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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 30, 2017 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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it's a kind of culture war be over we are not suppose for what we are we're a family unbelievable. new sun media phenomenon starting october fifteenth on d. w. me a sony. this is d w news live from berlin confrontation in catalonia on the eve of the independence referendum thousands gather in barcelona and in madrid for rallies to oppose sunday's disputed vote but the catalonian government insists of the
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referendum will go ahead as planned. also coming up u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says washington is in direct contact with north korea the revelation comes as tillerson met with chinese leaders to discuss taining north korea's nuclear ambitions. and have equal abbas and welcome to the program tensions are rising as catalonia prepares to hold its independence referendum on sunday catalan authorities say everything is in place for the vote to go ahead but spain central government is calling the ballot illegal and has sent thousands of police officers to the region to stop it spanish residents who oppose holding the vote at all use the eve of the referendum to speak out against it. the protesters in madrid
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demonstrating against sunday's referendum on catalonia independence the spanish government is determined to make the vote impossible because a lot of fishes are pushing ahead with the bad polling on friday night yes campaigners turned out for their final rally. where they chant. it may have been a party atmosphere but the build up to this weekend has been marred with a committee. and bustle lowness port the ship's hired to accommodate additional police forces sent by the central government to stop the vote. police have been ordered to seal off polling stations and volunteer staff could be fined up to three hundred thousand euros. national assembly president says he hopes to police will have empathy for the voters. i'm aware they have
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a job to do that they have their orders and have to carry them out. but we also know that they have feelings conscience in barcelona students families and children have occupied classrooms sets to be used as police stations many of them have already spent the night here but they plan to remain until sunday when the vote starts. and we would like to show that we feel. like we had some visits from the police but it was just a few of which are not enough for her. to. believe we are having the worst get. the party atmosphere for now but as police move to enforce the ban these photos could soon find themselves on a collision course. and for more on what's unfolding there i'm now joined by
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journalist from barcelona and there have been protests in bar also on our city center can you update us on what's happening there. hello good afternoon from barcelona yesterday there were some poll distain barcelona. of spain protest against the referendum on sunday and protest in favor of spain and there were no important incidents or clashes reported also today i didn't see big. protests because we had many protests to relax point that the fans protest and today they were polling stations are staying at home there is a lot of uncertainty right now and have to learn enough about what's going to happen tomorrow you're mentioning uncertainty the police have been instructed to prevent this vote from happening at all so do we know at this time what level base
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is actually being enforced. is there is a strong police presence in catalonia. spanish police officers have been deployed to prevent their referendum on friday police began to close some polling stations was how did the use of force citizens in favor of the referendum. polling stations to prevent closure in five days in the centers and organize some activities to guarantee that polling stations are not sealed of bad to police said that they have to live schools they are in schools before dawn and yes that's what we have and that's a situation right now. where i remember the spains prosecutor ordered to see
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a lot of polling stations millions of ballot papers were seized websites were closed and today there was a police raid in telecommunications center of barcelona ok now we've seen demonstrations from people who are supporting the referendum but also those who oppose it can you talk to us briefly about how this has divided the region. yeah les paul said that forty one percent people are saying. forty nine percent are against that. seventeen but figures may have change after. the actions of this funny. divided society you see the person we are very close. to one percent in
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favor of independence for two nine percent against independence. but. we are. living this fully. b.s. . society thank you from barcelona for your insight. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world police have arrested dozens of people in the swedish city of golf and burned after a neo nazi group rallied there clashes broke out between counter-demonstrators and some six hundred members of the extreme right wing nordic resistance movement a police officer and several other people were injured in the violence. russian opposition leader alexina vali has held a rally just one day after being released from police custody he was detained on friday before a similar event as he tries to galvanize opposition to the country's current
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leadership the russian authorities accuse him of violating laws on organizing public meetings. german police say they have arrested six alleged islamists in the northern city of braman newspaper developed says the group is accused of planning to rob a jewelry store and use the proceeds to purchase weapons one of the suspects is french and security officials claimed he has ties to jihad. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has said the u.s. is in direct contact with north korea over its nuclear weapons program and is probing the country's willingness to talk to her son made the remarks in beijing where he was meeting president. and other officials he also called for calm the u.s. use china as crucial to attempts to stop young in developing nuclear weapons china has strong economic ties with north korea accounting for about ninety percent
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appealing yanks foreign trade. now earlier i spoke to steven burrill our correspondent in seoul south korea i began by asking him just how important china's role is in developing channels of communication between the united states and north korea if u.s. and north korea were in some kind of direct contact and presumably that's a diplomatic process that's going ahead without china's direct involvement and whether or not that you cite sit down to talk will depend on a variety of factors particularly the preconditions that they place on any kind of talks north korea has historically resisted talks that were predicated upon its taking steps towards the nuclear as they should that being said china is of course very important to any sort of approach north korea given the amount of economic power that they have on north korea and i think some u.s. policy makers and analysts have in the past assumed that china has this sort of
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magic ability to affect north korea's behavior but history shows that that isn't always the case. now as you mentioned china is obviously an important actor in this situation and they've also adopted u.n. sanctions against north korea and seem increasingly willing to cut those ties of over its nuclear weapons program but how much further can washington push beijing to exert power on north korea. to answer that it's important to distinguish between economic and political power china has a lot of economic power of chris he said given that north korea's only active land borders with china and so much of its trade depends on interaction with china but that being said. north korea is still a sovereign country and when it comes to what policies they want to carry out and if they choose to pursue nuclear weapons or missiles there's not much the china can do to change that so. is it will be able to assess the extent to which the two
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sides are able to cooperate and just how much the u.s. is able to get china on board with carrying out u.n. sanctions and other kind of punitive measures on north korea now looking ahead president trump will visit beijing in november of course currently there appears to be warmer ties between u.s. and china but could anything be derailed now for between now and that briefly if you can. the calendar is full of big events between now and then china will have its communist party congress and north korea will be celebrating the foundation of its ruling party and south korean officials just said this week that they expect more provocative action from north korea around mid october so the question will be if tensions do arise if the u.s. and china will seize on that urgency to cooperate more cohesively and to make a more united front or if the more tense situation leads them to break apart in some way and they have some differences on the best way to move forward so we'll
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have to stay tuned over the next couple weeks and see how things develop with a full calendar we'll certainly be watching that closely steven burrill a console thank you. time for some bunda sligo where legal eaters dortmund travel to inform our expert on match day seven the teams traded blows early on but scoring within eleven minutes but shinji kagawa restored dortmund's lead before half time and although peer emerick over my own missed a penalty late dortmund still managed to claim three points with a two one win let's have a look at the other results so far glad grabbed a last minute winner against hanover from the penalty spot frank for also left it late against good car to mark their first home win while wolfsburg and mind shared points in a one one draw as we speak braman are hosting hamburg in the north on sunday freiburg host hoffenheim berlin welcomed by iron and leipzig travel to cologne.
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now as this match week got underway on friday night shaka hosted leverkusen the home side got on the board first when midfielder lay on the rights stepped up to take a free kick staring at home from twenty three metres out leverkusen tied things up just after the hour mark when jamaica internationally on bailey shot rang it off the defender's boot that's his first point is leo goal one one was the final score . in formula one racing lewis hamilton will start sunday's malaysia grand prix in pole position and clocked the fastest time in qualifying edging out for our east came here i can and red bull's max for stop and hamilton's title hopes received another huge boost after his main rival sebastian vettel experienced engine trouble in the german was forced to head to the garage the ferrari driver will now start the race on the back of the grid. and the netherlands of course
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known for their iconic windmills so no better setting for this world record for dozens of break dancers from across europe simultaneously performed the windmill move and it's exactly how it sounds with the performers mimicking the motions of a windmill it all happened in the south of the country a world us go site. we also have some unusual pictures for you from the german island of sold in the north sea a plane that you're about to see here on the lawn is not exactly where it's supposed to be it's actually supposed to be all the way over there on the runway the air berlin jet with eighty eight people on board overshot the wet runway and came to a standstill about fifty meters away luckily no one was injured in the incident but the passengers and crew had a rather long walk to the terminal. and we'll leave you now with some very cute pictures of some very cute panda cubs from china's sichuan province the oldest
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is five months and the youngest just to i'm abby quite often matt herman will be with you at the top of the hour thanks for watching. nationalists are on the rise what were required to make your country great again that is their slogan their focus put your nation first i am taking going straight to highlights different shades of nationalism and to find out what this nation mean to you.


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