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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 1, 2017 2:00pm-2:15pm CEST

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thank you cutting edges and demotions. a legend you know. busy every weekend on d w s. this is the news live from berlin a showdown in spain as the autonomous catalonia region holds a band independence vote police forcefully remove people from polling stations and fire rubber bullets as they try to shut down the ballot catalan authorities say
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dozens have been injured we'll go live to barcelona for the latest. and tragedy strikes at a football game in france a stadium barrier collapses during go celebrations leaving several fans severely injured. welcome to the program we begin in spain where police are trying or rather where the government is trying to prevent a band independence referendum in the autonomous catalonia region police are fired rubber bullets of protesters who were trying to stop offices from leaving a voting center with confiscated ballot boxes cattle and officials say thirty eight people are being treated for mostly minor injuries after scuffles at a number of polling stations catalonia is regional leader has condemned the spanish police crackdown on people he says are trying to express their opinion.
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if you've got the unjustified and irresponsible use of violence by the spanish state has not deterred catalans from they wish to vote and to freely decide about their future people that if you really mean to should we don't. when i joined by d.w. correspondent. who is in buffalo now and correspondent martin roberts in madrid thank you both so let's start with you pablo what's the situation in boston at the moment we hear reports of violence. you're absolutely right i would call it a tense worrying situation here of the people at the turning of polling stations not just here in barcelona but across catalonia. and then you know the force that we see in those images is obviously at quite a concern to a lot of people but i would describe it overall i mean that the helicopters that were flying overhead all morning since with that move to another part of the city
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but certainly heavy police presence and a lot of concern among people here so martin the spanish government is accused of unjustified violence against catalonians are they guilty of that well two points of your first of all official government spokesman on how the police were reluctantly forced to act all that. they can show. us was a democratically elected government and. on the other hand these images of. people committing. doing the rounds all over the world for the reason. opposition policies in the madrid columns agree that the government has certainly schools now go ahead they may support the government's legal position well they think that the response has been heavy handed. all right pablo let's now focus on the votes itself have the most polling stations been closed people are able to vote. well people
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have been able to vote of actually talking to friends of mine and they were queuing for hours some actually were spent the night at polling stations to maintain them open because of course a lot of these polling stations are at schools so a lot of people have voted we've seen the regional president kind of this push him and he voted. and there has been a lot of controversy about how it's being carried out there was talk about of the spanish media that people were voting in groups stuff people were could easily vote twice so i mean you could say perhaps of the spanish state is trying to. you know say that what's happening today is completely and utterly on just a fight in a little bit out of control but of course the message coming from here in catalonia is completely different and they have been putting a lot of emphasis on the fact that we've seen these this heavy handed. you know acts from mad the police forces speaking of the police pablo is the regional police
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but dissipating and preventing catalans from casting their vote well the regional police or call them also fall under the same control that what do you read on the police there the main police forces will say spain and their boss is the spanish interior ministry and now what we've seen is that a lot of the regional police have sort of stood back and have allowed people to vote or to enter a lot of the polling stations but of course that's not everywhere and there was already talk. you know they were asking for backup from the national police and the civil guard. so once again we're dealing with a very confusing situation here and it's not so black and white and saying that all the police forces are acting together or carrying at the same work. the spanish government has repeatedly as the cattle and regional government to stop what they're calling a foss is the right way to unity. well first of all i say that most
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spaniards do seem to support your nazi. very different ideas on how to go about it as publics of the situation is very far. so sign of this. being a couple of demonstrations in favor some issues it's almost at the center of the days people have been hunting out spanish lark's of social buildings and private residences. but as i said most political parties while they support the legal position so you know really. spanish prime minister shares a lot of the blame for the fact that he's let the situation just as adam respond to you hasn't really sat down and seriously negotiate the alternatives of this sort of referendum yes referendum you know i'm looking for some sort of a compromise agreements maybe giving. more autonomy maybe making spain more of a federal state or whatever so from our point of. nobody i think that's the problem
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is that nobody can agree on what the solution to this is well we'll definitely keep an eye on that martin roberts joining us from madrid and. from boston i thank you both gay and lesbian couples across germany are tying the knot today as the country's new marriage equality law comes into effect local authorities in berlin and hamburg have made an exception and are holding marriage ceremonies on a sunday same sex couples in the country have been able to register of a civil partnership since two thousand and one but they did not have full marriage rights and that's until a parliamentary vote in june. political leaders in berlin could face months of wrangling to form a new government chancellor angela merkel's came out of last weekend's election with the most seats in parliament but it will need to form a coalition to govern no one possibility is named after the colors of the three
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parties involved bloc for christian democrats yellow for the free democrats and green for the greens. black yellow and green three colors that go together well in the jamaican flag but they could soon cause trouble in german politics. down here the battle will soon continue seven parties will be in the four of them might form the next government conflict almost certain even before exploratory talks begin parties that were fighting each other in the campaign will now have to cooperate. that abate over an immigration act might become especially challenging the business friendly f.t.p. and the green party wanted the conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. parties oppose it environmental protection might be another issue the green party wants a fast brown coal face out the f.t.p. does not in fact they might become the most complicated coalition talks in decades
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. it's the we have a lot self work to do now not only in berlin but also between the sea as you and the c.d.u. to find common ground for exploratory talks for years on your own skewed playing itself in the one all parties involved are aware of that but most of them look like they're keeping their cool. my motto is strength lies in peace it's in the semi it first let there be some peace and quiet reflection first. isn't moment well enough cause we are now moving quietly into a complicated situation. but that complicated situation seems to be the starting point to forming a coalition because the social democrat s.p.d. has announced they will go into opposition following their election defeat and german voters prefer that sixty three percent support the s.p.d.
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going into opposition only twenty nine percent would prefer that they become part of the government again. for the jamaica parties there is no other option than to start talks soon because they also have one common goal to avoid new elections at all costs. former u.s. football star o.j. simpson has been released from prison on parole after serving nine years behind bars for armed robbery the seventy year old left an invalid a prison shortly after midnight aboard hearing in july approved his early release now simpson was sentenced to thirty three years in prison in two thousand and eight after a botched armed robbery at a las vegas casino simpson was famously acquitted of the double murder case of his ex-wife and a friend in one thousand nine to five. goal celebrations turned to tragedy in the top french football league when part of a safety barrier collapsed little fans were cheering the opening goal against. when
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the fence gave way some of them were seriously hurt but none of their injuries are life threatening. it was meant to be a happy occasion lead took the lead in the fifteenth minute courtesy of a free ballot or a header but in the ensuing celebration the safety barrier separating the away fans from the pitch gave way. some fans fell one and a half metres and were crushed by fellow supporters emergency services rushed to the scene and the game was abandoned at least twenty nine fans were injured six of them are in serious condition league players and coach marcel o.b.l. son later returned to the pitch to console supporters still in the stands. now turning to someone does legal action and dock land or went into their away game against top of the table but they faced a tricky task the hosts had won three games in
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a row and were looking to extend their longest unbeaten run in history against the league leaders. and dortmund were out to prove a point after they made a weak thumping at the hands of around madrid with coach peter bosch making five wholesale changes to the starting eleven in now. and that's what's paid dividends as the black and yellow has hit the ground running for minutes in who missed out midweek sent the corner ran and dortmund took the lead at the first time of asking of andre young malenko back hitting the ball to school his first win as long a goal for the club since his move from dynamo kiev in august. seven minutes later alex but finally showed up and got themselves back in the game you be levelling the score was his second of the season and only the second goal dortmund conceded so far this campaign gets four back and showed the watching fans why they're the team to beat this season. with a sublime goal to reestablish the lead.
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in the eightieth minute the video referee intervened and awarded dormant a penalty for this foul by joshua cooper on lucas pist check. here emerick about me i had the ball to put the game beyond doubt at his feet but his shots on goal was lackluster at the best. in the end it didn't matter as dortmund won the match two one a victory that helps put the midweek did buckle behind them as the black and yellows continue to dominate the league. well let's now take a look at all the results so far this weekend as we just saw both club. doc land grab victories frankfurt left at the later guess should got to mark that first home win voles back and mines shed poor. in a one one draw and there was a scoreless draw between hamburg and women in the north on friday night there was another draw between. the action continues on sunday freiburg host hoffenheim
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berlin will come by and leipsic travel to cologne. that switch gears now to formula one and mark fish stop and reign supreme at the malaysia grand prix the red bull driver started third on the grid but with messages drive a new is hamilton struggling for pace it was an easy overtake for fish stuff and this is the second korea formula one green and it comes just a day after his twentieth birthday meanwhile ferrari sebastian vettel went from dead last in the race to fourth but hamilton's second place finish means he now has a thirty four point lead in the drivers' championship of a fettle. the netherlands' of course is known for its iconic windmills so no better setting for this world record dozens of breakdowns from across europe. and it's exactly as it sounds the performers mimic the motions of
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a windmill and it all happened in the south of a country which is called world heritage site. well here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you several people have sustained injuries after scuffles broke out between riot police and voters outside polling stations in catalonia the region is pressing ahead with the band's independence referendum the spanish government has called it a farce and catalonia to end it. that's all from the news this hour helen humphrey will be joining you at the top of the hour thank you for watching my . on freedom and home. where i come from the region is rich in history style and talent but so.


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