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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 5, 2017 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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thank you clipping the edges and emotions. a ledge you know. busy every weekend on d w s. this is d.w. news live from berlin is spain reaching the point of no return as it plunges deeper into its biggest political crisis in decades the country's top court has banned the council on parliamentary session in a bid to block separatists from declaring independence we'll go live to bosler now
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for more. also on this program in the u.s. the powerful gun lobby calls for more regulation days after the worst mass shooting in the country's modern history the national rifle association saying devices used to make guns fire faster should face great to scrutiny. and this year's nobel prize in literature goes to british writer because to ishiguro judges praising the originality and emotional depth of his work which includes the well known novel the remains of the day. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring eight good to have you with us catalonia is bid for independence has hit something of a road block spain's highest court banning a parliamentary session in catalonia that had been scheduled for monday regional
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leaders had signaled they were going to use that session to declare independence from spain it's unclear however what effect that court ruling is going to have catalan lawmakers have already defied a previous ruling by holding last sunday's unauthorized independence referendum. it's the latest twist in a political crisis that's dividing not only spain but also catalonia a crisis that seen both sides digging in and refusing to budge this is the catalan parliament where the region's leaders were expected to declare independence from spain on monday but spain's constitutional course has now banned their parliamentary session from going ahead the council president says he is representing the will of his people there were a majority of catalan voters did not take part in sunday's independence referendum the spanish government says he's acting outside the law by trying to enforce an illegal referendum result governments have missed the push to months message is
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a journey to nowhere because there is no democracy outside the law there is no clear existence there are no rights outside the law for a long time is to push them on has been living outside the law outside reality and outside sanity. in barcelona people say they just want the politicians to make a deal. i'm very well aware of the problem we have facing and the solution must be found this is like a divorce there's no coming back you cannot divorce today and get married to morrow . the situation is very tense we've reached the stage where the spanish and catalan governments need to ease tensions they need to talk and international mediation would be perfect. for the deadlock continues the separatists have called for mediation but the spanish government says it won't enter dialogue until they drop their threat of declaring independence. even
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covering this story for us in barcelona another question now is of course what is going to happen on monday do we know if the catalan parliament is going to defy that court ruling and convene anyway. well we still don't really know that arch the card sorry the catalan harlem and speaker today so that she condemned the decision of the court and that she would not allow censorship to enter parliament so if that means that the session on monday is going to take place we don't know that but it is very likely that they might decide that way so if they do that the thing is that they will probably decide for independence and then madrid will have to act and
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different or it will have to it has to act then we will have probably sorry sorry to interrupt i just so obviously we're heading for confrontation on monday there are voices calling for a dialogue between the two sides between madrid and barcelona we've had the mayor of barcelona calling for dialogue we've had barcelona football club including the captain and dressin yes calling for dialogue is there any sign of any move towards dialogue. well there are loads of sites that are calling for dialogue completely right and lots of sites are even calling for the e.u. to mediate in that conflict and to get into it but right now it doesn't really look like it really because fall and you go and one side would have to give in one side at least one side would have to make a concession and right now no saw it is really it seems really willing to make
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a concession neither madrid nor catalonian parliament or the catalonia leader puts the moment ok on the many thanks to the owners of easy in barcelona. is also a new development in catalonia showing just how worried the financial word the world rather is about the crisis christophe you have more on that that's right christopher companies are starting to move out as catalonia as leaders say they'll declare independence over the coming days catalonia based lender bank or somebody else said on thursday it will move its headquarters out of the region this is spain's fourth biggest bank the country's leading retail of our retail bank bank which is based in barcelona is said to decide on friday if it wants to change its legal basis now both banks hear a catalogue declaration of independence could see them kicked out of the euro zone and out of the jurisdiction of the european central bank and it's not only spanish
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corporations that are thinking about relocating. protesters on the streets of catalonia are confident they're doing the right thing for their region many think the spanish economy is propped up by catalonia that they're the ones driving it on attracting foreign investors. there are one thousand three hundred active german companies in spain catalonia accounts for almost half of these investors if this small northeastern region becomes a separate country the investments of five hundred twenty german companies would break away in one fell swoop. and if it breaks from spain catalonia would presumably lose its status within the e.u. firms are already alarmed with one trade association already advising german firms to put their plans on ice. and should abandon their own expansion plans at least for the next few weeks to see what happens it's always advisable to seek out other
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locations inside the european union so it's clear for the corporations that access to the here a p and single market is of utmost importance. to see forty percent is. that something the spanish government in madrid also has in mind they announced plans on thursday evening to make it easier for firms to switch headquarters and move designed to tempt companies to put catalonia behind them in the search of stability elsewhere in spain. have more business for you a little later in the show now they have the new developments in the wake of the las vegas massacre christopher that's right chris of the coming from an interesting part of society gun lobbyists calling for more regulation after this week's mass shooting in last vegas leaving fifty eight people dead and many more injured it's a rare call for restrictions from the national rifle association in a country where gun control is a bitterly divisive issue the n.r.a.
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says it wants more regulations for devices used to increase firing speed the gunman in last vegas is said to have used such a device in the massacre investigators meanwhile are still trying to piece together what his motives were. police say the las vegas shooter stephen paddick rented a room at this downtown hotel the ogden during a music festival last month called life is beautiful it's not clear why he made the booking. reasons that ran through patrick's mind no but it was directly during the same time his life. we have or see recovered. evidence from that location we don't know if it is evidence but we have recovered items and video it was from another hotel the mandalay bay that patrick fired the shots which killed fifty eight people attending a country music festival route ninety one and injured nearly five hundred investigators have recovered
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a note and several surveillance cameras from the scene they now believe the shooter intended to escape after the massacre and did not initially plan to kill himself police also hope that this woman mary lou danley will be the key to unlocking the motive in a statement read by her lawyer dan lee denied any knowledge of his sinister plans he never said anything to me. or took any action that i was aware of. but i understood it anyway to be a warning that something horrible like this was going to happen. investigators say the shooter appears to have led a secret life that he spent decades acquiring weapons and ammunition they described him as disturbed and dangerous near the scene of the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history those caught up in the aftermath are still left asking how could it have come to this. time now to catch up with some of the other stories making the news
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around the world russia has been rolling out the red carpet for saudi arabia's king solomon it's the first time a reigning saudi arabian monarch has visited moscow the oil market and the war in syria two of the issues he's been discussing with russian president vladimir putin . the head of brazil's a limp it committee has been arrested as part of a probe into alleged vote buying to win rio's bid for the twenty sixteen olympics seventy five year old carlos are toward newsman accused of helping to arrange a two million dollars bribe to secure the games for the city. and nasa astronauts have successfully conducted a space walk to repair parts of the international space station two astronauts replacing part of an aging robotic arm used to grab visiting space craft two more planned for the coming weeks to carry out further maintenance work. now northern germany has been hit by a massive storm which is left at least seven people dead and forced the
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cancellation of transport services in many areas the german weather service says when sweeping the region could reach hurricane strength or thor it is it telling residents to take shelter. the magnitude of storm xavier has caught germany off guard it's winds of lash the port city of hamburg routing trees which have smashed on to vehicles with fatal results the roof was torn off this building in blame and. while in berlin shoppers had discovery to safety the capital stable and should have filled airports have temporarily suspended operations well trains are at a standstill in the northern humbugged berlin lane berlin zoo has had to close its doors to and with savior set to reach hurricane strength as night falls authorities are warning people to follow the animals example and stay indoors.
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still to come on this program britain the british novelist goto has won this year's nobel prize for literature he's been praised by judges for writing novels of what they call great emotional force we'll take a closer look at his work and the dream continues for these syria fans will tell you only need to know about how the syrian national side fared in that world cup qualifier against australia. at the. european wine production is down and germany producers of a bottle of twenty percent less compared to last year due to unfavorable weather but do not despair even though the vintage will most likely be of superior quality your favorite recently roll not get more expensive next year here's why most of this year's crop was harvested especially early late frost summer hail storms and foggy days are all to blame wine producers say climate change is
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a growing factor the climate change and extreme weather mean different conditions in individual growing areas in a twenty percent drop across germany doesn't mean every produce it was down twenty percent between when you took your one infant winter sheepish we're talking but the three largest wine producing areas in the country right has the plot in eight and botton each saw drops about twenty percent from the year before the few gains came mostly from the east germany's numbers are comparable to overall declines across europe italy and france are also reporting much lower grape year olds yet there is good news the quality of this year's grapes is better thanks in part to late september sunshine. what does it all mean for consumers the price of riesling could rise but wind producers could also take a hit for the anthem between it was a big challenge for individual produces they'll lose money no question because international competition is too fierce for them to raise prices accordingly and
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out of it. quality will have to make up for the difference. now is also said that cars are works of art in their own right an opinion shared by attendees at this year's moto world classics car fair here in berlin the start of the show this b.m.w. five zero seven roadster made in nine hundred fifty five and driven by the king of rock n roll elvis presley himself while he was stationed as a soldier here in berlin it's part of the this year's nine hundred fifty s. focus of the show but of course that's not all cars from film and museum pieces are all on show across eleven halls over twenty five thousand people are expected to visit the fair which runs until sunday. well not to sound too alarming but it's only eighty days until christmas time to start considering your shopping options so let's bring in our official christmas shopping
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expert and markets mannion scored in new york against u.s. retailers have issued their projections for the holiday period what do they expect and what are you going to buy. you know what i mean we certainly still have plenty of time first we have fell away and then we have thanksgiving and then christmas arrives but expectations are pretty high if you look at the federal retail. they're projecting that sales will increase around to three point six to four percent and that would be higher than the three and a half percent that we've seen on average in the past five years the unemployment situation in the u.s. looks pretty good so meaning there are plenty of jokes jobs around the stock market is performing well and all of that could translate into higher sales for retailers here in the united states by the way obviously they might employ fewer temporary workers and that should could show that the trend will continue that people buy
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more online then in real stores then i have not made any decision to get my family i'm going to be watching you seeing what you're going to get in the end but u.s. markets finished today's trading session with more gains and this is a historic winning streak that's continuing there tell us more. yeah it's pretty amazing what we're seeing the dow jones industrial average is closing in into the next thousand point mark twenty three thousand points or only about one percent away and for the s. and p. five hundred as was the sixth consecutive close a record that we saw here on wall street we haven't seen anything like that since one thousand nine hundred seven meaning in twenty years there are still hopes that we might see a tax reform especially lower corporate taxes for corporate america when that if that still remains to be seen and well even let's say we get those tax cuts i would
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say at this point those already should be apprised into the stock market but another day another record on friday we will get the latest figures from the labor market that might bring another record day we will see quarter in new york thank you. the nobel prize for literature was awarded de christopher knows who the winner is that's right it's not exclusive knowledge anymore the british try to go to winning this year's prize judges praising his work for its originality and emotional depth the writer himself called the win totally unexpected that's a quote and he wasn't the only one by the way surprised by the nobel committee selection. every time the nobel prize in literature is announced there's a media circus this year it's especially big the jury has selected an international superstar author who was not even one of the favorites to win the japanese born british author ishiguro. he she grew up style is
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restrained simple and quite discreet his soft touch contrasts with the high drama in his stories. some homes that have. the sixty three year old has been writing since the one nine hundred eighty s. his most famous book the remains of the day was an international bestseller and enjoyed a successful hollywood adaptation ishiguro earlier books explore the japanese experience of the second world war his characters are often isolated or alienated from their families in search for themselves. he's not fighting against the act of forgetting he concerns himself with the idea that men and society must forget to survive. he she who oversee of his prize on december tenth in stockholm. now
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i have to admit i haven't read a single novel by issue group but the good news is i have dealt the smart with me from d.w. culture and you've read them all haven't you know you for to read christopher i am a real fan and two of his novels are among my favorite books of all time when one first question is which one should we definitely should we start with you know that's the question i'm asking myself looking at you i would say remains of the day because it's very accessible this is his most famous novel it won the booker prize it was made into a magnificent film starring anthony hopkins and emma thompson a family i haven't seen either so i've got to read the book then you can see that from one thousand nine hundred thirty years read the book first because it's told through the eyes of the but. and in the book you read his point of view and you the reader understand that he's not telling the whole truth he says
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it's full of self deception and this is one of the things about. working is that he can make prose do several things at the same time so we have an insight that the person speaking does not have it's all about repression the butler is working for i won't give too much away but he's working for lord and he wants to do everything to please him but this road turns out to be a nazi and the housekeeper that he has very repressed feelings of love for turns out to have loved him all this time so it's about memory and regret so we should start with the remains of the day tell me also i mean you say you're a fan of if you go to what is it that makes him so special. as with all great literature first of all the kind of themes that they deal with you have to really have something to say about the world and the nobel academy likes writers who have something positive to say about the world i think issues
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message might be that we should seize the day that we should be honest with ourselves we shouldn't deceive ourselves we should honor a memory. he said that this afternoon in a press conference that individuals but also nations and communities should they often uncomfortable with the past and they covered up the cover up the memories but also he writes beautiful sentences they're very clear and at the same time they're full of hidden secrets he's a mysterious writer you talk about nations and of course she grew has an interesting biography is a british writer but not born in britain. does that play a role in his writing absolutely his parents are japanese he came to england when he was five he didn't go back to japan for twenty nine years after that and yet he wrote about japan he wrote about this other world but we can listen to him talking about this. art always said throughout my career that. i've grown up in this
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country and image pretty strong through a large part of my way of looking at the world. my artistic approach is japanese because i was brought up by my japanese parents speaking in japanese inside the japanese home and so i think i've always looked at the world partly through my parents' eyes just as we all do. so i've always had a part of me that that is japanese. cars or if you go to in there the nobel prize winner for the teacher this year is helping us to understand why thank you very much dotty thank you kristie. now back here in germany one of the country's most famous football coaches trouble winning your pine curse has confirmed he's close to a deal on taking charge of buying munich for
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a fourth time the seventy two year old would coach the german champions until the end of the season that's following the sacking of italian coach carlo ancelotti. has retired from coaching in twenty thirty and he went out on a high. hike is when the trouble with buying munich the champions league the bonus league and the german cup. it was his third tenure in charge of buying all that stuff just leave united. it's like the script to a film. if you're old i'm retiring with the trouble. with them it's a coach of the year and my last game isn't mentioned. schneider mentioned that. started his career at me. and now he looks set for a comeback with byron his good friend buy and president only her nest played a big role in trying to convince him remains a fan favorite. achieve
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a goal he's the best we can get in the transition period i and he knows the club but he knows many of the players if you don't have time to get a good new. by the sunlight she got more and more and. more draining drain of social. i don't think they would have got their main choice in the middle of the season. is a legend it's a good move passed off in the. interim coach will remain in charge for the moment it's unclear when or if this will take over but if he does come back his contract will only be until the end of the season. syria's hopes of reaching the world cup for the first time asked still alive after a dramatic one all draw with australia in an asian play off the syrian team has to play all its home games in neutral countries due to the civil war back in the first leg of this playoff held in malaysia. they were a small but vocal bunch. banging the drum for their country's football team
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thousands of miles away from home for many this world cup campaign runs deeper than sport with syria in the midst of a bloody civil war. we have been in work for. if the world and they cannot united us so maybe the support on united us syrians once inside the stadium these fans saw omar also mass correlate penalty enough to and syria draw and canceling out robbie cruises first half goal for australia. really show the idea that we need a second go now if i wasn't home the opposition was going to come again there's all this in australia we must work harder because the australian team will be playing in their stadium in their city in their country. all eyes will now be on sydney for the second leg on tuesday when this incredible journey continues. a man once dubbed germany's james bond
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a man who spent his career catching criminals has himself now run afoul of the law a court in germany has found venom oust the man under that hood guilty of tax evasion the seventy seven year old former undercover agent had stashed millions of undeclared assets in offshore accounts he claimed they were set up by intelligence agencies to fund his operations now also is handed a two year suspended sentence and ordered to donate two hundred thousand euros to charity a quick reminder of our top story for you powerful u.s. gun lobby the n.r.a. the national rifle association has made a rare call for more gun regulation on devices that let guns fired. their appeal comes days after the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history. up next the day i'll be back in just a short one. quadriga
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international talk show four journalists discuss the topic of the week germany's recent national election has triggered a huge debate about divisions between east and west so how divided is germany and
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for that matter your up find out on quadriga. quadriga in sixty minutes on. on freedom and home. where i come from the region is rich in history style and talent but so poor in education opportunity and freedom this makes it especially difficult for him depend the gender i see many of the younger promising genitive now making names for themselves all over the world. some might get along the way some might follow some with continue. the experience of freedom in a sense is like the period of day you can visit but your call come back home. my name is your fish food and i work at the end of a. good
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at the big w. we speak your language our spanish program on your. own wits will inform us of what mission i can buy to always close to the action but i'm not hoping you don't get one because like you can get that up to the minute news and opinions of the background to political developments. d.w. we bring you more of the oil. with the leader of catalonia bent on independence spain appears to be sliding into constitutional chaos with all the uncertainty that entails we find out what the costs might be and what the separatists are hoping for when i'm christopher spring eight this is the day.


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