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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 6, 2017 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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spanish government officials have apologized for a violent police crackdown during callo news un authorised independence referendum last sunday hundreds were injured in clashes with police madrid has also called on catalonia to hold a regional election to settle the political crisis over its bid for in the end that's. this year's nobel peace prize has been awarded to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons the nobel committee and also praised i can's efforts to establish a global treaty outlawing the devastating weapons at a time of renewed nuclear tensions. and the iraq i'll sit in of the top of the hour . make your smart t.v. the smarter with the d. w. bush more to. what you want when you want it up to date
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extraordinary. and you decide what's on sunday morning double dog comes more to the. physics. medicine. chemistry. literature. economic signs and. things. the world awaits the twenty seventeen nobel prizes. who will follow in the footsteps of the greatest minds of our time. the nobel prize is twenty seventeen. this week and d w needs. to take a look at. the spanish region of catalonia is on the verge of declaring independence but at what cost economists fear interest rates will saw and foreign investment will pull. out of the region destabilizing the economy just as the recovery is
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taking hold. also coming up experts say organically farmed food can help solve india's food shortage but so far the people who need it most cannot afford it. welcome to do business well these are troubling times for catalonia as business community ratings agency fitch has warned it may downgrade the region's sovereign debt rating a day after s.m.p. issued a similar warning the government in madrid has now passed a decrease helping businesses shift their legal headquarters out of catalonia. catalonia spain's most well off region ten of the country's forty six saving banks headquartered here but for how long some businesses have already voted with their feet bank is the country's third largest lender it announced on friday it will move its headquarters from barcelona. and it's not the only one sab adele spain's fifth
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largest bank has already got the movies in its new headquarters will be an ally can take on the east coast analysts say the unknown surrounding the region's future when the stakes are high likely they're going to judge us by the list of all of spanish bonds a rise in interest rates an increase in the risk premium and the possible hole to foreign investments in catalonia and spain other consequences of the risk posed by the political and economic situation there were real economy which is the proof in the. and here at barcelona industry weak companies with operations in catalonia have been expressing their concerns. not knowing the future of catalonia whether it will be inside or outside of spain makes entrepreneurs think carefully about the companies that are going to look at where you will always go in the safest direction. no one was. able to
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catalonia accounts for a fifth of spain's economy but financial markets have been shaken this week by fears that secession would undermine the euro zone's fourth biggest economy dealing a heavy blow to spain's finances and sending the catalan economy into a tailspin. well a mixed picture for the u.s. economy the country shed thirty three thousand jobs in september the labor department blaming those losses on hurricanes paramount and hardware which hit the south of the country a few weeks ago but a key indicator of the country's economic fortunes wage growth is picking up where because our an average being paid two point nine percent more compared with last year faster growth than analysts expected. talking of growth germany has a reputation as being a strong export nation and the latest figures coming out from the ministry of economic affairs shows it is staying true to its name factory orders at the end of august were up an impressive seven point nine percent compared to the same time
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last year outpacing analyst expectations by far the appetite for products and parts made in germany was particularly healthy outside of the euro zone so crossing now to our market correspondent ali bads and with such good economic data people on the front foot stock exchange should be all smiles only are they. yes there they were when the news came you just mentioned the news from the united states it was met with mixed reception so some of the smiles went away because it wasn't quite what one expected but you know today's factory orders are tomorrow's exports tomorrow's business tomorrow's jobs tomorrow's profits and so that's news underscored the mood of the day and that allowed the dax at least in one part of the day to reach a new record high again and this time really just a scratch just a few points away from the thirteen thousand point level and people i spoke to
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today they said that you know thirteen thousand points is now a given and they're thinking of fourteen thousand points and the german economy is a strong foundation for that expectancy indeed i mean and only looking back at the week as a whole it was a busy week but what's the bottom line. i think the bottom line is the record mood and not just here in frankfurt but based partly on the german economy but also on the world economy the united states going strongly in total and that allowed records on wall street and even with the m.s.c.i. world that's an indicator sort of the dow for the world for the most important companies in the world on the other hand though you do have barcelona catalonia spain and i think that was besides the records first and foremost on people's minds here and that remains so today and there's i don't think anybody here in the market
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around me who isn't going to be looking on the weekend for any type of news for the ongoing development but. economists say and i think a lot of people here think also there will be a declaration of independence but there won't be independence in the end because the price will be too high companies are moving out that moves jobs possibly and taxes for sure but next week those to two. robert's wall will remain records and catalonia. it'll certainly be interesting to see how things unfold there in frankfurt thank you so much have a nice weekend. all right now there are in addition to you and me roughly seven point five billion other people on this planet and the u.n. estimates they'll be roughly ten billion of us in twenty fifty one of the most important questions facing humanity is this how are we going to feed all these people not traditional farming will likely not yield enough but alternatives are on
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the horizon. third there's nothing like the taste of a freshly cooked beef burger but mark post wants it without the beef the researcher has been busy for more than a decade developing a method to artificially grow muscle tissue in a lab test tube of beef so to speak then in twenty thirteen came the breakthrough. the stem cells he needs can come from a steak or a cow and the animal doesn't even need to be slaughtered the first burger created from the artificial meat cost around two hundred fifty thousand euros but mark says his idea is on the verge of revolutionizing the way we eat my personal vision is that at some point you know twenty thirty forty years from now we will eat culture no longer for us i will probably look back at this time as sort of barbaric that we still killed animals and used animals to such a group for our meat consumption. but until then he's got competition there are
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other future foods on the horizon insects for example are packed with protein and nourishing snack and even if many westerners can't yet to bring themselves to fight between the liquor locust a whole host of looking to convince shoppers otherwise. other companies are placing their bets on plant based nourishment to helping to better use the space that cereals or vegetables need to grow to that end then looking up literally vertical gardening could soon be making a contribution to the diets of people worldwide. well india has the highest number of undernourished people in the world some say it's because the land is so contaminated with chemicals that the food it produces has virtually no nutritional value there is a growing trend now to introduce again ikey farmed foodstuffs but not everyone can afford it our reporter is on the story in new delhi. in the
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heart of new delhi crowds gather for the sunday morning farmers market. stalls here sound organic produce free from chemicals fertilizers and pesticides. and most of the customers belong to india's growing middle class some of the products cost twice as much. i would prefer to not spend much more money because i feel that this is something that we deserve and we should get and in fact i think the chemical bit is so bad that you end up spending more money for your health care afterwards if that would do it no good you don't get better broke for your body or everything as has come good programmer good enough is that it would be retired because the rest is going towards organic food we must be a reason for that so why do we have to go through the same cycle we first go to g.m. and then come back to organic. as an organic farmer who lives south of india's capital
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that there's a bit of yours his career has taken a u. turn. seven years ago he owned a software company but sold it to become an organic firma. because a decision was made or dated not by money but passion he says decades of chemical you destroyed indian soil and he wants to help turn things around there is an absence of. life in the soil. rich fundamentally means that all your gardens crops which look and the rich don't have all the nutrients that human beings need and. ses india's government gives to organic farmers that given empty promises and the money into the cities. but the number of organic farmers is growing steadily thanks to increasing demand from the cities online retailer i say organic now supplies ten thousand households with they offer around
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two hundred products including free to vegetables. and shmeat kapoor found at the company in twenty eleven which now employs about fifty people with the business to go below one of the biggest challenges in this young market is knowing whether or not the certified products offered by the farmers are what they claim to be with us i'm. always up to go beyond certification to our own quality checks and sort of make sure that the farmer selection the product selection process with those filters so i think you know for dietary certification becoming more of a formality than of actually adding value and making our lives easier. in the future wants to offer other products like who can make bread. he hopes his new range will convince even more people to go organic. and that's a business update here and thanks for watching.
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she took a big risk and paid a heavy price for it not gary and war correspondent. in a basement in aleppo syria she found bunk area made weapons hasn't been supplying
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to islamic states. she wrote a news story about it and lost her job she was questioned by the guerin security officials and now she's fighting for her journalistic credibility. next on d.w. . on the steps of central asia. and expedition in search of an ancient denizen of kazakhstan the saigon antelope species so it's mammoth time that some are. there year ago scientists found evidence of a mysterious catastrophe i saw with my own eyes the first dead saigon's dying there . which killed so many of them and or those that are alive endangered psychos in distress find out more in our interactive internet documentary at d w dot com site gus. when history
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books are brought to life. maybe the stories they're in will get to rewrite. the story of the russian revolution. from the perspective of writers thinkers and a hug artists. what did it feel like to live in times of revolution and the people. last night to the russian art revolutionary. nineteen seventeen the real october starting october twenty fifth on d w. hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm michelle henery catalonia nationalist have
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sought autonomy and.


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