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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  October 5, 2017 3:30pm-4:01pm CEST

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providing insights global news that matters d. w. made for mines beat the germans new and surprising aspect of noise and culture in joining. us american kid music takes a look at germany this increasing use of two traditions every day lives and language i can just come out of my lungs and i don't know groups. like a brick i r t w dot com the german. welcome to the say that kicks off today with the last series on the top european cities
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where you can enjoy a good quality of life here's what else is on the way. female icons illustrator and idea and knack for trey's strong women. simple functionality and general combo love living in about twenty minutes. and french top singer songwriter need releases a new album. so where is your favorite european city all this week we're exploring the top five year cities within monaco magazine's recently published ranking this is the eleventh year they've surveyed the well cities and established in their of the top twenty five cities in the world offering a good quality of life today we featured jamie's very own bavarian city of munich that came in.
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the blue and white sky about munich recalls the bavarian state. capital of the southern german state of clear the area is one of the country's fastest growing and best love cities. in fact london's lifestyle magazine monocle listed munich as one of the world's most livable cities editor in chief and his team ranked it third tied with the german capital. one thing in particular gained points from munich. what are the truly authentic experiences that you can have a city that you can't have anywhere else and i think that's one of the great things that offers when they will never let you forget that ok you entered a country. called germany but you're really in the area. and better place to indulge in a very in way of life than munich the. first mug of beer in the morning. and
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this event and export here to munich into a tourist hot spot every year. over there is now over two hundred years old is not just the city's main event it's a huge factor in. the city which is the global home to october fast so i think there is a spirit of sort of. i think you have to be a particularly grumpy person not to like munich. and all of the pavements opened up but the city almost feels like it's bursting with with springtime spirit. like the noise show that munich also has a modern fact according to the monocle survey this contrast is one thing that makes the city particularly attractive. another example of innovative spirit is the love like a pub hotel in a former bank building the hotel rooms were once offices. it's a concept that brings
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a breath of fresh munich's otherwise exclusive downtown area. on the wall behind it says members and nonmembers only which is not typical community here the door is open to everyone and we've seen everyone here already from the eighty year old opera fan in furs to the bearded hipsters sitting downstairs dipping coffee at his laptop the doors open. not far from here is no big maximillian university it's one of germany's finest and helps make munich an incubator on long standing companies. which has its headquarters here. as well as for startups like the company which develops new forms of mobility. and the. company started by. university it's working on a new high speed train that establishes contacts between the bavarian capital and silicon valley. everyone thinks startup everyone thinks
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youth and energy is only in berlin but we did it another very interesting story which just looks at you know a different type of tech but when you think about all of the incubators for particular mobility and transport that's not happening in berlin that's happening in. the english. public. the continuous. attracts us from. greenery surrounding the city to another factor enhancing the quality of life. of the other factor that we like of course it's just the real proximity to nature not just the lakes that berlin might have but you've got the lakes of course you've got the rolling hills of bavaria and then you're on the doorstep of the alps and it's kind of a. i said also italy is not too far that cold residents and visitors alike appreciate
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the beauty of the city and surrounding country. and in time magazine we enjoy taking holidays it makes them back and coming to munich now and then for a little city life in the sense that this is somebody is the worst of all it's a big city where you can get everything but it's quiet like a village you know people and you meet them all the time so it's like the world's biggest village choice and often it's on your it's a village that's growing by leaps and bounds what the ranking team would like to see more of was affordable housing that's what helped secure i mean it's place is one of europe's most livable cities in the future. and will be featuring but living on the show tomorrow is a change in that but in this i mean one of my favorite cities was is you do write in and tell us why you love it so much as well when you're doing your name will be entered into a prize or to win this travel says it comes with everything you can see here loads
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more inside the bag as well the entry form to win it is on our website so just go to www dot com. lifestyle and you will see an image of the prize and then that is where you need to to click. time now on for a look at what else is going on in the wells without express. and. even if the spring of twenty eighteen turns out to be a went one chanel's new creations won't be hidden under heavy rain gear they'll be with eels on the transparent vinyl raincoats. the collection was present you don't choose day in paris against the backdrop of cliffs and water pulls. time karl lagerfeld concentrated on functional accessories as well as upscale fashions. even the designers got sun came away with a waterproof cap. russia as celebrating the sixtieth
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anniversary of the spot nick launch on october the fourth one thousand nine hundred fifty seven the soviet union shot the very first satellite into space it signals could be received anywhere in the world spot make one over to the earth for about three months replicas of the first satellites can be viewed at moscow's museum of cosmonaut takes the spotlight one mission is seen as marking the beginning of the space a. good time to see berlin these days is after dark for the illumination festival. well known landmarks around town service projection screens for light shows the brandenburg gate for instance will be a billboard for personal statements on freedom by berliners. and square with its concert house has been transformed into an aquatic world. the total of eighty objects around berlin will be creatively illuminated in the course of the festival
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keeping berlin aglow till mid october. seven years of refer this month was not so long with them and i have a four hundred million here as well as much more than estimated but now in the balance they are on to the island and it's fine. complete the it is a historic landmark in the heart of the german capital and the renovation and rest story should have to be done with precision but now it's ready what better day for the celebrate tree opening than on the day of german unity. scenes from go tos faust was the opening piece when this starts over in berlin celebrated its long awaited reopening on tuesday evening. some illustrious guests including chancellor angela merkel attended the gala
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concert. the renovation of the berlin state upper is building took seven years and was only just finished in time one last polish of the sign and inside the stage is set for the premiere in the revamped building. it's the night daniel barenboim has been waiting for his general music director of the state and for him the long wait was worth it. as i was amazed with it all sounded wonderful for. years the acoustics are perfect i have to say really thousand. of years. before the opening clarinetist much blunder gave a tour of the work in progress he's been with the orchestra for over thirty years.
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visually the opera house looks just as it always did the historic auditorium has been restored with the utmost attention to detail with one notable exception the original ceiling was raised by five meters which has increased the reverberation time from one point one to one point six seconds it is i believe. it is and it isn't the same order to look at the reverberation gallery. such for the agree was very impressed and because i said it's insane it's incredible how. huge how generous the space is. it's a fantastic order. as we've already noticed how much mance of these coastal.
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frederick the great king of prussia would most definitely approve of. when they start opened in seven hundred forty two two hundred seventy five years ago it was hailed as the most spectacular opera house in europe the world's greatest conductors have graced its stage from félix mendelssohn and wagner to bill him fred franklin and herbert from carry on. and since one thousand nine hundred two daniel barenboim one of the leading conductors of our time and an influential presence in berlin's arts and culture seen. her. shorts will be the state operas new director as of march twenty eighth. the new stage technology sends him
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into raptures. it's the same basic you get a strong sense of the building's two hundred seventy five history but in fact every square centimeter has changed all the materials a new idea to improving the acoustics of the stage technology has been optimized it's absolutely state of the art it's a finely tuned instrument. after tuesday's ceremonial opening the starts up or onto the linden will close again for two months it will reopen to the public. december just in time for its two hundred seventy fifth anniversary. now what. nina simone and pina bausch have in common as different as these women are they all stand for freedom that is at least the viewpoint of the polish graphic artist in the neck she creates striking and impressive portraits of women for her project
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titles follow women and it's getting a lot of attention from large companies because female i call in a big on the marketing scene right now. creates portraits of inspirational women. and bright follow women boy i call this project follow women's because that's what i do they come to me in unexpected ways sometimes i read a newspaper interview and think my god i have to paint her as someone posting a movie. just i'm used to some you sometimes i follow my instincts other times i research their biographies that's what i did with nina simone i listen to her music and read about her life and his daughter yeah yeah. the neck
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works on the project at her but then studio she also draws inspiration from her own biography. smugness that's coming his way i come from a small town in poland which instilled in me a very provincial and i mean that in a positive way sense of community it was but it's like a house where women meet they give birth to girls and the group keeps getting bigger and sort of been trying to bomb is my experience of community was lovely and that's what my project is based on that's and p. and i cannot remember. the stanley. cup what's going to. ration is going at the moment it's seeing a renaissance it's based on polish poster art but it has more of a freshness to it i could earn a lot of money with the project a few fairly big companies have been in touch with me. is that female icons are
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easy to market these days and big companies are looking to cash in on that but i don't feel very comfortable with the idea of making the project commercial so that the common one is good the other but the little call that. owns screen printing business so she is not under any pressure to monetize the project. wherever she goes out of the of my graphic art and the copyright that's all i have yeah this was good so it's important that i protect that absolutely.
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class is theirs and that's it that's the sentence i'm going to use. in spain we have all these months now. much use words that inspired to give strength to women or galvanise them my project is seen as feminist but i see it more as a project for women there's a lot of tenderness in it. if you very strongly about the women i portray. to try to. follow women illustrations that make a statement. while always do your best if you are passionate about what you're doing for work and that statement rings true for volatile as well he was passionate about his design ideas which is why the bow house movement he created is still love today there are
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a six privately and houses built by p.s. and we visited one locks so today that was renovated in keeping with the original plans jamey. bubba hopper and martine fischer live in an architectural icon villa auerbach the first residence built using the modular system designed by boat house founder but their group use its sleek lines were revolutionary in one thousand nine hundred four and the house is still quite special today the start is that the late. my socks are actually sitting on a ninety year old drawers they're all just the way they were back in one thousand nine hundred twenty four well if so yes the jewelry to which the original design has been preserved almost leaves i speechless. doubt that the first was lost but when the couple bought the villa in the eastern german city of you know in one
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thousand nine hundred nine it had seen better days they renovated it bang great attention to detail. it was barbara who discovered the original color concept according to the construction documents the concept was planned but never carried out. well i just couldn't believe it because the our box the homes original owners are so progressive that i was sure they'd have done it. if they built a groupie as house but they have also given it color. so i like amateurs we just started to scratch away at the surface and found the particles equal. thirty seven pastel shades came to light about a girl because his first modular house was also a colorful one it's these colors in particular that make this otherwise strictly minimalist town so we're trying to reach current owners this is how this. sounds
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really teaches you about. on i mean there is no need thanks no house plans nothing in slough tomorrow to call sorry but we never had those things. so we were well prepared for this house to. adornment free and functional down to the last detail. the owners have changed almost nothing. and are still thrilled by some of the homes technical innovations. you holding on to these are still the original window handles from one thousand nine hundred twenty four is generally known as a copious window handles in stainless steel but in this they only exist in this house. and here comes the best part the windows open out when it's cold cold has thought it was dumb that windows opened into the interior because that takes up space the cost of governments. and if they had to do it all over they'd definitely
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by the hour about once again. most of us have to say it's a privilege to live in a house like this most of them in museums yes we live here when we had lived in decent house i think it's me when i don't spend all day every day thinking i live in a cultural monument but we couldn't have asked for anything better. and if your passion is designing architecture you can see other the locks reports on our website so check them out now is in this show highlighting the french model musician and former first lady. she has just released a new album which sees her put a french touch on some old time. where the stripped back style successfully reinvents these songs will have though the mood and smoky vocals as take a listen. hi i'm. going
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to. in my. words are. unnecessary. and. carla bruni breathes new life into depeche mode ninety enjoy the silence is just one of a neven cover songs on her latest album french touch on it she puts her own french spin on classic english language tracks. i never thought i would record this old i mean they're they're so perfect why i would have the coldest but then i thought let's just songs that i'm used to it that i really like. literally just came very naturally and it's hard to explain where it came from it was songs i used to play. you know with friends with
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a guitar at night maybe in summertime we were or were teenagers so it's a was a very spontaneous choice. some of the covers she's accompanied by piano who would be to. break this given sumptuous arrangements but carla bruni's distinctively soft raspy voice is a constant along. with. their tracks on the new album jazz caliber anees personal favorites they also have something else in common. words. and forget most of them i love songs you know a lot is a good. good base despair and loneliness and. in. oh very good things for school. one in italy and raised in france calibra only has
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constantly reinvented herself in the one nine hundred ninety s. she was an internationally successful top model. then in two thousand and she knew she made a splash in the music business with the release of her debut album. comprising her own songs it sold over a million copies worldwide. in february two thousand and eight bruni married the then french president nicolas sarkozy and became france's first lady thank you. now she's hoping her new collaboration with canadian music producer david foster will continue her musical success story. bruni says her choice of songs to record often just came to her in the studio like miss you by the rolling stones.
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so. do i you. know i think this album will remain. a very great musical movement was a lot of pleasure and a lot of fun a lot of. you know really creativity classic songs from a variety of genres carla bruni adding her own french touch. who is right for. me to my. painful to. pierce right through. vibes and the shine on today enjoy the rest of your day as everyone and i look forward to joining round.
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the city to the newest live from berlin spain's top court for bids catalonia from holding a parliamentary session on independence next week this as madrid says it won't be blackmailed of the catalogs a leader is pushing on with a threat to see.


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