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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 28, 2017 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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so i think there was something rotten in the state of byron in munich and this was the final straw so where do they go from here you know there been some rumors all right now immediately it's going to be willie technology assistant he's going to take over the reins thomas to cole was a coach of rusia dorman he's a name that's been thrown out in the rumor mill possibly he could you know fill the slot of byron munich typically they have very world recognize the noble coaches filling these rains in my opinion the young wonder kid from oppenheim you leonardo's mind is the best bet he's home grown a german native i think byron winning in the long run will look and try to get a coach that knows the players knows the system and that wants to be about munich and more importantly he's german so i think in a few years there will be the call that you have to wait and see chris harrington finance thank you ok now turkey has reacted angrily to this week's independence referendum by iraqi kurds turkish forces have stopped training kurdish soldiers to fight so-called islamic state they've also held joint military exercises with iraqi
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troops on the border of the semi autonomous kurdish region a number of airlines have said that they will comply with baghdad's orders to suspend the flights into and out of the region in northern iraq where more than ninety percent of voters backed independence. after the referendum passed the kurds in iraq could hardly contain themselves thousands flooded the kurdish cities in northern iraq to celebrate a referendum they have been pushing for for years. today we are overjoyed we've been living under occupation and suffering for one hundred years but today we rejected that. yes for independence and freedom for the kurdish people. kurdistan is already an autonomous region within iraq but minority kurds want to break away with other territory like the oil rich region
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near the city of kirkuk to form an independent state. baghdad has called the vote unconstitutional. iraq's prime minister the body has said international flights to the kurdish region would be suspended and vowed to keep iraq from breaking apart. they took advantage of the situation and violated the constitution i don't want to say that we will use force we'll use our heads and respect the constitution if they respond to this then it's fine and therefore today i demand that they return all the areas they recaptured from the islamic state it's what parliament decided. by. iraq's neighbors have rejected the referendum turkey has been holding joint military exercises along its border with the kurdish region and threatened to block kurdistan's oil exports . several airlines are stopping flights to northern iraq at baghdad's request.
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the non-binding vote is unlikely to lead to independence anytime soon. but that has not dampened the mood across the kurdish region. let's go to iraqi kurdistan then where we find t.w. correspondent just karim in the money welcome jafar so let's start with this flight this was reacted to this independence vote by talking about banning flights from friday how are people reacting to that. people here are really confused about it kind of like afraid they're asking what's going to happen with them the next weeks the next days they know they don't even know how serious this blockade is going to take into action and even when you see talks with foreigners most of the foreigners are trying to leave so many feel today and even we were just
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journalist and the people who are here not to cover what's going on insulin money on their we are also asks to leave and should be evacuated till to morrow morning so there's a kind of tension what will happen what if there's not enough food coming in you know what this is really there's a blockade concerning the people here so they're really worried no. and you could really expect this referendum to lead to independence what i mean they are happy now that they did this referendum they are happy that the majority said yes i mean ninety two percent said yes for this referendum i when you talk to them they say it's our right we want to have a core state we want to be independent a lot of them even when i talk to them today in the street the whole day they told me i see myself i am a court i'm not an iraqi it's time for us to be an independent but still the question for them is like how will all this lead to independence what will happen what is the next plan what's what's going to be the next step and this is what's
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also making them think a lot especially when you talk with them about the economical situation here in kurdistan iraq it's so such depending on. on the state iraq and it's also depending on exports from outside will this influence their daily life that's what the people are thinking about because when you talk to people in their below they're already getting to the supermarket and buying food and buying the necessity things in order to protect themselves within the next days but it's also important to mention at the same time when you tell them like why did you vote why. didn't you say we don't want to vote they said no we want to just state and we are ready to face any challenges facing us because we believe we believe in it and it's our right and we have been doing so much and been having so much challenges the last years our our history is food of challenges and we will also overcome this challenge so. there was jubilation then the results of this referendum and then presumably shock at the
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reaction from baghdad what it's a sort of mood now. i mean now and now the mood everyone is really waiting for what's going to happen tomorrow i just talked to one of the leaders here in kurdistan iraq who is the leaders for the campaign say no and he still believes that was not the right decision to say yes and he also believes that the their way they're a friend and was done it's illegal and he will go into legal steps concerning from iraq the iraqis are very concerned because they see kurdistan iraq as part of iraq and they don't want to get it divided but people here say we will go our way to karim and so the manufacturer and i was the fourth round of formal talks come to an end in brussels britain and the e.u. say they have had a constructive week but in fact secretary david davis was upbeat saying the teams had made decisive steps forward but his european counterparts michel barnier has
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more and more progress was needed before the next phase of talks on trade and a transition period could begin. well t.w. about your of course upon the matter since been covering those talks he joins us from brussels welcome so reading between the lines of the statements from the two sides what has been your assessment of his fourth round. i would say this fourth round was a little more constructive there was a little bit more clarity but all of that is a far cry from actual agreement so in key areas both sides remain divided for instance if you look at the brics it builds on the financial can financial commitments that the u.k.'s two on or an agreement is far off weeks even month the same goes for the citizen rights issues where the european court of justice remains a big issue whether that should be should have any say in the in the future u.k. outside of the e.u. northern ireland still a lot of unanswered questions and even the structure of the talks so the idea first
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to settle the divorce issues and then move on to future relationship even that is not acknowledged by the president. david from the u.k. so a lot of disagreement actually under the surface of the prime minister theresa may made a speech in florence last week and that looked like an attempt to sort of try and reset the negotiating mood did it i had the chance to talk to a body language expert this week and he said to me look from the pictures he sees the personal relationship the good mood is is actually a fact so the two breaks it negotiators the british side and the e.u. side actually do get along but the key issue is substance in these talks and today the european parliament has issued a draft a statement that is to be decided on next week that talked about the absence of any clear proposals and that really is the key issue the e.u. side expects the u.k.
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to put on the table their position to the brakes a bill to civil sort of a civil citizen rights and to the issue of a hard border with northern ireland and these until these positions are clear negotiations will remain in the situation where they are now are now and not move actually forward. matters in brussels thank you. you're watching t.w. news live from burnand still to come if you have the life and legacy did the playboy founder who has died at the age of ninety one exploits empower women a culture desperate explore the naked truth. a fully clothed bed facility is here with more on the emissions scandal which is still going on more and more is being revealed so to speak public prosecutors have arrested the first top manager in germany in connection with the diesel gate affair german media say both young hearts was one of the most important people in charge
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of motor engineering at the b.w. group he was put on forced leave when the scandal broke in twenty fifteen what's really interesting is that he said to be a close mate of former fox wagon boss martin into corners of repeatedly denied any knowledge of the breaking.


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