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economic sign says. things. blow the way to the twenty seventeen nobel prizes. who will follow in the footsteps of the greatest minds of our time. the nobel prize is twenty seventeen. this week on d w needs. this is the w. news live from birth lead u.s. president donald trump meets with victims in las vegas after the most deadly mass shooting in modern american history trump says that there is no indication of
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a motive in the massacre and that investigators are working hard to determine what it might have been. also coming up catalonia as leader makes a fresh appeal to madrid to accept mediation after sunday's disputed independence referendum but he says that he will still apply the ballots result to breakaway from spain. and mishaps as british prime minister to resign may attempt to rally support at her conservative party's annual conference several painful interruptions to rail her speech people look at what went wrong. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us u.s. president donald trump is visiting las vegas some three days after the city suffered the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history present. tromp and first lady millennia visited survivors in the hospital
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before meeting members of the emergency services fifty nine people were killed and more than five hundred injured when a gunman opened fire at an open air concert on sunday evening investigators have been trying to establish a motive for the attack which they say was prepared meticulously the shooting has reignited a nationwide debate on gun control. and joining us now from las vegas is correspondent carson phone naaman so carson as we just saw there president trump basically not having any public meetings rather you know some private meetings the massacre being closely watched does it seem as if his trip will be seen as striking the right tone. it looks like it definitely donald trump struck the right tone when he praised the police and the first responders and all those old there is citizens who helped those victims of
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the attack. even though their own lives were in danger and he praised the courage of the heroism of these people and this is definitely was the people here expected also many of the survivors i talked to who also praised the police and their fellow men and women at the venue on sunday night because they said there were so many people who helped each other this fight over the all in the chaos and in spite of the horror definitely the president praising these people was the right thing to do one thing that the president has also said in the past couple of days is that now is not the time for debate when it comes to gun control and that is of course not what everyone feels in the united states in fact a senior u.s. democratic senator had this to say i want to listen and then get your reaction there after karsten. some have said we shouldn't do this now we should wait now is not the time you have to say enough is enough you have to say that there is no
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reason to make. a semiautomatic assault weapon into a fully automatic battlefield with. carson just walk us through how this debate on gun control is playing out there in the united states because i mean we've seen this debate time and time again in the wake of these mass shootings is anything different this time around. i wish i could say yes but it doesn't look like it it's pretty much the same thing of course everybody at the beginning is shocked about what has happened but then the usual playbook of the gun lobby and the republicans in congress is brought into play that means they say now is not the time to debate this to start a political discussion now is the time for mourning and they say we need more information about what really happened and then in the end they say well there's
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nothing we can really do about this clearly the gun lobby the national rifle association also its supporters in congress but also we have to say many ordinary americans who really believe in the right to bear arms they don't want any restrictions on guns at all because they fear that would open the floodgates and then in the end there would be no rights to bear arms anymore so this is really not so much about sensible pragmatic steps this is about principle and that makes it so complicated so that's what the politicians have to say from south but how about the survivors because you you spoken with many of them there in las vegas what are they saying on the matter. was interesting among the survivors that we talked to of course a number of them said there should be stricter gun control that there should be limitations there should be limitations in particular on military style rifles
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semiautomatic or automatic but i've also some of the survivors we talked to who said well it's part of our identity to have to be able to go hunting to be able to defend yourself so it's not that everybody who was there and suffered from this attack said we have to get rid of all the guns there were people who said it's terrible but that doesn't mean that the principle the right to bear arms is wrong. carsten just generally speaking what is the mood like there in the city and what are people hoping to hear from the president today. what on the surface most of las vegas is back to normal in many ways the bars the restaurants the casinos also the shows of full people are going about the business but when you talk to people even in the casinos i talked to a number of people have
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a slot machines there said well i'm doing this i'm gambling now because i want to distract myself i want to get back to some kind of normality so basically under the surface the city is still in shock and i think people don't want at least not now political debates here they want to get over this they want to feel the comfort of the president being here talking to them they want to feel the solidarity of the nation this is at least so far what they're getting but of course they cannot avoid having that political debate also in the next few days and months ahead today as carson phenomenon there live in las vegas thank you. and other news catalonia as regional president has given an address in which he both confirmed that he would push ahead with declaring independence from spain and urged the spanish government to accept mediation charles pushed him on also condemned police violence charge
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a referendum hundreds of people were reportedly attacked and injured when they tried to vote both the spanish prime minister and the spanish king have struck back virtually against catalonia for allowing the referendum. the prime minister of catalonia called prime minister marianna hoyt quote irresponsible for not accepting mediation. for more let's bring in our who is standing by with the latest from barcelona hi funny now we understand that he says that he will apply the results of the referendum just walk us through what exactly that would mean. this speech was highly anticipated right here in front of the office of the president people have gathered here before the speech and they already chanting independence and expecting actually that the president is going to say that he's going to declare independence on monday he did not directly say that he sat as he just said before that he's going to push through the results of the referendum
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which pretty much means of course the same now he started a very moderate tone saying he's open for dialogue he's also open to a show and leaving out to whom actually he wants to talk to but he did say that he offered dialogue before that is to the central government but those offers we are not answered now you continue the speech to condemn violence which is of course the confrontation here with the spanish king phillipa who did not condemn violence in his yesterday's speech he said that the speech of the king was very much disappointing to the catalonians and he was very much critical as well of the central government saying that their policies the policies of prominence that are hard are catastrophic so you can see there that even though the speech started in a very moderate form it was pretty much a backlash hitting the back to the speech that the fear is here from king phillipa last night absolutely funny and we will see if indeed it does provoke an escalation
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there but in the meantime what has the reaction been not only from the people within spain but also in the catalonia region itself because we understand that there is polarization on this issue of independence what are people saying. indeed not everybody supports independence some people are actually quite worried what is going to come up hala this thing this situation is going to play out within the next few days if really independence is going to be declared not what happened right after the speech finished right here in fact in front of the office of the president president which is the month of catalonia was people started to clap spontaneously they're carrying the catalonian flag started to sing the catalonia as someone well felt really content about the fact that their president as they say has condemned violence which was not the case yesterday yesterday speech now this point the violence point is sort of like
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a unifying point here in catalonia because even the people who do not support independence or who only support independence if it's if it's legal referendum they also say that the violence the way this crackdown happened on sunday was not ok but correctly is to say a cut alone is very much split over this question as is spain the country itself but their independence is the way i have no easy answers g.w. is funny for char with the latest from barcelona the heart there of catalonia thanks for your reporting. and world famous soccer team f.c. barcelona also finds itself in the center of the cattle on independence debate hundreds of spain fans of the spanish national team expressed just chain toward the center back show our p.k. booing and causing a team practice to end early this week in madrid they want him off the team for participating in the catalonian referendum vote on sunday amidst the controversy
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has addressed the media on his future with the team. in response to his voting in the referendum supporters held signs of hostility aimed at gerard piqué reading i don't want you to leave i want you to be kicked out you are sickening that message despite him winning a world cup and two european championships with spain prior to this training piquet suggested he would quit the spanish national team if asked before the twenty eighteen world cup the boos in chants. brought training to a premature end piquet subsequently spoke to the media asserting his allegiance to the team and if you see no one likes bowing. it's impossible to question my commitment i've been here since fifteen i consider this a family someone who is pro independence could play in the spanish team because there is no catalan team those wanting independence have nothing against spain
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england spain spain snacks will cup qualifier is on friday against albania. let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world three researchers have won this year's nobel prize in chemistry for developing a way to create detailed images of organic molecules such as proteins the nobel committee says that the method deserved the award because the technology had taken biochemistry into a brand new era humanitarian groups have made an urgent appeal for more than four hundred million dollars in aid to help grow hinge of muslim refugees in bangladesh around half a million of the group have arrived there since august after fleeing the violence in neighboring myanmar authorities in bangladesh are struggling to cope. portuguese authorities have seized more than four hundred kilograms of cocaine in the algarve after finding them on
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a yacht that was traveling to europe from the caribbean the cocaine is said to have a street value of around twenty million euros the yacht's two crew members have been detained. faulty props a coughing fit and a disruptive heckler not exactly being gradients for a great speech but that is what british prime minister theresa may had to deal with as she addressed her conservative party's annual conference at which she outlined policy shifts and apologized for june's weak election results but a series of disruptions eclipsed her message have a look. to reason me came promising voters the british dream instead they got the stuff of sleepless nights having lost her majority in june's election contending with brags that i'm beleaguered by polls to i was told the prime minister arrived needing to win over her critics and so it began. with government business with a cost public sector. the kind that just won't budge we've created.
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thanksgiving eve. again and again the crowd try to rally behind her. fortunately her finance minister on hand to offer a fruit was and she accepted it and the chance to go off script thank you notice that gentleman the chancellor giving something away free. back in business she turned her attention to brakes and thought i know some find the negotiations frustrating but if we approach them in the right spirit in a spirit of cooperation and friendship with our sights set firmly on the future i'm confident we will find a deal that works for britain and europe two. futures the next offering from the floor was a gift for picture desks not prime ministers. a prankster giving her resignation
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papers. for the man sent by the foreign secretary he claimed. say you get this you know you know you. know us and mase mishaps only got more awkward with an f. bomb of her own as the stage began falling apart behind her. friend that we shared. and said something about us once more what's the f. . and it said something about. ignoring what your tics could be saying about their leader the crowd gave her a standing ovation. to reason they would have really liked to reclaim the upper hand at this party conference to show her strength as a leader she had some interesting ideas regarding social policy i think they went very well with a party audience about energy caps about more social housing challenging really
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jeremy corbyn the labor leader who's been very successful of late but then it went all horribly wrong she was struggling with a very bad coughing fit and could hardly finish her speech the audience was trying to carry her along they really felt pity with her but i think overall performance she did not appear strong and stable but instead she came across as battered and bruised and that was the mass peaking with us the bad luck coming in threes for british prime minister theresa may christophe kolber is here with us now and we're talking also about some bad luck but for some us tech companies right i started that is right the european commission really tightening the screws it could get quite costly because on wednesday the european union launched a fresh crackdown over taxes paid or rather not paid by apple and amazon the commission said that the generous tax breaks give the companies an illegal
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advantage patience has run out of the european commission taking to the podium the e.u. competition commission announced that brussels had on and in its sights taking the country's government to the european court of justice for its failure to collect taxes from us giant apple more than a year ago the commission adopted the decision. requiring ireland to recover up to thirteen billion euros in illegal from apple. however ireland has still not recovered any money not even in part for its part apple is appealing the case it argues that the revenues in question a subject to u.s. tax rules instead meanwhile luxemburg was also signalled out by the commission on wednesday with a ruling that it had granted online shopping giant amazon on jew tax benefits for the past eight years needing around three quarters of its profits untaxed the e.u. says that gave it an unfair advantage over other companies not justified
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amazon now has to repay the tax benefit worth around two hundred fifty million euros plus interest the commission's position is clear it states that no matter your flag or ownership paying your taxes is part of doing business in the european union. the crisis in spain over the catalonian independence vote has investors on the edge of their seats most european markets finished wednesday's trading session with losses there was one notable exception though germany's benchmark index the dax reached a record high in wednesday's session the only top european index to end in positive territory strong u.s. data and gains from carmakers helped the dax hit the high but it wasn't smooth sailing. i think the worries over catalona catalonia dampened the
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market and the market lost steam but recovered towards the end so kind of a funny day a people are worried because they don't know what will ensue but on the other hand people had the time and let's say the inclination to look at the strong points of german economy for example but also low interest rates offering little alternative to investments in equities elsewhere though the catalan independence crisis weighed on markets spain's it banks posting in the three percent loss major catalonia based banks bank and somebody sank the furthest in line with the rising political risk. the us was more or less unaffected by the turmoil in europe after a sleepy start the s. and p. five hundred reached its seventh straight gain with the dow also continuing to rise . and for some more analysis let's cross over to wall street yes u.s. markets continue with their record setting run what's behind that. you know it's
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the usual picture over here and other records pretty much every day at the moment and even news flow doesn't really seem to matter we've got fresh data from the labor market in the private sector a less jobs got created than expected but nobody really seemed to a very also if you look at the earnings picture owning season is about to kick off next week we got numbers here on wednesday already from pepsi pepsi missed the revenue expectations but the stock traded to the upside anyway so nothing really seems to stop the market at this point i believe it was the forty second record close for the s. and p. five hundred just within this year and yet i want to return to our main story here the e.u. is cracking down on apple's and amazon's tax avoidance schemes how is this news received on wall street well i mean taxation is
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a hot topic all over the globe especially for to get knowledge even companies but when it comes to the european union going after amazon and apple the big question is first of all will they really get the money luxemburg island apple amazon they actually can. appeal this decision and then even if they have to pay three hundred million dollars for amazon sure it's a lot of money but not necessarily for her and isn't and the same is true for apple we're talking roughly thirteen billion dollars but apple just sitting on on a cash load of about two hundred fifty billion and most of that money is parked over seas and especially in europe anyhow so wall street actually was not too current cern the stock of amazon gains almost one percent epilog so just traded slightly lower than scored in new york thank you. the european commission also has to decide
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on whether or not to extend the license for glyphosate before the end of the year for say it is a highly controversial chemical that they world health organization listed as cancer causing back in twenty fifteen now banning the chemical could be a heavy blow to monsanto as life for say is the active ingredient in the chemical giants roundup herbicide. much as reports. of cotton farmer from the us called john barton has a stern warning for brussels he's fighting cancer and he's trying to prove in court that his disease was caused by the weed killer roundup like thousands of farmers worldwide he used the pesticide for decades and was always told it's safe. i exposed my sons to round up when i was born you know i would backpacks and you know they would go out in the field and spray johnson grass so now as a father i'm thinking my god. did i harm my own children
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the class action lawsuit representing five hundred people comes as the e.u. is deciding whether to renew the license of the controversial weed killer the license expires at the end of the year to use food safety watchdog has declared that life or sade the key ingredient in roundup is safe but barton's lawyers claim pesticide maker monsanto is deliberately hiding evidence about the safety of clyde for say forty years ago we were seeing studies that smoking tobacco was good for you that's what we saw big tobacco did that for years they bought scientists and monsanto has taken that playbook right from the tobacco industry the lobbying practices the u.s. lawyers criticized on their visit to brussels are a particular concern for the european parliament. in fact monsanto organized that the whole scientific evidence in such a way that that there was a real money palatial facts re written. scientific reports where it didn't
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write the reports themselves written by monsanto people the row with the acro chemical giant has become toxic after the company refused to participate in a public hearing all monsanto executives and lobbyists have currently been denied access to the european parliament and now it's high up into space and who better to take you and. that's because today marks the anniversary of a key event in the quest to understand space back in one thousand fifty seven the soviet union launched its sputnik satellite a major triumph that opens the era of space exploration. sixty years ago today a satellite known a sputnik blasted into space becoming the first manmade object to orbit the earth. the little metal ball was launched in one thousand nine hundred fifty seven by the former soviet union as it raced against the united states to master space travel.
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satellite emitted a distinctive beeping sound designed to be easily picked up by a civilian radios across the globe the soviets wanted the world to know of their achievement. it was received with a mixture of wonder all. panicked especially from the united. states because. having the ability to put something into orbit also meant the soviet union had the ability to potentially deliver a nuclear warhead anywhere in the world. sputnik circled the earth for four months before burning up in the atmosphere but the soviet success marked only the beginning of a heated competition with the united states for dominance of the heavens. well now before we go we want to tell you about a st bernard named mochi in the u.s. state of south dakota who holds the new guinness world record for world's longest
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dog tongue. has an eighteen point fifty eight centimeter tongue which she uses to lick up her fair share of her we see her going out at their human or owner carla record says that her beloved dog in the guinness book of world records will make all of that water and that they've had to clean up over the years well worth it and apparently the cat that they own certainly doesn't have this dog's tongue. congratulations to mochi for her place in history there and with that you are now up to date on news from berlin i'm sorry kelly it's been a pleasure to have you with us for the past half an hour and don't forget you can find out more online and on social media to follow us.
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enter the conflict song with tim sebastian with you is getting increasingly fed up with hungary its refusal to take a share of migrants and refugees go home roff to new regulations laws like
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a serious budapest assault on colfax the prime minister's international spokesman how long is his government thank you playing the bad boy in brussels. in sixty minutes d w. when i'm traveling to be comfortable. but i also want to stay up to date on the latest news and events. and e.w. makes that part of traveling easy that's because it's available and thousands of hotels resorts cruise ships worldwide. brand new founded on the signing send us a picture that shows the w. in your room you can win a great prize d.w. dot com travel quiz. when history books are brought to life.
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maybe the stories they're in will get a rewrite. of the story of the russian revolution. from the perspective of writers thinkers on the guard ists. what did it feel like to live in times of a revolution and the people. not to the russian art revolutionary. nineteen seventeen the real october starting october twenty fifth on d w. not backing down catalonia as leader pledges to push ahead with independence from spain the country looks poised for a major showdown as both the e.u. and madrid urge at hearings to the rule of law i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is
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