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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 21, 2017 3:15pm-3:31pm CEST

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hundred people are now confirmed dead as a result of tuesday's earthquake. the e.u. and canada's big free trade deal goes into effect today beneficial and is here with a look at the implications that's coming right up. this you know i mean in your mind. what i'm focused on in this you know what i'm with what an organized you don't know what is it they're. going to you say yes it can i've only said but i'm going on what they're being funded. going to let
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them know w. we speak your language now we're spanish program to not. only swilling someone doesn't miss you and i can like you always close to the action but i'm not think you'll still get one because like you can get that up to the minute news and opinions of the background to political developments on the d w we'll bring you more of the oil. at the. abbey linz credits his meats then betting it is for the bankrupt carrier but look tons of snow longer interested in the airline's long haul flights will others step up to the plate. a landmark free trade deal and his into force today between canada and b u. at
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a pub in sharing apps boost tourism in greece rising property prices put pressure on locals. and then fizzle and let's do business. as creditors a looking at the office of seven bidders for the bankrupt kariya a committee is making a preliminary decision today on how to proceed a final decision is expected monday the day after the german election he said this wasn't political. or layoffs just around the corner air berlin ground crews could soon be out of jobs what routes will remain how many flight attendants will still be needed in a few weeks or months press reports now say the bankrupt airline is dropping all of its long haul flights beginning october fifteenth. does it what's the situation for air berlin staff has grown precarious we don't know which jobs are really secure in the long term and we've been aware for a while that in ministration in technical staff in particular don't seem to have
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any future here kind of. that's why both unions and the airline are now demanding that german government set up a temporary employment agency as a safety net for air berlin employees left jobless after the dust settles they would be offered financial aid during a transition period while training for new positions in other words air berlin appears to be preparing for an undesirable outcome that the airline can't find an investor to take it on lock stock and barrel carving the carrier up is sure to cost many more jobs. over to financial correspondent daniel cope in frankfurt daniel why is there so little interest in eberly as long hole routes i mean they have some very good connections i know that personally. yeah they have some very good connections by the thing is that is even harder in today's time to make money with long haul flights and we are hearing we just heard it in your report that it's not
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interested in the long mostly this is making work a union very war it what's going to happen with flight personel working on those long haul airplanes we're doing hearing today that times i was saying also earlier that they want to take about fifty percent of the short haul flights it's easier to make money with short haul planes and all those short haul planes are not even going to have to lift tons of logo on their fans are ones to use those planes for their cheaper division airline you're a ways to make this airline much stronger but of course we know that there are also other companies being interested in air berlin so they could also of course jump for the long haul flights daniel i've been booked on a couple of air berlin flights myself by our company will they be air berlin i mean will the brand still exist in the next couple of months if it's carved up to the extent that it could be well then you and your one million euro questions i guess
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this is a question that many people are asking at the moment first there is this question if you know evelyn can even operate in the next days and weeks there are rumors that this credit you know offered by the german government might not even you know be enough and that they would have to stop their operation if you know the big carriers are called or even be a be a might get huge portions of air berlin i don't see the brand air berlin existing in the future ok as long as i know which plane to get on daniel thank you very much . the state of free trade agreement comes into effect today the deal aims to boost trade between canada and the european union it makes canadian salmon cheaper here by getting rid of import duties for example but it's not all good news in canada there's growing resistance to the fish farming industry especially among the country's first nations. career said glendale is
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a member of the nam just nation and indigenous people from the west coast of canada she's now fighting against industrial fish farms like this one which raise hundreds of thousands of salmon in the region. glendale another demonstrators have set up camp in the middle of this farm and they say they've occupied it they want to send a clear message. down with this fish farm industry they have never had our permission to be in our territories and we've had enough for not now let them destroy our environment our daughters take our salmon away from us worked on these guys to get me to get out now. the occupied facility was built by a norwegian company marine harvest the largest salmon farming firm in the world.
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it has sales of around three and a half billion euros a year. company representatives refused to speak with us the industry is profiting from kind of his new trade agreement with the e.u. which is gotten rid of tariffs and increased production and exports. but environmental activists say aquaculture is damaging wild stocks of fish. when they migrate upstream from the pacific to reproduce they swim right past the fish farms and critics say that has spread disease and infection canadian authorities however play down the issue and say the cage salmon pose no threat to their wild cousins. when at lennoxtown actually put out into the ocean they go disease free they're raised in hatcheries a land based facilities and fresh water and we actually have a large suite of vaccinations that are given to the fish to guarantee that they're entering the water in a clean and healthy way that may be true but why are fishermen in british columbia
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catching fewer and fewer wild salmon many factors could be playing a role not least climate change or pollution but most locals blame the fish farms for their empty lines and nets. going into the season we knew it was going to be you were warned but i think it's even worse than what they say a project that would get isn't coming. good at all here and not only this area but up in the northern areas has been weak runs through. the first nations activists are planning to continue to protest the industrial agriculture facilities in their waters and say their rights are being violated even the coast guard is now involved and there's no end to the impasse in sight the nam gets say the only solution is for the fish farm to shut down. my colleague monica jones talked to jason toland about the deal he's minister counsellor at the canadian embassy here in bye then. provisional effect to do that means that
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effectively behind the scenes for several months there has been arc to preparations the regulatory changes discussions amongst officials. review of the agreement and of specific provisions in canada provincial legislation regulations as well and effectively you see a drop of goods ninety eight percent of tatars go to z. to effectively that's all today just to get them to shut up but there is not a whole lot of face no you haven't seen it's been behind the scenes but ninety percent of targets come off. overall there is no with immediate effect provisions to a low for labor mobility for protection or ventilate your property for access to government procurement across the board for canada and the. there are standards commitments technical barriers to trade for instance would affect issues like salmon discussions on environmental standards all of that is already in effect
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there only some small elements of the agreement are in effect just one of those investment provisions for instance which were of the something that in some considerable discussion here in germany. those are not in effect as are for instance small things like camcorder rates or i'll give you don't want as an example but the bulk all substantive trade between our countries between her canada and the european union for instance with germany are no liberalized effectively receipts of lamentation provisionally jason poland there from the canadian embassy here in berlin apartment sharing apps providing a tourist boost to the dismal greek economy the number of rentals has more than doubled in less than a year the downside property prices are rising putting even more pressure on cash strapped locals. this neighborhood in central athens is just a few minutes walk from the acropolis residents and businesses hoping to cash in on the greek tourism have converted many of the apartments here and two holiday homes and they need toma helps manage such an apartment building.
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was without work for about one and a half years i found this to a friend of mine and that was a chance for me to have steady employment again and of course i did it for the money and to rejoin the labor market. but she also knows the opportunities come at a price for locals she herself has had trouble looking for a place to live. in regard to what was looking to find an apartment closer to my work and run something around here are some of them it was very difficult because most flats were either very expensive or are already rented short term through air being to be. given next i guess that the family cannot go. but just like in other markets the sharing economy here competes with established industry greek hoteliers complain the short term holiday rentals are unregulated and therefore have an unfair advantage. today it's very important to realise that we are not speaking
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about sharing economy anymore we're speaking about organized companies that are and tens or hundreds of flights. that make direct competition to hotels without having any specific specifications. by the government whether it's simple things i was doesn't slot have to have a fire extinguisher nobody says there's to be services like air b.n. b. are still relatively new to greece and legislation hasn't quite caught up yet for now demand for holiday accommodations is set to stay strong greece is expecting thirty million overseas visitors this year. nice doing business with you.
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gemini besides meet the candidates. v.w. xena's pool and jeff are up to karim have interviewed almost all the front runners in germany upcoming parliamentary elections. and now we're looking forward to interview. them out. kast and jeremy besides meet the candidates.
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artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot com to freedom. germany decides the day before the general election on d w but day dedicated to democracy from its dramatic beginnings in germany on to the present day how is the nation of culture in election year democracy day september twenty third on d w. i'm going to. have a twelve years and is running for office for the full time was mad delighted to have the chance to speak. been in the german capital. i'm pleased to welcome hello madam chancellor.


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