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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 2, 2017 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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but. you know you get here and see all this and i guess you realize it must be true . it was indeed a billion years life from balance still to come british authorities are organizing flights to repatriate thousands of travelers around the mediterranean was stranded when monaco allied ceased operations today. one of the judges will have about story on the rest of the day's business news in just a moment i'll be back at the top of the hour up with. w.'s program guide on the internet the highlights the week the holy month. dot com highlights. on the fast steps of central asia.
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and expedition in search of an ancient denizen of kazakhstan the sign of antelope so species since mammoth time. or year ago scientists found evidence of a mysterious catastrophe i saw with my own eyes the first it saigon's like that. which killed so many of them and or those that are alive endangered psychos in distress find out more in our interactive internet documentary t w dot com site gus . spain's economic powerhouse of catalonia stages a rowdy vote for independence on the weekend stepping up the pressure on moderate and casting a question mark. equity markets over the country's economic future. also coming up
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another european airline bites the dust the u.k.'s monarch is grounded leaving one hundred thousand passengers stranded around the world. and u s president on a trump is threatening foreign companies with import tariffs in a bid to preserve u.s. jobs but foreign companies like b.m.w. who are providing jobs there are also in danger we'll tell you why. welcome to your business i want to get germans in berlin while spanish stocks sank today as investors try to gauge the political consequences from sunday's independence vote in catalonia madrid says the vote was illegal but after the brutal crackdown by spanish police support for the government in madrid is crumbling and worries about spain's economy are rising. by the close of monday's session on the madrid stock exchange the country's benchmark index had dropped one and
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a half percent wiping out gains made over the previous week many traders fear that uncertainty over the fate of catalonia will lead to further declines in this climate vestas buying spanish government bonds may want higher yields which up one point seven percent on ten year bonds the highest in many months the common european currency also fell slightly the euro has fallen below one dollar eighteen cents losing nearly a cent. from god we've just overcome the euro crisis so calls for independence are certainly not going over well with the e.u. has a big task ahead of it it will have to mediate but it's clear there were ninety percent of the people want freedom that cannot simply be ignored. if catalonia gained independence or spain would lose its industrial heartland the region accounts for a fifth of the country's economic power say at casa has used here the region is also important in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors without catalonia spain
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would slip to fifteenth place in the world ranking of the strongest economic countries behind mexico spain has been on a successful path to recovery following its debt crisis a few years ago but catalonian independence would not explain of course. so let's get the market perspective on this story now what he joins me from the frankfurt stock exchange only how big a story is this referendum and the controversy around it for investors. it's the biggest story of the day of this beginning week but at the same time it has left a relatively few marks here in the markets the euro is down we just saw that the spanish stocks are down the bonds are down but there's no sell off there's no sell off anywhere so nobody is really assuming that this is going to become a big crisis and one of course is from what a strong position the spanish economy is coming from three point two percent growth
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last year forecast two and a half percent here so people i think are just assuming that there's a lot of potential to weather a storm at the moment at least and we just heard what impact an independent catalonia would have on the economy there. what impact does it have on the eurozone along the wish. you. and equally important effect because pain was once a problem child of the euro zone and now it's booming it's recovering the still high unemployment but one has said spain no longer a problem if it becomes a problem again then it refocuses everyone's focus is back on the problematical structures here in the euro zone possibly contagion to other countries possibly the bond market coming under pressure the euro being put in question you don't really want to think about a crisis like this developing much larger and spilling over into the spain as whole
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as a whole and the eurozone as a whole all right thank you so much for that. britain's monarch airlines collapsed on monday have to falling victim to intense competition for flights and a weak opponent british authorities and are scrambling to bring home files of travelers scattered around holiday destinations ranging from turkey to spain and sweden flights will be provided at no additional cost to pass and just monarch is the fillets european airline make enough financial crash landing this year. it was a familiar sight at british airports for fifty years but that changed overnight the demise of monarch airlines was announced in an early morning online message from britain's civil aviation north already passengers were left without a flight home most of them stranded at destinations in the mediterranean the government is vowing to bring them home in what it calls the country's biggest ever peacetime repatriation we expect the vast vast majority of one hundred ten thousand
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monarch passengers who are currently on holiday with monarch to come back to within the next two weeks that that's exactly what is expected. britain's fifth biggest airline had struggled with losses but had hoped to turn things around with orders for boeing's latest seven three seven planes and a cost cutting program. bankruptcy rumors swirled last year but then monarch was able to draw a new line of credit but now that's gone and so is the airline with a decision really was a result of continued losses loss has been sustained for quite some time forecast to continue mainly as a result of depeche places in the market overcapacity in the short haul market has meant pace have been depressed for some time in britain's transport minister says other airlines have plans to quickly hire monarch's staff but that's little consolation for the three hundred thousand people who held tickets to fly on
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monarch they won't be going anywhere. if you're driving a b.m.w. s.u.v. in the united states it's likely your car was made in spots in the north carolina while the eight thousand u.s. workers there make more than a thousand cars a day so few people there understand why the president trump has threatened punitive tariffs on components manufactured abroad. joel pretty more is determined to reach the top. he's already being paid for going to school by b.m.w. and when he graduates that's where he'll start working. joel's grandparents work for the textile industry in badly paid jobs something which is unimaginable for joe the production technology that came after the fall of the textile sector attracted him thirty years ago his hometown was desolate then international firms came to the rescue joel will work as hard as his grandparents but the rewards will probably be
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better. i look at it it's. not only as an opportunity but you know love the way that you know everything is kind of moving and you just programming is what you're telling me and it's just it was also. there are now five hundred foreign firms in the region many offer tailor made apprenticeships through the local technical college and that's a boost for the region when b.m.w. came into our area twenty five plus years ago that was the eye opener if you would say deciding you know if we do work work together and go after organizations or companies like that we can we can we can retain them and get them into our area. people here are proud of all the foreign investors who've helped to get the region back on its feet south carolina is a strictly republican state this is trump country yet almost no one here understands why the president has picked on carmakers for higher import tariffs on
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the components they sourced from outside the country. the southern states are courting foreign investors it helps that there aren't workers unions here but if costs of imported components increase that could be a deal killer and local jobs would be in jeopardy. i believe the whole quote is. assigned to mr churchill it said a americans will always do the right thing after they've tried everything else so sometimes we have to stumble around and. these issues before we get to the right formula but i believe we will get to the right formula b.m.w. doesn't just make cars in spartanburg it's also introduced germany's two track vocational training scheme which keeps companies of all sizes supplied with skilled workers this gives joel a chance to get hands on experience while still in tech school and earn money at the same time joel was born here in spartanburg he became a soldier as
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a way out when the city seemed to have no future since then the area is being reborn new cafes are opening it's becoming a nicer place to live the inner city is profiting from the boom and its suburbs. staying with costs nissen says it plans to recall one point two million cars sold in japan over the past three years after discovering the vehicles had not been subject to final checks reinspection are expected to cost the japanese carmakers some two hundred million dollars the cost affected were produced for the domestic market between october twenty fourth as a ten by twenty seven thousand sales of at least sixty thousand vehicles including notes and leaf models and suspended. russian telecoms company trans telecom has installed a new internet connection for north korea that's according to a report from the us korea institute in baltimore it's said to the new link went
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online on sunday north korea normally relies on a data route via china but beijing is threatening to boycott the country over its nuclear tests so the report says pyongyang is looking to reduce its reliance on its neighbor few people have access to the internet in north korea but the army cyber warfare unit is thought to want a better connection. now if you're afraid of heights look away now a redevelopment project in helsinki has come up with a novel way to promote itself in the ready been sent to as all the tundra people who want a prize draw an opportunity to take a sonar bath dangling high over the construction site the sona with lifted to a height of one hundred twenty meters the same height as the one that will be built into the residential tower it offers extraordinary views of finland's capital and test space for the people. at the business update human d w thanks for keeping me company.
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and from a caterpillar to a super center. in boston scientists are researching the system when the
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maybe the stories there and we'll get to rewrite. the story of the russian revolution. from the perspective of writers thinkers and on guard ists . what did it feel like to live in times over the revolution and the people. and to the russian art revolutionary. nineteen seventeen the reluctant starting october twenty fifth song t w. welcome to tomorrow today the science program. coming up. so what detectives who try.


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