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tv   Drive it - The Motor Magazine  Deutsche Welle  September 23, 2017 1:30pm-2:00pm CEST

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yes. feel. hello and welcome to drive with a b w car show coming up an electric runabout with a goal of a boom a describes it as a special model based on one from one thousand nine hundred seventy three porsche
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asked its customers what they wanted to see and this was it. the g.t. three touring comes only with a sick speed stick shift but its three hundred sixty eight kilowatts slam it from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour and just three point nine sackets another classic in new clothes is the ford mustang here debuting its newly designed front. and the ford fiesta is demonstrating its diversity with new variants. not just carette knows that anyone who follows developments in the automotive industry will with familiar with concepts beyond the cars themselves such as individual mobility solutions for today tomorrow and the day after. important links in the chain are the suppliers they've been concentrating on enhancing safety and comfort while cutting back on the missions among shufflers priorities are top performance high voltage hybrid modules and electric axles for battery powered
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vehicles without internal combustion engines. c.f. is presenting its innovative ideas and solutions under the slogan see think act good boy and i have stefan somewhere in visions accident any missions free driving in the long term so there refining their technology in the field of sensors artificial intelligence and mechanics to go with. that dr concepts aren't the only aspects undergoing fundamental changes the interiors of the future. will also be radically different eighty and develop seat and space concepts my dog does the abs and to me as muscle believes the car will eventually be a third living space and the spaces will increasingly merge to form an office or a living room on wheels the cars functionality itself will evolve. out he provides an example of how the components might go together the elaine and icon concept vehicles are all electric and self driving as well. that you're laying out ngs
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rupert stadler describes the elaine as the embodiment of their vision of autonomy is driving with level for the driver sits in the driver's seat as usual and presses the artificial intelligence button to switch over to autonomy is driving the invita . the second concept vehicle the icon takes it one step further for level five of autonomy is driving the designers have removed a few old standards. that a phone flies out as markovitch to points out that level five dispenses with the steering wheel and has an all new layout of the seats in front are first class and there's space in the rear lounge for two more passengers. another through the technical question as much as explains this technology isn't ready for volume production yet so the newest generation of the classic london taxi still requires human drivers anyway autonomy systems don't help lift the bank h. five at
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the end a pack of. this london taxi is powered by a one hundred ten kilowatt electric motor made by siemens. both swag and promise to push development of electric drive and an initial result appearing at the motor show is the road map the i.v. cries concept is the third of five all electric models most wagon plans to roll out starting in two thousand and twenty even so the w c e o mighty has made a doesn't see a complete extinction of the end. turnover combustion engine coming anytime soon. if you have nothing it tends to keep on developing internal combustion engine technology as a bridge to electric that's necessary to achieve our country's ambitious c o two reduction goals until emo billet he is well established itself. and considering that car buying decisions are generally driven by emotion there's the compact s.u.v. t.
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iraq which is joined by the new polo. time there would seem to be afflicted with a split personality as well smart has announced that the transition to electric drive will be complete by two thousand and twenty and both europe and america now smarts going a step further with the e.q. for two concepts the first robot taxi able to communicate with its surroundings without a steering wheel this concept could revolutionize urban mobility. a major crowd pleaser is the concept one that beating heart of this hybrid hybrid car is the drive train from their two thousand and fifteen formula one racer the seven hundred thirty five kilowatts system performance carries this car from zero to two hundred kilometers per hour in under six seconds even at three million euros apiece all two hundred seventy five units have already been sold. and day also seems to
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focus more on fun then sustainability the i thirty and has a sporting exterior with red accents and spoilers in front and back inside the driving mode switch can now be found on the steering wheel. skoda his car out because another part of its s.u.v. model offensive the leaner dimensions make the cody x. little brother a bit easier to handle and a more suitable as you'll be for urban mobility it will be getting showrooms in november. yet another come. back crossover for city driving is say adds a rona among its unique selling points are the many ways to customize it and it's cutting edge safety and connectivity technology. opel is taking its family of s.u.v.s up range with the grand land x. joining the mokka and crossland as the third member of the x. family this is opals first plug in hybrid. long with.
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toyota has plans to offer two hybrid drives with different orientations for its models one has ecology in mind while the other emphasizes power and dynamics an example of this new strategy is the c high powered concept. the luxury hybrid limousin l s five hundred age by lexus is a real eye catcher its system performance of two hundred sixty four kilowatts is due to hit show room floors at the end of this year. with the mind of thought much as is found that here in frankfurt opinions are still divided on the optimum type of driver cars some appear to long for the days before pollution badges and air quality alerts others would rather see road transportation go all electric today than tomorrow but it's wishful thinking to want to turn the clock back or forward
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the transition takes time and history has shown that the internal combustion engine has lots of development potential it can be made a lot cleaner a lot has expect some innovations there in the future if we were ready for cars to go autonomy has been and all electric and i don't think the end of the guy and elect bush follow. him on musk founder and c.e.o. of tesla set out to reinvent the car and the california company has an. he'd shaken up the industry as the big car makers gradually follow suit with the mobility tesla forges ahead its already rolled out three models. to test this model x. is a cross between an s.u.v. and advance his car test there on the left stick has two electric motors one on the front axle and one on the rear. the glowing doors make it much easier to get into the car and i state. so they want to know here are two more seats behind the back
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seat before the front doors wide open by remote control. the exterior and the interior of the model x. make it seem almost like a space shuttle. it comes with five six or seven seats our test car has six to get into the third row the middle seats can be moved forward electrically. tesla's models do without buttons inside everything is controlled fairly intuitively over a huge touchscreen. at five point zero four meters long the model x. looks like a mixture between a van and and as you say its dimensions are very different from conventional
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s.u.v.s but despite its two point zero seven metre width its form is elegant. the trunk is rounded not angular which actually comes in handy for daily use. and i know ronnie says just step on the brakes the door closes automatically and the motor switches on now all you have to do is put the car in gear and you're on your way. we're driving the one hundred eighty variant of the model x. it's motors put a. three hundred eighty six kilowatts and accelerated to one hundred in four point nine seconds tesla says it has a range of five hundred sixty five kilometers before recharging. the front of his ronnie and foozie astley compares the car's pickup to a roller coaster. at five feet he's also impressed with the creep mode.
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when you take your foot off the accelerator the car the seller eats rapidly on its own. saving wear on the brakes. unbelievable for a two point five ten ish u.b.s.'s. but ronnie's wow always quickly followed by and . parking spaces are narrower in europe than in the united states so can a california cars go and open without incident. has a crowded ronnie is worried about the back door will it open without any problems like this when i get stuck with a scratch the neighboring car he gathers up all his courage and presses the button . the door opens supported by censors if they see that there isn't enough room they don't let the door open further. the model x. passes the test but what about vertical limitations for example in a parking garage. that's in talk in
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a parking garage to see whether the rear doors open here as well under such a low ceilings often enough when. the ones in the doors operate with great precision says ronnie respectfully one centimeter of clearance the door stopped. and you could still get in very comfortably and. all the doors open electrically but quite slowly this car isn't one for it quickly tossing a bag into the back seat. this gives there are electric charging stations the charge you as well for jokes ronnie but tesla also operates super chargers that currently recharge her free you can also recharge the test at home from a standard outlet but with such a big battery that takes quite a while. the super charger is a lot faster it takes just thirty minutes to provide enough energy for two hundred
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seventy kilometers of charging up is very simple says ronnie just take the plug and press this button with the stick that opens the batteries flap plug in the cord and kill a little time. tesla owners can use super chargers at no cost for now but that will surely change because tesla has to pay for energy to. pencil is currently working on solar roof families for private homes so that they can operate energy to its customers. tesla's model legs is a family car a race car and a smartphone on wheels. all when one says ronnie with this is no conventional car whether it's the external design with the goal wing doors or the technology in sight that tesla is persuasive and its range between charges is more than adequate not everyone will consider it worth its price one hundred ten thousand euros but
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that's another question. is it a me group or not this sounds make right has been a familiar sight on the road for decades the japanese carmaker rolled out the maker of thirty five years ago but this one looks different. to me cry has been around since one thousand nine hundred eighty two says car to say man was schieffer but nissen has been unhappy with its sales figures and so it decided to make some changes in the new fifth generation. i mean career has grown large enough to play in the same league as the v.w. polo and open course and no wonder and it's billed in the same french factory as the renault clio. externally and almost four metres long the maker looks sporty like a spoiler live outlines the front skirt and dynamic beads around elongated headlights
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. short overhangs in front and back. and black side molding stress the cars length the asymmetrical tail lights are real i catch yours are fully integrated in the body the new me crap has a roof spoiler added a fuse here with a brake light integrated in the middle as in a race car. a man will notice that the maker isn't exactly spacious in the back seat he doesn't have much leg room and the ceilings low too but his competitors and this segment aren't much different to the meeker has three hundred leaders cargo space fifty one fewer than the newly expanded trunk of the v.w. polo. here in the interior
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a horde of buttons in the center console and on the steering wheel control the car's functions. at the lower left beside the start stop function is the button for the lane departure assist which keeps the car from drifting over those pesky white or yellow lines but it usually costs an additional five hundred euros let me correct comes with a choice of five different trim levels. the fit the equipment design and safety systems are fresh an unusual amount of oil says but the engines are hum drum only three are available to gasoline powered and a diesel the diesel and the larger gay. asked celine engine produce sixty six kilowatts and the cars they power move relatively slowly the amount of well wonders whether the maker with the fifty five kilo why gas knowing engine would just hold up traffic.
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we're testing the very end with a one point five liter diesel engine at two thousand r.p.m. it achieves a maximum torque of two hundred twenty new meters which gives it a bit more pick up than either of the gasoline powered versions. but even it needs eleven point nine seconds to move from zero to one hundred kilometers an hour in compensation our version with the start stop function is supposed to burn just three point five liters of fuel per one hundred kilometers. west to go as the interior of the new meeker is much less noisy than its predecessor but the man who was still wouldn't call it quiet and comfortable as soon as you drive faster the wind outside is loud and the engine has to work hard and that's allowed to run into place and all. in some the new me crap is more for design fans than for sporty drivers.
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from the back end resembles the c.n.d. beads. from the side the renault clio and from head on the honda jazz i don't get there it's a package of it's own the new me chris is a challenge to the others in the small car segment. but every change has winners and losers the loser here is the nissen note the now larger me ground will be replacing its bigger brother in the future. today your classic car expert crystal power is behind the wheel of a nineteen thirty five bentley three and a half liter part board. arrow solo in the early thirties british lecturing brand bentley was in crisis the legendary bentley boys may have won the twenty four hours over five times but even they couldn't save the carmaker from going into receivership and.
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i thought i don't christophe says in one nine hundred thirty one bentley had its back to the wall and needed a financial backer just before the firm was to be taken over by aircraft engine maker need here an unknown bidder acquired bentley for one hundred twenty five thousand pounds that bidder turned out to be competitor an arch rival rolls royce that hoped bentley sporty image would help it win over younger customers all getting this appear your bentley ate leader off the market the first product of their liaison was this car here the bentley three and a half leader bentley at that i'm happy to. the first rolls bentley was produced in the english city of darby rolls royce had been making its entry level model the rolls royce twenty twenty five there's s. one nine hundred twenty nine. depending on christopher tells us that the bentley three and
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a half liter was the first darby bentley technically it was based on the pretty conservative rolls royce twenty twenty five so they had to make quite a few modifications before it fitted bentley sports car image that chassis is much lighter and the street six engine was souped up rolls royce might not have talked much about horsepower but bentley sure did its technicians were able to eke one hundred ten horsepower out of three point seven leaders have q.b. capacity christophe says they transformed a sluggish a luxury sedan into what became known as the silent sports car sports car. while the bentley three and a half leader does have rigid axle. it's adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers allow this one point seven tonne juggernaut to offer a good mix of comfort and sportiness the precise steering and huge servo assisted drum brakes make the bentley feel like a race car. of
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a book i'm krista of says that at the moment he's travelling in comfort mode but that will change quickly when he flips this cut off lever even. then that three and a half leader really shows what it's made out of what anything else. that classical christof says that classic coach where it reached its zenith in the one nine hundred thirty s. and back then each electric car was still delivered directly to the coach builder as a rolling chassis complete with engine radiator and gearbox that coachbuilder then created a custom body based on the client's wishes it appears three and a half liter profits from bentley slim radiator grille which looks sporty or more elegant than the clunky ones made for rolls royce royce it also made this aerodynamic design possible and christoph thinks the wonderfully streamliner rear end is an absolute highlight this model called the aero saloon was designed by
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english aircraft engineer sir roy fadden just three were built by the coachbuilder park board in willesden making it a real rarity i mean they got a tape. over the course of the one nine hundred thirty s. rolls royce took over part ward which made buddies for close to half of all the darby bentleys produced the coachbuilder fashion the open tour the sedan kupang and this version of the sports saloon. each vehicle is special but not really one of a kind like most coach builders park ward created standard style. was that it modified only slightly to suit a client's wishes. christophe's is that under the hood you'll find a prime example of engine tuning one nine hundred thirty style. the super reliable straight six engine has just under three point seven leaders have capacity to
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improve performance the bentley version had a higher compression ratio a sporty your camshaft profile and a crossflow cylinder head which is fed by these two as you carburetors this combination delivers a full one hundred ten horsepower which was quite something in one nine hundred thirty five and if that wasn't enough starting in one thousand nine hundred thirty six buyers could order the brand new four and a quarter leader and which produced a whopping one hundred thirty horsepower. money he says you have to develop a feel for shifting gears double the clutch of it employ a soft touch and you can switch gears without stripping them but. when you get it going the car gets one hundred fifty kilometers an hour and is a good travel companion even today no joke some of bentley and foods he has even
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drove around the world in eighty days in a three and a half liter a bentley that says in its day the three and a half liter was described as combining the power of an express train with the tranquility of a sailboat today you might say it combines the reliability and sportiness of a bentley with the uncompromising quality of a rules and he has the numbers to prove it of the two thousand four hundred twenty two darby bentleys ever built some seventy percent are still around today that alone makes the car a classic but there's more as a remodeled rules royce this bentley is one of the first representatives of what's now known as platform strategy so for christophe the bentley three an athlete is definitely a milestone an automotive history. in the post-war era rolls royce took badge engineering to the extreme. except for the emblems and hood ornaments most bentleys
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were exact replicas of rolls royce models. that only changed after the most wagon group acquired bentley through its purchase a rolls royce motors in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight now bentley is once again creating its own vehicles and giving rolls royce now owned by b.m.w. a run for its money. next time i drive it i dream of sheen from the mercedes tuning specialise the am g g t. and a bear of a car we test the skoda kodiak. slashing
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the bad. piece by. destroying. brazil's amazon rain forest dysfunctional. consequences for. what is to be. three thousand and thirty minutes on d. w. . going to. your language our spanish program. which will inform us of what must i can avoid always close to the action by not quarter poco focus on what you can get up to the minute news and opinion the background to political developments. we bring you more of the oil. climate change.
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waste. pollution. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing a live fire meant for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's in spite of the. ego and. the fireman magazine. long d.w. hash tag germany decides. the day before the general election on g w a day dedicated to democracy. from its dramatic beginnings in germany until the present day how is the nation of culture fairing in election year. where do the german people see their place in europe and the world. democracy day today on double. take germany decides what is your take
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on the whole position regarding not only climate change. what do you want to know about germany's general election. ask w. your questions about germany but if i had to say what kind of fun to. write to us on facebook we'll answer your questions. this is d.w. news live from berlin germany prepares for an election that could change the
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country's political landscape with chancellor angela merkel putting clear lead in the polls ahead of sunday's big vote the question is.


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