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tv   Kick off - Review of Matchday 6  Deutsche Welle  September 26, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm CEST

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look up more than football online. it's all happening. during link to news from africa and the world. your link to exceptional stories and discussions can you unwelcome student news program tonight from born in germany from the news of easy website d. deputed comes to africa join us on facebook at t w africa. i. am going.
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to. show you feel the rhythm running through your veins takes over your body and your growing saves all over the floor. oh do you prefer standing in the corner of the club looking coolly on like you're not smiling. even that can inspire you a place to a slow dancing perfect. opponent is struggling to find the rhythm like the many go to desk is shall go or are you a posse hoop up at least as awake by the gate do you prefer slow jams slick and smooth like hollow action lucky or are you the fiery type like both schools multi schmidt he likes things physical. isn't human the missing was abandoned. was better classic. rock.
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on. all you disco days in totally finds out who's had enough. who's found. who's got the blues. cologne have the blues they travel to hanover and unwelcome opponents they are on the cologne have lost all five games so far their worst ever start. being like take it game by game or you've got to make your own luck they're not meaningless try to explain and there is some meaning and that's what they put their shoulders on the coach to. some home truths from the coach who will be able to ride out the pressure on him despite his side's poor form but why he thinks going so
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badly. at least the body language is right the players dug deep were well organized but it was hand over who created the chance it's. the last baby in the sixty minutes. and the twelfth miklos fluke can tantalizingly close to the breaks i've. colognes real achilles heel this season has been dead ball situations six of thirteen goals they've conceded came from set pieces. only the crossbar stops hangover from adding another to that tally was. just half an hour gone in cologne under pressure up the fans would have been well aware that all of hangovers goals so far this season have come in the second half cologne could only expect or of the say. trast. in the first off we were
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a bit lucky especially with. in our current situation that's exactly what we need. and they need goals anthony modeste supplied them in abundance last season twenty five of fifty one goals came from their former star striker. but he's gone in cologne can score these errors are in firing like lucas committed in the fifty seventh minute. same as asako six minutes later to the china keeps his fourth clean sheet the second best record in movies. sometimes most of all sometimes you give so much to get something out of the game and other times you feel like you win effortlessly if you do and that doesn't tend to happen when you're bottom of the table. and. there's still rooted to the bottom
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of the table but at least cologne have got their first point is a goal is strong enough to turn the ship. into the psyche. have made their mark they've got a point on the board as a movie so the zero is gone. what that really does for us and what we get out of it we'll see in the coming week this was what he was going to go as was and wasn't ok . cologne might still hear the beast for some time no change in the table but a first point in a first clean sheet over and don't know and it's been nothing but clean sheets so far. with. a. woman the age twenty six arista don't mean goalkeeper some would call that. a dream job but even the
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best atmosphere doesn't change the fact that he has nothing to do five games no goals conceded no worries but opponents glatt back have a dangerous attack. dolan's also decent going forward but a bit more than decent the strikers just take turns maximillian phillips grabs the first. and then the second two goals after thirty eight minutes. of the moment oh yeah of course we're having a good time right now we're playing good football and we're top of the table and we're happy about that but there are still a lot of games to play so it's a good time but the season is still far from finished it is also a long. plenty more goal kicks the bookie as he waits to something to do. when the opponent does appear in front of goal the efforts are always. manageable.
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come on so again. for. now someone like obama young would certainly test bookie. he grabs the third and the full for dortmund which means everyone is once again talking about his race with robot levon dog ski. head the race is on again of course i know it will be going to be a hug like every time because we know that. a lot of goes oh yeah i have to be focused on me on the team and continue on his way. meanwhile but he's already made the move up to center back maybe he should just join obama in attack else walks by. entirely and become
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a wrestler like those two. fellows become stengel. writes into his own so just chuck it would damned well you know the script. five mill don't mean obama young grabs his hat trick a present for his mom. course i'm really happy and tomorrow is the birthday of my mother so that's a good gift i think. a high five for five goals let's not overdo it still cautious side is yet to concede in the league the fans are still happy and bucky is still bowled. right was this. young i can't. even score a lost in the looks bewildered. bookie meanwhile his fuming.
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boss isn't amused either. vital knew how to raise everyone's spirits with a scream from outside the box his first ever win this league. nice comeback vigeland after his lengthy. at least to keep it still got something to smile about. so it wasn't for some you got him from a business where it was great to play like that in front of our signings and the go was the cherry on top. it makes all the individual rehab sessions worth it and it wasn't always easy but games like this one make me really happy that it's all going well. just as it's over the office. well this school tells the story not the six the one i'm believing but a sad moment bookie. but
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a happy family. so what else happened in the bundesliga. compact only the go starting with the class the crisis coaches braman versus fry book. the. rhythm remains elusive for these two coaches five games into the season christan striking alexander nuvi are still both without a win. a man's best striker mox cruz is out with a broken collarbone replacement shot before you can find his groove with him up front brandon are toothless not to mention t.v.'s. even when they do get dancing the music soon cuts out and all cycle was as close as either side got to their first win of the campaign. because he did things for us is that things will watch him down there are enough people at the club who know about
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football to see what's happening but haven't seen him especially yet. shy he can do no wrong but newly stuttering start is costing him credibility and braman. tempo in football takes teamwork the coaches and the fans have their roles and the play is set the pace but rhythm is also the referee's responsibility he can choose to make the play go on will bring it to a hold as he sees fit. but honestly the football takes differently since the start of this season katz is covering breaking would once have got away with this minds would have been wrong. but nowadays the game can be held up by a cool from cologne it's hard to know whether you're up or down. the mines at least this time the video assistant wrote justice. pablo de blas is back the winner from the spot. as a horse it takes
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a bit of getting used to but if it makes the game fairer then it's ok and something like that will be. like see you are still looking for their league storming form from last season but carrying their momentum over the summer break is proving tricky they started shakily last two already this season. at least newcomer sean cavanagh i was still is settling in well. gee bill bennett is always on point. much like team need not be cases where. he's got swag. in the dressing room when he wants to and. i
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still prefer him out on the. momentum ebbs and flows in football and life saved moss initiative laid on in this game first off frankfurt had one disallowed. and then they made their resurgent scouts a bitch with his first of the season. the red bull somehow managed to ride out the pressure to one the final score between two teams who have yet to find their feet this season. stood up to us and they couldn't produce anything worth watching against outscore. to be honest it wasn't a great game today i suspect if all fans would want to. the poor old suffering fans lose when you lose win lose so fall this season for stocks. not the rhythm that
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they're often outspoken i'm much more content with those new actors and i think it was a fair result that neither side had many chances no mail is probably about right. book of hotbeds best ever stuck to a bonus league season but a goal was beyond them in this one. game with no flow copes with on says. it was a meeting of two immovable objects not a trace of pace or a sniff of energy without a doubt affixed to forget. labor who's had lost three already this season fortunately for them hamburg are also in that. cabin fall and if you open up to the home side. then when you go one up why stop there three minutes later it was to a debut goal for center forward lucas a lot of. the liver couzin are on top the really
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top in two victories this season they scored seven goals. they might not always get the timing right and they could have had more against him but three nil is a respectable result. and leverkusen are learning under high coeli elsewhere. to many who to desk go is doing well at shall come three wins two defeats a decent record soon the royal blues will be just like the inspiration. often on the young novice money they couldn't get him so they got one just like him the two coaches were classmates when they took their coaching badges. he said. the back of the class i sat in the front desk. now not girls money is
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playing on the european stage to disco has made the leap into the bundesliga hoping to qualify next season so what tips could to desk to get from nagas money in his new job. yeah it's a good question. well here's one high pressing play puts the opponent under pressure early on. it all happens so quickly makes the bull make a run. then just trust it in. school the goal was textbook stuff really off nine take the lead just thirteen minutes in the nineteen year old dennis guy got his first and i'm just leave it go i've now we're really happy for him because he's so young and his he's doing so well and he is just playing like he's almost thirty years already and there's like
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one of the games. developing young players is one of noddles men's strengths to desk i was also keen to give the young guns a chance like how it could quite handle the pressure here. i'm not quite a unit yet they're getting better under the new coach work needs to be done in the final third. when i really want to scoring spell and i really mean i was horrible at will come shall kick up the mainstay kingly clothes in the back of the coaches they improved in the second half to desk you might have been top of the class in his coaching academy but is shall decide to not top class yet still a lot of work to be done. it's a no go to feeling you know so if we score it's better. meanwhile his side post the
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third best attack in the league but what else separates him from to desk goes. we run a five kilometers more than our opponents against a time when we're playing four matches in quick succession that's not a given here and in mines we showed a great mentality which was crucial to our winning the game and. in summation hoffenheim a more mature and more effective. while to desk i was complaining novels men's voices already reacting. their life to the situation and so lucas what grabs a second for half an hour to nail the final score for the little bit of luck involved for the host but who's complaining. is part of the game when you're out there you've got it and that's where we are at the moment so i will take it. lab on the beach in the in the bundesliga
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fourteen points from six games and second in the table often times are on the right track. so what advice can now those men give. that his company didn't deserve to win and i played well. to young buff and aiming high in the bundesliga let's see what the old guard are up to. welcome to munich the layer of the champ it's three wins on the trot francia lucky . the conductor in his orchestra has found their sound at the start there was a lot of moaning and wailing now everyone has found their role. but while all was in order here they are still looking for harmony new coach marty schmidt is supposed to help with that but he needs time. time though is hard to come by in
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football especially against pile of put the visitors under pressure have too much pressure. over live a dusty score the opener from the spot the free minutes in i've observed the seventh of the season. by having dominated the game volves border small fry ahead of the champions league game against p.s.g. it's a routine victory. are you involved in made it to nil with so why take care of business early. ready for the real challenge on words. feeling accompanied by and into the changing rooms at half time she goes up and no
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sign of conceding. he was happy with what he'd seen in the first half while his counterpart was busy plotting byron's down. his touchline antics and motivational skills seems to work i think a team spirit kept on fighting the change of tactics a little bit. he went on playing with the two strikers and said to be. to have a mood like this said in german and to go up front and just game postponed believed they could turn it around. so much so that maximilian on old had to go from thirty metres out. of three moves mountains above. at least seven who like to move his property manuel neuer is deputy looking rest of the last time both school got any points in munich was sixteen years ago. they were lucky
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they believe didn't down them here the but they also showed a real team spirit fight and efficiency. seven minutes from time powerful hard delivered this marvelous cross which found danielle the double of the ship to the final score a point for both sport in the champions backyard of. the jubilee but each may have inspired his team at half time to come back which boils the machine it might just inspire a turnaround in fortunes. this isn't a pose or use like a sports car which i'm lucky enough to be in charge of right now i've got to fix a few bits and. dogs juno opposite and that's a lot of fun isn't it maybe if new vanish
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a new mentality maybe that's an area in which i can make some changes on the show with the way i was pirates winning mentality signore i think that. was played better than our sun out there and they did they there's after even. now they can turn their attention to the upcoming challenge against p.s.g. maybe buyers will find their feet in that game for us a taste of our new show kick off life. what is football. while it's a game on a pitch or street where having locked football is a lot and it's here. it's joint. pain. it's a lot of time together. football is life it's every emotion on the planet. it's not and quite a tug i'm late it's you. and it sucks.
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it's your past and your future. the football is like make the stars and the fans go all. made of life and take off life. the results of the match day six kind of a still unbeaten while dortmund have finally conceded a goal they still won by a five goal margin like second hoffenheim stay close to the top with home wins while violent only managed to draw against both booked. table please. don't linger still top with hoffenheim in close pursuit. fired also are far off outs for swap spots while the rest unmoved. looking to escape the bottom half.
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rise from fourteenth to tenth after that win over hamburg who are nearing the relegation spots again after a full consecutive defeats alone have finally got a point on the board but they're still vote some of the table. it was an awesome game for me it was great to play like that in front of our fans it was the cherry on top. today i want to see. that. this is an. issue. that's come at six. o'clock and i didn't even think about it i just lifted
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it in and it was an emotional moment when it went in i've always wanted to score a goal. now it's happened it's.
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get that up to the minute news and opinions of the background to political developments. d.w. we bring you more of the oil. welcome to quadriga that he sat on and they are going to have a look at that there's music are you ready for this top political visionary and she's women's talk long t w a lot of smart women. attack smart talk so that we broke the record and i'm smart stay shaking fans cheer the most in the next report you'll find out just how this way about the. d w made for mines. on the vast steps of central asia and expand dition in search of an ancient denizen of kazakhstan the saigon antelope. a year ago scientists found evidence of a mysterious catastrophe what killed so many of them and or those that are alive
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