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students have rallied in barcelona to defend catalonia as of right to hold an independence referendum on sunday the government of madrid says that the referendum is illegal and has vowed to stop it from going ahead. indian officials say that more than twenty people are dead and dozens injured following a stampede in mumbai the incident happened on a foot bridge at a railway station during morning rush hour the bridge was reportedly overcrowded with people taking shelter from heavy rains. you're up to date now and t w news i'm sarah kelly in berlin thank you very much for watching and don't forget we will have another news update at the top of the hour i'll see that. on freedom and the whole. world i come from the region is rich in history and talent but so poor in it. and freedom this makes it specially difficult for
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independent judgment i see many of the younger promising gen. now making names for themselves all over the world. some might get along the way some might follow some with continue. the experience of freedom in a sense is like the view of day you can visit your car come back on. line in your favorite food and i work at. b.w. deals another blow to its shareholders with a profit warning saying diesel gate retrofits will prove more costly than it thought. was a coming up ahead of a cattle on
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a referendum over the question of independence will speak to a company or an eighteen barcelona about what separation would mean for bottom line . this is your business update on how an arm free in berlin good to have you with us europe's largest car maker folks fog and back foot it investors on friday with a warning that profits slipped set to four in the third quarter now that caused the german giants share price to dip sharply w. said its bottom line had suffered from ongoing buyback and refit activities in the united states in the wake of the emission scandal the call make it said they were proving to be significantly longer and technically more demanding than expected and would likely end up costing two and a half billion a year. well catalonia leaving spain will cause a huge political shake up in the economic ramifications for both sides would be significant out of seventeen regions catalonia is spain's most prosperous tourism
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industry a very important there and the region accounts for almost twenty percent of the nation's economic output pro independence business owners in the region they say they are ready to go it alone persists split much like breaks it does not come without complications the poblano district of barcelona where the startup temp water has its offices its team has developed a compact water filter that it hopes will soon dominate the market force alone has been a great place to set up business but now there are doubts. about barcelona's a cosmopolitan city teeming with top talent. if the city becomes less cosmopolitan as a result of the referendum that will be really difficult for us on this feel that. companies have been leaving for years new businesses horror arriving but not enough to compensate for the losses industrial baker and independence opponent who is
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a boy who thinks things will only get morse. if independence goes through it will unleash an exit as companies want to be in europe or in the capital . for catalonia that would mean a drop in economic output rising unemployment and higher taxes in order. to lonia would collapse economically. i can only comment that even so many employers support catalonian independence this company produces detergents the owner feels the region would do better on its own then as part of spain but he's nervous about the referendum. we should be concerned with what's coming but be ready to take this courageous step i think there's no way around this crisis and action needs to be taken. in an attempt to cover its bases the company has taken a more international approach to reduce its dependence on the rest of spain. we
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have prepared a crisis plan even though we're a small company we put our heads together and thought long and hard about how we can best prepare for the challenges we might expect in the future or. if we're going to have many business owners are taking a wait and see approach this is also true in germany in spain more german businesses have set up branch offices in catalonia than any other region some have set up plants. but there's a mixture of suspense and anxiety if you believe the process will be orderly. if an independence claim is pushed many companies would probably relocate that tap water they'll cross that bridge when they get there. no one knows what'll happen if there were no more euro or membership in the e.u. we'd have no other choice. spain is in turmoil but both opponents and backers
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agree on one thing uncertainty will likely continue well past the referendum vote. well i'd like to get the view of the one i live in now because he's a business owner he runs an export and import company he's a member of the cattle on business association and he joins us from boston and i thank you for joining us are you concerned about the economic impact of this vote for your business. levy ain't got helen young are very worried about the current situation how is developing these events that we are seeing now the. reluctant reveal of instability and instability is not good for business is but is not good for society either beyond the celebrity front we're worried about the social consequences to wealth as a whole the process what about the prospect of being outside all the european union i'm wondering what portion of your sales go to the. well beyond.
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we don't contemplate that scenario because that's impossible the scenario of the season is now you have to think you can only go to that scenario for it in the volatile. to be honest no one believes you can believe in that scenario assuming that capital gain advantage is that you would be outside. and the european give you the percentage about seventy percent of our business who got a line in this. thing have not had the access to have enough of it is it last a seventy percent of your or your business the things that happen. on your economy and the way you develop your confidence you know a member of the catalan business association i'm wondering do other members think like you what they'd be happy to see here with taxes going to madrid.
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obviously members of my decisions not say different than me they believe that it's much better off the mark span to be part of the european union or the other business is a man that believes the wise. to be on the last is that what's that what's the rationale is the reason why they believe in the valley. span of the end you will be better for me to be honest is very hard to see that scenario one would even though that only that owner of an important export business joining us from off line i'd have kept it on his referendum on independence thank you thank you. now when it comes to competitiveness it's not all about trade countries are increasingly dependent on digital infrastructure as well now in order to keep pace extensive high speed data networks are necessary and this means broadband connectivity over five or optic
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cables and in the european union all taken scandinavian countries are certainly leading the pack we've got latvia ranking in first their nearly sixty three percent of broadband goes over those fiber optic networks is followed by sweden in second place with fifty five percent and then by a stone you're in third with a solid thirty five percent will germany is still developing its networks it comes at nineteenth on the list only one point eight percent of german broadband is routed over fiber optic lines that germany definitely needs to expand its digital infrastructure but progress has been slow in the second half of twenty sixteen the proportion of fiber optics rose by a mere two tenths of a percent and by global standards well germany is also really lagging behind almost no industrialized country has a lower proportion of fiber optics while perhaps some of those countries like being
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behind including germany might want to take a leaf out of a stone is because there you can forget piles and piles of paper when getting your admin done these days it can all be done online unless well you're talking about buying a house getting a divorce or getting married which hopefully you might want to do in person and for the e.u. a barrier free single digital market could increase economic output by four hundred billion euros and create thousands of new jobs computer programming in grade three a compulsory subject in a stone year students write music programs and games marcos started programming when he was five writing software for many robots. when you are developing software you have to be very precise so that the robot does exactly what you want it to do i want to be the best programmer in estonia even better than skype. everyone hanno skype the telecommunications software is used worldwide but
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it was developed by estonians the one point three million citizens have internet access everywhere and anywhere for free a right that the estonian government guaranteed back in two thousand. this is the man behind us tony is digital strategy seems to could he's an i.t. consultant for the government using his id he has access to his digital records personal data health information driver's license details income he can file his taxes in a matter of minutes but others have access to if he doesn't block them ahead of time we provide the privacy measure for people because through lookbook quicker she has been accessing over the eight of us so for example here i can see you saying my health records but then there's some other family limit dr davis or the carter center for that's ok if there was somebody who i think i've no patience with my homework but i could make a data protection claim that would be unimaginable in germany where data sharing is
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viewed far more suspiciously plus of course germany is far larger than a stone and. bismo and or trying to do it will be several years before we get to that point in gemini but i also say that all federal system means we have to think differently in the next few years that i wish showed to implement some changes nationwide. but the estonian digital system is not without security gaps according to media reports hackers could potentially gain access to the data of seven hundred fifty thousand a stone ians that's about half the population such reports and that's the latest from the world of business for more find us on facebook follow us on twitter d w underscore business i have.
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to go offline. we take football personally. i do it. three women women want. both of women who've come all the
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way to be in states. go because football is a team sport. the. laundry done the international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week well after last sunday's national election here in germany angela merkel europe's longest serving leader is still clinging on to power but how much has she been wounded domestically and internationally find out. in sixty minutes. welcome to quadriga art that meant that you thought you had a business the women's talk w. . smart women. talk we think we are
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