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on. we think different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice. matters. made for mines. thanks for joining into the show it's a day we are talking music travel and arts but before we get things under way here is think of a few of the topics coming up. because about the rest why beilin is one of europe's
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most significant city. check and honest guy to the tourist traps in prong. improvement how to make stylish d.i.y. flayed to show. they sold more than eighty million records since they forms thirty five years ago and now this that. are all hauled back with a new album that always about a split up got back together several times but this time around they are getting along swimmingly maybe that's because they're working on old caustics maybe it's because they're working with a new stripped back rule composition whatever the reason we love the result and i hope that they are back to.
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goes acoustic this is the first time the band has done this on stage. the concert on the island is part of the m.t.v. unplugged series along with familiar hits new songs like this is. their request for them to play without electric guitars and amplifiers was a welcome opportunity for singer morton harkat keyboardist. and guitarist. they withdrew for two weeks to a recording studio to work out the new arrangements for us but we've been. playing with the idea of the natural of day idea. of songs.
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it's been sort of on the table several times for a very long time. and oceanview provided the serenity that helped them open up a new song. and she's. the result is an album with seventeen newly recorded classics songs and two covers. working on this album brought the three musicians closer together. and it's always does sort of a sweet thing because we were. just really. this is a great degree of. let's go. to concerts for m.t.v. unplugged took place. in june in front of audiences of just two hundred fifty people
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the group says these were the most intimate performances today it. got their big break internationally in one thousand nine hundred five with take on may the song success was due in large part to its groundbreaking video its mixture of comic book style illustrations and live action made it one of the best music videos ever produced. morton harkat became one of the biggest teen idols of the eighty's. but in the ninety's the band hit a slump the members devoted themselves increasingly to solo projects to. two thousand comeback with summer moved on. the song stormed the charts in europe but the musicians had long since shed their boy group image. that music became more
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serious like the two thousand and five singles selling us. on the group's ninth studio album foot of the mountain synthesizers featured prominently. i thought to try to make this. quite synthetic and quite simple and quite precise and quite clinical and. kind of. a little bit more energetic just one of the band splits up again. yet another comeback in two thousand and fifteen now there acoustic arrangements reveal undiscovered aspects of their own songs. brings. some of the songs and when you do something kind of. frantic is taken
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the. version it brings out what the sensual is there in all our songs sort of underlying melancholic structure. you know it's on the. pricing side. differently but at the same time i think you would recognize very intimately because it's been there all the time. starting in january fans will have a chance to experience aha tronics airy aha will come to have been
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a in all great city which we have the chance to explore all through. but it is great in fact all thies and of the year because there's so much to do here and that is why it's made it into the top five year paean cities to live in as ranked by the british magazine monaco we all know the reasons why it's so highly rated but if you don't then the editor of the magazine will fill you in. berlin's best known landmarks the brandenburg gate. beside it the german parliament the reichstag with its glass dome. but just a stone's throw away museum island. the german capital is home to some three point six million people and that number keeps growing it's one reason why berlin along with munich ranked third in london based lifestyle magazine monocles list of the
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world's most livable cities. what are going to be who will be the cities that will emerge as the new capitals of europe not just capitals of finance and not just capitals of tech but real places where people want to live so even though prices are on the rise it's still incredibly expensive to get a great flat in berlin and certainly a great work space as well especially if you're comparing it to where we're sitting in london so livability and really cost of living was was a big component. in this year's ranking berlin also scored high when it came to architecture. the city boasts everything from old ville how many in style buildings to modern office towers like it potsdamer platz and new structures are constantly adding to the changing cityscape. and there's something which you can't measure but it's that spirit of promise of
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the city has as well you just you just said opportunity and that is they're just another street that you can turn around and say that's really like to open up your can do to hire that is the place that you might want to start to publish your works and i think that in berlin you always see sort of promise and opportunity in so many quarters that sense that anything is possible also draws artists to the city they're attracted not only by the still affordable rent but also. by the diversity of berlin's art scene there's always something new happening like this temporary street art gallery one hundred sixty five artists from seventeen countries created murals and installations in a building slated for demolition two months later. in the summer there are free open air concerts featuring well known musicians classical music for everyone. and sometimes people just start to tango in the heart of the city it might look spontaneous but
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dancers arrange their flashmob rendezvoused over the internet they meet tango and then go their separate ways one of the interesting things we've seen in berlin is how the residents and visitors alike have been able to take over parts of the city of course there's always been this slightly. about the city has. this anarchy is most evident during the summer months when people lay claim to every free inch of space few major cities have as many public parks and green spaces as berlin the german capital is surrounded by forests and lakes. it has three thousand lakes and bodies of water around it of course if you are berlin or you know that it's there but i think probably if you're sitting in madrid or you're sitting in naples who is the new york you don't think about all of the great places that you can escape to in a short amount of time on a bike on the us bonds up in your car and be you know on
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a lake sailing or have you do it. from and also has plenty of lakes and rivers within the city limits and some one thousand bridges more than venice you can go for a swim in a floating pool in the river spray in public pools and at beaches. the best known public beach is van's a in the southwest of the city it's abundance of leisure activities contributed to berlin's third place ranking as one of monocles most livable. he's in the world even though it's not all smooth sailing here. berlin has a number of challenges no question but at the same time the present and array of opportunities. this year the main criteria for determining the most livable cities were affordable living space a wide variety of cultural activities and good infrastructure for instance a comprehensive subway and commuter train network accessibility by air played a limited role in the rankings luckily for berlin as its new airport which should
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have opened in twenty eleven is still under construction it's got wonderful table we love t.x. because it's in our view it's an airport a they should close down it's a way that all born airports should be the trigger pull up curbside and walk straight to your flight and your savvy i guess it will go away which is which is unfortunate. like many berliners the staff at monaco magazine would like to see table remain in operation that would make the city as attractive by day as it is by night berlin the perfect place to dance till dawn. thanks to the magazine for ranking. highly here we turn now to the express news and the nobel prize winner for literature has just been announced as find out who it.
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the swedish academy in stockholm has announced the winner of this year's nobel prize in literature festival ishiguro. the british author with japanese roots is being honored for his quote novels of great emotional force born in one thousand nine hundred fifty four she go to a published his first works in the one nine hundred eighty s. his most successful novel is the remains of the day which was also made into a film kazuo ishiguro receives more than honor because the prize comes with a nine hundred forty thousand euro purse. full of custom has won the windsurfing world championships the twenty three year old won the windsurf world cup held off the german island of silt on wednesday. rough weather with gale force eight wins gave the win seven style of chance to display his nerves of steel. above it was simply perfect i managed everything i wanted to do today.
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it was so difficult to do everything before it's just unbelievable. so long pause due to injury this full title mossville a return to the ranks of the world's top professional windsurf as. they all tried pfaff result has begun in london one hundred sixty galleries with walks by one thousand artists represented here at one of the world's most important contemporary art venues. it's a moment where the whole world comes to london and a few summers sales taking place already here today. non-commercial projects are also being shown in london for example this performance on the theme of female identity. one of the emphases of the show and regent's park this year is welcomed by feminist. artists.
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lovers comparators works of the phrase all through sunday. when you visit a new city of course go and see all of the prominent landmarks the monuments surrounding them all always cafes and restaurants that are overpriced and determined to make money at a tourists so wouldn't it be nice to have an honest guy who shows you the local hot spots well if you go to youtube and type in on his guy that is exactly what you'll find. if you have prague castle across the river a stroll across the charles bridge. the capital of the czech republic attracts throngs of visitors in summer and winter alike tourism is big business inflated prices and rip offs lurk on every corner. and. have declared
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war on tourist traps today is the ice cream test the best. is. this today we're going to show for best. film as well again it gives us the honest goods on prague. if we want to show places that we like ourselves for example we tell people where to go to drink beer ok because cup of coffee this might out of. downtown prague is a minefield and. the best ice cream in prague is definitely not for today we're going to show you great ice creams and prague that we want their video clips are shown on a check on ninety the channel and on you tube. more than two million people watch our videos every month we notice the effect because we're often recognized in approached on the street. a. little you tube is almost does
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this norwegian for example thanks them for their tip about affordable beer. i've seen all of their videos and when they showed me this place it just seemed like a really cool place to go because it's the middle of the city center and all the other places where there are really expensive and tourist traps. sixteen seven million people visited prague and the numbers are still growing for local residents that means overcrowding rent increases and gentrification. but yannick and honey don't see tourism as a curse they try to make the best. but also what's a bit about some of the hunter out of prague i love this city it's fun for me every day i want visitors to have fond memories of prague. so yeah like and hans i will continue to act as honest guides exposing scam artists and sharing discoveries and look. before you. how lovely of them to seven knowledge i know is
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scream and how bothers that is what sorry is doing as well she's one of our report is and a big fan of d.i.y. so she shares her mind is with us on the show if you ever feel like you need more space in your home then why not try making her shelves i think i have a great beach feel to the. simple and all the better because you made them yourself . hello my name is. on your own very. look they're rare. and they go in a room you can use a propos of. your ten will. you'll need a glued wood board a pencil and a ruler. jude rope one and
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a half to two meters for each side. a power drill and a spade bit which you can get at any hardware store but make sure the bit is about the same diameter as the jute rope a brush or rubber band if possible and your choice of paint as ari has decided on a chalk paint in pastel mint green. and you'll need to circle books and plugs to attach the shelves to the. first measure the positions of the drill holes they should be located five centimeters from both outside edges of the positions with a pencil. with calculated a distance of five centimeters from each of the two outside edges and made a little mark with a pencil next put two pieces of wood under your board and drill all four poles through the wood with the space. you sand paper to smooth down any ragged drill. now you can paint the board with your choice of paint. you should also paint inside
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the drill holes with a smaller brush. once the first side is there really drive you can paint the back as well. to protect the surface and make it scratch resistant for daily use apply some cream wax to it with a car. finally put the ends of the jute rope through the holes and not the ends on every side. tie a knot halfway up each rope with a loop just big enough for a finger to pass through. then later on you can hang the shelves on the circle hooks another tip post its are great for catching dust from drilling just stick on the wall under the hole and crease it. then drill the holes using an eight millimeter bit. now push in the wall anchors and screw in the circle hooks.
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now you can hang your shelves use a level to make sure they're straight. you can also not several. but remember to length also do troops accordingly. well that is a good tip and if you won't more of those on interior design why not check out. the interior design at its best and check out our you tube channel d.w. interior design stunning design ideas spectacular buildings and d.i.y. tutorials on home decoration will take you inside the most beautiful european homes show you the latest in furniture fabrics accessories subscribe and don't miss out see you on youtube. and we finished the show today with more
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creativity or certainly someone who has a passion for it we met a german architect whose home is full of art and i'm not just talking pictures on the wall here she have a vase collection and there's something in pretty much every room in her house the majority of it inspired by berlin and like the city itself how collection is ever expanding. with others. come in. in apartment to people who want to view how collection just make an appointment fast. what's most fun for me is how the people who come in here react and the questions that. i'm fine and when they start getting excited about the. i meet the people and talk about the art with them. whole apartment is filled with hot weather in the
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kitchen. bronzes in the bathroom. in the hallway. is a major part of action or interest in art began in her parents' home artists came and went all the time. an artist would give me a present. as a young architect i had no money to buy anything and then in the art scene i got to know my husband and later it was a pleasure for us to buy a small work. and our collection just kept growing. for example with. the inspiration for these photos. from christmas ornaments was the text message he's going friend sent to break up with him. picked. up at the top with high tea will i can tell you on the phone but it's better if we
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end it. by sultan piece of the pavement complete with moss in front of a museum. considered to be the place where best. definitely regard belin. as the capital of. the developed very fast and finally everyone came here. that makes a big difference. actually to many they won't be able to succeed here because there's simply too many. are present some of these. internet. it aims to make these creative spirits better known and to facilitate contact between artists and collectors. always in
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search of new wax for example here in the house where she struck by kenneth meccas picture. maybe they're a bit shrill but in such a peculiar way that they're really interesting. maybe we'll soon wind up in the valley it's a collection. well that brings us to the end of the show thanks to cheney and everyone nothing you tomorrow at the same time and place for the last show of the week and then from all the team here and enjoy the rest of your day and . next time on. to some of this year's fall and winter fashion trends. well just people be wearing in the coming months going by the looks of the catwalk and the stories you'll be seeing red fashion trends
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next turn.
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if you cough like me take football personally. money coming from and found that affecting football. the beautiful game big business still fun. in thirty minutes.
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they always think they can still run right up to the very last second his. son man lives it. starting october fifteenth on g.w. and online meet the germans new and surprising aspects of the. isn't a culture in germany. us american good news that takes a look at germany it is interesting that the traditions everyday lives and language can just come out of my life. so i'm young good. looking guy a v.w. dot com the germans. it's all about the moments that lie before. it's all about the still lives
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inside. it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us and inspired by distinctive instagram others at g.w. stories the two topics each week on instagram. when history books are brought to life. maybe the stories therein will get to rewrite. the story of the russian revolution. from the perspective of writers thinkers and avant garde ist what did it feel like to live in times of revolution the people. nineteen seventeen the real october starting october twenty fifth d w. climate change. waste. pollution.
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isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing a one fire meant for the better and it's up to us to make a difference let's inspire others. to do it for the farming magazine. d.w. . spain's government has rejected cataloging calls for mediation in the region's bit for independence the prime minister's office issued a statement saying it would not.


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