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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 29, 2017 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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yes i said and us posted people here are calm because the well it will be held and they are complete that there are both so as of right now and that something dramatic happened between now and tomorrow i think we can expect the vote to go ahead somehow and we're going to spec people from early in the morning to start working with the polling stations and then we have to wait and see because as i mentioned police are expected to try in the back way. schools and other places but also yes if they cut down on your minutes there could be the equivalent says that the company is women do anything that will be strapped to the public order so we have to wait and see if people you can take a school. even if it's basically by sitting and you can put you on the anything so in any case and that's what we were seeing these days barcelona have a history in the us trunk of each one of peaceful demonstrations so. i
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listening as trent happens and are for maybe some isolated incidents i'm expecting and my. problem let's let's look ahead then what's the national government likely to do after sunday regardless of what happens. well phil that's the million dollar question and that's something that is still remains very unclear because the focus has been so centered on october the first known as really being thinking too much about what could happen after october first now what we do know is that after the cabinet meeting earlier in madrid they said that they are on willing to dialogue with god let's push them on and his deputy as the catalyst which a month of course being because latin regional president he said that they will not dialogue with him or his deputy at all and that what's interesting about that is that there the fact that they're saying dialogue they're open perhaps to the idea of speaking to the catalan government about potentially and i assume point having a legal referendum which now they haven't said that but it's certainly
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a new form of speaking about catalonia and the idea of perhaps reaching some sort of solution but as we've been saying as you know in the past couple of minutes no one really knows what's going to happen over the next few it's so big on known what will happen on monday but we'll have to just wait and see what happens on sunday first and then we'll see what happens on monday all right and we will of course be covering that across the weekend probably. in madrid as they begin to tell you what in boss alone if i could both. of us get more on this from d.w. social media i said was not the same who's been tracking the discussion of mine welcome bring us up to speed. hi phil well what we're seeing on social media is overwhelmingly pro independence but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's reflecting the reality on the ground there are lots of videos of protests coming in for instance there's one video off catalan farmers driving their tractors through
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the streets of the regional capital brussel own up. and they're shouting we will vote and they were also applauded by locals who lined the streets to cheer them on we also have a video of thousands of cattle and fire men rallying in support of independence at barcelona support the firemen occupied catalona us history museum unfurling a pro. banner but the picture is quite complex here is one user who posted pictures from a catalonian anted independence meeting so there are also kaplan's of course who are opposed to the referendum and the mayor of barcelona. colao has posted this letter here to twitter asking seven twenty seven european mayors to support their call for the e.u. to mediate between the kaplan and spanish governments and of course it's also
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important to note that nearly seven hundred fifty catalan mayors are being charged with civil disobedience abuse of office and misuse of public funds for letting people vote here we have a report by reporters without borders and this report describes the catalan pro independence government's constant pressure on local and foreign media so we're seeing pressure on both sides and suppression on both sides they're talking about harassment of critical journalists attempts by crowds of demonstrators to intimidate t.v. reporters and the generally poisonous climate of press freedom i want to watch that is faced with central government giving ideas to other movements with in spain. well spain is a pluralistic country as you probably know there are distinct languages that people speak like of course catalan and then deletion but also basque and we have one user here who posted this image and on the image you can see that it says
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today catalonia and tomorrow the basque country so they're different secessionist movements they're using the opportunity to speak up in favor of independence i also have another example by the irish party sion fein who put out this video sending solidarity greetings from ireland who are standing up for their own right to their time and their own future in advance of sunday's independence referendum the message must be clear cut lines must have the right to vote to choose their own future and you need to the fan the cattle and there's also a tweet by scotland's first minister nicola sturgeon who wrote the principal of self-determination is in trying to in the un charter so it's not just spain and the catalans who are awaiting the referendum but also other regions who well who where this referendum on have an impact on how it was that has the same thank you
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for the money might have already had their calculators out trying to work out the financial impact of a possible catalan secession that daniel that winter has well that's right there are many different complex reasons for catalonia to want to go independent and money is one of them catalonia says or many people there that spain takes too much from the region and gives too little in return after all a fifth of the whole country's economic output comes from catalonia with just sixteen percent of spain's population living there the emotional arguments over identity and respect for catalan culture are strong and even when it comes to trade in business no one is saying that catalonia throw up physical borders if independence happens yet some firms fear disruption if the region does opt out. the poblano district of barcelona where the startup temp water has its offices its team has developed a compact water filter that it hopes will soon dominate the market force alone has been a great place to set up business but now there are doubts. that barcelona is
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a cosmopolitan city teeming with top talent. if the city becomes less cosmopolitan as a result of the referendum that will be really difficult for us. companies have been leaving for years new businesses are arriving but not enough to compensate for the losses and baker and independence opponent who is a boy who thinks things will only get morse. if independence goes through it will unleash an exit as companies want to be in europe or in the capital . for catalonia that would mean a drop in economic output rising unemployment and higher taxes. lonia would collapse economically. i mean even so many employers support catalonian independence this company produces detergents the
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owner feels the region would do better on its own than as part of spain but he's nervous about the referendum. we should be concerned with what's coming but be ready to take this courageous step i think there's no way around this crisis and action needs to be taken. in an attempt to cover its bases the company has taken a more international approach to reduce its dependence on the rest of spain. we have prepared a crisis plan even though we're a small company we put our heads together and thought long and hard about how we can best prepare for the challenges we might expect in the future. problems but after many business owners are taking a wait and see approach this is also true in germany in spain more german businesses have set up branch offices and catalonia than any other region some have set up plans. but there's
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a mixture of suspense and anxiety and if you believe the process will be orderly. if an independence claim is pushed many companies would probably relocate that tap water they'll cross that bridge when they get there my advice and. no one knows what'll happen if there were no more euro or membership in the e.u. we'd have no other choice. spain is in turmoil but both opponents and backers agree on one thing uncertainty will likely continue well past the referendum vote. and to another independence referendum except this one has actually happened at almost ninety three percent it's an overwhelming victory for the coa who want to back independence but could kurdistan as a separate country go it alone. supporters of the referendum celebrate the results as if an independent kurdish state were already a reality kurdish leaders have asked the central government in baghdad to respect
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the will of the people and to start negotiating. this is the area in northern iraq that the kurds are claiming and it would be the camp.


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