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and criminal association. is accused of attempting to bribe international olympic committee members so they would pick brazil as the host of the twenty sixteen games this man was arrested at his home in rio de janeiro earlier today as as a part of a police operation looking into corruption allegations surrounding the olympic bidding process. by up to speed i'll be back at the top of the hour business headlines are up next. with. more broad. maybe the stories there will get a rewrite. of the russian revolution.
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from the perspective of writers thinkers on the artist. what did it feel like to live in times of revolution people. to the russian art revolution. nineteen seventeen really starting october twenty fifth on d w. energy efficiency measures have reduced greenhouse gas emissions that's the good news the international energy agency warns though that governments are getting lax about implementing new policy. also coming up european vinyasa sounding the alarm harvest down by twenty percent how the wine industry is coping with this
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year's adverse weather conditions. welcome to your business spain's fifth largest bank a bank called this a bad day wants to shift its headquarters away from catalonia it's the first major sign that the wealthy regions push for independence from spain could scare away big business bank which is based in barcelona says it's also considering a similar move both banks of a catalan declaration of independence could see them kicked out of the euro zone and out of the jurisdiction of the european central bank. quite dramatic developments there let's bring in only about some another frankfurt stock exchange really what exactly does it mean for a bank to be outside the e.c.b. jurisdiction. well the e.c.b. provides safety and security and it provides a not only for the bank itself for the management dependable regulation. rescue
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plans of the bank goes under but that means a lot to the customers as well and not just private customers like to you and me for example but also big companies they want to do banks they want to do business with a bank that's a guarantee to guarantee to stay in business to say solvent and it can do that with the e.c.b. in the background we know that from the financial crisis many years ago and also the customers deposits of course are guaranteed in the e.u. up to a certain amount and who knows what regulation would mean under catalonian rule and last not least the euro very important for doing business in the e.u. or elsewhere for these banks all right so the wish to move is understandable but can the bank move its headquarters so quickly it can. but it must prepare i think that these banks must have prepared for such a situation in order to be able to say that yes they are considering the move and
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you can work with counselors and lawyers to prepare that for but for example question a bank need to ask its shareholders before actually making a final all right when he votes in from fred thank you very much for this my what do fridges washing machines and televisions have in common they all have an energy label from a for very good two d. for adequate now this grading system has led to many customers buying more energy efficient appliances and his latest report to the international energy agency has lauded this progress but also points out more needs to be done. big trucks thick air the exhaust from large trucks is a blind spot in the current emissions debate measures to reduce the emissions from trucks exist in only a few countries including china japan the usa and the european union. globalization is not slowing down and ever growing frightful humans are being
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transported around the world truck traffic is growing and will continue to grow the international energy agency predicts in the next three decades trucks are expected to produce as much pollution as all the coal fired power stations in the world according to the report there's also message of room for improvement in the energy footprint of new buildings the international energy agency says that for two thirds of new buildings in the world there are no environmental standards in place in cities like beijing or new delhi buildings are expected to have a life of seventy to eighty years the report says that means that today's like of climate protection measures will pose a problem for many decades. so energy efficiency measures have achieved a lot in terms of reducing c o two emissions but we mustn't rest on our laurels isn't that right fatty be able executive director of the international energy agency i mean your agency in this report states that governments are getting
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somewhat lax why is that so important. as you imagine the carbon dioxide emissions are very important and is the main cause for climate change which is a major challenge for all of us and i just sector is the main responsible sector for climate change more down to terms of the emissions causing climate change come from the and i just sector therefore we dot fixing the problem and i just sector we have no chance whatsoever to fix our climate problem and i mean look at the energy sector there are two major police options we have to fight against climate change one is renewable energy making more use of solar power is sick i'm just using energy more efficiently so who do you think it needs to take action now because it's very abstract we talk about the energy sector is it can i do something personally with up enough you can do with pleasure a lot of things but it may not be enough we need to collective answer to that and
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therefore governments are the ones who should. like the rules of the game and they have to provide incentives for you to use energy more efficiently and choose more sustainable and not just forces you can do once or twice by looking at your pocketbook and the money here but the governments need to push you incentivize you to use an agile more efficient for example when you buy a television set you should go on my buy a more efficient one and governments should make life easier for you to choose make that choice you know your report also says that the all that has been achieved already in reducing greenhouse gas emissions was mainly down to the fact that list energy was needed in order to have the economy up and running as the economy slowed down so it's a weak economy ultimately good for the environment effect we can have bought you can have a growing economy but using the energy more efficiently and using energy from
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renewable energy sources you're. right in the last twenty thirty years global emissions increase every year but in the last three years they've remained flat they did increase even door global economy increased why didn't increase because we get more renewables in the system and also use an edge much more efficiently for our cars for the television sets for the industrial sector and we have built into the german and other countries more efficient buildings right i mean you get you here in germany now because you present this energy report together with the german economy and environment minister but it's a place you meant made me all the german policymakers this is a country of diesel gates not very energy efficient what did you discuss i think to be fair germany is on the forefront in the fight against climate change and in terms of energy efficiency it is one of the top countries together with japan and
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other countries and also in terms of energy germany is pushing the button very very hot so directly some challenges such as it is the gates and others but job one is doing very well in terms of fighting against climate change so much. now if you're ever been the victim of a cyber attack you're not alone in a study by the why of the executives who responded admitted to their company computer network had been attacked at a cyber attack can quickly become the next extensional threat. when machines all the supplies over the internet the foreman organizes production via smartphone and everything is digitally linked you could say that a company's future proof that the likelihood is it will also have opened its digital dollars to the possibility of criminal attacks these are on the rise although only the biggest of them get media attention they want to cry attack in may this year was one example the malware shut down entire systems and demanded
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a ransom to unlock data companies in germany know the risks and according to a survey it's always the same suspects the main perpetrator is russian forty five percent of executives to see russia as a particular threat china is not far behind a third of respondents in germany believe that hackers from inside the u.s. could digitally spy on their companies or launch cyber attacks against them with the several damages can be a. bad reputation you will face in the market. seeing current media really there's about a large hack in the past for sure this damages your appreciation you can have a direct financial impact you can also simply lose your complete business if now product information got stolen the product can be produced much much cheaper in a country by some estimates german companies already losing fifteen billion euros annually due to cyber attacks and analysts say criminal groups are constantly
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planning the next big assault. in germany why would users will be battling twenty percent less compared to last year due to this summer's poor weather but don't worry your favorite he slaying will not be getting more expensive and here's why. most of this year's crop was harvested especially early late frost summer hail storms and foggy days are all to blame wine producers say climate change is a growing factor the climate change and extreme weather mean different conditions in individual growing areas in a twenty percent drop across germany doesn't mean every produce it was down twenty percent between when you took your one infant winter sheepish for twelve but the three largest wine producing areas in the country ryan has the polite an eight and bought in each saw drops about twenty percent from the year before the few gains came mostly from the east germany's numbers are comparable to overall declines
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across europe italy and france are also reporting much lower grade fields yet there is good news the quality of this year's grapes is better thanks in part to late september sunshine what does it all mean for consumers the price of riesling could rise but wine producers could also take a hit for the anthem between it was a big challenge for individual produces they'll lose money no question because international competition is too fierce for them to raise prices accordingly in and out of it perhaps their core quality will have to make up for the difference. that's all for business for now you can always find out more online on our website all follow us on twitter and facebook says.
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more intrigued the international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week germany's recent national election has triggered a huge debate about divisions between east and west so how divided is germany and for not much in europe to find out on quadriga.
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