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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  October 1, 2017 2:30am-3:01am CEST

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even something as simple as learning how to write a by side note isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle of my home but it took me years to when i. finally gave up and went to buy new my cycles but returned because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls than riding a bike and now i want to meet those women back home who are boned by their drinking and social norms and inform them about the basic rights my name is the about of the group and i warn you to.
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greetings from the german capital once again and a warm welcome to our highlights of the week that are lining up this time with the following stories. talk of the town a belgian designer makes the splash at paris caution week. on the road again an iconic french car makes a comeback in wood. and design classic an italian storage unit turns fifty. a paris is the city of fashion on any given day but this past week more than ever as the press reports a show's showcase the trends for next spring and summer and one show in particular was eagerly awaited that of the french fashion label why project had designer glen mountains is a protege of the one and only. which certainly shows in his creations which are like a hybrid of street where and elegant and we caught up with him backstage. with
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barely an hour to go before his latest creations if the catwalk thirty three year old glen martens flips around backstage nipping and talking and making sure everything fits perfectly right to the last second. of all if i even used to put on sunglasses because i'd be so nervous about the show walker it is i didn't want anyone to see my eyes and realize how terrorizing stressed i was at that if it is up to the professor. but he need not have worried everything is going very nicely for him right now recently glenn martin's won the coveted on dom fashion award with his cash first of two hundred fifty thousand euros. intended to give talented young designers a boost the award was based in part on these creations for. that is cool because the jury that is stows the award is made up of key figures in the fashion industry and i tell myself if they thought i deserve this award that it was about
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amounts to a wonderful confirmation that both of us will quit. glenn martin has been creative director of the french wine project label since two thousand and thirteen. he creates fashions for both men and women some of his pieces are unisex. his very latest women's collection is among his most adventurous go dresses was train. shorts brampton or guns or. spiral stair let go. shirts with four sleeves. that plagues that show skin oh yeah what i'm aiming for is to show a person's various sides we all have several facets sometimes you're more a business person sometimes more lover or a party or. you should give expression to these different moods but whether sexy a classical or street where it's often. you can achieve that with
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a single piece of clothing and with that when you're in that frame of mind and you put on your look the person in the outfit become a unified whole topics on this with all the. clint martin's approach to constructing and deconstructing items of clothing as routes to run deep. for he attended the fashion academy and he completed his studies in architecture. he draws inspiration from historical buildings and personality. my father often took me to churches and chateaus and taught me about history i was totally fascinated by it as a child when i started to draw i always sketched historical figures like a hole in cleopatra and marie antoinette sort of their clothing was very important for me because i knew clothes make the man because these influences can still be found in my collections today even though they're modern. with all that i could it's a massive cultural but. these designs are historical and of on guard all at once so
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visual made on the skirt made from blue nylon is reminiscent of marie antoinette and the renaissance of people in it but the idea behind it is that it's three skirts and one and that gives it a certain volume of. martin's ingenious combinations of one over the fashion world in paris critics here rave about music striving and creations is this classic touch from the thing came from the ancient periods but with this trait to a taste and i find this one of the most innovative brain because of this kind of. makes that akin they made it actually is not straight to it is not to tour but these something new that i always i'm called is going to see i've watched it evolve you know in his own collection and ever since he started why project in the beginning it was tough the first couple seasons. but it was great watching you is
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seeing you to get stronger and stronger nike's one of the rare designers you know that has a signature and it's playing with volumes playing with this is story and i know it's graphics he's great. celebrities have also discovered when markets r. and b. singer iana is also a fan so are top models better and g.g. aidid. maybe they'll find the perfect outfit in his latest collection. but right now glen martin's is simply glad the show's over and he's off to celebrate with his team. and from street where to street art which has finally found its rightful home here in the german capital urban nation is a new addition to berlin's museum landscape that aims to help bring street artists to the next level in public awareness and so it commissioned
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a number of works for its opening exhibition to create some street art with staying power that people can then recognize outside. street art is ephemeral. metre high art works that grace entire facades are made for eternity. and buildings can get torn down or repainted so legal or not street art is transitory by nature. now the urban nation museum in berlin is out to bring street art indoors it's one of the world's first prominent museums for contemporary urban art. but can art born on the street really work in a museum. through the heart of the street art belongs on the street and should stay there here at the urbanization museum and we asked one hundred thirty artists who normally decorate building walls to come up with an artwork measuring one metre by one metre fifty for the museum. from when these are
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kinds of done in but at the same time we will continue to work with these artists on large outdoor projects of halls and with. the aesthetics and styles of various street artists are now captured on canvas this helps visitors identify the artist's work out on the street. it's been positive i'm surprised to see street art in a museum park who can spread patients were high but now it's amazing like the the collection this wow i have great respect for the people who organize this getting the people together and the artists. creative director yasha young spent two years working with nine other curators around the globe to select the artists for the project. the exhibition showcases urban contemporary art giving
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a relatively young genre a place in art history but the new museum wants to be more than just an exhibition space. as i think is more than museums an aim is to create a repository for urban art the first exhibition provides insights into the developments techniques styles and diversity of urban art. the urban nation museum also showcases artists who work in different genres. like berlin based artist me meet s. the former street artist now works digitally in a studio but it's still clear where her roots are and it is a fantasist to me. it's an honor for me to be represented here to be here as an illustrator and a digital artist or digital painter with a relatively new medium that isn't so widely accepted and only recently found a degree of recognition when i fought for ten years for this so the feeling is
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indescribable. with its framed canvases and orderly structure the current exhibition seems like ones found in conventional museums however the buildings architectural design will provide plenty of space for experimental shows in the future. tell us about the building is flexible enough for us to paint entire walls that are twenty meters high we can paint the facade or remove it and add new elements to it into the house that's the inaugural exhibition runs until next summer then the exhibits will make way for new works of street art but no fear rather than being destroyed the outgoing pieces will be stored for posterity. well it's a veritable legend in automotive history the citron two c.v. known as the vo in french and lovingly nicknamed in german which means duck well the relatively inexpensive friend's car was first unveiled in paris in one thousand
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nine hundred eighty eight and at the time it captured the hearts of a nation still recovering from the ravages of war well it's still a much loved model today with such symbolic flair that one carpenter in central france has paid homage to it like no one before him. this situ and to see partition is made of wood but you can still drive it. after five years of work the car's maker michette over yeah it's taking it out on its maiden voyage through the medieval town of english. this is the first time it's been on the streets of france in russia. i guess. you like it here. instead of getting a little bicycle i've got a little car. the feeling you know what the idea was to build
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additional not any other cars but my heart set on building a dish of all but the. earlier the wooden tisha was unveiled in last central square the whole town came out to see it. the local priest even bless the car with holy water. all means of locomotion that brings people together connects and unites them and that's the role of the gospel to. the destroyed you know convert the to c.v.s. the legendary automobile in france it was in production forty years so it's a very nice idea to build a replica out of wood. you know you get. the dish it's always
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a symbol of french. the art of enjoying life to the fullest. michel's great adventure began five years ago with this two cd built in one nine hundred fifty three it was just rusting away in a barn. that's who need immediate for my came here thousands of times of my pencil my meter stick and paper to take all the measurements. on to clean those. then the retired carpenter began creating the car out of wood in his workshop based on blueprints that he'd sketched. don't do it the more i assembled everything on piece by piece. up with a fair amount of the platform on the chassis of addition. and then i constructed my frame on the top.
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and then i had to wait till the doors the whole lot and the wings to fit the standard body shell. michele fashioned his car from the would have a variety of fruit trees where there pear apple walnut for cherry trees he used only once from the water valley. installing the sixteen horsepower engine was one of the easier tasks faithfully reproducing the different parts of the car's body was incredibly time consuming. because there was this piece of wood here and these air intakes it took three days of work so you know machine can do this so i had to do everything by the way i thought that time was an issue for me with you it didn't matter if i needed four or five years i just wanted to make a model that was unique. michele is something of an expert at making wooden cars
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but one to ten scale model ones he exhibits them in a little museum which he opens to visitors. his wooden to ship oh is now the main exhibit and his masterpiece. you might get don't want new can make hundreds of little wooden models like this from all makes of cars or building a full scale model like this is something you only do once in a lifetime there will be a second time. that the sawing in sanding is done michelle plans to spend the coming years showing off the fruits of his labor. but michelle has even bigger plans for his wooden car. and exposing my want to exhibited in art galleries and the big museums on the shelves a lazy day in paris i think you know they don't exist or that maybe even at the foot of the eiffel tower. hope you know what. michel go beyond knows that his car
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is a real attraction after all people were drawn to it from the moment the wooden dishes made its debut in the streets of los. eight levels over five floors that doesn't even sound like that's possible and yet it was so intriguing that we made the trip to edinburgh scotland to visit the murphy house of british architect richard murphy took ten years to make his dream home a reality and it seems that it was indeed worth the wait last year he raked in six awards including the rebbe house of the year prize as a fine example of how to overcome challenging spatial constraints. this house is full of surprises sliding all pivoting panels transform each space they can be found throughout the entire structure. this is the murphy house designed and owned by architect richard murphy.
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in two thousand and sixteen it was named house of the year by the royal institute of british architects. there are lots of ideas behind this has how it fits centerpiece of historic edinburgh how it changes between winter and summer how you get a lot of rooms into a very small space save energy and how an architect really brings to bear his own inferences interests of other architects he started. that's quite a limited volume of space so the shape of the house came from that building up high on one side and low on the other and then try to as i say get as lots of many rooms in those possible i'm using those devices to make the house feel bigger that it actually is. the naafi house and it's unique architecture certainly stands out in
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edinburgh as popular newton district most of the houses here were built in the nineteenth century and represent the world's largest example of uninterrupted lake georgian architecture. and that the house eight levels spread over five stories with one hundred forty square metres of living space. it took richard murphy a total of ten years to build his house from seeing the site drawing up the plans to getting the building permits. the master bedroom is located on the top floor and also contains large movable panels here. there is an element of surprise. it's a small house and space is a premium but i want to have a bath somewhere in the house so i thought why don't i put a berth in the bedroom but i disguised it as a seat. this is
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a panel which opens up between the country i'm in the living room i mean one does things for different reasons sometimes you didn't feel functional reasons and sometimes you do the for piece of fun this is more of a piece of fun so that when you're in the bedroom you can talk to people down in the living and if you want to the reason it's designed like this such as the eccentric is because you don't want to be able to see straight ahead because if you saw straight ahead you will see from the bed into the neighbor's windows which is not such a clever idea. there was a long period of time when it looked like the murphy house would never be built. after a lot of wrangling with the planning department they actually recommended refusal but i went and talked to a couple of local councillors who are on the planning committee and they understood what i was trying to do and they talked to other councillors and when we got to the committee meeting the councillors overturned the recommended refusal of the primary problem which is extremely rare the house doesn't really blend in so what do the
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neighbors think they'll complain of course so lots of them did anyway and there was a bit of a campaign but almost to quote shakespeare they complained a little bit too much actually and i think that rebounded a bit on the counsellor's having finished the house i thought exactly the opposite reaction from neighbors they all love it. matthews use of concrete levels and geometric shapes were inspired by the ninety tally an architect can. even hear out in the garden there is great attention to detail. a walk from top to bottom helps keep the visitor a better idea of all the details of the house. richard murphy has lived in
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his house for two and a half years now and he wouldn't change a thing if he had to build it all over again. well long devotee is a rare feat in the field of product design and it's of course any designers dream that their creations have the staying power of something like an angel or a boss alone a chair but some pieces are indeed made to stand the test of time and this year it's the italian brand cartel that celebrating fifty years of its perpetual best seller the company billy container. this plastic barrel is celebrating its fiftieth birthday this classic of italian design has held its own in living rooms and office spaces around the world for half a century. milan based architect and designer ana. marie who died in two thousand and six design the much loved storage unit in the one nine
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hundred sixty s. with a different case of what happened during this period. our perception of space and time changed just as it has today. people wanted functional but flexible furniture. the round container became more popular than its four sided predecessor. granddaughter. works for the italian brand cartel. that's where her grandmother was creative director when she designed the company. my grandmother unaccustomed in february was a strong confident woman. she was the first woman to graduate in architecture at her university in milan. she said you can do anything you just have to be confident in your ideas and have the desire to implement them. company
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modular the margin it's are made up of small individual elements which can be taken apart at will. the company allows you to divide rooms up a new way. in the one nine hundred sixty s. the company billy was something totally new a real innovation. but living spaces were getting smaller and more people were living alone. the company believe were very easy to rearrange to suit any atmosphere. that explains the success they enjoy right up to the present day. cartel has a flagship store in london. to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary the company invited twenty one renowned designers from all over the world to develop their unique take on the original. here's what fran hickman came up
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with. on a very much driven by my clients. and came from my house the way i want to try to express the spirit of the house it's just. quite. joyful sixty. design was inspired by the american expression of painter jackson pollock. is delighted by the multitude of ideas for the anniversary exhibition. spanish designer pre-treating is featured as well. this is a true work of. the little company practically explodes in a very modern and contemporary interpretation. we have
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a very eclectic collection which will then come to me. here is another dazzling version of the company. the object from philip stock is very exceptional he uses gnomes as the pedestal and turns it into a little table it's really fun. one of the company believes seems to smile. this creation of. the company believes smile was the starting point for the entire . addition with all the beautiful variations. in there it's the only one that will go into production and will be available to the public after christmas and you can a nipple because. the company be a design classic that's made for our time.
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well that's all for this edition of our highlights so i hope you enjoyed it and until we meet again i just want to spend in chess.
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this is a very novel time by a lot of people feel that we have not been just kind of a functional life since darwin bacterial world. researches are on the
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brink of a new scientific revolution. even our understanding of medicine could be turned on its head. microbes that knowledge. fifty minutes long d.w. . being. he's a doctor what kind of diseases can be healed spots at a reporter so what are his implied his side of the year but it's also. draws on a wealth of insights totally different experts in the whole fields of medicine. in good shape. long. history books are brought to life. maybe the stories they're in will get a rewrite. of the story of the russian revolution.
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from the perspective of writers thinkers artists. what did it feel like to live in times of a revolution and the people. not to the russian art revolutionary. nineteen seventeen the reluctant starting october twenty fifth on d w. i a. family cut the budget of somebody. it was. the best on the world and international brand. a shared passion. i've seen byron munich to truly understand all need is three words.
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so we need a son to me as some yeah. yeah yeah i don't think you can touch us reliably in the us and by an exclusive journey into the soul of bio munich . yes and yet it's a kind of culture walk we are who we are in accept us for what we are we're family unbelievable. to me a son mia phenomenon starting october fifteenth on d. w. me a phony. thousands of demonstrators have turned out in barcelona in favor of spanish unity and against the sunday referendum on independence for catalonia spain central government has
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vowed to prevent people voting in the referendum.


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