokers, marco rubio, rand paul and other figures adored by the base buffer filing and confusing to everyone else. these guys are going to go on television if given the opportunity. she talked about mike huckabee is doing so well for himself, he can't be bothered to run in 2012. they're competing for speaking fees. boycotting isn't going to prevent an embarrassing debate from happening. they have a point to point out facts like candy crawley. >> and the candidates themselves can put their foot in their mouths and make the entire party
7:57 am
look like totallies. >> the party would prefer most debates to be on fox. candidates will be just as likely or more likely to say dumb and embarrassing things as they would on cnn or nbc, so boycott away. who might join the clown car this time, mr. crazy must stash, john bolton. >> bolton? stephanie: presidential 2016 presidential candidate john bolton. >> he has no domestic experience at all. stephanie: julie said by the way, steph, i would pay cash money to see a foreign policy exchange between you and rand paul. that would be spectacular. that's what's going to be
7:58 am
awesome. peel have no idea what their party stands for. >> clash of the midgets,. stephanie: right, the neocons and crazy libertarian cuckoo birds. his mustache is like whoo. >> the only reason, his mustache would move like a shmoo. am i right? stephanie: they are a little sparse. his is quite impressive. >> it moves when he talks. stephanie: it's only because he has such an anger problem that it moves so much. so much hot air coming off. >> you could knock off the top 10 floors and it won't make a bit of difference. only reason. stephanie: judy gold next on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ ç]
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ theme stephanie: current t.v. land, judy goad, jacki sheckner. jacki: yes. stephanie: we go to spinning class almost every day. you've been in the class where the instructor said i challenge you to take your shirt off and ride in your sports bra as a body image. jacki: whatever. what class are you going to? stephanie: i will never take that challenge. i pulled a shall around me. jacki: the girl yesterday had a
8:01 am
sweater on when it started. i was a little surprised. stephanie: it's a body image thing. i will always fail the body image test. i was like really? no, i'm not taking my shirt off. jacki: although there are a couple of men who threatened. just because you can, doesn't mean you should. stephanie: always the ones with no shirt and black sacks at the beach think they're hot. here she is. jacki: really good news for new jersey governor chris christie. the incumbent republican holds a 2-1 lead over state senator barbara wono. he leads in strong democratic urban areas, it's essentially tied. the state department has a new office focused on religious community outreach. that office now has a new
8:02 am
leader. secretary of state john kerry introduced the first special advisor of the new office, a faith based communities initiative. the state department said this is a step toward engaging faith communities while crafting developmentive objective and a step making sure their voices are heard in the foreign policy process. >> i say to my fellow state department employees, all of them, wherever you are, i want to reinforce a simple message. i want you to go out and engage religious leaders in faith based communities in our day to day work. >> sean casey has been working as an advisor and was a senior advisor or religious affairs and national cared nature during president obama's campaign. blurring the line between church and state questions said we can incorporate faith into our efforts without violating the constitution. >> breaking news just now, the judge in the fort hood trial ruled that major nidal hussan's
8:03 am
team has to stay on. they say they're going to appeal. we're back after the break. ♪ >> i think the number one thing that viewers like about "the young turks" is that we're honest. i think the audience gets that i actually mean it. >> you're putting out there something that you're proud of. journalists want the the story and they want the right story and the want the true story. >> you can say anything here. >> i spent a couple of hours with a hooker. >> your mistake was writing a check. >> she never cashed it! >> the war room. >> compared to other countries with tighter gun safety laws, our death toll is just staggering. >> the young turks. >> the top bankers who funneled all the money to the drug lords, no sentence. there's just no justice in that. >> viewpoint. >> carl rove said today that mitt romney is a lock to win next pope. he's garunteeing it. >> joy behar: say anything. >> is the bottom line then that no white person should ever, ever, ever use the "n" word? >> yes!
8:04 am
>> only on current tv.
8:05 am
if you believe in state's rights but still support the drug war you must be high. >> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> do you think there is any chance we'll ever hear the president even say the word "carbon tax"? >> with an opened mind... >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> ...and a distinctly satirical point of view. >> but you mentioned great leadership so i want to talk about donald rumsfeld. >> (laughter) >> cutting throught the clutter of today's top stories. >> this is the savior of the republican party? i mean really? >> ... with a unique perspective. >> teddy rosevelt was a weak asmatic kid who never played sports until he was a grown up. >> (laughter) >> ... and lots of fancy buzz words. >> family values, speding, liberty, economic freedom, hard-working moms, crushing debt, cute little puppies. if wayne lapierre can make up stuff that sounds logical while making no sense... hey, so can i. once again friends, this is live tv and sometimes these things
8:06 am
happen. >> watch the show. >> only on current tv. ♪ ♪ stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show," welcome to it, 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number, toll free from everywhere. it's comedian judy gold. [ laughter ] >> oh, here i am. >> you are so not a morning person. >> i love it. you wake up and the sun is out and it's wonderful. i love sitting on the damned
8:07 am
highway, god. stephanie: hi, judy gold, you look so happy to be there. >> i love it. to see you people, it's fine, you know, i'll only get up for a few people. stephanie: all stand up people look the same when they come in here in the morning. [ laughter ] stephanie: even though we are a morning show, jim and i not morning people, chris a morning person. >> chris seems like a morning person. he's so happy, like hey, ho. stephanie: how many years have we been on the air now? >> almost nine years. stephanie: our anniversary is coming up. >> what are you going to do? what is the nine year anniversary of this show. stephanie: this radio show. we for nine years, jim and i have been subjected to every morning. he has to who can up our satellite thing through denver. >> i call them up to see if they hear me. good morning, denver. stephanie: god, i got to leave.
8:08 am
[buzzer] >> 10 minutes to six in the morning. you guys are never hear. >> what time do you get up? >> i get up at 2:30. >> what? what time do you go to sleep? >> usually around 7:30. at this time of year, it's still light out. stephanie: a photo shoot at my house last night, i was like you got to get out, i'm going to bed. it's like oh, my god. what it, what time do you go to bed? about 7:00 or so. >> and you're a comic. stephanie: i know, people ask us out to dinner. we're like 6:00 at night? at night? >> do you feel this has kind of ruined your life? stephanie: yes. >> i want to make sure. you seem very happy. >> it's very bad for my health. stephanie: very bad for my love life. >> oh, come on.
8:09 am
>> i set the alarm for 4:30, but i usually wake up at 4:00 anyway. >> what time do you go to bed? >> depends on how much i had to drink. stephanie: drunk o' clock. >> she revealed she would like to have hot angry hate sex with sarah palin. >> what is hate sex? stephanie: i could not even -- >> that's what i have with my ex. >> i'd watch that. stephanie: hate sex. i'd buy that for an hour. i could not even -- just that voice alone. >> can you imagine sarah palin having sex period? >> guys and gals. >> she likes guys and gals. >> that's right, right there, ya, right there, at which it there. that's great. stephanie: what do you like
8:10 am
sexually again? >> guys and gals. >> i'll try to find you some and i'll bring it to ya. stephanie: that's good, oh, ya. >> to what respect, charlie? [ laughter ] stephanie: are you sad, you're missing the wiener in new york. >> i'll be back on the 19th. stephanie: i just saw judy gold's fabulous one woman show out here in westwood, fabulous, only here through the 18th, august 18. go. >> that's your duty. i'm too tired. stephanie: my friend trisha and i could not get welcome back kotter. it's all about the 1970's shows she grew up with, she tells
8:11 am
funny stories, touching stories, go! go! we were all formed by all this. >> i am so happy that you came. i can't believe you came on your day off. stephanie: i heard there was a famous actress there, amy brenneman, was she there? >> yes. >> that's the only day she can come is on her day off, because she has to be in bed at 7:00. >> i feel so sorry for you. what do you do at 2:30 when you get up? >> we went to the matinee. >> i was so happy, with my werther's candies. we go out to dinner. i realize this is only a quarter to five. they're like no, oh, no, it's fine. didn't we just have lunch? >> don't you stay up late on saturday? >> not really, a little bit. i've made 9:00. >> i can stay up if i'm out, but at home, i fall right asleep.
8:12 am
>> i feel so bad. stephanie: ask my friends, am i a loud, shouty drunk? no. am i a sleepy drunk? yes. >> i never get headaches and then i had them all the time. this is back when i was writing six comedy bits a night. stephanie: oh, my god. all right, i feel lazy right now. all right. >> do you work out at 2:30. >> oh, god, no. the game's not open at that time. >> don't they have 24 hour fitness. >> it's in name only. >> what a trick! >> not in a row. [ laughter ] >> i get up and see what happened overnight, do research, put together the list she has in front of her. >> picks out his pancake shirts. >> i like that pancake shirt. >> it has a pancake on it. >> i like that. >> judy gold, stephanie miller.
8:13 am
i was on cnn last night, talking about what's going on in russia with the gay-lesbian writes. someone made a hitler analogy and said is that too much, i said no, hitler started with the gays. >> i don't think they have killed anybody yet. stephanie: we talked about boycotting the olympics in 1936. everybody is he isn't going to go that far. 84% of russians think gays should be rejected from society because they are afraid of arrest if they don't think that. it is really scary. >> it is, and like think of all these gay athletes that are going to go there. stephanie: right. >> and they're not protected. stephanie: a caller had a great idea that everyone should wear, all the athletes, a rainbow arm band. >> the team is going to be devastated, the ribbon team. stephanie: that sounds gay.
8:14 am
>> i think they should boycott, but that's just me. we're just the, you know, gays, look, if it was jews, would we go there? stephanie: right. >> if it was african-americans would we go there? no. stephanie: leno said, you know, what they're doing with gays in russia reminds me of hitler rounding up jews. >> he started with the gypsies and then the gays. stephanie: in uganda, they literally have a kill the gays law now. >> but in the soviet union, they had this forced politeness for people of other races. they had a university in moscow, when this went away, they were free fog back to their old racist ways. stephanie: somebody made the stalin comparison because of russia. he remembered gays, poets, i agree about poets.
8:15 am
>> i do, too, and people who write hallmark cards. stephanie: right. [ laughter ] >> you know, those people, definitely. stephanie: did you get that comedians, judy gold is for rounding up hallmark card writers. >> it could be all -- sorry, this is getting sad, now. >> don't get the shoe box card writers, those are funny. >> those are cute. >> i have ones with a little kitty cat on it, you pull the chin down, it sings happy birthday. >> the battery never goes. stephanie: those people, kitty cards. >> i know, the ones where you open it and it's like. [ screaming ] stephanie: i know. >> cat people. stephanie: all right. >> oh, my god. stephanie: la la la la.
8:16 am
so judy. >> stephanie. stephanie: there was another poll out, we were saying this post zimmerman racial debate discussion we're having, that the majority of american doesn't know anybody enough, doesn't have a friend of an opposite race. is that true? >> yeah, they say 40% of americans. >> no, you are lying. stephanie: i am not lying. >> that's terrible. stephanie: i know, that's what we're saying, because we're from new york and l.a., he think what, really? >> i can see that in north dakota or montana or something, but in -- no, that's really -- now what do you attribute that to? stephanie: i don't know, the only thing like we were saying the penalty was talking about his daughters and it gives him hope and the poll does show that is our only hope. >> i thought obewan kinobe was
8:17 am
our only hope. stephanie: they don't have the same problems with sexuality, race, any of it, so. >> it's like we're going to have to wait until they become adults. stephanie: we need to hurry up and die. >> on stage, i have a 20-year-old that says yeah, i'm clear. i'm like what did your mother say? she's clear. i'm like you're welcome, ok. she didn't care, it was like no problem. i'm like do you know what i went through? >> you to have suffer now, too. >> they do not care. stephanie: you told a great story about your sister, because you thought your sister would be. >> i figured i'd tell my sister, she's of my same age group. no! it was like yeah. stephanie: she said don't tell mommy and daddy. >> and then my partner says i can't believe you still call your parents mommy and dad.
8:18 am
my fathered dad. when we refer to them, we say mommy and daddy. is that weird? stephanie: it's cute as bug's teeth. don't tell mommy -- >> that's what we said, and grammy, that was my grandmother, very old fashioned. you just never know with people. you never know. i really thought she would be loving and supportive, but all right, ok. stephanie: all right. 18 minutes after the hour. we roll along with comedian judy gold live in the studio on the "stephanie miller show." >> it's like being stung by a bee or chained to a wall. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ ç]
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this show is about being up to date, staying in touch with everything that is going on politically and putting my own nuance on it. in reality it's not like they actually care. this is purely about political grandstanding. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> announcer: stephie. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: stephie. ♪ >> announcer: stephie. ♪ stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." actor and comedian extraordinaire live in studio with us, judy gold. blare from facts of life was there. awkward. jacki: i only say one thing about her. she looks exactly the same. she's a slut. look at her, slut. stephanie: her character. >> if i could hear that. >> you're not plugged in? >> now i am. i talked to her afterwards. i mean, i can't, and very nice
8:24 am
and can i get a picture with you. i'm like i'm talking to blair. you see these people as a fact of your life now. stephanie: it is a fact. >> it is a fact that i was talking to blair. >> she's an evangelical christian, too. >> yeah, i was wondering. >> yeah, she is. she homeschools her kids. >> her mother was there, and i thought -- and she wouldn't like shake my hand or anything. i was like. stephanie: what do you think the conversation was about talking mom into going to the show? >> she said i looked up on -- you know, my daughter's going to be an actress and i looked it up on line best plays in l.a. and it was -- and then it mentioned the facts of life. i'm like how great is that. i thought i called you a slut and i'm a jew and a lesbian. it's like i don't care, as long
8:25 am
as you mention them. i was like what is she really thinking. stephanie: not as awkward chins you were on chopped. >> oh, god, chopped. i was on with johnny wier, a gay olympic athlete new we have gone full circle. >> johnny and i were on. we were the guys, it was me, johnny,llaylaali. it was hell. you don't know what the secret ingredients are, you have 20 minutes, the clock is ticking. i was completely paranoid. it's hard. >> you got some weird ingredients. >> i had chicken patties, avocado, now, by the way, i did two weeks prior, i had stabbed
8:26 am
myself in the hands trying to get a pit out of an avocado, because my mother mid to me on the phone and then my neighbor came over, so i had no feeling in one finger. stephanie: avocado disorder. >> i had very little feeling. then i had of a shadow. kuzidan. don't act like you know what it was. see how he tried to act. i told you on the break. it tastes to disgusting. and then vanilla cupcakes. stephanie: well, that's ridiculous. >> my food tasted really, they actually said your chicken is cooked perfectly, i made a guacamole, but my presentation was lacking. >> was crappy. you're presentation of vietnamese paste. >> you have to incorporate it.
8:27 am
stephanie: your presentation this morning is delightful. that yawn you let off just before we came back was delightful. >> thank you. i was trying to catch flies or something. stephanie: right, with blair the slut. ok. let's go to evelyn in tennessee. you're on with judy. hi, evelyn. >> how are you doing? stephanie: good, go ahead. caller: i watch the show every morning and i love you. stephanie: thank you. caller: i love almost all of your crew, i'm going to tell you which muscle bound guy i don't like. but other than that, i was calling because you were talking about the fact that i am a black woman, aged 60 and you were talking about not having friends of other races. stephanie: yeah, this poll that came out. caller: it's absolutely true. i live in memphis, tennessee and i have lived here ever since i was about 24 years old, and when
8:28 am
i first moved here, i had this friend, i'm going to call her julia, and we were extremely close, extremely, extremely. we sat knee to knee and chatted and told each other our secrets and she was a white girl. when julia got married, her husband refused to allow me to be. stephanie: this is like fried green tomatoes, this story. caller: her husband refused to allow me to be invited to the wedding. i was not invited to the wedding. shortly after that, they moved to arkansas. the only reason i knew they had moved, i called her on the job, and one of the employees told me julia is gone to arkansas. stephanie: aw. that was your last white friend. caller: yes, back in 1975.
8:29 am
>> i'd like to beat the crap out of the husband. who the hell is he? caller: she never told me she was leave, never. stephanie: guess what, evelyn, we're your new white friends, right? caller: i love you all. i know i don't have much time, but it hurts when i hear callers call in and they say that the trayvon murder was not about race. stephanie: i know. you'll know better. caller: i got two black boys, i mean black sons, age 31 and 25. if trayvon was not black, he woulding alive today. stephanie: i agree. caller: it was about race. stephanie: i agree, i agree, as your new white friends, we agree. that was so fried green tomatoes. i can't believe you made that gesture with your fingers, julie gold. >> oh, i forget there's a camera in here. remember when radio was radio? stephanie: right back.
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> her face made me want to learn to box? it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. comedian judy gold. >> getting into the boston. stephanie: she's old like us. ok. hey, here's the most upsetting thing, we've been talking about the olympics and whether we should boycott and human rights in russia. michael phelps, said that
8:35 am
everybody pees in the pool. >> what? stephanie: olympic swimmers. >> oh, god, i can't. how come they don't get that on the camera. they have the underwater camera, like yellow. >> i think he's thinking about other things while he's swimming, but maybe while he's practicing. stephanie: i don't know. >> practices are long. stephanie: that's disgusting. >> i have to say i do swim a lot and when i'm done doing laps, i to have pee really bad new you hold it? >> yeah, i don't do it in the pool. stephanie: there's no way we can prove that. >> just don't poop in the bunch bowl. >> ooh, he that said, they all do? stephanie: yes. rob, you're on the "stephanie miller show." caller: good morning, thank you guys for doing what you do. my question is why don't we all stick together as americans and just boycott the olympics, you know and then see how many other countries will follow suit, saying you know what, we should
8:36 am
support them no matter what, whether we believe it's ok to be lesbian, gay, straight, or bi, either way. what's russia going to do with spending all that money to get ready for all the countries don't show up. stephanie: well, they're not all going to follow suit. stephanie: yeah, yeah, i'm sure uganda's going to show up. jacki: and these people, they train and train for years and it's a big money-making thing. i don't know, it's very upsetting, very upsetting. stephanie: pink, the singer, who i love, think it's a compliment to be called a lesbian. she said fun fact, when you twitter me and say you're a lesbian, it's a compliment, most of my favorite people are. >> she's still a rock star. when any niece was a little girl and in school, and someone said
8:37 am
you're a lesbian and she went home to her mother and was like they're calling me a lesbian, what do i do? she just said say thank you very much. she's not a lesbian. stephanie: she said i'm sure humans can come up with something worse than that. come on, be creative. you have 140 characters. not since she said get fancy, get dancy have i appreciated something to much. >> lesbians can't torque. stephanie: right. >> i don't call people straight if they have long hair. you know what i mean? what is that? >> miley cyrus said everyone said i'm a lesbian. if you think i'm a lesbian, i'm not offended. i've been called much worse.
8:38 am
i thought we were past that time. >> know! stephanie: remember the les and fem, calling guys a fem. >> we never heard that. >> no. i think that might be a buffalo thing. stephanie: could be, upstate new york. >> a fem. stephanie: everyone say oh, no, please don't, chris brown threatens to quit music. >> no! [ crying ] >> because he's sick of you all bringing up the fact that he once beat up rihanna. >> what am i going to do? [ crying ] stephanie: you know what, over actor. >> from the back row. >> thank you. stephanie: the 24-year-old singer is tired of being famous. [ crying ] >> oh, no, don't go! >> he'll cope the money, of course. stephanie: just what i had the
8:39 am
baby calmed down and put down for a nap, i upset her again. he said he's tired of being famous wants to stop because he's fed up of being in the headlines for the incident. >> beating up rihanna. >> right. he wrote on twitter, don't worry, america, this will probably be my last album. cue judy gold. [ crying ] stephanie: i'm tired of being famous for a mistake i made when i was 18. i'm cool and over it. well, we are over you, chris brown. >> get out! stephanie: i've got all my life to live, all my love to give! see now i'm over acting because you are. >> it feels good, right? stephanie: in other hiphop news... >> you've been waiting so long for an excuse to say that. stephanie: even more than nowive a story about a bear.
8:40 am
nicki minaj went ballistic against rapper named ransom who she thinks was talking smack about her. he released a new song saying before nicky was wearing those crazy wigs, i worked versus for her. he goes through her songs. >> sure. stephanie: right, so she tweeted yo, i'm not even a man and n. word's got my [bleep] in his mouth. i don't understand how the kids today fight, i don't. >> it's just amazing when you think about how beautiful the english language is and how they really take it to another level. stephanie: right. >> i don't even understand what they're saying. stephanie: i don't. i don't, either. >> but you know what's sad, my kids would understand that. stephanie: right, henry how old now? >> he's going to be 17 in september. stephanie: you said he hates
8:41 am
you. >> i think he likes me now. he likes me, hates me, go ahead, i'm sorry. >> i think she would like ransom to take her metaphorical penis out of his mouth. stephanie: right. >> yeah, we -- i figured that out. stephanie: all right, so we will never get those 20 seconds or so of our life back we spent talking about that. >> and even thinking about it. stephanie: another old man tweet news, i think twitter, i don't -- sylvester stallone tweets, now that bruce willis has been booted from the expendables summer franchise calling him agreed. >> i jerk, harrison ford in, great news, waiting for this, greedy and lazy, a sure formula for career failure. it's like old men action stars. stephanie: he tweeted it,
8:42 am
because if he said it, you can't understand it. >> he's got to get his. [ mumble ] >> out of my mouth. [ laughter ] stephanie: oh, lord. >> oh, god. stephanie: glenda in ohio, you're on, hi, glenda. caller: hi, how are you? stephanie: good, go ahead. caller: yeah, i'm black, and i'm female, i'm 63 years old, and the woman that i consider my best friend is white. stephanie: uh-huh. >> i mean, i have a korean and a chinese and a mexican friends, too, and also a greek one. stephanie: it's not a collectible doll collection. caller: my best girlfriend and i both married. one day, her husband told me glenda, i'm going to bust up your friendship if it's the last thing i do. i told him chuck, you'll be dead before my friendship with chris is over. poor man's been dead over 20
8:43 am
years. stephanie: oh, my god. >> how did he die? caller: cirrhosis of the liver. >> he drank? that's so unusual for someone to say that. stephanie: if that's your story, i would stick to it. caller: that's my story. [ laughter ] stephanie: judy gold being here, there's some theme of fried green tomatoes coming through today. an accident, he stepped on a bag of vipers. >> somebody send me a picture of that bag of vipers, sack of snakes, sack of plastic snakes. stephanie: meddling husbands. >> how come none of them have jewish friends? they don't have jewish friends for gay friends. stephanie: who has a jew friend? call now. >> jew, guy or -- yeah. stephanie: mark in michigan, you're on with judy. caller: how are you doing? stephanie: good. caller: i was calling, because there was an earlier comment about the inconsistency of
8:44 am
conservatives being christian and i wanted to counter act that. you know, i -- there was, you know, i just think it's an unfair generalization. i've adopted an african american child, i have friends that have. my second biggest expenditure is charitable giving. >> to your church? >> to all kinds of organizations. you know, behind taxes, that's my biggest expentiture. i think there are a fair number of people out there like that, and so i think it's. stephanie: right, i don't think anyone was saying that all christians are a certain way. caller: yeah. well, you seem to agree with the person who made that comment, and. stephanie: no, i would never say all right wing christians are like that. i think some of hypocritical, don't you? caller: yes, absolutely, from a, you know, would i do that kind of thing, no.
8:45 am
you know, i guess it becomes difficult identifying who's who, and, you know, from a religious hypocritical standpoint, i'm sure that we could find people on both sides of the argument, so that is both ends of the political spectrum. stephanie: right. well, we certainly have perve is the on both ends. have you been keeping up with filner? >> he's hot. stephanie: it's like kissing that singing finish on that that board. >> the stories are like and he said to me, let me see your ass. stephanie: like if you weren't gay, you would be now. >> right, he made me gay. >> it would be like kissing a t-bone steak. stephanie: the full facial lick, who thought that would be hot exactly? it's awful. >> how does he not know he's going to get caught? >> i know. >> like they act like this and
8:46 am
act like you know, what? stephanie: he's three days into his two week therapy session for changing his behavior. >> went after female military victims of sexual assault. that's the most awful thing. >> he sat in a green room and said tell me about your rape. >> no! >> yeah, while pressing her. >> what is wrong with him? i can't. i can't. and like, wiener, had no idea these allegations were going to come out? stephanie: there was one sunny thought we heard yesterday is it was revealed he always said thank you. >> after he -- >> that's poll light. stephanie: it's poll light. he said thank you. everybody has some redeeming quality. >> do you even -- i don't even have time to like sext and have these relationships.
8:47 am
how do these people have time to do this? >> if your a congressman, you shouldn't have time to sext. stephanie: did you see that website where people accidentally sexted their parents or kids. >> i got to look that up. stephanie: 46 minutes after the hour. stephanie: nobody more embarrassing to accidental sexting. >> to your mother. stephanie: right back to the waning moments of judy gold. not in her life, but for the program. >> i love it. it's a fabulous program. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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you know who is coming on to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely.
8:51 am
>> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? this show is about being up to date, staying in touch with everything that is going on politically and putting my own nuance on it. in reality it's not like they actually care. this is purely about political grandstanding. ♪
8:52 am
>> announcer: testify knee miller. ♪ ♪ ♪ stephanie: 51 minutes after the hour, it is the takano. this hour brought by soda stream, wow! no clean up, you can if i see all of your favorite flavors, judy gold and you have kids, they'll love it. >> collect them all. >> and i love my kids after they drink soda. they're great. [ laughter ] stephanie: soda stream transform water into soda in seconds. fill the bottle with cold water, snap it into the machine, push the button to carbonate, add your flavor and they have over 60 flavors. >> wow, and sugar-free flavors,
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too. >> that's good, so they can get cancer, instead. [buzzer] stephanie: judy gold, you are unhelpful. it's fabulous. >> actually, you know what, my exhas it and my kids love it. stephanie: thank you for redeeming yourself. soda >> she has everything they love. sorry. i know they're a sponsor. i just don't drink soda. >> they have energy drinks. >> oh, that's good. no, kids do love it. stephanie: all right. oh, by the way, george takei has called for a boycott of the olympics. yay. >> i agree. stephanie: right. >> i can't believe that no one, like it's not a bigger deal. >> or you could set your phases
8:54 am
on fabulous. stephanie: fabulous. elizabeth that an idea. she writes steph, the fag ceremony, all countries should fly the rainbow flag. >> that is a terrific idea. stephanie: thatted be awesome. >> we will never allow this. stephanie: tonight, we've been eighting all morning. 20% of non--wises or only friends with their own race, according to a new poll. >> denny said your boy showed his true self on leno. he is a disaster off prompter, empty suit with an orangutan for a wife. orangutans are from asia, not africa. i retweeted that to all of my followers. stephanie: your boy would mean
8:55 am
our president. >> you know, the word boy, that is also -- come on! stephanie: lindsey in michigan, you're on with judy, hi, lindsey. caller: hey. stephanie: hello! caller: hi, i was calling regarding i believe it was judy had said why does nobody have any gay or jewish friends. i was calling, i'm a lesbian and my fiancee obviously is a lesbian and she's jewish new you're making up for other people then. >> they're not going to be friends for long, i mean, they're getting married. good night, ladies. stephanie: bitter. because we're here in hollywood, i am forced to do a report on lindsey lohan's soberness or not. >> oh, ok. gayness? not that story? no! she's had a sober family fun night. they went out for sobber fun,
8:56 am
everyone except deanna. they went to see the conjuring in new york city with dad, michael lohan and her sister. she's a sober coach. >> what is a sober coach? >> do i have to be sober to be a sober coach. >> does the sober coach have to be sober or is it better if they're sloppy drunk? >> the sober coach is there to help her make the right decisions. >> they should have my mother be the sober coach. what are you drinking? what is that? what? come here! breathe on me! are you crazy? oh, my god! you're drinking around the, aren't you? you are -- ugh, i don't even know what to do with you. >> again? like i ever stopped? stephanie: scott in st. louis, you're on with judy. caller: hi, stephanie.
8:57 am
i wanted to make first of all, i'm going to hate to see current go. i'm going to miss you guys on t.v. stephanie: the radio show will continue. we'll have a new t.v. home and will announce that as soon as we can. go ahead, scott. caller: ok. second point is that the reason why gays are being sub i couldn't gated in russia right now. the russian orthodox church is slowly but surely replacing the communist party as the major thought organ in the country. russians are nigerians right now. they're demographics are continually going down. they project there are possible going to be 120,000 russians by 2050. the pool for draftees for their
8:58 am
army goes down and therefore becomes a national security issue for them, because of course, gays don't produce children at least the normal way. anyway, i just wanted to. stephanie: all right, thank you, scott, you're a gay who produced a child, aren't you? >> i produced a child. i thought it was normal. he came out of my vagina. i thought that was normal. ♪ ♪ stephanie: all right. ladies and gentlemen, you can see judy's show only until august 18, so i would hurry and go. >> yes, come see the show. when are you guys coming? stephanie: she is warm and inviting like that. like don't you yell at them to go like you did me. >> why didn't you come? >> i will come. stephanie: see, it works. we will see you tomorrow. >> shalom, judy! ♪ ♪
8:59 am
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